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WWE Payback 2014 Results - John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, The Shield vs. Evolution

Welcome to our exclusive live play-by-play coverage of WWE Payback 2014. Please enjoy streaming live results below. Also, please head on over to our WWE Payback Live Blog for complete discussion and analysis.

WWE Payback 2014 Results
Sunday, June 1, 2014
From the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The show opens with a video package highlighting Evolution vs. The Shield, as well as Cena vs. Wyatt. Thank you for joining us here at WNW for live coverage of WWE Payback. I'm Sean Hopkins and I'll be providing live play-by-play for every match throughout the night. Keep your browsers pointed here and keep refreshing this page for more information.

No pyro, but Michael Cole is quick to welcome us to the show. Sheamus' music hits, and it looks like we're ready to begin.

After a quick recap that highlights some of the recent history between these men, including Cesaro attacking Sheamus during his match with Alberto Del Rio, and Cesaro mocking Sheamus with a 'handshake', Paul Heyman makes his way out to the entranceway. Heyman says he's here tonight to advocate for a Paul Heyman guy. Huge CM Punk chants from the crowd. Heyman says he's sorry, but he's not here tonight, he's at the United Center watching the Blackhawks. Watching the Blackhawks get their streak broken by the LA Kings, just like the king of all streaks was broken when Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania. And just like Sheamus' streak of kicking people in the face will be broken by the next United States Champion, the newest Paul Heyman guy, the King of Swing, Cesaro. Cesaro makes his way out to the ring with Heyman following closely behind.

WWE United States Championship Match
Sheamus vs. Cesaro

The bell rings and both men charge in. Sheamus knocks Cesaro to the mat, splashed him in the corner and hits a running knee lift. Sheamus shoulders Cesaro, but Cesaro drops down and hits a belly to back suplex. Cesaro kicks at Sheamus in the corner before hitting him with a big European uppercut. Cesaro hits a couple of big shots in the corner, but Sheamus turns it around with a short arm clothesline and a kick to the back. Sheamus slams Cesaro to the mat, but misses an elbow drop. Cesaro charges in to the corner with a giant uppercut, then follows it up with a couple more. Sheamus is able to whip Cesaro into the corner, and he shoulders Cesaro for a rolling senton.

Cesaro rolls out to the apron, and Sheamus comes up behind him, but Cesaro drops Sheamus throat first across the top rope. Cesaro comes back into the ring, but he's tossed to the apron by Sheamus, and hit with a series of clubbing blows to the chest. Sheamus hits an even 20 blows to Cesaro's chest, and Cesaro drops to the outside. Sheamus follows and tosses Cesaro into the barricade before bringing things back into the ring. Sheamus stands on the apron, and Cesaro fights back. Sheamus goes for a shoulder block over the top, but Cesaro catches him with an uppercut to drop him back down to the floor.

Sheamus makes it back to the apron, and Cesaro suplexes him from the bottom rope while standing on the middle rope. Cesaro gets a near fall, then hits a standing double underhook bomb, and follows it up with a double stomp to Sheamus' chest for another two count. Cesaro rips at Sheamus' face, then whips him into the corner, following with another uppercut, then a second. Cesaro runs in for another, but gets caught with the Irish curse backbreaker for a near fall for Sheamus.

Sheamus kicks at Cesaro in the corner, then hits him with another short arm clothesline. Sheamus goes up to the second rope and drops a huge knee across Cesaro's chest. Sheamus hits a second knee drop from the middle rope, then a third, and the crowd doesn't like it when he gets a near fall.

Sheamus runs right into a back elbow in the corner, and Cesaro hits a diving uppercut from the middle rope for a two count of his own. Cesaro charges in to a big boot in the corner, then a second, and Cesaro's staggered. Sheamus gets to the top and leaps over Cesaro. Cesaro ducks an uppercut and tosses Sheamus up in the air for a giant European uppercut that's good for two. Heyman's fuming on the outside. Cesaro picks Sheamus up and slaps at his face repeatedly. Sheamus ducks a clothesline, then picks up and slams Cesaro to the mat for another two count.

Sheamus pounds on his chest in the corner, setting up. Cesaro avoids the brogue kick and hits a bridging German suplex for two. Cesaro tries for the neutralizer, but Sheamus counters into white noise for two.

Both men are slow to get to their feet. Sheamus knocks Cesaro to the mat and tries for the cloverleaf, but Cesaro avoids it. Cesaro leaps from the middle rope, but Sheamus catches him, slams him to the mat, and locks Cesaro in the cloverleaf. Cesaro makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

Sheamus picks Cesaro up, but Cesaro backs him away. Cesaro shoulders Sheamus and slams him to the mat hard, but it's still only enough for two. Heyman tells Cesaro to finish him off. Cesaro grabs Sheamus' leg and gets him in the big swing. Cesaro gets a full 21 revolutions in before tossing Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus catches Cesaro with a small package for three, and this one is over.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Sheamus

Heyman holds Cesaro back while Sheamus smirks and heads toward the back with his title in hand.

After a brief commercial, Cody Rhodes and Goldust make their way out to the ring to a bit of a pop from the fans in attendance.

Rybaxle is out next, and they don't get much love from the fans on their way to the ring.

Tag Team Match
Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

The bell rings, and it looks like it'll be Goldust and Axel kicking things off for their respective teams. We get a lockup, and Axel backs Goldust into the corner. Goldust ducks a right hand, and lays in one of his own. Axel responds by hitting a couple of clubbing blows and kicks, but Goldust comes right back with an inverted atomic drop, kick, and shot to the face. Goldust hits an arm drag, then tags in Cody who hits a double axe handle to Axel's arm on his way in. Axel is able to tag out to Ryback, who comes in with a couple of big shots. Cody avoids a back drop, and hits a dropkick before making the tag. Cody dropkicks Ryback's leg and 'dust comes flying in with a headbutt, but it's short lived as Axel makes the tag and comes in with a running knee to the side of the head for two.

Axel lays on Goldust in the corner, then hits him with a couple more big clubbing blows before tagging in Ryback. A little bit of double team work from Rybaxle before Ryback slams Goldust to the mat and both men drop down on Goldust from the middle rope. Axel and Ryback twist Goldust's arms and slam him to the mat, then Ryback twists Goldust's arm around the bottom rope, wrenching back before picking him up for a suplex. Ryback tries for a couple of pins, but only gets two on both occasions. Ryback traps Goldust's arm in a hold above his head, but Goldust is quick to fight out. Ryback traps the arm and slams Goldust to the mat.

Goldust gets a small package for two, but Ryback is quick to bring the fight, punching Goldust in the corner. Goldust climbs to the middle rope and hits a flying back elbow to knock Ryback to the mat. Axel tags in and blocks the tag. Goldust hits Axel with a big boot, then the yoshi-tonic, and both men are down.

Ryback and Cody make the tag. Cody knocks Axel from the apron, then hits Ryback with a huge clothesline and a right to the side of the face. Cody's backdropped to the apron, but he elbow's Ryback and hits a springboard dropkick. Axel tries to leap into the fray, but Cody catches him with a dropkick. Cody hits a nasty, sloppy moonsault, taking out both Ryback and Axel. Cody tries for the disaster kick, but Ryback catches him and powerbombs him into Goldust. Ryback hits the meathook clothesline, but Goldust breaks up the pin. Goldust powerslams Axel, and Ryback tosses him from the ring. Cody rolls Ryback up for two, then hits cross Rhodes, but Axel breaks up the pin. Cody low bridges Axel, sending him to the floor.

Cody tries for the disaster kick, but Ryback hits shell shock, and pins Cody for the three count.

Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback

Cody sits in the middle of the ring, looking disappointed. Goldust tries to comfort his brother, but Cody asks him to back off.

Cody calls for the mic. Cody says, brother to brother, Goldust needs a better tag team partner than him. Cody leaves the ring and walks away while Goldust looks distraught standing in the middle of the ring.

Lana is introduced, and she makes her way out to the top of the entranceway. She says Americans, your country is pathetic. In Russia, they laugh at us. The entire world laughs at us, but no one laughs at Russia. The country was once strong, but has fallen to the greatest country in the world, Mother Russia. And it is led by the greatest leader in the world, President Putin. She tells the fans they will respect Putin, and bow down to him. Rusev is introduced (as now residing in Moscow). Rusev makes his way to the ring waving a Russian flag the entire way.

Big E is the next man out to the ring, and he gets a big pop as he waves an American flag on his way down.

Both men wave their flags with all of their might, as we get a quick recap of the events last Monday that led to this match, with Big E defending Zack Ryder and knocking Rusev from the ring.

Singles Match
Rusev vs. Big E

Big E ducks a clothesline, and both men collide in the middle of the ring. Both get a couple of shots in, but Rusev backs Big E into the corner. It's short lived as Big E backs Rusev up in the same manner. Rusev hits a belly to back suplex, then kicks Big E square in the chest a couple of times for good measure. Rusev hits a couple of clubbing blows across Big E's back. Rusev splashes Big E in the corner as the crowd chants 'we want Ziggler'. Rusev charges Big E in the corner and Big E catches Rusev, planting him with a urunage.

Rusev goes out to the apron and Big E spears Rusev through the ropes, driving both men to the floor. Lana looks shocked.

Big E stands and pulls Rusev to his feet, bringing things back into the ring. Big E goes for the pin and gets a two count. Big E hits the ropes, and Rusev catches Big E with a huge kick right to the chin that knocks Big E to the mat. Rusev looks to Lana, and she tells him to crush. Rusev stomps on Big E's back, then locks him into the camel clutch. Big E is forced to tap out.

Winner: Rusev

Rusev holds the submission until Lana tells him to break it, and then stands to have his hand raised.

After a quick promo for Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are shown talking in the back.

Back in the arena, Kofi Kingston makes his way out for a match that was announced literally in the last two minutes of the pre-show.

Bo Dallas makes his way out next, Tebowing at the top of the ramp before turning around with a giant smile on his face. There don't seem to be too many Bo-Lievers in the house tonight.

Bo has a mic. He tells the fans that he is Bo Dallas, and even though Chicago's hockey team, the Blackhawks, are going to lost their match tonight, that does not make all of the fans losers. Because all they have to do, is Bo-Lieve.

Singles Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

The bell rings, but before things can get started, Kane's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Bo and Kofi stand shoulder to shoulder. Kofi attacks as soon as Kane gets in the ring. Kane hits him with a big right hand, then tosses him over the top and to the outside. Bo is nowhere to be seen as Kane follows Kofi to the floor and hits him with a big boot. Kane tosses Kofi into the ring and follows.

Kane waits for Kofi to stand, then catches him with a big chokeslam. Kane picks Kofi up and shoulders him, hitting a tombstone for good measure. Kane stands over Kofi's body, raises his hands, and calls forth his pyro before leaving the ring.

Bo, ever the opportunist, grabs the mic again. He tells Kofi not to worry, he's going to be back on his feet in no time, and better than ever. All Kofi has to do, and all the fans have to do, is Bo-Lieve. Bo smiles and gives Kofi the thumbs up, patting him on the chest before holding his arms high.

No Contest

We get a recap of the Hair vs. Mask match tonight between El Torito and Hornswoggle, where Hornswoggle lost and was shaven bald.

Rob Van Dam's music hits, and it's time to move on to the Intercontinental Championship match. RVD gets a pretty good reaction on his way to the ring.

Wade Barrett is out next, and he gets a pretty darn good pop out of the fans when his music hits. Barrett's got a mic in hand, and he says for most people who want to see RVD leave the show as new champion, he's afraid he's got some bad news. Not only will RVD not get Payback, he won't be getting any more paychecks after tonight. Someone really needs to put old 'Yeller down, and the bull hammer is going to send RVD on a permanent summer vactation, because he's BNB

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and both men begin circling. We get a lockup and Barrett clamps on a headlock. RVD is quick to fight out of it, going behind Barrett. Barrett and RVD trade right hands, and Barrett goes for another headlock. RVD pushes him away, and both men trade rights. RVD hits a spinning back kick, then gets a near fall for two. Barrett punches and kicks at RVD in the corner. RVD turns things around with a thrust kick from the corner, and a chin breaker. RVD buries his shoulder in Barrett's midsection in the corner. Barrett ducks a spinning back kick, and follows with a spinning neckbreaker on RVD for two. RVD whips Barrett into the corner and hits a spinning back kick that sends Barrett to the outside. RVD hits a baseball slide that sends Barrett crashing into the barricade.

RVD follows to the outside and whips Barrett into the barricade before tossing him into the front row. RVD catches Barrett with a couple of quick rights while draping him over the barricade. RVD heads to the apron and leaps off with a spinning leg drop across Barrett's back.

RVD brings things back into the ring, going to the apron and hitting a slingshot leg drop for two. RVD kicks away at Barrett in the corner. Barrett avoids a headscissors, tossing RVD up and kicking him in the gut. RVD rolls out to the apron. Barrett grabs RVD and pulls his throat down across the top rope. Barrett hits a big running boot to knock RVD from the apron and back into the barricade.

Barrett drops an elbow on RVD from the apron before heading back into the ring. RVD is able to make it back into the ring at 8. Barrett stomps away at RVD repeatedly, picking him up on the apron and launching him into the corner. Barrett clubs away at RVD's back, then catches him with a kick to the gut while he's laid across the top turnbuckle. Barrett gets a quick two count, then goes right into a rear chin lock.

RVD fights up and out of the hold, but Barrett drops an elbow across the back of RVD's head. Barrett goes for a pump handle slam, but RVD fights out and lands on his feet, landing a back kick to Barrett to knock him to the mat. Both men are slow to get back to their feet. Van Dam hits a clothesline, then a second, then tosses Barrett into the corner. Van Dam kicks Barrett in the face, then hits a standing kick to the chest before following up with rolling thunder. RVD heads to the top rope, posing for the fans, but he misses the five star frog splash. Barrett calls for the bull hammer, but RVD ducks it. RVD rolls up Barrett for two, but then runs right into winds of change for a near fall for Barrett.

Barrett goes for the elbow on the outside, but RVD ducks and Barrett connects with the ring post. Barrett heads back into the ring, and RVD follows, hitting a slingshot tornado DDT from the apron for another two count. RVD goes to the top again, going for the split leg moonsault, but Barrett gets his knees up. Barrett hits the bull hammer elbow, and scores the three count to end the match.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

Cole, Lawler and JBL talk for a bit about the situation that Daniel Bryan faces tonight, before throwing it to a video package that highlights the recent events that have led for Stephanie McMahon to call for Daniel Bryan to surrender his title, or have his wife fired from the WWE.

Back in the arena, Lillian Garcia introduces Stephanie McMahon, who makes her way out to very little reaction from these Chicago fans.

Stephanie thanks the fans for the 'warm' welcome. She says tonight is a historic night. She asks if Daniel Bryan will do the right thing by surrendering the championship, or will he force Stephanie to take action and fire his wife. She says it's time to find out, then tells Bryan to make his way to the ring. Bryan wastes no time, coming to the ring with Brie by his side. Bryan's gets easily the biggest reaction of the night so far, aside from CM Punk.

Stephanie says before he tells him what she wants to hear, she's so glad he brought Brie out here. What an unfortunate predicament Daniel has put her in. And if one day, they might conceive some weird, bearded babies, she wants him to think about the example he'll be setting. Whether he does the right thing, or whether he's selfish. Bryan says he knows this is a long-shot, but he thought it might be an opportunity for her. Because he doesn't know if she heard the reaction when Stephanie came out (the crowd boos), Daniel says it sounded like that, but louder.

Daniel's going to give Stephanie a chance to show she can do the right thing. He fought, scratched and clawed to get to WrestleMania. Loud CM Punk chants. Stephanie says these fans want Bryan to quit just like Punk did. Stephanie says he needs to hand over the belts, or she will fire his wife. Bryan says he hopes Stephanie's children are watching this right now so they can see their mother is nothing but a narcissistic, self centered... he asks Brie what word he's looking for, and she fills it in with 'bitch'.

Stephanie says she sees who has the real guts in the family. Steph says the only crime she's committed is making a poor choice in a husband. Brie says they both know what needs to be done. Stephanie says do the right thing, then holds out her hands. Bryan holds the title in his hands and looks down. Stephanie says Bryan knows that the fans need someone as champion, and she tells Bryan to hand it over. Brie stops Daniel, and tells him no. Brie says she refuses to be a victim, and Stephanie doesn't control her. Stephanie says she does control her, because she works for her. Stephanie is going to have to take action. Brie tells Stephanie that she can't fire her, because she quits.

Stephanie laughs, but Brie rears back and slaps her across the face. The crowd goes nuts, and Brie and Bryan lead them in 'yes' chants. Stephanie leaves the ring, looking shocked as she heads to the back.

Stephanie runs to the back as everyone cheers. Brie gives Bryan a quick kiss, and the two lead the crowd in some more 'yes' chants.

We get a video package that details the more recent history between John Cena and Bray Wyatt, setting up the next match.

Back in the arena, Justin Roberts briefly explains the rules of a Last Man Standing Match before the lights go out, and Bray Wyatt lets Chicago know that they're here. Wyatt makes his way into the arena to a sea of cell phones lighting up the arena as Bryan, Harper and Rowan make their way toward the ring.

We get a few dueling 'Let's go Cena'/'Cena sucks' chants, before John Cena's music hits, and the man himself makes his way out to his trademark mixed reaction.

Last Man Standing Match
Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena

Bray sends Harper and Rowan around either side of the ring while he stares down Cena, standing in the middle of the ring. Wyatt, Harper and Rowan all stand on the apron, but they're interrupted as Jimmy and Jey Uso charge down to the ring to back up Cena.

Wyatt makes his way into the ring by himself, and the Uso's head to the outside. Cena and Wyatt trade right hands, with Wyatt backing Cena into the corner. Cena reverses a whip into the corner, drives Wyatt's face into the mat, then hits a running boot to the face. Bray comes up with a big right hand to the side of Cena's head that knocks him down. Another right from Wyatt knocks Cena back to the mat. Wyatt drags Cena's face across the top rope, then connects with a back elbow.

Wyatt picks Cena up in the corner and hits a headbutt before running across the ring and splashing Cena in the corner. Wyatt stands over Cena while Cena uses Wyatt to get to his feet. Wyatt grabs Cena's hand and dances with him for a bit, but he misses a short arm clothesline, eats two shoulder blocks, and gets a belly to back suplex before eating a five knuckle shuffle from Cena. Cena goes for the AA, but Bray drops to his feet, and picks Cena up, dropping him chest first across his knee. Bray kicks Cena in the chest, knocking him back to the mat. Bray misses a senton, and Cena tries for the STF, but Bray fights it off and connects with a urunage.

Cena makes his way to his feet at 7. Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but Cena avoids it. Bray comes right back hitting a back elbow that drops Cena to the mat. Cena's back up at 7 on the apron. Wyatt comes out to the apron and kicks Cena in the gut before hitting him with a clubbing blow that drops him face first into the apron.

Wyatt gets in Lawler's face as the referee continues to count. Cena stands at 8. Wyatt catches Cena with a big right hand and fights him up the turnbuckles. Wyatt goes for a superplex, but Cena fights it off with head butts. Cena stands on the top and hits the rocker dropper from the top. The ref counts for both men.

Both men stand at 6. Bray fights out of the AA and connects with Sister Abigail out of nowhere.

Cena is able to make it to his feet at 8. Cena shoulders Wyatt and hits the AA, and the ref begins to count for both men. Cena stands at 5, and Wyatt makes his way up, standing in his creepy spider pose at 7. Rowan comes in to clothesline Cena, then the Uso's come in to knock Rowan to the outside. Harper sends Uso from the ring, then dives through the ropes to knock out one of the Uso's and Rowan. One of the Uso's, hard to tell which in this bedlam, stands on the top and wipes out Harper, Rowan, and his own brother. Back in the ring, Wyatt has a chair and he uses it to blast Cena in the gut before whacking him across the back. Bray rears back and hits Cena across the back again, driving him to the outside.

Cena stands, using the ring post, at 6. Bray swings the chair, but connects with the ring post. Cena swings wildly, then grabs the chair. Cena stands in the entry way before rearing back and hitting Bray across the back hard with the chair.

Bray rolls back into the ring, but Cena is quick to follow with the chair, hitting him across the back yet again. Cena tells the ref to count. Bray is bleeding from the mouth as Cena bails to the outside and looks under the ring. The ref gets to 7, but he's distracted with Cena going to the outside. Cena brings the table into the ring and sets it up, but Wyatt hits Cena out of nowhere with a clubbing blow. Cena shoulders Bray, but Bray fights out. Bray suplexes Cena, turning around and throwing him down hard through the table that Cena just set up.

Bray bails to the outside and Cena makes it up at 8. Wyatt slides the top half of the steps into the ring, and follows behind. Bray picks up the stairs and charges in, running right into Cena and knocking him to the mat.

Bray conducts the crowd while the ref counts. Cena struggles to his feet, and Bray stomps down on his head, on top of the steel steps. Bray heads back out to the floor and goes for the chair again. Bray heads back into the ring and swings, but misses, connecting with the steps. Cena knocks Bray aside and grabs the steps, driving them into Wyatt's face.

Bray rolls to the outside to regain his footing. Cena shoulders the stairs and throws them to the outside, tossing them directly into Bray's face.

The ref counts, but Bray makes it to his feet at 8. Cena goes back under the ring for another table. Cena climbs up to the apron and jumps off, but Wyatt catches him out of the air and hits Sister Abigail on the floor!

Cena makes it to his feet at 7, and Wyatt runs in with a quick kick to the gut. Wyatt continues the assault with a clubbing blow. Wyatt tries to whip Cena into the ring post, but Cena reverses and Wyatt goes flipping into the corner post hard. Cena picks Wyatt up and gets him in powerbomb position, but Wyatt reverses it, backdropping Cena into the ring steps on the floor.

Wyatt takes a running start, then leaps off with a big senton, squashing Cena on the floor.

Cena makes it to his feet, but Bray stomps at his fingers and hits him with a couple of big rights. Bray grabs the chair, but Cena blocks it and hits the AA out of nowhere.

Harper and Rowan come in and attack Cena in the ring before picking Wyatt up to his feet and draping him across the barricade. Harper and Rowan head back into the ring to double team Cena for a bit, dropping him to the mat. Harper and Rowan go for the tables that Cena pulled from outside of the ring, and the Uso's are out. One dives on top of Rowan, but when the other dives through the ropes, Harper gets a table up and drives it into his face.

Harper goes under the ring for another table, and there are multiple tables on the outside. Harper and Rowan set up a couple of tables side by side and fight off one of the Uso's. Rowan grabs a third table and sets it up against the barricade. Rowan tries for a fall away slam on one of the Uso's, but Uso lands on his feet and slams Rowan through the table on its side. Harper and the other Uso fight on the ring apron. Harper suplexes Uso #2 through the two tables side by side on the arena floor.

Cena calls for Wyatt on the floor. Cena shoulders Wyatt, but Wyatt fights out. Cena ducks a clothesline, but Wyatt splashes Cena through the barricade set up around the timekeeper's area.

Both men make it to their feet before the count of ten. Bray fights with Cena out through the crowd, hitting a couple of head butts and big right hands for good measure. Bray tosses Cena into the pyro guy's area, and Cena hits a couple of buttons, setting off some of the pyro on the stage. Bray and Cena stand on a couple of big equipment boxes, trading right hands. Cena hits the AA sending Bray through one of the big equipment boxes. Cena tosses one of the other boxes on top of the box containing Wyatt, then stands on top of it all. The ref counts, and makes it to ten.

Winner: John Cena

Cena celebrates at the top of the ramp before running back to the ringside area to hug the Uso's, and help them to the back.

After a bit of talk about the amazing Last Man Standing match that just took place, King, JBL, and Cole are interrupted by Alicia Fox, who makes her way to the ring to next to no reaction (to be expected after that last match).

Paige makes her way out to the ring next, and she gets a bit of a pop on her way to the ring, but these two have a heck of a task following that last match.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige vs. Alicia Fox

The bell rings and both women begin circling before locing up. Paiges arm drags Fox, but ends up tosses from the ring. Paige charges in with a forearm before heading back into the ring and driving Fox down across her knees. Paige sends Fox to the apron and hits a couple of knees to the chest before suplexing Fox back into the ring for a two count. Paige hits Fox with a couple of rapid fire elbows in the corner that send Fox to the floor. Fox cries out and points at Paige, which leads Paige to come out to the apron. Fox pulls Paige's feet out from under her, then interacts with a couple of fans ringside before being backed into the barricade. Paige pops her before standing on the ring steps, but Fox pulls her off to the floor. Fox sends Paige into the barricade, then brings things back into the ring for a one count. Fox says Paige wants to ruin her face before driving Paige face first into the mat. Fox hits a nice Northern lights suplex for two, then wraps Paige's arms around her own neck and digs her knees into Paige's back.

Fox rips at Paige's face, and is forced to break the hold. Fox walks over Paige, then picks her up with a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Fox bends Paige over her knee, stretching her out. Fox slams Paige to the mat for a two count. Fox hits another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another two count. Fox picks Paige up again, then simply tosses her through the ropes and to the floor. Fox heads to the outside just to bring things back into the ring. Fox misses a clothesline and Paige connects with a single leg drop kick, then three consecutive clotheslines. Paige runs into a high knee in the corner, but blocks Fox from going to the top and pulls her down into the mat. Paige goes for the PTO, locking it in and stretching Fox back. Alicia is forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Paige

Following the match, Fox stands up and screams. Then she looks around and smiles angrily as the crowd chants 'you tapped out'. Fox holds up a hand and yells 'Silence!'. She continues to yell at the fans, stomping up and down on the apron.

Fox runs to the back, upset at the outcome, flailing her arms and legs on the way.

We get a quick check-in with out expert panel, which is not just Booker T and Alex Riley, along with Josh Matthews, since Kofi Kingston was pulled into a match during the pre-show. Booker T says Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella slapping Stephanie McMahon stood out to him. Riley says Bray Wyatt withstanding the shot from the ring steps was what stood out to him. Matthews brings us back and lets us know that now it's time for the main event as he throws it to a video package that highlights how The Shield and Evolution have been feuding over the last couple of months, and what has led to the match tonight.

Justin Roberts runs down some quick rules for the next match, but it doesn't take long before he introduces the first team to make their way to the ring, Evolution.

The Shield is out next, and they get a much warmer welcome from the fans as they make their way out through the crowd.

No Holds Barred Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Evolution vs. The Shield

The bell rings, and things immediately break down with all six men brawling. Rollins and Triple H, Batista and Reigns, and Ambrose and Orton all split off. In the ring, Hunter clotheslines Rollins, but Rollins lands on his feet off a belly to back suplex and kicks Hunter out of the ring. Rollins sends Hunter out to the crowd and hits a cross body from the barricade. Reigns and Batista fight up the ramp while Ambrose slams Orton's face into the announcer's table.

Rollins backdrops Hunter into the ringside area while Reigns whips Batista into the ring steps. Orton puts Ambrose down for a minute and turns his attention to Rollins, kicking away at him. Hunter whips Ambrose into the timekeeper's area. Reigns rolls Batista into the ring and hits him with a big right hand as things begin to settle down. Reigns wrenches away at Batista's arm, then tags out to Rollins who comes in with a shot to the gut from the top rope. Rollins stomps away at Batista, then kicks at him in the corner.

Batista reverses an Irish whip, sending Rollins into the corner hard for a one count. Orton tags in and kicks at Rollins' gut, then slams his head into the corner and punches and kicks away at him. Rollins ducks a clothesline, then connects with a single leg dropkick. Ambrose tags in and we get a double suplex from Rollins and Ambrose before a leg drop/elbow drop combination. Ambrose kicks at Orton's chest, then flips him over and rips at Orton's face.

Ambrose hits a big right hand to Orton, then tags out to Reigns. Reigns comes in and catches a kick to the gut, which allows Batista to tag in. Reigns hits a giant clothesline, then an elbow drop for two. Reigns hits a head butt, and tags out to Ambrose. Ambrose punches at Batista, then grinds his face against the top rope, but he runs into trouble when he runs into a spinebuster. Hunter tags in and slams Ambrose's head into the turnbuckle, then again. Hunter whips Ambrose across the ring, but runs into a big boot from Ambrose. Reigns tags in and we get a quick stare down.

Hunter and Reigns lock up and Hunter gets tosses off, only to fall to a quick shoulder block. Hunter and Reigns circle each other, and Hunter kicks Reigns in the gut, then punches him away. Reigns sends Hunter flying with a backdrop, then connects with a big clothesline before wrenching away at Hunter's arm. Ambrose tags in and sends Hunter to the mat, stomping away before burying his shoulder in Hunter's midsection in the corner. Rollins tags in and splashes Hunter in the corner before hitting three suplexes in a row, ala Eddie Guerrero.

Ambrose tags back in and stomps on Hunter's face in the corner before running across the ring and charging in with a big cannonball that's good for two. Ambrose heads into the corner, going to the top and leaping off right into Hunter's big foot. Hunter tags out to Batista who pulls Ambrose to the outside and launches him into the barricade before stomping away and slamming Ambrose down across the barricade.

Batista sends Ambrose on the apron and hits a big running boot before holding Ambrose for a couple of shots from Triple H, and slingshotting him into the bottom rope which is good for a one count. Orton tags in and stomps away at Ambrose. Ambrose fights back with a series of strikes, but Orton slams him back toward the mat. Orton stomps at Ambrose's guts, then tags out to Hunter.

Hunter comes in and hits repeated rights to Ambrose before dropping a series of knees across Ambrose's forehead which is good for two. Hunter picks Ambrose up and takes him into the corner. Ambrose reverses an Irish whip, sending Hunter over the top and crashing to the outside.

Hunter makes it into the ring and cuts off the tag, then drives his knee into Ambrose's face. Ambrose comes back with a rebound lariat. Ambrose tags out to Reigns, and Batiasta tags in. Reigns hits a clothesline, connects with Orton on the apron, and hits a big clothesline on Batista in the corner. Reigns backdrops Hunter, then heads to the outside to hit a big kick to the side of Batista's head. Reigns connects with the superman punch on Batista, but Orton break up the pin. Things break down again with Rollins and Hunter fighting and Orton and Ambrose fighting on the outside. Orton sends Ambrose head first into the ring post while Hunter sends Rollins into the crowd. Hunter slams Rollins' head on the barricade, then takes Rollins into the tech area, slamming him on various equipment boxes.

Rollins leaps off one of the equipment boxes, but Hunter gets something metal up and whacks Rollins in the face. Ringside, Reigns slams Batista into one of the ring post. Reigns takes apart the Spanish announce table, but he's attacked from behind by Orton. Hunter comes in and whips Reigns into the ring steps.

Hunter takes apart the regular announcer's table, and Evolution stands strong. Hunter and Orton pick up Reigns, and the three hit a triple powerbomb, sending Reigns through the Spanish announcer's table.

Refs are out to check on Reigns, and Evolution continue moving around some of the ring steps and ringside equipment. Evolution mock the Shield, and Ambrose leaps in from off the announcer's table, wiping out the three men. Rollins leaps out of the ring, taking out Hunter and Orton in the process. Ambrose beats down on Orton, while Rollins is tossed into the barricade by Batista. Evolution unload on Ambrose and Rollins, fighting with them up the entranceway.

Hunter had a chair and he whacks Rollins and Ambrose across the back. Orton sets up a chair on the entrance, and belly to back suplexes Ambrose through the chair and to the floor. Hunter grabs Rollins and hits a pedigree to Rollins at the top of the ramp on a chair. Reigns is back in the ring, and Hunter points it out to Batista and Orton.

Evolution surround Reigns in the ring. Reigns runs into a spinebuster from Batista. Orton stomps down on Reigns, and Hunter stands over top of him. Hunter and Orton strip the vest off of Reigns while Batista brings in the steps. Orton has a kendo stick. Hunter slams Reigns head first into the ring steps, and Orton hands out the kendo sticks. Orton hits Reigns across the back, then Batista, then Orton, then Hunter.

Everyone takes turns whipping Reigns. Orton has a chair. Reigns comes up with a superman punch on Orton out of nowhere and Batista and Hunter attack. Hunter whacks Reigns across the back with a big chair shot.

Reigns drops to the outside and stands, only to be hit across the back again. Orton, Hunter and Batista fight Reigns up the entranceway, and Ambrose attacks out of nowhere, but is beat down by Evolution. Orton gets Ambrose in position using some of the lighting on the entranceway and hits the suspension DDT. Rollins is on top of the video screen, and he leaps off, wiping out all the members of Evolution.

Rollins crawls back toward the ring with everyone else behind him. In the ring, Batista runs into a big boot from Rollins. Rollins climbs to the middle rope, but leaps off into a spear.

Batista goes for the Batista bomb, but Rollins lands on his feet and Reigns hits the spear on Batista. Rollins pins Batista for three.

Batista has been eliminated

Orton hits the RKO on Rollins and goes for the pin, but Reigns breaks it up.

Reigns goes to the apron, and Orton tries for the suspension DDT, but Ambrose hits him with the suspension DDT. Ambrose hits the dirty deeds on Orton on a chair, and gets three.

Randy Orton has been eliminated

Hunter hits a low blow on Ambrose, and he goes for the pedigree, but Reigns hits the superman punch. Batista comes in out of nowhere and hits the spear on Reigns.

Orton goes under the ring and hands the sledge hammer to Hunter. Hunter uses the sledge hammer to stand, waiting for Reigns. Ambrose is in and Hunter hits him in the head with the hammer. Hunter calls for Reigns to stand. Rollins is in out of nowhere with a knee to the side of Hunter's head. Reigns hits the spear and pins Hunter for three.

Winners: The Shield

Reigns reaches over and shakes hands with Rollins, then Ambrose, while Hunter recovers on the mat.

The PPV ends with Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose standing over top of Hunter, with their fists in the middle, as the screen goes to black.

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