RAW Results 11/18/13 – Booyaka! Booyaka! Rey Mysterio Is Back!


RAW Results November 18, 2013
From Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

The Authority is back, who's in trouble. They will start RAW at the top of the hour!

RAW Starts


Recap of Maddox, Vickie, Orton and Kane arguing over who was in charge last week. Big Show took out Orton during his match, and in the end, the good guys took out The Wyatt Family and The Shield.

Announce Segment

Florida Georgia Line will play live tonight. Big Show will face Axel. The main event will be a 12 Man Tag Match.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music and he comes out in his power suit, with Steph in her power suit hiding her lovely figure, but with a touch of an aqua top poking out from her black blazer. Video of Orton ditching his match last week, but then Big Show out to destroy him, including putting Orton through announce.

Trip – It is good to be back. Despite the accusation of our abuse of power, but last week shows how vital we are to this show. Without authority, true authority, chaos rules, and that's what you had last week on RAW, true chaos. I couldn't have been more disappointed in RAW last week. The people who have been avoiding us all day, Maddox and Vickie, they will be dealt with tonight. But...
Steph – The great news is that we are incredibly well rested. And we're back.
Trip – We are back.
Steph – And this Sunday is Survivor Series.
Trip – And...

Orton's music cuts them off, and doesn't take his normal sweet time to get to the ring. He stomps right out there.

Orton - You want to blame everybody else? You want to blame everybody else? That's fine, because I blame the both of you! You're the ones who didn't spell out who was supposed to be made in charge while you were gone!You didn't tell The Shield to watch my back while you were gone. You caved in and gave Big Show a Title shot. You're the ones I hold directly responsible for being chokeslamed through that announce table last week. I'm The face of the WWE. Not Big Show, Bryan, Cena, or Punk, it's me. I feel that you should be protecting your most valuable asset better than you are right now.
Trip – Like I tried to explain... (Steph with a hand on Trip's arm)
Steph – You know, you're probably right.
Orton – Probably? Probably right? I'm still all jacked up from going through that table, and won't be able to beat Big Show by myself at Survivor Series, so what are you going to do about that?
Trip (steps between Orton and Steph) – Who the hell do you think you're talking to?
Orton – I'm the WWE Champion and The face of the company.
Trip – What I think you mean to say Randy, is the face of our company.
Steph – That's right Randy, and I'll admit that there was confusion last week, despite of very clear orders.

Vickie – Excuse me? Excuse me?
Maddox – You're right Ms. McMahon, there was some confusion, but before, please let me say that I'm a man who likes to take responsibility for my actions. I'd like to say, last week was all Vickie's fault.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – Here's the thing. It doesn't matter who's fault it is, you've all got to pay tonight.
Steph – Our feeling is with the two of you, all the handicap matches you made last week, that you're desensitized to the physical toll it takes Superstars and Divas. Therefore tonight, the two of you will be competing in individual matches. Vickie, you will go one on one with AJ.
Trip – Brad, even though it was all Vickie's fault, you are going to have a match tonight. You're going to have a match right now. Dressed like you are. You're going to walk down to this ring and have a match with this man. With The Viper, Randy Orton. Brad, just to make it fair for you, I'll make it No DQ. That will do.

Maddox in s gray suit, purple shirt and black tie starts heading backstage, but Kane is there in his own lighter grad suit, white shirt and red tie. He stops Maddox with a hand holding the lapel of his suit and bringing him back to the stage.


No DQ Match – Maddox vs Orton

The bell rings and Maddox flees the ring. He's removed his jacket and tie, but that's it. Orton rushes Maddox who flees the ring again. Behind announce Maddox grabs a mic.

Maddox – Randy, we don't need to do this!

Orton chases Maddox and grabs him. Maddox hits Orton with the mic to the face. Maddox sends Orton into the post. JBL yells at Maddox to get on him. Into the ring a short DDT on Orton for two.

Orton grabs Maddox tosses him over the top and out. Outside Maddox over announce. Orton climbs over announce and drags Maddox with him. Maddox into the stairs, then into the post. Maddox onto the barricade and eats Orton's DDT. Orton grabs Maddox's shirt and rips it as he drags Maddox. Orton grabs the mic as the fans chant, "We want tables!"

Maddox rolled in, pinned down by Orton on top of Maddox, then he beats Maddox in the head with the mic, each punch echoes through the arena. Orton pulled off Maddox and the match is stopped.

Winner – Orton (3:57)

Video recap of the match. The ref is checking on Maddox who isn't moving on the mat. Orton poses for the fans, but doesn't get up on the corner the way he normally does.

Backstage Segment

Axel heading for the ring to defend. New shot ofbge heading for the ring.



Maddox removed from the ring and wheeled out on a stretcher. He's rolled by Vickie who's in shock.

IC Title Match – Curtis Axel (c) vs Big E

Big E to the ring. Axel to the ring to face him.

Big E takes Axel down, and holds on. Axel to the ropes and elbows Big E in the face. Blows to Big E. Axel runs the ropes under and over Big E into a shoulder for two. Back breaker for two. Back suplex on Axel for two. Axel leaves the ring to regroup. Big E out, follows Axel back in, Axel hides in the ropes. Axel tries to kick Big E, but eats a clothesline. Axel on Big E's shoulder, then flipped to the mat. Axel on the apron, hangs Big E up top. Forearm to Big E's back for two. Axel with another two.


Chinlock on Big E, but Big E slams Axel down. Shoulder block in a corner, but then Axel comes back with a huge drop kick on Big E for two. Axel pins for another two, then another. Front facelock on Big E on the mat. Big E powers up and throws Axel off. Big clotheslines to Axel, then a belly-to-belly. Big E splashes Axel for a long two.

Axel scooped up, but Axel free. Big E reverses and clotheslines Axel for three. Big ending for three and Big E is the new IC Champ!

Winner – Big E (8:54)

Big E with the belt, staring at it like it's the most amazing thing in the world, trying to pose on a corner, but can't take his eyes off that belt in his hands. Video recap of Big E's win. Big E leans back into the fans to revel in his first IC Title in the WWE.

Backstage Segment

Orton – Let's hope at Survivor Series that there's not a new WWE Champ. We have an understanding. You will have my back.
Reigns – That's what The Authority wants, that's what The Authority gets. But if we have your back, you're gonna have ours'.
Orton nods.


Divas Musical Chairs

All the Divas are in the ring. King announces that we're having musical chairs, and they're all in their country outfits. The music is by Florida Georgia Line. The music starts, but they all stand around and argue.

It's Nattie who is out first and Summer Rae taunts her.

Fox is then tossed out by Naomi.

More arguing and pushing than anything. JoJo pulls Rosa out of a chair, then they all start fighting. "Jerry!" chants. The Total Divas are left in the ring, including Nattie, but the rest are out.


Big Show vs Ryback

Big Show to the ring in his ring gear, now Big Show t-shirt over his singlet. Video of Big Show putting Orton through the announce table, then in slo-mo! Ryback out to face him. Ryback saunters out as if this match is nothing, laughing the whole way.

They lock up, Big Show pushed off. They lock up, Ryback pushed off to the mat. Rights and lefts in a corner on Ryback, then head butts! Chop to Ryback that drops him to his knees. Big Show says, "Stupid, huh?" Another chop to Ryback. Ryback runs into a shoulder block that drops him. Ryback rolls out. JBL says, "Bench presses don't fight back."

Ryback paces outside as the ref counts. Ryback back into the ring, a knee to Big Show, then more. Punches to Big Show's gut, Ryback runs the ropes into Big Show's shoulder. Another chop to Ryback's chest and he's hurting. A running shoulder to Big Show's thigh drops him. Kicks and forearms to a downed Big Show as the fans chant, "Goldberg!" at him. Ryback pins for two, then learns to fly.

Ryback splashes Big Show for two. Headlock on Big Show, then Ryback rips at Big Show's nose. More blows to Big Show while keeping the hold on. Big Show calls a move, then kicked down, and a lame DDT on Big Show for two.

Again, headlock on Big Show, a big chunk of snot hanging from Big Show's nose. Big Show up, side slams free. Big Show removes his bogie then gets to his feet. Big clotheslines to Ryback, then back slams him in the corner. Ryback actually manages a spinebuster on Big Show that looks decent, and gets two for it.

Big Show to his feet, but runs into Big Show's hand. Ryback counters with a knee to the gut. Ryback takes Big Show down with a clothesline. Ryback signals for his finisher. Ryback gets Big Show up! He doesn't march, but hits shellshocked! Big Show kicks out at two. The straps come down. Ryback pulls on Big Show trying to hit the move again. Big Show looks to be dead weight. Big Show to his feet, pushes Ryback off. Ryback off the ropes in the KO for three!

Winner – Big Show (8:00)

Big Show to his feet, trying to shake off the match. His music is playing, then Orton is in the ring rushing Big Show, but he takes a quick spear from Big Show! Again Big Show's music plays as he stares down Orton who clutches his ribs on the ramp. Video recap of Ryback's shellshocked, then Big Show's Kofi, and the spear on Orton. They continue to stare each other down.

Backstage Segment

Ryder talking to the band backstage. 3MB come in wearing their cowboy duds. They sing that they're the rhinestone cowboys!


Backstage Segment

Orton – Give me some ice! I don't understand. Where was The Shield? Where was The Shield? Where was The Authority? Where was The Shield? I thought we were on the same page, but I guess not! Give me another bag! F*^$ing $%^! Screw this! (ice bag flying) Screw this! (other ice bag flying) Get the hell out of here, leave me alone! I'm going to be out there by myself, I see how it is.

The Real Americans vs Kofi & Miz

Zeb gets everyone to say, "We, the people!" Kofi to the ring. Miz out to join him.

Miz and Cesaro lock up, Miz slammed back. Miz flips Cesaro arm and lands him on the mat. Miz reverses a whip and clotheslines Cesaro in a corner. Miz up top with a double ax handle for two. Cesaro runs the ropes under and over Miz, but catches Miz in the air and slams him hard. Miz tossed out of the ring. Swagger tags in and clotheslines Miz outside. Miz sent in, Swagger follows for two.

Shoulder blocks to Miz in the heel corner, then Cesaro takes Miz down illegally. Cesaro tags in and bounces over Swagger to land double feet on Miz's gut for two. Miz fights back with punches, but is punched down in the heel corner. Swagger tags in and Miz eats double elbows for two.

Arm bar on Miz on the mat. Miz up, flipped back, lands on his feet, but then Kofi with a blind tag slingshots in on Swagger, then drop kicks on Swagger, followed by a clothesline and a boom drop! The fans are briefly hot for Kofi. Cesaro taken off the apron by Kofi, then Kofi flies, but caught by Swagger and slammed for two. Kofi counters on Swagger in a huge way and both are down. Miz reaching for the tag, but then pulls his hand back little bits by little bits, then finally drops down to let Kofi get dragged back into the center of the ring and take the patriot lockuntil he taps out.

Winners – The Real Americans (4:45)

Video of Miz's short arm on Kofi and Kofi having to tap out. The Real Americans celebrate in the ring with Zeb.

Backstage Segment

Vickie slams on the trainer's door, screams for help, then crumbles to the floor. He comes out and can't get any response from Vickie.


Backstage Segment

Video of Vickie faking it with the trainer.
Steph – What happened? Look, Vickie, she looks dehydrated, unconscious, with everything that's happened in the past week, you need to take her straight to the hospital...
Doc – I don't know what they'll do for her, she has normal blood pressure, normal pulse...
Steph – Right after you take her to the ring, because she's got a match. I don't care how much she protests, wheel her out there.
Vickie – No Steph, no!

Vickie vs AJ

Cole is cackling on announce at Vickie. They wheel Vickie out, up onto the stage, then down the ramp as she's screaming the whole way. JBL says it's traumatic for people to have to listen to Vickie scream that way. AJ skips out, Tamina in tow. They unstrap Vickie, then lift the side of the back board and roll Vickie into the ring. Vickie looks at AJ and faints again. "AJ!" chants as the ref checks on Vickie. Ref calls for water for Vickie as AJ sits in the ropes waiting. Vickie takes the water and puts some on her face, and drinks some.

The bell rings, Vickie flees the ring into Tamina. Vickie faints again. Vickie crawls up Tamina, uses Tamina's hand to fan herself, then pushes Tamina toward the ring and tries to sneak off. AJ grabs Vickie by the hair and sends her into the ring. AJ crawls into the ring the way she does. AJ helps fan Vickie, holds Vickie's hand, then locks on the black widow. Vickie taps out on AJ's ass.

Winner – AJ (1:31)

AJ skips away with Tamina in tow. Vickie is still fanning herself, then faints again with the ref beside the ring.

Backstage Segment

Trip (with Sandow & Ziggler)– I know you two have had your issues in the past, but we're going to resolve them in an entertaining way. Since it's RAW Country, on Broadway, we're going to have a Broadway Brawl. What's that mean? I don't even know at this point, but you'll make it entertaining. Look at it as an opportunity to go out there and make some music together. Good luck.


Broadway Brawl – Ziggler vs Sandow

Ziggler to the ring that's full of musical instruments. JBL talks about Kaufman still being alive. Sandow stomps out looking pissed and focused.

Cole asks that the country references be brought to the recent years. Ziggler tossed out and Sandow grabs a guitar. He drops it outside and sends Ziggler into the stairs. Sandow with the guitar swings, but Ziggler ducks and Sandow hits stairs. Ziggler launches off the stairs onto Sandow. Back in and Sandow uses a music stand on Ziggler. Ziggler eats corner, then elbows to the back of the neck. Sandow grabs a guitar, but is kicked by Ziggler. Ziggler with blows, but Sandow with a kick. Drop kick on Sandow who is knocked from the ring. Cole says, "Sandow seeing stars." JBL, "George Jones just rolled over." The country comments continue from all three.

Ziggler climbs, but tossed off into the organ for two. Sandow stomps Ziggler.


Head butts to Ziggler on the mat. Sandow grabs a chair and slams the top of it on Ziggler's back a couple times. Sandow then wedges the chair into the corner. Ziggler grabs Sandow for two. Blows from Ziggler, then pulls Sandow's legs out form under him, more blows. Sandow with a guitar on Ziggler, the fiddle Ziggler had in hand goes flying. Sandow gets two for it.

Ziggler stops himself from eating the chair in the corner, and comes back with a big DDT on Sandow. The bad country comments continue as Ziggler pins Sandow for two. Ziggler with the fiddle, breaks it on Sandow's side, then the famouser for a long two. Announce has broken down to bad singing and laughter.

Ziggler on Sandow, thrown off, then again. Ziggler then eats the chair in the corner. King, "That must be one of them musical chairs!" Sandow gets two for it. Sandow pulls Ziggler up, sends him into the cello in the corner. Sandow with yet another guitar and on Ziggler with it for another two. Sandow didn't break this guitar, sets up, rushes Ziggler, but ends up shoulder first to the post. Ziggler rolls Sandow up for two.

Snare drum onto Sandow's head! Ziggler with the bass drum over Sandow's head! Ziggler with an acoustic guitar to Sandow, then leans on the drum's side to get the pinfall on Sandow.

Winner – Ziggler (10:50)

JBL, "Hit him with a cymbal, it's symbolic!" Video recap of the match. Ziggler fakes playing one of the guitars while showing off in the ring.


Recap of Orton's tantrum in Trip's face to start the show.

Backstage Segment

Orton – What's going on? Is this some kind of sick joke? Where were you? Where were you? Where was The Shield? As WWE Champ, I should have respect. I gotta know, no, I demand to know. Hunter, Stephanie, do I have your confidence as The face of the WWE?
Steph – It's funny Randy, we were just talking about that. We need to think about it.

Backstage Segment

Cena talking to the band. He welcomes them to the show, and apologizes for 3MB.


In Ring Segment

Cena's music and he heads out, arm in a sling, belt around his waist. He doesn't get anything unusual from the fans, so simply salutes and says, "Here we go." and heads to the ring. Cena starts up the stairs, stops, grabs the shirt there, and gives it to a little boy ringside who might possibly be a Make A Wish child.

Cena – Thank you for that wonderful reception, I needed it. I have an added piece to my wardrobe tonight, because of what I went through on RAW.

Video recap of ADR's attack on Cena's arm after his match on RAW last week.

Cena – As WHC, I didn't want to give up, so I showed up on Smackdown and this happened.

Video of ADR's cheap shot during their arm wrestling match, putting Cena through the table.

Cena – I've had to watch that footage everyday, so I haven't been in the best of moods, that's why I thank you for your excitement tonight. (pop & mixed) It's energy and the WWE 'Universe' that made me want to come back as fast as I could after my torn triceps, because I want to be here in front of you! Now I sit here with my arm in a sling and think I might have come back too soon. That I might have pushed too hard, trying to be some sort of superhero. I asked myself, maybe I shouldn't even be WHC, then I look around at the excitement and atmosphere, and I think damn right I should be WHC! (pop) Because a Champ is made of things like toughness, determination and resolve, not cheap tricks like ADR! I am not out here saying ADR has no heart, but I'm out here saying that in six days he does not know who he steps in the ring with. (pop) my name is John Cena and in six days I have the privilege of performing in front of my father and mother, in front of my brothers, and in front of their families. There is a certain amount of excellence that comes with being the WHC. I'm banged up, but we know pain is temporary, pride is forever, so in six days when Survivor Series is done, I will hold this and say loud, proud and clear, the Champ is here!

ADR's music and he comes out to the stage.
ADR – Cena, what an amazing speech! We have a real super hero in the house. Cena, you're so good, that you almost made me cry.
Cena – That's great, because Sunday, I'm gonna make you tap.
ADR – Cena, you say you're going to hold that Title up this Sunday. Why don't you show me, show them you can hold that Title up right now. Hey, use your other hand, the one with the sling, of course, because I'm sure you can do it, right Juanito?
Cena - ADR, all you have to worry about is I'll be ready come Sunday.
ADR – I know you'll be ready, yeah, yeah, yeah, you'll be ready to be humiliated, embarrassed, in front of your friends, your family. In front of Mommy. In front of Poppy. John, a real Champion takes advantage of every opportunity. (ADR onto the apron and in) In this moment I see a great opportunity in front of me.
Cena – Hold on ADR, wait a second, you're right. A real Champion does take advantage of every opportunity.

Cena throws off his sling and attacks ADR with punches and kicks. ADR up for the AA, but he grabs the ropes and gets free. Cena ready to go in the ring, ADR on the apron yelling back at Cena in Spanish. Off comes ADR's shirt, but be doesn't head for the ring.


WWE Rewind

The Union Jacks faced Los Matadores.

The Rhinestone Cowboys vs R-Truth Xavier Woods

Last week The Union Jacks, this week The Rhinestone Cowboys. R-Truth and Xavier Woods to the ring together, R-Truth singing the whole way – new words, all directed at Rhinestone Cowgirls.

R-Truth and Mahal lock up. R-Truth to the ropes, dances, hits a hard right. Xavier tags in lands a drop kick. Blows to Mahal, under Mahal twice, then head scissors. McIntyre with a blind tag, but Xavier saw it and took McIntyre down. McIntyre comes back, takes Xavier down with blows in the heel corner. Mahal tags in and they double slingshot suplex Xavier for two.

McIntyre tags in and stomps Xavier's face. Arm bar on Xavier, but he's free and between McIntyre's legs. R-Truth all over McIntyre, throws a "What's up?" Xavier takes Slater off the apron. McIntyre taken down. Xavier tags hits the honor roll, then lost in the woods for three. (during the match JBL talked about the two degrees Xavier has, and how he's going for his masters in education)

Winners – R-Truth & Xavier Woods (3:26)

R-Truth and Xavier dance in the ring. Video recap of the match

Backstage Segment

Steph – We've been thinking, and we absolutely have confidence in you as The face of the WWE.
Orton – That's why at Survivor Series, there will be no The Shield, no interference, no help. If you have the confidence in yourself as The face of the WWE, like we do. When you beat Big Show, then everyone will know, because you've proven to be, and are The face of the WWE.
Orton (right up in Trip's face) – I'll show you confidence.



Setting up for WrestleMania in New Orleans. The pre-sale event. Sheamus is there, as is Kaitlyn. Rey, Hardy, Jimmy Hart, Mayor of New Orleans. There's fans from all over the world to buy tickets at this event.

Florida Georgia Line

They sing their Survivor Series song, with pyro to start and end the song.

In Ring Segment

Bryan to the ring to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" wearing his new goat t-shirt. Punk out to join him, black Punk hoodie.


WWE Slam of the Week

The Wyatt Family and The Shield surrounds Bryan and Punk in the ring, but Usos and Rhodes came to their defense at the end of RAW last week.

12 Man Tag Team Match

Usos in the ring in their new shirts! Cody and Goldust are also in the ring to round out their six. The Shield through the stands and to the ring. The Wyatt Family's entrance to the ring to round out the heel team. "CM Punk!" chants as the heel stand on the opposite ends of the ring. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants.

Ambrose and Jimmy start with an,"Us-O!" chant from the fans. Ambrose takes Jimmy down, then Jimmy returns it. Jey tags in, but takes a back elbow from Ambrose. Reigns tags in, the cousins lock up, and Jey with blows on Reigns. More blows in a corner, but Reigns comes back with blows. Jey etas a corner, then a head butt. Jey with another blow, then Reigns in the face corner. Cody tags in. Goldust tags in and they double team Reigns for one.

Goldust into the heel corner and Rollins tags in. "Goldust!" chants. Body drop on Rollins, then an upper cut. Inverted atomic drop, then Goldust on Rollins for two. Jey tags in dances, kicks Rollins in the gut, but then eats a rough back elbow that knocks Jey from the ring. Harper steals the tag and goes out on Jey, but Rollins gets in Harper's face and the two teams argue outside the ring.


Rollins across a corner taking blows from Goldust, nine, then a huff, followed by a kick to round it out. Goldust only gets two for it. Hammer lock on Rollins as the heels discuss tagging. Cody tags in with blows on Rollins. Punches to Rollins in a corner. "CM Punk!" chants. Rollins whipped, Cody over the top for two. Rollins counters, and Cody's head hits the corner hard. Ambrose tags in with blows on Cody. Ambrose with an elbow drop on Cody for two.

Reigns tags in and chokes Cody on a second rope. The announcers talk about all The Shield has done in their breakout year. Rollins tags in with an elbow on Cody for two. Rollins with a modified sleeper on Cody on the mat. Cody up, but slammed back to the mat. Rollins taunts Goldust, then grabs Cody and tags Reigns. They wishbone Cody's legs. Cody takes blows from Reigns, and Ambrose tags in work over Cody. Ambrose stomps Cody for two.

Ambrose works Cody's hand, then chokes with a foot, keeping Cody in their corner. More blows on Cody, then he's whipped and dropped. Ambrose pulls Cody up, lands a lovely snap suplex on Cody for two.

Rollins tags in and Harper is not happy. Cody fights back with blows and head butts, blocks a suplex, lifts Rollins and slams him face first to the mat. The fans are hot for Cody to tag out. Harper takes the tag and the argument ensues. Harper with a cheap hit on Goldust, but Cody comes back with a disaster kick. Bryan gets the tag with a missile drop kick, then takes out Rowan. Drop toe hold drops Harper into the corner. Rollins in and suplexed on his head – badly. Harper grabs Bryan and powerbombs him to the mat, Usos break the count!

Bray tags in and all over Bryan on the mat. "CM Punk!" chants. Bray yells at The Shield, "Why don't you trust me?" Bray pulls Bryan to his feet, stares at The Shield holding Bryan. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bray tags in Reigns who punches Bryan. Another blow to Bryan, then Ambrose tags in with blows on Bryan. Ambrose tags Rowan in. Rowan with blows on Bryan. Rowan lifts Bryan and slams him hard. Bryan screams and holds his back. Rowan wrenches on Bryan's head on the mat. Bryan up with blows, but Rowan takes him down hard again. Ambrose tags in and on Bryan. Ambrose stomps on Bryan over and over then locks on a hold that does nothing to Bryan. Bryan up, but a knee to the gut. Bryan fights back with a knee of his own. Both men down, then the heels rush the ring to knock the faces off the apron. Bryan left on the mat, and Bray is cackling!


Rollins holds Bryan for Rowan to stomp him. Reigns tags in, pulls Bryan up, then a forearm to his upper back drops him. Reigns pulls Bryan up into a front facelock. Bryan with blows, reverses into a lovely DDT, and both men are down! The fans are hot, and Punk tags in. Punk all over every heel he can reach including Ambrose who is legal. A neck breaker and DDT on Ambrose and Rollins together. 'Vintage' knees on Ambrose and Rollins. Clotheslines to Rollins and Ambrose! Punk hits his Savage elbow on Ambrose, calls for his finisher, but Bray steps in. Punk kicks him in the head. Punk with the anaconda vice, but Harper and Rowan on Punk. The Usos break it up. Usos fly out on Rowan and Harper! Ambrose up again, but elbows free and takes Punk down, but Goldust breaks it up. Reigns spears Goldust! Cross Rhodes on Reigns. Disaster kick missed and Rollins slams Cody into the corner. Bryan in and flies out. Ambrose back up, GTS and it's over!

Winners – Bryan, Punk, Usos, Cody & Goldust (24:15)

The Real Americans are in the ring attacking the faces. But then, wait, it's Rey Mysterio! Head scissors on Cesaro, then on Rollins sending them both out of the ring. The Rey on Swagger, set up, and Harper set up, and double 619! GTS on Harper, followed by a running knee! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with Bryan, Punk and Rey in the ring. Cody and Goldust join them, then the Usos!

Biggest Pop
Rey Mysterio

Most Heat
The Authority

Most Mixed
Cena (though he got more pop than usual)

Biggest Reaction
Issues between The Shield & The Wyatt Family

Most Surprising Moment
Maddox gets cheered

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