Welcome back everyone to WNW for Monday Night Raw! 

The show opens with Baron Corbin greeting Stephanie McMahon at her limo.  He starts to sing her Happy Birthday when Triple H gets out of the limo.  Baron gets quiet as Triple H excuses himself.  Stephanie lays into Baron for his decision making and lack of leadership as of late. He complains about The Shield and she tells him to grab two tag team partners to face off with The Hounds tonight.

The Shield hit the ring and Dean grabs the mic and says they are the three workhorses in the company. They may have lost a few battles but they always win the war. Roman grabs the mic (to boos) and says the simple fact is this (He and Seth hold up their titles). Roman says these titles are the keys to the kingdom.  That's why Lesnar is back, that's why Corbin is booking himself in title matches. But the only men that deserve these championships are the ones in the ring.  Seth says it's because these are about being the best. Strowman wants these titles so bad he recruited two idiots to help him try to take down The Shield.  Seth says he heard Steph told Baron to grab some friends to try and take down the problem that is The Shield. Why doesn't he come out and see how big a problem The Shield really is.  

Baron comes out and says first and foremost Stephanie is here and it's her birthday.  He is going to be putting his foot down tonight.  He and his partners are going to throw The Shield around like ragdolls.  Out comes Braun, Dolph and Drew.  Strowman grabs a mic and says he can already see the cracks forming.  Dolph says The Shield needs Dean but Dean doesn't need The Shield. Ziggler says he was there on Smackdown when Dean was WWE champion, he has seen the fire inside him.  But now Dean has nothing and Seth and Roman have everything. McIntyre grabs the mic and says that he's brutally honest and last week Dean took him to the very limit. He says he was lucky to survive his match with Dean. Roman and Seth don't appreciate Dean, he deserves more. Ziggler says they probably call him Disposable Dean.  Who did Seth call at SummerSlam to get help? Dean. What did Seth get? The IC title. What did Dean get? Nothing. Next night Roman needs help from getting cashed in on, who does he call? Dean. What'd Roman get? To keep his title. What'd Dean get? Nothing again.  Ziggler talks about how Dean always gets the short end of the stick.  Roman tells him to shut his mouth, the fans didn't come to listen to Dolph talk, they came to watch The Shield kick their ass.  

Braun, Dolph and Drew head down to the ring but Baron stops them. He says that match is already set for Superstar Showdown.  Tonight Dolph and Drew are in a match for their Tag Team Titles, but Corbin and his partners will take care of The Shield later.

Finn Balor w/ Bayley vs. Jinder Mahal w/ Alicia Fox

The match starts with Mahal throwing a headlock on Balor.  Balor fights out but Jinder hits a shoulder tackle to knock Finn down.  Another headlock on Finn.  Finn fights out and hits a dropkick that knocks Jinder out of the ring.  Finn follows it up with a leap out of the ring that takes Jinder down. We head to break.

We return and Finn gets kicked hard in the ribs. Mahal uses the ropes and his leg to choke Finn.  Mahal locks in an abdominal stretch on Balor.  Finn pops out but gets a knee to the gut.  Finn hits a dropkick to give himself some space.  Finn with a flying forearm.  Stomp to the chest of Mahal.  Mahal hits a hard side kick but bounces back with a kick of his own to knock Mahal off the corner. Slingblade by Balor! Finn lining up his shot but Singh grabs the leg of Finn.  Mahal gets to his feet and goes to run at Finn but Bayley grabs his leg!  Fox gets in her face and gets a Bayley to Belly. Singh walks up and gets one too!  Balor with a role up! 1-2-3

Winner: Finn Balor

After the match Mahal attacks Singh while Fox eggs him on.  Mahal stops and sits down and gets in his "zen" pose.

The Riott Squad vs. Natalya and The Bella Twins

Liv and Nikki start things off and Liv goes on the offensive quickly with some quick shots and kicks. Nikki reverses a shot from Liv to turn the tide.  Brie tags in and they do some double teaming.  Brie hits the Yes Kicks.  It looks like Brie might have really connected with a Yes Kick because it looks like it knocks out Liv legitimately.  She couldn't get her leg up for the pinfall and basically fell on her face when Brie tried to pick her up.  Brie basically drags Liv to her corner so she can tag in Riot.  Riot and Brie fight back and forth with some quick shots.  Nikki tags and the Bellas try for a double suplex, Logan runs up, then Natty, then Morgan runs in so it's a 6 way suplex, the faces end up winning the struggle. We head to break. 

When we return Riot and Brie are fighting.  Apparently, I was right about that Yes Kick because Liv Morgan was brought backstage during the break.  Both girls make a hot tag.  Natty and Logan get in the ring.  Natty hits a german suplex and a spinning clothesline. Riott breaks up the pinfall.  Nikki runs in but gets a knee from Ruby.  Riott blind tags herself in and kicks Natty in the side of the head. Riott kick for the win.

WInners: The Riott Squad

In-Ring Segment

Stephanie talks about how September is pediatric cancer month.  They talk about the funds WWE has raised and the families they've helped.  Triple H talks about how the Superstars in WWE have met with the Superstars of the future.  We see a video package for the WWE's worth with children who have cancer. They welcome two kids to the ring who have battled with cancer.  Triple H talks about how they are champions who beat cancer and around here when you're a champion you get these.  Both kids are presented with a World Championship.  


Dean Ambrose is standing around when Ziggler approaches.  Dean grabs him but Ziggler says he isn't there for a fight.  He says he saw him when he was champion on Smackdown, and he did on his own.  He knows Seth and Roman just see him as the final member of The Shield but nothing more. Ziggler says he knows how hard it is to turn on his brothers, he's not asking him to.  Ziggler says he and Drew will be at ringside, just give them the signal and they'll do it for him.

Chad Gable w/ Bobby Roode vs. Konnor w/ Viktor 

Konnor takes control early with some heavy blows then locks in a headlock on Gable.  Konnor puts Chad in the corner and hits some heavy elbows but Gable grabs the arm and locks in a submission on the arm and then hits a missile dropkick.  Running forearm and then a german suplex by Gable!  Gable goes up top and misses a moonsault but lands on his feet, but Konnor runs him over with a huge shot.  Konnor hits a gutwrench slam for the win.

Winner: Konnor

Backstage Charlie catches up with Triple H and Stephanie. She asks about the Undertaker's statements. Triple H says if Undertaker thinks he'll lose because he wears a suit then he's already lost. As far as having a broken soul, Hunter says he sold his soul a long time ago.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs. The Rival for the Raw Tag Team Champions

Ziggler and Dawson start the match and Scott hits a heavy chop that knocks down Dolph.  The lock up and Dawson makes a tag.  Wilder get driven into the corner and Drew tags in.  McIntyre slams Wilder into the corner and Dolph tags back in.  Dolph misses a splash in the corner and Wilder hits a backdrop.  Dawson tags in and stomps away at the arms of Dolph.  Wilder tags in and hits a springboard shoulder to Ziggler.  Ziggler hit with a flapjack and then a submission on the shoulder of Ziggler.  Wilder throws Dolph into the ropes and then hits a crossbody that sends both men crashing to the floor below.  Wilder tries for a tackle on the outside but misses Dolph and crashes into the steel stairs. Drew tags in and goes to work on Wilder. We head to break.

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