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Raw Results 8/4/14 – For Only $9.99 A Month!

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RAW Results August 4, 2014
From Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

The Beast vs The Champ at SummerSlam. Tonight Steph and Brie sign their contract for SummerSlam.

Raw Starts


Reigns facing Kane last week on Raw that turned into a Reigns beat down by Orton, as Kane leaves Orton to take Reigns down. Reigns cost him his Title shot, so he was taking out Reigns, as per Trip's orders. The first RKO on announce didn't break the table, so Orton hit a second, all the while smack talking Reigns.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music and he heads out in his power suit, Steph on his arm in a black top and black leather shorts (leather meaning all out heel Steph tonight), followed by Orton, Rollins and Kane.

Trip – We are just two wweks away from the biggest PPV of the summer, SummerSlam, and you can see it live on the WWE Network for just $9.99. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to pat myself on the back, but I will. This could be the biggest SummerSlam card in history. At SummerSlam you will see the sadistic Bray Wyatt face Y2J, Chris Jericho. You can see it all on the WWE Network for just $9.99. But that's not all, Mr. MITB, Seth Rollins will face the unstable Dean Ambrose. You can catch every minute of that on the WWE Network for just $9.99. Speaking of that match, Rollins came to me with an idea that's just spectacular. There will be a Beat The Clock Challenge. He and Ambrose will face people, and the winner names the stip in their match. Ambrose will not have it easy in facing ADR. Just so you don't think we're taking it easy on Rollins, he's facing RVD.

Steph – Later tonight (HUGE heat!)... I know, I'm happy to see you guys too. I'm wearing cowboy boots, look. We're in Texas. Nice, right? We will have the contract signign for my match at SummerSlam against Brie Bella! (pop)

Trip – Which, by the way, you can catch live on the WWE Network for just $9.99!

Steph – If Brie gets out of line tonight, I will slap her so hard she will end up in a hospital bed right next to her husband, Daniel Bryan! (heat)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Yes, I will!

Trip – That is not all, because it's on. In what could be the biggest fight of the summer, The Beat Incarnate, Brock Lesnar (serious heat) will try to take the Championship from the 15 time WHC (heat) John Cena. And remember that you can catch every moment of that spectacular match on the WWE Network for only $9.99. But wait, there's more!

Orton – The best part of SummerSlam is my guarantee to you, and I guarantee to you that I will continue to methodically decimate Roman Reigns. Roman took my opportunity to be WWE Champion, you an even see remains on announce from what I did to him last week. If you think what I did to him last week was anything, it was only a taste...

Reigns' music hits and out he comes through the stands. Orton, Kane and Trip are waiting, but Reigns stops in the stands and stares to solid pop.

Reigns – Orton claims the Viper's back. That means I took everything the Viper gave last week, and I'm still standing, RIGHT HERE! Hunter, you say you're all about great deals. I'm going to come down and beat the Viper's ass tonight, for free!

Trip – Okay, hold on, just wait a minute. Randy, you got Roman Reigns, but you got him at SummerSlam. You'll get him at SummerSlam. Tonight Roman Reigns is gonna face a demon. (Trip looks Kane in the eyes.) I expect to see a demon tonight. Reigns, you will face Kane in a Last Man Standing Match! Don't go anywhere, because that match starts right now.


Last Man Standing Match – Roman Reigns vs Kane

Both at each other, but Reigns takes Kane down coming out of the corner with a clothesline. Kane comes back by planting Reigns to the mat after Reigns telegraphs (4 count on Reigns). Kane on Reigns in a corner with back elbows. Reigns whipped, takes a clothesline, but then gets his feet up in Kane's face. Reigns off the corner on Kane (3 count on Kane). They fight outside, Kane knees first into the stairs (4 on Kane). Reigns flies off the stairs onto Kane (6 on Kane).

Reigns slams Kane back first into the barricade, then blows. Kane reverses on Reigns into the stairs (4 on Reigns). Reigns eats the post (ref doesn't count). Kane sets up the stairs on the bottom of the ramp. Reigns fights back, foiling Kane's plans. Kane into the barricade (6 on Kane). Reigns into the barricade (5 on Reigns). Kane with a kendo stick to Reigns' back, then chest, then back over and over (1 on Reigns). Stairs off Reigns skull (7 on Reigns). Reigns is busted open. Reigns eats barricade, then Kane goes over it.


Kane set Reigns in the ropes, leaves the ring and hits Reigns from outside. Reigns reverses Kane into a chair Kane set in a corner during the break (7 on both!). Reigns with blows on Kane. Reigns with a huge clothesline on Kane, then another in a corner. A blow on Kane, then a couple more. Kane into the ropes, so Reigns with his running kick outside (4 on Kane).

Kane with a big right on Reigns. Reigns sends Kane into the stairs he set up on the bottom of the ramp (6 on Kane). Kane into the barricade (5 on Kane). Reigns pulls out a table, but Kane attacks from behind (4 on Reigns). Kane sets up the table in the ring. Samoan drop on Kane (3 on Kane). Reigns sets up, but Kane reverses the superman punch by chokeslamming Reigns through the table (9 on Reigns). Kane frustrated and all over Reigns in the ropes. Kane with a chair, but Reigns counters into a DDT on the chair (3 on Kane). Superman punch, the ref isn't counting! Reigns rushes Kane, Kane tries to reverse, then Reigns spears Kane.

Winner – Reigns (15:05)

Reigns celebrates in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match. Reigns up on the corner posing for the fans.


Brock talks about enjoying hurting people.



A look at Brock facing Cena at SummerSlam. Heyman and Brock talking about hurting people and not caring about anyone, he's only here to be Champion. Brock defeats everything, coming off beating Taker at WrestleMania. Brock, and everyone knew he was going to beat Taker. It's not rocket science. Why wouldn't Brock beat Taker, and Cena at SummerSlam?

They then go to Cena winning the Ladder Match for the WWE WHC. Cena doesn't want to talk about his successes. He's fortunate to be where he is, but he does that by always looking forward. Brock is the most gifted athlete he's been in the ring with. His ability, endurance, his mean streak. He's been in there with Brock, so he knows Brock.

Brock will rip Cena limb from limb.

Cena knows he's in for a beating, but knows what it takes to beat Brock. He wants to be the one to beat the one.

Brock left, made a name for himself, is back to be Champion. If he stayed, there would be no Cena. He'd be buying Fruity Pebbles, not on the box.

Cena says Brock left because he could have one match now and then to make a name for himself. Cena has passion for the WWE, every night, year round, for 12 years.

Brock says he will beat Cena, then hold the WHC with pride. Leave Cena in blood, urine and vomit.

Announce Segment

They talk about the WWE Network, for $9.99 a month! Cole says news about the Network going global, later.


Sandow vs Henry

JR's Boomer Sooner music, then Sandow comes out in a football uniform.

Sandow – For those of you not familiar with the Red River Rivalry, let me tell you. Throughout history the Oklahoma Sooners have dominated the Texas Longhorns. (HEAT) At this year's Red River Showdown, there will be no hooking of horns. (HEAT) The only thing there will be is the Sooners standing victorious, holding the golden trophy. Shut up, I'm not finished. Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner!

Justin announces Henry to his hometown, listing his accolades, even being a Texas Longhorn. Henry out in a Texas shirt.

Sandow in Henry's face. Henry makes horns at Sandow and gets a huge pop. Henry all over Sandow, lifts him, carries him around the ring to serious pop, then WSS for three, that the fans count louder than the ref.

Winner – Henry (0:47)

Henry celebrates. Video recap of the high points of the match. Henry poses for the fans, longhorns high. Henry from the ring, calls the camera over. A nice looking young black man stands, holding his daughter, shakes hands with Henry. (Jesse told me it's Henry's brother who's a cancer survivor.)

Backstage Segment

Rose – Shhhhhh!It's the Oculus Mirror, inhabited by an evil spirit. Those who stare into it, will see their evil selves looking back at them. I don't believe it. If I look into the mirror, I'll see a giant mirror staring back. I'm going to look!

Rose looks and it goes to Rose in a suit, with a pen and briefcase, glasses on his head. Back to Rose.

Rose – The power of the mirror. That guy was a lemon! Rosebuds, let's go!

In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring.


Beat The Clock Challenge – Ambrose vs ADR

ADR to the ring.

They lock up. Kick to Ambrose's ribs in a corner, then ADR all over Ambrose for not even one.. ADR into a corner taking a lot of blows to the head. To the next corner, and more blows to ADR's head. Ambrose on ADR for one.

Ambrose whipped, enziguri from ADR, but Ambrose is under the ropes in the pin. ADR with the sloppiest suplex I think I've seen in the WWE in ten years! Ambrose's legs into the ropes, and ADR tries to cover, even though they are so far over! ADR from the ring, Ambrose gives chase. Ambrose into the barricade. Back in the ring, ADR off the top onto Ambrose for two.

The fans behind Ambrose in a big way, clapping for him. Ambrose up, free from ADR, but takes blows. Small package on ADR for two.

Clothesline on ADR, hurts his own arm. ADR kicks Ambrose in the back of the head, then chokes him in the ropes. Ambrose shoulder first into the post outside. The ref counts at ADR, who finally stops. Outside Ambrose reverses ADR into the barricade. Suplex on ADR outside, showing how it should be done! Ambrose rolls ADR in for two.

It's been over five minutes. Ambrose on ADR's arm on the mat. ADR to his feet, on Ambrose's back shoulder. Ambrose into the post again, shoulder first. ADR then locks on his cross arm breaker over the ropes, hanging on Ambrose's arm. ADR off the top, but Ambrose lands a blow. Ambrose all over ADR, crossbody on ADR. Ambrose on ADR with blows in a corner. ADR reverses that whip, then throws Ambrose off the top, badly. ADR kicks Ambrose in the head.


Over 10:30 in, and the match is still going. ADR is still on Ambrose's arm. Ambrose to his feet, slammed back down arm first by ADR. ADR mocks Ambrose. ADR out, back on Ambrose's arm, but Ambrose moves and ADR hurts himself. Suicide dive out onto ADR into the barricade. ADR sent in, Ambrose climbs. Huge missile drop kick on ADR. Shoulder first to ADR in a corner. ADR reverses the whip, but Ambrose ducks the enziguri. Ambrose on the second ropes with a huge tornado DDT, but ADR kicks out at 2.7, somehow!

Ambrose sells his own shoulder issues, but back on ADR. Ambrose shoulder first into the corner, then ADR rips off Ambrose's bandage. Ambrose facing out, sitting up top, ADR flips him off the top, landing Ambrose face first – but it looked really rough, not at all clean. ADR gets two for it.

ADR sets up, but Ambrose rolls ADR up for two.

Ambrose with a sick clothesline on ADR for two.

Ambrose to his feet. An arm stabber from ADR. ADR with his cross arm breaker over the ropes for the four count again. Ambrose slams ADR face first to the mat for three.

Winner – Ambrose (15:42)

Ambrose out of the ring, selling his pain, a trickle of blood running down the bridge of his nose.


Recap of the feud between Steph and Brie.

In Ring Segment

Rusev to the ring abusing his flag. Lana in tow in a gray pinstriped suit.


WWE Rewind

Swagger with a patriot lock on Cesaro on Smackdown to win the match. Rusev out waving his flag after the match. Lana challenges a Flag Match at SummerSlam.

Rusev vs Sin Cara

During the break, on the WWE App, Rusev beat Sin Cara. The match was less than three minutes.

Lana – The Vice President of Russia tweeted a photo of Putin and Obama. (Putin with a cheetah, Obama with a maltipoo.) Today is Obama's birthday, so I will sing to him in Russian. (She sings horribly, but I think her voice is better than she showed here.)

Zeb and Swagger come out at the end of the song. Lana rattling in Russian.

Zeb – Lana, shut up! Please shut up! I'm so sick of your shrill voice! That's why Russian men drink so much, to drown out your voices in their heads. I'm so sick of hearing about Vladimir Putin and Mother Russia! I'm sick of hearing about Rusev crush. You two Bolshevik twitheads have no clue who you're really fighting. Swagger is fighting for the 50 stars and 13 bars. But you're fighting every real American in the world. Since you're so adept at using visual aids, I want you to indulge me a minute, and show you the people Swagger is representing. Guys like Nick who work hard supporting a wife and two kids. And Meghan who works 60 hours a week to give medical care to those who need it. He's fighting for the American men and women who put their lives on the line defending this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Let me tell you something Natasha, you and that dancing bear there...

"USA!" chants.

Zeb – You hear them? Let's shoot ahead to SummerSlam. I'm going to make a little prognostication, the last thing you two peglegs will see is Old Glory waving in the breeze. And the only thing that's going to get crushed Natasha, is your ego. With that said... We, the people!

Much staring and glaring, Rusev and Lana about to leave the ring, but then Lana turns back on Zeb, and Rusev lands the top of the flag pole to Swagger's gut. Rusev beats Swagger down and from the ring with the pole. Then Rusev turns on Zeb. Zeb won't run, holds the flag like a bat, but then Lana backs Rusev off. Lana mocks Zeb with her hand on her heart, says, 'We, the people.' off mic.


Announce Segment

The Network coming to more countries!

Cesaro vs Ziggler

Big boot at the bell, on Ziggler for two. Miz is on announce with hot tea with honey for his voice. Too much on Miz, little on what's happening in the ring. Facelock on Ziggler, but Miz keeps talking, wearing his shades, and blue suit jacket and white pants. Drop kick on Cesaro, but then Cesaro reverses on Ziggler with a back breaker for two.

Delayed on Ziggler, but Ziggler down with a zig-zag for three.

Winner – Ziggler (2:01)

Miz says he wants Ziggler perfect at SummerSlam. Miz leaves his tea and heads to the ring. "You can't wrestle!" chants at Miz. Miz holds his strap high, smiling at Ziggler. Ziggler tells him Sunday, laugh it up, then turns to leave, but then motions to superkick Miz's face, and Miz lands on his bum in fear. Ziggler is all smiles.


Paige knocked AJ off the stage on Smackdown.

Backstage Segment

Tom - What do you have to say about the footage we just saw from Smackdown.

Paige – I'd like to wish AJ, my best friend in the whole wide world, a speedy recovery.

Tom – Anything else you'd like to say to AJ?

Paige – AJ, you know how much I admire you, and it's an absolute dream to be facing my idol for the Divas Championship at SummerSlam. So excited Tom! AJ I want you to get well so I can see you soon. I miss you so much. Thank you Tom.


RybAxel vs The Dusts

Goldust out first to the stage, then out comes Stardust to join him. Stardust flits around, and they pose, then head to the ring together.

Ryback backs Goldust to a corner, then gains control over Ryback. Blows, inverted atomic drop, then Goldust huffs at Ryback. Axel trips Goldust, then tags in. Axel pins Goldust for two.

Ryback tags in and continues to work Goldust, hits a suplex for two.

Goldust fights back, but taken out by a blow by Axel outside. Axel tags in, stomps Goldust, then head butts him to the mat for two.

Much unrest in the ring, but Stardust tries to get the fans into it. Goldust fights back, tags out to pop. Stardust all over Axel, drops, kicks him in the face. Hip toss, cartwheel, then another kick on Axel for two. Ryback and Goldust in, Ryback into the post. Stardust with his dogmatic finisher for three.

Winners – The Dusts (2:47)

The Dusts are all strange in the ring together to the delight of the fans.

Backstage Segment

Steph – She signs this, and it's done. (Looking at the contract.)

Kane slams into the office, removes his mask and wig, hands them to Steph, then leaves, never facing the camera.



Recap of Kane removing his mask and giving it to Steph.

WWE Slam of the Week

Jericho faced Rowan on Smackdown, and beat him.

Jericho vs Harper

The lights go out, Jericho in his blinkie jacket, then to the ring. He's Got The Whole World, then DEP! Camera lights, Bray's fireflies in the stands, even more than ever! Rowan and Harper to the ring.

Harper backs Jericho into a corner, on him with blows. A big blow to Jericho, then an uppercut. The fans are strangely quiet for this match. Rowan watches from the ramp, from behind his mask. Jericho with a little control, then into a clothesline. Harper with elbows over Jericho's shoulder for two.

Gator roll on Jericho. "Y2J!" chants start in the crowd, and strong, but don't last long. Jericho kicks Harper in the ribs, but then Jericho caught and slammed to the mat for two.

Jericho takes an elbow, then set up top. Big right from Harper. Jericho off the top, Harper moves, Jericho lands on his feet, then Harper takes Jericho down. Huge powerbomb on Jericho for two.

Upper cut to Jericho. Jericho whipped, gets an elbow up. Running bulldog from Jericho. Rowan on the apron, drop kick knocks him off. Harper down for two. Jericho tries to set up the walls, and gets it locked in!


The lights come up and Bray is at the bottom of the ramp. Rowan in and eats a code breaker. Harper from behind, but then eats a code breaker. Bray in and on Jericho for the bell.

Winner – Jericho via DQ (5:15)

Sister Abigail to Jericho. Bray to his knees over Jericho's body, yells, "Follow the buzzards!"



Recap of Paige's attack on AJ on Smackdown. AJ will be on MainEvent tomorrow on the WWE Network.

Diego vs Fandango

Diego, El Torito, Layla and Summer Rae to the ring. Fandango dances out to the ring, and it's Hornswoggle! They dance, then walk out hand in hand! Hornswoggle is in pink sparkles – pants and vest. Hornswoggle splits in front of Fandango. Hornswoggle can't get up, so Fandango lifts him. Layla and Summer Rae are laughing.

Fandango on Diego with blows. Drop kick to Fandango. Hornswoggle on the apron dancing to distract, but Fandango runs into him. Back stabber on Fandango for three.

Winner – Diego (0:35)

Summer Rae and Layla tend to Hornswoggle, so he gets in the ring with them. El Torito and Hornswoggle stare, but then Hornswoggle joins them. Fandango throws Hornswoggle down, yelling at him. Diego on Fandango, and El Torito off the top in a seated Senton on Fandango. Outside the ring El Torito wraps himself around Layla, and she dances with her arms out, El Torito holding on with his legs and arms. Summer Rae dips Hornswoggle.

Backstage Segment

Renee – I want to take you back to Kane facing Reigns earlier, we have footage.

Orton – Renee, I'm not interested in your footage. I want everyone to see mine.

Footage of Orton beating Reigns down last week on Raw.

Orton – Renee, if a second ago you were going to ask me about what Reigns did to Kane, then don't. (Renee nods.) Kane's one of the most vicious Superstars in history, but nothing compared to me. He's not as twisted and sadistic as me. At SummerSlam I plan on proving I can strike anytime, anywhere. Reigns should keep his head on a swivel, because I just may kick it off.

In Ring Segment

Bo runs out, all smiles. Around the ring, then in to pose and smile.


Bo vs R-Truth

Video of R-Truth beating Bo last week. Then Bo beat R-Truth down in the ring.

R-Truth on Bo in a big way, splashing him in a corner, then serious blows. R-Truth ducks a clothesline with a split, then kicks Bo in the face. (I could hear a nasty pop/snap as R-Truth foot landed badly against Bo's nose.) Bo dodges a kick, then holds R-Truth pants for the three.

Winner – Bo (1:20)

Bo takes a lap, but R-Truth is pissed. R-Truth on Bo. Bo into the barricade, then the other side. Blows on Bo on the apron. R-Truth back first into the stairs. Bo-dog off the stairs. Bo' music plays, and he smiles and takes another lap.


Announce Segment

JBL has written out a $9.99 sign. He holds it up, they talk about the Network. They then get silly, holding the sign in front of Cole's face, and he plays along.


Bray – Why? That is a question that has plagued me my entire life. Why does the man do what he does? Why does he say what he says? Why don't the sheep run from the hungry wolf? Why am I different? Hahaha! At SummerSlam I enter the threshold of battle without my brothers, but I am never alone Chris. Her hand guides me and the world follows behind. Chris, how can you say what is already dead? How can you forget what is burnt in your memory? What will be left of you Chris? What am I? Hahaha! I'm Bray Wyatt, and I'm the nightmare at the end of your dream. Beyond time I stand. He's got the whole world... he's got the whole world in his hands.


Recap of the Brock/Cena video from earlier.

In Ring Segment

RVD to the ring.


Beat The Clock Challenge – Rollins vs RVD – nope – Rollins vs Slater!

Justin announces that RVD won't be Rollins' opponent. Then out comes Slater. RVD doesn't look happy. Slater to the ring, passes RVD on the ramp.

"Boring!" chants at the bell, before a punch is thrown. Rollins talks to Slater, basically telling Slater he can walk away right now. Slater almost does, but then turns on Rollins swinging. Rollins on Slater in a corner, stomps him down. Rollins yells at Slater, then stomps him some more. Then Ambrose is outside the ring in that sexy gray leather jacket. Rollins mocks Ambrose's time. Slater with a neck breaker on Rollins for two!

Rollins all over Slater, an elbow, then blows on the mat. Ambrose picks up Rollins' case, shakes it, then puts it on announce and sits. Rollins scoop slams Slater for two.

Ambrose takes out the contract, holds it up, and rips it in half. Then in half again. Rollins yells at Ambrose who throws the paper in the air. Kick to Rollins' face as he turns, and Slater gets two for it.

Ambrose takes a drink from a 'fan' who looks shocked. Ambrose removes the lid, then dumps the drink into the case. The drink it leaking from the case toward King's phone. Ambrose takes popcorn from a fan, eats some, then to the case. Rollins on Slater with blows. The popcorn goes into the case on the soda. Ambrose looks around, steals JBL's hat and puts it on, shows off, then rolls it up ad shoves it in the case. Ambrose closes the case, climbs on announce, swinging the case all around. Cole, King and JBL all scurry for cover as there's soda flying everywhere from that case! Then Slater rolls Rollins up for three! SLATER WINS!

Winner – Slater (4:49)

Rollins pitches a fit in the ring, yells out at Ambrose who backs away and leaves through the timekeeper area. Rollins out and yells at the announcers for letting Ambrose do that to his case, as if they had any control, which is what King says to Rollins. JBL complains about his hat. Rollins opens the case, has a bigger fit, then shakes it out everywhere. JBL yells that it should be a felony for what was done to his hat. Video recap of the high points of the case defiling. Rollins stomps up the ramp, pissed as JBL continues to complain about his hat.



Bits of Cena vs Brock at Extreme Rules two years ago. It's on right after Raw, on the WWE Network tonight!

Contract Signing

Steph to the ring with Trip. Brie to the ring, with Nikki by her side – Brie in all red, Nikki in all black.

Trip – At SummerSlam, which you can see live on the WWE network for just $9.99, there will be a historic match between Brie Bella and Steph McMahon. Normally when an icon steps out of retirement and there's a contract signing, it is my job as the COO to oversee such a thing, but when the icon is my wife, and the mother of my children, it creates a personal conflict for me, so I must recuse myself in this proceeding. That's why I asked Michael Cole to officiate tonight. I stand here tonight before you not as the COO, not at The Authority, not as The Game, but as a loving, proud, and devoted husband. (Kisses her on the cheek, then they share a sweet, but obvious kiss on the lips.)

Brie – Oh my God, could we get to this already, before we all start throwing up.

Steph – Brie, if anyone should understand about supportive spouses, it's you. After all, where is your puny little hippy-dippy husband anyway? Is he recovering, still?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Brie absolutely glows at the fan reaction to her husband.

Brie – Yes, Daniel is still recovering. But, have you recovered from this?

Video of Steph being arrested.

Brie – Tell me Steph, when I made you a jailbird, was it easier to trade in your power suit for your orange jumpsuit, or was it easier to trade in Triple H for your cellmate, Big Beulah. This is how this will go down. Not only am I going to beat you, but I'm going to embarrass you. It won't be just in front of 20,000 people, but in front of the entire universe. And I'm going to send a message to the whole world, that the great, powerful Stephanie McMahon is nothing more than a fraud. A failure! An embarrassment to the McMahon family. This is not just for me, or for my sister Nikki, or for my husband Daniel. This is for Vickie Guerrero. For Big Show. For the Rhodes family. And for every other person on our roster who you tortured week after week for your amusement.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Brie – He might not have, but I will tell you something about karma, it always comes around. And your's is about to come crashing down on you in ways you can't even imagine. (Brie signs the contract.) So here you petty, stuck up, conniving piece of trash.

Steph – Brie, all the things you said, you've got me so rattled, I don't know what to do. I'm sure all the great family wrestling names, those rich legacies, I'm sure they'd appreciate being represented by the likes of you. Brie, I'm a 4th generation McMahon. I don't think you understand what that means. What are you? Who are you Brie? You're nothing. Nothing more than a wannabe reality star who abandoned her husband, stole the spotlight from her sister just to make a name off of me at SummerSlam. You need to go look in the mirror Brie, and you know what you'll see? A selfish, conceited, shell of a woman. Who's the piece of trash now, Brie? You say you're going to embarrass me at SummerSlam, well guess what? I'm embarrassed now. I'm embarrassed to be in the same ring as you! At SummerSlam I'm going to put an end to your pathetic attempt to make history. (Steph signs the contract.) At SummerSlam I'm going to tear your heart out.

Brie and Steph glare over the table at each other, then Steph takes the binder that the contract is in, and swings it with two hands, right into the side of her head – Nikki's head! Trip pushes the table so that Brie is knocked into the chair she'd been standing in front of, and backed the table into the corner, so Brie is trapped in the chair and can't get to her sister's side, can't protect her. Steph pulls Nikki up by her hair as Brie yells to her sister. Steph sets Nikki up and hits the best pedigree I've ever seen from Steph, so much better than anything we saw from Steph back in the day.

Steph starts that mocking "YES!" chant to further taunt Brie. Trip joins Steph in the chant, turns around, right in Brie's face, fingers pointing up, big smile on his face, that is until Brie bitch slaps it off Trip's face! Steph is in shock, and somehow Trip goes down from one slap. Brie up on the table, but Steph is there to slam Brie's face down on the table. Steph sets up and hits another pedigree, just as great as her first one.

Steph turns to see Trip, she grabs him in a passion driven kiss that shocks me. Steph blows a kiss to Brie's prone body, then poses over the twins as Raw goes off the air.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

Holy Poop Moment!
Slater wins main event on Raw!

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