RAW Results 7/15/13 – So You Tell Me, Am I Lying?


RAW Results July, 15 2013
From Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about how Vickie was fired last week and Maddox made into the RAW GM. Did Cena survive at MITB, or is Henry the new WWE Champion?

RAW Starts

Music and pyro.

In Ring Segment

Lights go out, drum roll, the lights come up on Maddox on stage. He announces himself.
Maddox - I'm thrilled to be here for the first night of WWE at the BK. You will be able to say you're here for the start of the Maddox Era. Tonight a MITB rematch, ADR vs Ziggler! And...

Cena's music cuts Maddox off, and he comes to the ring and poses with his belt. The fans give a mixed reaction. Maddox smiles and nods at Cena, but not impressed. Cena soaks it all in after the music ends.
Cena – So, this is the Maddox Era! You've already made history. This is the only time that the person you're next to in the ring is more hated than you.
Maddox – That's a little disrespectful.
Cena – Not at all, they're giving energy, and excited for the match you made. You may be an okay GM, you should get a chance.
Maddox – Thanks for coming out. I've admired you since I was a teen watching you on TV. I admire your strength, your passion, and the way you treat those less fortunate. That's why for the first time in WWE history, I'm going to allow you to choose your opponent for SummerSlam. I'm bringing out the entire roster and you can choose who you want to face. You're going to do that later tonight.
Cena – You're going to let me choose my own opponent? You're even stupider than you look. Do you realize I could choose Dutch Mantel, Doc Hendricks, even Michael Cole if I wanted to! (pop) I'm not going to choose you Cole, you wrestle like a girl. Speaking of that, I could wrestle a Bella Twin.
Maddox – Anybody you want John.
Cena – Do you realize how catastrophic that could be?

Orton's music cuts Cena off. Out comes Orton. He gets in the ring.
Orton – Maddox, careful, careful, you don't want to get too far ahead of yourself. There's a very good chance at SummerSlam that Cena won't be Champion. Don't worry John, I won't cash in tonight. I won't make the same stupid mistake you made last year. I don't believe you should squander your chances. I also believe in being straight up. So I came out to tell you man to man that when I cash in my MITB contract, you will never see it coming.

Fandango's music, and out he comes SR on his arm. SR is in a white fringed dress as the fans sing and dance along with Fandango's music. In the ring he dances and poses.
Orton – You interrupted me!
Fandango – Shhh! Randy. You won't be cashing that MITB case in against Cena, you'll be cashing it in against me. John, there's only one man the entire 'Universe' wants to see take on you, and his name is... hold on, hold on... It's Fahn!
Cena – Fahn!
Fandango – Dahng!
Cena – Dahng!
Fandango – Gooo...

Orton attacks Fandango with a blow, then they fight all over the mat. They roll out, Fandango back in, but Orton back in and sends Fandango flying from the ring. Off comes Orton's shirt.

Maddox – Hang on just a second, you want physicality. We have our first match of the night, Orton versus Fandango, right now. Give me a ref!


Fandango vs Orton

Orton stomps his way around Fandango, the match started during the break. Fandango moves out of the way of the knee drop. Fandango stomps Orton. Fandango grinds a knee into Orton's face, then slams his knee into Orton's face. Orton blocks Fandango's and hits his own suplex. Outside Fandango bounced face first off the apron. Orton off the stairs. Orton in, back out the other side, then clotheslines Fandango to the floor. Back slam onto the top of the barricade. The ref is counting them out, but Orton sends Fandango in, and slides in himself for two. Fandango whipped, gets a foot up, then chokes Orton in the ropes. Fandango out and punches Orton through the ropes. Fandango in and lands a knee on Orton's face. Reverse chinlock on Orton. Some 'Randy Savage' chants, then 'JBL' chants. The fans are wild!

Orton beats on Fandango in a corner, grinds his head against the ropes, then throws punches on Fandango in a corner, all ten as counted by the fans. Beautiful drop kick on Fandango for two. King talks about Christian's front tooth being broken in half. Fandango whipped, but then kicks Orton in the back of the head! Orton rolls out, Fandango sends Orton into the stairs. Fandango on the stairs and poses.


Fandango with double feet to Orton's face for two. Reverse chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton up and punches out. Fandango blocks the back breaker and counters with a side suplex! Fandango gets two for it! 'We want tables!' chants. They exchange blows. Orton with a clothesline, then a big suplex on Fandango! Fandango set up top, head butt from Orton. Orton climbs, sets up and hits his father's superplex, but then both are down. Orton feeds off the crowd, then hits his power slam. Fandango on the apron, but when Orton approaches, he kicks Orton in the head. Fandango to the corner, climbs, but Orton trips his feet out from under him. Orton grabs Fandango and hits his DDT from the corner. The fans are wild, and he calls for more. The go crazy as he hits his RKO!

Winner – Orton (13:07)

Video recap of Orton's high points in the match. Orton poses for the fans, then holds up the red case to show it to them all.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about ADR facing Ziggler again tonight. They show stills from their match, AJ hitting ADR with her belt. ADR was all smiles. Then AJ and Ziggler argued in the ring, and Ziggler left AJ standing in the ring, tweaking.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler walking, AJ rushes up.
AJ – You're still mad, I know. You going to start talking to me?
Ziggler – I didn't stop talking to you. Time to stop apologizing and move on.
AJ – Oh Ziggy, I'm so glad!

AJ throws her arms around Ziggler's neck and hugs him.

Ziggler – No, you don't understand. It's time for me to move on, from you. We're done.
Ziggler takes her arms from around his neck and leaves. AJ looks shocked and a bit crushed, but not crazy – yet.

Backstage Segment

Henry in a suit, light purple shirt and tie, heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Henry climbs into the ring as we come back from commercial. Stills from his match last night.
Henry – Last night at MITB Cena came as advertised. He's one of the best WWE champs of all time. He did something I thought impossible, beat me. I gave it all I had and took Cena to his limits and came this close to winning that Championship.

"You tapped out!"

Henry – I did tap out. He'd tap every last one of you out too. I'm not out here to make excuses. Not making apologies.

"Sexual Chocolate!"

Henry – I know Cena has the choice to pick whoever he wants to fight at SummerSlam. I wanna be that guy. (Heat) I took him to his limits once, and I'll do it again!

The Shield's music and out they come through the stands. Henry looks and waits as they come down. Henry shrugs and unbuttons his jacket. They circle the ring, Henry looks at them and waits. Henry yells smack as they slowly advance on him. Up on the apron. Off comes Henry's jacket. Henry rushes Reigns, but then Ambrose and Rollins attack. Reigns in and attacks. Henry to a knee, but then bursts up. Ambrose grabs Henry, on his back with a sleeper. Big boot to Rollins, but Reigns' spear takes Henry down. They stomp Henry down, hit him with his jacket, then they set up. They manage to get Henry up for the triple bomb! The Shield stand over Henry while the fans chant, 'Holy shit!' The Shield poses over Henry's body. Video recap of the attack on Henry.


Backstage Segment

Maddox (on cell) – Of course I'm doing well on my first night Mom. Yes, I will bring some home. (to Jericho) You're here.
Jericho – You're first night, what are you? 15, 16 years old? Look at that shirt. Extra medium?
Maddox – My arms keep growing.
Jericho – Seriously, things are good, right?
Maddox – You want to be WWE Champion, right? Why not impress Cena by taking on a former Champ. Someone like RVD?
Jericho (smiles at the RVD pop) – Sounds like a popular decision. So you're saying RVD versus Y2J, here, tonight on RAW? You keep making decisions like that, you've got a hell of a future on you.

ADR vs Dolph Ziggler

ADR's music and out he comes. Ziggler out to face him.

The bell rings and the fans are wild. ADR kicks on Ziggler, then blows on Ziggler while he's down. Ziggler pulled up, runs the ropes under ADR, drop kick on ADR for two. Neck breaker on ADR for two. Epic elbows on ADR as the fans count out all ten of them. Ziggler only gets two for it. Ziggler rushes ADR, but eats corner. ADR stomps Ziggler, then talks smack. Ziggler pulled up, set up top facing out, and ADR climbs. They take too much time, then Ziggler flipped off the corner, face first for two. ADR chokes Ziggler in the ropes. 'Let's go Ziggler!' chants. ADR rushes Ziggler, but Ziggler moves and ADR eats corner. A couple big clotheslines on ADR, then a kick to ADR after telegraphing. Ziggler rushes ADR, but is elevated over the top and out. Ziggler caught huge air out there.


Chinlock on Ziggler. Ziggler up, punches free, but ADR with blows drops Ziggler. ADR's knee pad comes down, but Ziggler ducks. Ziggler elevated and dropped. ADR stomps Ziggler again, then waits. ADR rushes Ziggler, but Ziggler launches out of the corner with a huge DDT on ADR for two. They exchange blows. Ziggler telegraphs, is punched to the mat. ADR rushes Ziggler, but ends up sliding through the ropes. Ziggler pins ADR for two.

ADR ducks Ziggler, hits a German and bridges for two. Head butts on Ziggler on the mat. ADR is all smiles after the many head butts. ADR calls for si, but Ziggler reverses into a neck breaker for a long two! Ziggler down and frustrated. 'Let's go Ziggler!' Ziggler tossed off, enziguri to Ziggler for two. ADR yells smack, grabs Ziggler, then badly hangs him upside-down in a corner and stomps. ADR rushes, Ziggler pulls up, ADR shoulder first into the post. Ziggler grabs ADR, hits the famouser from the second rope, then Ziggler crawls to ADR, but then the bell rings. It's 12:51 and the ref is confused. It's AJ who rang the bell. Ziggler on his knees looking at AJ, ADR kicks Ziggler in the head and gets the three.

Winner – ADR (15:51)

AJ into the ring and slaps Ziggler. AJ all over Ziggler with punches and blows. He tries to hold her off, but then turns into a huge clothesline from Big E. Big E pulls Ziggler up and hits his finisher. AJ has that crazy look, but then gets down on the mat, pulls Ziggler up by the back of his hair, kisses him and drops him face first back on the mat. AJ's crazy smile, then she leaves the ring. Big E stands over Ziggler, staring down at him for another couple seconds. Video recap of the end of the match, then Big E's attack on Ziggler.



Recap of Maddox telling Cena he can pick his own opponent at SummerSlam. Then Orton was to the ring and in Cena's face.

In Ring Segment

R-Truth out to the ring singing 'What's up?' with the fans. He's about to ask the fans what's up, but then Wyatt Family opening cuts him off. 'We're here' and he lights the lantern, but then comes out with his lantern lit by a bulb of some sort. Bray leads Harper and Rowan to the ring. Bray sits down in his chair, and when the lights come up Harper and Rowan are in the ring and attack R-Truth. They beat him up, drag him from the ring and drop him outside. Rowan and Harper over to the ramp side of the ring. Bray gets up and walks over and gets in the ring.
Bray – They been lying to you man. There ain't no such as a hero. Not any more! You and you and you, you have become addicted to an illusion of what a hero is! You've become addicted to an illusion of what a hero can do for you. You need someone to pat you on the back.


Bray – You think you need someone to tuck you into bed at night, kiss you on the cheek and tell you everything is alright. Hahaha. But everything, everything, everything, everything is not alright! What if I was to tell you that the man who made you is a liar!


Bray – What if I was to tell you your own flesh and blood will turn his back on you.


Bray – Hahaha. I will never turn my back on you. And maybe the answers you seek have been slapping you right in the face.


Bray – Maybe, just maybe I, Bray Wyatt, the eater of worlds has been the answer all along!

R-Truth is on the apron, chair in hand. Rowan and Harper leave the ring. Bray removes his hat, throws his head back, arms out and tells R-Truth that he's waiting! What is R-Truth waiting for? Rowan and Harper go around behind R-Truth outside. R-Truth is distracted and Bray attacks. Rowan and Harper in and they all attack. Bray grabs R-Truth, kisses his forehead, then hits Sister Abigail on him.
Bray – You are not the truth we seek. Kane, follow the buzzards.

Announce Segment

A poll about whether the Usos, Tons of Funk or Prime Time Players should face The Real Americans.



All about the new WWE Performance Center in Florida.

The Real Americans vs Usos

Cesaro and Swagger to the ring with Zeb.
Zeb – So, this is Brooklyn. The melting pot of American, huh. All I hear is Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Italian, and something called Yiddish. Where's the English. It should be called a port-a-potty. Last night a robbery wasn't reporter, but we're used to that because of the foreigners sneaking across the borders and stealing the opportunities. Cena, you can choose, and do the right thing, pick one of these men. Put your hand of your hearts and say, "We, the people!"

King – We don't know who Cena will choose, but the 'Universe' chose to be your opponents.
Tons of Funk - 27%
Usos - 55%
Prime Time Players – 18%

The Usos out dancing, and the fans really react to them in a huge way.

Cesaro and Jey start. Jimmy tags in and pins for two. Knee to Jimmy's gut, then a gut wrench throw on Jimmy. Swagger tags in and stomps Jimmy. Swagger bomb, then blows in the heel corner. Cesaro gets a cheap stomp in. Cesaro tags in and stomps Jimmy gut for two. Jimmy up, but thrown into the heel corner. Blow on Cesaro, cheap back elbow on Swagger. Jimmy dives over, Cesaro catches him, but is able to tag out. Swagger in, but Jimmy takes him out. An upper cut from Cesaro, and he sets up for his finisher, but Jey is able to reverse and is able to pin Cesaro for three.

Winners – Usos (2:16)


Sandow vs Christian

Sandow out, raises his blue case high in the air and smiles. Stills of Sandow turning on Cody and stealing the win. Sandow to the ring. King talks about how Sandow hid out by them through most of the match. In the ring Sandow holds the case and points to himself. Christian out, his mouth looks very strange with his fat lip and broken teeth.

They lock up, then Sandow on Christian with blows and forearms. Sandow grabs the ropes and slides out. Christian out, Sandow back in. Christian slides in, but then out to avoid Sandow's elbow drop. Christian up top, but pushed off the corner to land outside. Sandow pins for two. Christian set up top, Sandow climbs, but eats blows. Christian then hits a tornado DDT off the top for two. Blows on Sandow, then a clothesline. Christian on Sandow in a corner with blows, but only three. Drop toe hold sends Sandow into the ropes. Christian drops out and hits Sandow through the ropes. Sandow thrown to the center of the ring. Christian climbs and hits a cross body for two. Usos are trending on Twitter.

Big right hand from Christian, then off the corner with an upper cut. Sandow reverses on the unprettier. Christian counters the elbow of disdain, rolls Sandow up for three.

Winner – Christian (3:04)

Christian from the ring, looks down the ramp at Sandow in the ring. Sandow yells for his case and holds it high.
Sandow - And still your intellectual savior of MITB, Damien Sandow!
Cody tackles Sandow from behind and beats on him. Sandow is able to flee the ring as a bunch of refs holds Cody back. Sandow through the stands as JBL calls Cody a bad loser. 'Cody!' chants from the fans.



1-800-FELLA for hiccups. Sheamus showing didn't scare them out of him. The brogue kick ended up in him not moving. They discuss insurance, then sneak away.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Vickie getting fired. On the App is Vickie trying to get a job there earlier. She was wearing a sandwich board saying 'Vote for Vickie'. She was trying to get people to sign for her, as she screeched into a bullhorn.

Brie vs Naomi

Brie in the ring in red. Dactyls out in yellow for Naomi to face her.

They lock up. Arm bar and slammed back by her hair twice by Brie. Naomi takes Brie down. Naomi slides out, then kicks Brie over the top rope. Brie sent flying out, but then Brie on Naomi on the apron. In the ring Brie gets two for it. Brie stomps Naomi as Nikki leans on the apron and cheers her on. Naomi choked in the ropes. Naomi pinned for two. Brie wrenches Naomi's head as Cameron cheers Naomi on. Naomi up, elbows free, then hits a sunset for two. Brie fights back and calls Naomi a loser. Brie right back on pulling on Naomi's head as Cameron gets the fans cheering. Naomi up, elbows free, takes a knee, but head scissors sends Brie flying. Drop kick to Brie, then another as she works softly against Brie. Rear view on Brie. Naomi up top with a cross body for three.

Winner – Naomi (4:07)

Dactyls celebrate in the ring as Nikki keeps leaning on the apron. Video recap of Naomi's solid moves. Dactyls are dancing in the ring.

Announce Segment

Video of Heyman fleeing the arena last night on WWE.com after he attacked Punk. Heyman wouldn't speak as he was being chased out and questioned as he went. He was finally stopped and yelled, "Stay out of my personal life!" Stills of Heyman attacking Punk with the ladder last night.


In Ring Segment

Punk limps to the ring in a hoodie and shorts, hood up, of course. 'CM Punk!' chants.
Punk – I know Paul Heyman is in the building. (heat) And I know Brock Lesnar is in the building. (pop) And I know I'm not waiting anymore. So come on out boys.

Out comes Heyman, mic in hand. He stops on the stage and looks around.

Heyman – You know what I'm looking at right now. I'm looking at an empty ring because in my world, you don't exist. Try this one on for size. Am I lying? In 2005 WWE had no vision for you. CM Punk was a figment of Heyman imagination. What did I do? I took you in. I befriended you. I taught you. I martyred my entire career for you. And then we reached the holy grail together, and were reigning Champ for 434. We were the longest reigning Champ in 25 years. We came within an inch of breaking Taker's streak at WrestleMania. We, CM Punk, were the best in the world. Here's part of the equation you seem to forget about. We, without Paul Heyman, you're not the best in the world. (heat) See, you can boo that all you want, because everybody stops and asks him the same question, why did you betray Punk? Here's the truth, I will tell you why I had an aversion to the truth, because it's a much harder pill to swallow, Mr. Straight Edge. The truth is you failed us when you couldn't defeat Taker. When you went home you found yourself. Then you came back to the WWE and you think you're better than me! CM Punk better than Paul Heyman. (pop) So I lied to you, manipulated you, played you. You can never claim Punk dumped Heyman. History will write that Heyman dumped CM Punk! You didn't want a business relationship with me, you wanted to keep it personal. So I kept it personal. You know this to be true. You have no family. You're estranged from your own mother and father. You have no wife. No children. All you have is them. (pop)

King (on announce) – This is getting too personal.

Heyman – All you have is the WWE 'Universe'. All you have is their admiration. All you have is their respect. All you have is their admiration. (the fans are going wild for Punk) Listen to them.

'CM Punk!'

Heyman – All you want. All you crave. All you need in your life is the WWE Championship. You took my best friend away from me, so I took your chance at the WWE Title away from you and each and every one of them. (heat) You're going to find out that as bad as I am at business, I'm a whole lot worse personally. (Heyman is walking down the ramp.) Here's the kicker to it all, best friend, brother, business son, man who wouldn't be my client, you made me swear on my children, but it was my children who made me see it so clear. 'Daddy, why doesn't Punk listen to you like Brock listens to you? Daddy isn't Brock going to hurt Punk? Daddy, can Punk beat Brock Lesnar?' And if you want to know why I double crossed you, why I betrayed you, why I cost you your opportunity to cash in MITB and go for the WWE Title, here's the harshest truth of them all. I betrayed you because, CM Punk, you can't beat Brock Lesnar!

Punk sniffs and sneers at Heyman. Down comes the hood.

'CM Punk!'

Punk – Are you done? You wanna talk about the truth? I saw first hand last night that the truth does hurt. And maybe I shoulda seen it coming, damn it Paul I trusted you, and all I have to show for it now is these 13 staples in my head. But another truth is that you know me better than anyone else, and you know when I'm lying, and when I'm telling the truth, and you know when I want something I'm the most relentless man on the planet. I will not stop until I get it! The truth is Paul, I gonna get you. This time, I swear on your children that I'm gonna get you. I'll get everybody that conspired against me. Every one of your associates. Everybody who profited from it. Anybody who had knowledge of it. Your friends. Your clients. Your family. Anybody that between the time I get my hands on you and now that steps between us and opens their eyes at me, I will get my hands on and rip them apart, and I will hurt! You want the truth? The truth is you don't have a future, I'm going to burn down everything around you until you're the last man standing and I'm going to keep you alive long enough to look you in the eye and hurt you worst of all, so you tell me you son of a bitch. Am I lying!

Heyman wipes the sweat from his bald head, puts a hand behind his neck, wipes his face, sneers up at Punk.

Heyman – No, no you're not lying, and since you want to tip your hand and tell me I have a lack of a future, let me spell your immediate future out for you.

Heyman to his knees, does all of Punk's stage movements and yells 'It's clobbering time!', then Brock's music hits. Brock out to ringside, bounces, but then Heyman into the ring behind Punk and attacks with the mic. Punk pulled from the ring by Brock. Punk on Brock. Brock sends Punk into the barricade. Brock back on Punk with blows, but Punk fights back. Brock grabs Punk and flings him, barely missing the announce table with his legs. Punk back on Brock with blows. Punk tossed across announce. Punk up and launches off announce onto Brock. Brock slams Punk back first into the post. Punk is down. Brock pulls Punk up and hits an F5 on announce. The table doesn't break and Punk bounces off it before landing behind it. Cole, channeling JR starts yelling, 'F5! F5!' Punk in a heap behind announce as Brock stand up top of it. Heyman leans down and yells, 'Stay out of my life!' at Punk before leading Brock away.

JBL asks Punk if he's alright. Punk struggles up, doctors there, and Punk up as he stares and glares. Punk holds his throat, waves them off, then crumbles. JBL says quietly, 'He's not okay.' They tend to Punk who is still holding his throat.



Recap of Heyman attacking Punk, then Brock and Punk fighting around the ring and over announce. Cole then talks about what Punk said about taking out Heyman, but Brock is between them. JBL and King talk up Punk. Cole goes on to talk about Totally Divas. Video of that show.

Backstage Segment

Cena walking along. Khali talks to him, completely illegible, then slaps his chest. Cena talks back in Khali's native tongue and Khali is all smiles.

Backstage Segment

Maddox – Hi!
Steph holds up a hand to stop him, she's on her phone.

Steph – Hey Brad, how are you?
Maddox – I'm great thank you! (Maddox reaches for a hug, Steph puts her hand out to shake.)
Steph – So, how's everything going?
Maddox – It's good.
Steph – I was a little worried about you last night, this is your first night as GM of RAW. What do you think?
Maddox – I think it's going really well. The first day on the job is always tough.
Steph – Sorry Brad, I wasn't asking you.

The camera pulls back to show Trip.
Maddox – Hey, Triple H, how you doing, sir? (Maddox puts his hand out and Trip shakes it.)
Trip – How's it going? To answer Steph's question, I think you're doing a great job.
Maddox – Thank you.
Trip – So far.
Maddox – Right, thank you.
Steph – It's only your first day.
Trip – And show's not over yet. I do have to ask, have you had a chance to talk to Vince today?
Steph – Before you made all these decisions?
Maddox – Well, uh, I was trying to find him, but I couldn't reach him.
Trip – That happens on Monday a lot. I was just wondering, because it's a pretty gutsy decision what you did. I was just wondering, knowing how Vince feels about those things.
Maddox – What?
Steph – About not making decisions yourself, leaving it in the hands of others.
Trip – Like the Superstars, on the second biggest PPV we have. The biggest PPV of the summer. It's a huge gamble.
Steph – Especially if Cena picks who we think he might pick. Which we would love.
Trip – We do, but if Cena picks who we think he might pick, we don't think that Vince will feel very good about that choice. Especially the edgy way he hired you. You know why he hired you, right?
Maddox – No, because I was the right man for the job?
Trip – Because you were the only man standing there at the time.
Steph – Regardless, you're the GM and doing a great job, so far.
Trip – Yeah, I think it will work out. (Trip shakes Maddox's hand.) And good luck in your future endeavors tonight.
Maddox – Um... Thank you?

In Ring Segment

RVD out to huge pop. Mr. Monday night back on RAW for the first time in six years!


RVD vs Jericho

The lights are out. Out comes Jericho and his blinkie jacket. Jericho walks to the ring as RVD flings a leg up on the top rope and stretches in a way few humans can do.

The bell rings and Jericho's jacket is still on. He removes it as the fans get more riled up. They lock up, let go, lock up. RVD behind Jericho. Jericho reverses. RVD with an arm drag takes Jericho down. The work around, then back up. 'RVD' for him while he points. Blows on RVD while a 'You still got it!' chant. Forearms to Jericho, then shoulder block, but then RVD into a drop kick. 'ECW!' chants. Forearm to RVD's back, then RVD rolls off Jericho back and hits a roundhouse kick. Shoulder blocks to Jericho in a corner. Jericho whipped and eats a monkey flip. RVD with his fingers to himself, then a standing moonsault on Jericho.

Jericho into a corner, comes out, ducks RVD and hits his own enziguri. 'Y2J!' chants. Back suplex on RVD, then a back kick and a low drop kick on Jericho. 'Come on babay!' from Jericho.


Body scissors on Jericho on the mat. Jericho free and up, but then Jericho rolls RVD through and sets up, but can't lock on the walls, so sends RVD into the corner for two. Jericho pins, but RVD to the ropes. Jericho stomps RVD on the mat. Jericho with a hand to his ear, then baseball slides RVD from the ring. RVD to his feet, pulled up on the apron, tries to suplex RVD in, but can't, then RVD tries to suplex Jericho out and can't. RVD suplexed in, lands on his feet, then a back kick on Jericho for two.

Body scissors on Jericho on the mat. Jericho wiggles, but then RVD's legs round Jericho head. Jericho leans RVD's shoulders down for two. Jericho turns it into a small powerbomb on RVD. 'This is awesome!' chants, and King agrees. RVD runs the ropes, but holds on and Jericho lands on the mat from his drop kick. Jericho rolls out of the ring to avoid rolling thunder. RVD to the apron, kicks back at Jericho, then moonsault from the apron on Jericho. 'ECW!' chants.


Jericho has RVD stretched on the mat. RVD fights to his feet, punches at Jericho, but takes knees. RVD reverses the whip, then double kicks Jericho in the chest in the corner. Clotheslines to Jericho, then a back kick. Jericho with shoulder blocks, sent over the top, hangs on, climbs, flies onto RVD. Jericho calls for cheers from the tired crowd. Crappy running bulldog from Jericho, but then RVD rolls out of the way. Rolling thunder on Jericho for a long two.

Jericho reverses a whip, but RVD with an elbow up. Jericho ducks a kick and lands a sick DDT! Jericho up, RVD slow to his feet. 'This is awesome!' RVD counters the walls and kicks Jericho in the face. RVD is struggling. Forearms to Jericho, then he's whipped, but gets a foot up. Jericho whipped and lands straddling in the corner. Split leg moonsault, but Jericho moves. Lionsault, but RVD kicks out at two.

RVD blocks Jericho, then kicks him in the face. RVD up, but Jericho lands on the ropes to lands RVD on his bum up top. Jericho climbs, RVD punches at Jericho, then a head butt. RVD off the top with a rolling flip for two. RVD is shocked. Jericho reverses head scissors into the walls! RVD is hurting, shakes his head, then crawls. RVD to the ropes. Jericho stomps his ribs. The ref pulls Jericho off. A kick to RVD, the ref pulls Jericho off. Step through kick to Jericho's face. RVD up top, blood leaking down his face. Thumbs with the fans, then 5 star frog splash for three.

Winner – RVD (21:03)

RVD poses for the fans who are absolutely wild for him.


In Ring Segment

On the stage is every male Superstar, even Jericho who looks as though he's about to fall over. Even Brooklyn Brawler is out there! Cena's music and they part for him to go through and head for the ring. Cena stops on the ramp and looks back at them. Much mixed reaction for Cena.

Cena – It is now time to tell you whom I've selected to compete against me for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. I can't do that. I can't do that because I haven't made my decision yet. All night I've listened to Superstar after Superstar after Superstar tell me why they should challenge me at SummerSlam. I've listened to them all. I've left who I think is the most important voice, the WWE 'Universe'. We don't always see eye to eye, and you can be tough on me. That toughness is honesty and I respect it. I want to make a match you'd like to see. With a decision this historic, I'd like your help.

Cheers, but also 'Daniel Bryan!' chants can be heard.

Cena – You guys are getting the hang of this. We need to make this a match you want to see. On the stage is a collection of WWE Superstars. I'll say some names and you can tell me how you feel about me facing them at SummerSlam. Birthday boy, what about Slater?


Cena – No dice on Slater. What about any of 3MB?


Cena – That's harsh. Don't hinder Jinder! What about the guy who won the MITB contract for this, Randy Orton?


Cena – I'll tell you one thing, there's a guy you can't miss up there, how about Khali?

Heat. Khali smiles.

Cena – What about ADR?

Huge heat.

Cena – A gentleman who just had a wonderful match, he might have come up a little short, but we've had some wonderful matches in the past. What about the Iatola of Rock & Rolla, Y2J?

Some solid pop.

Cena – Speaking of that, there were two people in that match, and one of them just got back last night and is one of kind and proved it tonight. What about RVD?

Some solid pop. 'RVD!' chants.

Cena – He can fly, but can he dance? There's one guy who can, what about Fahn-Dahng-Gooo?

Heat and singing.

Cena – If I dial 1-800-FELLA, I'm gonna get Sheamus. What about Sheamus?


Cena – I see you up there Ryback, breathing all heavy. What you all think about Ryback?


Cena – Doesn't look good. Anybody I'm forgetting?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – I think I almost hit everybody up there. Is there anybody I'm forgetting?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – Naw, we're good. I'll tell you what, I want to thank you for your help, there's a lot of great selections, but I've made my decision. This is an individual who deserves this opportunity.

'Daniel Bryan! Daniel Bryan!' chants.

Cena – Hey guys I respect the beard, trust me. This is a guy who deserves this match and will make SummerSlam an awfully special occasion. If he should choose to accept my decision, I select, to face me for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. I select Daniel Bryan.

The fans go wild! Bryan comes from behind everyone yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" as he runs to the ring. Up on a corner with the fans chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with him. Bryan into the ring with them still chanting. Right up to Cena yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" right in his face. The fans are wild! Bryan up on the opposite corner and gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chant going again to end the show.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat

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