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RAW Results 5/5/14 – No Hard Feelins, Fella

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RAW Results May 5, 2014
From Times Union Center in Albany, New York
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Who survived last night? Stay tuned. There will be a 20 Man Battle Royal for the US Title!

RAW Starts

US Title Battle Royal

The Shield to the ring. Stills from Extreme Rules when The Shield face Evolution. The rest of the men in the match come to the ring together, no separate entrances.

Everyone stars fighting, except Santino who runs from fight to fight. Ziggler over, but not out. Big Show on Swagger in a corner. Cody and Goldust work together a bit. Ziggler and Kofi on Ryback, but he's still in. Woods eats corner via Big Show. Ziggler over the top, but Woods out by Big Show. Then Ryder out.

Eliminated – Woods & Ryder

R-Truth tossed out, then Sheamus on Goldust, but no luck. Big Show stands on Fandango, but then Ziggler on Big Show's back. Ambrose works against Cody, getting kicked in the gut. Ziggler's shirt ripped off, and half of it over the top rope. Slater and Fandango over, but not out. O'Neil almost eliminated, but holds on. Big Show eliminates O'Neil. Slater and Ziggler over the top, Slater back in and on Ziggler with blows. Big Show tosses Sin Cara out onto a bunch outside.

Eliminated – O'Neil & Sin Cara

Big Show stands on Slater's face as Sheamus is on Swagger. Ziggler ends up eating corner, and barely in the ring as Fandango works him over. Big Show slaps Slater on the ass, sends him flying. Big slap to Fandango's chest by Big Show. Henry tries to eliminate Ambrose. Sandow takes Sheamus' ten blows, then Slater knocks into him, sending Sandow from the ring.

Eliminated – Sandow


Ambrose is still in the match and everyone on Big Show and Henry, but they both explode out, sending everyone flying. Everyone on the mat, so Big Show and Henry are face to face. They throw blows, but then a chokeslam on Big Show. Brogue kick on Big Show and they all get on Big Show, and eliminate him! Then on Henry and eliminate him!

Eliminated – Big Show & Henry

Kofi over, but not out as Fandango is still on him. Kofi standing on the apron skirt. Kofi somehow holds on with a toe in the corner, and then Ambrose eliminates them both!

Eliminated – Kofi & Fandango

Axel on Goldust and he's out. Then RybAxel throws Cody out. Ziggler over the top, still on the apron, then the cobra sends him flying out!

Eliminated – Goldust & Cody & Ziggler

Axel then goes after Santino and he stays on the apron a bit, then knocked off. Axel and Ryback on Sheamus in a corner, but then Axel eats feet and Ryback takes a rolling senton by Sheamus. Ryback is able to fight back and power bomb Sheamus. Only RybAxel, Ambrose, Sheamus and Swagger in the ring. Ambrose eliminates Axel. Ambrose and Ryback fight on the apron. Ryback is finally knocked off. Ambrose then eliminates Swagger.

Eliminated – Axel & Ryback & Swagger

Ambrose eats a brogue kick and then tossed out. Sheamus is left standing in the ring with the strap!

Winner & new US Champ – Sheamus (15:42)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Sheamus celebrates in the ring, then on the stage. Reigns and Rollins in to Ambrose's side. They try to calm him, but then Trip's music hits.

Trip – Last night Evo and The Shield engaged in an unforgettable war, and at the end of it, you three were extremely lucky. Since Ambrose has lost his US Championship, it seems your luck is changing. And since, by the end of the night, the three of you will be in six man competition, against The Wyatt Family, I'd be willing to say, your luck has run out.

Trip drops his mic and The Shield is left seething in the ring.

Announce Segment

Bray holding the child's face outside the ring. And tonight Bad News Barrett will face Big E again.
Stills from Extreme Rules,



The Exotic Express party. Don't be a lemon, be a rosebud!

Backstage Segment

Renee – How does it feel to be US Champion?

Sheamus – Let's be honest, since I came back from injury, I've been spinning my wheels, not really going anywhere. But they say even a stuck clock is right once a day. In this game, it's all about watching, waiting, timing. Tonight was the perfect time to step back into glory.

Renee – If you had to say something to Ambrose about having to defend against 19 others, what would it be?

Sheamus – No hard feelins, fella.

Announce Segment

Stills of Bryan with Kane on the forklift, then Bryan diving off the lift onto Kane. After it was over, Kane sat up.

Backstage Segment

Bryan – I feel a little beat up, but...

Loud knock at the door and both Bryan and Brie jump. Steph comes in with a huge smile.

Steph – Sorry, I tend to be a little heavy handed when I knock. Listen, I wanted to say congratulations on your victory last night, but I'm afraid all you did was anger Kane. When the demon Kane is angry, he's capable of unspeakable acts of violence. You experienced some of that last night. So, as a member of The Authority, the only way I can guarantee your safety, is if you stay put in this locker room until your match tonight.

Bryan – Thanks for the advice Steph. I really appreciate it.

Steph leaves and shuts the door behind here.

Brie – Look.

On the back of the door hangs Kane's mask, sans hair.

In Ring Segment

RVD out in a light blue and salmon singlet.


RVD vs

RVD pacing the ring. Heyman out on stage.

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and in case you didn't hear the news, My client, Brock Lesnar conquered Taker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania. (heat) I don't like your attitude. And you're not going to like mine as I introduce to you the winner of the Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules, the new Paul Heyman Guy, the Swiss Superman, the King of Extreme.

Cesaro out with Heyman.

They circle, then lock up. Back and forth and Cesaro taken down. Up and they circle. Cesaro on RVD who pushes off. RVD down and Cesaro gets one. Side headlock on RVD, RVD pushes off, and dives at Cesaro, but Cesaro grabs RVD and takes him down for two.

Cesaro on RVD. RVD avoids the corner and kicks at Cesaro. RVD up and a press kick on Cesaro, then rolling thunder. Cesaro rolls out a RVD poses for the fans. Heyman and Cesaro regroup. Cesaro on the apron and hangs RVD up top. Cesaro in and on RVD's already blackened eye. RVD holds the ropes, then elevates Cesaro up and out. RVD flips out of the ring over the top onto Cesaro. RVD on the apron and lands a standing moonsault. Cesaro in, and RVD with a leg drop over the top for two.

JBL talks about ECW a bit as Cesaro starts gaining control over RVD. "Boring!" chants. Cesaro with an upper cut, and then reverses on RVD and clotheslines him from the ring.


Facelock on RVD on the mat. RVD elbows Cesaro, gets free, but Cesaro ducks. RVD with a sunset for two. Cesaro badly lands his two feet on RVD's chest, but can't get anywhere with the botched moves. High knee to RVD, but then RVD uses his legs to roll up Cesaro for two. Cesaro rushes RVD and eats feet. RVD flies at Cesaro, but eats an upper cut for two, twice.

Running upper cut on RVD in a corner for a long two. Cesaro up with a gut wrench on RVD, then another gut wrench! Cesaro lands a third gut wrench, but RVD somehow kicks out at two!

Heyman is bug eyed outside the ring as RVD eats forearms. RVD whipped, floats over, was going to monkey flip, but was caught and carried. RVD up top, but Cesaro on him and RVD's foot is caught. Heyman tells Cesaro to go back, but Cesaro is kicked in the ring. Cesaro out of the ring and on RVD with blows as RVD continues to hang. Cesaro won't stop, so the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – RVD via DQ (11:55)

Cesaro still all over RVD. Heyman grabs Cesaro to stop him.

Heyman – Stop, you will get suspended. You don't want to get suspended. Calm down.

RVD pulled down, then almost hits the doctor because he's so out of sorts.


Bray – Albany, we're here!


In Ring Segment

Bray blows out his light, his chair and family are in the ring.

Bray – Abigail always told me that I was born to lead. She said, one day Bray, you will change the world. I believed her. I always believed her. This world we live in. This horrible world we live in has very, very wicked ways about it. And they, they would always snob their noses up at me. They would always look down at me. They would refer to me as a piece of trash. They refer to me as, a nobody. Hahaha! And they don't even know it, but they have made this day so sweet for me. And, oh, what a glorious day it is, because last night, I, Bray Wyatt, became somebody. Hahaha! Last night John Cena's fear was personified by that of a singing child. Hahaha!

Clip of the small child singing in his modified voice to Cena, stopping him from leaving the cage and winning the match.

Bray – Mighty John Cena, cowering to a child! Hahaha! You can't fool the children John, for they are the foundation of what tomorrow shall bring. Their ears are so eager to hear, and their minds, so eager to learn. And their innocent little eyes see right through you John Cena! John Cena tells all of you that I am a monster, and he is right. I am a monster. And, oh, how cruel I can be! Hahaha! He would also have you believe that my message, my honorable message was nothing but lies, and that I only wish to watch the world burn. I have to give it to you John, you're right again. I do wish to watch this world burn. Hahaha! I wish to watch it burn as a farmer wishes to watch his spoiled crops burn, so they may rise up again. This world must burn so that it can be reborn! It will be reborn in my image, in the image of Wyatt. Hahaha! John Cena thinks all of this I do is only for myself. That is where John Cena is wrong. I do this for the children. I do this for the poor man who stands begging on the side of the street, starving because they didn't think he was smart enough to live in this world. I do this for the teenage girl who wakes up every morning and looks in the mirror crying, because they didn't think she was beautiful enough to be the prom queen. I do this for each and every one of you! (pop) As of today, today, tomorrow, and every day passing forward, John Cena stands alone! And alone he shall fall. But you children, you shall stand with me, and you never have to be alone, ever again! Stand with me and you will remember me not as a monster, but you will remember me for what I truly am, a god!

Bray drops to his knees, removes his hat, throws his head back and starts singing.

Bray - He's got the whole world, in his hands. He's got the whole wide world, in his hands. He's got the whole world, in his hands. He's going the whole world in his hands. Hahaha!

Bray drops his mic, pulls his head forward as he throws his arms wide, and looks forward.


Ryback vs Cody

RybAxel in the ring. The Brotherhood out to the ring. Video of Goldust being eliminated earlier, then Cody right after.

They lock up, Cody backed, but ducks Ryback. Side headlcok on Ryback, then free and a blow on Ryback. Ryback out and into the barricade. Cody whipped, floats, but it caught and hung up top. O then choked in the second rope with a knee. Cody punched down, then pulled up by Ryback. Cody into a back elbow for two.

Cody rolls out, then shoulders to Ryback's gut through the ropes, but his sunset fails as Ryback is on him. Suplex on Cody as Goldust cheers him on. Another snap suplex on Cody. Ryback with a delayed vertical suplex, then rolls Cody for two.

Head butt to Cody, then a chop in the corner, but Cody fights back. Ryback reverses a whip and Cody ends up on the mat. Ryback on Cody in the ropes for the four count, then Cody slammed to the mat. Ryback calls Cody, 'Stupid!' then splashes him for two.

Facelock on Cody. Cody up, but slammed back down to the mat in the hold. Cody up to his bum, then up with blows, but then Ryback comes back with a spinebuster. Ryback on the corner, but Cody moves and Ryback eats mat. Cody ducks Ryback and comes back with a clothesline, then down low with a chop block for two.

Disaster kick reversed, but then Cody back with the kick! Cody off the top rope with a missile drop kick. Cody yells at Axel to stay back, and climbs. Axel goes after Cody, but Goldust is there to stop Axel, but Axel slams Goldust into the post, knocking Cody off the top. Ryback catches Cody and slams him back for three.

Winner – Ryback (5:58)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Cody and Goldust are arm in arm at the bottom of the ramp as Ryback and Axel celebrate in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Brie – Alright, I'm creeped out. I hate being confined like this.

Bryan – Just be patient and stay close to me. We'll be fine.

The lights go out.

Brie – Daniel!

Bryan – Stay close to me!

Some scuffling noises, then a battery operated candle came on with Kane's mask over it.

Out in the hall Bryan is leading Brie, and they run into Steph.

Steph – Daniel, Brie, where are you guys going? I told you to stay put.

Bryan – Like you don't know what's going on.

Steph – I don't know what's going on. Listen, understanding about the demon Kane. Brie, you look like you're shaking. You're scared. You know what? Let me have your car brought up. I'll have it brought directly into the building, just stay put.

Bryan glares as Brie holds his arm close to her.


WWE Rewind

Recap in stills of the WeeLC Match from Extreme Rules.

In Ring Segment

There's pinatas in the ring, one off each corner.

Fernando - To celebrate El Torito's win last night, we'd like to have a very special Cinco de Mayo celebration with you, the WWE 'Juniverse'.

Diego – Fernando, it's 'Universe'!

Fernando – That's what I said, 'Juniverse'!

They argue about this back and forth as El Torito is eating a double handful of candy, including the wrappers. El Torito throws candy to fans and Cole was upset that they didn't get any. 3MB comes out.

Slater – Hold on, wait just one minute, because this party isn't going to happen. Everyone knows you can't have a party without Tres MB! That's three. Ladies and gentlemen, the party is here!

3MB into the ring.

Slater – For real. On a serious note, for real. We came out here to call a truce.

Fernando goes off in Spanish.

Mahal (in a terribly thick and fake accent) – This is America, speak English!

"USA!" chants.

McIntyre – Boys, this isn't a request. This is a demand. If you refuse our offer of peace, we're just going to have to spoil your little party here.

Los Matadores huddle, then El Torito reaches a handful of candy to Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle takes it, puts it in his mouth, shrugs, then spits it out. Hornswoggle and El Torito struggle around on the mat, throwing punches. Los Matadores knock Mahal and McIntyre from the ring. Slater is loving the fight, not realizing he's alone. Slater yells, Ole! Ole! But then he's tossed from the ring. Hornswoggle looks shocked and confused, realizing he's alone in the ring. A sombrero slammed onto Hornswoggle's head, then he's spun by El Torito. Hornswoggle takes a drop kick to the back and falls out of the ring. They start throwing candy to the fans again.




Kofi vs Rusev

Kofi in the ring. Lana out in blue to announce Rusev.

Kofi on Rusev with kicks, but then is taken down with one blow. A stomp to Kofi, then another. Kicks to Kofi in a corner, then a head butt to Kofi's chest. Kofi tossed off over Rusev's head. Shoulders over Kofi's shoulder. Rusev rushes Kofi, but eats feet. Kofi out with more kicks, then a drop kick. Kofi splashes Rusev in a corner, then tossed off. Kofi with a cross body on Rusev for one.

Rusev ducks a kick, then catches Kofi. Kofi lands on his feet, then kicks Rusev in the head. Kofi off the corner, caught, then a fallaway slam. Lana calls for crush. Kofi slammed to the mat, then Rusev locks on accolade. Kofi taps out.

Winner – Rusev (2:57)

It takes a bit, but Rusev breaks the hold when Lana tells him to. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

They show the wee commentators from last night. Then Cole goes on about the App being usable on Xbox One & 360. They then talk up Payback.

Backstage Segment

Bryan opens the car door for Brie, then looks around. He hears something as he's going to the drivers side of the car, moving and looking warily. Bryan gets into the car, and there's a camera on the two of them from the backseat.

Bryan – I can't wait to get out of here.

Brie – I know. Oh my god. Oh, my god. Aaahhhh!

It's Steph at the car window that scares Brie. Bryan rolls down the window.

Steph – I'm sorry, it's that heavy hand again. Daniel, I'm sorry, I know I told you guys you can leave, but you cannot leave until after your match, and your match is right now. Daniel, I'm sorry, but if you don't compete tonight, I have to consider it a breach of your contract, and you will be stripped of the WWE WHC. Good luck.

Bryan – Come on Brie, let's go.

They both get out of the car.


ADR vs Bryan w/ Brie

ADR in the ring. Bryan out to face him, with Brie in tow, to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

They lock up. Shoulder block drops Bryan. A drop kick drops ADR. Upper cut on ADR, then another. Kicks to ADR in a corner. Bryan telegraphs and is kicked for it. ADR pins for two.

Facelock on Bryan on the mat. Neck breaker on Bryan for two. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Kicks to Bryan in a corner. Bryan fights back with kicks in a corner. Bryan whipped, runs up and over ADR, then crashes to ADR. "YES!" kicks on ADR. The last was ducked, then a back stabber on Bryan for two.

Bryan knocked from the ring. Brie calls to Bryan, so ADR throws Bryan into the barricade in front of Brie.


Headlock on Bryan on the mat as Brie looks worried. Bryan up and elbows free. German suplex on Bryan for two. Enziguri on Bryan in a corner, then chokes Bryan in a corner with a foot. ADR up and hangs over the back with his arm breaker for a long four. Bryan sells the arm as Bryan climbs. ADR off the corner, but Bryan fights back with a chop. Bryan on ADR's leg, but then ADR into the ropes. Bryan uses the ropes, then baseball slides ADR from the ring. Outside on ADR's leg, but ADR pulls hair, then hangs Bryan on the barricade. Bryan back in at nine, and ADR is mad.

ADR sets up and lands a sick DDT. ADR pulls down his knee pad. Bryan ducks the kick, then lands a back kick of his own and both are down. Brie is looking scared as the fans rally behind Bryan. They exchange blows and kicks, the fans all into it. Bryan whipped, but lands a drop toe hold so ADR eats corner. Bryan kicks the rope up into ADR's face. ADR fights back, taking Bryan down in a corner, then a big clothesline in a corner. Bryan to the mat. ADR sets Bryan up top, climbs, but Bryan blocks. Punches to the side of ADR. ADR crumbles to the mat as Bryan stands up top. Bryan points, lands the diving head butt for a long two.

Bryan with his running knees in a corner. ADR out and Bryan lands his flying goat. ADR back in, Bryan climbs, but ADR with his enziguri drops Bryan for two.

ADR is frustrated, calls for his finisher, but Bryan takes ADR down hard and locks on the "YES!" lock! ADR tries to break the hold, but can't and taps out.

Winner – Bryan (15:37)

Brie in to celebrate with Bryan through "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Fire erupts from all four! Brie and Bryan flee the ring, up the ramp and out. Brie into the car with the belts, Bryan into the driver's seat, but the car won't start. He pops the hood and there's a wire unplugged. He plugs it back, puts down the hood, and Kane is in the backseat of the car. Bryan to Kane, but he's knocked from the car. They fight around, then on the car. Bryan struggles with the car. Bryan free, into the car and struggles with it. Finally Bryan pulls forward and there's a big thud. Bryan stops the car and Kane is laid out perfectly on the ground, not at all how he should have fallen. Bryan creeps closer and closer as Brie, up through the sun roof, screams for him to come on! Kane sits up and Bryan flees back to the car. Bryan pulls away as Brie is still screaming, and Kane grabs at the back of the car.



Exotic Express!


Recap of Kane's attack on Bryan and Brie. Kane is shown smiling after Bryan and Brie left.

IC Championship Match – BNB (c) vs Big E

Big E to the ring. Barrett out in his cape, throws it off on top of the ramp, then pulls his mic out.

Barrett – Ladies and gentlemen, as your new IC Champion, I'm afraid I've got some bad news! See, there's going to be some changes around here, because the deformed slobs in this audience might have been worthy of a Champion like Big E, but you're going to need some serious cosmetic surgery to be worthy of your new Champion, me, Bad News Barrett. Thank you very much!

Big E takes Barrett down, but keeps hold. Barrett goes down again. Back up, but Barrett free. Big E grabs Barrett with a back breaker, then again, then again. Big E gets two for it.

Big E on Barrett outside with a blow, then bouncing Barrett's face off the apron. Barrett's face off the stairs and the ref is still counting. Big E shoulder first into Barrett, slamming him into the stairs. Finally back in, but Barrett rolls out. "Bad News Barrett!" chants. Up on the apron,they throw punches. Big E rushes Barrett, but takes the post to the shoulder. Barrett with a clothesline outside and Big E is wallowing on the floor as Barrett comes off the apron onto Big E. Barrett in and the ref starts counting. Big E slowly up, makes it in at nine. Barrett stomps Big E under the ropes.


Big E fights back with blows, but eats a knee. Barrett rushes Big E, but Big E moves and Barrett hung up with his foot high. Clotheslines to Barrett, then a belly-to-belly on Barrett. Big E runs the ropes and splashes, but Barrett gets his knees up! Barrett kicks at Big E, but Big E grabs Barrett. Barrett back with winds of change. Blows on Big E on the mat. "CM Punk!" chants. Barrett gets Big E up, but Big E free and Barrett tossed out. Big E rushes Barrett, but eats Barrett's knee through the ropes. Down comes the elbow pad, but Big E ducks and plows through Barrett. Big E then runs and shoulder blocks Barrett off the apron and both land outside on the floor! Barrett sells outside, but Big E rolls him in and covers for two.

Big belly-to-belly on Barrett, then another. Down comes the straps. Barrett struggles out fo the big ending, then rakes Big E's eyes. Barrett gets three for it.

Winner Barrett (10:51)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Barrett celebrates in the ring.


Recap of the Battle Royal from the start of the show.



Mother's Day message from Mr. T. They show clips from his HOF speech, altered and with Funkasaurus' dancing moms, and other silliness.

In Ring Segment

Swagger and Zeb out. Zeb carrying a sign that says, 'Zeb' deportation list' on the front, something else on the back.

Zeb – Cut the music! Before I get started, let me clarify something. Today is not Cinco de Mayo for real Americans. For real Americans it's May 5th, and any Americans who want to celebrate, it's because they want to get dog drunk and vomit on themselves. Talking about vomit, you know what makes me sick? The influx of illegal immigrants, not only into the country, but into the WWE as well. Tonight, I have compiled, Zeb's deportation list. It's a partial list, but let me tell you who I think we should deport. Let's start with that lying slime bag Cesaro. Lets get him out of here, and send Heyman with him, if we could find a country that would take him. How about we get rid of Emma and Santino. Especially Emma, so why don't you hop a kangaroo and go back down under? What is this stuff you do? (Zeb tries Emma's dance.) It's crazy. It's poisoning the minds of our children. What about Sheamus and Paige, they need to be deported, if for no other reason than they haven't let the sun hit their skin since 1997! But you know the one who really bothers me is the one who runs around on that...

Adam Rose's music hits. His party comes out to the stage, then split for Rose to come out. He leads the way to the ring. He gets up on the apron, then the ropes, falling back to crowd surf. They bring him to the next side of the ring and he comes in, dancing around Zeb and Swagger. Rose's music stops, but the fans are still singing along his music, loudly! Rose offers his lolly to Zeb.

Rose – Come on Zeb! Don't be a lemon, be a rosebud.

Swagger at Rose, gets kicked. Swagger then tossed out. The party into the ring, all dancing around him. Suddenly Zeb can't stand in the bouncing ring, and almost falls over before fleeing. Rose then is carried by his partiers.

The party continues as King and Cole talk about the Network referral system.


The Wyatts vs The Shield

DEP! This time Bray lit his lantern on the other side, and didn't say Albany. The Wyatts to the ring. Bray sits in his chair, puts out his lantern, and then heads to the ring, all riled up. The Shield to the ring through the crowd, the way they always do.

The Shield attacks The Wyatts, and the fight falls outside, except Rowan and Ambrose who actually start the match in the ring. Ambrose on Rowan in a corner with blows. Rowan gains control and tags out. Harper on Ambrose, then Reigns tags in. Reigns on Harper, then Rollins in. Harper works over Rollins with an upper cut, then wails a bit. Lovely snap suplex on Rollins for two.

Bray tags in and on Rollins with a head shot, then kicks him. Rollins rolls out. Bray out, sends Rollins in and on him. Rowan tags in. Rollins whipped, but gets a foot up. Rollins dives, but is caught. Enziguri on Rowan and Ambrose tags in. Blows all over Rowan. Ambrose ducks Rowan, then takes him down. Drop kick on Rowan, then knocks Harper down. Ambrose over the top on Harper. Rowan with a forearm to the jaw, but Ambrose on Rowan's left leg, and a fig. The Wyatts in, so The Shield in too and they face off over Ambrose and Rowan.


Jaw breaker on Harper, and Ambrose with blows. Harper slams Ambrose to the mat for two.

Bray tags in and kicks Ambrose in the head from outside. Bray in and pins Ambrose for two.

Blows over Ambrose's shoulders. Harper tags in, chokes Ambrose in the ropes. Rowan tags in and continues on Ambrose in the ropes. Ambrose whipped. Ambrose whipped again, but gets a foot up. Rowan kicked out of the ring, then pulls down the top rope to send Harper flying. Rollins tags in, over the top, takes them out, and lands on his feet! Rollins rushes Harper in a corner, and Harper hits the mat face first. Rollins flips around, lands on Harper for two.

Bray rushes Rollins on the apron and eats a boot. Rollins on the top rope, but Bray's distraction caused Harper to knock Rollins off the top rope. Harper out, all crazy eyes and all over Rollins into announce! Back in Harper on Rollins for two.

Harper all over Rollins in the ring. Bray tags in and rushes Rollins who ends up on the mat for two.

Harper tags in with a blow to the gut. Harper flips Rollins up, then takes him down. Rowan in, so Ambrose in to take him down. They fight outside, and Ambrose across announce. "We want tables!" chants. Harper up with Rollins, but Rollins pulls his beard, and punches Harper down. Rollins, without any hint of dark roots, flies on Harper and eats a big boot. Both are down. Reigns tags in, as does Bray. Reigns all over Bray, then Rowan who comes in. Rowan clotheslined out of the ring then Reigns' sick kick through the ropes on Bray. Rowan in on Reigns, and everyone in fighting. Harper out, then Rowan. Rollins and Ambrose fly out through the ropes, and both Rowan and Harper on announce. Superman punch on Bray in the ring. Rollins and Ambrose set up Bray, but then Evolution's music hits.

All three come out wearing the new Evo shirts. They come to the ring, as The Wyatts from behind. The Shield knocks them out onto Evo. Rollins and Ambrose fly out on all, except Trip who goes in and eats a superman punch. Bray in with Sister Abigail on Reigns for three.

Winners – The Wyatts (17:57)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Now Evo all over The Shield, beating them down in the ring and outside. Ambrose into the stairs by Batista, as Orton and Trip work Rollins. DDT on Rollins off the corner. Ambrose eats a wimpy spinebuster by Batista. Trip sets up Reigns, but he lands a body drop. Reigns eats an RKO, then Trip lands his pedigree. All six men in, but only three standing, and lots of heat from the fans. Ambrose flops around, Rollins not moving, but they pull Reigns up and land a triple power bomb on Reigns. Evo pose over Reigns the way The Shield usually pose. Reigns has some blood on his nose and mouth, but Evo keeps the doctor out until they pose for the fans.

Biggest pop
The Shield
Bad News Barrett
Adam Rose

Biggest Heat

Biggest Ego

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