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RAW Results 6/16/14 - Splattered With Spew

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RAW Results June 16, 2014
From Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Kevin Hart is there tonight. And The Authority will be addressing all Superstars at the top of the hour.

Raw Starts

Arena Segment

The entire locker room is on the stage for The Authority's announcement. Trip's music hits and he comes out with Steph in a black top with a very wide neckline, and a red skirt with black leather at the hips. (Black leather usually means major heel from Steph.) Trip in his normal power suit. Steph with an arm around Rollins on stage before heading to the ring. Video clip of Dr. Maroon last week. There's a Special Olympic logo on the ramp.

Steph – Welcome to Monday Night RAW! (mixed) We've gathered all the Superstars and Divas out here for a meeting because we all want you to know we care, and how disconcerting it is for you to not have a WWE WHC.

Trip – Seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, WWE Superstars lay it all on the line for an opportunity to prove they're the best, and they do that by receiving the honor of being called WWE WHC.

Steph – That's right, because when you're the Champion, you're immortalized. Take, for instance, my husband, the greatest of all time, the 13 time WWE WHC! (heat) The WWE is only as strong as our Champion, that's why it's so disconcerting and disheartening that you have all been represented by a B+ player like Daniel Bryan.

Trip – Don't get me wrong...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – It's true, he is a B+ player, you're right.

Trip – The thing about Bryan that's disappointing, it's not his ability, it's his heart. He has no heart. His selfishness brought upon his refusal to defend his Championship. His refusal to give you all the opportunity you so richly deserve. His refusal to be the fighting Champion is unacceptable. You deserve better than that. The WWE 'Universe' deserves better than that. That's why Steph and I are so excited, because standing on that stage could very well be the next WWE WHC.

Steph – That's right because The Authority is all about opportunity, so who will join those who have already qualified to the WWE WHC Match at MITB. Who will join Orton (heat), Cesaro, ADR (serious heat), Sheamus (pop), and Bray Wyatt (biggest pop), we'll find out as all of you compete in a Battle Royal.

Trip – Not everybody will be able to compete in the Battle Royal tonight. There's certain Superstars who have refused to evolve. Certain Superstars who have refused to comply to authority. Those Superstars not in the Battle Royal will be Dean Ambrose (heat) and Roman Reigns (more heat), and also Cena (most heat).

Cena smiles wide.

Trip – Don't get excited John, you will have an opportunity to compete, but I know how you feel about helping others, like how you wanted to help Bryan and help The Shield. Tonight you can help us. Just a short time ago my beautiful wife Steph promised the WWE 'Universe' that there would be a particular type of match. Because of Bryan not being able to compete, we haven't been able to have that match, and quite frankly, you know how we hate to lie. So, you're going to help us John, tonight you're going to get an opportunity to join the MITBLM tonight, it just happens to be a stretcher match. And it just happens to be against Kane.

Kane's music hits and Cena looks a little less happy. Rollins claps and smiles at Cena as an ambulance backs into the arena, by the ramp. Steph and Trip smile and laugh in the ring. The EMTs pull the stretcher out of the back and down to ringside. On announce JBL and Cole get into it over the Stretcher Match. Cole looks annoyed, then goes on to talk up Kevin Hart.

Kane out to the now empty stage and looks down at the ambulance.


Ziggler vs Rollins

Ziggler out, showing off, motioning to the Special Olympic logo on the ramp. Rollins out to face him. Video recap of Rollins turning on The Shield.

They lock up. Rollins behind Ziggler, Ziggler reverses into a hammer lock, then side headlock. Pushes out and Ziggler with a shoulder block dropping Rollins. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Rollins kicks Ziggler in the gut, on him with blows and stomping Ziggler into a corner. Heap slaps from Rollins. Rollins whipped, comes out into a hip toss for two.

""You sold out!" chants. Rollins rolls out to regroup. The ref starts counting, but Rollins in and locks up. Side headlock takedown on Ziggler, keeping the hold on Ziggler. Ziggler up, pushes off, but Ziggler takes the shoulder block to the mat. Rollins runs the ropes over and under, into a drop kick. Rollins comes back whipping Ziggler hard so he hits the mat.


Ziggler side steps Ziggler who flies out of the ring. Rollins sets up a suicide dive, but Ziggler catches him with a right through the ropes. Ziggler splashes Rollins, then takes Rollins down to the mat. Rollins blocks a neck breaker with a kick to the back of Ziggler's leg, then an enziguri. Ziggler avoids the curb stomp and lands a DDT for a long two.

Big upper cut to Rollins, then blows on Rollins on the mat. Going for the famouser, but Rollins catches Ziggler and takes him down for a long two.

Ziggler avoids another curb stomp into a sleeper! Standing switch on Ziggler, but then Ziggler comes back with the famouser for a long two.

Both slow to their feet and Ziggler on Rollins' back, but tossed off. Moonsault, but Ziggler moves and Rollins lands on his feet. Rollins blocks a DDT and tossed onto the top buckle back first. Rollins on Ziggler with blows on the mat. The ref admonishes hair. Ziggler takes another power bomb to the top buckle. Curb stomp and about to pin, but Ambrose is there attacking Rollins.

Winner – Rollins via DQ (11:14)

Rollins flees and Ambrose is bouncing around in the ring, wearing a black leather jacket over his normal black gear.

Ambrose – This ain't going to be over Seth. This ain't going to be over until I get my hands on your extremely smug corporate face of yours. I know, you don't do anything without Trip's permission these days, but why not save yourself some time, come down here and fight me like a man?

Ambrose throws down the mic, pulls off his jacket. Rollins is seething on the stage.

Trip (on the tron) – Dean! Ambrose! Calm down. Calm down, (trying to sound like Ambrose) there's no need to go all crazy out there! You want to fight Rollins, that's great. The good news is that you like to fight. (Trying to sound like Bad News Barrett.) I'm afraid I've got some bad news for ya.

Barrett's music hits and out he comes.


Ambrose vs Barrett

(Match already in progress.) Barrett kicks Ambrose off. Ambrose with a chop. Ambrose runs the rope to cross body Barrett. Ambrose kicks at Barrett in a corner. Snap suplex on Barrett for two.

Barrett fights back, kicks Ambrose down in a corner. Neck breaker on Ambrose for two.

Elbow drop on Ambrose for another two.

Back suplex on Barrett. Barrett back kicks Ambrose in the gut, then takes him down for two.

Knees to Ambrose in a corner, then blows. Barrett poses, but then Ambrose leaps out of the corner onto Barrett, then clotheslines Barrett from the ring. Ambrose flies out onto Barrett. Ambrose works over Barrett outside, then tosses him in. Ambrose sits on the corner, sets up, but Barrett with a clothesline knocking him to the floor. Ambrose sells his shoulder pain from last week. Barrett kicks Ambrose down as he tries to get in the ring. Barrett out kicking Ambrose in the shoulder, then arm twisting on Ambrose, slamming him to the mat.


Ambrose reaching to get back into the ring. Barrett puts him back in the ring and pins for two. Ambrose fights back, slams Barrett back by his hair. Ambrose sits up top, lands a lovely swinging DDT, but hurts his shoulder again. Ambrose on Barrett for two from it.

Ambrose on Barrett again for two. Barrett fights back on that shoulder and gets two for it.

Barrett lifts Ambrose, but Ambrose free and rolls up Barrett for two. Ambrose rocks back in the ropes to propel himself into a huge clothesline. Rollins on announce yelling at Ambrose to distract. Rollins jumps to the apron, but Ambrose knocks him down. Barrett tossed out, then Ambrose flies out on both of them. Rollins scurries away, but Ambrose after him. Barrett back into the ring, but Ambrose beating up Rollins in the stands gives Barrett the win via count out.

Winner – Barrett via Count Out (15:01)

Ambrose back into the ring, attacks Barrett and hits dirty deeds. Ambrose sits on the apron talking to himself.

Backstage Segment

Reigns stops Vickie as she scurries along with two ices coffees, minus ice, or cream.

Reigns – Vickie, got a moment to talk?

Vickie – Really quick.

Reigns – Look Vickie, I know you're the woman to put in a good word to put me in the Battle Royal.

Vickie – Roman, they don't want you in it.

Reigns – What they want? Who cares what they want! If it was up to them, you'd be running coffee for the rest of your career. And that's no way to treat a beautiful woman. Not only that, you're a Guerrero, that means something, you should stand for that. But I could have it all wrong, you may want to kiss their butt for the rest of your life. But if you want to do that, you want to do it the right way. They're going to want sweetener in that coffee, for sure.

Vickie – Oh my gosh, I forgot.

Vickie puts the coffees down and rushes away.

Vickie – I'll be right back.

Reigns turns and does something to the coffees, then pops the lids back on. Vickie rushes back when he's done.

Vickie – Thank you so much.

Reigns – Of course. Hey Vickie, when are you going to tell then to take this job and shove it?

Vickie sneezes on the top of the coffees. Reigns smirks, Vickie shrugs, and she heads off with the coffees.


Cleveland, we're here.


In Ring Segment

There a ladder in the ring under the two straps. King and Cole talk up the WWE Network. The Wyatt Family to the ring through fans clapping and showing their camera lights.

Bray – Hahaha! You ain't got nothing in this world man, if you ain't got power. If you ain't got power, we would all be tiny little mice trapped in the jungle running from (sic) our lives from tigers. Empower me. Power can be so addicting. You need power. You crave power. I just so think that power will be the downfall of all mankind, you know it man. After all, a powerful man is to be respected. But a weak man is less valuable than the dirt that soaks his clothes. Power and influence, that's my game, man. As long as I'm living right here, right now, with you my people inside this universe, the WWE 'Universe', that (pointing up at the straps) right there, represents all the power I could ever need. Hahahaha! I want you do some thing for me, really quick man. I want you to look at my brothers. Take a long hard look. Judge them as you will, and know that every label your society has, they are viewed as outcasts. Worthless, like dirt. But oh, how the world works in such mysterious ways! Hahaha! At MITB, my brothers are going to fight. At MITB my brothers are going to destroy the Usos and take every bit of power they ever had! (mixed) Power, and influence. Power, and influence. Power, and influence. Power, and influence! At MITB, I will stand at the top of this ladder and I will change the world as it is forever. Because hanging above this ladder is my absolution. Hanging above this ladder is my glory. Hanging above this ladder is the change you all have been praying for. (slight pop) All I have to do is reach up and take it. When I do, and I promise you I will, I will be able to truly say that I have the whole world in my hands. He's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole wide world, in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hand. He's got the whole world in his hands. (Hhe fans singing along with him from the first word.) Hahaha!

Sheamus comes out to the stage.

Sheamus – Alright lad, I'm not sure you're aware of this, but I'm not sure you're aware of this, but it's actually bad luck to walk under a ladder when you're going to be involved in the biggest ladder match in WWE history. I'll be honest Bray, you're (garbled) for one man, talking about how you got the whole world in your hands. But why not change that tune to, How 'Bout I Shove My Whole Boot Down Your Throat?

Bray laughs and yells (off mic) – I like that!

Sheamus – Cause enough with the talkin' it's time to fight, fella!

Sheamus vs Bray

Harper and Rowan from the ring and Sheamus locks up with Bray, backing him into a corner. Bray laughs and comes out as if to punch, but doesn't. Sheamus with blows, backing Bray into a corner, but Bray with head butts on Sheamus. Sheamus comes back with blows on Bray in a corner. Bray fights back and on Sheamus with a chop in a corner. Sheamus with blows on Bray, then a clothesline as Cole and JBL yell at each other on announce about who deserves to be in the MITBLM. Bray on Sheamus and they tumble to the match in what looks like a sort of botch. Bray with a big blow on Sheamus.

King talking about Bray – Is he Gary Busey crazy?

Sheamus takes Bray down to the mat, then on him with blows. Elbow to the back of Bray's head, then a neck breaker on Bray for one.

Bray with chops on Sheamus, then upper cuts and blows on Sheamus in a corner. Bray off the ropes, but eats a forearm to the face that lands him on the mat. Sheamus holds Bray as he knees Bray in the face. A big right takes Bray down for one.

Bray on the apron, but fights back against Sheamus. Bray ends up on the floor, so Sheamus out, but Harper and Rowan are there. The Usos run out to the ring to balance the scales.


"CM Punk!" chants as Bray with a chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Bray takes Sheamus down again for two.

The Usos are pacing on one side of the ring as Rowan and Harper on the other side. Bray with a back splash, but Sheamus gets his knees up. They exchange blows, Sheamus with his double armed clotheslines. Bray ducks Sheamus' knee and takes Sheamus down for two.

Bray paces around, then pulls Sheamus up. Sheamus blocks Bray with elbows, then tosses Bray from the ring. Bray on the apron and takes the ten forearms as the fans count them out. Sheamus lifts Bray off the apron and in, but Bray down before white noise and lands a blow to Sheamus' head. Upper cut on Sheamus, but Sheamus comes back by muscling Bray up and slamming him to the mat. Sheamus sets up for the brogue, but Harper and Rowan on the apron and grab Bray.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (11:19)

The Usos over to help, but Sheamus and the Usos are taken down. Bray out to help. Sheamus back with a rolling senton on Bray outside. Rowan and Harper with the ladder in the ring, but double drop kicks from the Usos drop them. Then Sheamus in and drives the ladders into them again. They lean the ladder on the top rope, and Sheamus below holding the ladder firmly as the Usos struggle running up it and fly onto Harper and Rowan. (I think it was just too narrow for them to easily run up it together.) Sheamus then throws the ladder out onto Rowan and Harper. The Wyatt Family up the ramp together.

Backstage Segment

Steph and Trip discussing loudly as Vickie comes in.

Vickie – Here's your coffees!

Steph – I'm so thirsty.

Trip turns with his arm slightly out, as if grabbing for the cup, but knocks it into Vickie, the lid comes off and coffee all over Vickie's face and top.

Trip – Vickie, what are you doin'? What are you doin'? What am I supposed to drink? Right? Go get me another coffee Vick.

Trip and Steph all smiles.

Steph – That's really going to stain.

Trip – Yeah, and what did it take her four hours to get it in the first place? There's no ice in it!

Steph – Oh, but it's really good. (Steph keeps sucking down her coffee.)


Backstage Segment

Renee – Welcome the principle owner of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon. How are you doing tonight?

Steph – Fantastic, we're finally going to have a new WWE WHC. I couldn't be better.

Renee – Steph, I want to get your prediction of who's going to win the Battle Royal tonight.

Steph – Well, like, um, like we said earlier tonight, The Authority is all about opportunity. And, may the, may the best man win.

Steph stumbles through her words as she looks down and her coffee, then flees as Heyman steps into the shot.

Heyman – Well, when there's chaos, there's opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and at MITB there's both chaos and opportunity, because for the very first time ever, Renee, the WWE WHC hangs in the balance in a ladder match. A new Champion not just promised, but absolutely guaranteed, can you imagine if the WWE 'Universe' would be like if Bray Wyatt became the WWE WHC at MITB. What happens if Orton once again becomes the WWE WHC and The Authority truly realizes that they are omnipotent. If ADR. Then there's Sheamus, please don't let it be Sheamus! Only one has a strategist in their corner for the WWE WHC being decided in a ladder match, and that man has the same strategist who told you in advance, that my client, Brock Lesnar will conquer Underaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania! Now Renee, that wasn't just a prediction, that was a spoiler. My client, Cesaro will be the WWE WHC at MITB. That's not just a prediction, that's a spoiler.

WWE Slam of the Week

Rusev getting his gold star in the ring two weeks ago.

Slater vs Rusev

Slater in the ring waiting. Rusev comes out waving his flag abusively with Lana in tow. Rusev plants his flag, Lana removes his star, and he gets in the ring to perform his ritual. "USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut up! Shut up and listen! (heat) America, you live in a nation founded by weaklings. Whose insecurities are symbolized in your favorite American colors. Your men, who you blindly worship, lack conviction in their leadership. ("What?") You are unworthy to be called men. ("What?") Especially when you compare to the Russian great president, Vladimir Putin. Your time is fast approaching, that your emasculated nation will be forced to drop to its knees. Your monuments will crumble, and new ones will be built in their place. ("What?")

On the tron is Mt. Rushmore with a Russian flag flying over it, with Putin, Lenin, Gorbachev, and Rusev. "USA!" chants.

Rusev (first in his native tongue, then) – Your resistance is futile! I am the super athlete Rusev! ("What?")

Slater – Hold on! Hold on a minute! Hold on! Week after week you all come out and talk about how good Russia is. If you two like it so much, why don't you all just go back? (pop) Because frankly, I'm sick and tired of hearing it. The WWE 'Universe' is sick and tired of hearing it. Tonight you're going against the American Rock Star in USA, babay!

Slater with a big right, then a kick and blows, but then Rusev about kicks Slater's head off. Lana laughs and yells, "Crush!" Rusev steps on Slater's back, then locks on the accolade and Slater taps out.

Winner – Rusev (0:34)

Lana in slowly, then tells Rusev to let go, so he does. The gold star goes back on Rusev. Video recap of the high points of the match. Pyro and his flag unfurls above them.

Backstage Segment

Trip – Steph, are you alright?

Retching, gagging and coughing from behind a closed door.

Vickie – I brought your coffee.

Trip – Now is not a good time.

Vickie – What's wrong?

Trip – Can you hear Steph getting sick in there? What did you put in that coffee?

Vickie – Nothing, I put nothing in the coffee.

Trip – Something in it made her sick.

Vickie (whining) – It's not my fault, I didn't do anything!

Trip – Well, you go in and check on her. I'm not going in there. (to the door) Steph, you okay? Vickie's coming in to check on you.

Vickie – Steph, are you okay Steph?

Fake projectile vomiting on Vickie. Then more projectile vomiting on Vickie as Trip hides behind the door. Even the mirror behind Vickie is splattered with spew and chunks.

Trip – Steph, we got to get you out of here. Steph, come on.

Trip reaches by Vickie for Steph's hand and pulls her past the mess as she cries and then continues to retch off the camera.

Trip – Vickie, you're in charge, okay? (gag) Just make sure nothing goes wrong in that Battle Royal. (gag) For God's sake, take a shower.

Trip steps away and Vickie screams at the top of her lungs in ire and frustration. Looking down at herself and screaming more, over and over.


Backstage Segment

Reigns knocks on a door.

Vickie – What do you want?

Reigns – Vickie, we both know that you're in hot water now, and most likely Steph is going to fire you next week. But you can still do something to stand up to The Authority. And if they do fire you, at least you know that you did something positive for the WWE 'Universe'. Make it official and put me in the Battle Royal.

Vickie – Fine! You're innnn!!!


Think Like A Man 2 trailer.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome the star of Think Like A Man 2, in theaters this Friday, Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart – What an introduction.

Renee – Thank you.

Hart – Thank you for having me!

Renee – We've all seen Think Like A Man, the first round, now we have 2, what can we expect this time around?

Hart – You can expect it to be bigger and better. The first was a big success, and we came back strong, same cast, same director, same...

Adam Rose and his Exotic Express singing Rose's theme song come in singing and dancing around them.

Hart – What's this?

Rose – Kevin Hart, Adam Rose, and all I wanted to say was, your movie was absolutely fantastic.

Hart – Thanks.

Rose – But Kevin, you need to stop trying to (in air quotes) 'think like a man.' You should think like a Rosebud, right along with the Exotic Express, if you know what I'm saying.

Hart – Well, I don't know what you're saying, but if it's what I think you're saying, then no, I'm not going to do that.

Rose – Don't be a lemon.

Rose and his Exotic Express sing and dance out as Hart is upset that they're singing in his ear.

Renee – Well, um, good luck on commentary tonight.

Hart – Yeah, it will be great.

A confused Hart leaves humming Rose's tune.


Fandango & Layla vs Adam Rose & Summer Rae

Justin announces Kevin Hart. Hart comes out to announce. He looks so tiny next to JBL. Cole comments on Hart's horrible shirt with a big embroidered fish on the front.

Layla out, and Fandango comes out to dance with her. Hart is confused by Fandango's pants and Cole is explaining the whole storyline to Hart. They go to Summer Rae talking about giving Layla milk. Layla came back with kitty litter and milk. Summer Rae out to the ring in red. The Exotic Express dances out with Rose as JBL talks about the rabbit needing to be put down. Hart said he didn't know what was going on back there with the Exotic Express. Hart can't get the stupid song out of his head.

The fans sing the Rose song as they lock up. Fandango into a corner. Clean break. Hart is still on about Fandango's pants. Layla tags in, attacks Rose, so Summer Rae in and on Layla. Layla pushes Summer Rae down, then flees to tag out. Summer Rae is pissed and takes off after Layla who runs up the ramp and out. Rose hits party foul for the three.

Winners – Rose & Summer Rae (1:25)

Hart decides he needs to get in on this party, so he heads for the ring as JBL yells at him to not touch the bunny because he has his premier on Friday! Hart into the ring dancing, really badly, with Rose skipping around him. Rose points and Hart is excited to fall back onto the rosebuds. They hold hands, and both fall back onto the rosebuds and they're carried around. JBL yells about Hart getting fleas now.

JBL – I hate bunnies!


MITBLM Qualifying Battle Royal

All of them in the ring, except Reigns who comes out to his own music, through the stands, as always.

Sandow in the middle dressed as LeBron James and tossed out first.

Eliminated – Sandow

Fighting all over the ring. Santino trying to throw Axel out. Rusev on Reigns, but Reigns fights back. Santino tossed out. Bo almost eliminated, but stays in. Los Matadores on Rusev, and getting far until taking shoulder blocks in a corner.

Eliminated – Los Matadores & Santino

Big E on Barrett, almost getting him out of the ring. Ziggler eliminates Woods. Barrett on Big E, but he's on the mat. Upper cut from O'Neil on Reigns. RybAxel on Big E, working together. O'Neil still on Reigns in the center of the ring. Ziggler on the corner and then apron. O'Neil tossed by Reigns.

Eliminated – Woods & O'Neil

Sin Cara manages to stay on the apron, tries to fly, is caught by Swagger. Swagger with a slingshot on Sin Cara to eliminate him. Kofi with a sleeper on Ryback. Ziggler up and over, but on the apron and back in. Big E on Axel, trying to force him out. Then Kofi and Bo on Axel trying to get him out. Swagger over and on Kofi. Big E has Barrett almost over. Reigns has Bo up high and he screams like a little girl. Kofi over the top, skins the cat, grabs Swagger by his ankles, but Swagger is able to stay in. Kofi bounces off the ropes and onto Swagger, managing to struggle him over and out.

Eliminated – Sin Cara & Swagger


Ryback eliminates both Kofi and Ziggler.

Eliminated – Kofi & Ziggler

Ryback on RVD, but then on Reigns. Axel on Bo, whipping him into a corner, and Bo hits the mat. Axel and Ryback work together on Reigns. Axel eats an elbow, Ryback a foot. Samoan drop on Barrett. Rusev misses and a superman punch on Rusev. More of Reigns on Ryback, but then Fandango gets involved. Fandango over, but on the apron and stays involved. "Let's go Axel!" from about three guys. Double spear to RybAxel. Fandango knocked off, then Reigns eliminates Ryback, followed quickly by Axel.

Eliminated – Fandango & RybAxel

RVD on Barrett, but then Bo grabs RVD. RVD fights back on Bo, but then RVD eats a big boot. They are all tired and a number of bodies on the mat. Barrett holds RVD for Bo to punch. RVD whipped, but moves and Bo eats corner. RVD on Bo, then a thrust kick on Barrett. RVD on Barrett, and Bo attacks from behind and eliminates RVD. Barrett comes back with a sick clothesline on Bo and tosses him, but Bo hangs on and back in. Big E tries to eliminate Rusev. Barrett eliminated.

Eliminated – RVD & Barrett

Bo eliminates Big E over Rusev. Reigns then tosses Bo out.

Eliminated – Big E & Bo

Rusev almost takes Reigns' head off with a kick. Splash on Reigns in a corner, but Reigns comes back with a splash and elevates Rusev over the top rope. Rusev holds on, leaning way back. Reigns on Rusev, and he's holding on by one hand, but still there. Superman punch and Rusev off the apron to be eliminated.

Winner – Reigns (17:10)

Reigns celebrates in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match, especially the superman punch to knock Rusev off the apron to win. They show the pic of who is in the MITBLM, minus the one empty slot – either Kane or Cena. Reigns with his fist clenched, looking up at the belts hanging over the ring.

Backstage Segment

Renee – John, you've just witnessed Reigns winning the Battle Royal, what's your reaction to that? Also, what's your reaction to your upcoming Stretcher Match?

Cena – Roman Reigns earns a spot in the MITBLM for the WWE WHC. Roman wasn't even supposed to be in that match. We just saw the impossible, and I dig that when the impossible is possible, every which way but loose, because in Monday Night Raw, anything can happen. Take me for example. The Authority needs my help. They need a Stretcher Match, and Kane doesn't have an opponent. So they call on me to lend a helping hand. The Authority, I'd love to lend you a hand. Renee, take a close look at this helping hand, because there's an important message right in the middle of it. Let's decode it, shall we? (The thumb comes in.) We need to get Steph another cup of coffee, because I haven't seen Vickie look that good in years. (Pinky in.) Second, I'm going to help the city of Cleveland. As they watch Trip eat a steaming sandwich of his own crap when I help Kane of of this arena in a stretcher. (The ring finger went down somewhere in there.) Finally, (the middle finger goes down and Cena is pointing) help myself to the WWE WHC at the MITBLM, because that's what's best for business! Ha-ha!


Cameron vs Paige

Dactyls out in new black and white ring gear, looking great! They dance out to the ring. Paige out to face Cameron.

Paige and am talk smack, but then Paige takes Cameron down quickly for one. Paige flings Paige by her hair, then into the ropes to knees to the boob. Paige back in from the apron to get two fir it.

Paige backs Cameron into a corner and flings elbows. The ref gets Paige off and Cameron flees. Back into the ring and Cameron apologizes for slapping Paige earlier. She wants to shake, but when hand in hand, Cameron attacks. Cameron out and slaps Paige through the ropes. Cameron all over Paige with blows, and screeching. Naomi doesn't look happy with the way Cameron is acting. Cameron is flung and Cameron again tries to apologize, then attacks Paige. Paige on Cameron with sick short clotheslines. Lovely drop kick on Cameron, then Paige sets Cameron up and locks on the PTO. Cameron has to tap out.

Winner – Paige (3:12)

Paige celebrates on the apron.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the issues withing The Brotherhood. Video of The Brotherhood losing at Payback, Cody taking shellshocked. Cody said Goldust needed a better partner than him.

Backstage Segment

Byron – Please welcome my guest at this time, Goldust.

Goldust (in and right up in Byron's face, then says quietly) – What's up Byron?

Byron – Goldust, last week Cody promised to find him a partner that matched his star power, whose brilliance would magnify the magnificence of Goldust, and from what I understand, you've now met this partner. What do you think?

Goldust – I have met him, and he is supper galactic. (sucking in) Oh, it's going to be hot! (huff)


WWE Rewind

Goldust tagging with R-Truth last week on RAW, and they lost to RybAxel. After the match Cody said he has the perfect person to tag with Goldust.

Goldust & Stardust vs RybAxel

RybAxel in the ring, waiting. Goldust out to the stage, and waiting for his partner. Stardust comes out looking quite creepy in a Goldust like outfit, gold face paint, but with a black star in the palm of his hands, when together (AJ Styles-esque), and a black star over his eyes and onto his cheeks, what appears to be red contacts, looking too much like a maniacal Batman character. Cody does a great job of trying to mimic his brother as Goldust.

The bell rings and Stardust and Goldust attack RybAxel from behind. Stardust on Axel, landing shoulders over the apron, then a slingshot over the top onto Axel. "Let's go Axel!" from the same small group of guys. Stardust poses, then on Axel with a strange over his head back kick. Then Cody comes off the corner in another strange move on Axel for three.

Winners – The Brotherhood (0:58)

The Brotherhood poses for the fans and celebrate. Stardust really works this new character, and Goldust steps back a bit and lets him work it.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Special Olympics USA, and the games in New Jersey. They show video from the opening ceremony and opening weekend. Many big names are there, Steph, Big Show, and actors and actresses, and more. After the video they show the logo on the ramp, but it looks odd with the ambulance parked just to the right of it.



Recap of Reigns winning the Battle Royal.

MITBLM Qualifying Stretcher Match – Cena vs Kane

Cena to the ring. Fire erupts and out comes Kane. Kane calls fire from all four.

Cena on Kane with blows. Cena whipped and hits the mat. Kane stomps Cena. Dueling Cena chants as he stands and falls down. Cena rolls out, so Kane out after him. Kane on Cena with blows. Kane puts Cena on the stretcher and starts pushing. Cena kicks Kane in the gut, gets off, and slams it into Kane's gut. Cena backs up and really slams the stretcher into Kane's gut. Kane sends Cena into the stairs, but Cena runs at them, then drops down to shoulder them, making it look worse than fake. Cena eats the post. Cena blocks Kane trying to bounce his head off the next set of stairs. Kane ends up eating the stairs. Kane takes Cena down and back in control. Cena back on the stretcher and Kane rolls it, but Cena rolls off it.


Kane grabs a chair from over by announce, then drives the top into Cena's gut. The flat of the chair across Cena's back. Cena rolled into the ring, and Kane in, but Cena reverses a whip. Both are down and take the time to regroup. Cena climbs, flies, but caught by Kane and chokeslamed. Kane out of the ring, splits the moved stairs, and sends the small top half into the ring. Cole talks about how Cena is hurt, and could be hurt bad. Kane in and lifts the stairs. Cena with a low drop kick to Kane's knee. Kane falls and his face bounces off the enter V of the stairs. Cena lifts Kane, but Kane gets free and lands a DDT on the stairs and both are down. "This Is Awesome!" chants.

Both of them from the ring, and Cena on the stretcher. Kane rolls the stretcher, but then Cena rolls off. Super Cena is up, throwing punches, bounces Kane off the post. Kane reverses and Cena shoulder/back first into the barricade. Kane takes everything dangerous off announce. Kane grabs Cena, but Cena lifts Kane and lands an AA, through announce. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from a number of fans. Cena lifts Kane over his shoulders and carries Kane to the stretcher. Kane rolls off the stretcher. Cena again has to lift Kane onto the stretcher.

Rollins is there attacking Cena. Orton is also out there. They get Cena into the ring. RKO on Cena. Rollins out to grab a chair. Orton holds Cena, and Rollins sets up. Ambrose spears Rollins. Ambrose tosses Orton from the ring and back on Rollins. Kane in and chokeslams Ambrose! Cena lifts the stairs and throws them out of the ring at Kane. Kane gets his arms up to protect his head/face, and sold it really well. Cena gets Kane on the stretcher and slowly pushes Kane up the ramp. A few feet from the finish line and Kane off the stretcher. Kane wants a chokeslam, but Cena reverses into an AA on the stretcher and pushes Kane across the line for the win.

Winner – Cena (16:47)

Cena on his knees at the top of the ramp, looking at the belts hanging over the ring. He seems to be unable to stand, but then his music comes around to where he usually poses, and he bounces up to pose. Cena talks to the camera, says he's Mr. MITB.

Biggest Pop
Reigns winning
The Wyatt Family
Adam Rose's music

Biggest Heat
The Authority

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