RAW Results – Kane Falls To A Real Monster, Ryback Gets Cuddly, Vickie YOU'RE FIRED!


RAW Results July, 2013
From 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about Vickie's evaluation and how McMahon, Steph and Triple H will all be in the ring for that... The Cole is cut off for a bit of Wyatt Family video. We're coming...

Show Starts


A differently cut Wyatt Family promo.

Music & Pyro

Much longer music opening.

In Ring Segment

Maddox and Vickie in the ring.
Vickie – Welcome to Monday night RAW! I've been diligently working on MITB. Great names have been associated with the ladder in the WWE. HBK, Razor Ramon, Triple H! This ladder means something special to me, how I have climbed year after year with my career. (heat) if I fall, I'm holding all of you responsible.

Vickie climbs as the fans chant, "Fall! Fall! Fall!" vi sits at the top with Maddox holding one side of the ladder and a ref holding the other as if their lives depend on it. Maddox is replaced by a ref.

Vickie – There's no book that tells how a woman can be successful in male dominated companies like GE and WWE. No one ever held my hand and said Vickie, this is how you run a show of manage Superstars. I have done everything on my own, navigated every mine field to give the best shows. The WWE 'Universe' and I haven't seen eye to eye, but everything I've done is because of you.

King – Vickie, I've always wanted to say this. EXCUSE ME!! Vickie, in preparation of your job evaluation, the McMahon Family is taking in all factors, even the opinion of the WWE 'Universe'. We can grade Vickie's job on the WWE App. (It's pass or fail!)

Vickie – Thanks for that info. I think this is the perfect time to say the 'Universe' has been my family. We have good and bad day, but at the end, we all have each others back. That's why I know I'll have your support for the match I have for you tonight. Cena will stand face to face with Henry! Tonight I have scheduled matches with the All Star MITB. Christian faces Kane. Orton face Punk. Sheamus against Bryan! That match is right now!

In Ring Segment

Bryan out yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bry looks up at the case above the ladder.


April 2, 2006, RVD won MITB!


Bryan vs Sheamus

Bryan is still having the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" just by raising his arms. Sheamus out to face him.

They lock up, Bryan backed into a corner. Clean break. They lock up, side headlock takeover on Bryan and Sheamus keeps the hold. Bryan pushes off but takes a shoulder block that drops him. Arm bar on Sheamus. Sheamus elbows free. Sheamus over and under Bryan, straight into a clothesline for one. Kicks on Sheamus' leg. Sheamus comes back with blows, then knee drops. Sheamus pulls Bryan to the mat, knee on his head, arm barred. Bryan up, forces free and lands a high knee. Kicks from Bryan. Sheamus up, Bryan on his arm, Sheamus on Bryan's face, then on Bryan for two. Jerry Lawler is trending on Twitter. Bryan on Sheamus, they struggle and Sheamus manages his back breaker. Bryan comes back clotheslines Sheamus from the ring, holds on with one arm. Bryan pulls himself up, runs the apron onto Sheamus, but Sheamus catches Bryan, holds on, then falls back landing Bryan face first into the barricade.


Bryan pushes free of Sheamus. Upper cut on Sheamus in a corner. Bryan whipped, but up over Sheamus. Sheamus comes back with his Irish curse back breaker for two. Bryan kicks as Sheamus telegraphs. Sheamus with a high knee, then a back elbow on Bryan for two. Bryan into a corner, but gets a foot up. Sheamus scoops Bryan up, rolling senton on Bryan and the fans are mixed. Sheamus sets up, but Bryan ducks the brogue kick. Sheamus out, Bryan with his suicide dive landing right on Sheamus. Sheamus sent in and Bryan climbs. Big missile drop kick on Sheamus for two.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Bryan with the kicks, but Sheamus avoided the big one. Sheamus with his forearms over the top rope. Sheamus climbs, but Bryan hits the ropes, knocking Sheamus to sitting position. Bryan climbs and tries for head scissors, but Sheamus holds on and Bryan lands badly! Shoulder off the top on Bryan for two.

Both men are down and struggle up. Bryan up, but wiggling. Bryan slammed back into a corner, twice, and doesn't hit white noise. Drop toe hold on Sheamus into the corner. Kicks to Sheamus' head, twice, for two. Bryan climbs. Diving head butt, but Sheamus moves and Bryan eats mat for two. Bryan on Sheamus' legs with kicks. Dueling chants for the Superstars. Bryan takes Sheamus to his knees, but Bryan runs at Sheamus is caught up, but Sheamus can't hold on and Bryan rolls him back for two. Bryan tries to lock on his "NO!" lock, Sheamus reverses into the cloverleaf, but then Bryan counters and rolls Sheamus up for three!

Winner – Bryan (16:50)

Sheamus looks a bit frustrated as the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" for Bryan. Sheamus over to Bryan, looks down at him, looks up at the case, then extends his hand. They shake and nod. Sheamus leaves Bryan the ring to celebrate.


WWE.com reporter looked for the Wyatt Family compound. He had to ask for directions. Two guys with a pigeon in a cage in the back of a truck. "Couple miles that way. You'll know."


WWE Rewind

AJ tried to distract Kaitlyn on Smackdown and was taken down for it.

Backstage Segment

AJ – I barely left Smackdown in one piece. If you hear thundering hooves, it's Kaitlyn, why you laughing?
Big E – You beat her once, you'll beat her again.

Ziggler comes in, AJ hugs him.
Ziggler – Big E, can you give us a second?
AJ – Can you watch for Kaitlyn for me? (To Ziggler) What's wrong?
Ziggler – Don't you mean what's right? You haven't been out there with me, but I still won. What about us being the power couple? Champ and Champ? No, you're following Kaitlyn for some unknown reason. This is all about you right?
AJ – Baby, you know my only priority is for us to both walk out of MITB, and will do anything to make that happen. You will do the same? Come on baby, tell me you want to go all the way.
Ziggler – All the way to my third WHC.


Recapping Henry's career.

In Ring Segment

The Shield in the stands, but only Rollins and Reigns to the ring. They pose in the ring.



May 27, 2002 RVD wins IC Title in Ladder Match.

Rollins & Reigns vs Tons of Funk

Rollins on Clay, briefly, but then easily taken down. Sweet T tags in and they double team Rollins. Upside-down chicken wing on Rollins, then slammed to the mat. Clay tags in and they double team, then Clay tosses Rollins. "Albert!" chants. Clay splashes, but the second is missed as Rollins moves. Reigns tags in with clotheslines on Clay. Reigns holds Clay as Rollins tags in and kicks on Clay. Big kick to the side of Clay's head on the apron. Rollins in and pins Clay for two. Reigns tags in and on Clay with blows to the body in the corner. Snap mare on Clay! Chinlock on Clay on the mat. Clay up, blows, but then eats a back elbow. Rollins tags in and they both work him over with kicks. Reigns tags in and whips Rollins into a splash, then a corner clothesline of his own. Reigns pins for two.

Chinlock on Clay on the mat as Sweet T tries to get the fans cheering. Clay head butts to Reigns gut, but Reigns back with big blows to Clay's back. Reigns gets Clay up on his shoulders, but tumbles back and Reigns is pinned for two. Both are down, but then both tag out.

Clotheslines, blows, then a sick shoulder block to Rollins. Sweet T takes out Reigns, then rolling senton on Rollins. Rollins fight back. Rollins with a cheap shot on Clay. Rollins flies, but Sweet T side steps. Sweet T slams Rollins down for a long two. Sweet T telegraphs, is kicked for it. Reigns with a blind tag. Sick kick to the side of Sweet T's head, then Rollins seems to run the ropes, but flies out onto Clay. Sweet T turns into a spear for three.

Winners – Rollins & Reigns (6:34)

Video recap of the end of the match. Rollins and Reigns pose in the ring.



More of the reporter in search of the Wyatt Family compound. A creep two story white house. Out behind is Rowan in his mask. Then Harper is there and Rowan is gone. Harper tells the reporter to follow him.

In Ring Segment

Cena (on stage) – Coming to you live from the land of pleasant living.

Cena to the ring. Grabs the mic, puts it on the mat, shows his back, waits for the right moment in his music, then poses. Mixed reaction, and lots of it.

Cena – We got a riled up crowd tonight! Hell, if I didn't know any better, I'd think MITB is tonight. Earlier Henry said to get out there because he has to talk to him. I'm here, we're just missing WSW! I'm right here.

Henry's music and out he comes. Henry walks to the ring as Cena paces inside.

Henry – You go the same look on your face as you did last week. The look of fear.
Cena – I'm not afraid of you.
Henry – You should be. For 17 years I've starved.
Cena – You brought be out here to talk about a damn Snicker's bar?
Henry – You know what, the old Henry would have laughed or did you some bodily harm. Instead, I'm gunna chill. You stand there and think you know who I am. I'm a new man. I known you for over ten years.


Henry - I knew who you was before you knew who you was.


Henry – You just like these people. You a puppet.


Henry – That Title will validate my career. If I take that from you, without a shadow of a doubt, I be a first ballot HOFer.


Henry – I sell out my own Mama for that.


Henry – I even sold out my family.
Cena – Well then Mark, you better win this Sunday. You better win at MITB. I've won and lost it, but with respect. I look in your eyes and I see the man who is desperate. He's leveraged his family, lied to these people all for leather and gold. You better walk out Champ Sunday, if you do, you deserve it. You don't any you've lost everything. The respect of these people, 17 years!

Henry – You think I care what you think? All these people think? I don't. Some of these people love you, some hate you.

Cena (shrugs) – Welcome to RAW!

Henry – Either way. You care. I don't. There's lines you won't cross because of your goodness.

Cena – How could you not care about this?

Henry – You interrupt me one more time, MITB will start tonight.

Cena – Okay, you want to talk about crossing lines, do ya? (off comes the belt and shirt) You want to start MITB early, do ya? (off comes the dog tags, and he draws a fake line with his toe) There's a line, cross it and I'll whip your ass right now.

Henry – You want me to cross the line? For free? It's MITB. I took a 50% pay cut before. I'm not losing money. You'll get me on Sunday. (Henry puts down the mic, then picks it up) You want some, I'm gunna give you a sample. (off comes the shirt, he makes like he's coming, then stops) (off mic) See you Sunday.

Henry rushes Cena when he's not ready. Cena tries to come back and lifts Henry, but crumbles under the weight. Henry picks Cena up for a WSS.

"One more time!"

Henry grabs the belt, puts a foot on Cena's chest, and holds the belt high posing. Henry then lays the belt across Cena and yells smack down at him on the mat. Video recap of Henry's attack on Cena. Henry looks back at Cena on the mat, struggling with refs by his side.

Backstage Segment

Josh – You will be in the All Stars MITB, but tonight you're facing Punk, any thoughts?
Orton – Punk's always called himself the best in the world. Didn't believe it when I beat him two years ago at WrestleMania, and I don't tonight. After MITB, if Cena finds himself vulnerable like tonight, I won't hesitate to take it from him.


Jericho vs Axel

Miz is on announce as they talk about Vickie. Miz says he doesn't want her job. Jericho's music and the lights go out. Blinkie jacket and Jericho out. Video of Ryback quitting his match with Miz last week. Jericho then hit a code breaker on Ryback after that. Axel out with Heyman in tow wearing shades.
Henry – My name is Paul Heyman. For those of you who didn't see Smackdown last week, I'm not here to market myself as a martyr once again for Punk. (off comes the glasses) No, instead, I'm here to bask in the glory of perfection. Perfection in the form of your IC Champ, Curtis Axel!
Axel – Jericho you say you're the best in the world at what you do. You wear a jacket with Christmas lights, but all I need is the shine of the IC Title to let the 'Universe' know Axel has arrived. I've spent a lifetime to get to where I am, and I won't let Miz or you stand in the way of perfection.

Chops to Axel. Shoulder block drops Jericho. Axel under and over Jericho, then into a drop kick. Clothesline to Axel, then another over the top and out. Jericho with a drop kick through the ropes. Axel bounced off the barricade face first, then sent in. Jericho on the apron takes shoulder blocks. Jericho comes back with blows, but a kick from Axel as Jericho comes in. Neck breaker on Jericho as he comes in. Axel gets two for it.


Axel with Jericho's arm and chin wrenched back. During the back Axel hit a lovely drop kick on Jericho as Jericho flew off the top. Axel on the second ropes, but Jericho moves and Axel eats mat. Shoulder blocks drops Axel, then Jericho up top with a big Axel. Another clothesline on Axel, then Jericho sets up. Axel counters. Axel rushes Jericho in a corner, but eats a boot. Jericho with a suplex for two. Jericho has held the IC Title 9 times, more than anyone else. Drop toe hold on Jericho for two. Miz talks about holding the IC Title. JBL reminds that he's held it too.

Chops on Jericho in a corner. Jericho whipped, but moves and Axel eats corner. Jericho up top with a big cross body on Axel for two. Running bulldog, but Axel gets his knees up for the lionsault. Axel with a swinging neck breaker for two. Jericho runs the ropes, holds on and Axel lands on his back. Lionsault on Axel for two. Axel catches the code breaker, hangs Jericho up top, then Axel with a perfect plex for a long two! Heyman looks about to plotz. Blows on Jericho on the mat as Axel talks smack. Jericho reverses on Axel, sets up and locks on the walls! Axel walks to the ropes, so Jericho has to break. Jericho knocks Axel far off the apron onto announce. Axel gets in Miz's face. Off comes the jacket and tie. Heyman grabs Axel and yells to get in the ring or get counter out. Axel into the ring and a code breaker for three.

Winner – Jericho (8:59)

Miz with a huge smile at Axel's loss. Heyman pulls a freaking Axel up the ramp.


Recap of Bryan reversing on Sheamus and getting the win.



September 29, 2003 – RVD hits a 5 star frog splash off the top of the ladder on Christian, then wins the IC Title.

Backstage Segment

Josh – Are you concerned that you both being in MITBLM will effect your friendship?
Sandow – You're becoming quite the little journalist, aren't you? If, for some reason, I don't win the contract, I hope my partner wins it, and I'm sure he feels the same way about me.
Josh – Cody?
Sandow – I just told you what he thought.
Zeb – Pardon the interruption, hate to break up this love-fest, but I heard you talking about MITB, let me tell you something. If American's don't take charge of this country soon, our money's going to be worth nothing, and it doesn't take an intellectual guru, but you Cody should know that. Being the son of American Dream, you should know the nightmare this country goes through everyday. At MITB, we're going to own it. Two real Americans are in it....
Barrett – Ladies, please, the only person winning this Sunday is me.
Zeb – I didn't understand a word you said, are you speaking English, or what language?
Barrett – The Queen's English!

Everyone is arguing until Fandango steps in front of them all.
Cody – Don't say it.
Fandango – Fahn...
Barrett – Don'!
Fandango (trying not to laugh) – Fahn...
Zeb – Don't!
Fandango – Fahn-Dahn...
Barrett punches Fandango in the head. Everyone stands around and laughs as Fandango crawls away. Then they all stare and glare.


The reporter followed Harper into the house, and is told not to stray. Through the dark halls with 'Obey, obey, obey!' over and over. The reporter sees someone, but is told to come along. He's then handed off to Bray.


Sin Cara vs ADR

Sin Cara in the ring. ADR out to face him. Video recap of ADR and Ziggler two weeks ago on Smackdown. Ricardo took the guitar to the head. ADR backs Sin Cara into a corner, and all over him with blows. Sin Cara with a slingshot deep arm drag. Another deep arm drag off the top. Big kick to ADR's chest. Sin Cara climbs, but ADR up there with a kick to the back of Sin Cara' head for a long two. ADR grinds his knee into the back of Sin Cara' head and rips at his mask. Slingshot back elbow to ADR. Enziguri on Sin Cara for two.

Ziggler comes out, distracts ADR. Sin Cara tries for a quick win, but can't get it.
Ziggler – I'm sort of sorry that I injured your ring announcer, so I'm going to do it the right way. Bear with me, it's my first time. A man who flaunts his massive wealth to make up for something not so massive. A coward who tried to end my career and in six days has no chance of walking out WHC. At MITB, let me introduce you to the looser of the match, Alberto Del....

ADR out and attacks Ziggler. Suddenly Sin Cara flies off the top, Ziggler side steps and ADR takes it all.

Backstage Segment

Vickie and Maddox heading for the ring.



Ray Rice is in the front row.


Recap of Cena and Henry in the ring earlier.

In Ring Segment

Vickie in the ring looking like she might barf as the fans are already trying to sing her out of the arena. Out comes McMahon, Steph and Trip, all to McMahon's music. They all get in the ring, and sit behind the desk set up for them.

Steph – Tonight we're here to evaluate your performance. I'd like to thank the 'Universe' for voting on the App. You opinion will be factored in tonight. Vickie, the floor is yours.

Vickie – Thank you for being out here tonight. I've always...

Steph – Vickie, could you please sit down. (Vickie backs into the stool she's been provided)

Vickie – I've always loved the McMahon Family. To all you out there, I have a special love for each of you. (heat) But, I would like to humbly state for the record I take pride in producing high entertainment. The night I exposed AJ. And big name Superstars have returned under me, like RVD, The Rock. Some say I even inspired Taker to return to WrestleMania.

Steph – Did Vickie just say she inspired Taker's return to WrestleMania? Vickie, it's amazing that you're taking credit for these people you had nothing to do with, but not even acknowledging the man that took out my father and my husband, Brock Lesnar.

Vickie – I did sign Brock, but...

Steph – Being in charge of RAW, you have to make tough decisions, you have to take responsibility for your actions. Do you think bringing back Brock was a good idea?

Vickie – Steph, I believe in what your Dad taught me, to do the right things for business. I did sign Brock, but I had no idea he'd attack you two. I apologize. I'm so sorry!

McMahon (stands to pop) – You have no reason to apologize, other than for what Brock did to me personally. I think bringing Brock back was a stroke of genius. As far as your qualifications, we all believe you're highly entertaining. You have made bone head decisions in past, but you did it for what you thought was quality, wholesome, family TV, right?

Vickie – That is so correct.

Trip – Can I just say something here for a second? I will be the first to admit that Vickie can occasionally be unintentionally entertaining. Let's face facts, she's terrible at her job. No, yeah, you're rotten! Let's look at a couple weeks ago, you were supposed to promote the new video game. You screwed up the whole thing. Second of all, we couldn't head a damn thing you said because the 'Universe' was booing you out of the building. (huge heat) And not in a good way Vickie. This happens each week, and it's bad for business. I know, Vince, you think it's entertaining, but if for a second we can put aside what you think is entertaining, because there's a reason The Golden Girls are not on TV anymore. Let's talk to the WWE 'Universe'. The 'Universe' wants and deserves better than Vickie Guerrero. Now, I will say this though, because she's not without good qualities. Vickie, you do possess the most annoying voice in broadcast TV.

McMahon – Hang on there. You do have a unique voice Vickie. I believe you have qualifications no one else does. I'd like to congratulate you on your hard work and passion, who you are, and you've broken through the male dominated corporate structure. I admire you. Unlike some other short sighted individuals in this ring, I think Vickie should be named Permanent RAW GM.

Trip – If I could just speak for the obviously short sighted side of the table for a second. I don't want to argue about this, at the end of the day I'm CCO, you're Chairman, which basically means that no matter what we say, you're going to do whatever the hell you want to do anyway. Right? Which is pretty much the whole point of this, to put some spineless person in the position of power than basically sits here and strokes your ego, kisses your ass, and does whatever you say they should do. Now, I don't want to believe that's the case, and if that's not the case, since Steph called this meeting, let's let her decide Vickie's fate.

Steph looks about to kill Trip.

McMahon – I have no problem with my daughter, Daddy's little girl, making the right entertaining decision.

Trip – I don't have a problem with my wife, the mother of my children, and the woman who's going to have to go home and put up with me after this, making what I know will be the right decision for business.

McMahon – That would be the business of entertainment.

Trip – But, mostly business.

Steph – It seems as though this job evaluation has escalated a lot further than any of us imagined. And I'm not going to let any one or anything drive a wedge in my family, so we will let the WWE App decide. Did Vickie pass or fail?

A) Pass 25%
B) Fail 75%
The fans go wild!
Steph – Vickie, the 'Universe' has spoken. You've failed.

Vickie – Steph, if I have learned anything from your Dad, it's that you can't trust these people making decisions for the business! (slams her hand on the desk) And I'm not a spineless puppet! They boo me because they love me, that comes with respect! And I am not going to let some popularity contest let Booker T and Teddy Long run Smackdown. This is not right! This is not right.

Steph – Vickie, I've got two words for you... In the immortal words of my father, YOU'RE FIRED!

Vickie drops to her knees. Maddox tries to get her up as the fans start singing her out. Vickie flails around on the mat screaming. Vickie on her knee, begging for her job!

"No more Vickie!"

Vickie up on the desk, on her knees, screaming at Steph and Trip!
Vickie – You put me in charge! I gave you years of service! You did this to me!

McMahon (to the fans) – Are you happy?

The fans are very happy.

McMahon – What's the matter with you? You've broken Vickie Guerrero's heart. Don't turn into animals. Vickie didn't fail, you know who failed? Each of you failed. You threw away the most entertaining RAW GM of all time. You all failed. You have no idea what the right decision is, and I'm going to make it for you. You deserve this. The new RAW GM, Brad Maddox!

McMahon gets Vickie off the table and from the ring as Maddox stands in the ring looking like a very shocked Dr. Who wannabe. McMahon, an arm around Vickie, his jacket over her shoulders, leads her away. Maddox follows them up the ramp looking like he doesn't know what just happened.



October 7, 2002 RVD and Jeff Hardy – RVD goes border to border as Hardy holds the chair in front of Kane's face!

Backstage Segment

Vickie – I love my job.

McMahon – I'm going to make it right somehow Vickie. I'll make it right.

Maddox – I'm so sorry about what happened. Mr. McMahon, this is decision you won't forget. We'll all miss Vickie, but I'm happy to be the GM of RAW. Vickie, I'll pick up where you left off. (Maddox extends a hand)

McMahon – Like I said, I gave them what they deserve. How long you going to leave your hand out like that?

Maddox – What Mr. McMahon wants, Mr. McMahon gets...

Vickie attacks Maddox with slaps and blows, screaming the whole time. She screams at him to get out!
McMahon – Vickie, you ruined my jacket!

Vickie crumbles to the floor by herself.

Kane vs Christian

Fire erupts and out comes Kane. Fire from all four. Christian comes out, but they accidentally play Michael McGillicutty's entrance on the screen. It flashes to MITB, then to Christian's correct entrance.

They dance a bit, then lock up. Christian backed into a corner, Kane with a clean break. Christian gets the fans clapping. Christian behind Kane, backed into a corner. Clean break. Kane tries to hit Christian, but Christian comes back at him. Christian whipped and falls. Christian ducks Kane twice, then takes a blow. Christian then takes Kane down. Christian reaches for Kane, but Kane with his hand on Christian's throat. Christian free. Kane gets Christian up, but Christian wiggles free and hangs Kane up top. Christian pushed into a corner, but comes off the top, though his sunset doesn't work. Kane with blows on Christian, but a drop toe hold lands Kane in the ropes, and Christian chokes Kane by standing on him. Christian out and hits Kane. Back in Kane tries to elevate Christian, but can't and is sent out over the top. Christian climbs, then flies.


Christian off the top with a tornado DDT on Kane for two. Christian runs into a big boot. Kane climbs, but Christian ducks Kane's flight. Chokeslam on Christian for three.

Winner – Kane (7:49)


Bray - I don't have followers, only brothers and sisters in the cause. People are sheep and need to be led. I'm not afraid of war, it's time for the masses to wake up! The world is deteriorating under their toes. I understand, this is not the beginning, it's the end.

Bray lights an oil lamp and simply says, 'We're here.'

In Ring Segment

Bray comes out holding the same lamp, but it's lit with something battery powered, not a real flame. The rest of the arena is dark. Harper and Rowan attack Kane. Bray is rocking in a chair at the bottom of the ramp, drinking his tea. Kane tries to fight back, but they pull him from the ring. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Kane into the stairs. Kane leans against the bottom level as they slam the V of the top level into the stairs on each side of Kane's head (but it did look good). Bray over to Kane, drops to his knees, his arms wide, head thrown back with a rapturous smile. "Husky Harris!" chants can easily be heard.



Recap of Wyatt Family debut.

Backstage Segment

Vickie is carrying her box of stuff out of the arena, crying. She stops in frontof Ryback. He takes the box from her hands, puts it down. She looks scared. He hugs her.

Ryback – You deserve better Vickie, it's going to be okay.

Ryback picks up the box and puts it back in her hands.

AJ & Fox vs Kaitlyn & Layla

Bellas are on announce. Fox and AJ out to AJ's music. AJ skips out with Big E in tow. Kaitlyn's music and Layla comes out with her. Layla has to hold Kaitlyn back, so AJ stands outside.

Layla kicks Fox, but Layla with a lovely deep arm drag. Layla with some kicks, but then Fox flails. Fox comes back at Layla in the corner and looks good doing it, but is taken down. Fox in control, and AJ wants in. AJ tags in, but Kaitlyn rushes in and attacks AJ. Fox and ref gets Kaitlyn off AJ. Kaitlyn from the ring, around the other side and spears AJ outside. Kaitlyn all over AJ who doesn't move. Bellas laugh about Kaitlyn burning calories as Kaitlyn and Layla are told to leave. Big E scoops up AJ, over his shoulder and carries her out.

Backstage Segment

Josh – You will be in MITB All Stars, including Orton. Later you face Orton. Earlier we spoke to Orton and he was confident of his chances.

Punk – Randy doesn't lack confidence. I hear he doesn't think I'm best in the world. He's allowed to his opinions, but not entitled to facts. Am I best in the world because I held the Title for 434 days, or did I hold the Title for 434 because I'm best in the world? I don't know, what I do know is holding the Title longer than anyone in the modern era makes me the best in the world. Beating Orton tonight makes me the best in the world. And Sunday, winning MITB for an unprecedented 3rd time, that makes me the best in the world.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring.



June 11, 2006 – ECW ONS – RVD defeated Cena for the big one.

Orton vs Punk

Punk out, to his knees, bounces up yelling, "It's clobbering time!" Punk then head to the ring where Orton is waiting.

They lock up, struggle around, cornered, but both turning the other. Clean break, but then Orton pushes Punk in the center of the ring. Side headlock on Orton, cover by Punk for one. They glare and stare, circle. Dueling chants for both men. Side headlock on Punk, he pushes off. Shoulder block drops Punk. Orton over Punk, but into a foot. Orton comes back with a sick drop kick on Punk for two. Orton stomps his way around Punk. Knee drops to Punk's face. Punk moves from the last knee drops. Punk on Orton with a lovely suplex for two. Dueling chants for both men.

Exchange blows, an upper cut from Orton and Punk on the apron. Orton sets up, but Punk in and Orton on the apron. Big drop kick drops Orton to the floor. Suicide dive on Orton and both are down.


Chinlock on Punk on the mat. Punk to his feet, elbows free, but then eats a t-bone suplex for two. Orton right back on Punk on the mat, locks on that headlock and talks smack. Punk works to his feet, then knees to Orton to get free. Orton runs the ropes into a back kick from Punk. Orton comes out of a corner with a huge clothesline, then another, but then Punk rolls through on Orton for two. Neck breaker on Punk, but Punk on Orton in a corner with a running knee, followed by a clothesline. Punk climbs, looks at the case, points up, then hits his Savage elbow in what Cole calls 'vintage' Punk! Punk gets the fans chanting, calls for the end, but Orton squirps free. Punk to the apron and takes what Cole calls 'vintage' Orton with the DDT.

"RKO!" chants.

Orton is pumped up, pounds the mat, but Punk counters, then Orton counters with a power slam! Orton stomps Punk, pulls him up slams him into a corner, then head butts on Punk. The ref backs Orton off, but then he's back with blows in the corner, but then Punk trips Orton. Punk's high knee in the corner, but only to the chest. Punk sets up, but Orton elbows free, tries for the RKO, but then eats a kick to the face. Punk gets Orton up, GTS!

Winner – Punk (13:53)

Bryan rushes the ring, attacks Punk, then sends him shoulder first into the post. Bryan sends a ladder into the ring. Orton to his feet and Bryan slams the ladder into Orton! Bryan sets up the ladder and climbs. Bryan at the top, grabs the case and unhooks it. Up top Bryan gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chant going! Bryan holds the case, looks at it, smirks, then holds it high for "YES!" chants.

Biggest Pop
Wyatt Family
Vickie being fired

Biggest Heat
The Shield
Maddox being hired

Most Mixed

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