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RAW Results 3/24/14 – Happy Birthday Taker

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RAW Results March 24, 2014
From Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Hogan with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Mangeniello tonight, and more on Cena and Bray.

RAW Starts


Recap of Trip's feud with Bryan, clips since SummerSlam, and to Trip's swerve on Bryan last week on RAW.

In Ring Segment

Steph to the ring in a black top and black leather pants, her hair down and long dangly silver earrings to serious heat.

Steph – Thank you for coming to RAW, unfortunately Bryan won't be here tonight. I've been reading on social media that a lot of you think what Trip and I did to Bryan was disgusting, too far, uncomfortable to watch, and I agree.

"You suck!" chants.

Steph – But we did what we needed to do send a message to Bryan and all the Superstars and Divas in the locker room that insubordination will not be tolerated. We won't allow some passing fad, this #YesMovement to create a false leader.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Who will ultimately lead you all down the path of self destruction. Our decisions won't always be popular, but that's what leadership is. What's a ship without a captain? An army without a general? A company without a CEO? You need to be led by people with intellect and character, like me. ("What?") For over 50 years the McMahon family has led the WWE to some great places that nobody ever dreamed of.

"CM Punk!"

Steph – Now I didn't ask for this power, I was born into it, and the only person who can shoulder this burden of making decisions for all of you. Last week Bryan was reminded of who owns the WWE and who Trip is. He is The Game and the Cerebral Assassin, and the greatest WWE Superstar in history. He's also the most powerful man in the WWE, and at WrestleMania when Trip leaves Bryan laying in this ring once again, he will be the new WWE WHC!

Orton's music and out he comes.

Orton – I am not out here to argue with one word you said, or disrespect you. I respect you and your husband too much to do what I have to do IF Trip beats Bryan at WrestleMania.

Steph – When.

Orton – When your husband beats Bryan at WrestleMania...

Steph – Thank you.

Orton – You're welcome. I can't be held responsible for what I have to do your kids will be present.

"Daniel Bryan!"

Orton – Your parents will be present. Executives, sponsors, clients will be there, and they will...

Steph – Give me just one second. (to the fans) You can chant his name all you want, he is not going to show up. (heat) Go ahead yes, yes, Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan, it's not gonna work. Sorry Randy, before we were so rudely interrupted.

Orton – That's quite alright, I'm toning (sic) them out. At WrestleMania they will witness me beat Batista and Trip to a pulp. You are an incredibly gifted, smart, intelligent, savvy business woman. I know we're only two weeks out of WrestleMania, but I think you should allow Trip to give Bryan another beating from hell, which he deserves, but allow Trip to walk out a winner. Make him walk away from the WWE WHC Match.

Possibly the loudest and clearest "Boring!" chant I've heard in a long time. Steph is about to say something, but Batista's music hits. Out he comes in a new Batista t-shirt and blue jeans that are not as skinny as usual.

Batista – This really driving me crazy. You're out here doing all this squabbling. They're out here with their stupid chants and you're all missing the point. I've said it since day one. You're looking at the next WWE WHC. (heat) I don't care if it's Bryan, Trip or you, I'm walking out of WrestleMania XXX with the Title. (his mic breaks up a bit) Deal with it! (to Steph and Orton) Deal with it! (to the fans) Deal with it. (heat) I learned a lot from him, but...

Steph – I can't hear a word you're saying Dave, there's a mic behind you. (Steph points to the mat where a working mic had been slid in.) You could pick that up up, let me take this.

Batista – Check, one, two, is the mic on?

Steph – I'm sorry Dave, you were going on and on about something?

Batista – As I was saying, I respect Hunter very much, but the fact is that he has never beaten me. And if he makes it to the Championship match at WrestleMania, he won't beat me there. (then to Orton) And neither will you. You make me sick! Coming out here one week sucking up to Trip. Coming out the next week, sucking up to her! ("What?") You can get a little closer, just drool over her a little more. ("What?") I hate to break your heart, but I think Steph's been drooled on before. Actually, I think Steph's been drooled on a lot!

Steph – Dave, I just have...

Steph bitch slaps Batista's sunglasses off, and catches a good amount of his face too. Orton drops away, hand over his mouth, laughing! The camera VERY quickly turned away from Orton and back on Steph pushing Batista who is smiling. Steph leaves the ring, and Orton is still laughing his head off at it all. Steph stomps up the ramp as only she can do. Orton laughing, but then Batista charges him with a spear. Batista poses with both belts as the fans give him serious heat.

Recap of Steph slapping Batista, then Batista spearing Orton. Then again with the slap in slo-mo.

Batista poses without his shirt on stage as Orton holds his gut outside the ring.


Fatal 4 Way for IC #1 Contendership - ADR vs Christian vs Ziggler vs Sheamus

ADR and Christian in the ring. Ziggler out to join them. Sheamus out to round out the four.

ADR on Ziggler in a corner while Sheamus and Christian fight outside. Sheamus over the top on ADR with a battering ram. Ziggler rolls Sheamus for one. Sheamus and Ziggler fight. Clothesline on Ziggler, then a knee drop. Sheamus stomps Ziggler's hand as the fans chant for him. ADR and Christian in. Sheamus out and Christian flies out onto him, but caught! Christian eats barricade through a fallaway slam! Drop kick to ADR and he's out of the ring. Sheamus sets Ziggler up on the apron, ADR with a running kick that he really botches. Ziggler with a drop kick on ADR for two.

JBL says, "Big E's much better on commentary when he's not talking." Big E is just sitting there watching, not speaking, but that was an obvious slam on Big E's mic work.


ADR reverses a whip, but Ziggler gets his feet up. ADR lifts Ziggler and he lands on his face. Sheamus pulls ADR out for a rolling senton. Christian there sending Sheamus into the post. Christian flies off the corner and Ziggler rolls through for two!

Huge "Ziggler!" chants. Christian slaps Ziggler down, then stands on his head for two. Ziggler up with blows, but tossed out. Christian turns into a couple Sheamus clotheslines, then a running high knee. Irish curse back breaker on ADR. Christian rolls out. Sheamus lands his forearms on ADR on the apron. ADR falls to the floor, so Sheamus is alone in the ring. Sheamus climbs, but Ziggler in, runs up, then slams Sheamus off the top, face first, for a long two!

Ziggler on Christian in a corner for ten – quickly. Ziggler with a big DDT on ADR for a long two. Christian hangs Ziggler up backward by his hair. "This is awesome!" chants. Ziggler on Christian for two, then ADR breaks it up. ADR on Christian, then Sheamus breaks it up. Cloverleaf on ADR, but Christian makes Sheamus break the hold. Sheamus sets up, but ADR kicks him in the gut and locks onto Sheamus' arm. Sheamus picks ADR up, but then Ziggler takes them both down. Unprettier on Ziggler for three.

Winner – Christian (12:00)

Big E in with a hand to Christian, but Christian laughs it off. They will face tomorrow night on MainEvent for the IC Title.

Backstage Segment (on tron)

Bray – (singing) He's got the whole world in his hands. People don't usually believe in things they cannot see, or they cannot touch. It is human nature after all, but in the case of Cena, we all see him. How can you possibly miss these billboards and infomercials being shoved down your throats everyday. We see you. But, what I was wondering what, have you ever taken the time to see me for what I really am? I am the way into the city of woe. I the way into eternal pain. I am the way to go beyond the laws, beyond time, I stand. I wanted to ask you John, what could you possibly do to harm something that just can't feel? Hahaha!

Harper – I can hear you whispering, John. And now, we're coming to find you.

Bray – Run.



Sneak peak of the new Scooby Doo Mystery!

Sandow vs Sin Cara w/ Scooby Doo

The Mystery Machine comes out and Sin Cara comes out. A man in a Scooby suit comes out. Sin Cara helps him onto the ramp. Sin Cara into the ring, then he goes over to hang with Scooby a bit more. Scooby is ringside for the match. Sandow is already in the ring for this match.

Sandow backs Sin Cara into a corner. Sin Cara beaten down in the corner. Sandow backed off, then Sin Cara side steps. Sin Cara off the top onto Sandow, then a hurricanranna on Sandow for two. "CM Punk!" chants. Sin Cara climbs and off the top onto Sandow for three.

Winner – Sin Cara (1:09)

Sin Cara and Scooby with the fans ringside after the match.


Recap of the Fatal 4 Way Match on Smackdown where The Shield was attacked and beaten down under the orders of Kane. Then New Age Outlaws help Kane beat down Reigns on the top of the ramp. Then Kane and New Age Outlaws into the ring to beat down Ambrose and Rollins.


Los Matadores vs RybAxel

Ryback and Axel are facing Usos at WrestleMania, so they are out of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Drop kick from Axel on Diego. The Shield comes through the crowd and stand outside the barricade. Diego rolls a distracted Axel up for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (0:34)

The Shield in and take Axel out. In the ring Ryback is speared by Reigns. Triple power bomb on Ryback. The Shield poses for the fans.

Video recap of the spear and the bomb on Ryback.


In Ring Segment

Cole in the ring announces Trip for their interview. Trip out in his power suit and heads to the ring. They sit.

Cole – Hunter, welcome, thanks for taking the time. Normally we meet on Wednesday for an interview, but in light of what happened with Bryan, I thought we should conduct this in front of the WWE 'Universe' here in Brooklyn, New York. With that being said, let's show everyone what transpired on RAW.

Video of Trip's attack on Bryan last week on RAW.

Cole – Hunter, as COO of WWE, how can you justify the attack at your hands of your WrestleMania opponent, Daniel Bryan.

Trip – See, the question you ask is confusing itself. Do you want me to answer as COO, or as a competitor at WrestleMania? People seem to be confused what they were asking for. Bryan was clear what he was asking for. They (the fans) were very clear about what they were asking for and they got exactly what they were asking for. Let me ask you a question Cole. Have you ever been in a spot where you had to submit to someone else's will. Shackled so to speak, where you had to do what somebody else wanted. Defenseless. Helpless. A horrible feeling, isn't it? ("What?")

Cole – I'm sure your referring to last week when you handcuffed Bryan and assaulted him.

Trip – No, I'm not talking about cuffing anybody. I'm talking about Bryan walking to this ring, inviting the WWE 'Universe' into the ring to hyjack the show. ("YES!" "YES!" "YES!") Talking about #YesMovement. Daniel Bryan came out here, these people were in harms way in an attempted coup. Where was your mock horror to all of that. That was okay. You trumped it up to a memorable RAW moment, didn't ya? Yet, what I did was heinous and despicable.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Cole – Probably because many think what Bryan did was an inspiring act and others believe what you did was thug-like aggression, unbecoming of the COO of the WWE.

Trip – See, there's that confusion again. COO or competitor? Bryan ask for The Game. How many times did I tell Bryan I didn't want to fight him, but he, they forced my hand and made me become a competitor, then they got what they asked for and Bryan got what he deserved. Now you're all going to cry about it, right? What happened to this world? What happened to this world, Cole, since I stopped competing full time. I used to stand in this ring and do despicable, horrible things to people, and I looked into their eyes and see that same lust for success I had, that same burning desire that I had. They would fight the system and were strong. Now I see apathy. I see soft, pathetic. I see a bunch of little people with no power or desire. When they don't get what they want, they cry about it. I know, send me a Tweet and express your displeasure. You know Cole, I'm sick of it. Sick to death of the whole thing. The world has changed and I can't take it anymore. Maybe it's on me to change the future. Maybe I start the 'Reality Era!' Maybe as of right now, this is the beginning of the 'Reality Era!' The reality is this, at WrestleMania I end Daniel Bryan's supposed little run at the top. At WrestleMania, the reality is that I end this pathetic #YesMovement. At WrestleMania when I'm done with that, I'm going to step into a Triple Threat Match. No one living off their past glories is going to stop me. And no one living off from their untapped potential is gonna stop me. Because Michael, the reality is, I have the power to make it happen, and they all know it's true. The Reality Era is the reality is that I'm walking out of WrestleMania the WWE WHC.

Trip drops his mic, leaves the ring and stomps up the ramp glaring at everyone. Up on the stage Trip re-buttons his suit jacket, looks around, then leaves.


WWE Rewind

Goldust was being silly in the ring with Fandango, then Summer Rae was scared off the apron into Cody's arms. Goldust finished Fandango for three. None of the issues with the match were shown.

Fandango vs Cody w/ Goldust

Fandango in the ring dancing with Summer Rae. The Brotherhood to the ring and Cody is wrestling.

They lock up. Elbow to Cody, who comes back with a drop toe hold. Cody on Fandango for two. "Goldust!" chants. Fandango over the top with a left leg drop for two. Suplex on Cody for two. Hammer lock on Cody. Cody up, tries to fight back, takes a knee. Clotheslines to Fandango, but then Cody over the top. Cody with a top rope missile drop kick for two.

Forearm to Fandango in a corner, then the crack heads. Summer Rae is slapping the apron. Goldust next to her doing it. "Are you mocking me?" she yells. "Yes, I am!" yells Goldust. Summer Rae down and holding her ankle. Fandango is distracted and eats a disaster kick for three.

Winner – Cody (2:46)

The Brotherhood celebrate in the ring as Fandango looks distraught outside the ring with Summer Rae making eyes at Cody.


Sneak peak of Sabotage.


In Ring Segment

Hulk Hogan to the ring to huge pop as Justin's mic struggles through the introduction.

Hogan – Let me tell you something brother! You know something Maniacs. I don't mean to be all nostalgic on ya, but WrestleMania XXX is less than two wweks away from right now brothers. In this city history was made at WrestleMania 1 with Mr. T right here in New York, brother.

"Hogan!" chants. He points to the WrestleMania sign.

Hogan – Let me tell you something Maniacs, I'm real excited about WrestleMania XXX. I'm really jacked about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but I'm also real excited about tonight's guest stars for RAW, stars from Sabotage. Arnold Shwarzenneger and Joe Mangeniello.

They both come out, Shwarzenneger in a suit, Mangeniello in jeans and a hoodie.

Hogan – Okay Maniacs, let's hear it for these monsters right here.

Shwarzenneger – It's wonderful to be back again.

"Bruno!" chants.

Shwarzenneger – One year ago I had the great honor and pleasure of inducting my good friend Bruno Sammartino into the HOF. Today I cannot believe I'm in the ring with a great hero of mine, Hulk Hogan. Look at his bicepts, tricepts, look at his pectoral muscles, wow. This man is the real deal! To be here with my good friend Joe from Sabotage, give him a hand.

Joe – I'm so excited to be here, hosting my first ever Monday night RAW, right here in Brooklyn, give it up. I'm even more pumped to be in the ring with two legends, two icons, the biggest action movie star of all time, Arnold Shwarzenneger, and the greatest WWE Champion to ever step foot in the ring, Hulk Hogan!

Shwarzenneger – I know you have Battle Royal in honor of Andre The Giant, and he's one of my favorite wrestlers of all times. He was fantastic.

Hogan – You know Arnold, he told me that you and him were really tight, brother!

Shwarzenneger – Yes, friends, we visited. I watched him wrestle, he came to the movie set when I was doing Conan The Destroyer. It was the greatest time. In this Battle Royal, do you have room for two more athletes?

Hogan – You know brothers, if you...

Miz's music cuts off Hogan, and he comes out to the stage.

Miz – Really? Really? You two in the Battle Royal. You all want to see Arnold and Joe in the Battle Royal?


Miz - Really?


Miz – I'm a huge fan of yours Arnold and I'm going to see Sabotage, and I'm sure your a fan of mine in Marine 3: Homefront, and Christmas Bounty. You boo, but you know you loved it and watched it. That's just acting. You two just play tough guys. I'm the opposite. I'm a tough guy and do a little acting on the side, that's what when I tell you, you believe this, I will win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This is no act, I will win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Hogan – You know something Miz, let me give you a little wake up call. You're standing in the middle of Hogan country, brother.

Miz – Obviously you don't know I'm the most must see WWE Superstar of all time! (heat) People are still talking about me main eventing WrestleMania 27, defeating Cena! (heat) Let's face it, he doesn't belong here (Arnold) and he doesn't belong here (Joe), and now, you don't belong here either (Hogan).

Joe – I got this. You want us to leave. Go ahead and try.

Miz looks at him, looks at the other two. Then Miz drops his mic to leave, steps away, but then turns back. Joe blocks Miz and lands a blow to the gut. Arnold lands a blow to the head that was all fake and nowhere near Miz, then Hogan tosses Miz from the ring. Miz lands and rolls into the barricade. Hogan poses between Arnold and Joe in the ring, arms raised.


Announce Segment

News clipping of The Rock playing Hercules.

O'Neil vs Big Show

O'Neil in the ring waiting. Big Show out to face him.

O'Neil backed into a corner and takes blows, then a slap to the chest. The next corner, shushing, then a big slap to the chest. O'Neil takes Big Show down, on him with blows and boots, stomping Big Show. A leg drop for two. Big Show up, but backed into a corner. O'Neil with chops, then a splash. Another splash and the "CM Punk!" chants start. A shoulder tackle drops Big Show for two.

O'Neil almost sends Big Show out over the top, but then Big Show comes back with a tackle. WMD for three.

Winner – Big Show (2:24)

Big Show leaves the ring, slapping hands of fans up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Steph and Trip together talking softly and The Shield comes in.

Rollins – We know you saw what happened on Friday between us, Kane and the Outlaws. So, where were you, man.

Ambrose – Seeing as Kane represents The Authority, and New Age Outlaws are your old buddies, we're wondering where we stand.

Trip – Guys, what's going on between Kane, the Outlaws and you are between you and them. Now...

Steph – Kane is the DOO, but if it's vengeance you're looking for, then how about you have a match against The Real Americans, then we can all sit down and discuss this.

Reigns – Yeah. We will. Believe that.

The Shield leaves and neither Steph or Trip look happy.

Backstage Segment

Cena is in a bathroom, putting water on his face. He bends over and Rowan – mask and all – can be seen in the mirror above Cena, peeking into the room. Cena stands and turns, but there's no mask there. Cena looks back at himself in the mirror, tries to calm himself down.


WWE Slam of the Week

Cena faces Harper on Smackdown. Cena managed the win, then fled as Bray and Rowan rushed the ring.

Cena vs Harper

Cena to the ring. DEP! The Wyatts to the ring. Harper into the ring with eyes wide.

Harper tosses Cena off, then onto Cena with a head butt. Dueling Cena chants. Cena whipped and hits the mat. Harper pulls Cena up, but a blow drops Cena for two. The dueling chants get louder as Cena fights back, but then takes a back breaker from Harper for two. Double hands to Cena's throat in a corner. "Let's go Harper!" chants. Cena fights back and gets serious heat from the fans for it. Harper knocks Cena down to pop. Bog suplex on Cena for two.

Cena tossed out in front of Bray. Cena sees Bray and Rowan and gets nervous. Harper outside and on Cena with blows. "Fruity Pebbles!" chant. Cena looks at Bray and Rowan, then back into the ring and eats a back elbow.


Head lock on Cena. Cena free, lands shoulder tackle, but then takes an inverted atomic drop and a big boot for two. Cena pulled up into an upper cut, then another as the men cheer for Harper while the women and children cheer for Cena. Suplex takes Cena down. Cena lift Harper, but it doesn't work and Cena eats a big boot for a long two.

Cena ducks a clothesline and plants Harper. Cena smirks, sets up, but Harper on Cena and plants him to avoid the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena down for two. Cena reverses on Harper, then drop toe hold, but Harper powers out and sends Cena from the ring. Harper dives out through the ropes and Cena off the barricade! Harper pulls Cena up, rolls him in, then Harper looks at Bray for more info. Harper in and Cena locks on the STF, but then Harper rakes Cena's face. DDT on Cena for two.

Harper stares off into space. Blows to Cena in a corner. Cena set up top, then a blow drops him off. Cena up there as Harper climbs. Harper readies, but Cena powers out. Harper punched down, then Cena off the top with a leg drop to the back of Harper's head for two.

Harper slammed to the mat, then eats a 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena watches Bray and sets up the AA, but Harper down and slams Cena face first to the mat for two. Harper eats a huge clothesline! Cena shakes off the pain in his arm from it, then gets Harper up, but then DEP! Lights out and lots of scuffling in the ring. Lights up and Cena is tied in the ropes wearing Rowan's mask with Bray behind him and Rowan and Harper on each side. "This is awesome!" chants from the fans. DEP! (11:58)


Announce Segment

Cole talks about what happened to Cena in his match with Harper. They show the end of the match, then lights out and Cena in the mask, arms tied up in the ropes.

Naomi vs AJ

Dactyls out in black and white, Naomi still sporting her eye patch. AJ skips out, Tamina in tow.

AJ mocks Naomi, but then eats two drop kicks! Back and forth, Naomi landing a kick, but then AJ avoiding Naomi's rear view. AJ decides she's done, she's leaving.

Winner via Count Out – Naomi (1:11)

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! AJ, you made some comments about me on Smackdown that were uncalledfor and inaccurate. We have history together. I got you fired from RAW, you stole my boyfirend, but we can forget that, but you are a real bitch. I'm here to announce that you will be competing at WrestleMania in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational. You're competing against Naomi, Cameron, and Brie and Nikki, and Nattie, and Eva Marie, and Emma, and Aksana, and Fox, and Summer Rae, and Rosa, and Layla, and Tamina! Hahahaha!

Tamina looks shocked, then smirks. AJ freaks out, holds her belt to her chest and starts screeching and pacing.


Recap of Heyman in the ring last Tuesday on MainEvent. GONG and Taker is there. He drops Heyman to his knees and tells Heyman to deliver a message to Brock Lesnar, when Taker gets to New Orleans, he's going to slay the beast. Heyman free and fled.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about how the HOF and WrestleMania will be on the WWE Network. Then on to a fantastic Razor Ramon HOF video.


Recap of the opening segment when Batista said Steph's been drooled on a lot, and Batista busted his pants wide open spearing Orton.

In Ring Segment

The Shield to the ring. Video of The Shield being beaten down by Kane and New Age Outlaws.


The Shield vs The Real Americans

The Real Americans are heading toward the ring, but Ambrose and Rollins attack them on the ramp. Back elbow on Cesaro, then a chop on the barricade on Cesaro. Cesaro and Ambrose into the ring. Ambrose on Cesaro in a corner, Cesaro reverses it. Ambrose back on Cesaro with stomps. Ambrose rakes Cesaro's face long the top rope. Rollins tags in and they double team Cesaro for two.

Knees to Rollins' gut, then Swagger tags in. Rollins all over Swagger. Rollins hits two, then Ambrose tags in and helps with the three amigos! "Eddie!" chants as they do it! Ambrose pins Swagger for two. Blows on Swagger, then a clothesline for two.

Ambrose ties Swagger's feet up, then grabs his face pulling back. Cesaro distracts and Swagger takes Ambrose down. Cesaro tags in and lands a bevy of upper cuts! Cesaro pins for two. "We, the people!" chants. Swagger tags in and the chants stop. Ambrose slammed to the mat for two. Swagger bomb, then Cesaro over the top to land on Ambrose for two. Facelock on Ambrose on the mat. Ambrose up, elbows free, but into Swagger's corner and Swagger tags in. Ambrose counters the Swagger bomb. Ambrose up on the corner, then a springboard elbow on Swagger. Both men are down and Rollins wants in! Cesaro with a cheap shot on Rollins, then takes Ambrose down, but then a Cesaro swing! Ambrose didn't protect his neck in the swing, and made like he was trying to box the air. Ambrose tossed out and Swagger tags in. Cesaro and Swagger out, they each grab an end, then swing Ambrose. The release him into the barricade.


Cesaro tags in and keeps Ambrose from tagging out – still! "Let's go Shield!" chants. Ambrose with a backslide on Cesaro for two. Cesaro on Ambrose who is selling it, but then wants more blows. Ambrose up with blows of his own. A sick boot to Ambrose, but Ambrose with a SICK clothesline! Both men down, then tag out.

Rollins ducks Swagger, then on Swagger with kicks, chops, fists. Sick running forearm splash on Swagger in a corner for a long two. Cesaro rushes in and elevated out, but ends up hand standing on the top rope before going all the way out! Rollins clotheslines Swagger from the ring, then dives out onto Cesaro, sending him into the crowd! Rollins back in and out the other side on Swagger, and ends up on his feet! "Holy shit!" chants for Rollins. Rollins takes Swagger down, but Cesaro breaks the count.

Ambrose in on Cesaro, but Cesaro tosses Ambrose out, then Rollins sends Cesaro out. Patriot lock on Rollins, but he makes it to the ropes. Swagger lifts Rollins high, but Rollins lands on his feet! A kick to Swagger's face, the Rollins hits piece of mind for three.

Winners – Ambrose & Rollins (14:09)

Cesaro on Rollins from behind, sends him out of the ring, but Reigns is there with the Superman punch. Cesaro rolls out, but then Reigns is there and Cesaro eats a spear! Ambrose clears announce, Rollins helps and Reigns is yelling. The fans are wild, but the mics are taken down. They set Cesaro up and they triple power bomb Cesaro through announce. The Shield into the ring to pose. Fire erupts on stage. Out comes Kane and New Age Outlaws, all in suits.

Kane – As DOO, I'd like to inform you that you have been signed to a match at WrestleMania against the New Age Outlaws, and me. At WrestleMania, we are going to annihilate you. Believe that!

Backstage Segment

Heyman and Brock heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Heyman and Brock to the ring.

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and I stand before you tonight as the advocate for The Beast Incarnate, the conqueror, Brock Lesnar. My client's opponent at WrestleMania holds one of the most staggering accomplishments in sports entertainment, his name is the Undertaker and his record at WrestleMania is 21-0. I humbly submit to you, that's an undefeated streak, that's why when Brock defeats Taker, and he will defeat Taker, this will take nothing away from the enormity of 21 consecutive victories on the grandest stage of them all. Let me put this into perspective for you. Your hero Cena couldn't have put together 21-0. They named a Battle Royal after Andre The Giant who could not go 21-0 at WrestleMania. My client, Brock Lesnar will never claim 21-0 at WrestleMania. WrestleMania is the showcase of the immortals. Where grudges go to be settled by the better man in a fight. It's where titles are won and lost. Where one era will end, Brock, and another era will begin. But the one guaranteed ticket is to break The streak. That's why when Taker took me by the throat. When Taker savagely attacked my client and drove him through a table, I told my client, Brock Lesnar, we're dealing with...

Brock takes the mic out of Heyman's hands. Heyman looks shocked by this.

Brock – Enough Paul, enough. I'm not here to promote. I'm here to fight. Undertaker, you're here, I'm here. Let's do thiiiiiisssss! (Brock's voice cracks in the last word and he sounds like a pubescent boy!)

Brock waits, back and forth from one foot to the other, the camera follows him. Then chanting and there's a casket on stage. The druids come out and line the sides, then bring it down the ramp (on wheels). Brock is still bouncing from foot to foot as they turn the casket and push it next to the ring. They all turn and leave the ringside area as Brock looks at Heyman who doesn't seem too happy about this. The black lights making the ropes and Brock's shirt glow. There's a spotlight on the casket next to the ring. The chanting continues and Brock steps up. He reaches a foot out and taps the casket with it. Then Brock reaches a foot out and stomps the casket harder. Off mic Brock can be heard says, "I don't like this!" More stomping on the casket by Brock's foot. Heyman leans out of the ring over by announce and talks to someone. Brock is getting twitchy. Brock reaches out and opens the casket, but there's no one in it.

Brock (off mic) – Is this some kind of joke? (he follows the druids on the ramp) You think this is funny?

Heyman can be heard saying, "Watch your foot." to someone.

"Undertaker!" chants.

Brock over to Heyman in the ring, and leans into the mic.

Brock – I ain't here to play games!

Heyman – You know, how typical.

Brock – I'm leavin'!

Heyman – Whoa, whoa. That's the game he wants you to play. The Streak may be born in Death Valley, but to my client, it's the Holy Grail, so Taker wants Brock to show up in a slum in Brooklyn, New York, and what happens, he doesn't show for the fight. The only thing Taker brings is an empty casket!

The lid swings open and Taker is in the casket. Taker up and into the ring. Heyman flees screaming. Brock steps up and Taker goes after Brock with punches. Taker clotheslines Brock from the ring and bouncing his head off the casket. Brock stops on the ramp and points at the WrestleMania sign. In the ring Taker watches Brock, but also points back at the WrestleMania sign as the fans chant, "Happy Birthday!" to Taker. He's 49 today.

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The Rock
The Shield

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The Authority

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