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RAW Results 9/30/13 - I'll Be Your Huckleberry

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RAW Results September 30, 2013
From Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about Los Matadores starting tonight. Also, Steph and Trip host a family summit with Rhodes family.

RAW Starts

In Ring Segment

Punk to the ring as Cole talks about Susan G. Komen and the work the WWE is doing with them. Video of Heyman taunting Punk on RAW last week, then faked his Jazzy not working, drawing Punk in. Punk tried to attack, but Axel and Ryback attacked Punk. Punk worked really well with Axel and Ryback until Ryback botched tossing Punk through the table. "CM Punk!"

Punk – There's a lot of people who say this show thrives on unpredictability. I'm as unpredictable as it comes. It's a bit predictable that I'd get beat up in my hometown. After Heyman beat me, of course he came out to taunt me in Chicago. It's predictable that Heyman would taunt me with his big, fat, slovenly, slimy mouth. Of course it's predictable that I get jumped by Axel and Ryback/ the end is predictable when I put Axel to sleep. It ends when I get my hand on Ryback and show him what I do to bullies. It ends when I get my hands on Heyman and there's no one to save him. It's just him and me. (To the fans who started chanting.) If you think Ryback sucks, tell the world! This Sunday it could end when I take on Ryback. Or on RAW next week. Or it could end right here on RAW!

"CM Punk!"

Punk – I've been in a fighting mood for months. I say I don't leave this ring until I get a fight. I don't care if it's Ryback, Axel or Heyman. I'm going to put Heyman out of his misery.

Maddox – Punk, hold on, take it easy!

Punk – You don't even get music? You don't even get an entrance song?

Maddox – Look. Listen. I certainly know what it's like to want to fight like a man. I understand you were embarrassed and want these people to forget. You want the ultimate showdown right now, and that's not what's best for business. You know that you're getting Ryback at Battleground. What are you doing right now? I am the GM of RAW, which means, that I do have the power to give you a match tonight, if you'd like one. But you're not...

Punk – You're going to tell me what I can and cannot do? I'm looking for an outlet for my aggression. You can either go back there...

Big E comes out to new music. Big E into the ring and takes Maddox's mic.

Big E – You want aggression? I'm your man.

Big E attacks Punk. Shoulder blocks in a corner. Big E comes back for more, so Punk side steps and Big E shoulder first into a corner. A ref runs to the ring and Maddox motions for a match. Punk pulls off his shirt and is ready for a fight.


Punk vs Big E

Match started during the commercial. They're outside and Punk side steps so Big E eats the post. Kicks to Big E outside and Big E rolls it. Punk up with a big cross body for two. A back kick on Big E, then lifted, but not all the way up. Punk rushes Big E, but is lifted and slammed to the mat for two. Big E runs the ropes, then splashes Punk's back for two. Punk is selling the pain as Big E locks on a single leg Boston crab. Punk free and fighting back, but then eats a clothesline for two.

Punk on Big E's shoulder, Punk flipped back and takes Big E down, but Big E back up and slams Punk for two. Kicks to Punk's ribs, but Punk up and on Big E. kick to the back of Big E
head for a long two. Big E lifted, but wiggles free and clotheslines Punk for two. Big E runs the ropes, but Punk moves out of the way of the splash this time. Big E rushes Punk, but ends up eating corner. Punk kicks Big E in the head, then a back kick. Swinging neck breaker on Big E. running high knee in the corner, followed by a clothesline. Punk climbs, points up, hits his Savage elbow. Punk calls for his finisher. Big E up, then Punk hits the GTS for three.

Winner – Punk (6:02)

Punk is on the mat, hurting. He's holding his arm, or maybe his gut. Video recap of the Savage elbow and the GTS. Punk pops up off the mat and celebrates, getting the fans even more riled up, though still holding his left arm close to his abdomen.


Cody losing to Orton and Trip fired him.


Fandango vs Kofi

Fandango out with a new Punk Fandango t-shirt. Kofi out in a pink WWE shirt.

Fandango on Kofi with blows. Side headlock on Kofi. Kofi pushes out and slammed down. Fandango runs the ropes over and under Kofi, but into a back elbow. Kofi reverses on a corner and hits head scissors on Fandango. Fandango comes out with a huge clothesline that about turns Kofi inside out. Short clotheslines on Kofi, then a lovely snap suplex on Kofi. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up with blows, reverses on Fandango flipping around Fandango's arm, then hitting a DDT on Fandango. Both men down for four. Double hand clotheslines from Kofi, then a drop kick, but then he eats the corner. Fandango up, but Kofi with blows. Head butt drops Kofi to the mat, but Fandango has to step off the corner to go after Kofi. Kofi hits his TIP for three.

Winner – Kofi (3:02)

The Wyatt Family's music hits right after the bell. Bray leads Rowan and Harper to the ring. Kofi stands in the ring, ready and waiting, a chair in hand.
Bray – Fall victim to the wicked games men play. For instance I spent the majority of my life trying to figure out why these horrible things happen to me. Why me? I would wake and wonder if this nightmare of mine was ever going to end. But it never did. And now, finally, I understand what I must do. One by one, they will all fall down. Follow the buzzards. Hahahahahahahaha.


Backstage Segment

Bellas talking about Battleground. Orton walks up on them.
Orton – Congratulations Brie. I heard the big news this week. You and little Daniel getting married. When's the big day? I asked when the big day was. I'm only asking, because you need to schedule it sooner than later. If you have it after Sunday, then there's a very good chance your little fiance won't be able to make it down the aisle, because he won't be able to walk.

Orton leaves and the Bellas look shaken.

Backstage Segment

Renee welcomes Heyman. Heyman walks up and stares at her.
Renee – I want your reaction to Punk's words earlier. He seems obsessed with getting to you.

Heyman – Renee, it must be so difficult for you to watch a man with such promise descend into madness. Punk is so obsessed with getting his hands on Heyman, and it's something he will never do again. Punk will never bully me again, because Punk's a nobody who became a Paul Heyman Guy. A Paul Heyman Guy who was WWE Champion. A WWE Champion who forgot what made US, us, us the Best In The World.

Renee – I couldn't help but notice that Ryback is right around the corner, and Axel is hiding behind some equipment, as if perhaps you might have another trap planned.

Heyman – A trap? Another trap? Is that what you're insinuating? My mere existence is a trap for Punk. That I'm here is a trap for Punk. The fact that I take a breath when every breath in my life is taken with gleeful spite against Punk, is Punk's obsession against me is a trap. I have a huge night planned for tonight, and if Punk wants to do something about it, let him become a man and try!


Los Matadores are going to be here next.


3mb vs Los Matadores

Slater and Mahal in the ring, waiting. Justin announces Fernando and Diego, Los Matadores. Ole! Out comes Fernando and Diego. They throw their hats aside, flip their capes around, then smoke spews. From between the capes comes a little bull. Yes, a little person dressed as a bull. He capes their capes a few time, then bounces around the ring, then onto their shoulders.

Mahal and Diego start. Mahal flipped, the an arm drag. Head scissors on Mahal. Mahal whipped, then monkey flipped. Fernando tags in, as does Slater. Fernando takes Slater's legs out, then Diego tags in and they double team. Slater over rotates and lands on his legs badly. Mahal tags in and they double team Diego. Mahal drops knees using the ropes. Slater tags in and drops a knee on Fernando. The fans are starting to boo and chant, "Boring!" Slater slams Fernando to the mat, poses and gets head. Spinning head scissors on Slater.

Fernando tags in, works Slater, then Diego in to double team him. Cole says the fans are loving it, but they're not. They get the three off the double team.

Winners – Los Matadores (3:59)

El Torito into the ring to celebrate with Los Matadores. Video recap of the high points of the match, and the entrance. Mascarita Dorada is under the El Torito mask. (Thanks to Jesse for filling me in on that bit of info.)


Recap of the Rhodes family storyline in the WWE.



Cena, Punk, Bellas and the rest of the locker room talk about Susan G. Komen.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Trip and Steph who come out hand in hand. Trip has on a light pink shirt, and a pink tie with his power suit. Steph has an aqua cami peaking out under her dark power suit. Both wearing pink ribbon pins.

Trip – I would like to invite the Rhodes family to make their way to the ring. Don't be afraid. I guarantee your safety, just like I would any WWE Superstar.

Dusty leads Cody and Goldust out to Dusty's music. They're all in suits, open collars, sans ties, but Goldust is painted up. Cody is first into the ring. Dusty second up and in. Goldust brings up the rear. The fans love them.

Steph – Welcome to RAW, everyone's obviously happy to have you here. Cody, it's the first time I've seen you since you got married. I trust your father gave you the gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Our wedding present.

Trip – Why the angry look on all your faces. We invite you out here out of the kindness of our heart and this is the open hostility that you give us? How many opportunities is this Steph?

Steph – I've lost count.

Trip – Is this like four now?

Steph – At least.

Trip – I mean we gave you the opportunity to get your job back, all you had to do was beat The face of the WWE, Randy Orton. And you failed. Out of the goodness of our hearts we gave the opportunity to Dustin, Goldust, all he had to do was beat Orton, and Dustin did what Dustin always does, he failed. (Dustin turns away from Trip in disgust.) To Dusty, we offered him the opportunity to get Cody's job back and what does he do, Dusty makes it about Dusty, as he always does. I don't get it. Dusty, are you still bitter about not being able to make it outside Florida and the NWA thing? Bitter at the fact that when you tried to make it on a national level with the McMahons, you failed? You couldn't even get it done with the polka dots, Steph! We offer your son's job back and you tell my wife to go to hell. (Right up in Cody's face) And he got knocked out for it. Here we are, opportunity number four.

Steph – Dusty, you have the most important job in the WWE right now. You train and develop WWE Superstars in Orlando. You hold their future in the palm of your hands. Isn't it ironic that my husband and I hold your sons' futures in the palm of our hands? Onto the proposition. Cody, we'd like to give you your job back. Goldust, we'd like to give you a job. Or an opportunity to gain a job if you can beat the WWE TTCs this Sunday at Battleground.

Trip – That's right, all you have to do is beat them at Battleground and you'll get your jobs back, but, isn't it funny how there's always a but on these things?

Steph – There is, there's always a but.

Trip – But, if you lose, then Cody and Dustin, you will never work in the WWE again. Not only that, but Dusty will join you in the unemployment line.

Dusty pulls the mic out of Trip's hand!

Dusty – You're big on getting in people's faces. (Dusty right up in Trip's face.)

Trip (off mic) – Don't cross the line old man!

Dusty – Let me tell... Don't cross the line old man? One stipulation, I'll be in my sons' corner, and I'll be your Huckleberry all night long.

Steph – You're on, but it seems you're itching for a fight Dream. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Trip and Steph leave the Rhodes men in the ring together. Cody holds the ropes for his father. "Goldust!" chants. Goldust turns around and into a really sick spear from Reigns. Cody gets into the fight as Goldust is completely done and can't move. They start stomping Dusty and Cody tries to take all three down at the same time. They triple bomb Cody. Ambrose stomps Dusty again, yelling, "Stay down old man!" Video recap of the attack.


R-Truth vs Axel

R-Truth out singing in pink. Axel out with Heyman in tow.

Axel taunts R-Truth a bit. R-Truth gets the fans yelling, "What's up?" R-Truth tossed down, bounces up. R-Truth dances, gets the fans to respond again. Axel pie faces R-Truth. R-Truth takes Axel down and gets the fans yelling again. They finally lock up. They break, then R-Truth kicks Axel's feet out from under him, then again. "What's up?" R-Truth on Axel in a corner with a couple blows, but then hung up top. This match is moving so slowly that it's at a stand still! Blows on R-Truth, but R-Truth back with blows. Drop kick on R-Truth for two.

Knee to R-Truth back that doesn't even touch him. Chinlock on R-Truth on the mat, but he's quickly up and free. R-Truth whipped, but gets his feet up. "CM Punk!" chants. Clotheslines to Axel, then he hits a stunner for two. "Walrus!" chants, then Punk's music hits. Axel is ready in the ring, but then R-Truth attacks from behind for three.

Winner – R-Truth (4:23)

Heyman realizes that he and Axel have been had as Punk never appears. R-Truth leaves the ring and Heyman smirks in realization. Video recap of the end of the match. R-Truth on the top of the ramp chanting with the fans.

Backstage Segment

Brie in red, Nikki in silver, head to the ring for Brie's match.


Announce Segment

Trish gave birth to Maximus today!


Clips from Total Divas, Brie and Bryan. Pictures of them together, Brie narrating.

Brie vs Fox

Brie out with a pink Diva shirt on over her gear. Nikki in a silver dress. Video recap of Orton talking down to Brie about Bryan not being able to walk down the aisle after he's done with it.

They lock up. Arm bar on Brie. Brie uses the ropes to flip out of it. Arm bar on Fox. They stop, Fox puts her hand out, then kicks Brie out through the ropes. Fox out, rolls Brie in. AJ and Tamina watching backstage. Snap suplex on Brie for two. Fox goes for another two after slamming Brie's face down. Fox keeps working over Brie, but Brie kicks out again. Chinlock on Brie. Nikki gets the fans clapping for her. Brie free, ducks Fox and hits a flying clothesline, then a drop kick to solid pop. A knee to Fox's face, but Fox rolls out and kicks up at Brie's head. Fox in, but Brie reverses, slaps Fox. Fox is face slammed to the mat for three.

Winner – Brie (3:19)

Bellas celebrate together in the ring.


Backstage Segment

Heyman - Curtis. Curtis. Curtis.
Axel – What?
Heyman – You're looking at this entirely the wrong way. Punk thinks he's so clever. He's playing into our hands. He's out of our league with us.
Ryback – Nobody needs to be distracted by the threat of Punk. After last week, if he wants us, let's give him what he wants.
Axel – Go to the ring and call him out?
Heyman – Go get yourself something to eat and I'll be right out.
Ryback - You got it boss.
Heyman – Isn't he beautiful?
Axel – What do you have on your mind?
Heyman – Ever since he saved my life, I see things differently. The food tastes better. The flowers smell sweeter. I have a whole new outlook on things. I'm going to do what I should have done the night he saved my life. I'm going out to the ring and propose to Ryback.
Axel – Propose?

WWE Rewind

Cole talks about Steph using Big Show to settle her personal vendettas. Video of Miz TV. Steph to the ring and cuts on Miz, then tells Big Show to knock Miz out. Big Show does just that.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Big Show, how you holding up?
Big Show – I'm holding up as well as I can hold up.
Renee – Over the past several weeks you've been put in horrible situations. This past Monday you looked like you were about to blow up.

Video of Trip taunting Big Show for being a giant and needing his job. Trip got was blubbery as Big Show threatened to punch him out. Trip then talked down to Big Show who yelled and left.

Big Show – You know Renee, my financial situation is being held over my head like Damocles sword. People say be a man, do the right thing. Being a man is doing the right thing no matter the consequences. Do the right thing, no matter what. That real easy to say when it's not your neck on the line. People judge the choices I make. I'm choosing between the lesser of two evils. If it was up to me I wouldn't choose evil at all. I'm a good person. I'm just trying to do what's right by my family. Everything I'm asked to do, I've done. I knocked out a HOFer, a man I idolized growing up, worshiped the day I walked into this business. I watched him get attacked by The Shield, now I can't look Dusty in the eye. There's only so much I think I can take. Every sick, weird thing they've order me to do, I've done without question. Renee, I can't take it anymore. I'm not going to take it anymore. I'm going to find Trip and show him exactly how I feel. (Big Show' eyes bugging out of his head.)

Renee – What exactly does that mean?

Big Show – I'm going to knock Trip out! (Big Show's fist up, eyes bugging out, and he takes off away from Renee.


Backstage Segment

R-Truth – It's the right time togive me the IC Title.
Maddox – I'll take it under advisement.
R-Truth – Advisement?

CRASH! R-Truth bolts, Maddox looks very nervous.

Maddox – Hang on.
Big Show – Where is Triple H? Do you not understand me? (Big Show lifts Maddox up by his face and plants him against the wall. Maddox mumbles.) You don't know? That's not good enough. Go find him, I'm going to wait right here until he finds me, understand? (Big Show drops Maddox who flees.)

Ryder vs ADR

Ryder in the ring waiting. ADR out flipping his scarf, wearing the pink version of his shirt.

They lock up. ADR backed into a corner. The ref breaks them up, but ADR kicks Ryder. Shoulder block drops Ryder. ADR runs the ropes under Ryder, takes a hip toss, then hides in the corner. Ryder whipped, but moves. ADR planted face first on the mat. Ryder clotheslines ADR from the ring. Ryder up over the top rope, but ADR moves. Ryder tossed into the barricade.

Ryder with blows, a sunset flip on ADR for two. ADR comes back with a back breaker on Ryder, then stomps his head. Chinlock on Ryder on the mat. Knees to Ryder, but he comes back slamming ADR's face to the mat. ADR eats Ryder's knees, then Ryder off the top with a missile drop kick. Forearm to ADR's face, then broski boot for two! ADR reverses Ryder, hits a German suplex for two. Double foot stomp to Ryder's back. ADR badly wrenches Ryder's arm in the ropes, then locks on his finisher. Ryder taps quickly.

Winner – ADR (4:06)

ADR celebrates on a corner, then jumps down to kick Ryder on his way by.



Recap of Rhodes family in the ring with Steph and Trip.

In Ring Segment

Ryback leads to the ring, Heyman in tow.

Heyman – Not only was I man enough to pin Punk, proving I'm the best in the world, but I'm also a world renowned expert of political science. Take for example that you cannot put down insurgents on their own soil. Since I own Punk, I decided to squash Punk with 18,000 of his rebel forces, on his own turf of Chicago. Punk had to be put down by me as if I was the dictator in front of his friends, and what he considers his family. I give you exhibit A – Video of Heyman's scooter stalling, taunting Punk, but he was attacked by Axel and Ryback. Now, I'll give Punk credit, he's a man of commitment, but that commitment is to break my face. The only reason this face is here smiling is because of the independent actions of the man who stopped Punk's bullying of Heyman. That man I speak of is you Ryback.

Ryback – If there's one thing I hate in this negative world, it's a bully. To see Punk take all that knowledge you gave him, that friendship you gave him, all the sacrifices you made for him, to see him take all of that and hurl it back in your face, I couldn't let that stand. Paul, you're a genius, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Heyman – I'm glad you feel that way. 2013 is such a progressive year in so many movements. In this progressive society it's time people stop living in denial of their true feelings, and be open and honest about how they feel. I don't want to be stigmatized in that Superstar/advocate way. I want something much more meaningful for us. Since you saved my life I have more of a spring in my step. I feel virile. I feel free. That is because of you, and I want to feel that way for ht erest of my life. Here, in front of everyone, I want to...

"Get a room!" chants.

Heyman – It's amazing that here you are living in such a progressive society and here you are breaking up such an intimate moment between me and my hero Ryback. I want to let you know sir that this needs to be an official commitment. You can call it a relationship, a marriage, a partnership. All commitments are about mutual understanding. I even ran it by my children because of the huge sacrifice I am going to have to make to you. The commitment I want to make to you is from the opening match to the main event. In sickness and health, till death do us part. Ryback, I want to make an honest man out of you. (Heyman takes Ryback's hand, gets down on one knee.) Ryback, you big bad beautiful man, will you... Ryback, will you... will you, will you become a Paul Heyman Guy?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Punk's music hits. Ryback is ready, looking up the ramp. Heyman looks around, trying to find where Punk is coming from. Punk through the fans and over the barricade, but he crumbles holding his knee. Heyman holds Ryback back as Punk works out his knee – but no medical staff rush to Punk's side, so it's obviously a work. Punk to his feet, wobbles to the ring, tries to get in, but crumbles back to the floor. Finally a doctor is over to check on Punk. Heyman over to that side of the ring, looks down and asks if Punk is okay, but then Punk bounces up and spins, taking Heyman's feet out with a kendo stick! Ryback rushes over and takes the kendo stick shot. Punk into the ring and Ryback stops the stick, so Punk kicks Ryback in the gut, then hits him with the stick. Axel in and takes the stick to the gut. Another shot to Ryback and he flees. More shots to Axel, then Punk stand Karate Kid style and hits Axel a couple more times with the kendo stick splintering into pieces. Punk hits GTS on Axel while smirking up at Heyman and Ryback on stage.


The Shield vs Ziggler & Usos

The Shield in the ring. Ziggler out to face them in a light pink version of his shirt. He waits to the Usos to comes out and join him before heading to the ring. The Usos are in pink WWE shirts.

Ambrose and Ziggler lock up, back into a corner and struggle around. Ziggler runs the ropes, leap frogs Ambrose, then takes him down. Cross body on Ambrose, takes him down. Rollins tags in, so does Jimmy. Jimmy works Rollins over, then Jey tags in for two. Armbar on Rollins, but Rollins fights free. Ambrose tags in and they double team Jey. Head butts to Jey. Rollins tags in and they double team him. Blows to jey's face and back, then Rollins stomps him. Ambrose tags in and they double team, catch Jey, but Jimmy got the blind tag and hit a drop kick on Jey knocking Rollins and Ambrose down. Reigns in, but so is Ziggler to take him out. The Usos fly out on Ambrose and Rollins outside.


Chinlock on Jimmy in the center of the ring. Jimmy free, but suplexed by Rollins. Ambrose tags in and stops Jey from tagging out. Ambrose stomps Jey' hands, then forearms to his face from behind. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Jey up and elbows free, but then takes a back elbow to the face. Reigns tags in and stomps Jey as Ambrose holds him. Elbow drop on his cousin for two, and Reigns keeps the control. Chinlock on Jey as Ambrose taunts him from the heel corner. Jey to his feet and elbows Reigns, but is then slammed to the mat for two. Reigns holds his cousin's hair, taunting him like only family could, but Jey comes back with an upper cut, then pulls the rope down sending Reigns from the ring. Reigns back in, so Jey kicks him in the jaw. Both are down.

Rollins in and knocks Jimmy off the corner, but Jey is able to get to Ziggler and tag out! Ziggler with clotheslines, then a splash on Ambrose. Blows on Ambrose in a corner, then neck breaker. Epic elbows on Ambrose, but Rollins is up. Rollins flies and takes a drop kick in the air. Ambrose tries to attack Ziggler, but taken down. Ambrose pinned, but Reigns in to break it. Uso in, but Ambrose takes him down. Ambrose taken out by an Uso, and Rollins in. Rollins taken out by an Uso, then Reigns spears Ziggler for three in some of the most intricate and fastest work I've seen from The Shield, Ziggler and the Usos together or apart.

Winners – The Shield (9:08)

Video recap of the high points of the match. The Shield celebrates on the ramp,but Rollins is holding his head and looks to be hurting.

Backstage Segment

Big Show is pacing in Trip's office.


Backstage Segment

Big Show is still in Trip's office, smells the flowers, tosses them aside. Some officers in. they say Big Show has been threatening a WWE Superstar. Steph steps in and says he doesn't know the consequences of his actions, and just trying to put food on his table. Now there's a huge mortgage payment. She thanks the officers, but vouches for Big Show. She did speak to Big Show's wife today. She says Big Show hasn't been measuring up to her expectations. Steph and the officers leave the room. Big Show sits down, cries some more, and looks about to have a break down. But then his vision clears, he's pissed. He gets up, walks over to a Trip poster on the wall, and puts his fist through it, and the wall behind it.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Your World Title Match will be Extreme Rules.
RVD – I could talk and talk about this, but I'd rather show how I excel at Extreme Rules.
YouTube video of RVD in hardcore and extreme matches.
RVD – Pretty impressive, huh? ADR is vicious, vindictive, but he has no clue what Hardcore means. Anything to survive. Throw the rule book out, use your imagination. The perfect translation for hardcore is simple. Even ADR will get it, it's the same in any language, it's Rob Van Dam!


Cesaro vs Santino

Zeb – I don't see anything bad about Mississippi, it's a bit like a 3rd world country. Lower than Alabama. Only real Americans can say "We, the people!", if you don't live it, don't give it.
Zeb is in a red and white shirt that looks pinkish on TV, and Cesaro and Swagger are in pink "We, the people!" shirts. Santino power walks to the ring, Hornswoggle tries. They're both also in pink shirts.

Santino and Cesaro grapple around a bit. Santino holds the side headlock on Cesaro, then takes Cesaro down. An upper cut drops Santino. Santino whipped and eats an upper cut. Double stomp. Santino gets slammed back and Cesaro sets up, but Santino kicks him off. Hip toss, then head drop from Santino. Cobra comes out, but Cesaro knocks Santino down, and Cesaro starts the big spin and people are counting. I think Cesaro hit 28, but it could have been 30. Santino can't stands, ends up falling over on top of Cesaro and getting the three for it.

Winner – Santino (2:47)

Zeb's head in his hands, Cesaro in shock, and Santino celebrates after he figures out he won.


In Ring Segment

King – In case you missed it earlier, congratulations are in order for Brie and Bryan. Now, I'm sure we'll get the full story in November on Total Divas. Until then, let's bring out the man who popped the question Bryan!

Bryan out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" in his pink "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" shirt. King and Bryan shake hands.

King – The Superstar who will face Bryan this Sunday at Battleground this Sunday for the WWE Title, Randy Orton!

Orton out to the ring wearing his black t-shirt with the pink RKO and viper on the front.

King – This is intended to be a verbal confrontation only. We'll wait for Sunday for the physicality. Trip, after Bryan won the WWE Title, made a controversial decision to strip Bryan of the Title.

Orton – Jerry, at the time, I was very upset with Trip's decision to not give me the Title back. I realized that it inspired me to reach the full potential of The Apex Predator. No longer was I the watered down viper that cared what you idiots thought. I was the Viper void of morality, relentless, remorseless that decimated Miz in his hometown, while his mother begged and pleaded for me to stop. Sunday I will beat you for the Title because I'm genetically superior to a small, pathetic, weak, B+ goat faced troll like yourself.

King – Those are some pretty strong comments Daniel, your response?

Bryan – My response, Randy, he talks a great game, doesn't he? He talks real good. A little monotone, sounds like he's had to practice in front of the mirror a few times, but great none the less, just A+ all the way. But why do you think Trip felt the need to inspire you? To motivate you? Maybe because he thinks your marketable, wants to put you on magazines, and on DVDs. Maybe because he wants to make money off you. Or maybe because he knew you can't reach your full potential without it. Guess what, I may be some pathetic, weak, B+, goat faced troll, but I have never, ever needed anyone elses motivation to reach my full potential!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – This Sunday at Battleground, I achieve even more when I beat you and regain the WWE Championship! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Just because...


Orton – Shut up!


Orton – Shut up!


Orton – Shut up!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – You think just because they chant that one syllable word of yes that you can be Champion? I know you're on a roll as of late, I mean, you're marrying a Bella, which beg the question, what on earth could be so incredibly wrong with Brie Bella that she would settle for the likes of you? You know Daniel, one day Brie is going to wake up and realize she's not sleeping with a virile handsome Champion like myself, she's sleeping with a barnyard animal.

Bryan attacks Orton at that. Blows on Orton, then sends him out over the top. Bryan out and all over Orton. Orton reverses, sending Bryan into the stairs. Bryan's pink shirt is ripped off him and he's into the post. Orton removes his own shirt, sends Bryan into the post again. Orton holds Bryan's face up, pulls him into the post. Pulls him into the post again. Orton set Bryan up, lands him thighs first on the top of the barricade. More punches from Orton on Bryan. Bryan pulled from the timekeepers area, set up on the apron. Brie runs down the ramp. Orton stares her in the eyes, then hits his DDT on Bryan. Brie rushes to Bryan's side, but Orton's back and she has to flee. Orton strips the announce table. Brie is yelling at Orton to stop, so he taunts her. Orton pulls Bryan up by his hair and slams him face first onto the table. Brie is begging and crying as Orton climbs up on the table and hits Bryan with an RKO. Brie is yelling at Orton to stop as refs check on Bryan. Orton steps away from Bryan as Brie is still yelling at him. Orton steps away and Brie rushes Bryan Bryan's side. Orton stretches out his ankle against the apron, then stares back at Bryan and Brie.

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Rhodes Family
Ziggler & Usos

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Steph & Trip
The Shield

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