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RAW Results 2/17/14 – Cesaro Continues To Prove, Orton Continues To Whine

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RAW Results February 17, 2014
From Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks up Elimination Chamber this Sunday, and tonight Orton faces Sheamus in his final Gauntlet Match!

RAW Starts

In Ring Segment

There was a strange still of Orton and Cena in the ring, then the show goes to Cena's music as he heads for the ring. They then go to video, starting with that still, of Cena defeating Orton last Monday on RAW. Cena shows off his shirt and poses again as his music continues. It stops and the heat can be heard, but Cena's all smiles.

Cena – You can tell it's RAW from Denver. Energy is here and in six days the WWE WHC will be decided in the Elimination Chamber. A match so brutal it can end a career. Nothing in life isn't worth sacrifice. The winner punches his ticket to WrestleMania against Batista. I've been on Road to WrestleMania. Some with me, some want to kick me form the car. The most important thing is momentum and the only one in the match without it is that thumb sucking the face of the WWE, Randy Orton. The past few weeks Orton was defeated by Bryan.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – This past Monday I beat him. (heat) That's where it gets people excited,because odd prove we'll see a new WWE WHC.

Cesaro's music and out he comes with Zeb who talks as they head down the ramp.

Zeb – You're looking at the next WWE WHC.

Cesaro – You're not the only one who's defeated Orton, and come Sunday, I'll be the new WWE WHC. (mixed) I'm not just going to be the new face of the WWE, I'll be the new face of America.

Cena – Cesaro, come here. I learned that if you're going to say something, you say it to someone's face. First of all, congratulations on you beating. That means Orton is on a losing streak. Sunday you have to face Orton, but also Christian, Sheamus, myself, and Bryan. In the Elimination Chamber, and that's a match you've never been in, so don't let your mouth write checks your body can't cash, son.

Cesaro – Don't patronize me...

Sheamus' music.

Sheamus – I've been in Elimination Chamber twice, and there's nothing like it. As to the face of the WWE, I don't think they want this big pasty head in that roll, but I can tell you this, speaking of faces, both of your faces will look funny when I kick your teeth in, but tonight that's Orton. On Sunday...

Christian's music.

Christian – Maybe on Smackdown you should have saved you brogue kick for Ambrose. I know it was an accident, but Sunday I'll take that snaggle tooth of yours and plant it in the mat with a killswitch, and that will not be an accident.

Orton's music.

Orton – First of all, I'd like to thank The Authority for the opportunity to beat all of you at Elimination Chamber. Cesaro, you're right, I did underestimate you, but it won't happen again. Cena, you beat me again, but we both know the fact that you can't beat me when it counts. Christian, you and I have had some of the most incredible matches of my career, but I won all of them. Sheamus, tonight that brogue kick won't get close. There's a reason why The Authority has deemed me the face of the WWE.

Bryan's music and he comes out with a new "YES!" shirt. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – I know you guys don't want to hear a lot of talking, but the fans are talking for me. I think we all know how important the Elimination Chamber is, because it all leads to that... (points to WrestleMania sign) I've worked too hard to let this slip through my fingers.. so no one will be talking about the face of the WWE, or the Champ is here, or fella, or "We, the people!", or one more match. There will be an entire arena chanting one word!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Fire erupts and out comes Kane.

Kane – Now that I have your attention. The Authority gave me chance to rectify certain mistakes I've made recently.

"You sold out!" chants.

Kane – By leaving me in charge tonight. (heat) We already know Orton will face Sheamus tonight. In all fairness to Orton, the rest will be in action as well. Cesaro will face Cena. That leaves Christian and Bryan. I'm going to stay ringside, because you two are squaring off right now!

Christian atacks Bryan from behind, then takes him out to slam him back into the barricade a number of times. Christian all over Bryan, and there's not even a ref to the ring. "Daniel Bryan!"chants. Bryan into the stairs shoulder first.


Christian vs Bryan

Bryan on Christian with kicks to the leg. Christian on Bryan's injured left arm. Arm bar on Bryan on the mat. Bryan up, pushes out and lands a running knee that sends Christian flying. Upper cuts on Christian. Christian out, and Bryan about to fly, but Christian with a blow through the ropes on Bryan. Christian wrings Bryan's arm and Bryan lands hard. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan taken down for two.

Christian stands on Bryan's and and stomps his arm. Christian slams Bryan to the mat, his arm twisted behind him. Kane watches the match closely. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan runs into a back elbow for two.

Christian mounts Bryan and hits Bryan. Bryan rolls to a half Boston crab, but Christian rolls through. Christian on Bryan in a corner, the ref backs him off. Christian sits up top, grabs Bryan's arm, then swings around, slamming it hard to the mat for two.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants. Christian with drop head butts to Bryan's shoulder on the mat. Christian says he should be the Champ. Heel turn time? Bryan send Christian from the ring, then flying goat on Christian, but Bryan lands shoulder first to the barricade.


Bryan with blows on Christian. Christian fights back a bit. Bryan up and over Christian in a corner, then Bryan takes Christian down. "YES!" kicks on Christian's chest, including the last to the face. Bryan pins Christian for two.

Bryan climbs, points up, flies, but Christian gets his feet up. Christian gets two for it. Christian wraps Bryan's arm around the ropes and works it over. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Christian rushes, but Bryan moves and Christian eats corner. Bryan with his running drop kick. The second time Christian gets his feet up in Bryan's face and takes him down. Christian on Bryan, Bryan reverses into the "YES!" lock, but Christian out and sends Bryan into the corner. Bryan reverses the killswitch, flips Christian over and pins him for three.

Winner – Bryan (8:26)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants led by Bryan. Video of the end of the match.

Kane – Good job Bryan, a hard fought victory, but I neglected to mention you have one more match tonight, against me!

Kane removes his jacket and tie, and gets into the ring. Kane pushes Bryan down and works him over while Bryan tries to fight back. Bryan ends up outside on the floor with the ref checking on him.


Kane vs Bryan

Kane really works over Bryan on the mat. Kane chokes Bryan with his dress shoe cloaked foot on the apron. Kane keeps kicking at Bryan, then brings Bryan into the ring the hard way with a big suplex for two.

Kane holds Bryan's hand down and punches on his arm. Bryan sent shoulder first into a post. Kane brings him out and does it again. "You sold out!" chants. Forearms to Bryan in a corner, then Kane wrenches Bryan's arm in the ropes. Bryan comes back off the top rope onto Bryan. "YES!" kicks to Kane kneeling, but the last it blocked by Kane and Bryan sent out over the top. Kane out and sends Bryan into the barricade shoulder first. Kane then puts Bryan on the apron and wrenches Bryan's arm back against the post. The ref counts, but Kane won't stop.

Winner – Bryan via DQ (3:51)

Kane slams Bryan's arm back. Bryan into the stairs shoulder first. Kane keeps working over Bryan.

Kane – Yeah, I know, I'm disqualified.

Kane puts down the mic and starts to leave, but then walks back to look at Bryan. Video recap of Bryan's head into the barricade.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Ambrose's open challenge for the US Championship. Video of the match, but then The Shield got involved in the match and Reigns took Henry down with a huge spear.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Roman, tonight you're going one on one with the world's strongest man, Mark Henry.

Ambrose – Mark Henry, I'm surprised he showed up after the beating I gave him last week.

Reigns – Dean, what are you talking about? You lost.

Ambrose – Henry's no walk in the park, I softened him up for you. You'll find that out tonight, but I guess you think you can do better?

Reigns – I know I can.

Renee – Don't the three of you all need to get on the same page before your 6 Man Tag Match against The Wyatt Family.

Rollins – I appreciate what you're trying to do, but we are always on the same page. As for The Wyatts, at Elimination Chamber, The Shield was born and bred for war, and that will never change, sweetheart.

Ambrose – Bray Wyatt and his little family are an illusion. Their mind games don't work on us because The Shield is real.

Reigns – We don't experience fear, and we don't back down. Believe that, and believe in The Shield.


Fandango vs Santino

Fandango and Summer Rae dancing in the ring. Santino out with Emma, powerwalking to the ring.

Santino kicks at Fandango, though he's nowhere near him. Fandango comes back, but Santino power walks by him, back and forth until Fandango takes him down. Fandango with an elbow on Santino for two.

Short clothesline on Santino, then Fandango up top, but Santino moves. Santino with control, then drops under Fandango, then a lovely hip toss. Head butt from Santino, and out comes the cobra. Summer Rae on the apron, then down, but Emma grabs Summer Rae on her shoulders and spins her. Summer Rae dropped to the floor, but both are dizzy. Santino out and brushes Emma's hair back. Emma almost rips his nipple off. Santino sets up for a kiss, but takes a drop kick to the side of the head through the ropes. Back in and Fandango plants Santino with a modified suplex for three.

Winner – Fandango (2:42)

Emma tends to Santino in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Last week you were on your way to becoming US Champ, beating Ambrose, but by DQ. How do you think you're going to fare against...
Henry – How do I think I'm going to fare? How do you think I'm going to fare? How do I look like I'm going to fare? I should have won last week, didn't happen. But tonight against Reigns, it's not about titles, not about winning or losing, it's about inducting someone into the hall of pain. 'Cuz that's what I do!

In Ring Segment

The Shield to the ring. All three over the barricade without incident.


Reigns vs Henry

Henry to the ring, watching The Shield closely.

They both stare and circle. "Roman Reigns!" chants can be heard from a select few. Reigns isn't able to gain control and eats a big boot. Henry splashes Reigns in a corner, then blows on him. Reigns comes out of the corner with blows, then a side headlock on Henry. Henry to one knee as Reigns tries to hold on. Henry up, elbows free. Huge Samoan drop on Henry for two!

Henry on all fours, head butts Reigns! Reigns whipped, then whipped again, but Reigns gets a foot up. Henry grabs it, but Reigns over powers Henry and sends him flying. Superman punch from Reigns, then he's pumped. A spear to Henry and Reigns gets the three.

Winner – Reigns (2:49)

The Shield celebrates in the ring, or at least Rollins and Reigns are. Ambrose starts stomping Henry and they leave the ring. Reigns looks over the side and asks Ambrose what he's doing.

Lights out, then The Wyatts on the tron.

Bray – Bring out the joy joy joy joy, down in my heart. Down in my heart. Down in my heart, I've got the joy joy joy joy, down in my heart. Down in my heart to stay. As our day of reckoning inches closer, I can't help but feel this childlike excitement building up in me! The clock is ticking. Defeat will not come in vain. Your shattered bones will pave the streets of my kingdom. From my throne, I'm going to turn them all. I can't help but wonder Shield, I must ask you, in the end, was all of this worth it? Hahahahaha!

Harper – Are you willing to die for this?

Bray – Because if you're not, you've already lost.

Reigns – I've got a pretty good idea, how about you come out here and talk that noise?

Bray – Funny you should say that. We were thinking that exact same thing.

Rowan – Run.

The Wyatts music starts, but the arena is still mostly dark. A bit of light on The Shield, but dark until Bray comes out with his lantern, held high. The Wyatts stop on the bottom of the ramp and the lights come up. "Shield!" chants from some, but not at a lot. The Wyatts up on the apron. Bray steps into the ring, Harper and Rowan still on the apron. Reigns steps up to the enter of the ring. Harper and Rowan into the ring. Ambrose and Rollins step up with Reigns. Bray motions and The Wyatts leaves the ring together.

Bray (off mic) – This time, belongs to me.


Backstage Segment

Goldust – What you got going on.

Cody – This is the Stack Down playset. (Goldust puts a motorcycle in the toy ring) That doesn't go there.

Goldust – Why not?

Cody – Pretty cool, we didn't have anything like this as kids.

Goldust – I was more into catching butterflies, and well, ripping their wings off and gluing them to my pet hamster Gertie and seeing if they could fly. Never could.

Cody – What?

Goldust – But anyways, this is really cool, can I help you?

Cody – This is a bit out of your element. I'm the builder of the family. Grandpa was the plumber, Dad was the dreamer, and you're the...

Goldust – Shhhhh! Don't say freak. I know that's what you're going to say. (Goldust does his feeling up and huffing thing.)

Cody – Okay, you can help.

Goldust – Cool, what can I play with?

Barrett – I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

Goldust – What are you doing here man? We're building something.

Barrett kicks all the toys off the little table they're set up on.

Goldust – Hey man! Now what do we do?

Cody – We rebuild, that's what we do.

Goldust – Taker's over there! His bike's over there! His Harley!

Cody gets the Harley and toys and they start playing again.

Swagger vs Kofi

Swagger all over Kofi in a corner with blows and kicks. Swagger forced to back off and Kofi comes out fighting. Swagger grabs Kofi trying for head scissors, then flips him back hard to the mat for two.

Swagger on Kofi in a big way. "JBL!" chants can be heard loudly. "CM Punk!" chants, but they fade quickly. Kofi face first into a corner. Swagger bomb for two.

Kofi bounced off the ropes and takes a big forearm to the back. Kofi whipped and hits the mat. Kofi whipped again, but lands on the second corner and bounces back at Swagger with a drop kick. Kofi keeps on Swagger, then up top and flying on Swagger. Clotheslines on Swagger, but then is caught. Kofi gets free and his feet up in a corner. Kofi up top, lands on Swagger who had been on all fours, and gets two for it.

Swagger comes back with blows, and Kofi blocks flying out. SOS, then somehow Swagger gets his foot on the bottom rope to stop the count! Kofi climbs, cross body on Swagger for a long two. Swagger rolls and locks on the patriot lock. Kofi almost to the ropes, then pulled back in. Kofi has to tap out.

Winner – Swagger (4:54)

Big E comes out to ring, gets in. Swagger leaves the ring at the same time. They stare.


Handicap Match – Big E vs McIntyre & Mahal

Big E ducks them both, then gets McIntyre from the ring. Mahal runs the ropes, over, then under Big E who jumps beautifully. Zeb gets on the mic and talks smack to distract Big E in the ring. Mahal and McIntyre get the upper hand, but he fights right back. McIntyre from the ring, then shoulder block on Mahal. Back breaker on Mahal, then McIntyre with a big boot on Big E. McIntyre stomps Big E, then Mahal drops a knee. Double suplex on Big E, and he's bleeding from the mouth. Big boot to Big E who licks the blood off his lip. Big E fights back and the fans are behind. Mahal taken down, and McIntyre from the ring. Clotheslines to Mahal, then a belly-to-belly. McIntyre in to a belly-to-belly. Big E splashes McIntyre on top of Mahal. Shoulder block to McIntyre in a corner, then to Mahal in the opposite corner. Belly-to-belly on Mahal into McIntyre. Down comes the straps and a big ending on Mahal, then a big ending on McIntyre for three.

Winner – Big E (4:18)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Big E – Hey, Zeb. I really hope they have diapers your size, because after this Sunday, your mouth won't be the only thing full of crap.


Promo for Rusev.



Black History Month video about Ron Simmons!


Promo for Elimination Chamber.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Tonight you face Cesaro, he beat Orton last week on Smackdown. What are your thoughts on tonight's match?

Cena – Last week I made a bold statement to the WWE roster. Right now the locker room is full of promising young Superstars, and Orton is clinging to that belt as the only source of his identity.. every single Superstars knows I mean this, they think they have what it takes to be the next generation, then they will go through me to prove it! Cesaro is no different. The fate of the WWE WHC is decided in the Elimination Chamber, tonight we see what Cesaro is made of.

In Ring Segment

Cena's music and he heads to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Cesaro defeated Orton on Smackdown last week.

Cena vs Cesaro

Cesaro out to face Cena with both Zeb and Swagger in tow. Ron Simmons is trending on Twitter.

They cirlce, lock up and Cesaro rolls Cena up for two through dueling Cena chants that were quiet until the house mics were turned up again. Side headlock on Cena. Cena reverses and takes Cesaro down. Cesaro pushes off, but takes a shoulder block. Hip toss from Cena and Cesaro rolls out to regroup. Cesaro in and the dueling chants start again. They lock up, Cesaro taken down, but back up and on Cena. Cesaro slams Cena's arm down on his own shoulder. Cesaro comes back with a shoulder block on Cena. Cena dives at Cesaro in a cross body, but Cesaro (makes it look easy) flips Cena into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Cena. Upper cuts on Cena, then Cesaro on Cena's arm on the mat. Dueling chants for Cena as he muscles his way up and lands a hip toss to get free. Cena rushes Cesaro who pulls down the top rope and Cena flies out. Cesaro out and sends Cena into the barricade. Cesaro rolls in, and Cena on the apron, but Cena hangs Cesaro up top. Cena in and eats a quick drop kick for two. Then another two. "Cena!" chants.

Cena gets Cesaro up, but Cesaro grabs the ropes. Cena gets hung up top and flies back. Cesaro off the top with an elbow for two. Neck breaker on Cesaro for two. Cesaro reverses the whip and Cena ends up on the mat. Cesaro with a baseball slide to send Cena out under the ropes to the floor.


Cena muscles free of Cesaro, then jumps up on Cesaro and hits head scissors. Fall away slam on Cena for two! Sleeper on Cena, but he gets free. Cesaro gets two on Cena. Shoulder tackles from Cena, but Cesaro counters the next move, sets him up for the swing, but Cena counters, then Cesaro counter! Gut wrench on Cena! Cesaro pins for two.

Blows on Cena in a corner. Cena whipped, and Cesaro right there for the upper cut. Cesaro tries again, but Cena moves. Cena plants Cesaro, and hits his 5 knuckle shuffle. Cesaro up, but gets free. Cena launched, then an upper cut on Cena for a long two. "This is awesome!" chants.

Cesaro motions, then sets up and grabs Cena who reverses into a DDT, but only gets two for his troubles! "Cena!" chants. Cena climbs slowly, but before he can get there, Cesaro is there with another upper cut, knocking Cena to the floor. Cena back to the ring at 7. Cesaro up on the second rope, grabs Cena on the apron and lands a suplex on him for two. Cesaro gets another twp for good measure.

Cena locks the STF on Cesaro. Cesaro almost to the ropes, so Cena tries to regroup, but aught in the swing! Cesaro gets two for the swing. "This is awesome!" chants. Cesaro sets up for his finisher, but Cena reverses and gets Cesaro up for the AA. Cena starts hitting, it, but Cesaro lands on his feet. Cesaro runs the ropes, right into a clothesline! Cena gets Cesaro back up, hits his AA for three.

Winner – Cena (18:20)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Cesaro is upset outside the ring. Cesaro and Cena talk back and forth off mic.


Backstage Segment

Orton – I wanted to take a second and thank you and Steph for all you've done for me.

Trip – That's great Randy. You know, I was starting to think the pressure the whole WWE WHC was weighing on you. You've been beat by Cena, Cesaro, Bryan, but I can see you're making an effort now.

Orton – I deserve that. I can see my head hasn't been in the game. Things will be different, and I will prove that at Elimination Chamber. I will prove that, and appreciate everything you've done for me in the past, and appreciate everything you will do for me in the future.

Trip – I appreciate that. You know Randy, we go way back...

Orton – You're right. I don't mean to cut you off, but we go way back to Evo. I don't know why I doubted myself. Batista is good and all, (Batista walks up behind Orton) but can you see him as the face of the WWE? I sure as hell can't. You know back in Evo, you and I both know, we carried his ass the whole way. (Orton slightly bumps Batista and turns to see him) Dave, what's up?

Batista – The way it looks to me, you're not the face of the WWE. You're the ass.

Orton backs away.

Trip – What's up Dave?

ADR – You are an animal. I didn't think you were, but now I know you are. Unlike you Batista, I'm a man. This Sunday, I'm going to be there to make you pay for this (his neck in a soft collar). I hope you didn't plan to use your arms at WrestleMania, because at Elimination Chamber, I'm going to break them, and rip them off.

Batista looks at his arm, then pushes ADR back into a metal rack. Trip checks on ADR, then turns to Batista, but has no words before Batista stomps off.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Batista vs ADR is going to be an awesome match, but we have now added another match to the Elimination Chamber card. O'Neil vs Young. Let's head back to this past week when tension between these two friends boiled over.

video of O'Neil attacking Young after his match on Smackdown. O'Neil's pants were all ripped up.

Renee – Ladies and gentlemen, please wel...

O'Neil (taking Renee's mic) – Whoa, Renee! I introduce myself. I'm Titus O'Neil, and I came here to become Champion. Renee, you know how to spell Champion, right?

Renee – Yes. C-H...

O'Neil – No! Champion! T-I-T-U-S! For 713 days Young has been a roadblock in me becoming a Champion. Hold this for me honey. Come this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, that dead weight will get mowed over and the entire 'Universe' and locker room will have to do one thing. Witness the rise of Titus O'Neil. Another great interview Renee.

Renee – Thank you.

In Ring Segment

Los Matadores to the ring with El Torito.


6 Man Tag Match – Sin Cara & Los Matadores vs The Wyatts

The Wyatts at the bottom of the ramp. The head to the ring.

Rowan mask removed, and he circles with Diego, slams into him off the ropes and Diego flies. Harper tags in and Diego eats a back elbow. Elbow drops on Diego, then slams him down. Harper yells, then pins for two.

Harper rips at Diego's face. Bray tags in and all over Diego. The camera goes wonky, then Bray tosses Diego across the ring. Rowan tags in and slams Diego. Elbow drop on Diego for two. Diego back into the heel corner and Harper tags in to work over Diego. Gator roll on Diego, then Harper holds the headlock on. Diego fights back, but down. Harper stops Diego, but takes a kick to the head and both are down. Sin Cara tags in and flies on Harper. Sin Cara off the ropes lands on Harper. Head scissors on Harper, then a cheap pop on Bray. Slingshot back elbow on Harper for two. Rowan knocks down, then El Torito on Rowan. Both Los Matadores fly out Rowan. Sin Cara reverses into head scissors on Harper. Sin Cara up, but Harper moves and Sin Cara rolls through. Big clothesline on Sin Cara, then Bray demands to tag in. Bray into a corner, bends back, then grabs Sin Cara for Sister Abigail for three.

Winners – The Wyatts (5:34)

Video recap of the high points of the match.


Billy Gunn vs Jey Uso

New Age Outlaws in the ring. Dogg does his famous schtick! And Gunn gets into the mix with his tiny bit. Usos out in blue to face them.

Jey on Gunn a a bit, but Gunn comes back with a kick, then Jey eats corner as Dogg and Jimmy talk smack on announce. Jey whipped, but moves and Gunn eats corner. Gunn tossed across the ring, then out. Dogg over to check on Gunn. Dogg says Billy hadn't even realized the bell had rung and the match had started. Jey up, flies, Gunn moves, but Jey on his feet. Big clothesline from Gunn. Jimmy talks about New Age Outlaws' ages. Jimmy talks about watching his dad, Rikishi, beat up New Age Outlaws. The banter back and forth between Jimmy and Dogg is fantastic, and it seems like Jimmy is getting the upper hand on mic, though Gunn is in control in the ring. Blows on Jey in a corner. Gunn sets up for the famouser, but Jey moves and rolls Gunn up for three.

Winner – Jey Uso (3:32)

Jimmy plants Dogg with a kick outside, then Jimmy in to hold the top rope down for Jey to fly out on bot Dogg and Gunn in front of announce. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Byron – Sheamus, tonight you face Orton, just days before Elimination Chamber. What are your thoughts?

Sheamus – You know Bryon the Elimination Chamber takes throwing caution to the wind, as well as your body. The reward is worth the sacrifice, and I can taste the main event at WrestleMania. Smells better than a pint of the black stuff. We saw Christian's aggressive side, showing everyone trying to show what they've got going into the Elimination Chamber. Me, I've never had a problem with my aggressive side, as a matter of fact, and no disrespect to my comedic side, people say my aggressive side is my best side, and Orton will be lucky enough to find out first hand, tonight, because, you see, I have an antidote to the Viper, that's some good, old fashioned, blunt force trauma, Irish style.


Orton vs Sheamus

Orton to the ring. Sheamus out to face him.

Orton points to the WrestleMania sign. Sheamus smiles back. They lock up, Orton backed into a corner. "CM Punk!" chants, but they quiet quickly due to the production crew on the button. Sheamus backed into a corner, Orton backs off. Side headlock on Orton. Orton pushes out, but eats a shoulder tackle. Orton rolls out to regroup, looking pissy the whole time. Orton back into the ring. Orton kicks Sheamus, backs into a corner and lands an upper cut. Sheamus comes back with rights, one drops him. Orton into a corner. Sheamus brings him out of the corner into a suplex. Orton out to regroup again, which he can't do at Elimination Chamber. Sheamus out after Orton, so he's slammed into a post, but Sheamus comes back by bouncing Orton off announce. Back into the ring Sheamus drops knees on Orton's face, but only gets two for it.

Brogue kick is ducked and Sheamus hung up top. Sheamus out, and into a post by Orton.


Chinlock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus up, elbows free, and suplexes Orton. Sheamus clotheslines Orton out of the ring. Sheamus out, grabs Orton and sends him into the barricade, then into the barricade on the other side off announce. Orton reverses on Sheamus, and Sheamus shoulder first into the stairs as the announcers talk about what a great math Cesaro and Cena had earlier. Into the ring, and Orton works Sheamus over in a corner. Sheamus set up top, then a head butt by Orton. Orton sets up, but Sheamus punches Orton down. Flying battering ram by Sheamus. Orton slides out of the ring, Sheamus right after him. Orton starts clearing announce, but Sheamus right there. Orton grabs Sheamus and drives him through announce. The table held for a moment, then broke under Sheamus. "Holy shit!" chants. The ref is counting Sheamus out as Orton smirks. Sheamus' makes it back into the ring at 9! Sheamus' elbow is slightly busted open by the table. Orton stomps his way around Sheamus. A smattering of "Let's go Sheamus!" chants. Sheamus rolls out of Orton's way, lands some blows, but then is aught by Orton's power slam. Orton only gets two for it.

Sheamus on the apron, so Orton sets him up, but Sheamus in and sends Orton to the apron. Sheamus lands his forearms, all ten of them. Sheamus raises Orton into the ring, but Orton free and reverses on Sheamus. Orton sends Sheamus to the apron and lands his 'vintage' DDT. Orton looks around, then pounds the mat. Sheamus pushes out of the RKO and lands three Irish curse back breakers! Sheamus is pumped up, the fans are behind him. Sheamus sets up for his brogue kick, but suddenly The Shield is there!

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (15:00)

Cena is there and in the fray. Bryan rushes out. Christian to the ring. Cesaro is out and in the fight, attacking Cena. The Wyatts music, and the lights come up and they're in the ring. The Wyatts and The Shield fight and everyone is fighting as RAW goes off the air.

Biggest pop
Cesaro vs Cena
The Wyatts facing The Shield

Biggest Heat

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