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WWE Performance Center Shooting Suspect Explains His Side Of Story

WWE Performance Center

Armando Montalvo, the 29-year-old man that was shot outside the WWE Performance Center in August, told detectives he was just trying to get a laugh.

“They laugh at me a lot. And they think it’s pretty cool, but the two (expletive) cops, one of them shot me,” he said.

“You were going to make him (use a Taser on) you and that would look better to everyone inside, to show how tough you were,” Detective Marc Petrucelli told Montalvo.

“My intentions aren’t to hurt anybody and I just want to be a wrestler,” said Montalvo.

Montalvo’s father, Jose Montalvo, told investigators his son had an obsession with WWE and an injunction was filed to keep him away from the Performance Center. He was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial in several other cases. One of those case was from May 2015, when he was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

A local news report on the developments is attached below:

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CLICK HERE for coverage by WFTV-9.

Earlier this week we posted surveillance of the August incident. We have comprehensive coverage available at this link.

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