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RAW Results 9/2/13 - Cody Is Future Endeavored

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Daniel Bryan

RAW Results September 2, 2013
From Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Heyman beat down his prodigal son, well the best in the world will respond. And after RAW went off the air Orton spray painted "NO!" on Bryan's chest. How will Bryan react?

RAW Starts

In Ring Segment

The Shield outside the ring. Justin announces the COO of the WWE, Triple H who is in the ring.

Trip – I would like to introduce the face of a company. I would like to introduce to you the WWE Champion, The Viper, Randy Orton!

Orton slowly to the ring, hugging his belt. Cole talks about someone calling it the reign of terror by Trip. JBL calls it order, big difference. Orton poses in the ring with his belt.

Orton – As The face of the WWE, protecting the WWE is my job. I won't let the image of the WWE be tarnished. If you disrespect me, you disrespect the WWE and must be dealt with.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Orton – Take Bryan for example.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – Last week Bryan defaced my personal property. An Escalade Trip gave me. In turn, I had no choice but to deface Bryan.

Video of the end of Smackdown when The Shield help Bryan and Orton hit him. Then Orton kicked Bryan. Orton slammed Bryan down, then hit him again. Orton then called for The Shield to triple bomb Bryan. Then Orton sprayed the "NO!" on Bryan's chest (sorry, thought it was after RAW).

Orton – Now everybody I'd like to take a page out of Bryan's book and play an audience participation game. Should Bryan face me at NoC for the WWE Title?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – "NO!" Does Bryan has the slightest chance in hell of beating me at NoC?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – "NO!" Will Bryan ever amount to anything in the WWE?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – Or will he always be a B+ player?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Orton – Should Bryan give up his chance to face me at NoC?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Orton – "YES!"

Trip – As COO I have a few different responsibilities. One of those is making sure we put out the best product each and every week. It's what you all deserve, the best. The WWE has the most passionate and intense fans in the world. My other job is ensuring the health and well being of all Superstars and Divas. Lately, in the last few weeks I've worried about the health and welfare of Bryan. His ego gets him into situations like we just saw.


Trip – And that's a problem that all of you are not helping. I look around and see you all standing up and chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!".

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – That's a problem because you're causing Bryan to confuse popularity with what's best for business. Popularity has nothing to do with what's best for business. I'll give you an example. Quite a few years ago there was a Superstar called Doink The Clown. Doink was wildly popular. They loved him, but there's a big reason Doink was never WWE Champ, it would have been bad for business. Bryan will never be WWE Champ, that's okay. Not saying he can't reach for it, I could bring back the Cruiserweight Title, or the European Title, he could compete for any of those at any time. That's a good little goal for Bryan.

Bryan's music and out he comes to the stage. JBL, "Here comes the next Cruiserweight Champion."

Bryan – You guys made a lot of really good points, and I'm thrilled to be compared to Doink.

"Daniel Bryan!"

Bryan – But I'm not sure there was ever a loud Doink chant in 1992, and the only clowns I see are in the ring now. I know you want me to give up my WWE Championship Match. Hunter, that makes sense for you, in the same way you gave up being a man. You cut your hair, put on that suit and became a corporate sellout. Randy, I know why you'd want me to give up, the way you gave up being in the WWE Title picture, until someone just handed it to you. So, let me see, should I give up my match at NoC?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – I think the answer to that question is the same as to the question, is Orton more masculine than Stephanie McMahon? "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Orton – How many times you need to get punched in the face RKOd, or triple bombed before you realize Bryan that there's not a chance in hell you can win this fight.

Bryan – Randy, here's the part you don't understand, because no one ever told you that you can't do something. I have been told my entire career the things I can't do. I can't do any better than high school gyms and flea markets. That I can't get to the WWE. When I got here, I was told I couldn't be a top guy because I was a good little hand. I was told I would never be World Champion. All those things I was told I couldn't do made me who I am today. Made me know! Made me know I could do those things. I loved the fight, scraping, crawling and all the terrible things I had to do to get here and you will never understand it because you were given everything! So, do I think I can beat you for the WWE Championship? No, I know I can beat you for the WWE Championship. And Randy, deep down, you know it too. You too Hunter, or you wouldn't put me in Gauntlet Matches, wouldn't have to beat me down, you'd let me and Randy wrestle one on one. But you guys know what everyone here knows. Orton might have genetics of a Champion, Randy, you don't have the heart of a Champion. You may walk around like a big dog, but you're nothing more than Trip's...

Trip – Hold on. Don't get carried away there, angry little man. Why you so angry? Always so grumpy? Grumpy old troll. Let me tell you something. Your anger is one thing, but it's misdirected. There's one guy who you should be angry at, other than yourself. He happens to be 7' tall, 500lbs, and he happens stand by, even though he has an iron clad contract, but stands by as you get beaten, and beaten, and beaten. That's where your anger should be, not with us, but with Big Show. I'm going to let you take your anger out on Big Show tonight. In tonight's main event, it will be Bryan one on one with Big Show.


Heyman beating Punk last week.


Backstage Segment

Orton and Trip laughing about Bryan's face seeing he was facing Big Show. Trip wanted to see Big Show's face. They pass Cody, but then stop and talk to Cody, and asked about his Dad. Cody says the main event should be great if no one gets involved. Cody asks why Orton doesn't want to face Bryan. He's not afraid of Bryan. Bryan vs Orton is what's best for business. Trip doesn't like that Cody doesn't decide that, he does. He can see how Cody is clouded on that, he has a wedding coming up, a lot on his mind. They discuss that they didn't get invited, but Trip got him a match, tonight with Orton. Cody thanks them for the opportunity. Trip says if Cody doesn't win, then he doubts Cody won't be there very long, in fact he knows he won't be there very long. Good luck, a lot counting on it.

Fandango vs Miz

SR out in light blue. Fandango joins her in swirls and fake fur. Miz out to face him, this week in his own ring gear. Video recap of Miz's distractions last week with Rosa to cost Fandango his match last week.

Miz with blows on Fandango, then a huge hip toss, but Fandango with a back elbow. Fandango off the corner, but Miz catches him and sets up. Fandango out, but eats a low drop kick. Miz out and slams Fandango on the barricade. Fandango in, and SR about to slap Miz, but he spins her in, then away as she screams. Miz gets two, twice in the ring, then a headlock on fnoon the mat as SR acts all grossed out outside the ring. Fandango fights back by sending Miz into a corner. Miz whipped, floats over and hits a clothesline on Fandango. Miz stomps to get the fans clapping, hits a low big boot to a sitting Fandango for two.


Fandango is dancing in the ring and Miz is down. Miz is whipped. King says Fandango has a broken nose, and they show video of the big boot. The doctor checked on Fandango and stopped the bleeding during the break. SR slaps Miz through the ropes. Fandango is whipped, but gets a foot up. Miz ends up grabbing the foot and slamming Fandango off the corner. Miz grabs Fandango's foot, but kicked off. Miz then rushes Fandango, but ends up face in on the corner. Fandango over the top with a left leg drop to take Miz down. Fandango drags Miz into the center of the ring, but Miz reverses and locks in the fig 4! Fandango taps out.

Winner – Miz (8:16)

Fandango out holding his leg and nose on the floor.


Backstage Segment

Booker T – Can I talk to you.
Bryan – I have a lot on my mind.
Booker T – I need to talk to you. This is a fight you can't win. You can't go back to armories. You can have a great career and tons of money here. You might want to think about giving up that Title Match.
Bryan – Tell me you did not just say that! This isn't about money, or about the Title. This is about my life.
Booker T – Wake up! You can get injured to end your career. These people power go beyond this arena. You need to tread lightly dog. (Bryan stomps off.)

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Punk and Heyman have gone through a bitter divorce that's turned vicious. Video from last week when Punk faced Axel to get Heyman in the ring. Punk beat Axel, but then Punk was cuffed and Heyman beat Punk with a kendo stick while verbally berating him.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring.


Ziggler vs Ryback

Ziggler didn't know who he was facing, Maddox told him he had a match, then Ambrose attacks him from behind! Ziggler into the post shoulder first. Ambrose out of the ring, smiles, gets in Ziggler's face and tells him to learn respect.

Ryback's music hits and out he comes to face Ziggler! "Goldberg!" chants! Ziggler can't get to his feet, but manages it.

Ziggler gets an elbow up, but then a lovely belly-to-belly from Ryback! Ryback with blows to the back of Ziggler's head while on the mat. Ryback chokes Ziggler with a foot, until four, holding the ropes. Ziggler tossed, badly, across the ring by Ryback. Ryback slams Ziggler back to the mat over and over, then rips at Ziggler's face in the ropes. Ryback stomps Ziggler, then taunts him. "You can't wrestle!" chants for Ryback as he tosses Ziggler back. Ziggler tossed into a corner and crumbles. Ryback sets up Ziggler, rushes him, then eats a drop kick! Ziggler splashes Ryback, then on him with blows, but Ryback out with a meathook. Ryback pulls Ziggler up, then shellshocked.

Winner – Ryback (3:06)

Backstage Segment

Maddox in to Trip and Steph. He says Big Show is refusing to face Bryan. Steph wants to handle this. Maddox tells her where Big Show's locker room is. Steph says it won't be a private conversation. "Not how I roll."


Los Matadores.


In Ring Segment

Steph to the ring. She's in a pantsuit, but the pants are cut much slimmer than when she was a face.

Steph – At this time I'd like to introduce someone who helped me out when I was younger. I grew up backstage at these arenas, and I had someone help teach my life lessons. My giant, Big Show.

Big Show to the ring. They hug.

Steph – I just heard you don't want to face Bryan tonight. You taught me a long time ago that it's okay not to do things, as long as you're willing to pay the price. I'm out here to tell you what that price is. When you look at me, you're looking in the eyes of your 12 year old friend, the little girl you used to help out. I'm going to cut to the chase because I can see you want to go there. (Big Show looks about to cry, and shaking his head.) Big Show, I know that you are broke. Flat out broke. You made bad investments, gave money to friends and family. The strip mall went belly up. You have nothing right now, and there's public records on that. (Big Show is blubbering.) I need to talk to you, your iron clad contract, you know that if you don't perform, you're in breach and don't see a dime. And longevity wise, how much longer do you have a career here? How much longer can your body keep this up. What are your other alternatives? There aren't many 7' 500lbs leading men in Hollywood. What are you going to be, the World's Largest Gas Station Attendant. It pains me, but think of your family. You're giving this all up because you won't compete in one match. I have to go there, your biggest fear. Giants don't medically live as long as other people. This is about your family, and that's why you will face Bryan tonight. Big Show, I'm sorry you're hurting, but the only person hurting more than you right now, is me. (Steph hugs him to huge heat. Steph leaves the ring. Big Show's bottom lip quivers. The camera zooms in on Big Show's face.)


Backstage Segment

During the commercial – Big Show backstage started throwing things. A chair, cheap laptop, cheap computer, table, then beat something with a pole.

Announce Segment

King is online with the App, so Cole pushes it, showing us how to install it on the iPhone, because we don't understand how these things work. Oh, then on Android!

3MB vs Prime Time Players

3MB are coming to the ring – bottom of the ramp, didn't get a full entrance. Prime Time Players come out to face them. Fans are in arms swaying like Prime Time Players – quite a lot of them!

Slater extends his hand, O'Neil just stares. Slater ducks O'Neil and hits him, then mocks him. Slater does it again, but is then tossed in the face corner and stomped. O'Neil with the whistle as he stomps this time. The ref backs him off. Young tags in and they double shoulder block Slater for two. Young backed into the heel corner and Mahal tags in. Shoulder block drops Young. Mahal runs the ropes into Young's elbow, then slammed for two. Young whipped, but gets a foot up. Young sits up top, but Mahal flips his foot out and Young bounces off the top badly before hitting the mat. Slater tags in and stomps Young for two.

Chinlock on Young on the mat, but the fans behind him. Young up with elbows, then takes a neck breaker for two. Mahal tags in and stomps Young, then drops knees, using the ropes for height. King talks about the one year anniversary of his bad time in Canada, and the other two asked if he was going to make the trip. Chinlock on Young on the mat. Young head butts free, then hits a sick belly-to-belly on Slater! O'Neil is able to tag in with shoulder blocks on Mahal who tags in. Mahal tossed over his head. JBL talks about how O'Neil doesn't know how great he can be. O'Neil pins Mahal, but Slater breaks it. Young in. They both end up back outside and O'Neil with his bomb on Mahal for three.

Winners – Prime Time Players (5:29)

Prime Time Players dance in the ring to celebrate.


Backstage Segment

Maddox on his cell. Heyman in and tells Maddox to call him back.
Heyman – How you doing? I'm not doing well because of you.
Maddox – I don't know...
Heyman – You put my fate in the hands of the 'Universe' for Punk to get his hands on me. You know what would happen if Punk got his hands on me? You'd never see Heyman again. Now at NoC you guarantee that Punk will get his hands on me. I gets a beating by Punk. Maddox, is that what's best for business?
Trip – Heyman, what's best for business? Brad, leave us. I approved that match, don't you Paul?
Heyman – You? May I respectfully inquire why you'd do such a thing?
Trip – You're probably thinking it has to do with our sordid past, but it doesn't. I've watched for years in awe as you've weaseled your way out of precarious positions, and this match pretty much guarantees that you can't weasel your way out. Maybe you do what I think is unthinkable, maybe you will weasel your way out of it, and if you do, mazel tov. I'll be watching with a big smile. Maybe this match guarantees that Punk gives you the beating you so richly deserve, I win. Paul, isn't that what's best for business?


Bray Wyatt – Icarus was warned to not let his wings get too close to the sun, but pride lets men do foolish things. As he gets too close to the sun, his wings melted and he falls to the ocean to never be seen again. Where's Kane? I warned Kane, the fire he thinks is his friend, will ultimately be his ending. When Kane let his pride cloud his common sense, that's when I knew he was mine. Like a lamb led to slaughter. Oh where, oh where has my monster gone. Oh where, oh where... Kane made his bed, and now he's burning in it. Hahahaha! Where's Kane? Hahahahahaha!

In Ring Segment

Cody to the ring. Cody Tweeted that he's ready for the fight of his life. Cody poses, then drops off the corner and seems to either think, or pray.


Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton

Cody is still in the ring looking contemplative. Orton to the ring to face him.

They lock up. Cody backed into a corner. They muscle around, then Orton with big elbows to Cody head. Out of the corner and Cody is all over Orton with blows, backs Orton into a corner with kicks. Orton whipped, but comes out with a big clothesline. Cody hung up top across the gut, then tossed from the ring. Cody blocks before hitting the stairs and sends Orton into the stairs. Into the ring and Cody gets two on Orton, twice. A back chinlock on Orton. Orton muscles out of the hold and on Cody with blows, but then eats a drop kick for two.

Cody with blows on Orton in a corner. Orton shakes his head to clear his thoughts, but then whips Cody. Cody comes out with a clothesline on Orton for two. Orton choked in the ropes and rakes Orton's face. Orton comes back with an attack of his own for two, then forearms over Cody's shoulder. Orton stomps Cody. Cody pulled up and kicked across the chest, then placed in the corner to take more blows. Cody reverses a whip, but then plants Orton on the mat. Cody on Orton with blows in a corner – only nine – before Orton ducks out, attacks Cody and hits a neck breaker on Cody. Cody rolls out of the ring.


Cody on Orton with blows to the gut, and kicks against the barricade. Back in, but Orton rolls out the other side of the ring to regroup. Cody out, but Orton on him, sending Cody back first to the top of the barricade. More blows to Cody, then he's rolled in and Orton gets two for it. Blows on Cody on the mat, then a knee drop to Cody's head for two. Chinlock on Cody on the mat. Cole and King continue to talk about family histories for Cody and Orton. Backstage the Superstars are surrounding the monitor watching this match. Cody up to his feet and elbows free. Cody whipped, but gets his feet up. Clothesline, then high elbow to Orton. Orton telegraphs and eats an upper cut. Cody with a lovely slingshot drop kick for a long two. JBL, "Legends are created in moments like this."

Orton ducks one disaster kick, but eats the second. Cody pins for two. "Cody Rhodes!" chants fill the arena. Cody up, facing out, but Orton side steps the moonsault. Orton pins for two and Orton is shocked. Orton pulls Cody up, puts him through the ropes, hits his 'vintage' DDT. The fans are wild in the arena, including the skinny guy in the front row dressed like Dusty in black and yellow. Orton beats the mat. Cody up, Orton sets up, but Cody reverses into cross Rhodes! Orton kicks out after two!

Orton rolls out, Cody hung up top. Cody pushes out of the RKO, but can't get anywhere. Orton ducks the disaster kick, then hits his RKO for three as Cole is yelling for Cody to kick out.

Winner – Orton (13:50)

Recap of the MANY high points of this match. Orton up the ramp, strap in hand. He poses on the stage, belt high, eyes closed. Trip out and slaps Orton on the gut. Orton leaves.

Trip – Let's head it for Cody Rhodes. I've got to admit Cody, you went all in, fought like your life was on the line. You fought with heart, from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea how much I respect you. This is business, and in business we need winners. So I can't let my personal feelings cloud my judgment. Cody, it's with deep regret that I have to tell you, you're fired.

Cody drops to his bum on the mat looking crushed. Cody looks around and the, "Thank you Cody!" chants start. Cody limps over, rolls from the ring, then limps along holding the apron. His mouth is hanging open in shock. "Cody Rhodes!" chants. Cody continues up the ramp, limping, but then sucks it up and closes his mouth before stomping up the ramp.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about Cody losing his match and getting fired by Trip. King talks about the match of his life. JBL says it doesn't matter. Cole talks about it being a gross misuse of power by Trip. JBL says it's business.

In Ring Segment

Punk's music and he comes walking out in ring gear and his dark hoodie, dragging a kendo stick behind him. "CM Punk!" chants.

Punk – I promise. Those are two words that don't mean a whole lot to a lot of things, but to me they do. I haven't used those words to you, to anyone in the back. I promise, no more empty threats, hell, no more talking, I'm having a hard time coming up with what I'm supposed to say next. Did you see what was done to me with this same stick. What's left to say? Everything I've wanted to say, you've heard. Everything Heyman's said, you've heard. Here I am, clearly dressed, ready to compete, but wrestling is the furthest thing form my mind. After what happened to me last week, I wanna fight! (pop) I wanna fight Heyman. If I have to fight Axel to get a shot at Heyman, I'm gonna do it. I'd invite them out now, but I know they wouldn't come. It's okay, in 13 days, I've got them both. After what they did to me last week, I'm in such a dark place, I wouldn't even want to fight me right now. So I'm out here no to say anything to Heyman, not to convince anyone of the Biblical ass beating that will go down at NoC. I'm here to say something to you, everyone in the front row, the cheap seats, live here in Iowa. I'm gonna say something to my friends and family at home. Everyone who bought my shirt, and every kid who made a sign to support me!

"CM Punk!"

Punk – 13 days. 13 days at NoC I guarantee I will get past Axel. Then, I guarantee I'm going to get my hands on Heyman. You order NoC, you will see a side of Punk you've never seen before. I'm not sure it's a side you want to see. I know I can live with it, but honestly, there's a lot of people out there who will be uncomfortable with what happens to Heyman at NoC.i know Heyman's not going to like it. Last week he said I broke his heart. At NoC, I'm gonna break his face. (pop) I promise. (Punk drops the mic and chokes up on the kendo stick, then grins.)

Recap of the abuse of Punk at the hands of Heyman last week. Mostly the same video that they showed earlier in the night.

Punk is still in the ring choking up on the kendo stick and watching the tron.


Backstage Segment

Bryan – Can I help you with something.
Big Show – I need to tell you, I didn't want this tonight, but I'm under a lot of pressure.
Bryan – Big Show, with all due respect, doesn't matter to me at all. I always do what I have to do, regardless of what Trip puts in my way. Whether it's The Shield, Orton, or a giant.
Big Show – Daniel, didn't you see what happened to Cody Rhodes tonight? This is getting very real. I'm, I can't let our friendship or what's happening to you dictate what's going to happen to my family. I'm in a no win situation. You understand Daniel?
Bryan – You are in a no win situation, because I'm going to beat you, just like I did for my first World Championship.

WWE Rewind

AJ's pipebomb from last week.

#1 Contendership Match - Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie

The three Divas are in the ring ready, then AJ's music hits and she skips down to announce.

Brie kicks Natalya, Naomi takes Brie down. Natalya rolls up Naomi. Natalya eats corner and Brie rolls up Naomi. AJ says none of them are capable of deserving of her Title. Brie with a running knee to Natalya. Brie rushes Naomi on the apron, but Naomi jump splits over Brie, then bum slams down on Brie. Brie is tossed out by Natalya and she locks on the sharpshooter. Naomi free and Brie back into the ring. AJ rushes the ring and an all out brawl ensues.

N/A (1:58)

Natalya holds AJ's top half down and the other two beat on her. Brie leaves the ring with her lipstick smeared. Natalya leaves. Dactyls and JoJo leave together. They look back at AJ in a heap on the mat.



Los Matadores – Again!

Sandow vs RVD

Sandow in the ring waiting. Ricardo comes out to announce RVD, sans jacket this week. RVD out in black and white this week.

RVD behind Sandow. RVD backed into a corner, stomped. RVD whipped, but flip kicks Sandow from the ring. RVD whipped, but moves and ducks Sandow, but then powerbombed to the mat. Sandow only gets two for it. Sandow telegraphs, and is kicked for it. "RVD!" chants as RVD takes a high knee for two. An arm and chin hold on RVD on the mat. RVD up, elbows free, but slammed back by his hair. Sandow stomps RVD, then chokes him with a foot, and using the ropes. RVD blocks eating the corner, then slingshots a back kick at Sandow.

ADR's music and he comes out in a pale suit. Sandow attacks RVD from behind, knocking him from the ring.


Chinlock on RVD on the mat, with Ricardo and the fans behind him. Back suplex on RVD for two. The chinlock is back on RVD as Sandow yells at him. "RVD!" chants. RVD up, but takes a headbutt. RVD whipped, tries to float over, but Sandow isn't there. Sandow slams him down for two. Huge back kick from RVD knocks Sandow to the mat. RVD with blows and kicks, but Sandow with a side Russian leg sweep and his elbow of disdain for two. Sandow pins again, but only for two.

Double chicken wing on the mat through "RVD!" chants. RVD tripped into the ropes, then Sandow lands on the back of RVD's neck for two. Swinging neck breaker on RVD for two. Announce discuss that Sandow doesn't have to cuff his case any longer. Small package on Sandow for two. RVD on Sandow with kicks, then rolling thunder. Sandow pulls RVD down for two, then sends RVD out. RVD hangs on and hangs Sandow up top. RVD up and hits his 5 star frog splash, hurts himself, then pins Sandow for three.

Winner – RVD (10:17)

ADR is seething on the stage. Recap of RVD's 5 star frog splash. Ricardo is in the ring pointing and motioning at ADR with RVD.


Backstage Segment

Brie, Natalya and Naomi in arguing with Steph. Steph decided on a Fatal 4 Way Match at NoC.


Recap of Cody Rhodes losing to Orton, then getting fired by Trip.

Backstage Segment

Cody is getting escorted out by security. Josh stops him and it looks as though Cody is going to deck him!
Josh – Any parting words for the WWE 'Universe'?
Cody – Orton beat me, he was the better man, it happens. It was that damn stip! I lose I'm fired. I shouldn't be surprised, they've hated Rhodes for two decades. My father a HOFer, and they put him in polka dots and make him dance. My brother second generation stud, the natural, and I loved him, and they put him in gold paint and he's never been the same. Me, I have a wife to provide for now Josh.
Josh – You're getting married soon. Have you spoken to her, do you have anything to say.
Cody just glares before stomping off and out.

Stage Segment

The Divas and Superstars out to the stage to watch the main event.


Bryan vs Big Show

Bryan through the throng glaring, then to the ring to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Posing on a corner he makes the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" louder by simply pointing into the air. Big Show stops and looks at the guys before heading to the ring. He looks worn out already. His eyes are weary and drawn. Video recap of Bryan getting beaten down on Smackdown with Big Show ringside. Big Show entered the ring to protect Bryan, but then Trip out yelled at Big Show to leave the ring and go. Then Orton came out and beat Bryan down as Big Show left, head hung low. Big Show, off mic, don't make me do this. You can leave.

Bryan rushes Big Show, but pushed off. Big Show tells him not to. Bryan rushes Big Show. Big Show grabs Bryan and tells him not to make him do this, it won't end well. Stop this, I'm trying to help you. Bryan back in with kicks on Big Show, taking him down, then keeping him down with kicks. Bryan pins, but is tossed far away. Bryan with running drop kicks on Big Show, but the third Big Show puts a foot out for Bryan to eat. Chops to Bryan, then he's tossed down. Big Show slams Bryan to the mat. "You see what you made me do! I don't want to hurt you! It's no my idea!"

Bryan struggles up, then on Big Show with more kicks to his knee, but then runs into a big shoulder. "Stop fighting! I'm being forced to do this. Don't make me hurt you, please!" Bryan on Big Show and tossed off. Big Show with a big blow to Bryan's gut. Bryan whipped, then back splashed. Bryan comes back with a big drop kick to Big Show taking him down. Bryan with his "YES!" kicks to a kneeling Big Show. Big Show blocks the last one, but then Bryan takes Big Show down and hits a DDT for two.

Bryan climbs. Bryan flies, but right into a spear. Big Show is still yelling that Bryan made him do this. Big Show has his fist ready, but then "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants from the fans. Big Show over the top rope to the apron, but Trip's music hits.

Trip – Show, get back in that ring and finish it.
Big Show – No.
Trip – Get back in that ring and finish it.

Big Show starts to leave,but The Shield attacks Bryan. Big Show back into the ring.
Trip – Don't make me do this. Think about your family. Do what's right for you. Big Show, do what's right for you. Paul, you know I don't want to do this.

Trip motions for The Shield to triple bomb Bryan in front of Big Show. Big Show's head drops to the corner, he's in tears. Big Show is bawling.

Trip – Show, turn around and look at me. Turn around. You're going to ball up that fist, do it for your family. Ball it up real tight and hit Bryan.

Big Show balls up his fist, but then yells no at Trip and leaves the ring. "Please, just leave me alone!"

Steph's music hits. She comes out to the ramp, then down to Big Show. Big Show is bawling.

Steph (off mic) – Think about your family. They're relying on you. Think about them, this is your last chance.

Steph and Big Show walk to the ring together as she says all this to him. Big Show into the ring.

Trip – Like I was saying, ball up that fist and knock out Bryan.

Big Show balls up his fist, then steps as if to hit Trip. Steph steps between them, stops Big Show, then talks to him. Big Show turns away, then he turns back and punches out Bryan. Big Show on his knees, leaning on the ropes, crying. Trip tells Big Show, off mic, that he did the right thing. Steph tells Big Show that he's still her friend.

"You sold out!" chants from the fans.

Orton's music and he comes out, walks between Steph and Big Show, heading for the ring. Big Show is still bawling like a child. Orton slowly stalks to the ring.

Video recap of Big Show's WMD on Bryan – a couple times.

Orton slides into the ring, stares at Bryan crumbled on the mat. Orton rolls Bryan onto his back. Trip, Steph, Big Show and The Shield on the stage watch as Orton stares down at Bryan. Orton to his feet, puts a foot on Bryan's chest and poses with the strap held high in one hand.

Biggest Pop
Cody Rhodes

Biggest Heat
Triple H

Most Tears
Big Show!

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