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RAW Results 4/21/14 – Cliche Man Strikes Again!

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RAW Results April 21, 2014
From Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Evolution has reunited, and The Shield is there as well. Bryan won the WWE WHC, and married his dream girl, but will tonight the dream turn into a nightmare at the hands of Kane.

Raw Starts


Last Monday on RAW, The Shield faced 11 guys who took them down, then Evolution reformed and came out to the ring together. Clips of Evo's reign of terror from the past. Then back to Evo beating up The Shield on Monday. The two teams will face off at Extreme Rules. After taunting Reigns, Trip nailed him with a pedigree. Believe in Evolution.

In Ring Segment

Bryan's music and he comes out. His eyes are red, he's obviously been crying. At the bottom of the ramp he looks around, then simply says, "Thank you." off mic. Brie is in the ring. They lead the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!". Bryan hugs his wife, but then Steph's music hits and she comes out in a red dress and t-strap black heels. Steph heads to the ring with a smile on her face. She gets a mic.

Steph – I couldn't resist the moment to come out and congratulate. I'd be chanting "YES!" too. Sincerely and truly, from the bottom of my heart. You became the WWE WHC, then, in the same week you married the love of your life, beautiful Brie, in what was an organic, crunchy, rustic wedding. I saw the pics online, they were breathtaking, if you're into that kind of thing. Congratulations, truly. WWE is a family, so we wanted to get you a present. It's not a traditional wedding present, because we're certainly anything but traditional. At Extreme Rules, you will be defending the WWE WHC against the Devil's favorite demon. Now, we all know Kane in demon form is uncontrollable, unstoppable. Since last week Kane said he wanted to eviscerate you, if I were you, I'd make sure I got my pretty little wife out of harm's way.

Steph starts to leave the ring, but fire erupts on stage. Bryan puts a protective arm out to keep Brie behind him.

Steph – Kane, not now Kane! Kane, now is not the right time, or place! Kane!

Kane doesn't come out, Brie and Bryan step from the ring.

Steph – Kane, stay where you are.

Bryan and Brie are over by announce, and Kane comes from the timekeeper area. He grabs Bryan around the throat as Brie ends up on the floor.

Steph – Kane, let him go! Kane, let him...

Blows between Bryan and Kane. Bryan tossed off and Kane starts heading for Brie who backs up on her bum.

Steph – Kane, don't do it! Get away from her!

Bryan up and attacks Kane from behind.

Steph – Run, Brie, run!

Kane lifts Bryan, but then drops him. Brie flees. Bryan lifted and slammed back into the barricade.

Steph – Kane, no!

Kane grabs Bryan and lands a tombstone on the floor between the ring and announce.

Steph – Kane, that's enough, Kane.

Bryan is prone on the floor and Kane grabs the top level of stairs and tosses them off.

Steph – Kane, I said, that's enough. Kane, that's enough!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan onto the stairs, Kane up on there with Bryan.

Steph – Kane, don't do it!

Tombstone on the stairs.

Steph – EMTs!

"Daniel Bryan!" chants. Kane walks away as the doctor, trainer, refs and EMTs rush to Bryan. They put a hard collar on Bryan and lay him on the floor. Backboard, and Bryan is rolled on. They lift him onto the stretcher.

Steph – Kane, no, you've done enough!

Kane knocks the stretcher over, rips the collar off Bryan, then cleans off announce, tosses chairs. Kane tosses chairs all over the place, and at cameramen!

Steph – Kane, no! Stop! I said stop!

Bryan on announce, Kane climbs, sets Bryan up, lands yet another tombstone. Cole and Kane are freaked out.

Steph – Kane! You bastard!

King calls the doctor in. Cole calls them in too. Bryan has the hard collar back on as RAW fades to commercial.


In Ring Segment

Bryan on the stretcher, Brie is right there with him. Steph is in the ring holding both of Bryan's straps. Bryan is strapped down and they start rolling him out, Brie holding his hand and rubbing his shoulder. Cole and JBL argue about what Steph did in all this.

Steph – Let's have a very warm round of applause for the WWE WHC, Daniel Bryan.

Heat for Steph.

Video of Kane's attack on Bryan, all three tombstones.

JBL said that Bryan never moved after the second tombstone.

IC #1 Contenders Tourney - Bad News Barrett vs Sheamus

Barrett out.
Barrett – I'm afraid I've got some bad news. It's not quite as bad as Bryan's news. (heat) See, shamrocks and lucky charms are not going to work here tonight. The luck of the Irish is running out. This isn't St. Patrick's day, it's the day Sheamus is defeated by me, Bad News Barrett.

Sheamus out to face him.

Barrett kicks Sheamus, and on him in a corner. The ref backs Barrett off. Sheamus comes out with blows. Barrett into a corner taking blows. The ref counts at Sheamus who backs off. "Bad News Barrett!" chants. Barrett whipped, then takes a rolling senton. Sheamus climbs, but Barrett stops him and climbs to join him. A head butt drops Barrett to the mat. Barrett rolls to the apron, takes a kick to the face and hits the floor. Sheamus waits for Barrett to get to his feet, then flies off the top onto him.

Barrett rolled in, Sheamus on the apron, but Barrett fights to avoid the forearms. Sheamus into the post, then knocked off to the floor.


Headlock on Sheamus. Sheamus up, but kicked for it. Sheamus fights back and slams Barrett to the mat. Both men are down, slow to their feet. Double ax handle blows to Barrett. A high running knee, then Sheamus to the apron and lands his ten forearms on Barrett's chest. Sheamus with his battering ram shoulder over the top for two.

Sheamus rushes Barrett and eats an elbow. Irish curse back breaker for two. Big E is watching on a monitor backstage. Sheamus lifts Barrett, but Barrett elbows free and Sheamus eats corner. Barrett gets Sheamus up, but then he's free. Winds of change on Sheamus for a long two. Barrett is pissed he didn't get the three.

Barrett rolls down his elbow padding, and waits for Sheamus to get up. Sheamus ducks, but eats Barrett's feet in the corner. Barrett up and Sheamus grabs him and lands white noise for another long two. King says Sheamus is befuddled that Barrett was able to kick out.

On their knees, they exchange blows as the fans get into it. Sheamus on Barrett and they both go out over the top rope. Barrett on the floor, but Sheamus managed to get to his feet. Barrett rolled in, Sheamus climbs in and grabs Barrett's ankle as he tries to go out the other site. "This is awesome!" Barrett out and lands his bull hammer on Sheamus through the ropes. Barrett in and gets the three.

Winner – Barrett (10:37)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Barrett celebrates in the ring.



Another Bo-lieve promo.


September 2011, Hugh Jackman was on RAW and punched Ziggler. Ziggler reached out to Jackman on Twitter, but then Sandow got into a Twitter war with Jackman.

Announce Segment

On the WWE App you can vote for Cena's opponent(s) for tonight.
Luke Harper
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan & Bray Wyatt


Bray – I remember the first time that I was ever struck with truth. The taste was bitter, and it was SO intense. But I liked it! Hahaha. If was something real. Freewill has become mans biggest illusion, they promise it to you, just in time to take it away again! What have they left us with? What have we become? Just a nation full of mindless sheep, led by wolves, and mindless pigs! I was thinking, tonight man, tonight would be, what a wonderful night for change! Hahaha! What a wonderful night for change, indeed. I was thinking tonight, they have left the power in your hands! Those fools! Tonight freewill does exist! Tonight, you make a choice. And what fate will you choose for your knight in shining armor? Will you choose the path of less pain for your hero? Or, will tonight be the night that John Cena finally learns the truth. The truth is that we stand against you. Whether it be this brother, or that brother. Whether it be in a steel cage, or inside your own mind, John, we stand against you. At Extreme Rules, inside that Steel Cage Match, two monsters will enter, but on this night, it will not matter which monster has the sharpest teeth, or the longest claws, because one thing will remain the same, they do not love you anymore John. Can't you feel it? Brothers, can't you feel it? Do you feel the same that I do? Every time we cross paths John, I take more of them with me. You. And you. And you my brother. And you my sister. They are all coming with me. Listen John. Listen as it happens John. Won't they sing with me? He's got the whole world in his hands. Sing brothers! Can't you feel it? You've got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands. Hahaha. Feel! Feel! Feel with me!

The fans were singing along with him. Bray drops to his knees, smiles, then drops his head back.


6 Man Tag Match - Los Matadores vs 3MB

Los Matadores in the ring. 3MB to the ring. Video of Hornswoggle and El Torito fighting on MainEvent last week.

Fernando and McIntyre in, but Hornswoggle wanted in, so he and El Torito tag in. they get into a bitch slap-fest. Head scissors on Hornswoggle. El Torito slingshot off the second rope with a shoulder block. Bronco buster on Hornswoggle. Moonsault on Hornswoggle, but Mahal breaks up the count.

McIntyre in and taunts El Torito, laughing. El Torito goes after McIntyre, but Slater on the apron gets the gore to the groin. McIntyre lifts El Torito and El Torito goes low. Fernando and Diego in to hold McIntyre as El Torito comes off the top for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (2:47)

Video recap of the high points of the match.


The beat down of The Shield last week on RAW.

Backstage Segment

A long black limo comes in. Batista gets out in a shirt, tie and vest. Trip out in his power suit. Orton out in his shirtsleeves, collar unbuttoned.


In Ring Segment

Evolution's music and Trip leads the faction out to the stage where they pose. They head to the ring together. 31 world championships between these three men.

Trip (his voice is terribly hoarse and sounds worse than Laurinaitis) – You know I laugh every time I think about it. Imagine what it feels like, imagine what it had to feel like. You tell the world you're the baddest guys on the planet. You tell the world that you're the baddest guys around, and then one day, your daddy comes out and spanks you in front of the world. It's embarrassing, it's humiliating, and frankly, it's just the beginning.

Orton – Sometimes all it takes is a single spark to set the world on fire. In this case, it was one careless act by The Shield, brought on, that set into motion their destruction, and that's the reformation of the most dominant, fiercest group, ever, Evolution. In case you've forgotten...

Video that shows Evolution from the start, and all they beat down. (They all had hair back then!)

Batista – Are you starting to get it now. Is it becoming clear. 31 world titles in this ring between us. The Shield has no idea what they've gotten themselves into. Deal with that.

The Shield's music and they come down through the crowd. The Shield into the ring as Evo leaves. The Shield all bowed up, but Evo backs up the ramp.

Ambrose – I hate to break it to you guys, last week wasn't the first time we were beaten up, and it probably won't be the last. You guys did a real number on us, well done. Well done. But I've got a question for you, Mr. Cerebral Assassin. Do we look humbled to you? Do we look humbled to you Triple H? Hey, there's a reason you hired us to protect you and that little cream puff to your left, Randy Orton. You know, like everybody here knows, The Shield, we are the meanest, nastiest, dirtiest, most ruthless animals in this industry, and now these dogs are hungry, and these dogs are angry!

Rollins – Take it easy, you have every right to be angry. We have every right to be angry after what you did to us last week! You and what, 12 other guys, of course. But Batista, for you to say that we have no idea what we've gotten ourselves into. We have every idea, we started this! So let me give you a little dose of reality. You stand up there in your little suits, you don't want to fight. You talk about how destructive you are. You talk about how powerful you are. You talk about how you were built for dominance. Well, you're not. In two weeks at Extreme Rules, you're going to come face to face with The Hounds of Justice, and it's going to be all out war. When push comes to shove, and you have nowhere to run, you going to be looking out for Evolution? I don't think so. Randy Orton, The Viper, is going to be looking out for Randy Orton. Batista, I know you got Hollywood obligations, you're going to be looking out for Batista. The Game, Cerebral Assassin, King of Kings, yeah, you're going to do what you always do. You're going to do what's best for the boss. What you're looking at is the most dominant force in the history of this company. Two weeks at Extreme Rules, we are going to rip you to pieces, and this little reunion that you're so proud of, it's going to come to an abrupt halt, and you've got no one to blame but yourself. Because when you made the match, Evolution vs The Shield, you put the nail in your own coffin. At Extreme Rules, we're going to be the hammer that drives it home!

One stage none of Evo looks impressed, but Orton covers his mouth dramatically as he yawns.

Reigns – Last week you gave us an ultimatum. This week we're going to give you one. In a minute I'm going to drop this mic, and we're coming up that ramp and we're going to beat your asses. You got two options, you can be men and try to fight. Orton you can be cream puffs, and you can cower away and hide. Watch.

Reigns throws down the mic and up the ramp they go. As they head, the rest of the heels from last week all come out to the stage and stand around Evolution.

Trip – Or, option three, there's always an option three. Listen up boys, I said it once, I'll say it again, in life, you either adapt or you perish. That is Evolution.

Trip drops the mic as The Shield on the bottom of the ramp. Ambrose is yelling all sorts of smack.


Recap of Steph on mic starting the show, talking down Bryan and Brie. Then Kane was out and really beat down Bryan (so he could take the time he needs for his family).


It's party time, all the time. Adam Rose.


Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about who will be on the WWE Network this week from the WWE HOF Ceremonies, their speeches – Hogan and Trish on Tuesday. Flair and Pete Rose on Wednesday. HBK and Mean Gene on Thursday. Bruno Sammartino & Jerry Lawler on Friday.

Usos vs The Brotherhood

RybAxel is on announce with them.

Usos out in red. Video of Trinity and Jon getting married on Total Divas. Ryback goes off about getting married on reality shows. The Brotherhood out to face them.

Side headlock on Jey. Inverted atomic drop on Jey, but he comes back taking Goldust down. Jey tries to get the Uso chant going, but Goldust pushes him. Jey pushes back. Big clothesline on Jey. Cody tags in and lands the softest, but beautiful looking missile drop kick. jey sends Cody into Jimmy who had tagged in. Jimmy gets two.

Ryback talks about how his father used to bartend and served Perfect and Hall. Goldust tags in, but so does Jey who loses all the control he had. Ryback talks up Goldust, how he watched him as a child, and now, for an old guy, he can go. Cody in, was about to take the win, but a superkick ends that and the Usos get the three.

Winners – Usos (3:16)

Goldust in to help his brother up, but Cody shrugs him off, and elbows Goldust in the process. Goldust, looking hurt, takes off after his brother up the ramp. RybAxel in to attack the Usos from behind, as they were watching The Brotherhood's drama. One of the Usos takes shellshocked before they leave the Usos in a heap.


Henry being beaten by a penguin on Slam City.


Emma vs Layla

Fandango and Layla dancing in the ring. Emma out dancing, with Santino in tow.

Fandango takes Santino off the apron, and that gave Layla the time to attack Emma and pin her for two. Emma choked in the ropes. Snap mare on Emma, then arms stretched back, knee in Emma's back. Emma muscles free, knees Layla, then a blow to her face. Layla avoids a drop kick by holding the ropes. Layla shows off a bit for Fandango, but then takes a clothesline. Outside Santino with the cobra on Fandango! In the ring Emma pulls a pink cobra out her her boot and takes Layla out with it for three.

Winner – Emma (2:20)

The cobras dance in the ring together as Fandango carries Layla out. The cobras keep getting locked up together. Santino has to pull them apart and slap his cobra.


Backstage Segment

Renee – Tonight the odds could be severely stacked against you as you face one or more of The Wyatt Family. How do you feel right now before going into your match?

Cena – Tonight my fate lies in the hands of the WWE 'Universe'. Bray Wyatt has told everybody that they have a voice and tonight we will see if they do, in fact, listen to him. The fact that the WWE 'Universe' can choose what they want, and if they want me to face the entire Wyatt Family, that's what I will have to do.

Dueling Cena chants, and he cocks his head to listen to them.

Cena – See Renee, I'm not going to pretend I don't know what's going on. Ever since WrestleMania, no matter where we travel, I hear the same song. It gets louder and louder. He's got the whole world in his hands. I'm beginning to think he just might. Because if tonight the WWE 'Universe' sends me down a path of certain punishment by voting all three members of The Wyatt Family, my back is truly against the wall. But that's tonight. If I can make it through tonight, in less than two weeks at Extreme Rules, a steel cage will make sure the odds are even. Tonight the objective is simple, survive. Bray, you have the whole world in your hands, but remember, when you come at John Cena, you can try your best to put me down, but you should never count me out.

In Ring Segment

Cesaro and Heyman to the ring.

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the advocate for the next top talent in the WWE, the Swiss Superman, the King of Swing, Cesaro! On a personal note, I also have the pleasure to serve as the advocate for The Beast Incarnate, the beast who conquered Taker's streak at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar! Ladies and gentlemen, you shall not... (fade to commercial)


#1 Contenders Tourney – Cesaro vs RVD

Heyman – Please get this into your skulls, my client, Brock Lesnar conquered Taker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania! My client, Brock Lesnar conquered Taker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania! My client, Brock Lesnar conquered Taker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania! My client, Brock Lesnar conquered Taker's undefeated streak...

RVD's music cuts off his former boss.

RVD behind Cesaro, Cesaro reverses. Shoulder block drops RVD for on. Side headlock on RVD, pushes out, under and over, then under and over, but Cesaro grabs RVD, but RVD lands on his feet. They make a bit of hash of it, then Cesaro takes RVD down for two. King doesn't agree with JBL saying Heyman is the bets manager, brings up Blassie and Heenan.

RVD fights back,monkey flip and gets the pop from the fans, but taken down by Cesaro. Snap suplex on RVD for two. Shoulders to Cesaro in a corner. Cesaro ends up moving and RVD to the post. Cesaro sends RVD further into the post.


Side headlock on RVD who elbows out. RVD down, Cesaro lands both feet on Cesaro's chest and gets two for it. Gut wrench on RVD for two!

Cesaro stands on RVD's head with both feet, but holds the top rope to keep his weight up. RVD into a corner, knocked down, Cesaro gets a ref count for being on RVD in the corner. Elbow drop on RVD for two.

Headlock on RVD on the mat. "RVD!" chants. Knees to a free RVD, but RVD blocks in a corner and kicks Cesaro in the head. Both down and slowly up. RVD with blows, Cesaro fights back. Clothesline drops Cesaro, then a back kick does the same. Rolling thunder on Cesaro as Heyman walks away so he doesn't have to see, but Cesaro kicks out.

RVD whipped, gets an elbow up. RVD with a flying kick off the top rope. RVD up top, but Cesaro bounces up and lands a huge upper cut on RVD up there! Head butt on RVD over the top rope. RVD kicks Cesaro and RVD climbs again. Split legged moonsault on Cesaro for two.

Both slow to their feet. Cesaro ducks RVD's kick in the corner. RVD's foot still caught up top eats an upper cut. They exchange blows, then RVD with leg scissors takes Cesaro down. Cesaro lifts RVD who lands on the back of his neck as they both bumble, but RVD kicks out after two.

Cesaro sets up for the swing, but then Swagger's music hits and Swagger and Zeb out to the stage. RVD kicks Cesaro in the face and Cesaro ends up outside. Swagger to the bottom of the ramp. RVD up top, flies, but eats an upper cut. Heyman over, gets in Zeb's face, lots of yelling. RVD put in the rope and the ref deals with RVD, and Swagger sends Cesaro into the post. The ref starts counting Cesaro out. Cesaro doesn't make it in time.

Winner – RVD via Count Out (12:48)

Swagger on Cesaro in the ring. "We, the people!" from Swagger. Cesaro lifts Swagger up and out. The Cesaro looks over at Zeb who is still in the ring. Cesaro grabs Zeb, sets him up, but before the swing, Swagger attacks Cesaro from behind. Cesaro hits the big swing on Swagger for twelve revolutions. RVD will face Barrett, and the winner will face Big E for the IC Title.


Recap of Kane's attack on Bryan to start RAW. Cole says Bryan is undergoing tests, but things look good. Looks like only a bad stinger. The prognosis is good. They're keeping Bryan overnight for observations.


Backstage Segment

Renee – Congratulations, this was a huge victory for you tonight, you're now moving on to face...

Heyman – Yeah, congratulations.

RVD – I bet you are excited Paul. The King of Swing was just beat by RVD!

Cesaro – You should thank Zeb and Swagger for the win, because everybody knows RVD could not beat the King of Swing on his own.

RVD – Is that so?

Heyman – Excuse me, but I'm very surprised at you RVD, the RVD I knew so well would never take a tainted victory. Quite frankly sir, I don't know how you can sleep well at night.

RVD – Hahaha! I'm going to sleep quite well, unlike you Paul, my conscience is clear.

Cesaro (off mic) – Haha, after what we just saw.

RVD – A word of advice. If you really want to make it in this business, keep your wallet, your house, and your future as far away from this guy as possible.

Heyman – Are you talking about me?

RVD points his thumbs and the fans chanted for him.

Aksana vs Paige

Aksana actually gets her own ring entrance! Paige out to face her.

Paige ducks a clothesline, then kicks back at Aksana's gut. Aksana tossed by her hair. Aksana slammed face down by her hair. Side headlock and Aksana lift Paige, so she kicks off the top, slides down Aksana for two.

Blows on Aksana, but then she fights back. Paige pulled off the top, and a lovely snap suplex from Aksana. Kicks to Paige's ribs, then choked in the ropes. Aksana pins for two. Chinlock with a knee in Paige's back. The announcers talk up Paige in NXT. Elbows over Paige's shoulder, then back to the chinlock. Paige up with blows, but takes a back elbow. Side slam on Paige who sells it. Paige fights back, slams Aksana face first over and over, but only gets one.

Short clotheslines on Aksana. Aksana throws Paige down really roughly and she lands badly. Elbow drop on Paige, but then Paige up on Aksana with a reverse facelock. Knee to Aksana's nose, then Paige locks on her modified scorpion cross-body. Aksana, with what little movement she had, tapped out.

Winner – Paige (4:41)

Announce Segment

Cesaro will face Swagger on Smackdown.


WWE Rewind

Rusev defeated R-Truth, then took out Woods after the match.

Sin Cara vs Rusev

Lana out in black this week. She introduces Rusev to the ring. Sin Cara is already in the ring.

Sin Cara pushed back into corner, then blows, then slingshot flies at Rusev who catches him. Sin Cara on the top rope and takes knees to the side. Fallaway slam on Sin Cara. Sin Cara into a corner taking knees. A forearm drops Sin Cara to the mat. "JBL!" chants. Pulls Sin Cara' arm, foot on the side of his neck. Sin Cara with head scissors, but caught. Sin Cara with a sunset for almost one. Handspring elbow on Rusev. Sin Cara whipped, up and over, kicks Rusev. Sin Cara off the top, but then Rusev takes him down. Arms around Sin Cara's waist with a roll on the mat. "Rusev crush!" Sin Cara slammed down, then the accolade and Sin Cara taps out.

Winner – Rusev (3:02)

Lana and Rusev pose in the ring.


In Ring Segment

Cena out, salutes, then runs to the ring. He kisses his dog tags, then poses.

King on mic talks about who Cena will be facing in this match.
Harper 38%
Harper & Rowan 9%
The Wyatts 53%


Cena vs The Wyatts

"Baltimore, we're here."

The Wyatts to the ring, the fans clapping along with their music, where Cena awaits.

All three mill around outside the ring, then they all slide in together. They all beat Cena down on the mat. They back off and the ref checks on Cena and calls for the bell. Harper on Cena with blows. Elbow to the back of Cena's head, and he's in the heel corner. Rowan tags in, scoops Cena and slams him to the mat as HUGE dueling chants for Cena. Cena eats corner, but then he fights back with blows, runs the ropes and flies at Rowan who catches him for a fallaway slam. Bray tags in and yells smack before grabbing Cena, and waltzing Cena's floppy body around the ring.

Harper tags in, pulls Cena to his feet in a corner, then attacks. Cena reverses the whip, splashes Harper, but then quickly taken down by Harper. Dueling chants again ring through the arena as Harper continues to work over Cena. Belly-to-back suplex, lands Harper on his shoulder, so Rowan tags in. Cup handle slam on Cena for two.

Bray tags in, grabs Cena, pulls him to sitting, runs the ropes as if to kick Cena in the head, but then doesn't and tags out. Drop toe hold on Harper, into the STF, but Rowan breaks it up. Big slap to Cena who hits the floor. A hip to Cena's gut that drops him, then Cena from the ring. Rowan out to Cena and into the barricade, but then Harper sends Cena shoulder first into the stairs, yelling down at him. Bray up on the corner smiling down at Cena.


Cena again from the ring, this time with some force, by Harper. Cena on the apron, Harper pulls him up on the corner. Cena with blows, then lands a swinging DDT off the corner. Bray tags in and takes Cena down with a HUGE slam for two.

Bray with blows on Cena, straddling him on the mat. Cena shoulder first, then Bray out punching Cena's head into the post. A running head butt again sends Cena's head into the post. Bray sings to the fans, slowly spinning, arms out, on the bottom of the ramp. Rowan tags in, a blow drops Cena. Rowan tries to squeeze Cena's brains out. Cena struggles to his feet through the dueling chants. Cena with blows on Rowan. Cena whipped, but moves and Rowan shoulder first. Bray tags in and splashes Cena in the opposite corner from his. Bray back bends in the corner, then Bray walks out, talking the whole time. Bray to his feet, but Cena was playing possum and lands a huge clothesline on Bray. Cena knocks Rowan and Harper off the corner. Shoulder tackles, then a slam on Bray. Harper in, then sent out. 5 knuckle shuffle on Bray. Bray up, Cena lands an AA! Harper and Rowan break the count and attack Cena. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Cena via DQ (16:12)

Bray grabs Cena and lands Sister Abigail. Bray is sitting on the mat, Cena's head in his lap, and Harper hands him a mic. Bray is cradling Cena's head with one arm as he holds the mic with the other hand.

Bray – In time, all things come to light. (singing, and some fans join him) He's got the whole, in his hands. He's got the whole wide world, in his hands. He's got the whole world, in his hands. He's going the whole world in his hands. He's got you and me brother, in his hands. He's got you and me brother, in his hands. He's got you and me brother, in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole, in his hands. He's got the whole wide world, in his hands. He's got the whole world, in his hands. He's going the whole world in his hands. Hahahahaha! He's got the whole, in his hands. He's got the whole wide world...

RAW fades out.

Biggest Pop
Bryan & Brie
The Shield
Bad News Barrett

Biggest Heat

Most Mixed

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