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WWE Raw (4/27/2020) Preview, Results, and Live Coverage

Tonight will be the first time that we see both Drew McIntryre and Seth Rollins face to face. The challenge for a WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank has been accepted. What will happen during tonight's contract signing between  Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins? We will see an actual showdown between the three Raw entrants for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Asuka, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler are set to clash in a Triple Threat Match tonight.

Are you more excited about the contract signing or the triple threat? Stay tuned for live coverage tonight beginning at 8/7 PM Central Time. 


Samoa Joe joins Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips. He replaces Jerry Lawler on commentary. Raw then starts with the MVP lounge. He will be interviewing Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black, and MVPs pick to win it all Apollo Crews. Last week Apollo Crews defeated MVP to qualify to be in the match. Midinterview they are interrupted by Zelina Vega and her faction consisting of Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory. Zelina Vega measures that all three in the ring were once to be considered the future of WWE. Vega suggests that Black, Mysterio, and Crews give up their spots for her faction. Mysterio, Crews, and Black join together to beat up Vega's faction. 

Apollo Crew, Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade, Angel Garza and Austin Theory

Garza and Blacks tart the match. Garza tries to tie up Aleister Black and Black quickly goes for the submission. Black leads Garza to the corner and tags in Crews. Garza tags in Theory and Crews showcase his strength with a stalling suplex. Blac and Theory are now in the ring and Theory has Black in several holds. Theory goes for the cover and gets a kick out at two. Theory showcases his power and sends him into the top turnbuckle. Kick out by Black and Theory sends him into his corner and Garza and Andrade and Theory tag in repeatedly. Theory has a hold of Black preventing him from the tag. Black fights back and after a kick to the chest of Theory is able to tag in Mysterio. Theory tags in Andrade and Mysterio does a seating centaun onto Mysterio.  Andrade tags in Garza and Garza kicks out at two. Garza sens Mysterio out of the ring as we go to break. Mysterio tries to tag in one of his partners and is prevented by Garza. Garza tags in Theory and Theory is on the attack and tags in Andrade. Andrade goes down after a kick and we see a spike DDT by Mysterio. Mysterio tags in Crews and he goes on the attack against all 3 and goes for the cover but is broken up by Andrade. Crews and Theory are in the ring and Crews kicks out.   Theory tags in Andrade and Andrade sends him out of the ring. Black attacks Theory, Garza attacks Black, and Andrade goes after Crews. Andrade almost wins after a back elbow strike. Apollo Crows then pins Andrade and gets the win for his team.

Winners: Apollo Crews, Aleister Black, and Rey Mysterio

We see a brief replay of Triple H's 25th Anniversary Celebration on Smackdown last Friday. Andrade and Zelina Vega are arguing backstage and they say Andrade's partner let him down. He says it's a fluke Apollo Crews beat him and he won't beat him in a championship match. Apollo Crews greets Charly and calls Andrade a sore loser. Andrade comes back and argues with Crews until Crews slaps him and Zelina Vega confirms Crews will have a US Championship title match tonight. We see promotional content for Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins. They also mention the women's triple threat match tonight and we see a countdown of Triple H's best moment which includes the first Smackdown main event. 

Asuka vs. Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler

Shayna is immediately on the attack against Asuka. The bell does not ring and Shayna sends Asuka into a ladder and Shayna into the barricade. Nia drags Asuka until Shayna kicks her and Shayna then does a clothesline onto Nia. Asuka kicks Shayna. Nia then uses a ladder to take Shayna and Asuka out of the ring. Nobody wins because this match never got started. Nia Jax is left standing tall in the middle of the ring. 

Bobby Lashley vs Denzel

We see Bobby Lashley and Lana backstage and Lashley says he does not want Lana out there with him because she is a distraction to him. He faces off against Denzel from NXT. Denzel goes for a stronghold but hr gets an overhead belly to belly. He then slaps and takes Denzel off his feet. He then chops at Denzel on the corner and Denzel slaps Lashley. Lashley kicks and hammers Denzel in the back. He drives Denzel into the canvas twice and he wins with a spear. 

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We are then shown of a replay of Liv Morgan's and Ruby Riott's match last week. Liv Morgan will face off against Ruby Riott again up next.  

Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott

Ruby stomps at Liv in the corner. Liv then sends into the middle turnbuckle but Liv then sends Ruby into the mat. Huge right hand by Morgan and she sends Ruby into the other corner and Ruby catches Liv with a Riott kick. Liv kicks out after the cover. Ruby trash talks Liv in the corner. Liv Morgan wins after she catches Ruby with her new finisher which she calls Oblivion. Liv is then interviewed by Byron in the ring and she says she is trying to figure out who she is and she is confident that she will figure it out.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Nia is interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage and she Charly can do nothing about her actions. And neither can Asuka or Charly do about her actions. The Viking Raiders are backstage and they mention how the Street Profit won the titles after they relinquished them and they were injured. They highlight that the Street Profits have never defeated them. As long as the Raiders are around they will always be known as second best and they dare them to prove them wrong because they want the smoke. Jinder Mahal returns to action up next. 

Akira Tozawa vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder sends Tozawa out of the ring. He then kicks him into the barricade and back and forth between the LED Board and the barricade. Jinder has Tozawa in his grasp and we see back to back brutal moves. Jinder wins after a type of Samoan Drop and his finisher.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Charly is training to interview Andrade backstage until Zelina Vega rejects that. We then see Angel Garza give Charly Caruso a rose. Up next will be Andrade vs Apollo Crews for the US Championship Title. 

Andrade vs. Apollo Crews

Andrade is on the attacks against Crews. Andrade gets to work on Crews's left arm and knocks him to the floor. Andrade takes a shot to the left eye and Crews and him trade punches in the middle of the ring. Andrade then rolls to the outside after a dropkick by Crews. Andrade then works on Crews in the corner. Crews begins to battle until a dropkick by Andrade. Andrade misses and falls to the outside and Crews misses and he is clobbered down by Andrade. Andrade is attacking Crews injured left knee. Andrade stomps at Crews and Crews gets into the ring and Andrade once again goes for a single leg crab in the middle of the ring. He then forces Crews into the corner and stomps at him and when he goes for the double knees he misses. Apollo Crews takes down Andrade with an Olympic Slam. Crews punches at Andrade and does a big clothesline and sends Andrade into the middle turnbuckle. overhead belly to belly from Crews to Andrade and he is caught by a kick to Andrade. Andrade is on the middle rope and he dumps Andrade and a standing moonsault for the cover. Crews only gets a two count and Andrade escapes the suplex and this time connects the double knees and Crews kicks out at two. Crews and Andrade trade punches and is caught by a DDT by Andrade. Crews somehow kicks out at two. We see a big kick and Crews with a slam but Andrade kicks out. Andrade joins Crews along the top turnbuckle and Crews sends him to the floor. Crews misses his frog splash and immediately grabs at his knee. The referee stops the match. 

Once back from break commentary mentions that Apollo Crews is being checked out by the WWE Medical Team. We are then shown a section of Becky Lynch's 24 specifically covering her win at WrestleMania 35. 

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs Ever-Rise

Ricochet starts the match and tags in Cedric. Cedric goes for the cover but Martel kicks out. Martel tags in Parker and they work on Ricochet together. Parker goes for the cover Parker tags in Martel and they work on Ricochet and Parker once again is tagged in. Ricochet kicks out and Ricochet sends Martel into Parker. Both men tag in their partner and Cedric works on both members of Ever- Rise. Ricochet tags in and a tornado DDT and a standing shooting star but the pin is broken up by Martel. Martel takes him out and Ricochet attacks, Parker tries to surprise him. Ricochet kicks out tags in Cedric. Cedric gets the pin after Ricochet goes from the top rope. After the win MVP says he now present Brenden Vink and Shane Thorne and they want a rematch next week. 

Winner: Ricochet and Cedric Alexander 

Next, we will see The Viking Raiders vs The Street Profits. Jerry Lawler is in the ring and he sets the stage for this year's money in the bank match. The climb the corporate ladder match inside the WWE Headquarters. He is there to moderate tonight's contract signing between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins comes out first in a suit and a glove. Drew McIntyre then comes out in a leather jacket. Drew tells Jerry to leave the ring because we all know how contract signing end. Drew immediately signs but Seth hesitates to sign. Seth says he does not want to do this but he has to do this. He says this is all to get the WWE Championship to a rightful place. He says Drew is an honorable man but is not a good leader. Seth mentions how he suffered for that title. Drew asks where Seth's followers are and he does acknowledge how the fans turned on him. Drew says he will not let Seth win the title, he tells Seth to stop opening up his mouth, he tells Seth to go for the throat because he will go for Seth's throat. Seth says the big picture will come to light, he signs and Drew attacks. He bounces Rollins off the table and then does a claymore kick until Murphy attacks. Murphy stomps at McIntyre, Murphy helps Rollins up and he is then claymore kicked by Drew. 

What did you think of tonight's WWE Raw? Did you like the contract signing? What did you think of the Triple Threat? Stay tuned to the site for any breaking news and you can follow me on twitter @undisputedeva. 

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