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RAW Results 8/19/13 - You're A Solid B+

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RAW Results August 19, 2013
From Honda Center in Anaheim, California
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about the SummerSlam shocker. Two WWE champions were named, but which is Champion and who's behind it all. The shocker on RAW at the top of the hour!

Show Starts


Recap of The Best vs The Beast, with the No DQ stip added. Some lovely bits of the match, including Heyman, Brock and Heyman. Then onto the WWE Championship Match. Bryan beat Cena, had his arm raised. Then Orton out, case in hand. Orton decided not to cash, but then Triple H hit a pedigree on Bryan and Orton cashed in and pinned Bryan to become WWE Champion.

In Ring Segment

Cena's music hits and there's some serious heat. He comes out to mixed reactions, but is all smiles. His elbow isn't wrapped and looks like a baseball under the skin.
Cena – It's early on the west coast, but you're rowdy. I agree with you, I'm disgusted with what happened at SummerSlam.

"Cena sucks!" fills the arena!

Cena - Thanks for a warm Anaheim welcome! I just wanted to say when I was WWE Champion, time and time again I said the next Champ would earn it and Bryan earned it last night.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – I want to thank Bryan for bringing out the best in me. For reminding me that a WWE Superstar should not be judged on race, creed, or appearance. A WWE Superstar should be judged by their commitment to excellence in this ring. Bryan and I don't see eye to eye, but we agree on the passion in the ring. That's why I competed when I was told time and time not to. This is the first time I'm publicly saying this, but two weeks ago WWE medical (showing his elbow – up close) staff told me this giant ball of fluid on my elbow is because of a torn triceps. Told me to go home immediately, have surgery and cancel the WWE Championship Match at SummerSlam. I refused. I don't want you to misunderstand me. This isn't an excuse. Last night I was defeated by a better man in a clean fight. That's all I wanted, a clean fight. When I was in the training room with ice on my elbow and a steak on my eye, thank you Bryan, someone came in and said did you see, Trip just handed the WWE Championship to Orton. I was disgusted. I was offended and disgraced. I cannot put off my surgery any longer. Tonight I leave the WWE.

Huge pop! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Cena smiles.

Cena – I love you guys and I'm going to miss all this. Tonight I leave for the next 4-6 months to try to get healthy. But before I go, I want to take a second to do something. I want to introduce a man who has earned my respect. No, more than that, a man we can all agree earned the right to be called Champion. WWE 'Universe', I give to you Daniel Bryan.

Bryan comes out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans, but he looks like a crushed man as he walks to the ring. Bryan walks up to Cena, they shake. Cena hands him the mic and leaves the ring. Bryan gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going with the briefest bob of his head. "Daniel Bryan!" chants and he breaks into a smile! Bryan holds his hand up, is about to speak, but Steph's music hits. She comes out in a black top, black blazer, black leather skirt, blacks strappy heels.

Steph – Daniel, I just want to say I'm sorry. I am sorry. You had a hard fought victory in the ring. You didn't deserve to have your dream snatched away. I hope you understand Trip is the COO and doing what's best for business.

Bryan – Best for business?

Steph – Yes.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – It seems some people here have a disagreement of what's best for business.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – I expect that from you, from your father, but Trip was a rebel, a renegade, the leader of DX.

Steph – That's right.

Bryan – But not, he's wearing a suit, has a corporate haircut. I guess what they say is true, when you lie down with trash (pointing at Steph) sooner or later, you start to stink.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Daniel, you're upset, clearly, so I'm going to let that slide.

Bryan – You're going to let that slide! Ladies and gentlemen, three cheers for Stephanie, she's going to let it slide! That's great, that's wonderful. You going to fire me? I will go back to wrestling in armories, selling t-shirts out of my car, I'm not afraid of being fired. Wait, but before I leave, I'm going to get my money's worth. I don't care if it's your snake husband or Orton, I will really, really, really, really give you a reason to fire me.

Steph – Daniel, no one wants to fire you. You're all worked up. Your anger management issues are clearly messing with your mind. Trip and I have said your valued here, the ultimate underdog, part of the very fabric of the WWE. But I need to manage your expectations Bryan, and these people don't understand business. Not everyone can be the face of the company. Not everyone can be WWE Championship material. Really Daniel, you're what 5'8", maybe 200lbs, and while we can't all be supermodels. The WWE 'Universe' clearly loves you, and you have a place here. Daniel, you might not be an A, but you are a B+. Solid B+.

Bryan – Funny, because you're starting to remind me of a word that starts with the letter B right now.

"Bitch!" chants.

Bryan – I know you're out here to rationalize your husband's behavior, that's your job. I don't have to accept it or be relegated to being a B+. I don't have to agree and go back to being the middle of the card. I can be WWE Champion, and don't care what you think!

Steph – I suggest you calm...

Bryan slaps the mic out of Steph's hand, then kicks it from the ring. Steph calmly rolls her eyes, walks over and motions for another mic.

Steph – Daniel, you need to calm down. Now I refuse to be intimidated by the likes of you. You're being unprofessional, uncouth, and I won't stand for it. Security. Security. (They come out.) You're forcing my hand Daniel, it's nothing I want to do. Please escort this man from the building. You have no one to blame but yourself.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants, very loudly. Bryan leaves the ring clenches his fist and leaves without being touched to "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants, but then stops and really gets the "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants yelling. Bryan leaves and Steph gets huge heat.


Cody vs Sandow

Sandow and Cody in the ring. Stills from Cody beating Sandow at SummerSlam.

Sandow on Cody with knees, backs Cody into a corner. The ref pulls Sandow off, and Cody comes out and takes Sandow down. Sandow backs Cody into the corner, Cody comes back with blows and an elbow off the corner. Arm bar on Sandow. Cody elevates and slams Sandow to the mat face first. Cody on Sandow with blows in a corner, but Sandow elevates Cody to the apron. Cody with a top rope missile drop kick on Sandow, then clotheslines Sandow out over the top. Outside a suplex outside on Sandow, back in the ring Cody gets two for it. Arm hold on Sandow in the ring, but gets free. Back elbow to Sandow, but then Cody sent out through the ropes and lands badly. Sandow out and on Cody with a forearm. Cody rolled in, and Sandow with a suplex for two.

Head butt on Cody, but Cody with a shoulder block though the ropes. Cody climbs, but Sandow with Cody's arm flips him to the mat for two. Sandow stomps the back of Cody's head.


Head butt on Cody on the mat. Cody up and punches free, but into a high knee. Side Russian leg sweep and the elbow of disdain on Cody for two. Sandow rakes Cody's face on the mat, then sets Cody up top facing out. Sandow climbs, but eats elbows. Cody with a moonsault off the top on Sandow! "Cody!" chants. Cody up, blocks Sandow and hits a body drop. Clotheslines on Sandow, then on Sandow with an upper cut ala Goldy, for two. Sandow reverses cross Rhodes into a snap mare for two.

Disaster kick on Sandow who rolls to the apron. Cody keeps trying to pull Sandow in, but is hung up top for it. Sandow in, pulls Cody up, whips him, but Cody over Sandow, flips him over and pins Sandow for three.

Winner – Cody Rhodes (10:40)

Cody tells announce on his way by that he should be #1 Contender. Cody backs up the ramp celebrating.

Backstage Segment

Maddox – My name is Brad Maddox, GM of RAW. After last night people made comments, like this one by Ziggler. Quote, "I wondered what his intentions were. To be honest, I have never really trusted him since I started working here..." For the record, it's not because of his remarks, but because Ziggler's a showoff, we'd like to give him a chance to do that in a 3 On 1 Handicap Match against The Shield.

Backstage Segment

Heyman, arm in a sling, heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Heyman in the ring to serious heat.
Heyman – Last night CM Punk was defeated by Brock Lesnar. Tonight I'm going to give you a lesson in life. Like all rebellious children, Punk had to fly away from the nest and prove himself worthy, and that's what Punk did last night. I'll be the first to admit, Punk gave Brock all Brock could handle. So where do we go from here, and that's a very interesting question for which I have the answer. Where we go from here, it's time to end this family feud. Come on, I've been far more of a father figure to Punk that that man who sired him in Chicago and last night when big brother Brock smacked some sense into Punk's head, I realized it's no longer a time for retribution, no longer a time for vindictiveness, it's time for forgiveness. And Punk, I forgive you. (heat) Punk, don't listen to them, listen to me. When you apologize to me, I'll take you back. Punk, you will realize that you're far better with me, than without me, and together, my prodigal son, and together, we will achieve heights even greater than where we went before. CM Punk, I still love you. (heat) And I am willing to put this behind us because Punk, I will guide you back to the WWE Championship, I will take you to the main event at WrestleMania, and together, together, together, together, Punk, we will be the best in the world.

Heyman drops his mic on the mat and leaves the ring to heat from the fans.

Backstage Segment

The Dactyls are stretching out and teasing each other about their coming match, but the Bellas walk up and kick their pom-poms.

Brie – We just want to wish you luck on your match up next.
Nikki – Because you two are representing our show, Total Divas.
Brie – So hopefully you're a lot more interesting out there than you on the show.
Cameron – Girl bye!
Nikki – Losers!
Cameron – Whatever! (Bellas leave and Cameron has to stop Naomi) Girl stop, we have more important things to focus on, like our match.
Naomi – I'm about to give both of them the business.
Cameron – Relax.


Dactyls vs Layla & AJ

Cameron and Naomi out together. Layla out, and AJ follows her. They head to the ring together. Cole talks about AJ's one million Twitter followers, the first Diva! AJ and Layla attack the Dactyls from behind. The ref breaks it up.

AJ kicks Naomi, then hits a swinging neck breaker on Naomi into a headlock. Naomi elbows free, flips over, but into a spinning kick for two. AJ keeps hold on Naomi, on her back. "Let's go AJ!" chants as she keeps control of Naomi in the heel corner, then chokes Naomi in the ropes. Naomi eats corner, then AJ kicks her in the gut. AJ back up on Naomi's back with a sleeper. Cameron reaches for the tag, but AJ keeps Naomi back screaming. Naomi with a kick to AJ's head and both are down!

Layla gets the tag and knocks Cameron off the apron, but Naomi rolls her up for what appears to be three. Layla rolled out too early and the ref didn't handle it well, looked confused, then finally called for the bell. Botch!

Winners – Dactyls (2:18)



Recap of the opening segment.

3 On 1 Handicap Match – Ziggler vs The Shield

Ziggler to the ring, all smiles. The Shield to the ring through the stands.

Ziggler and Ambrose will barely touch hands, really dragging out the start of this match. Finally they lock up, but Ziggler stays out of the heel corner. Ziggler takes Ambrose down, then keeps hold on Ambrose, but then Ambrose close enough for Rollins to tag in. Body drop and blows all over Rollins, but Rollins gets control and Ziggler into the heel corner and Reigns tags in with a big clothesline from outside. Reigns chokes Ziggler under the ropes. Ziggler tossed into the heel corner like a rag doll. Ambrose tags in and stomps Ziggler, then drops an elbow for two as JBL and Cole argue on announce.

Rollins tags in as JBL yells that Ziggler has to shut his trap about the company he works for. Cole demands to know how JBL feels about what Trip did. Cole gets on JBL about behind paid to be outspoken. Ambrose tags in as the fans chant, "Let's go Ziggler!" Ambrose ties up Ziggler's legs, then gets a chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Lovely hold, but then Ziggler bites Ambrose's taped hand and he lets go! Sleeper on Ambrose, but then Ambrose reverses and counter. Reigns tags in and steps in slowly, stalking Ziggler, but Ziggler up with a drop kick! Neck breaker on Reigns, then cheap shot on Rollins. Famouser on Reigns. Ambrose in, then tossed out. Reigns grabs Ziggler, as he dives over Reigns, who reverses into a DDT for a long two as Ambrose breaks the count. Rollins in, but Ziggler flips Rollins from the ring. Rollins left holding his leg. Ziggler tries to dive over Reigns again, but is speared for three.

Winners – The Shield (6:07)

The Shield back into the ring, grab Ziggler and triple power bomb him to the mat, then pose over Ziggler. Video recap of the spear to end the match, then the bomb. The Shield leaves through the stands, the way they came in.


ADR vs Sin Cara

Cole says this is show #1056. ADR to the ring. ADR tries to make a show of kissing the Title belt, but can't seem to make his lips work the first time. Stills from the WHC Match last night. Sin Cara out to face him.

ADR with a kick to Sin Cara's leg, but he comes back sending ADR flying, then from the ring. Sin Cara flies out on ADR. The doctor is there and ADR won't stay off Sin Cara. Sin Cara's wrist could be broken. The ref calls the match for Sin Cara!

Winner – ADR (0:52)

ADR – Last night at SummerSlam I proved why I'm the best WHC in history. Most important I proved to the Latino community, you finally have someone to cheer for. (some solid pop for ADR) The Mexicans, the Latinos, they have no heroes. I'm going to do everything in my power to represent, especially to all the other peasants.

Ricardo – Alberto! Remember me. You were saying something about being a hero. You're not a hero to me, to the people, especially not to the Latino community. I'm very happy that I don't have to represent you anymore. In fact, I am proud that I represent someone new. Someone, that unlike you, will stand for people.

"Rey!" chants.

Ricardo – He is Rob Van Dam!

Out comes RVD. RVD heads for the ring, Ricardo in tow. RVD slides in to "RVD!" chants. RVD ducks ADR, then back kicks him. RVD up top, but ADR rolls out of the ring. ADR retreats, blows snot from his nose on the ramp as RVD and Ricardo throw thumbs for the "RVD!" chant.


The Real Americans vs Prime Time Players

Zeb – The WWE has been the topic of some headlines, what about Cesaro and Swagger are The Real Americans? That's a good headline. Let me tell you something. They should be celebrated because they're pure, unlike those in the cesspool in this town. There's a ride in this town, It's A Small World. I'm standing in line behind illegals who pay with a debit card that my taxes paid for. Speaking a language I don't recognize, taking vacations from job stolen from our people. They call this the happiest place on earth, the happiest is being on a plane watching LAX fade away. Put your hand over your heart, say with us, "We, the people!"

Prime Time Players to the ring to face them.

Cesaro on Young, kicks int a corner. Young reverses a whip into a hip toss. Cesaro gains control and tags out, but a hip toss to Swagger. O'Neil tags in and they double team Swagger. O'Neil with blows on Swagger in a corner, then kicks. O'Neil pulled back, then rushes into Swagger's feet. Cesaro tags in and on O'Neil with kicks. Gut wrench on O'Neil for two. Upper cut on O'Neil, then Swagger tags in. Blows on O'Neil in the heel corner, then to knees. The ref pulls Swagger off, so Cesaro attacks behind his back. Swagger wrenches O'Neil's leg on the mat. O'Neil powers free, but is slammed by Swagger. Swagger bomb as Cesaro takes the tag. Double team on O'Neil for two.

Cesaro works over O'Neil on the mat, and tags out. Swagger with a knee, then shoulders on O'Neil in a corner. Swagger calls the moves, obviously, then a spinebuster drops Swagger. Both tag out. Young wild, all over Cesaro with blows, then a clothesline. A sick belly-to-belly, then a cheap shot on Swagger. The fans love Young. Beautiful bridging suplex, but Swagger breaks the count. O'Neil in and he and Swagger work outside. Gut Check on Cesaro for three.

Winners – Prime Time Players (4:48)

Prime Time Players celebrate hugely in the ring. Video recap of the high points. Prime Time Players are still celebrating in the ring, and the fans are loving them.

Backstage Segment

Renee – After your return the WWE, there's rumors that you and Henry will join up to go after The Shield.
Big Show – Those rumors are 100% true. We are going after the TTCs...
Maddox – Renee, I'll take it from here. Shoo. Shoo, shoo, shoo! Mr. Big Show, you've made some very disparaging remarks about the COO of the company.
Big Show – That's true, I did. Last time I checked, this is America Jack, it's called freedom of speech.
Maddox – Of course it is. The McMahon family are advocates of that, as am I. Tonight we'd like for you to express yourself in a Handicap Match against The Shield. The thing is, all three members of The Shield will be allowed in the ring at the same time.
Big Show – Are you sure you want to do that to The Shield? Hahaha.


Backstage Segment

Ryder and Gabriel love the Footlocker gear. A ref explains the new promo, etc. Fandango in, all into the sneakers with SR. The ref asks if Fandango wants to try the sneakers. Fandango wants to know if he can dance in them. The ref says Fandango, so Fandango corrects him, then Fandango and SR dance out.


Recap the opening video.

Backstage Segment

Ryback in and sees three guys in the locker room.
Ryback – Hey, get out of here. (They try to leave, but he stops one of them.) Where you goin'? Sit down. This is my locker room. You think you can take any locker you want? Pick up your bag. (Ryback takes it and tosses it.) Go get it. What are you doin'? Pick it up! (Ryback is standing on it.) What are you doin'? Stand up. (He stands) Pick it up. (Ryback takes it, tosses it) Pick it up. Open it up. ("Goldberg!" chants) Turn on the water. (they are in the shower)
Guy – This is all I have.
Ryback – (slaps him) Fill it up. (He does) Stop the water. (He does) Now, get the hell out of my locker room. Hahahahaha!

3 On 1 Handicap Match – Big Show vs The Shield

King comments on the B.A.Star program with Ryback. Big Show to the ring.

The Shield in the ring.

Reigns tossed out. Ambrose tossed across the ring. Rollins into Ambrose in a corner. Rollins slammed, then Ambrose thrown out of the ring. Kick on Rollins, then a head butt. Rollins tossed from the ring. Spear on Reigns, then he yells to solid pop. Ambrose pulls Reigns from the ring as they re-group. "Big Show!" chants. Reigns is still on the floor clutching his gut/groin.

Rollins in, rushes out as Big Show chases him. Ambrose on Big Show with a sleeper, but slammed off. Rollins in, tossed down, then a head butt. Big Show stands on Rollins while holding the ropes. Rollins again tossed out. Ambrose takes a clothesline, then whipped and back splashed. Ambrose is tackled. Big Show sets up, but Rollins in and clips Big Show's leg. Drop kick to Big Show, then Rollins off the corner with a flying knee. Ambrose pins for two. Ambrose and Rollins set up, but Big Show double suplexes them! Reigns in with a spear that barely touches Big Show, but Big Show sells well. Reigns is still in pain from earlier. Ambrose and Rollins pulls Big Show up, then then triple power bomb Big Show, then all three pin Big Show for three.

Winners – The Shield (4:31)

The Shield leaves through the stands, much worse for wear, as Big Show lays on the mat. Video recap of the high points of this match. Big Show, fuzzy beard and bald head is struggling up, then rolls out of the ring.


In Ring Segment

Punk limps out to the ring. Stills from his match with Brock. "CM Punk!" chants.

Punk – I don't really know what to say right now. So much going on upstairs. I do know Heyman was out here earlier. (heat) He said a lot of personal things to say, a lot of buttons to push. (over to the ropes, back to the camera, to a specific fan) Sir, you paid for your ticket, you want to boo, that's fine, but I dare you to step through these ropes, and you'll never boo again, because I will render you a toothless, crying heap of a man. I am pissed off, and I want a fight. So if you have the balls, I dare you fatso to step up, be a man and fight CM Punk! Come on son, come on!

"CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!"

Punk – Come on! Come on, I will render you to tears! Be a man, or sit down and be a bitch, shut your mouth!

Huge pop!

Punk – Heyman says he can give me the WWE Title. That's what I want. Heyman says he can get me the WrestleMania main event, that's what I want. What Heyman wants, what he needs is an apology. Paul, if an apology is what you want, if an apology gets me those things. Come out here, face to face, you just may get what you want.

Heyman comes out, Axel in tow.

Punk – Paul this is all I know. The doctor says I'm not fit to compete, but here I am taped up and ready to go, because this is all I know, all I have. I lost a fight last night. I've had my ass kicked before, and here I am, still standing. (pop) The truth is Paul, I am sorry. I'm sorry I took my eyes off Brock for a split second to enact my revenge on you. I'm sorry that revenge wasn't enough. I'm sorry I didn't take your arm off and take it home with me. I'm sorry I didn't break your face. I'm sorry the next time I do get my hands on you, I'm going to choke you out, then I'm going to wake you up and spit in your face. And I'm going to take your arm home with me. I'm sorry you think a beating will stop me. I'm relentless and I don't care who you put in front of me, or what you try to do, I'm going to get my hands on you and get my revenge, and I say we do it right here in Anaheim! (pop) Come on! Come on! Have the guts that this fat guy doesn't have. Step in here and fight me like a man! (off comes the hoodie, fans are wild! "CM Punk!" chants)

Heyman – There is an apology that's due this evening, and it should come from me. CM Punk, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what is about to happen to you Curtis Axel, please go out in the back and tape up your hands for a fight. You have pushed me too far once too often. I'm not that guy sitting in the front row. I can be the worst nightmare you've encountered in your life. So help me god, if you are still in the ring when we come back from commercial, Curtis Axel will be sent to that ring, and Curtis Axel is going to finish the job Brock Lesnar started on you last night.


In Ring Segment

Punk is sitting in the ring waiting, smiling. Axel comes to the ring, Heyman in tow. They say this isn't a sanctioned match, no ref, this is a fight.

Punk attacks Axel as he comes in, bounces his face off the chair Punk was in, then hits Axel hard across the back with the chair. Axel tossed out, Punk out after him. Axel with a shoulder block, then on Punk with blows. Punk into the apron, takes a blow, but then grabs Axel. Axel reverses Punk into the barricade. Axel on Punk with blows and kicks. Punches on Punk's face, but then Punk dumps Axel into the timekeeper's area. Punk starts stalking Heyman. Axel up, then Punk over the barricade on him. Punk slams a case down on Axel, then grabs the bell. Gut shot with the bell on Axel. Punk pulls Axel up and rolls him into the ring.

Punk, his arms wide, gets pop, calls for the GTS. Axel up, but Axel wiggles free and takes Punk's leg out from under him, the one hurt on announce last night. Axel works that leg, then stomps Punk's head. Axel with the top of the chair on Punk's leg. Punk is struggling. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel with a foot on Punk's head slams the top of the chair on Punk's leg. Axel hits his finisher onto the chair! Axel grabs the chair and taunts Punk verbally. Axel puts the chair around Punk's knee. Heyman, "You broke my heart, break his leg!" Axel off the corner, but Punk rolls! Punk to his feet, on one leg, nails Axel in the gut with the chair, then a back shot on Axel with the chair as Heyman backs away. Out of the ring and Axel head first, then again. Punk gets Axel up, then GTS onto the stairs! Axel on the floor, Punk holds his leg, Heyman glares. Punk stares back at Heyman. They just stare.

(6:29) from Axel entering the ring to Punk's music playing


R-Truth vs Bray Wyatt

R-Truth out singing 'What's up?' but then The Wyatt Family's music cuts R-Truth off. They come to the ring. Stills from Bray's match with Kane last night. Bray from his chair to the ring, Rowan and Harper in tow.

Bray all over R-Truth, almost rabid, but R-Truth keeps control over Bray until Bray slams his side into R-Truth gut as he runs the ropes. "Witness the new face of fear!" Bray does his corner back bend, demanding R-Truth get up. R-Truth up in a corner and takes a big splash, and spit flies. Bray dances R-Truth around, then Sister Abigail for three.

Winner – Bray Wyatt (1:37)

The Wyatt Family pose over R-Truth's body.



A matador video, then to show Los Matadores will be coming soon.

3MB vs Usos

3MB in the ring and ready. Usos come out, dance, then to the ring to solid pop.

Slater on Jey, but he comes back hard, then tags out. They double team Slater. A shoulder block on Slater, then he rolls out and McIntyre attacks through the ropes. Slater holds Jimmy as Mahal tags in. Mahal on Jimmy with blows, then choking Jimmy with a knee under the ropes. Swinging neck breaker on Jimmy, then knee drops for two. Chinlock on Jimmy on the mat. Slater laughs on the apron as Jimmy is slammed to the mat again. Slater tags in and takes Jimmy down for two.

Slater stomps away on Jimmy, then on him with blows, knocking Jimmy to the mat for two. Slater back on Jimmy as a weak dueling chant start and grows fairly loud. Jimmy up, then manages to kick Slater in the back of the head. Both are down. Both tag out and Jey takes Mahal down with blows, an upper cut, then a sick flying shoulder. Jey really gets the fanschanting for him, then hits a Rikishi bum slam, but Slater break the count. Slater and McIntyre knock each other out outside, then Mahal runs into a foot. Jey flies out onto Slater and McIntyre, tagging in Jimmy at the same time. Jimmy flies and gets the three.

Winners – Usos (5:24)

The Usos channel their father and dance in the ring.



Recap the issues Miz had with Fandango last night at SummerSlam, then Miz took Fandango down hard.

Miz vs Barrett

Miz to the ring. Barrett out to face him.

Barrett with a kick, then side headlock on Miz. Miz pushes out, takes a shoulder block, then flap Jackson Barrett. Miz with a clothesline on Barrett in a corner. Barrett ducks a flying Miz and lands a big boot for two. Forearms on Miz, then Barrett chokes him in the ropes. Knees to Miz's face as Miz sits in the ropes, then a boot knocks Miz to the floor. Barrett with a clothesline outside, then Miz sent in for two. Chinlock on Miz on the mat. Miz struggles up, elbows free, but takes a knee. Miz to the apron, slides under Barrett and pins for two, but then eats Barrett's elbow. Barrett on Miz in a corner with blows. Snap mare on Miz for two. Chinlock on Miz on the mat. "Let's go Barrett!" chants from a group of men. Miz up and elbows free, Jackson Barrett's jaw, then on him with blows. Miz ducks Barrett, then a big clothesline to Barrett's forehead. High running knee, then clothesline to Barrett. Barrett whipped, gets his feet up, but Miz stops short. Miz on Barrett's leg, but can't lock on the fig 4. Barrett back on Miz in a corner, but Miz fights back and locks on the fig 4! Barrett tries to make it to the bottom ropes, but Fandango comes off the corner with his left leg drop on Miz!

Winner – Miz via DQ (4:51)

Fandango and SR dance as the fans sing along with his music.

Backstage Segment

Maddox – The head of building security informed me Daniel Bryan is back in the building.
Steph – Good, thanks for keeping me informed.
Steph steps into McMahon's office.


In Ring Segment

McMahon and Steph in the ring. All the Superstars on the stage. Triple H heads down the ramp, smirk on his face. The Shield is standing at the bottom of the ramp as their security. Trip is in a dark pinstriped suit, but McMahon in a sage green jacket and interestingly matched shirt and tie.

McMahon – What a wonderful night. Wonderful momentous occasion, the coronation of a Champion we can all be proud of. I'm most proud of my son-in-law. I had my doubts, but in the end, you did the right thing! In the end, you saw the light!

Trip and McMahon hug.

"You sold out!" chants.

Triple H – So I guess this is where I'm supposed to explain myself to you. Why I would throw away the future. Why I would screw Bryan. It always makes me laugh how short sighted you all are, can never see the big picture. I did what I did last night to ensure the future of the WWE. I did what I did last night for all of you. I did what I did for each and every one of you. For all of you, your children, their children, and all of you on the ramp. I did it for Vince McMahon, for his grandfather Jess McMahon, for his father Vince Sr., and for Vince McMahon, the genius that created this global empire you all enjoy today. I did it so it will all be here long after he's gone. I did it for my wife, our children, so this will exist in their future, for all of you in the 'Universe'. So this WWE will continue to exist in all of your futures. You think I wanted to do that Bryan? I like Bryan. I consider Bryan to be a friend. I like what he does in this ring, a big fan of him. Bryan is a very good little technician. And he gave Cena one hell of a match last night. He deserved to win. But, let's be honest, WWE Champion? Face of the WWE?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – No, no, you, you, deserve better than that! (heat) Each of you deserve better than that. You deserve the complete package, someone that has it all, you deserve A+, not B. Don't ever settle for less. You deserve A+ and that's what I gave you last night. I gave you A+. Bryan comes out and says he has a personal problem with that? That a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Bryan's personal problem? What about my personal issues? How did I feel about this? You think I wanted to throw away Bryan's 15 years of blood sweat and tears to get to where he was last night? You think I wanted to throw that all away because he overachieved? No, I didn't. It hurt me personally to do that to Bryan. Look at the guy I did it with. You think I like doing that with him? There's no love lost with him, a lot of water under that bridge, but I buried my personal feelings for what was right for you! I buried all that hate to do what was right for you. For Bryan to stand out here with his personal problem. I don't care about your person problem. Bryan, saying you have a personal problem with this is just selfish. Plain and simple selfish. This is not about you. You need to check your ego at the door, the way I do each week. This is not about you, but the 'Universe'. You put your personal feelings aside and do what's right for business.

"Daniel Bryan! Daniel Bryan! Daniel Bryan!"

Trip – I'm right, I'm going to do what needs to be done, put my personal feelings aside and bring out your future, the face of the WWE, the coal that has now become the diamond. I give you the new WWE Champion, The Viper, Randy Orton!

Orton comes out slowly, looks at Booker T, Ryback, Long, Young, as he goes between them, then heads for the ring. Orton passes The Shield, then to the stairs and into the ring. McMahon and Steph clap for Orton. Orton shakes McMahon's hand, then Trip's. Orton looks at Steph, puts his hand out to her, and she reaches out and hugs Orton. Steph claps as Orton takes his mic.

"YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!"

Orton – I told you so. I told you when I cashed in, you would not see it coming. Now I stand before you the 10th time, the Apex Predator of the WWE. (mixed, much pop) I'm not one for thank yous, but I think I can make an exception. After what you did for me Trip, I owe all of this to you.

Orton and Trip shake and hug.

Orton – As a matter of fact, everyone should stand and show this man the respect he deserves!

Trip – Now, since we own the place, we have eyes and ears everywhere, and I know Bryan is in this building. Here's the thing Bryan, I know you have a personal issue, so I want to get in the in the open like men. Stand in the ring, eye to eye, do what you need, have a good cry. Do what you need to get past this so you can move on with your little career. So Bryan, come on out, wherever you are. Hold on. The Shield, you're a little intimidating, he's probably scared, step aside. No one touches Bryan, no one, on the stage, anyone. Bryan, come on out. You're right Vince. We should make Bryan feel welcome. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Let's play his music, make him feel at home! Come on out Bryan!

Bryan's music plays, and he comes around the stage onto the ramp and out, looking really pissed off.

Trip – Here he is!

Trip motions The Shield aside and Bryan into the ring, but then The Shield attacks Bryan as he gets on the apron. Bryan slams Reigns and Rollins into the stairs. Bryan tries to get into the ring, but Ambrose pulls hand down. Bryan takes out Rollins and Ambrose.

Trip – Let's get your feelings out, come on.

Bryan head for the ring and he's speared from the side. They're about to triple bomb Bryan, but Trip stops them.

Trip – This isn't what I want. Bryan, come into the ring and say what you want to say, get it off your chest. Come on Bryan, you can do it. Show some guts, come on. That's it, come on. That's the fighting spirit. Come on, fight for it. Let's talk, man to man. (Bryan struggles up with each of Trip's taunting) Come on.

Bryan into the ring and eats an RKO. McMahon, Orton, Trip and Steph, arms raised across the ring over Bryan's body as RAW goes off the air. The camera is pointed up at them, making them look that much grander.

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