RAW Results 1/20/14 - Feel The Power of The Ultimate Cena!


RAW Results January 20, 2014
From Wright State University’s Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Batista is back tonight! The Authority returns to deal with Orton, Brock and Cena, all here tonight with issues!

RAW Starts


Keep the dream alive! A lovely Martin Luther King Jr. video to start the show.

In Ring Segment

Steph and Trip in the ring in their power suits.

Steph – Welcome to Monday Night RAW!
Trip – Sunday marks the Road to WrestleMania! 30 men will step into this ring with an opportunity of a lifetime. One man will walk out with a guaranteed shot at the WWE WHC and main event WrestleMania. It's my distinct honor to welcome back one of those 30. He's been a friend and foe, in many ways we've evolved together. Welcome back a former member of Evo...

Orton's music hits and he stomps to the ring.

Orton – I'm going to get right to it. (heat) Who in the hell do you two think you are?

Steph – Who in the hell do you think you are? As Hunter said, this Sunday is Royal Rumble, and ten days ago we announced the launch of the WWE Network. Never before have there been so many eyes on the WWE. What did all those eyes see on RAW after you lost your match to Kofi? What did you do? Let's take a look at the footage.

Video of Kofi pinning Orton, then Orton tweaked out and attacked Cena Sr. ringside. Cena out to his father's rescue, made sure he got the medical help he needed. Cena was taken out in an ambulance with Cena by his side.

Steph – After you lost your match to Kofi, you attacked a helpless old man whose back was turned while he was sitting at ringside. You viciously brutalized him, and unbecoming of the WWE WHC! That might have flown in the past, but it's a new era, new regime, new Authority. If you cannot abide by that authority then you won't have to worry about defending your WWE WHC anymore. In fact, you won't have to worry about being part of the WWE roster.

Orton – Naw, naw, no! No! No! No! This is because of you, and you! You ever think that I wouldn't have this aggression if you hadn't put me in an unnecessary, ridiculous rematch with Cena? What does your husband do to reward me? He brings back The Beast Brock Lesnar. Nice, then he brings back Batista. Batista of all people. Only God knows what his true ambitions are. You have a problem about how my ambitions looked. Steph, there wouldn't be a network without me! (Batista! Chant) Tell me Steph, tell me Hunter, how am I supposed to react to the blatant disrespect. Don't answer that, if I can go back, I wouldn't change a thing!

Trip – Let me just tell you what is going to change around here. You're going to take the bass out of your voice real fast. You want to know why you're the WWE WHC right now? You want to know why we made you the face of the WWE right now? Because we believe in you. Through all your faults, you're the complete package. You have the goods to walk through it in a way becoming of a WWE Champion. We have that faith, but you've lost that faith in yourself, and that's let you make unreasonable, unrational decisions. (sic) To do things you wouldn't normally do, like lost to Kofi. There's no shame in losing to Kofi, but I'd expect you to rise up and make it right, but that's not what you do. You walk over there and punch a defenseless old man in the face to try to hide your shortcomings. Sure, Cena is standing in your way, but you can walk through him. And sure, Brock Lesnar is standing there, breathing down your neck to take your Championship, and Batista is behind him. And if I was a betting man, I'd bet Batista would be looking your way. What you need to do Randy is to rise up, to be a man! You can fix what is broken, and you need to do it in short order, Randy! You need tonight to fix a lot of things, and I'm going to give you that opportunity. Because tonight you're going to face Kofi again. You're going to get the opportunity to make it right, Randy. When that's done – put it up on the tron! That should look reasonably familiar to you. There's one way into this arena, and where Cena will come in tonight. There's a camera there so you know, as the world knows, when Cena arrives, and you can step into this ring, or wherever you want to do it, and make it right. Randy, you will do all these things – alone.

Batista's music hits and out comes The Animal! He's in jeans, a white long sleeved shirt with red stripes down the sleeves, and white sneakers with red soles to round out the look – but don't forget the aviators. Music, pyro, and everything before heading to the ring. Batista poses on the corners as Orton paces the ring, holding both belts lose on his shoulders. Batista unzips his shirt to show off his chest, Abs and belly button tattoo to all who have missed seeing them. Batista to the fourth corner and more posing for the fans. Orton glares up at Batista on the corner. "Batista!" chants fill the arena when his music ends. Batista onto his knees, and kisses the mat in a lovely moment. Hugs and kisses to Steph, hugs to Trip. Steph and Trip leave the ring, and Batista with a mic, but Orton stays and watches Batista.

"Batista!" chants.

Orton continues to look at Batista through the chants, then steps up and puts out a hand. Heat from the fans.

Batista – Hello Randy. I understand you have a few questions about me return. Let me make this as simple as possibly, and let me explain to you why I'm back. (Batista points at the belts Orton holds.) So whether it's you, Cena or someone else, I don't care. I'm back to win the Royal Rumble Match on Sunday. I'm back to be WWE WHC. I'm back to headline WrestleMania, so deal with it.

Batista leaves Orton standing in the ring. Batista up the ramp slapping hands of little kids as he goes.

Back to the camera backstage, waiting for Cena to arrive. Also, Big E will tag with The Brotherhood to take on The Shield – next.


Big E & The Brotherhood vs The Shield

Big E, Cody and Goldust in in the ring. The Shield to the ring.

Ambrose on Big E in the ring, but then eats a shoulder block. Rollins tags in and Big E raises him high, then drops him. Goldust tags in, whips Rollins, then lands a body drop on him. Inverted atomic drop, then kick to the side of Rollins head for two.

Cody tags in and comes in off the top onto Rollins arm as Goldust holds it. Delayed vertical face slam on Rollins for two. Cody wit a hold on Rollins on the mat, keeps hold of Rollins' arm, and drops a knee on it. Goldust tags in, they double team Rollins, and Goldust gets two. Cody tags in, but Rollins fights back, taking Cody down in a corner and stomping him. Cody whipped, but then up and reverses on Rollins for two. Cody grabs Rollins' legs and kicks him as Rollins holds the top rope. Cody sets up, but Rollins rolls out. Cody flies out onto Rollins outside, but ends up taking a bit of the barricade with his head after landing.


Reigns takes Cody down on the mat. Ambrose tags in as Reigns gets Cody against the ropes. Ambrose with a drop kick on Cody for two, then Rollins tags in. Rollins on Cody with blows in a corner. The ref backs Rollins off, he comes back, but Cody moves and Rollins eats the top of the corner in a big way. Reigns tags in, then with a cap shot on Goldust. Cody, somehow, hits a disaster kick on Reigns who looks stunned! Ambrose and Big E both tag in. Big E with clotheslines, then a belly-to-belly. Reigns in, takes a clothesline out of the ring. Big E takes Ambrose down, then sets up, but Rollins in and tossed out. Goldust off the apron onto Rollins outside. Big E runs into Ambrose's big boot, but comes back with a belly-to-belly. Big splash on Ambrose, but Reigns breaks it up. Cody in with a disaster, but eats Reigns' punch. Goldust eats a spear, but a Big E clothesline stops Reigns. Big E takes a knee to the gut from Ambrose, then Rollins tags in. Rollins takes Big E down for three.

Winners – The Shield (10:51)

The Shield poses in the ring, then head out. Video recap of the high points of the match, focusing on Reigns' superman punch, then Rollins finisher. The Shield celebrates in the stands. Again they show Reigns' big punch on Cody, in slo-mo.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Usos escaping the cage to win the match last week, but then there was an altercation after the match. Video recap of what went down between Bryan and Bray last week to end RAW.


In Ring Segment

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan leads the chants on a corner. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan gets that giddy smile.

Bryan – And some people say I shouldn't be the face of this company. After RAW many people came up to me and asked if I had a plan joining The Wyatt Family.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – I think you already figured it out. To take down a man with a messiah complex, it's not enough to take him down physically, you have to take him down mentally. To do that, I had to do some things I'm not proud of. I had to keep some friends in the dark, and endure the indoctrination into the family. I had to stand side by side with three men I absolutely despise to wait for that one moment. That moment came last week in a steel cage when I got Bray Wyatt one on one! I know they're big fans of saying 'follow the buzzards' but Daniel Bryan doesn't follow anybody! Last week I became the buzzard and I chewed on the carcass of Bray Wyatt. You know Bray, you like to talk about fate, but the truth is, I exposed you. This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, I'm going to do the same thing. I just found out that Harper and Rowan will be in the Royal Rumble Match. That leaves Bray Wyatt to go one on one with me. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

The Wyatt Family's music. The lights go out, except a little light on Bryan, and a shadowy figure of Bray on the tron.

Bray – A man who is not willing to die for something, is not fit to live. Where I come from being a traitor is a sin of the highest order man. You didn't expose me Bryan, you only exposed yourself. For only a coward would use his free wings to fly back into the cage where he came from. These people! These people! These animals, oh how they rewarded you. They cheered for you as you battered me Bryan. Traitor. Hahaha. These sheep only look up to you Bryan, because they chose to kneel. Hahaha. What I want you to do now, I want you to go home and hug your mother, tell her you love her, tell her you're sorry. Everything that happens to you from here on is your fault. Hahaha!

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.


Fandango vs

Fandango and Summer Rae in the ring. Woods is ringside and R-Truth on announce.

Fandango on Woods with blows. Woods back with head scissors. Blows on Fandango's head, the last dropping him. Woods with a drop kick that barely made it as far as Fandango, but Fandango dropped and sold it. Fandango with a big suplex on Woods, then Fandango with his left leg drop for three.

Winner – Fandango (1:07)

#EMMAtaining is dancing in the audience with her sign. Fandango and Summer Rae back up the ramp as R-Truth and Woods watch them.

Backstage Segment

Maddox – I'm glad I thought of that!
Kane – Thought of what?
Maddox – Batista, it has to be the biggest return we've ever had on RAW, glad I thought of it.
Kane – Brad, both of us know that's not true. The caliber of Batista...

A door slams and Steph is there. She asks Maddox to leave, so he does.

Steph – Kane, what were you thinking when you chokeslamed Punk? It's bad enough Orton attacked Cena Sr., but you put you hands on Punk and chokeslamed him. We both knew that this was a risk, okay? We knew that you making this change was a risk, but you need to get a hold of yourself. You're management now, and it's leadership by example.

Kane – Steph, with all due respect.

Steph – Kane! You cannot put your hands on a WWE Superstar, even if they think we have a hidden agenda against him.

Kane – I understand. Completely. Right. I'm sorry.

Steph – I appreciate that, but I think in this case you need to do something bigger than apologize to me. You need to go apologize to Punk.

Kane – What? If anything Punk owes me an apology... (Kane trails off because of the stern look Steph gives him.) (off mic) Okay. (Kane leaves.)



Another lovely Martin Luther King Jr. tribute video.

In Ring Segment

Kane's music is playing, and he heads to the ring. He looks quite conflicted. Video recap of Punk not accepting Kane's words on Smackdown. Kane then said for the New Age Outlaws and The Shield to get Punk, but then Kane attacked Punk with a chokeslam.

Kane – CM Punk, I know you can hear me back there, so please come out here.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Punk's music hits, and out he comes in his ring gear, and Punk t-shirt. He looks at his watch, not kneeling, says, "It's apology time!" Lots of cheering for Punk as he gets into the ring. Punk is holding the mic as a weapon, to be safe.

Kane – As DOO, I overstepped my bounds and let my emotions get the best of me. It was wrong of me to take my anger out on you, and I did save you from being attacked by five other Superstars. Punk, I apologize for chokeslaming you on Smackdown.

Punk – I don't know if your mic is working, I didn't hear a thing you said. You want to use mine? What did you say? (smirk)

Kane – I said, I apologize! ("What?")

"One more time!" chants grow to fill the arena, and Kane looks pained

Punk – I don't need you to say it again, you apologized, it's cool. I'm sorry too.

Punk goes right after Kane with a punch, then forearms to his face. A running knee and Kane foes out through the ropes. Kane is yelling and screaming at Punk, off comes his blazer, but then a voice can be heard yelling.

Maddox – Kane stop! Kane stop! Kane stop! Since you can't control this situation, or yourself, I'm giving Punk what he wants, a fight. Not against Kane, but against one of these two Superstars.

New Age Outlaws music and out they come. Rock, paper, scissors to figure out who will face Punk.

Punk vs Bully Gunn

Road Dogg on announce.

Punk all over Billy in a corner, stomping him down. Dogg said that walking out garnered them a lot of attention, that's why they did it. Billy out, Punk after him. Punk all over Billy. Punk to Dogg, but Billy attacks Punk from behind and gains control.


Chops to Billy, then a sleeper, but Billy reverses into a suplex to get free. Billy gets two for it. Dogg is asked that if they got their TTC match because of their friendship with Trip. Dogg isn't impressed, he reminded that they beat The Brotherhood! Billy with control over Punk for two. Off comes Billy's shirt, a crotch chop, but then Punk on attack and Billy from the ring. Punk out, dives over announce onto Dogg! Punk beats him down, leaves him on the floor, then back into the ring to take Billy down with a heel kick, then clotheslines. Swinging neck breaker on Billy for two.

Dogg slowly to his feet. Billy in a corner, Punk with his high running knee. Dogg knocked from the apron, then Billy slams Punk to the mat for a long two. Billy splashes the corner, but Punk moves so Billy eats corner. Punk up, but Billy pulled from the ring. Punk flies out onto Dogg. Billy with a clothesline. Back into the ring Punk avoids the famouser, then hits GTS for three!

Winner – Punk (9:03)

Maddox – Congratulations Punk on your big victory.
Kane (grabs the mic on stage) – I got this Brad. Congratulations on your victory Punk, I see why you called yourself Best In The World. This Sunday at the Royal Rumble you can prove that to 29 other Superstars. Every number is drawn at random, except yours. CM Punk, you are the #1 entrant in this year's Royal Rumble Match!

Backstage Segment

Cole and JBL thinks Cena is coming in, but no, it's Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.



January 24, 1988 – The first Royal Rumble.
30 Superstars, one winner.
208,993lbs – the mass in the Royal Rumble Matches = 4 semi trucks, or 492 Big Shows
25 – Superstars from 25 countries.
39 - the number of HOFers in the Royal Rumble Match.
27 – Headlined 27 WrestleMania events.
3 – SCSA won the most Royal Rumble Match.
9 – The number of Superstars who have won in their Royal Rumble Match debut.
25 – Youngest winner – Brock Lesnar.
1 – The worst number, but has had the same amount of winners as the coveted #30 slot.
62% - Winners to win Championship at WrestleMania.

Announce Segment

King starts talking about Mae Young, and how she was one of the toughest competitors, male or female, to step into that ring. She will be missed. They then show a tear jerking video narrated by Steph who loved her so much. "Thank you Mae!" chants could be heard after the video ended.

In Ring Segment

Rey to the ring in black. Video recap of Rey pinning ADR on Smackdown. After the match ADR attacked Rey and locked on his finishing hold.


Rey vs ADR

They circle, side headlock on Rey. ADR and Rey discuss moves with heads down. ADR takes Rey down. They regroup, they circle. Side headlock on Rey. Rey with gut shots, but a shoulder block drops Rey. ADR kicks Rey in the ribs, then pins him for two. Rey fights back, drop kick to a sitting ADR's face. Rey hung up top, then ADR stomps him on the mat. ADR tries to land a drop kick on Rey, but through the ropes and is kicked in the face by Rey. Springboard moonsault off the second rope onto ADR. ADR landed on Rey and Rey was slow to his feet. Kicks to a sitting ADR in a corner. Rey runs and slides into ADR in what looked like a low blow, but the ref let it slide. Rey with blows on ADR, but then ends up hung up in the ropes and ADR stomps Rey's chest from about the second rope to the mat. ADR on Rey outside, Rey is selling. Rey rolled in, ADR climbs up top. ADR lands on Rey, sorta. ADR pins for two.

Chinlock on Rey on the mat. They replay the stomp on Rey, and King says he almost had to look away from that one. ADR with a rough looking tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Rey. ADR stomps Rey's face, then sets him up facing out in a corner to take a sick kick to the ribs, then stomped to the mat. Rey sent sliding out under the ropes.


Rey hung upside-down in a corner, and kicked. Rey free and to the bottom of the ramp to regroup. Rey's face bounced off the apron, then ADR side-bends Rey around the post. Rey fight back with blows. ADR whipped, but moves and Rey into the post. Rey hung up top again, ADR rushes him,but then ADR takes the post to the shoulder! Rey still sitting up top. He stand and dives, rolling in the air, taking ADR down hard. Both down and the ref counts to four. ADR taken down. Shoulder block on ADR through the ropes. Rey up top, seated senton! Rey rolls through a sunset, kicks ADR in the head for two.

ADR lifts Rey, but Rey reverses into head scissors, but 619 is caught by ADR. Rey with springs in his toes eats the corner. ADR with his sick kick to the head for two. ADR is pissed, sets up for his finisher, but Rey free. Rey on his shoulders, reverses into head scissors, 619! head dive off the corner, but ADR grabs the bottom rope before three. Rey up again, holding his arm, on ADR, but ADR counters. Cross arm breaker and Rey has to tap out.

Winner – ADR (14:49)

ADR poses, but then Batista's music hits. ADR smirks, then looks up the ramp at Batista coming out. Batista looks pissed as he heads to the ring. Up the stairs, off come the glasses and in. ADR yelling at Batista. ADR turns away, the turns back to attack Batista. Batista lands a terrible spinebuster. Thumbs up! Thumbs down! Batista bomb! Video recap of

Backstage Segment

Big Show is talking to someone backstage.



A third lovely video about Martin Luther King Jr.!

In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring in ring gear and his hoodie. Video recap of Big Show tossing Brock Lesnar like a doll.

Big Show – This Sunday at Royal Rumble, I'm in for one of the biggest fights of my life. How does Heyman say it? (In a squeaky old lady voice.) My client, Brock Lesnar, The Beast Incarnate. Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. (Back to his own voice.) Brock Lesnar is The Beast Incarnate, probably the most dangerous in the WWE now. That being said, I still don't like Brock Lesnar. (Heyman voice.) So Paul Heyman, says that my client will be here this Monday on RAW. (Big Show voice.) So, Brock Lesnar, let's not waste any time Brock, come get in my face and let's see what happens.

Heyman out to heat, then seethes a bit. But then Heyman smirks. "Walrus!" chants. Then Brock's music hits and out comes the cauliflower ears. Brock walks half way down the ramp, then slows a bit. He very slowly walks the rest of the way, Heyman in tow. Brock then laughs, blows off Big Show, turns and leaves. Brock and Heyman head up the ramp and out together.

Big Show – Maybe you didn't hear me Brock Lesnar, drag your ass out here and get in my face!

Brock comes back out, Heyman in tow again. Slowly down the ramp, but a tiny bit faster than the first time. Lots of smack being called from the fans. Brock crosses his arms at the end of the ramp. Big Show stares. Brock over to the stairs. King, "Come on in Brock, the water's fine." Brock up on the apron and in. Brock steps up, then looks way up to Big Show. Brock jumps at Big Show who flinches a tiny bit. Brock laughs.

Brock goes after Big Show like this is football, trying to tackle him around the lower waist. Big Show tosses Brock off like he's nothing! Brock steps at Big Show who jumps at him, Brock backs off. Big Show gets turned around in the corner, takes a couple shoulder blocks to the gut, but then Big Show lifts Brock around the waist and tosses him from the ring. Brock rolls over to the barricade behind JBL. Brock is pissed, knocks the shield off announce, sends JBL's hat flying in the process. The monitors go flying as well. Brock grabs a chair, slams it on announce a couple time, then starts sliding in with it ahead of him. Big Show steps on the chair, Brock backs from the ring, but then gets his feet tied up in the monitor and cable and falls flat on his ass beside announce!

Brock is seething! He throws a monitor into the ring at Big Show who easily avoids it. Heyman is advising Brock, Big Show is ready in the ring. Brock laughs as he walks around the ring. Big Show yells at Brock about not making it to Sunday, and to try him. Brock laughs, backs away up the ramp and yells at Big Show he'll see Big Show on Sunday! Brock walks out, Heyman still in tow. Video recap of Brock getting man handled by Big Show at every turn. Big Show didn't look at all impressed when that monitor was thrown at him.

Backstage Segment

Flash to the camera watching for Cena.


AJ & Tamina vs Dactyls

AJ skips out with Tamina in tow. Video from earlier when AJ was celebrating being the longest reigning Divas Champ of all time.
Barrett – But I'm afraid I've got some bad news. See, the reason that nobody showed up your party is because you are universally reviled, detested and loathed by every single Superstars and Diva on the roster.

Josh – Your reaction to Bad News Barrett saying that no one on the roster likes you?

AJ – Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! (Screaming and jumping, cake in hands. She tries to throw the cake in Josh's face, but he ducks and Tamina takes the cake full on.

In the ring Tamina still has cake on her shirt and vest, not looking thrilled about it all. Dactyls to the ring together.

Tamina takes Cameron down hard and stomps her. Cameron slammed to the mat, then reaches for Naomi, but grabbed by her hair and slammed in the heel corner. AJ tags in and takes Cameron down for two.

Headlock on Cameron. Cameron bum slams back, but then slammed back to the mat. To the heel corner and Tamina tags in. Cameron whipped, but gets her feet up, but not in Tamina's face, but Tamina sells. Naomi tags in and takes Tamina down. Back elbow off the second rope, then a drop kick on Tamina. A big boot from Tamina and Naomi is down. AJ tags in laughing. AJ skips around Naomi, then grabs at Naomi. Naomi rolls AJ up for three.

Winners – Dactyls (2:27)

AJ in tear on the mat, then screaming in frustration as the Dactyls back up the ramp and celebrate. AJ keeps screaming, and Tamina just stares.


Recap of Batista's return. JBL talks up Batista's ovation, and how it's nothing he's ever seen before. Batista talked down Orton, then left him in the ring.



700 – Over 700 Superstars have entered the Royal Rumble Match, only to be eliminated.
39 – HBK has eliminated 39 Superstars, the record.
37 – Kane has eliminated 37 Superstars himself.
11 – Most eliminated in on Royal Rumble Match 2001, by Kane!
455,107 – Fans who have watched the Royal Rumble Match live.
62:12 – Record time spent in a Royal Rumble Match, by Rey.
:02 – Shortest time in the Royal Rumble Match, by The Warlord.
:01 – Santino broke Warlord's record for shortest time in a Royal Rumble Match.

Announce Segment

They talk about Martin Luther King Jr., then go to another lovely video about him.

In Ring Segment

Usos to the ring in red and black.


Usos vs Harper & Rowan

The Wyatt Family are ringside when the lights come up.

Harper backs Jimmy to a corner, then on him with blows. Rowan tags in and keeps on Jimmy with blows. Jimmy tossed out of the ring. Harper over to chop him,but Jimmy ducks and his hand hits the post. Jey gets the tag and dives off the apron onto Harper, then on him with blows. Harper backed into the apron, then takes more blows. Into the ring they exchange blows, Jimmy takes the blind tag, then attacks Harper through the ropes. Jimmy takes Harper down for two, but Rowan breaks it up.

Rowan on Jimmy with big blows. Harper pins Jimmy for two. Double hand chop to Jimmy, then Rowan tags in. Rowan scoops Jimmy and slams him to the mat. Double fists squishing Jimmy's head. Jimmy to his feet, but slammed back to the mat. Double fists back on jmybut he's up again. Kicks to Rowan, then blows,but Jimmy taken down with a forearm to the face. Harper tags in and drops an elbow on Jimmy for two.

Jimmy whipped, but gets a foot up. Jimmy climbs, but pushed off and lands on the barricade.


Jey reaches, but Rowan with a blow to the back of Jimmy's head to keep him from his twin. Harper tags in and works the gator roll on Jimmy. Side headlock on Jimmy as Harper looks deranged. Jimmy up, elbows free, but is squished and falls into the ropes. Jimmy slingshotted up into the second rope. Bray stands and grabs a mic.

Bray – Is this not what you're here to see. Does this not do it for you. This is the type of punishment that awaits your hero Bryan. He walks to the Royal Rumble, facing a meat grinder. We are the meat grinders, and hell awaits him.

Jimmy off the top, takes out Harper. He gets to Jey and tags out. Clothesline to Rowan, then an upper cut on Harper. Samoan drop on Harper. Running bum slam to Harper in a corner, then Rowan taken out by Jimmy. Flying Uso on Rowan, but Harper cuts Jey off with a forearm through the ropes. Harper plants Jey on the mat hard for two.

Bray (off mic) – Finish him!

Bryan attacks Bray from behind, then takes it out on Rowan. Bryan back on Bray, and the distraction give Jey the chance he need to roll Harper up for three.

Winners – Usos (12:41)

Bryan and Usos on stage, leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans.


Kofi vs Orton

Kofi to the ring. Video recap of Kofi beating Orton last week. Orton out, slowly, to face him. Video recap of Orton's attack on Cena Sr. Orton watched up the ring, waiting for Cena.

Orton all over Kofi, takes him down for one. "Where are you John?" yells Orton. Kofi on Orton with blows, takes Orton down. Orton out, Kofi bounces his face off the barricade. Orton rolls in, Kofi in, Orton out the other side. Kofi out, takes a knee to the gut. Kofi bounced off announce. "We need a Spanish announce table," says JBL. Kofi bounced off announce again. Into the ring, Orton pins Kofi for two.

Orton whipped, Kofi splashes for two. Kofi ends up eating the bottom buckle. Orton waves his hand in front of his face and gets heat for it. Kofi on Orton with blows. Orton fight back and lands a lovely suplex on Kofi. "Where are ya?" yells Orton. Kofi with a backslide for two. Orton clotheslines Kofi for two.

Kofi on the apron, pulling himself up. Orton sets up, but Kofi in and hits SOS for a long two. Blow to Kofi's head, backs him into a corner.

Backstage Cena is running into the arena. Orton sees it on the tron. He watches and waits. Kofi grabs his leg, Kofi won't let go. Cena runs down next to the ramp. Orton tries to flee, but caught between Kofi, who blocks him, and Cena. Cena all over Orton with blows.

Winner – Orton vis DQ (5:08)

Orton tries to flee through the crowd. More blows on Orton, Cena and Orton climbs the stairs as Orton keeps trying to flee. Orton up for an AA, but elbows free, then flees. Orton continues to climb! They are way up there, Cena still punching on Orton who is trying to get away. Orton into a box. Cena has to work his way past a fan, then in. Cena checks on everyone in the box, then out. The fans scream for Cena as he heads through and out of the arena. Orton can be seen getting into someone's car. Into the front passenger seat of a car, and Cena is upset that he lost Orton. Cena slaps hands of fans, points and give the fans love through their chants as he heads back into the arena. At the top of the arena Cena stands there and his music plays. Cena signs for a little kid, then shakes hands and acknowledges kids on his way down. Cena into the ring, tosses more of his merch to the fans, and poses.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
Orton's Interruption
Heyman & Brock

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