RAW Results 12/23/13 – That's What My Sources At The North Pole Tell Me...


RAW Results December 23, 2013
From Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

As Maine is wrought with bad weather, my DISH connectivity is spotty. I will write what I can, but I'm going to keep this taped RAW short tonight, and there could be holes in it due to being under a blanket of ice.

RAW Starts


Henry and Sandow dressed in their Santa costumes, but each alone on the screen as they spoke.

Henry - Twas Monday Night RAW, and all over the the town, the WWE 'Universe' arrived to watch Superstars throw down. The locker room was buzzing, red ropes trimmed the ring...

Sandow – But the World's Smartest Santa was lurking in the wings.

Henry – RAW Christmas had arrived on a very special night, time to spread joy, and goodwill, in between the fights.

Sandow - A pox on this holiday, 'tis a day for fools, December 25th would be better spent at school.

Henry – On Hitman, on Stone Cold, on Sexy Grand Meister.

Sandow – On Mountie, on Blasse, on Irwin R. Shyster.

Henry – On our Christmas party, that Santa may reign, but the World's Strongest Santa is here to put him in the Hall of Pain!

Sandow – That oaf is no match for my brains or my fitness, tonight I'll defeat him, then cancel Christmas.

Trip, Steph and Kane out in power suits and Santa hats. There's a shorter guy in an elf hat with Kane holding a Santa hat. Kane is handing out candy Kanes to everyone ringside (pun intended).

Trip – Welcome to a very RAW Christmas. It's a time for sharing and family, for giving back. Steph and I like to make our employees volunteer at soup kitchens and places like that.

Steph – Like Hunter said, it warms our hearts, and there's no place we'd rather be than with our extended WWE family. As the head of that family, it's our jobs to make sure you have a very merry Christmas.

Trip – With that in mind, we have a wonderful show, starting with the very holidays hanging in the balance with Bad Santa going one on one with the jolly Good Santa.

Steph – Not only that, but the entire The Wyatt Family will face Cody and Goldust, and their partner, Bryan.

Trip – And the main event, that would be a main event in any season. The Shield will face Big E, Punk and Cena. With that, Merry Christmas to all of you...

Orton cuts Trip off and slowly comes to the ring, strap over each shoulder. Orton in and poses, but not on a corner.

Orton – First off, please, I would like to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. Steph and Trip, thank you for the support when I needed it the most. I did beat Cena by myself, but it was your faith that inspired my performance. I'm in a giving mood, so I'm giving The Authority a gift this year. I thought long and hard about this loving couple you have it all. This big ticket item is the hottest commodity, and already wrapped in a gold bow. Your gift is the WWE WHC. Thanks for a much deserved night off, Merry Christmas.

Orton group hugs with Trip and Steph and leaves.

Kane – And I heard him exclaim, as he rode out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Kane calls fire from all four.


12 Divas Jingle Belles – Kaitlyn & Fox & Aksana & Tamina & Summer Rae & Vickie vs Brie & Nikki & Nattie & Eva Marie & Cameron & Naomi

AJ on announce and Vickie in the ring to wrestle? Heel Divas in the ring, faces out to join them.

Tamina slams Brie down, Brie back with head scissors. Kaitlyn tags in and clotheslines Eva Marie hard. Eva Marie takes Summer Rae down and tags out. Naomi all over Summer Rae. JBL didn't realize that Summer Rae wasn't Rosa. Sick head scissors on Fox from Naomi, then Cameron in to double team. Fox with a lovely bridging suplex on Nikki, then Vickie in with her horns on Nikki's bum. Aksana in and dominated by Nikki. Nattie in to pin Aksana for two. Aksana kicks a telegraphing Nattie, then a bad DDT on Nattie. It all breaks down as AJ picks on JBL for his egg nog nipping early, and ripping on the cat fight.

Nattie and Nikki starting in the middle spinning, then they add a new Total Diva each time around, spinning in the middle, taking out Divas. Nattie with a sharpshooter on Aksana who taps.

Winners – Total Divas (3:48)

Total Divas bunny hop and dance in the ring together.


Axel vs Sin Cara

Axel in the ring. Sin Cara out to face him – his Christmas wish is to entertain us like very before.

Side headlock on Sin Cara. Axel rotates to his leg, takes Sin Cara down, then slaps the back of his head. Sin Cara with an arm drag, then head scissors on Axel. Axel out, then takes Sin Cara down on the apron, then flying out to the floor. Axel grabs Sin Cara through heat, picks him up and slams him back first into the post. JBL talking about Heyman choosing Axel, and it didn't work out. Axel on Sin Cara on the mat, arm locked around his ribs. Sin Cara whipped, gets a foot up, then takes Axel down for two. Axel with a big drop kick on Sin Cara for two.

Arms locked around Sin Cara's ribs as a few men yell, "Boring!" at them. Sin Cara to his feet. Axel can be seen calling moves into the back of Sin Cara's neck. Axel tossed out, and Sin Cara flies out onto him. Both down outside. Replay of Sin Cara flying so beautifully. Axel back in, and Sin Cara flies onto him for two. Head scissors on Axel, then a springboard back elbow on Axel for two.

Axel with a blow to the back of Sin Cara's neck for two. Sin Cara blocks Axel and plants Axel on the mat. Sin Cara up and hits his swanton for three.

Winner – Sin Cara (5:23)

Video recap of Sin Cara's finishing flight.


Recap of Smackdown's main event after Bryan was eliminated by The Wyatt Family. Cena and Punk vs The Shield, but The Shield beats down Punk and The Shield loses via DQ. Reigns spears Cena and they triple power bomb Cena. They set up Punk,but Big E rushed the ring to stop them.


Replay of Bad Santa's video from RAW last week. The little girl tells Sandow his breath smells bad. He doesn't care what she wants, and thinks all children are ungrateful wretches, and cancels Christmas.


Big Show with a diaper, sash and top hat dances around, and welcomes us to a special edition of RAW.



Flashes of a very muscled body with tattoos. It's Batista. January 20th.
Batista – I'm tired of waiting. I'm back!


Bad News Barrett ringing a bell trying to get people to give generously.


Recap of Bryan's problems with The Wyatt Family, mostly narrated by Bray. Then to video of Cody and Goldust facing Harper and Rowan on Smackdown where Bray got involved and cost the Rhodes the match. After it was over Bray was going to attack Goldust, but Bryan out with a chair in hand and beat on Rowan, but then Harper got the chair. Bryan took Bray down, then Rowan down. Bray laughed then, but later, backstage Bryan was attacked by Harper and Rowan, beaten up and tossed off the loading dock while Bray said they could have been friends, but now this is on his own hands. Bryan was checked over by medical after being tossed.

In Ring Segment

Cody and Goldust to the ring. Bryan out to join them to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Cody & Goldust & Bryan vs The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family to the ring.

Rowan in, Harper removes his mask for him. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Rowan kicks at Cody, head butts, then gets Cody up who wiggles free. Feet up on Rowan's face, then low drop kick on Rowan's knee. Goldust in on Rowan for two. Rowan on Goldust who comes back with chops. Rowan backed into the face corner. Bryan tags in with "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" kicks. Rowan tosses Bryan off. Bryan holds Rowan around the waist. Cody with a blind tag. Cody on Rowan. Goldust tags in and they double team. Goldust backed into heel corner, Harper tags in and rakes at Goldust's face. Harper moves Goldust to the next corner, and on Goldust with blows. Goldust whipped, but moved. Goldust all over Harper in the corner. Goldust holding on Harper's head, puts his foot up in front of Cody. Cody looks confused, then realizes and tags Goldust's foot to get in the match. Bryan then tags in. Harper rushes Bryan, Bryan moves and Harper ends up hung up by one foot. Bryan with running feet to Harper's face. Bryan calls for "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" as The Wyatt Family regroups.


Harper with a running elbow to Cody's face in the heel corner. Front facelock on Cody on the mat. Harper moves to a headlock on Cody is bleeding from the bridge of his nose. Cody comes back with a huge clothesline off the ropes and both are down. Bray yells at Harper to get up. Goldust tags in with clotheslines, and his upper cut. Inverted atomic drop, then ten blows on Harper in a corner. Cole talks about how Goldust looks better than ever. Goldyrana on Harper. Harper fights back and Bray tags in. Elbow drops on Goldust, then a blow drops Goldust. Bray blows a kiss to Bryan, then splashes Goldust in a corner. Bray with his back bend in the corner, then stands to kick Goldust in the face. Harper tags in and on Goldust in the ropes. Harper taunts Bryan, then walks on Goldust. Goldust rolls from an elbow drop, but keeps control and brings Goldust into the heel corner. Rowan tags in and takes Goldust down. Rowan splashes Goldust for two.

Rowan wrenches on Goldust's head. Goldust up, but a knee to the gut. Goldust slammed back into a heel corner to keep him from reaching his team. Rowan throws Goldust, but then Goldust fights back, flipping move similar to Petey Williams on Harper. Bryan tags in and all over The Wyatt Family. "YES!" kicks on Rowan, then double feet on him in the corner – twice! "YES!" kicks, but Rowan throws him off. Low drop kick on Rowan, then "YES!" kicks on him, knocking Rowan down. Bryan up, flying head butt on Rowan. Bray in, Bryan grabs him and beats on him, but Bray flees. Bray flees, Bryan chases, but then around the corner of the ring, Bryan runs into Rowan – like a brick wall!


Bryan with back elbows on Harper, but then runs into Harper and taken down. Harper slingshots Bryan up into the second rope. Bray tags in and stomps Bryan as he yells smack. Bryan up and punches on Bray, but Bray back with a big blow. Bray with blows on Bryan on the mat. Bray drags Bryan with an arm and foot to the heel corner. Harper tags in on Bryan, then Rowan tags in to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" but then slams Bryan to the mat to stop the chants. Rowan on Bryan for two.

Rowan wrenches Bryan's head, but Bryan up, up top with a tornado DDT! Both tag out. Cody with a slingshot drop kick on Harper, then a high knee. Cody takes Harper down for two. Disaster kick on Rowan on the apron, then drop toe hold on Harper intothe corner. Moonsault on Harper, but Bray breaks it. Bryan off thetop on Bray. Bray tossed out, Bryan is the flying goat on Bray, then on him with blows. Rowan sends Bryan into the barricade. Goldust flies out of nowhere onto Rowan! In the ring Bray tags in and Cody doesn't know. Cody on Harper, but Bray with Sister Abigail for three!

Winners – The Wyatt Family (23:04)

Huge clothesline to Goldust from Harper. Outside Rowan on Bryan into the stairs, then all over him. Bryan rolled in and they stomp Bryan. Bray all smiles, and yelling smack at Bryan. They pull Bryan to his knees. Bray talks to him, tells him it didn't have to be like this. The Wyatt Family poses – as much as they do – then the lights out. The lights come back up to show Bray in his chair, rocking, Harper and Rowan by his sides, standing there. Bryan beaten in the ring.



Replay of Henry's Good Santa bit from last week's RAW.


Bad News Barrett still ringing the bell out there, raising money, but for what charity?

Christmas Carol Singing Contest

Renee announces the competition.

R-Truth and Woods start, and Woods sounds great! Lovely voice with R-Truth throwing in comments.

2MB sing Jingle Bells between them – BADLY! They are more yelling than anything.

Santino and Khali end it with Deck The Halls. Santino tries singing in a high voice, but Khali yells, "fahlalalalala walalalala walalalalaaaa!"

Renee calls for reactions. The fans love R-Truth and Woods, hate 2MB, but really love Santino and Khali. Santino and Khali win, so 2MB start a fight. Santino apologizes for that, then Santino, R-Truth and Woods sing, We Wish. Khali, of course, messed it up.

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Fandango and Summer Rae on one side, Ziggler on the other.


Present On A Pole Match – Fandango vs Ziggler

Fandango and Summer Rae to the ring. Ziggler out to face him.

They both rush for the pole, which holds a contract for an IC Title Match next week on RAW. Ziggler with a drop kick on Fandango. Ziggler rushes the corner, Fandango grabs him. Big back elbow on Ziggler that looks lovely. Fandango climbs, but then Ziggler grabs his leg and slams him to the mat. Ziggler with big blows on Fandango. Ziggler whips Fandango, then climbs as Summer Rae tweaks outside. Fandango grabs Ziggler and powerbombs him to the mat. Ziggler comes back with a famouser.

Ziggler crawls to the ropes, to his feet, climbs the corner, but then Fandango slams into Ziggler, sending him flying from the top and out, bouncing his head off the pole in the process. Fandango climbs, but Ziggler is there. On the second ropes and they fight. Fandango to the apron, lands a big kick to Ziggler's head. Ziggler sprawls across the corner. Fandango climbs, but Ziggler knocks him off. Fandango lands on the top rope, the hard way, right in the slats. Ziggler with the present in hand, but Fandango on him, knocks Ziggler off the top. Ziggler flies, bounces his head off the stairs and lands hard. Fandango climbs and gets the contract.

Winner – Fandango (4:43)


Miz talking up the US Military, talking about Hire Heroes.


Prime Time Players vs Usos

Prime Time Players fight over the mic, and Young takes it.

Young – Hold on a sec big man, you do all the talkin'! Houston... What?

O'Neil – No, Austin! The Prime Time Players aren't greedy. A bit slow at times, but not greedy. All we want are three things for Christmas.

Young fights for the mic again, so O'Neil hands it over.

Young – Um...

He got all tongue tied and slammed the mic back into O'Neil's chest.

O'Neil – We want a victory tonight. A shot at the TTCs. And we want all of you in Austin for what we should have gotten a Slammy for – millions of dollars.

The fans give them heat and Young looks like he's about to cry, so O'Neil hugs him.

Usos to the ring in orange.

An Uso and O'Neil lock up, Uso slammed back. Uso up, they shake, then back at it. O'Neil grabs the Uso and drops him hard on the mat. Young tags in, O'Neil lifts him and slams him on the mat. Arm drag on Young. "This is Austin!" chants. Arm drag on Young, into an arm bar. "Houston sucks!" chants. Uso pins for two. The twin tags in and on Young. Arm hold on Young. Otre Uso tags in and they double team Young for two. Arm hold on Young on the mat. Uso chops on Young, but Young comes back with a northern lights. Uso runs into a chop, then a throw, but the Uso got a blind tag. Samoan drop on Young, then a bum slam for two, but O'Neil breaks it up. O'Neil sent out and Young eats a super kick. Uso tags in with a red nose tied on. He flies like Rudolph onto Young for three.

Winners – Usos (4:53)

All four in the ring together, all arm in arm. All four of them – millions of dollars.

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Good Santa and Bad Santa.


Good Santa vs Bad Santa

Good Santa Henry to the ring. Bad Santa Sandow to the ring, a big chunk of coal in his hand, tossing it to fans. The ref has to toss coal from the ring.

Sandow rushes Henry and dropped. Henry removes the cover from the first gift in a corner. It's a toilet. Henry jams Sandow's head into the toilet. Outside Sandow opens a gift and it's a fire extinguisher, but Sandow can't get it to work. Sandow pushed back, pulls the pin, then sprays Sandow. Sandow crawls up the ramp and gets a candy kendo to beat Henry with it. Sandow beats up a tree with the kendo. Sandow after Henry again, but Henry grabs the kendo and breaks it in half. Sandow rolls down the ramp. Henry sends Sandow into a tree, then slams a present on Sandow. Sandow in, Henry rolls in and beaten on. Sandow with the extinguisher, but can't use it again. Sandow beaten down, then Henry with the extinguisher on Sandow. Henry hits the sleigh ride (WSS) for three.

Winner – Good Santa (3:16)

Good Santa opens a gift to find a stick of bells. Sandow rolls, somehow ends up in the toilet again, head through the seat! Henry to another corner, opens another gift as JBL tweaks out that Santa should be in chains for stealing gifts. Good Santa finds a box of cupcakes. He took a big bite of a cupcake, then smooshes the whole tray in Sandow's face.

Backstage Segment

Renee introduces Punk. What's his plan for The Shield tonight?

Punk – For once Punk has a plan. Big problems with The Shield. They've been around for a year and cause problems for everyone. Two days from Christmas and they're trying to ruin it. I might be the lone wolf, but I asked for help. I wrote a list, checked it twice, and actually asked Santa Claus for help. You actually saw Good Santa save Christmas, he's already come through and brought me two others to help. The IC Champ, Big E Langston.

Big E – This season, I'm handing out beatings.

Punk – He's handing out beatings like Good Santa is handing me gifts in the form of partners, here's the third, hustle, loyalty, respect!

Cena – Who's in the big main event tonight. Let me tell you something Punker, he may seem down now, but when the time is right, Big E will release the Langston, oh yesss! What you guys don't know, but I found The Shield's Christmas list. They crumpled it up, threw it in the trash, but I got my hands on it, and I couldn't think of a bigger main event, because we're going to give them all they need. Big E, all Reigns wants is for you to knock his teeth in!

Big E – I'm gonna give it to him!

Cena – Rollins simply need an attitude adjustment. Ambrose must have been awake for days because all he wants to do is go to sleep.

Big E – Believe in that!


The Real Americans vs Los Matadores

Zeb – When you celebrate Christmas, remember this. Santa Claus is an illegal immigrant, like most of you who have sneaked across our border. He sneaks in one night, then leaves, you forget to leave. Would you please rise... "We, the people!"

Los Matadores out in their normal manner, El Torito (in white) with them, to the ring to face them.

Cesaro on Diego with kicks, but then Diego fights back. Back elbow from Diego. Cesaro catches Diego, sets up, then giant swing. I think it was 24 swings, but not sure. Diego from the ring, but then they swapped. Fernando pins Cesaro for two, Swagger breaks it up. Swagger tags in, and Fernando takes them both down. Fernando on Swagger for two. Fernando with head scissors on Swagger for two. Diego into the barricade by Cesaro, but then El Torito gores Cesaro outside. Cross body on Swagger for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (3:21)

Video recap of El Torito. They pose in the ring.


The Shield beating down Punk and Cena on Smackdown.

In Ring Segment

Kofi to the ring in green.


Kofi vs Ryback

Ryback to the ring.

Kofi backed into a corner, then tossed. Side headlock on Ryback, but Kofi slammed down. Kofi caught, flipped back, lands a drop kick on Ryback. Kofi all over Ryback who has to roll out. On the apron Ryback argues with ref and takes a drop kick. Kofi flips over the top and out onto Ryback. Kicks to Ryback outside. Ryback rolls in, clotheslines Kofi from the ring. "Goldberg!" chants. Kofi face first on the apron, then in. Kofi whipped hard and falls, then stomped. The ref yells at Ryback. Ryback pulls Kofi to his feet, then chops. Chop in the next corned. Bear hug by Ryback in the center of the ring. Kofi with blows on Ryback, but caught and into a delayed for two.

Cole says Batista just Tweeted. Ryback off the corner, but Kofi catches him with a foot to the face. Kofi whipped, gets an elbow up. Kofi whipped, lands on the second ropes, bounces off into a drop kick for two. Kick to the front of a sitting Ryback. Boom drop on Ryback who struggles to his feet. Kofi sets up, but Ryback moves. Kofi kicks Ryback, then cross body, lateral press on Ryback for two!

Kofi on Ryback in a corner, but Ryback lifts Kofi to eat corner. Meathook on Kofi, then says, 'Happy Holidays.' Kofi up, shell shocked.

Winner – Ryback (5:46)

Video of the high points – mostly Kofi's – until the finisher.



WWE overseas last week – lovely stills from their time over there. VKM's 11th trip over there.

Bad News Barrett

Barrett – Ladies and gentlemen, I have been out all day raising money from the residents of this fine city. Your generosity has raised thousands and thousands of dollars so how about a big round of applause? (small pop) (Barrett pounds his gavel and sneers) However, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. You see, I'm not actually affiliated with any charity. So this money, this money is coming home with me. Mark my words, it's going to be a very happy holiday season at the Bad News Barrett household. Thank you very much.


The Shield face the Usos and Punk. The night before Punk had beaten The Shield, but then Punk took a spear on RAW and lost the match on RAW.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – Punk won the lottery at TLC, but now, he's on pain. He's got three thorns in his side. Punk, your pain brings us pleasure, but since when are you so buddy, buddy with Cena?

Rollins – Cena. Punk. The two of you walk down this alley plenty of times. The two of you know what lurks in these shadows. I don't know why you try to play this game, the outcome is the same every single time. The two of you lying on the ground, gasping for air.

Reigns – The one with the target on his back is Big E Langston, IC Champion. You're swimming in the deep end. We're an evolutionary machine, and tonight we'll do what we do best, tear everything apart in our path. Believe that, and believe in The Shield.


Dueling chants for Cena. During the break, Reigns with a superman punch. Rollins on Cena with two. Ambrose tags in for two. Punches from Ambrose on a kneeling Cena. Cena punches back, to his feet and more punches, but then gets wrapped in a sleeper by Ambrose. Ambrose on Cena's back in the center of the ring. Cena to one knee. The fans clap, Cena up and tags in Punk. Punk on Ambrose, then on Rollins and a terrible drop kick on Ambrose. Punk flies out on Ambrose. Punk on Ambrose in the ring as the fans chant for Punk. High running knee in a corner, then clothesline. Punk out to climb, but Rollins distracts and Punk knocked from the apron by Ambrose. Ambrose out and grabs Punk for a suplex out there. Ambrose rolls in the break the count, then out to grab Punk. Punk rolled in, Ambrose behind for two.

Rollins tags in and stoms Punk as Ambrose holds his arm up. Rollins talks smack at Punk, then on him with blows on the mat. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk whipped, hits the mat, sells the ribs. Rollins talks smack at Punk, then taunts Cena. Kicks on Punk, stomping him into the mat. Rollins continues to yell smack. Rollins whipped, upside-down, lands on the mat. Ambtags in and cuts Punk off from his partners. Punk backed into the heel corner. Reigns tags in with a head butt. Cole and JBL talks up Reigns in a HUGE way. Reigns pushes Punk's head around, trash talking. Punk with punches, but Punk dives for his partners, but lands in a bear hug. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk slammed to the mat hard for two.

Reigns slowly up, measuring Punk, then drops an elbow for two. Rollins tags in and stomps Punk. Body scissors by Rollins on the mat. Punk elbows back on Rollins, gets free. Back suplex on Rollins and both are down. Ambrose tags in and cheap shot on Cena. Big E in and Reigns takes Cena down outside. Rollins tells Ambrose what happened outside, so Ambrose and Rollins taunt Big E. Punk on Ambrose, but Ambrose able to tag out. Reigns stops Punk from reaching Big E. Punk whipped, moves and Reigns eats corner.

Big E runs through Rollins, on Reigns. Clotheslines Reigns from the ring, then belly-to-belly on Rollins. Ambrose tossed off the corner onto Rollins. Big E runs the ropes and splashes them both. Straps are down, but takes a back elbow from Rollins. Ambrose tags in, up, but Rollins on Big E and Ambrose on him for two, but Cena breaks the count! Rollins flies, Cena catches him, sets up, but Reigns spears Cena out from under Rollins! Punk off the corner on Reigns! Rollins sent over the top. Big E grabs Ambrose for the big ending, but Rollins and Reigns attack and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners – Cena & Punk & Big E via DQ (19:33)

(Guessing on the time as the power was flashing off and I think a transformer almost blew, but it didn't – hopefully – but I still have power.)

The Shield all over Big E in the ring, set him up for Reigns, but Cena pulls Reigns from the ring, and Punk in. big double clothesline on Rollins and Ambrose from Big E! AA on Reigns as a GTS on Ambrose. They roll out, and Reigns checks on them outside at Cena's music plays, then Punk's music plays. They pose in the ring, and Big E's music plays. Punk and Big E each on a corner, Cena in the center. Then Big E in the middle and hands raised across the ring.

Biggest Pop
Team of Cena, Punk & Big E
Good Santa

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Young calling Austin as Houston

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