RAW Results 12/16/13 – WWE's Rich History Colliding With Its Bright Future

Randy Orton

RAW Results December 16, 2013
From American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks up TLC, and tells us to tune in to find the first WWE WHC, live!

Recap of the TLC

RAW Starts


Recap of the build to the TLC main event, and stills of the match through the big bumps, and Cena taking the bump to the head, and Orton winning.

In Ring Segment

All the Superstars and Divas on the stage. Trip and Steph in the ring, Steph not in a suit, wearing a black drapey top that really accentuates her curves, above a short leather patchwork skirt.
Steph – It's time for everyone, here, at home, the Superstars and Divas on stage, of the past, present and future who will ever step into the ring, to pay respect and honor one man.
Trip – Last night we witnessed the donning of a new era. As WWE's rich history collided with its bright future. We unified the WWE and WHC into one. Last night we crowned a Champion of Champion. We're here to pay honor to that man. Let me introduce to you the new WWE WHC, The Viper, Randy Orton.

The Superstars part and out comes Orton, slowly, one strap over each shoulder. He stops between Bryan and Cena, glaring at Cena, raises them both high. Cena and Bryan glare at Orton, then he heads down the ramp, both straps high, then slowly dropping to his sides. Into the ring Orton poses with both straps, then layer them on his left shoulder, WWE Title on top.

Orton – Isn't it a nice feeling when your faith is rewarded. You never had faith in me, that I'd win the most important match in WWE history. ("What?") You all bought into the lie. ("What?") That I've been handed everything my entire career. But that's not true, and last night I proved it. When an opportunity presents itself, but I don't look for a handout, I take it, that's what. Last nigh I proved it when I ascended that ladder, took those two championships and turned them into one! Last week in this ring I stood with 20 other Champs, and none of them have accomplished that I've accomplished. As I look up there at all of you, beaming back your jealousy, but where you stand is appropriate, and where I stand is appropriate, because it shows just how much better I am than all of you! (heat) I've got news for everyone. I'm the most powerful person standing in this ring, I am the Champion of Champions. I am the WWE WHC, and my reign with last...

Cena – You're an idiot!

Orton – Nu, nu, nu, nu, no! Turn his mic off. You will not ruin my moment.

Cena – Not going to ruin your moment. But often times you have trouble speaking, so I'm going to give everyone the Cliff Notes of what you're going to say. The face of the WWE. Apex Predator. Viper, viper, viper, viper, viper, handcuffs – creative, by the way – greatest of all time, and the history of greatness, I guess that about does it, doesn't it? Excellent. I saved you the embarrassment of speaking, and saved these people 20 minutes of their time. (cheer) More genuinely, I want to say congratulations. Last night at TLC, you were the better Champion. Congratulations. I want to remind you of something SCSA said about that Championship – that Championship forces you every night to put up, or shut up. Way I see it, you've talked enough, so tonight, either put up, or shut up.

Orton – I see what you're trying to do, but you will not get your rematch tonight. Hunter! Hunter!

Cena – Easy big fella! I'm not talking about me.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – See, the thing is that I really want to be WWE WHC, but last week I told a single man that if I did win, I would give him the first match. The reason I said that, is that I actually listen to the WWE 'Universe'. So, I wasn't talking about tonight you facing me. I was talking about you facing him. (Bryan)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" And Bryan nods and smiles with each "YES!"

Orton – I don't care what these people want. Security, get him out of here.

Cena – You might not care about what they think, but you care about that Championship and being the greatest of all time. And what better way to prove your legacy than right here, tonight? Orton vs Bryan, for the WWE WHC.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – Let me guess, you're scared.

Orton – I'm not scared, but I don't have to listen to you! I don't have to listen to these idiots in these stands. I don't have to listen to anybody Cena, nobody!

Steph – Except, us.

Orton – Steph, I'm trying not to lose my temper here. He's way out of line, and you of all people (Steph over talking to Trip), you can't think giving Bryan a Title shot tonight could possibly be what's best for business, because it's not.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – I agree with you, Bryan doesn't deserve an opportunity, a Title match for the WWE WHC.

Steph – However, for reasons I can't completely understand, the WWE 'Universe' did vote Bryan the Superstar of The Year.

Trip – That being said, Steph and I listen to the WWE 'Universe'. If that's a match you'd like to see.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – Hunter, I've been through a war, I was in a TLC match last night! You can't possibly expect me.

Trip – I can't think of a better way to kick off the Champion of Champions new Era, than a main event like this – The chance for you to silence the critics that say you can't beat this man. In this ring, it will be the WWE WHC, Randy Orton, one on one with the Superstar of The Year, Daniel Bryan.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan on the top of the ramp leading the chants, and most of the Superstars pointing fingers right along with Bryan!


Cody & Goldust vs Big Show & Rey

Cody and Goldust in the ring. Rey out to the ring. Big Show out to join his partner.

Cody and Rey shake hands, as they did after their match ended last night. Side headlock takeover on Rey. Up, they lock hands. Rey with head scissors. Cody out, Rey with a drop kick through the ropes on Cody on the apron, then Rey slides out onto Cody outside. Rey rolls Cody into the ring, then up top, but Cody grabs him, Rey on his shoulders, but Rey with blows on Rey off. Disaster kick on Rey for a long two.

Cody with a delayed face plant. Goldust tags in and drops knees. Cody tags in and on Rey's left arm. Rey works his way back, tags out. Big Show takes Cody down hard.


Cody dives for Goldust, but Big Show stops him. Big Show slams Cody down for two. King, Cole and JBL decide it's time to take a selfie on announce, then King screws it up and can't get the shot. Slap to Cody's chest, but he fights back with kicks and blows, but then runs into a big boot. Another selfie on announce, and this one works. Big Show with his clutch on Cody. King shows their selfie, and now King is tweeting. Cole asks if he can figure out how to do it, King tells Cole to explain how to download the app, then King will figure it out. JBL berates them both, even though he was in the middle of the selfies.

"We want Goldust!" chants. Big Show backs Cody into a corner, then bum slams back. Big Show bum slams Cody's gut again. On the ropes a big slap to Cody's chest. Cody slammed down for two. Big Show on the second ropes, flies, but Cody moves and Big Show's elbow splats on the mat. Cody to Goldust who tags in. Clothesline, and drop kick on Big Show, then Big Show telegraphs into the upper cut. Goldust takes Big Show down for two. Goldust into a chokeslam, but Cody breaks the count. Big Show pissed and sends Cody up. Goldust up, but Big Show ducks. KO punch, then Rey up on Big Show's shoulders, dives, gets the three.

Winners – Big Show & Rey (12:53)

Video of the high points in this match. Cody to his brother, Rey and Big Show stand over them. Rey and Big Show help Goldust to his feet and give the Rhodes brothers their props.

Announce Segment

Should Punk tag with Usos, Los Matadores or Prime Time Players to face The Shield tonight. Vote now.



Bad Santa (Sandow) vs Good Santa (Henry) on RAW!

In Ring Segment

Bad News Barrett pounds a gavel on the podium.
Barrett – Could we have some decorum please? Over half a billion dollars are at stake in the lottery, however, I'm afraid I've got some bad news, because not one of you will win even a cent of that money, and you will be forced to return to your ramshackle homes, ("What?") and your miserable, lowly lifestyles. ("What?") Happy Holidays!

Announce Segment

You can win a signed replica Slammy.

Backstage Segment

Steph, Trip and Kane discussing things, but not really on mic.
Orton – Hey, hey, hey! What's going on? Is this kind of joke. 24 hours after a TLC with Cena, I'm facing Bryan. I won these (titles) last night, is that my reward for winning my biggest match last night, the biggest match in the history of the WWE?
Steph – Randy, Randy, look, less than 24 hours ago Bryan was almost decimated by The Wyatt Family. We value you, Randy. We value you, your the face of the company, as the Champ, as our friend. Last night you made history, you're the first ever WWE WHC, and with that Title comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. Cena said it right, it's double the work,doublet he competition. Randy, there's a lot more to being Champ than meets the eye.
Trip – Randy, you're the man now, everybody is gunning for you. You can't just tell them who the Champ is, you have to show them why every night. We've got your back man.

Orton stomps out and the three look around at each other knowingly.

In Ring Segment

Summer Rae out in pink, Fandango in a purple satin ruffly shirt.


Fandango vs Ziggler

Ziggler out to face Fandango.

Fandango on Ziggler with a kick and blows. Ziggler over Fandango, lands on his feet and lands a drop kick on Fandango. Outside Fandango lands a huge clothesline. Summer Rae gushes at Fandango who rolls Ziggler in for two.

Fandango stomps Ziggler, then dances. Fandango with a big blow drops Ziggler. Big suplex on Ziggler for two. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Side headlock on Ziggler. Ziggler free, but runs into a heel kick for two.

Fandango stomps Ziggler's head, then talks smack at Ziggler. Headlock on Ziggler on the mat as the fans try clapping for him a bit. Ziggler up, blows to Fandango's gut, rolls Fandango up for two. Fandango comes back with two of his own. Forearms over Ziggler's shoulder, and heat for Fandango. Fandango pulls Ziggler up, Ziggler runs the ropes, takes a knee, but reverses and rolls Fandango for three.

Winner – Ziggler (3:23)

Video recap of Ziggler quick win. Summer Rae has a fit over the loss as Ziggler stares in at them.

Backstage Segment

Big E and Henry heading to the ring.


The Real Americans vs Big E & Henry

The Real Americans to the ring with Zeb. Big Show out clapping chalk, waits on the apron for Henry. They head to the ring together, all smiles. Big E is auctioning off three singlets on ebay for Toys For Tots!

Swagger and Big E start. Swagger runs the ropes and Big E jumps HIGH over Swagger, then takes him down with a shoulder blow. Cesaro in and worked over. Swagger tags back in and wants Henry. Henry tags in, the fans chant for Henry's alma mater, Henry acknowledges it with a smile. Henry works over Swagger, then tags in Big E. Henry launches Big E into Swagger. Big E on Swagger more, then tags out. Henry in, straddles Swagger on all four, then lands his thighs hard on him. Henry on Swagger in the face corner, then tags out. Big E in with blows to Swagger's gut, then up on him in the next corner with 10 blows, then Swagger pulled into a short clothesline for two.

Arm hold on Swagger in the center of the ring. Swagger up, punches free. Cesaro tags in, takes a hip toss for it. Henry tags in and Cesaro tweaks. Henry takes Cesaro down with a head butt. Cesaro flees to Swagger and tags out. Swagger taken down hard. Big E tags in, gives Swagger a double shoulder tackle. Big E raises Cesaro high over his head, holds him up there, then drops him. Cesaro is clotheslined from the ring. Cesaro and Swagger outside regrouping with Zeb. Cesaro on the apron takes a hip toss into the ring, then gut blows from Big E, followed by a body drop. Cesaro finally comes back with blows, tries to tag out, but can't. Swagger grabs Big E's ankle from outside, pulls him out and slams Big E on announce.


Cesaro with an arm and chin hold on Big E in the center of the ring. Big E whipped into heel corner, but gets an elbow up. Cesaro struggles to keep Big E from tagging out. Power against power, then Cesaro takes Big E down to stop him. Cesaro somehow hits his gut wrench on Big E! Cesaro pins for a short two. JBL – Rolling him around like a sugar bag!

Swagger tags in and hits a belly-to-belly for two. Front facelock on Big E in the center of the ring. Big E trying to struggle to Henry. Big E is able to throw Swagger off. Swagger grabs Big E's ankles, but kicked off. Big E crawling, but Cesaro tags in and lands double feet on Big E's back for two. Swagger tags in, Cesaro flings Big E into Swagger who slams him to the mat for two.

Arm bar on Big E on the mat. Big E up with blows on Swagger, but slammed back in the heel corner again. Cesaro tags in and they try to double team, but Cesaro kicked and Swagger elevated over the top. Cesaro up, but eats a belly-to-belly! Both are down, and Big E tags out. Henry slams into Cesaro a couple times, then head butts. Henry on his knees plays JYD! Cesaro on Henry's shoulder, power slam, but Swagger breaks the count.

Swagger runs the ropes into Henry and crumbles, but a drop kick from Cesaro lands Henry on his bum. Big E with the blind tag. Cesaro sets up for the swing on Henry, but Big E takes Cesaro down, then the straps come down! Big ending for three.

Winners – Big E & Henry (15:44)

Video of Big E stopping the giant swing and finishing Cesaro. Henry and Big E all smiles and celebrating in the ring together.

Announce Segment

Cole again tells us how to install the WWE App.



More of Bad Santa Sandow with Tamina and AJ. Sandow Santa doesn't care what she wants, all children are ungrateful wretches, so Christmas is cancelled.

RybAxle vs Tons of Funk

Ryback and Axel in the ring. Woods and R-Truth on announce. Tons of Funk out with the Dactyls. Cole talks about what happened with R-Truth, Sweet T and Clay at TLC. They dance in the ring. Clay talks smack out at Woods and R-Truth.

Axel with blows on Sweet T, but backed into a corner and takes head butts. Axel whipped and hits the mat. Axel ducks Sweet T, but a shoulder block drops him. Axel comes back with a drop kick on Sweet T, knee drops on Sweet T. Ryback tags in, and somehow hits a solid power slam on Sweet T. Ryback eats an elbow, then shoulder first into the post when Sweet T moves. Sweet T tries to tag out, but Sweet T backs off the apron! Ryback gets Sweet T up, shell shocked for three.

Winners – RybAxel (2:22)

Clay into the ring, looks down on Sweet T, then runs the ropes and splashes Sweet T. Clay runs the ropes again, and again splashes. R-Truth has seen enough. R-Truth and Woods in, land a double drop kick on Clay.

R-Truth – Dactyls, you girls haven't had a lot to dance to lately, have you.
Woods – You're dressed to dance, we're dressed to dance, so come on in and dance!
R-Truth – Dallas, Texas, give it up for the Dactyls!

Off mic Clay demands they go with him, but they don't listen. Dactyls into the ring to dance.

Announce Segment

Cole is dancing in his seat. King and JBL rip him apart for being the whitest white boy every. Stills of Punk defeating The Shield last night.

Backstage Segment

Punk heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Punk to the ring, says to the camera on his way down, 'It's ain't clobberin' time yet.' Video of Punk hitting Orton back for the pie face, then Punk was tossed by Trip. Punk punched Trip in the face. Punk at sweet chin music.

Punk – Thank you. I've been saying for weeks in a 3-1, The Shield was putting me down. I thought they would, but I thought it was interesting about how many I'd take with me. Not much of a Christams guy, don't believe in miracles, but I wasn't taken out and defeated The Shield. They will make excuses about why they lost, and I know this is far, far from over.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Punk – Alright, I'll let you have it. (the time for the fans to chant – he waits) This isn't about The Shield, it's never been about The Shield. As much as The Authority doesn't want to admit they sent The Shield after me like a couple of hired thugs, I just can't shake that feeling that a certain someone is trying to sweep me under the rug and make me go away. I know you're sick of hearing about it, but I'm not good with authority. I don't do well being managed. I think I showed that last week when I slugged Trip in his stupid mouth. (pop) Now, before he gets completely out of hand, and he comes out and says that cooler heads will eventually prevail and put me in a 16-1 handicap match. Trip and I are both adults, so why doesn't he come down here so we can hash this out, man to man, face to face? That is, unless of course, he's afraid of what I can do to his with this mic.

"CM Punk!" chants while Punk waits for Trip. Punk jumps up to sit on a corner, but not lounging the way HBK and Eddie used to.

Punk – What do you think Dallas, should I give him a few more seconds? (pop) That's fine, I sort of didn't think he was going to come out here...

HBK's music! HBK skips out in jeans, camo button down, and a camo ball cap, getting some solid pop, but it is his home state. Punk smirks and gets down off the corner during the "HBK!" chants.

Punk – Before you start, I want to say Hunter, actually Stephanie, whenever you want to talk, the best in the world is waiting. (to HBK) You got something to say?

HBK – Oh, who, me? Ya. First of all, look, I get your obsession and not liking Hunter...

"You sold out!" chants, but they get mixed up and fizzle.

HBK – Haha, couldn't keep it up, could ya? (heat) Now, you blew up, shut your pie holes, I got a car waitin'. (to Punk) Anyway, I understand your problem with authority, we're simpatico there, alright? You got to get over your obsession with them. Honestly, your issue shouldn't be with Hunter, I'm the one who kicked you last week, it should be with me.

Punk – Let's talk about that for a second. Let's talk about you superkicking me.

HBK – Now wait a minute. (he's at a loss as to what to say)

Punk – Look, Shawn...

"One more match!" chants.

Punk – Dallas, I'm sure I'm going to have a lot more than one more match, just hold on a second. (JBL laughs, HBK puts his hand over his face because he's laughing at it too – he looks impressed with Punk's quick reply) I respect the hell out of you, everybody does. That's why you're getting a pass for last week. Hell, I think 15 year old me is stoked that you kicked me in the face. You're Shawn Michaels, the Show Stoppah, HBK, I can look past you dancing around in assless chaps, but if you every try to kick me again, I'm going to kick you back. (pop)

HBK – Look, you know I've always liked you. Honestly, what I did last week, kicking you in the face, it pained me, more than it pained you. On that note, what I'm about to do pains me more than it's going to pain you, I'm guessing. Let me introduce you to your opponents.

Out comes The Shield. King wonders why they're being brought out now. This is the last chance to vote, and King goes on about who to vote for.


The Shield vs Punk & Usos

King – It's time to see who Punk's partners will be.
Usos – 57%
Los Matadores – 27%
Prime Time Players - 16%

Usos to the ring in blue and green with pink trim. King talks about the history the Usos have with The Shield.

Reigns has quite the black eye, but Ambrose starts with an Uso. Shoulder block from Ambrose, but then he's taken down by Jimmy with a clothesline, then a body drop. Jimmy covers for one. Jey tags in, they double team Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose taken down for one.

Arm bar and Punk tags in, coming off the top onto Ambrose's arm. Ambrose whipped, but moves. Rollins tags into a drop toe hold. Punk holds on and an Uso tags in on Rollins. Rollins slammed back, arm bar held on Rollins. Jimmy takes a blow to the gut, then a big chop. Jimmy slides to stop a whip, then takes Rollins down. Jey tags in and they double team for two.

Arm bar on Rollins, then Jey slams Rollins back to the mat for two. Back on the arm, but Rollins punches free, then an elbow to the back of Jey' head, but Jey reverses and Rollins slammed to the mat. Jimmy tags in and double teamed. Jimmy into a knee, then takes blows to the head from Rollins. Jimmy clotheslines Rollins from the ring, going with him, then all six out and face off, but not touching.


Rollins takes Jey down to the mat. Jey up, blocks Rollins' blows, but then takes a clothesline to the mat. Rollins stomps Jey in a corner. Jey moves and Rollins' dive eats corner. Jimmy tags in with clotheslines, then a bog Samoan drop for two.

Reigns after Jimmy on the apron, taken down, but then Jimmy and Rollins take each other down. Ambrose gets the tag and stomps Jimmy, then drops elbows for two. Arm and chin hold on Jimmy. Jimmy free, but eats an elbow from Ambrose, then Ambrose off the corner onto Jimmy. Jimmy into the heel corner, and Reigns tags in. Reigns with blows on his cousin. Big elbow drop as the fans chant for the 'Usos!' Punk stomps the mat to get the fans clapping for Jimmy. Rollins tags in, and Jimmy tries to gain some control, but Rollins in control. Rollins gets into an argument with the ref, but then back on Jimmy in a corner. Jimmy set up top, Rollins up, sets up, but Jimmy with blows, then a head butt. Cross body on Rollins and both are down.

Reigns tags in, stops Jimmy, slams him to the mat for two. Punk yells at Uso to fight, Reigns tells Punk to shut up. Headlock on Jimmy on the mat. A blow, then Reigns gets two for it. The headlock is back on, Reigns talking smack, but Punk gets the fans cheering. Jimmy up, kicks, but his foot is caught. Reigns pushes off, then takes the spinning kick.

Punk tags in taking out Rollins and Ambrose. Running knees on both, then double neck breaker. Punk spikes Ambrose on the mat, but the count is broken by Reigns. Reigns tossed out, an Uso flies on him. Rollins grabs the Uso outside and sends him into the barricade. Punk flies out sending Rollins into the barricade. Ambrose runs to fly through, but Punk stops with a blow! Punk up, Savage elbow for a long two. Ambrose up, but Rollins distracts and knocked from the apron. Reigns takes a kick from Punk. Ambrose back up, eats GTS, but then Reigns with a spear and the three. Somehow Reigns was the legal man!

Winners – The Shield (16:29)

Even announce didn't realize Reigns was the legal man. Video of the high points. The Shield celebrate as Usos and Punk regroup on the floor outside the ring, Usos flanking Punk trying to get his bearings back.


Orton to the ring earlier. Cole talks about how Orton droned on and on. Then Cena told Orton to put up, or shut up. Cena doesn't want the match, Bryan deserves it. Trip made the match.


Announce Segment

Poll – Which WWE Superstar will be getting coal in their stocking this year?
AJ – 27%
Brock – 25%
Steph – 30%
Ryback – 18%
JBL has a fit and says she gets diamonds in her stockings.

Backstage Segment

Bryan – You always told me that the war to bring down this matching would be a long and daunting process. You were right. You're always right. Daniel Bryan is a coward, he is but a miniscule ant trying to pierce the armor of a scorpion. I held him in my arms, the way you did me. I offered him a way out of this hell. I told him I could take the pain away! All I could feel was his empty heart beating. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for ever doubting you Abigail! Now, what you expect from me, I understand what it is we must do! Daniel Bryan refuses to walk with the reapers, then he will...
Harper – Burn with the saints.
Bray – Hahahaha!
The camera focuses on the empty rocking chair in the shadows, slightly rocking.


Bellas & Nattie vs AJ & Tamina & Fox

Bellas and Nattie in the ring. AJ skips out with Tamina and Fox in tow. AJ taunts Nattie with the Divas Title. Nattie glares.

Nattie quickly takes Fox down for two. Nattie runs the ropes, under Fox, then takes her down for two. Brie tags in and they double team Fox for two. Brie up on the second ropes, Fox grabs her foot and pulls her down. Brie lands hard for two. Headlock on Brie on her knees. Brie elbows out, but Fox takes her down. Into the heel corner and Tamina tags in. Chop to Brie for two. Tamina slams Brie into a corner, works her over, Brie can't stand. Brie choked under the ropes with a foot, but then somehow rolls Tamina up for a long two.

Tamina takes Brie down, splashes her, then headlock on Brie on her knees. Brie struggles up, elbows, but slammed back to the mat. Brie runs into a Samoan drop, then Tamina tags out. AJ skips around Brie, then grabs her, but takes a drop kick. Nikki tags in with a clothesline, then another. A back elbow. Tamina and Fox take cheap kicks. AJ up on Nikki's shoulders, but Tamina with a superkick to Nikki. Everyone fights outside, but AJ with a shining wizard on Nikki for three.

Winners – AJ & Tamina & Fox (5:11)

Video recap of the perfect superkick from Tamina, then AJ finishing Nikki. Nattie and Brie are checking on Nikki who is holding her face, especially her mouth. (selling, or dental issues?)



Good Santa Henry with the Bellas and Hornswoggle. The little boy doesn't want Christmas to be canceled. Henry says he's the world's strongest Santa, and this will be the Merriest Christmas of them all.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Congratulations on your victory...
Orton – You say congratulations? I've heard that word enough for one evening. I'm being congratulated by facing an undeserving troll in a few minutes. Daniel Bryan, that's who I'm talking about. How many times do I have to beat this sawed off loser? Renee, can you tell me. The Authority is listening to the WWE 'Universe'. And it's like bizarre-o world, Bryan winning Slammy for Superstar of The Year. What gives? The only thing I know is what's truly what's best for business, and that's if everyone in that arena, in the locker room and the 'Universe' bends over and kisses my ass!

In Ring Segment

Bryan out to huge "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Bryan vs Orton

Orton's music hits to heat to be heard even over his music. Orton out slowly, belt over each shoulder. Orton glares at Bryan his whole way out. Orton up the stairs and into the ring to pose with the straps – though stumbles and almost falls climbing the corner with both belts.

They lock up, Orton's hand in Bryan hair. Into a corner, struggling for control. Bryan backs away cleanly, Orton rolls out to regroup. Orton slides in, they lock up. Side headlock takedown on Orton, and Bryan keeps the hold on tight. Orton reverses into head scissors on the mat. Bryan slips out, Orton's legs still wrapped up, so Bryan twines his leg in and slams back. Orton on his belly screaming. Bryan somehow rolls Orton for two. Orton free and flees the ring again. This gains him heat from the fans.

Orton back into the ring, circles, on Bryan with forearms to Bryan's upper back, and keeps control. Orton stalks Bryan, but Bryan takes Orton down and works that left leg, slamming down on it over and over, then kicking it. Orton yells, "Jesus!" after one of the kicks. Orton's leg tied into the ropes, then Bryan runs and slams into it. Out of the ring, Bryan slams Orton's leg into the post, then Orton's head into the post. Bryan in for two.

Upper cut to Bryan, then Orton leans down and calls the moves, and they gets into an upper cut duel. Bryan gains control, then lands a knee to Orton's gut as he runs the ropes. Bryan kicks Orton in the ribs as he's on all fours. Bryan ties up Orton's legs, and the ref yells at Orton to stop pulling Bryan's leg. Orton pulls Bryan's knee pad down and bite Bryan's knee! The ref yells at Orton for the biting. Orton with a knee to Bryan's head, then head butts in a corner on Bryan. Bryan into runningthe ropes, Orton with a Thesz Press, but Bryan rolls through into a half crab! Orton to the ropes, yells at the ref to get him off. Bryan slams Orton's knee on the mat before letting go. Bryan on Orton, but Orton comes back with a huge short clothesline. Orton back on Bryan's hair, standing on Bryan's hand, then stomps his wrist. Bryan screams and flails on the mat. Orton poses and gets serious heat for it. Orton grabs Bryan hair, then head butts him in a corner. Orton wrenches Bryan's arm in the ropes. Bryan sent to run the ropes and eats a back elbow for two.

Orton back on Bryan's arm on the mat. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Bryan up, throws blows, but Orton on him and Bryan screams in pain. Orton gets two for it. Orton stalks Bryan, stomps his way around him. More heat for Orton who poses for the fans. Bryan up, then grabs Orton and bites his head! Bryan on Orton with blows. Orton hold the ropes, so Bryan hits his running knees to send Orton from the ring. Bryan set to fly, but Orton moves and the flying goat crashes outside the ring.


Headlock on Bryan on the mat. During the break, Orton's head was tended by the doctor, and Bryan barely beat a ten count. Bryan up, knocked from the apron by Orton. Orton out, yelled at by the ref. Bryan lifted to his feet by his hair and a hammerlock. Bryan arm first into the post. Bryan lifted and dropped on the top of the barricade. Into the ring, Orton pins for two.

Bryan, on his knees, tries to fight back. Bryan set up top, Orton with blows. Orton climbs, sets up, and beautifully hits his father's superplex – though looked a bit shaken from the landing. Orton pins Bryan for two. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan climbs to his feet using Orton, then on Orton with blows, but Orton on that arm. Bryan whipped, flips over the top, runs the ropes and clotheslines Orton. Bryan's arm hurts, Orton checks his teeth. Bryan with his running feet on Orton in a corner, then again! "YES!" kicks in the corner. Orton set up top, then took sloppy head scissors from up top. Bryan on Orton for two.

Both men down as the fans chant, "This is awesome!" Orton again checks his teeth. Bryan on Orton, but then Orton reverses into a back breaker. Orton, again stalks Bryan on his knees, but Bryan catches Orton for his lock, but Orton reverses it. Bryan over the top, but holds on. Bryan skins, but Orton kicks him back out. Bryan on the apron, takes the 'vintage' DDT. More posing and heat for Orton who pounds the mat, but Bryan reverses into a backslide for two. Bryan with a big kick to the side of Orton's head for another two!

Orton again checking his teeth through the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants. Bryan up, but his feet knocked out from under him. Orton's mouth moving as his tongue checks his teeth. "This is awesome!" chants. Orton up, sets Bryan up, but Bryan blocks Orton, blows from Bryan, then head butt sends Orton flying. Bryan stands up, points up, flying head butt for a long two.

Both slow to get up, but Bryan pumped. Kicks to Orton's legs and gut. Orton whipped, but side-steps and Bryan's double feet lands him on the mat hard. "This is awesome!" Orton tries to pin Bryan, but Bryan reverses into the "YES!" lock in the center of the ring. Orton makes it to the ropes. Bryan breaks, Orton rolls out checking his teeth. Flying goat on Orton! Orton into the barricade, Bryan with his double feet. Orton rolled in, Bryan up top, big missile drop kick on Orton! "YES!" kicks on Orton, but as Bryan spins, Orton hits a low blow. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Bryan via DQ (25:01)

Cena's music, he runs to the ring, in and spears Orton, taking him down. Blows on Orton, and he's tossed from the ring. Cena to check on Bryan (the doctor is already over to Bryan's side, checking on him), but Orton sneaks back in and hits an RKO on Cena. Orton poses, seems to have troubles standing, so drops to his knees, belts still held high in the air.

Biggest Pop
Cena's save

Biggest Heat
Orton (low blow getting the most heat)
The Authority
The Shield

Most Mixed

Orton's first entrance

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