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WWE Raw Results 5/27/13 - Heyman: Voice Of The Absent

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RAW Results May 27, 2013
From Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon for Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Triple H collapsed last week, more on his health. Last week Ryback challenged Cena to an Ambulance Match, how will Cena respond?

Show Starts


"A hero is someone who has given life to something bigger than oneself." Joseph Campbell. Video for the soldier who have done so much for us, on this Memorial Day.


Recap of Heyman announcing Curtis Axel. Last week Trip was introduced to Heyman's newest client. Trip threatened to kick Heyman's ass after kicking Axel's. Trip was told not to compete by the WWE doctor, but he did and couldn't finish the match. Later there will be more on Triple H's condition. AND – after their Last Man Standing Match ended in No Contest, Ryback came out with an ambulance and challenged Cena to an Ambulance Match at Payback. All of this and more tonight on Monday Night RAW!

In Ring Segment

Cena's music and out he comes in his yellow Cena t-shirt. He's all pumped and smiles before saluting and heading for the ring as Justin announces him. Cena holds out the mic for the heat from quite a few fans, but there's some pop too. A small 'Cena' chant can be heard.

Cena – Seems like there's a lot of unrest, anxiety, anger. I understand why, at Extreme Rules, there was a Last Man Standing Match that had destruction and pain, but remembered for controversy. Neither man could stand for the count of ten (not true). Both men think they rightfully deserve the WWE Title. First off there's me holding the WWE Championship (mixed). Then, of course, there's Ryback (heat) who rightfully feels he deserves the WWE Championship. How does he handle it? He drives an ambulance out.

"We want Bret!"

Cena – For those who can't understand at home, we're in Calgary, and the fans want their local hero, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, and rightfully so. That time will come, but there's a controversy to solve. I think Ryback thought too quickly. His thought process was probably this [in Ryback voice] I just finished Extreme Rules, I was robbed, Ambulance Match, oh, pretty bright lights. Myself, I've had a week to think this through and think payback should be thought through, deliberate, should be hell! At WWE Payback, this Championship will be up for grabs in a 3 Stages of Hell Match! A match so violent, there's only been three in the history of the WWE. Ryback, just so you know, this is a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match where each fall has its own stip. Because you like to run when the action gets too heavy, stage 1 is a Lumberjack Match. The stage will be surrounded by WWE Superstars so Ryback has no place to run.

Cena – Stage... Stage two, I actually have to thank the WWE 'Universe', because as we've heard, you like to chant a lot of things. A chant I'm familiar with is, 'We want tables! We want tables! We want tables!' Cena gets them chanting. Stage two, you get what you want, so it's a Tables Match. Ryback, I don't want you to think you're not being heard, so stage three involves your precious ambulance, it's only fitting that stage three is an Ambulance Match! I know what you're thinking, this is two out of three falls, what happens when you get the first two falls, don't worry Ryback, that driver will earn his money, after the Lumberjack Match, and after I put you through a table, I'm going to lug your heavy ass up there, straight to get medical attention!

Ryback's music hits and he comes out bouncing to his music. A big "Goldberg" chant. Ryback says Cena's right. Payback should be deliberate, should be definitive, should be hell. The "Goldberg!" chants continue. That's what I tried to do at Extreme Rules. I drove you through this LED board John, not caring what was on the other side.


Cena, I tried taking you to hell.


Say hello to Beelzebub!


Say hello to Lucifer!


Say hello to Satan.




Say hello to Ryback!


Ryback's music hits and he walks out. Cena just stares.

Heyman out on the stage to heat as he clears his throat.

Heyman – Cena, while you're saying hello to everyone, I'd like you to say hello to a future WWE HOFer, future WWE Champ. A man, who during his debut on RAW defeated Triple H so decisively, so convincingly, you won't be seeing Trip around here any more. The newest Paul Heyman Guy, Curtis Axel!

Out comes Axel.

Heyman – My client Curtis Axel and I were watching you and marveling that it's one thing to accept a challenge from Ryback, it's another thing to challenge Ryback to a 3 Stages of Hell Match. You, John Cena, are a fighting Champion. Which is why sir, you won't back down from a challenge of my own, for the first time ever, WWE Champion John Cena versus WWE Champion Curtis Axel!

Cena – Curtis Axel, I saw you last week, you've got guts. A bit of important advice. Stay away from Paul Heyman. That man there is more full of crap than the stables after the stampede.

Axel – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Johnny boy, we didn't ask for you opinion. We asked, are you looking for a fight?

"You suck!" chants for Axel.

Cena – I said last week you showed guts, but you got lucky and you're talking like you're already the big dog in the yard. That's fine. Tonight Curtis Axel, let's see how good you are. Heyman, you're on! Tonight Curtis Axel versus John Cena. You're on!

Announce Segment

King, JBL and Cole talking about Heyman, Axel, Cena and Triple H. Later Heyman will be on Highlight Reel.

Backstage Segment

ADR and Ricardo heading for the ring.

WWE Slam of the Week

AJ helped Big E defeat ADR, but on Main Event ADR tried coming back... enziguri to Big E and ADR gets the win!


ADR w/ Ricardo vs Big E w/ AJ

Ricardo announces ADR, they head to the ring together. AJ skips out in black jeans and a belly shirt head of Big E slapping his chalk around.

They lock up, but Big E on him with blows. Shoulder blocks in the corner, then ADR ducks a clothesline, and lands a drop kick. ADR holds the top rope down, Big E flies out, ADR with a suicide dive through the ropes on Big E. Outside Big E raises ADR and lands him face first on the stairs. Inside Big E gets two for his work. Bear hug on ADR, but he gets out quickly. Ziggler in the corner talking about Big E beat downs on ADR, he's on the App. Big E takes ADR down for two. Big E rushes ADR in a corner, but ends up shoulder first to the post. ADR on Big E and the third clothesline drops Big E. AJ is watching and twitching outside the ring. Big kick to the back of Big E's head for two. Cole thinks it's interesting to hear the Canadian fans chanting 'Si!' for ADR.

Big E comes back with a big belly-to-belly, then the straps come down. ADR attacks Big E's arm. AJ up and removes the top buckle cover. The ref tries to fix it, and behind the ref ADR locks on his cross arm breaker. Big E muscles out, but then ADR pushes Big E who eats the exposed buckle. ADR rolls Big E up for three.

Winner – ADR (4:17)

AJ in and gets into it with Big E. "I was trying to help you!" AJ screeches. Big E leaves the ring looking a bit pisses and doesn't respond to AJ at all.


Backstage Segment

Kane shakes his head, looks upset and Bryan is pacing.

Bryan, under his breath – I'm not the weak link. Kane thinks I'm the weak link, but I'm not...

Kane – Will you please stop with the weak link obsession. The only one who associates Daniel Bryan with the weak link is Daniel Bryan! Being tough has nothing to do with your size, okay?

Bryan – Easy for you to say, you're nearly seven feet tall!

Kane – Look, if we're going to be The Shield tonight and regain the TTC as a TEAM, you need to pull yourself together!

Bryan – Ah huh! Ah huh! You think I'm going to screw it up tonight. You do think I'm the weak link!

Kane – No, I don't.

Bryan – Yes, you do!

Kane – No, I don't!

Bryan – "YES!"

Kane – "NO!"

Bryan – "YES!"

The camera pans to so Bret with his harms crossed looking at them

Bret – You just need to take it easy. You two are one of the best teams I've ever seen. Listen to me, tension like this destroys partnerships. You two are better than this.

Bryan – Wow, thanks Bret! [Bryan moves Kane out of the way and steps closer to Bret.] Quick question. Bret, you were the smaller guy in the Hart Foundation, did anyone think that you were the weak link?

Bret – Let me tell you something Daniel, being tough has nothing to do with your size. You're one of the best, toughest WWE Superstars I've ever seen. Nothing stops you, nothing. Got it?

Bryan, with a look of complete awe on his face, jaw hanging open in a daft look of admiration, just nods and stares. Bret steps away as Bryan still looks in awe.

Kane – How is it that he can say that and you believe him. But I say the same thing and you ignore me.

Bryan – Hum, let me think. Maybe because that's Bret Hart! The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. And you, you're just Kane.

Bryan walks away and and leaves Kane seething and growling.

Backstage Segment

Cole says 30 seconds after RAW goes off the air, on the WWE App is the Bret Hart Appreciation Night.

US Title Match – Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kofi Kingston

Ambrose out with The Shield, but the other two stop, wish Ambrose luck, then Ambrose headed to the ring on his own. Video from Smackdown when Ambrose got in trouble against Kofi, The Shield got involved causing the DQ.



Heyman introducing Axel last week.

US Title Match – Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi to the ring.

Ambrose gets twitchy and mouthy at Kofi before the bell, then at the bell backs Kofi into a corner, but Kofi comes right back taking Ambrose down, then a deep arm drag on mat. Kofi backed into a corner and takes some blows. Into the next corner with more blows. Kofi over and under a running Ambrose, they go back and forth, over and under, blocking and moving in some serious chain wrestling. Ambrose out and Kofi is running for a suicide dive, but then stops himself on the top rope as he is wont to do sometimes.


Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Short clothesline from Ambrose who then stomps Kofi and drops an elbow for two. Ambrose casually stalks around Kofi, then grabs his head and pulls Kofi up, but Kofi reverses and sends Ambrose snake eyes for two. Kofi's double armed clotheslines, then bounces off the corner for a crossbody for two.

Kofi is pumped up, but the fans are barely behind him. Kofi with a sunset for two, then they reverse back and forth for near falls. Kofi manages to hit his SOS, but only gets a long two for it. Orton and Sheamus are watching on the App. Ambrose out, Kofi follows, so Ambrose back in and Kofi slingshots a clothesline for two. Ambrose rolls out, Kofi to the apron and Ambrose trips Kofi so he eats stairs. Ambrose sends Kofi in and follows. Ambrose hits his sick DDT finisher for three!

Winner – Ambrose (8:45)

Video recap of the high points of the match. They show the finisher twice. Rollins and Reigns in to celebrate as they all hold their gold high and pose. Fire erupts on stage and out comes Kane and Bryan! All three of The Shield are ready for a fight, and they do. The Shield is tossed out and flee the ring leaving Team Hell No in the ring.


Tag Team Championship Match – The Shield (Reigns & Rollins) (c) vs Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane)

The match started during the break. Side headlock takedown on Bryan from Rollins. Bryan pushes off, but a shoulder block drops Bryan. Bryan fights back taking Rollins down. Kicks on Rollins on the mat and in the corner. Kane tags in and tells Bryan to calm down. Rollins eats corner, then is whipped. Rollins tries to float over, but is caught and slammed to the mat for two. Bryan tags in. Kane elevates Rollins and Bryan clotheslines him to the mat for two. Bryan with a stretch hold on Rollins. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan with blows on Rollins for two. Bryan holds Rollins as Kane tags in and gives Rollins a right. Rollins whipped, but gets an elbow up. Rollins blocks a chokeslam and kicks Kane in the back of the head. Reigns tags in.

Reigns works Kane over on the mat, then Rollins with a cheap kick on Kane as his head is through the ropes. Rollins tags in and keeps on Kane in their corner with blows and kicks. The ref backs Rollins off, but it's not enough for Kane. Kane blocks a suplex, then gets Rollins up for a short delayed for two. Rollins is able to tag out, but Kane can't get to Bryan fast enough. Reigns with a headlock on Kane on the mat. Kane finally free, but runs right into a bod body slam from Reigns for two. Rollins tags in.

Rollins stomps Kane, then puts a chinlock on the sitting monster. Prime Time Players talking smack on the App. Kane gets free, but then a kick to Kane's knee, then reverses on Rollins and both are down. Bryan tags in with a cheap drop kick on Reigns, then sends Rollins in a terribly landed suplex. Rollins in the face corner eats a big drop kick for a long two. Bryan to his feet and on Rollins with the "YES!" kicks as the fans chant along. Bryan gets two again. Bryan is seething and climbs. Rollins knocks Bryan's feet out from under him, and Rollins climbs. Bryan squirps free and trips Rollins. Rollins hung upside-down. Kicks, then a low baseball slide/drop kick! Bryan climbs and lands a sick back superplex from the top! Bryan is left hold the back of his head as Rollins is in a heap!


Bryan with an upper cut on Reigns, then kicks on him in a corner. Reigns reverses a whip, but Bryan over the top! Reigns plants Bryan to the mat hard for two. Rollins in with a stomp to the back of Bryan. Rollins suplexes Bryan for two. "This is awesome!" chants. Rollins with Bryan's legs locked up the way Bryan usually does, and manages the surf board on Bryan! Bryan counters out and starts kicking Rollins, but Rollins trips Bryan and takes him down hard. Reigns tags in and stomps Bryan.

Reigns with a guttural yell, then stalks Bryan. Bryan slams Bryan face first to the mat, then clothesline in a big way for two. Rollins tags in and kicks Bryan's middle as Reigns holds him. Rollins talks down to Bryan, calling him the weak link, stomping him. Kane yells at Bryan to not listen to him. Rollins beats Bryan down in a corner. Bryan fights back with blows, but then Rollins plants Bryan face first on the second buckle for two. Reigns tags in and kicks Bryan's ribs as Rollins holds him.

Bear hug on Bryan from behind. Bryan struggles to a corner, but takes a big blow to the back of the head. Bryan gets foot in Reigns' face, then a sick running kick to Reigns' face! Both are down. Both tag out.

Blows to Rollins, then whips and short clotheslines. Rollins reverses and fights back, but then eats a body drop for two. Reigns breaks up the three. Bryan with a missile drop kick on Reigns, then a suicide dive out on Reigns. Rollins eats a big boot, then Kane climbs as Bryan with "YES!" kicks on Reigns outside. Kane with a flying clothesline. The ref yells at Bryan. Kane tries to stop Bryan. Bryan off the apron, but Reigns is ready and plants Bryan hard. This is enough of a distraction for Rollins to climb and fly with a knee to Kane's head for trhee.

Winners – The Shield (18:43)

Video recap of Kane and Bryan arguing about Bryan on the apron, then Rollins getting the upper hand and the win. All three of The Shield are in the ring celebrating.


Recap of Cena starting the show and setting up his Payback match with Ryback who came out and agreed with Cena's idea for the match.


WWE Rewind

Axel took Trip apart last week in the main event of RAW. Trip sold a serious injury outside the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole and JBL talks about how scary it was to watch Trip last week. The doctor said that this is from the sledge to the jaw and while Trip was told not to go to RAW this week. There was no further damage done in the match with Axel, and tests look good for Trip to be back on RAW next week – hopefully.

In Ring Segment

Miz to the ring. Video of Fandango and SR dancing ringside when he was supposed to be tagging with Barrett against Miz and Jericho. Go to the WWE App. Should Miz be the
A – Guest Ring Announcer
B – Guest Commentator
C – Guest Referee


Barrett vs Fandango w/ Summer Raw & Special Guest Ref – Miz

Miz in the ring acting like he's texting. King on mic says that the results are -
Special Guest Announcer – 5%
Special Guest Commentator - 10%
Special Guest Ref – 85%

Barrett to the ring. Fandango out with SR in a coral fringed dress. They pose in the center of the ring.

A bit back and forth. Hammer lock on Barrett to the ropes and Miz yells at them that he's the boss. Fandango with some chops, then takes Barrett down for one. Barrett fights back with blows, backs Fandango into the corner, then slams him.

The fans are singing and doing the Fandangoing!

Fandango in the ropes, Miz checks on Fandango and blocks Barrett. Barrett throws Miz down, so after Fandango is knocked out of the ropes with a boot, Miz hits a SCF on Barrett and Fandango pins. Miz counts the three.

Winner – Fandango (1:46)

Fandango and SR are dancing, and Miz kicks him in the head. Fandango drops with SR lolling back in his crotch area. Miz counts the three and raises SR's arm for the win. SR is pissed! Video recap of the debacle, then Fandango and SR stare up at Miz posing on the stage.

Backstage Segment

HBK – are you sure you want to do this?

Cena – I don't back down, you know that!

HBK [fully bearded]– That's awesome John. That makes you brave, not neccisarily smart, but brave. I saw what Ryback did at Extreme Rules. I tried to tell Hunter the same thing. You rush back to get out there. You never listen and do what you want. I'm the voice of reason, but you never ever listen!

Cena – Like someone else. You!

Cena turns and leaves HBK pointing at him, wanting to argue, but knowing he can't.


3MB vs Khali & Funkasaurus & Sweet T w/ Natalya & Hornswoggle

Tons of Funk dancing in the ring with the Dactyls, Khali, Hornswoggle, and Natalya! Video of 3MB covering Hornswoggle in cake and laughing about it.

McIntyre ducks Khali, but then takes a clothesline. McIntyre backed into a corner and slapped hard. Sweet T tags in and hits his rolling splash on McIntyre in a corner. Slater takes a cheap attack from Sweet T, but McIntyre gets the upper hand on Sweet T. Mahal tags in and stomps on Sweet T, then works him in the corner. Slater tags in and keeps working Sweet T, and takes him down for two. Slater with blows on Sweet T, celebrates too long and is taken down. Funkasaurus tags in and throws Slater around before splashing him in a corner. Funkasaurus takes Slater down, but the other two break up the fall. Bodies flying, then Khali chops Slater. Funkasaurus on Slater for three.

Winners – Khali & Tons of Funk (3:05)

Funkasaurus calls for the music to be taken down. Tonight's a special night, Natalya's Birthday. To lead them singing Happy Birthday is Great Khali – Sweet T was reaching for the mic. Khali so badly sings, but Natalya is all smiles for him. Then Mama's music plays again and they all dance.

Backstage Segment

Heyman heading for the ring for the Highlight Reel.



Another Memorial Day video, this one narrated by Cena.

Highlight Reel

The lights go out, pyro erupts, Jericho back to in his blinkie jacket. Jericho out all smiles.

Jericho – Hello Calgary! And welcome to RAW Is Jericho! Welcome to the Highlight Reel. My guest is one of the most controversial, buzz worthy, disingenuous, annoying and bulbous Superstars and performers in WWE history. Mr. Paul Heyman!

Out comes Heyman not looking too happy as Jericho removes his blinkie jacket.

Jericho – Paul, you've been called many things in your career from a genius to a walrus.

"Walrus!" chants.

Jericho – Called many things in your career from genius to walrus, many of them unflattering and most of them true,but I'm going to give credit where credit is due, Paul, you've always had an uncanny knack of aligning yourself with tremendous talent.

Heyman - If I may Mr. Jericho, if I might correct you sir, it's not just that I align myself with great talent, but I discover and develop great talent, like for example, you sir. (Heyman points at Jericho.) No, no, no, it's true. It's your show, if I'm lying, expose me to the WWE 'Universe'. It was Paul Heyman who discovered and developed Chris Jericho. Paul Heyman gave Chris Jericho his very first big break.

Jericho – That's true, you did give me my first break, and you still owe me money.

Heyman - Which is why I have waived my fee tonight. This is time that I wanted to spend with you here, because you understand what it's like when I develop a young piece of young talent.

"Boring!" chants from a couple of fans.

Heyman - Like what I have done with Axel who took out Trip and will step up with Cena tonight.

Jericho – I've actually been a fan of Axel for a long time, think he has great potential, but I want to talk about your other client.

Heyman – BROCK LESNAR! I'm so glad that you want to talk about him, I'm so proud to be the advocate for Brock Lesnar, the only on to hold the NCAA...

Jericho – Paul will you please, shut the hell up! (pop) I don't want to talk about Axel, I don't care what Brock's doing on his spring break. The Paul Heyman Guy I want to talk about is your other client.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Jericho – The man who's been off from RAW for weeks, yeah, CM Punk! (pop) Like I said Punk has been absent for six weeks. Last time he was on RAW, this is what he said. Monkeys, roll the clip.

Video of Punk talking about the thing bigger than the Title, taking on The Rock was taking on the Streak. I pushed Taker to the limit. [Dueling chants for Punk and Taker.] Punk hugged Heyman and left.

"CM Punk!" chants are loud.

Jericho – The thing I noticed about that clip, other than you're wearing the exact same suit tonight, hope you had it cleaned, you had the same look now as then. That tells me that he shocked and surprised Heyman as well as the world.

Heyman – Mr. Jericho, this is my favorite suit, and I wore it tonight out of respect and appreciation for you, and for me to be on the Highlight Reel, and I hope you bestow the same respect and appreciation for me that I bestow on your for wearing this suit on the Highlight Reel this evening.

"Walrus!" chants.

Jericho – And?

Heyman – Mr. Jericho, what do you want me to tell you? You want me to come out and here and say, Punk said it himself, he was Champ for 434 days and he didn't have to come out and say stupid things like, I'm the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. No, he was the best in the world, dominated the WWE like no one before and never got the respect he deserved...

Jericho – Blah, blah, blah! Bluh blah blah, bluh bluh bluh bluh blah! Blah blah bluh bluh bluh blah! Bluh bluh, where is CM Punk?

Heyman – My client and I will have an announcement for you in a few weeks regarding the best in the world.

Jericho – No, Punk can't sit at home for six weeks and still call himself the best in the world.

Heyman – Well I have a client sitting at home now who would vehemently disagree with your assessment Mr. Jericho!

Jericho – Punk is watching right now?

Heyman – Yeah.

Jericho (to the camera) – Hey Punk, hey buddy, hey Punk! How's it going? How's the family? (To Heyman) You know what's also in Chicago? The next PPV, Payback. And if Punk thinks he can sit at home on the couch after losing the WWE Title, after losing to Taker, taking his ball and going home like a spoiled little petulant child and still call himself the best in the world, he is out of his straight edged, bald headed mind. (pop) Besides, I think there's just as many Jerichaholics here tonight and at home who would say that he's the best...

Heyman – Don't! I get emotional. Don't say it.

"Y2J!" chants.

Jericho – Don't say that Chris Jericho is the...

Heyman – Don't say it!

Jericho – Don't say that Jericho is the best...

Heyman – Don't! You don't have the right to say it!

Jericho – Neither does Punk sitting at home, unless he decides to come to Payback and prove it by facing me one on one PPV once a-gain.

Heyman – You're going to negotiate with me now? I know you can mop the floor with me, but you don't get to dictate terms with Heyman and Punk.

Jericho – Fair enough, let Punk stay at home and let Jericho say that Jericho is best in the world at what I do!

Heyman laughs at him, then gets pissy at the "Y2J!" chants.

Heyman – I guess that's what you'd call pulling my Punk card, right? Okay, you Chris Jericho want a match with Punk. You want a match with Punk in Chicago, in his hometown at Payback. On behalf of my client, CM Punk, I accept.

Heyman puts his hand out, Jericho shakes.

Jericho – Thank you, I guess I'll see you in Chicago.

Jericho pulls Heyman close. Heyman talks off mic, telling Jericho not to do it.

Jericho – Tell Punk that after Chicago, Punk will never be the same, a-gain.


Kaitlyn & Natalya vs Bellas

Kaitlyn and Natalya in the ring. Kaitlyn raises her belt high. Bellas out in red to face them. Bellas back flip over the top ropes into the ring.

Kaitlyn and a Bella start. Bella takes Kaitlyn down, but not for long. "Happy Birthday!" chants. Bella out and pulls Kaitlyn's legs out from under her on the apron and Kaitlyn falls badly to the apron and floor. Back into the ring Bella keeps Kaitlyn choked in the ropes. The other Bella with the blind tag, and takes Kaitlyn down. Chinlock on Kaitlyn on the mat. Kaitlyn with elbows, but takes a knee and taken to the mat for one. Knee to Kaitlyn's back as Natalya tries to get the fans chanting for Kaitlyn, but they're not at all caring. Kaitlyn whipped, but moves and Bella eats corner. Natalya tags in.

Beautiful suplex from Natalya, then Natalya locks on the sharpshooter, and keeps the Bella from tagging out. The other Bella in slaps Natalya, then eats a Kaitlyn spear. Kaitlyn taken out. Kaitlyn back in to tackle a Bella, but it's Natalya who takes the spear and the three.

Winner – Bellas (3:41)

Bellas on mic badly sick Happy Birthday to 'loser' Natalya. Natalya is left crying in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Bret – You look a lot like your Dad.

Axel – You guys had some legendary matches back in the day.

Bret – We sure did. Your Dad put me through some of the hardest matches of my career.

Axel – Did you see what I did to Triple H last week?

Bret – Yeah, I did. Let me give you some advice. The best thing you can do is get rid of Heyman, get that bum out of your corner. (Bret puts his hand on Axel's arm, but Axel looks down at it and moves away.)

Axel – Just because you knew my Dad doesn't mean you know me. You don't know anything about me. Before last week when I took out Trip, except Heyman. He's the only one who believed in me. Enjoy your appreciation night, I'm going to defeat the WWE Champion.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring.



Bray Wyatt promo! We live in the world where society has destroyed the souls of men. They whisper secrets in mens' ears. I have a secret of my own! What are you going to do? Tell them we're coming. We're coming. (Bray was with Luke Harper and Rowan in this promo – they are known as The Wyatt Family in NXT.)

Team Rhodes Scholars vs Orton & Sheamus

Video from Smackdown with Sandow, Sheamus and the knot. Sandow is ringside with Rhodes, seething at the video. Sheamus to the ring to tag with Orton.

Orton stares at Rhodes. They lock up. Side headlock on Rhodes. Rhodes pushes out and taken down a couple times by Orton. Arm bar on Orton, backed into a corner. Rhodes whipped, floats over, taken down for two. JBL and Cole talk about Cowboy's cast on his arm for six years. Sheamus tags in and comes over the top with the battering ram, but into the heel corner and Sandow tags in.

Sheamus toys with Sandow, then slams him to the mat. Orton tags in, slams Sandow face first in the corner, then on him with blows. Orton with a lovely drop kick on Sandow for two. Sandow fights back and tags out. Rhodes stomps Orton in a corner, then whips him,but Orton comes out with a clothesline for two. Sheamus tags in and drops a knee on Rhodes on the mat. Rhodes arms pinned back by Sheamus' legs, then forearms by Sheamus like over the top rope. Rhodes fights back and stomps Sheamus in a corner.

"Cody' mustache!" chants.

King talks about Cody's tan, and where do you go to get an orange burn like that? JBL laughs about calling the doctor. Sheamus backed into the heel corner, Sandow tags in. Sheamus gets Sandow up hits his rolling senton, but lands himself badly in a corner. Rhodes on Sheamus as he climbs, Sheamus takes down Rhodes, but it's enough of a distraction that Sandow is able to take Sheamus down.


Sandow has Sheamus in the ropes, choked. Rhodes tags in and keeps Sheamus from tagging out. Body scissors on Sheamus on the mat, and Rhodes pulls Sheamus' hair until the ref gets on him for it. Sheamus up, eats blows, comes back with the Irish curse back breaker. Both are down, then able to tag out. Orton hits his power slam on Sandow, then Rhodes. DDT on Sandow, and Orton is ready, but Rhodes pulls Sandow from the ring. Orton out with a clothesline on Rhodes, but then Sandow sends Orton into the post. The ref won't let Sheamus go to Orton. Sandow pulls Orton up, rolls him in. Sandow only gets two for it. Rhodes tags in.

On the App Heyman is giving Axel a pop talk. Rhodes pulls Orton up and plants him on the mat for two. Chinlock on Orton facing away from the camera. Sandow tags in and stomps Orton. Elbow of disdain on Orton for two. Sandow holds Orton's arms out and drops knees. Rhodes tags in and backs Orton into a corner, then stomps him down. Orton fights back out of the ring. Rhodes whipped, but a blow on Orton. Orton comes back with a suplex. Both are down. Sheamus stomps the mat and is all riled up. Sheamus tags in.

Clotheslines on Rhodes, backed into a corner. Sandow tags in and takes forearms over the top, then lifted in. Disaster kick takes Sheamus down. Orton in and takes Rhodes out. Sandow gets two from Sheamus. Orton tosses Rhodes high and into the timekeeper's area. White noise on Sandow. Sheamus yells and is ready, calling for the Brogue kick, and nails it for three.

Winners – Sheamus & Orton (15:53)

Recap of the high points of the end of the match. Orton and Sheamus celebrate in the ring, all smiles as Team Rhodes Scholars regroup outside in front of announce.



National Guard video narrated by Kofi. Clips of National Guard events. Of course lots of Cena in the video too.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Bret Hart Appreciation Night. King's happy about it because he's still alive (Canada was where King had his heart attack and almost left us). Cole discusses the 3 Stages of Hell Match between Cena and Ryback.

Cena vs Axel

Cena out, says it's all in the shirt (his white one) and runs to the ring. Axel and Heyman to the ring together.

They circle, Axel is all bouncy. They lock up, Axel behind Cena, then side headlock takeover on Cena. Dueling chants for Cena. Axel runs over and under Cena, then takes a hip toss from Cena. Axel rolls from the ring and takes a Heyman pep talk.


Cena shoulder first into the stairs. Axel into the ring and the ref won't let him leave the ring. Heyman tells Axel to stay in there for the count. Cena staggers to the ring, slides in at nine and gets stomped by Axel. Cena face first into the corner, then stomps. Axel is all over Cena on the mat. Lovely snap suplex on Cena for two. Cena's arm wrenched back, forearm across Cena's face, all the while Cena sitting on the mat. Axel pulls on that arm and pushes on Cena's face. Cena tries to struggle free, but Axel keeps the hold on Cena and Cena on the mat. Cena's head to the mat, a knee on his face, as Heyman yells orders to Axel. Cena struggles to his feet. Cena up and avoids a short clothesline, but then takes a clubbing forearm to the upper back. Dueling chants as Axel stomps Cena down on the mat.

Cena up ducks Axel, and goes into his routine of the same moves, right into the 5 knuckle shuffle! Axel up, but then free and hits a lovely drop kick for two! Axel up on the second ropes and drops an arm on Cena's face. Axel up again, takes too much time and Cena moves. Axel slammed to the mat for two. Cena telegraphs is kicked, takes a snap mare and gives two. Axel free of the STF. Axel comes back with a perfect bridging suplex – actually a perfect plex. Cena starts fighting back, but then the siren starts. The ambulance rolls in and Cena walks away from his match.

Winner via Count Out – Axel (11:12)

He approaches the ambulance slowly, steps to the back, opens the doors, but Ryback attacks Cena from behind. Ryback all over Cena, rolls him onto the stage. Ryback yells for Cena to get up. Ryback rushes Cena, but Cena grabs Ryback for the AA. Ryback wiggles free and pushes Cena off the stage. Cena doesn't land on his feet, but it's no biggie.

Axel and Heyman celebrate in the ring. Cena claps a bit from where he's standing, he knows he was had.

Biggest Pop
Bret Hart
Team Hell No

Biggest Heat
The Shield

Most Mixed

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