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RAW Results 8/5/13 - Bryan Used The 'W' Word!

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RAW Results August, 5 2013
From Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Punk will face Axel tonight. Bryan went for his corporate makeover, what happened?

Show Starts

Music and pyro.

In Ring Segment

Steph – Welcome to Monday Night RAW. It's no secret that my dad doesn't believe that Bryan is Championship material. I know a lot of you disagree, as does Trip. I came up with a compromise to make his look more palatable. I asked Bryan to have a makeover and he agreed. Let's take a look.

video of Bryan getting a facial, mani/pedi, then working out. His hair was slicked back into a ponytail. He went out for a steak! He took a bite, chewed and dealt with it. Then he went to get measured for a suit.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph – Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Bryan!

Bryan out to the ring in a suit, hair slicked to a ponytail. Blue suit, blue shirt with white collar, yellow and blue striped tie.

Steph – Sharp. Very sharp. The floor is yours. (Steph touches Bryan's arm kindly, then his shoulder before stepping away.)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – You guys like it that much, right?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – You don't like it?


Bryan – I'd like to that Steph for all the time and effort she put into all of this, right. It's funny, I don't think this is what the company actually wants. Seems to me they want someone who's jacked up in cargo shirts and a bright yellow t-shirt. Someone who can sell you all stuff you don't need. Who could that be? Seems to be they want someone like Cena.


Bryan – I respect Cena because he picked me because he thinks I'm the best contender, but he doesn't think I can beat him. Why could I beat him? He's a Superstar! He's in movies. He's on cereal boxes. Look at me, I'm 5'8", this scraggly beard, from the middle of nowhere. How could someone as lowly as me beat a Superstar like Cena who's been king of the mountain for ten years. I'll tell you why – Cena's an entertainer, and Bryan is a wrestler!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – See, while he's been up here in sold out arenas, he hasn't seen the holds I've dragged myself out of, the mud I've crawled out of, because I am a wrestler! Here's the funny thing he doesn't like to admit. If Cena gets fired tomorrow, he goes back to his mansion, his 20 cars and his multimillion dollar lifestyle, and he will never wrestle again. If I get fired tomorrow, and I just might, it's happened before, you will see me in every armory, gym, every little dirt box with 30 people and a wrestling ring, because I love wrestling! That's funny, it kind of seems to me that you people like wrestling too.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – So here's the deal. I'll dress in this suit for now. I'll comb my hair back, for now. I'll do what they want, for now. Because at SummerSlam I'm going to do what everyone here wants me to do, and I'm going to make Cena tap out! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

McMahon's music hits and out he comes in a gray suit, light peach shirt, mauve, maroon, gray tie with a blue knot.

McMahon – I'm just messing with you. I appreciate Steph's efforts to fix the issues between Trip and I where it pertains to you. And look at you, you gave it the old college try. Your pants are too short, brown shoes, blue suit. Got your little ponytail pulled back, you just need a little pink bow back there or something. Just messing with you. I've said before that I don't want Cena to be Champ, but I want you to be Champ even less. It's the way I feel. I'm kind of warming up to you. What if we had Bryan as WWE Champ. The WWE has never had a dwarf as WWE Champ. You're lying, you're not 5'8", you're 5'5"! We've never had anyone with the muscularity of a toothpick. Never had anyone who had a face like a gargoyle. Someone so unkempt, you look like a miniature Mick Foley. Even though I don't want you to be Champ, you're giving your all, you could be Champ. If you listen to me, you could be Champ. There's just one other thing for this makeover, that thing on your face. You got a bird's nest in there? Smells like a compost pile. If you want my influential support, there's one thing to do right here, right now, shave that beard off. Gentlemen, bring down that chair! Bring it down. Make it a nice one. Look at that!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" (Bryan just moved his arms and the fans chanted.)

McMahon – These people who want you to be Champ have no idea what they really want. They want you to sit in that chair Bryan, they want you to go all the way. If you want to be WWE Champ, then you will do as I say. You talk about being fired, be careful what you ask for. It doesn't hurt to get your beard shaved off. You won't cry. You really want to be WWE Champ, then take that first step. You want to be the wrestler, WWE Champ Bryan, get in that chair!

Bryan steps toward the chair and the "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants start. He leaves the ring and steps down by the chair.

McMahon – The only thing missing is the barber, someone who keeps his beard clean, like Barrett. Come on out Barrett.

Bryan removes his jacket and sits in the chair as Barrett comes out with the clippers and a huge smile.

McMahon – Bryan, you want to be WWE Champ more than anything, don't you? Wade's grandfather used to be a barber, or what they call it in the UK.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"
Bryan (off mic) – If you could leave this little bit right here.

Barrett leans in and takes a head butt for it. Bryan then grabs the clippers and shaves off half of Barrett's beard! More abuse on Barrett and over the barricade. Bryan up the ramp and grabs a mic.

Bryan – You want me to change? You want me to change? I say "NO!" I am going to be who I've always been, and I'm going to be WWE Champ! (Off comes Bryan's tie, then his shirt to show it's like Cena's except it says, 'The beard is here!' with an arrow pointing up.) Cena says, the Champ is here. Guess what, the beard it here!

Backstage Segment

Split-screen – RVD and ADR with Ricardo heading for the ring.



Miz is on announce pushing SummerSlam and that he's hosting the show. RVD to the ring. Video of RVD and ADR in the ring on Smackdown. Ricardo returns from 'injury' according to Justin, and announces ADR to the ring.

ADR all over RVD with blows and shoulders. RVD back with a monkey flip from the corner on ADR. Kick to ADR, then a slingshot kick into a standing moonsault on ADR for two. Christian is watching backstage. ADR rushes RVD and goes through the ropes. A kick from RVD, then a moonsault off the apron.


ADR chokes RVD under the ropes. RVD blocks ADR and kicks him, followed by clotheslines. A back kick, then ADR moves out of the way of rolling thunder. ADR's sick kick to the head for two. RVD ducks the enziguri in the corner and is taken down for rolling thunder for a long two.

RVD up on the corner for his split-legged moonsault, but ADR's knees up. The bucket into the corner, but ADR eats it as RVD reverses. RVD pins ADR for three.

Winner – RVD (6:23)

RVD celebrates on the ramp as Ricardo in to check on ADR. ADR kicks Ricardo in the side of the head, beats on him, then grabs the bucket and swings it overhand onto Ricardo over and over. Finally ADR throws Ricardo out of the ring with a really sick thud! Outside Ricardo's head is wedged behind the stairs and ADR hits a sick drop kick onto the side of the stairs. Back into the ring ADR grabs his belt and poses in the corner. Ricardo doesn't move a muscle outside the ring. Video recap of the attack on Ricardo!


In Ring Segment

Cody in the ring, in a suit, vest, sans tie.
Cody – There's an Oscar Wilde quote that true friends stab you in the front, so Damien wasn't a true friend judging by last week's Smackdown. It's all water under the bridge, and I have a gift for Sandow. Before that, let's look at all that happened. (There's a briefcase sized box on the mat, and it appears to be leaking.)

Video recap of the growing feud between Cody and Damien.

Cody – I know how much it's effected Damien watching his case sink into the Gulf. (Cody pulls out the case all wet and full of weeds.) It's a bit wet, but come and get it.

Damien to the ring. Off mic he tells Cody to put the case down and leave. He's not falling for this. Cody puts the case down and leave. Cody does this, but when Damien slides in to get it, Cody also slides in and attacks Damien. Damien flees the ring. Cody opens the case and shakes out the contract. Cody throws the case at Damien who flees up the ramp.


Slam of the Week

Ryback backstage put a little guy through the food table after slapping him around a bit.

Ryback vs Henry

Ryback comes stomping to the ring. Henry out to face him.

They circle. "Goldberg!" chants. Ryback pushes Henry, they lock up. Ryback into a shoulder block that drops him hard. Rybgets his feet up in Henry's face in a corner, then Ryback on Henry on the mat. Blows on Henry, then kicks. Head butts to Henry, but then into another shoulder block! Ryback up, but wiggles free and flees the ring. The ref starts to count Ryback out as Henry yells smack out at Ryback. Ryback backs up the ramp and leaves the match.

Winner – Henry via Countout (1:46)

Ryback on stage getting heat and Henry is in the ring yelling smack.


Backstage Segment

The Bellas in a mirror talking up Total Divas. They argue, then decide it's for both of them. Eva in offering hair spray and verbally attacking Natalya. Natalya comes up and Brie says that Natalya is on Total Divas is a slap in the face. Natalya then gives Brie a slap in the face.

In Ring Segment

Cena to the ring, wearing his yellow shirt and cargo shorts.
Cena – It's that time again.


Cena – All this is very familiar. I'm used to being the target. Usually the chasers are bad people, and that's easy. Sometimes I have to face a true fan favorite like Bryan. It forces the 'Universe' to choose, and a lot of you choose Bryan.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – The WWE brass doesn't like it, but I chose him. I heard Bryan and there was a lot of truth, but also a lot of ignorance. Bryan judges me for how dress and live my life. That doesn't make you new, it makes you like The Rock, Punk and all the rest who do the same thing! I got news for you, you won't be the last. I don't change for you, for no one. Always have been me, always will be me. Bryan wants to talk about hard times. I'll tell you hard times, I came back 24 hours after breaking my neck, my elbow looks like a football, I'm still here. He wants to glorify wrestling in a gym, that's where you're most comfortable and would much rather be! I gave him a chance to talk, it's my turn. I been here 12 years, if I get fired tomorrow, I'll never wrestle another match again, but that's because I love the WWE and would never tarnish wearing this belt. Bryan glorifying wrestling everywhere else is like saying I was great in the arena football league! The WWE is the NFL. Not For Long if you keep glorifying your past and not looking in front of you. When I glorify it's in this ring with all of this! Bryan says I can't wrestle!

Many fans yell smack and agreements to this.

Cena – Once again Bryan, very original. Millions of people say that, they're chanting it right now. (The chant doesn't work.) For those of you who can't hear, they're chanting, 'You can't wrestle' and it's aimed at me. I've held this belt 11 times in some of the biggest matches in history. Been toe to toe with the greatest and walked out with my head held high! I've been lucky 11 times. Underestimate me like these people and thousands before who underestimate me, when they leave this company...

"Boring!" chants can be heard loud and clear! Cena stops and lets them chant, even holds out the mic for them and nods.

Cena – Sounds like the people want to see myself and Bryan fight right now.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – You see, you're as excited for SummerSlam as I am because Bryan doesn't understand what an opportunity it is for him. If he wins it, it's great, but if he loses it, the next day he has to look in the mirror and admit he wasn't that good. Bryan, you're in a hot streak, but I've been mowing people down since January. At SummerSlam you can chant for who you want, I've always lived and died by that, just remember what I've been saying for six months, our time is now, and the Champ is here.

Orton's music hits. Orton comes out, case in hand.

Orton – John, you never cease to amaze me, always aware of the target on your back, but never fully aware of the target staring you in the face. It doesn't matter who walks out of SummerSlam with the WWE Title, what matters is what's in this case, the contract that guarantees that I'm WWE Champion. It could happen at SummerSlam, it could happen the night after, at WrestleMania, the point I'm making here, is that the Champ is here. (pointing to himself)

The Shield's music hits. Orton and Cena ready themselves for Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. They come down and surround the ring. Slowly onto the apron, then Bryan rushes the ring to even the numbers. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Cena looks shocked.

Maddox – Gentlemen, take a deep breath. I see what's going on here. Since no one gets along here, why not a 6 Man Tag Match for the main event?

Cena, Orton and Bryan all look at each other in the ring.


Tons of Funk vs The Wyatt Family

Funkasaurus, Sweet T and the Dactyls in the ring dancing, but then The Wyatt Family's entrance cuts them off. They come out, Bray sits in his chair, then fakes blowing out his lantern.

Harper on Sweet T with blows. Shoulder block to Harper. Slap to Tensai. The next shoulder block drops Harper. Harper comes back and tags out. Tensai takes Rowan down with a clothesline, but Harper in. Clay tosses Harper, but then Rowan fights back on Tensai for three as Harper held Clay down.

Winner – The Wyatt Family (1:19)

Bray into the ring, holds onto the corner and back bends while yelling 'Follow the Buzzards!' Sister Abibgail on Clay, kiss and all.

Bray – Devil's Favorite Demon is an illusion! It's a fairy tale. The demon is a lie. Me, I'm much different man. I'm the man of a thousand truths. I Bray Wyatt, the eater of worlds! And I am forever, Kane, follow the buzzards.

The lights go out! Fire erupts! Kane is on the tron as Bray looks shaken in the ring.
Kane - When you pull the wings off from buzzards for fun, they're impossible to follow, Bray. I don't condemn your intentions, but I do see through your haze of cryptic words. You're here to maim, disfigure and mutilate everyone who crosses your path. I like that. I do the same things too, but I don't do them to spread a message, I do them for my own personal amusement. (pop) At SummerSlam, you'll find out why I am The Devil's Favorite Demon, because no one does the Devil's work better than I do, and at SummerSlam, you'll see the reason why your family won't be able to save you. No one is going to be able to save you from inside a ring of fire!

Kane calls fire from all four. Rowan and Harper jump and freak, but Bray drops to his knees throws his arms out and laughs.


RAW Rewind

Recap of Punk being attacked by Brock three weeks ago, then last week Punk attacked Axel before going after Heyman. Heyman was able to flee.

Backstage Segment

Josh – I'd love to get your thoughts on facing Axel tonight.
Punk – I'd like to talk about his father. His father is someone I had a lot of admiration for, and his manager, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan. Except when Mr. Perfect and Heenan were on camera together, Mr. Perfect still had a brain, that's not what his son Axel has decided to do. He's got so much blind loyalty to Heyman that it will get him a beating tonight, at my hands. There's been plenty of times that Heyman's mouth as gotten me into fights that I didn't really want. That's no longer my problem. I'm going to take out Axel, then I'm going to do what I said I'm going to do, and take out Heyman. I'm not a liar, unlike Heyman, when I say I'm coming for you, then I'm coming for you.
Josh – That leads to my next question. In your match at SummerSlam agains Brock.
Punk – The Best vs The Beast. SummerSlam will forever be known as the night The Beast to neutered. Brock loses a match and Heyman loses everything.

Kaitlyn vs Layla

Kaitlyn in the ring in a green t-shirt. Video of Layla turning on Kaitlyn on Smackdown last week, costing Kaitlyn the match. Layla out to face her in purple and white. In the corner Layla says she wants what she deserves, attention. From now on all eyes are on Layla, and I'm 'flawless' and then a kiss.

Layla talks smack at Kaitlyn, then is tackled to the mat. Kaitlyn on her with blows, then pulled up into a short clothesline for two. Clubbing blows on Layla who then tries to flee. Layla into the ropes as the ref pulls Kaitlyn off. Layla with her hands and legs shimmies along the top rope in what Cole calls the sloth. Layla kicks Kaitlyn from behind the ref, then hits a DDT on Kaitlyn for two. Layla with blows, gets the fans clapping, then holds Kaitlyn's head and climbs. Layla with her legs around Kaitlyn's neck hangs back over the ropes for five. Layla trips Kaitlyn from outside, then in on Kaitlyn until Kaitlyn lands a lovely back breaker. Clothesline for Layla, then a shoulder block. Kaitlyn with a move similar to the GTS, but the knee to Layla's side.

AJ's music, she skips around, taunts Kaitlyn, distracts her, then Layla kicks Kaitlyn in the head – maybe, sort of, almost, not really, but Kaitlyn sold it – for three.

Winner – Layla (3:07)

Layla and AJ skip around the ring together.


Announce Segment

They talk up Total Divas. Cole talks about Cody taunting Damien. Video of that tempting and attack. JBL goes off that Cody should be arrested. They will be facing off at SummerSlam.

Christian vs Slater

Christian in the ring, as is 3MB.

Christian gets the fans clapping, then behind Slater, but eats elbows. Drop toe hold into the ropes, but then McIntyre and Mahal were out there. Christian in and taken down for two. Slater all over Christian with blows, then a knee drop. Chinlock on Christian on the mat. Christian choked in the ropes, then Slater distracts the ref for McIntyre and Mahal to each slap Christian. Slater up and flies, but eats Christian's raised foot. Slater planted on the mat, then eats a missile drop kick for two. Christian gets the fans clapping again, but takes a shoulder block for it. Slater tries to suplex Christian from the ring, but Christian counters and puts his legs through Slater's legs to elevate him in. Christian with a sunset for a long two. Slater comes back, pushes Christian into a sitting spot int the corner. Slater sets up, but takes too long and eats a spear for three.

Winner – Christian (3:14)

Christian flees the ring to celebrate on the ramp as McIntyre and Mahal rush the ring. Video recap of the end of the match.

Backstage Segment

Punk is heading for the ring, hood up.


Punk vs Axel

Punk out, to one knee, it's clobbering time! He heads to the ring. Axel and Heyman out, Punk up the ramp. Heyman flees, so Punk and Axel fight. They brawl on the stage. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel sends Punk into the metal barricade on the ramp. Punk fights back and tosses Axel into the ring. The ref calms them and calls for the bell.

Axel on Punk with a kick, then blows, backing Punk into a corner. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel runs the ropes under and over Punk, then taken down. Punk locks up Axel's leg, then slams him own body back. Punk up, then slams back again. Punk to his feet and does it a third time before releasing and kicking Axel's leg. Axel dumped from the ring and calls for love from the fans. Suicide dive on Axel!


Punk comes back with blows and a back kick, but Axel back for two. Axel yells at Punk about being the best in the world. Axel pulls Punk up, slams him to the mat, then on the corner with a drop on Punk for two. Chinlock on Punk on the mat and Heyman heads down the ramp. Heyman watches as he walks around the ring and Axel makes Punk wantc. Back suplex to Axel, then Punk crawls as a demonically grinning Heyman. Heyman taunts Punk as Axel grabs Punk's foot to stop him, then turns him into a big clothesline for two.

Punk whipped, but gets his feet up. Punk bounces up, then hits his crossbody on Axel. Heyman looks shocked. Punk out of the ring and chases Heyman around the ring, but then runs into Axel's clothesline. JBL says Axel and Heyman are in perfect sync. Axel on Punk with blows on the mat. Punk comes back with clotheslines and a swinging neck breaker. Punk smiles, then hits a high knee as Cole calls it a high elbow – JBL corrects him. Axel taken down and Punk climbs. Axel up and knocks Punk's legs out from under him. Punk crawls across the mat as Axel hits his sick swinging neckbreaker for two.

"This is awesome!" chants grow and fill the arena. Big kick to Axel's head. Axel rolls to Heyman, gets a few words from him, but then Punk is there with his hands around Heyman throat. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Punk via DQ (7:58)

Punk pulls Heyman into the ring, and Brock's music hits. Brock to the ring and Punk stands tall for Brock, but lets Heyman go. Punk is ready, but then Axel pulls Punk out, grabs him, but Punk reverses and hits GTS. Punk grabs a chair, but Brock is suddenly out of the ring and takes the chair from him. Punk on Brock with blows, but Brock grabs Punk, gets him up on his shoulders. Punk wiggles around and Brock eats post. Punk on Brock with kicks, then blows. Punk on announce and flies onto Brock, dropping him to the mat. "CM Punk!" chants.

JBL is yelling at Punk to stay on Lesnar, don't let The Beast up! Punk heads for Brock, but it's too late. Brock grabs Punk for a sick belly-to-belly and Punk lands rather roughly. Brock walks over, grabs Punk and rolls him into the ring. Brock climbs in, kicks the chair out of the way and pulls Punk up. Heyman in the corner of the ring as Brock gets Punk on his shoulders, but Punk wiggles free again! Kick to Brock's leg, then Punk grabs the chair and nails Brock across the back with it. Punk turns and looks at Heyman. Heyman's mouth is hanging open, shaking in shock, then he realizes that Punk is there. Punk approaches Heyman with the chair raised, but then Brock grabs the chair and nails Punk with the F5.

Heyman (off mic) – Brock, hurt him! Hurt him! Hurt him!

Brock beats Punk across the back with the chair a couple times. Heyman steps up and raises Brock's hand over Punk as the fans give serious heat. Brock with a glance over his shoulder at Punk before leaving the ring with Heyman. Brock is bright red and Punk is lolling on the mat.



Recap of the fight between Punk and Brock.

Backstage Segment

Renee with Brock, Axel and Heyman. She asks for comments about Punk.
Brock – That's the best, of the best, of the best, of the best, of the best, of the best that this world has to offer? I'm The Beast, and the best. Paul, say something stupid.
Heyman – It's not really going to be stupid. I want you to take that mic and I want you to deliver a message to CM Punk. I want you to tell Punk he may not make it to SummerSlam, because next week, here on RAW, I'm going to walk to that ring, and based on that beating Punk got from Brock, I'm not going to the ring as an advocate, I'm going to the ring to look for a one on one, man versus man fight because next week on RAW, if he's man enough to accept it, it will be CM pnbk versus Paul Heyman.

Fandango vs Kofi

SR comes out dancing badly in a black dress. Fandango out in his gold and black mottled ring gear. They head to the ring. Kofi bounces out to face him.

Fandango needs to dance before he can start wrestling. Kofi goes for the booms, then Kofi on him with kicks, then a drop kick on Fandango for one. Kofi grabs a leg in the corner, but Fandango kicks him in the head with the other. Kofi into the corner, then beaten on the mat. Kofi into Fandango's back elbow for two. Fandango elevates Kofi onto his shoulders and flips him to the mat. Kofi fights back, but then Fandango with his leg in the air on Kofi for two. Fandango climbs, but Kofi moves out of the way. Kofi kicks Fandango in the head, then off the top rope. Clotheslines, then a drop kick. Another big flying clothesline on Fandango, then a boom drop. Fandango flees the ring to the apron, then kicks up on Kofi's head. Fandango used the ropes, but still couldn't get the three. Fandango climbs, but Kofi up and Fandango lands on his feet. Kofi up with his own crossbody for two. TIP on Fandango for three.

Winner – Kofi (3:46)

Kofi celebrates on the corner.

Backstage Segment

Trip on his feet and Steph comes in crying.
Trip – What's wrong.
Steph – I just ran into my Dad. He just bit my head off. The makeover segment was a disaster and he was embarrassed about what happened with Bryan. You know how vindictive he can be. I'm just trying to focus on business, but...
Trip – Just calm down. Your Dad's lost it. No one wants to say it, everyone wants to beat around the bush, but the fact is, he's lost it. The creative genius Vince McMahon is finally gone. He just runs around here every week doing whatever he feels like. His whims, whatever he wants. Enough. Because Bryan embarrassed him because Bryan wouldn't shave his beard off? He's going to throw away SummerSlam over this? He doesn't want Cena, but he's going to hurt everything because of Bryan? He's throwing away SummerSlam over all this? I'm tired of it. I'm tired of this whole damn thing, and I'm not going to watch this ship go down because of him! (pop) I don't know what he's going to do at SummerSlam, but I'm going to stop him. Watch me Steph, I'm going to stop him!

Trip leaves and Steph looks like she's in shock.



Recap of ADR attacking Ricardo after ADR's loss.

The Real Americans vs The Usos

Zeb – The heartland of America. We walked around today and didn't feel a beat left. Apparently all the cheese you eat clogs your brains. You don't like what I'm saying, why not make due like that overrated football team you have in this town and pack your bags and leave, the heartland belongs to real Americans. Please rise, put your hands over your hearts, and say with us "We, the people!" Usos come dancing out to face them.

Jimmy takes blows from Swagger, but reverses in the corner with chops. Swagger with an elbow and Cesaro with a tag and an upper cut on Jimmy for two. Gut wrench on Jimmy, then Swagger tags in. Swagger distracts and Cesaro stomps Jimmy. Swagger with blows in the heel corner, but Jimmy back with head butts and cheap shots on Cesaro. Swagger gets Jimmy up and slams him. Cesaro tags in, Swagger bomb, then Cesaro on Jimmy for two.

Swagger tags in. Inverted atomic drop from Cesaro, and Swagger pins. Swagger on Jimmy, but Jimmy up and free, comes back with blows, then a kick. Both are down. Cesaro bouncing for the tag. Both tag out. Jey with a cheap attack on Swagger on the apron, then takes Cesaro down. Bum slam in a corner, but Swagger breaks the count. Jimmy takes Swagger from the match, and dives out on him. Jey eats Cesaro's foot, but Cesaro flies into a big kick (badly) for a long two. Jimmy into a post outside, almost takes out a cameraman. The ref deals with Zeb, Swagger attacks Jey through the ropes, then the neutralizer on Jey for three.

Winners – The Real Americans (4:53)

Video recap of the match. All three in the ring, hands on their chests, chanting.


Ziggler vs Big E

Ziggler out wiggling his butt and getting the fans riled up. Video recap of AJ getting involved in their match last Monday on RAW. Big E out, led by a skipping AJ. Big E claps his chalk all over the place on the stage as AJ waves into the ring at Ziggler, playing with her piggy tails coyly.

Ziggler ducks Big E, smiles, but is then caught. Ziggler into the ropes, holds on, wiggles, hits a drop kick for two. Ziggler elevated by Big E, but wiggles free and lands too close to the ropes. Big E hung up top, but then eats a SICK clothesline on the apron. Ziggler crumbles to the floor. Big E out, pulls Ziggler up and sends him into the ring. Big E pins Ziggler for two. Abdominal stretch on Ziggler in the center of the ring. Jaw buster drop Ziggler that Big E didn't take well and landed badly. Big E ends up shoulder first to the post. Big clothesline in the corner, then neck breaker from Ziggler for two.

Big E side steps Ziggler, then slams him into a back breaker for two. Big E runs for his splash, but Ziggler moves. Ziggler hits his famouser, that didn't even touch Big E, for two. Kaitlyn stomps to the ring. AJ jumps up on Kaitlyn. They fight. AJ flees into the ring. They fight in the ring. Ziggler distracted and eats a sick clothesline from Big E. Kaitlyn is shocked and rolls out. Big E pulls Ziggler up as Kaitlyn looks on in shock as Big E hits his big ending.

Winner – Big E (4:33)

Kaitlyn looks shocked and upset by Ziggler's loss, almost in tears. AJ and Big E celebrate, AJ staring at Kaitlyn the whole time.



Josh is with Michelle and Brooke from Summer Camp. He talks to them about the show, and enjoying RAW.

In Ring Segment

Bryan to the ring all "YES!" "YES!" "YES!", but with his hair still slicked back. Orton out to join him. Cena out to round out their team.



Recap of Brock's attack on Punk.

Main Event – 6 Man Tag Match – Bryan & Orton & Cena vs The Shield

The Shield to the ring to round out the match.

Orton is kicked by Rollins, but comes back with blows. Rollins fights back, backs Orton into a corner with kicks. Rollins pulled off, but Orton comes back with blows to Rollins' head. Big clothesline in the corner on Rollins, then a big suplex for two. Bryan tags in with a big missile drop kick. Ambrose tags in. Bryan whipped, runs up and over Ambrose. Bryan runs the ropes into a huge clothesline on Ambrose, then out with a suicide dove on Ambrose. Outside Bryan gets into it with Rollins. Bryan to run the apron, but Ambrose attacks from inside the ring. Ambrose on Bryan outside as the ref counts Ambrose out. Bryan on the apron as Reigns tags in and they double team Bryan for two.

Dueling chants for Cena who isn't even in the match. Reigns with a clothesline on Bryan for two. Rollins tags in and drops an elbow on Bryan for two. Rollins waves his hand in front of his face at Cena, then puts a chinlock on Bryan. Bryan punches free, but Reigns tags in and they double team, raising Bryan high, then landing him on Rollins' knees for two. Reigns talks smack on Bryan, yells at him to stay down. Bryan up and kicking on Reigns, then cheap shots on Ambrose and Rollins. Bryan free of Reigns with a sick kick, but Bryan can't reach his partners. Rollins holds his ankle and Bryan tags out, but the ref was distracted and didn't see it. Cena knocked out. Then Bryan slammed into Orton on the apron making a mess. Bryan with the "YES!" lock, but the other two in and attacked. The ref calls for the bell.

Winners – Bryan & Orton & Cena via DQ (5:24)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!", but then Bryan turns into an RKO! The Shield in, but Orton and Cena fight back, double clothesline Reigns from the ring. Cena then turns and hits Cena with an RKO! Orton grabs his case and the ref, but when up on the apron he sees The Shield coming back and backs off. Orton leaves Cena in there to take a spear from Reigns, then Bryan is beaten down more. Bryan in there alone with The Shield, then turn and watch Orton leave, case in hand. A wimpy stomp from Rollins on Bryan, but then they triple power bomb Bryan. Orton watches from the stage. The Shield stands over Bryan and pose. Orton looks at the case in his hands. The camera goes back and forth between The Shield and Orton.

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