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WWE Polling Fans About Spoiling Major Events From Taped Shows

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WWE is polling fans on Facebook to find out their thoughts on the recent internal movement to spoil major events such as title changes done on taped shows. The polls, available here, are posted below:

Which of the following statements best describes your thoughts on online “spoilers” for WWE’s TV shows?

  • I frequently seek them out in advance, as they help me decide whether to watch.
  • I frequently seek them out in advance, but I still watch shows no matter what.
  • I don’t mind when WWE reveals a rare historic moment in advance.
  • I don’t like spoilers. I want to be completely surprised by everything.

If you view "spoilers" regarding an upcoming WWE program, are you more inclined to tune in to that programming when it airs, or less inclined?

  • More inclined to tune in.
  • Less inclined to tune in.

Should WWE reveal information about title changes on taped TV shows (e.g., SmackDown, Main Event) on its website and social media before they air?

  • Yes, fans should know about title changes as soon as possible on WWE's website.
  • Yes, but clearly mark it as a SPOILER, so fans can avoid it if they wish.
  • No, WWE should wait until shows air to reveal the info on its website.

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