RAW Results 11/4/13 - Big Show Gets His Job Back, But At What Cost?

John Cena

RAW Results November 4, 2013
From Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

First he was fired, then banned for life, but Big Show is still threatening legal action. Tonight Punk fights back from being attacked by The Wyatt Family, at the top of the hour.

RAW Starts

Punk vs Harper

Punk's music and out he comes in ring gear – pink and black – and 'it's clobberin' time!' Video of Punk winning last week, but then The Wyatt Family out for the attack. After Rowan and Harper beat down Punk, Bray to the ring. Bray takes a head butt, but then Bray with Sister Abigail. Bray said, "The devil made me do it!" The Wyatt Family's entrance. Video of The Wyatt Family's attack on Bryan backstage last week. Bryan spent the night in the hospital for that one, the rest of the week at home. The Wyatt Family at the bottom of the ramp. "CM Punk!" chants.

Punk on Harper, but then Punk takes a big right in a corner. Punk slapped down in the center of the ring, then blows in the opposite corner. Chops to Punk, then Harper grinds his knee into Punk's face. Punk comes back with kicks, but then Punk eats an upper cut that drops him to the mat. Punk runs the ropes, but then elevates Harper up and out, but as Punk tries to fly out onto Harper, he eats Harper's right forearm through the ropes. Harper in for two. "CM Punk!" chants. Harper slams Punk onto the mat, then drops an elbow. Harper bellows a noise, then goes for the gator roll. Harper stares off in a deranged and vacant way. To their feet, Punk's head still held. Punk free, comes at Harper with blows, but one of Harper's blows stops Punk. Punk whipped, but moves out of the way of the big boot. Harper up and over the top to land outside. Punk flies out onto Harper. This time Punk lands the move and Harper lands against announce. Rowan around the ring to face Punk, mask still intact.


Harper with his arms locked around Punk's face. Punk struggling to his feet, and free, but then eats a short clothesline. Bray watches the match with a smirk as Punk is slingshotted up into the second rope. Harper stalks around Punk, then drops an elbow for two. Another elbow, but only one this time. Blows from Harper on the mat, then ripping at Punk's nose. Another gator roll (Cole' calling it a gator roll this week, not a death roll as has been mentioned in the past). Punk up, gets a foot in Harper's face, then on the corner to hit a tornado DDT on Harper! "CM Punk!" chants arise again. Blows from Punk, a slap from Harper. Kick from Punk, then forearms. Punk ducks Harper, then kicks. Another kick, then Harper slammed back to the mat. Punk is struggling to get to his feet, and Harper is slower as well. Bray barks orders. High knee from Punk, then clothesline. Punk climbs as Rowan slaps the apron. Punk flies off the corner, but takes out Rowan!

Kick to Harper over the top rope, but then Punk slingshots into Harper's bit boot. Harper goes for his bog clothesline, but Punk ducks. Punk rolls Harper up for three.

Winner – Punk (11:12)

Punk's music plays, but Rowan attacks him from behind. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans as Harper and Rowan beat Punk down, as they want Bryan. Bray into the ring, but there's Bryan running down the ramp, chair in hand. Chair to Rowan through the ropes, but then Bray onto Bryan's injured (and taped) shoulder, but Punk grabs the chair and starts swinging. Bryan and Punk are left standing in the ring as The Wyatt Family flee. Bray smiles, grabs his hat and points at Bryan and Punk in the ring. Bray is all smiles as they head up the ramp.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Big Show being banned. Video of Cole's interview with Trip from dot.com.
Trip - I'm supposed to be concerned with Big Show frivolous lawsuit, and Otunga's irrelevant opinion. These the hard hitting questions you want to ask me Jeraldo? You want breaking news, as of this moment, Big Show is banned from the WWE for life.

Cole (on announce) – Is this a knee jerk reaction from Trip?
JBL – No, this isn't knee jerk, this is smart business!

They show video of Big Show's latest attack on RAW last week.

And we get to choose Orton's opponent tonight will it be Ziggler, Big E or Miz? Vote on the WWE App!

Sandow and The Real Americans will face Goldust, Cody and Cena tonight!



Recap of the attack by The Wyatt Family, but Bryan to the rescue, and with Punk they take out the cult!

Backstage Segment

Renee – I'm assuming you weren't expecting it to be a fair fight tonight?
Punk – No, but I been dealing with Heyman and his goons, so I know what it feels like to be outnumbered for months. I accept being outnumbered, as long as everyone else accepts the fact that they're going to be out-gunned. I knew what was going to be outnumbered tonight, but what I didn't realize is that I'm not the only one who has an issue with The Wyatt Family.

Announce Segment

Cole says we haven't seen Heyman since HIAC, but he's on the phone.
Cole – Paul you there?
Heyman – I'm not here.
Cole – That being said, where are you, and what's your medical condition?
Heyman – I'm in Europe and I've seen multiple specialists and seeking alternative medicine for the multiple injuries that I sustained at the hands of Punk at HIAC. I'm traveling with my physician. Due to the repeated blows, I've been diagnosed with acute thoracic spine trauma. I have a herniation of the C5 and C7, severely bruised kidneys, a nasal fracture and severe nasal swelling. What Punk did to me, an innocent man, athlete, and the father of two small children is a travesty. By entering HIAC, Punk repaid me by repaying me with a vicious beating after the match was over. (crying) After everything Punk and I have been through, it's inexcusable. Punk and the 'Universe' owe me an apology for the beating I took at Punk's hands.
Cole – Paul, are you crying?
Heyman – Wimpering... (phone goes dead)

In Ring Segment

Ryback to the ring. Video from the WWE App – Ryback smooshed a cupcake into Hornswoggle. Santino came in and told Ryback to pick on someone his own size. Ryback asked Santino if he wants cake. Santino says, "You know I don't eat carbs after 6, Ryback!" Then Santino pointed over Ryback's shoulder at Khali. Ryback tells them to plan on it, then calls them freaks before leaving.


Ryback vs Khali

They lock up, Ryback pushed back and both Santino and Hornswoggle taunt from outside. They lock up, Ryback knocked to his bum. Ryback with a shot at Khali, Khali back with a blow to Ryback's face. Back elbows to Ryback's face in a corner, then a big chop on Ryback in the next corner. Khali has Ryback by the ear, and Ryback screams like a child. Chops from Khali, then Ryback's choked in a corner. Khali hits Ryback with a rather stiff chop to the chest. Ryback tries to lift Khali, but can't. Ryback rushes Khali and eats an elbow, then a foot, then a big clothesline. Ryback comes back with a meathook clothesline that takes Khali off his feet for three.

Winner – Ryback (2:25)

Ryback leaves the ring, but then turns back and pulls Santino from the ring by his ankles. Hornswoggle attacks Ryback from inside the ring, then flees. Santino on Ryback's back, but flipped down and into the barricade back first. Ryback then backs up the ramp yelling smack.

Announce Segment

Cole is again talking about how Big Show is banned for life. JBL doesn't think it's too much and shows the TTC Match from three weeks ago where Big Show attacked The Shield and the Rhodes brothers won the straps. JBL rants through the whole video.

In Ring Segment

Kofi to the ring with a new head scarf that matches his tights. He takes it off and throws it into the stands as he poses on the corner, waiting for ADR.


Kofi vs ADR

ADR in the ring waving his flag.

ADR with a kick, then blows on Kofi. Kofi into a corner, the ref pulls ADR off. ADR into the corner and Kofi pulled off. ADR attacks a pulled off Kofi. ADR kicks at Kofi. Kofi over and under a running ADR, then ADR eats a back elbow. ADR clotheslined over the top. Kofi flies over the top, but ADR was too close to the ring, so his arm was caught by Kofi and he was pulled back that way. In the ring ADR blocks Kofi's kick in a corner, then slammed to the mat. ADR out and punching Kofi in the head on the apron. ADR lines up, but Kofi moves his head. ADR in and up. ADR lands on Kofi awkwardly, then blows on Kofi in the ropes. A kick to Kofi's ribs, then an enziguri as Kofi sits on the second rope. ADR gets a long two for it, then gets in the ref's face for what he thought was a slow count.

Headlock on Kofi. Kofi up and free. A kick to a telegraphing ADR, but then ADR with a bell-t-back suplex and bridged it, landing Kofi badly. ADR taunts Kofi with his hand slaps, as if setting up for a boom drop. ADR takes Kofi down for two. They replay what JBL calls a textbook German, but I thought looked really rough – though almost anything looks rough compared to Angle. ADR takes Kofi down for two.

Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. The fans start clapping for Kofi, but it quickly dies. Kofi up and elbows free, but ADR hold Kofi's hair and head butt him a couple times. Kofi ducks ADR's enziguri. Kofi flies off the corner, landing on ADR, and basically flattening him to the mat for two. ADR rushes Kofi in a corner and eats feet. Head scissors was supposed to send ADR into a corner, but ADR had to add some spring as they were both way too far from the corner. Cross body off the corner onto ADR from two. Kicks from Kofi, one flies wildly, but ADR's connects. Kofi rolls ADR for two. ADR locks on his cross armbreaker. Kofi fights, but then finally has to tap out.

Winner – ADR (6:53)

Video recap of the end of the match.


Cole sets this up saying it's Big Show's side of the lawsuit.

On screen - Discrimination in the Workplace for Giantism
Steph in the ring telling Big Show that giants don't live as long as normal people. Trip telling Big Show he'll help find him a bellhop job. Steph asked if he'll be the world's largest gas station attendant?
On screen - Use of False Information to Commit Slander, Resulting in Defamation of Character
Steph telling Big Show he's worthless. That Big Show's wife says he's not been measuring up to her expectations.
On screen – Conspiracy to Defraud Employee Wages vis a vis Breach of Contract.
Trip saying Big Show will be suspended for the night without pay. That may not seem like a big deal, but Big Show's broke.
On screen – Use of Intimidation and Extortion For the Purpose of Forceful Exploitation
Trip says he owns Big Show's mortgage, or Big Show will lose his house. Steph says they don't just own Big Show's home, they own him. Trip and Steph forcing Big Show to knock people out.
On screen – Victimizing, Persecutional Conduct Up to and Including Wrongful Termination
Steph telling Big Show he doesn't have the right to free will. Trip telling Big Show not to do anything, and like it. Steph telling Big Show to get on his knees and beg, then slapping him and asking if he's going to cry, just before she fired him.

Those were exhibits A-P

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the WWE App again, and King gets into the game. They talk about the technology of the App. That if you tweet, they will show up on the App. During the commercial breaks, the show continues on the App. They then argue about who to vote for to see who Orton will face tonight.


Orton vs Big E Langston

Orton out to the ring, slowly.
King – It's time to find out who the 'Universe' voted to be Orton's opponent.
Orton – Hold on one second Lawler, give me a minutes with these people. You think that picking my opponent this empowers you. Look to you left and right, who do you see, a girlfriend, your wife, maybe your mother. Right now those women are fantasizing what it would be like to wake up to Randy Orton.

Quite a few women scream at this notion, and Orton sucks up the admiration with a smirk and pushes on his ear as if he can hear more that way.

Orton – If to your left or right is your boyfriend, your father, or husband, than no matter how hard they try, they will never amount to even half the man I am. As I look around this crowd of people, all you men and women, all you faces of jealousy, faces of failure, faces of envy. It's disgusting, really. I'm The face of the WWE. The only thing you have power over tonight is who is going to be The Viper's next victim! Jerry?

King – Well, let's see who the 'Universe' has voted to be Orton's next victim is.
Ziggler – 12%
Big E – 75%
Miz – 13%

Big E out, slaps his chalk around on the stage, then heads to the ring.

They circle, then Orton kicks Big E, then an upper cut. Side headlock on Big E, but Big E pushes out and hits a SICK shoulder tackle that makes Orton leave the ring to regroup. Orton behind Big E, Big E reverses and takes Orton down for two. Orton kicks at Big E rushing him. Upper cut to Big E, but then Orton runs into a back elbow for two.

A big right to Orton who again rolls out. Orton leans on the barricade to cough up a lung, and regroup again. Orton in with a drop kick on Big E that drops him. Big E on the apron, but comes through and sends Orton out. Orton holds on (barely), but then Big E knocks him from the apron and Orton eats the barricade.


Big E on Orton in a corner with blows. Orton eats a short clothesline, then rolls out to again regroup! Big E out, stalking Orton. Orton turns and kicks at Big E. Orton tries to send Big E to eat the stairs, but Big E blocks and Orton eats them. Orton does manage to send Big E into the post. Big E rolled in, then pulls Big E to this feet. Big E tries to rush Orton on the apron, but Orton moves and Big E flies out through the ropes. Big clothesline to Big E outside. Orton pulls Big E up and rolls him in for two.

Big E Langston trending right now. Orton stomps his way around Big E, holding him with one foot, stomping with the other. Chinlock on Big E on the mat. Big E up, with Orton on his back. Big E backs into a corner, then lands a SICK shoulder to Orton's gut in the corner. Huge clothesline on Orton, then when Orton gets up, another big clothesline. Wild swing from Orton, then a belly-to-belly on Orton. Big E runs the ropes and splashes Orton for two.

Big E pulls Orton up, but is kicked, then a back breaker on Big E for two. Big E shoulder first into the post. Orton sets Big E up, then hits his DDT. JBL calls it 'vintage' Orton, because Cole won't. Orton looks around at the screaming women in the stands, calls for more, and more, then pounds the mat. Big E up, but then pushes off! Big clothesline to Orton and the straps come down! Orton pulled up, but then pushes Orton back off his shoulder, rather than hitting it (supposed to be a reversal?), then Orton hits his RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (12:23)

Video of the high points. Orton poses.

Announce Segment

Cole continues about the Big Show situation. Recap video, the same one from Cole's interview with Trip when Big Show was banned for life.

JBL talks about how Big Show should be banned and shows video of Big Show punching out Maddox on Smackdown three weeks ago when he had nothing to lose. Then to video from RAW two weeks ago when Big Show came into the contract signing in an 18 wheeler.

In Ring Segment

Summer Rae and Fandango out to the fans Fandangoing.


Fandango & Summer Rae vs Nattie & Tyson Kidd

Video of TJ marrying Nattie on Total Divas! They're in the ring glowing!

Fandango kicks Tyson, then hits a shoulder block on him. Tyson under and over a running Fandango, but then takes him down with a trip, then a low drop kick! Summer Rae tags in. so Nattie. Summer Rae talks smack, then slaps Nattie. Nattie takes her down, but Fandango distracts Nattie and Summer Rae in control. Summer Rae slams Nattie face first to the mat for two. Body scissors on Nattie on the mat. Fandango yells, "Squeeze! Squeeze!" at Summer Rae. Nattie free, but then the screen goes black for a moment. Both Divas down and Summer Rae tags out. Fandango in and takes a kick from Tyson outside. A drop kick from Tyson. Tyson uses his legs to sends Fandango out, then kicks Fandango. Summer Rae screeching outside at Tyson distracts and Fandango takes him down on the apron. Summer Rae is a WWII buff and a pro at Words With Friends, so says JBL and Cole. Tyson locks in the sharpshooter, and Summer Rae rushes in, but Nattie takes her out. Fandango taps out!

Winners – Nattie and Tyson Kidd (3:45)

Kisses in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Renne – Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Damien Sandow. Mr. Sandow, you're only the second person to unsuccessfully cash in your MITB contract. Let's take a look.

Video of Sandow attacking before the match, then cashing in his MITB case. After a great match, Cena beat him.

Renee – Damien, if I could just get your thought.
Sandow – My thoughts, my thoughts of the ref counting 1-2-3 over and over again. It doesn't keep me up at night. The thought of being stripped of my reign as WHC doesn't enter my mind. The thought of my pride as a man being taken from me. You know what happens Renee, when you're stripped of everything? You see yourself. You know what I saw? I didn't see an intellectual savior, I saw a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Zeb – That's what I love about this country! The land of opportunity, and courtesy of The Real Americans, tonight you will get that opportunity at revenge, when we team up against Cena, Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Let me tell you something, this is going to be an opportunity for Mr. Sandow, and The Real Americans to defeat the TTC for the second time, to prove to the world and the 'Universe' that we are rapidly becoming the dominant team in the WWE. So gentlemen, if you would, please stand up straight and tall, in a loud clear voice, say with me, "We, the people!"
Sandow – Me, your uncrowned WHC!


Announce Segment

Cole talks about how he's been defending Big Show, and JBL has been siding with Trip. More evidence.

Video of Big Show stopping Orton's attack, then knocked him out.

In Ring Segment

Cena out, off mic, "We are excited tonight!" then to the ring.
Cena – Man we got some excitement in here tonight! In just a few minutes my partners will be out for a 6 Man Tag Match. I would like to take a moment to talk about a special partner. All month long WWE has partnered up with Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer. Rise Above Cancer is a cause I believe in, the fight for life. We've all heard the numbers, each year hundreds of thousands of people are effected by breast cancer. WWE believes in the fight so much a that the pink merchandize will be available all year long. Even though October has come and gone, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation directly so that someday we will find a cure! I just want to say thank you to the Divas and the Superstars for going pink, us wearing it is one thing, you supporting it is another. Sometimes you put your feelings aside for me and you support a true unbelievable cause, and that's the fight for life. Joining me tonight is a very important group of the WWE 'Universe'. If you would please stand, we have some breast cancers survivors and their families in the audience. You see them wearing their pink shirts. A two time survivor ringside. Your support has helped them. These people have overcome unsurmountable (sic) odds, and they have never stopped fighting, they are the true champions, thank you for joining us tonight. I think the best way to prove it is by bringing my partners out to show and prove, the Champs are here!

Cody and Goldust to the ring to their mixed music.


Cena & Goldust & Cody vs Sandow & The Real Americans

The Real Americans and Sandow are in the ring. ADR and Zeb are on announce. Zeb is pissed at ADR being out there.

Cena on Sandow with blows in a corner, then a running bulldog for two. Cody tags in as Zeb and ADR argue. Cody pins Sandow for two. Cody is whipped, floats over and rolls Sandow up for two. Sandow on Cody and tags in Swagger. Swagger eats the corner a couple times, then Cody tags in his brother. Cody drops to the mat for Swagger to go over, then taken down bygld. Snap mare on Swagger, followed by a knee for two.

Cody tags in and double team Swagger. Cody pins Swagger for two. Swagger with a blow on Cody and tags out. Cesaro in, but takes Cody's blows. Cena tags in and Cesaro stops dead to stare at Cesaro. They're really ready to bring back what they did on Smackdown. Cesaro backs Cena into a corner. They regroup as Zeb gets cranky on announce. Cena throws Cesaro down. Dueling chants for Cena who smiles at the old faithful. Cena and Cesaro for a test of strength, they struggle with Cena a bit on top, so Cesaro kicks Cena to get free. Cesaro on Cena in a corner. Cena reverses a whip. Kick to Cesaro's gut, then fisherman's suplex on Cesaro. Goldust tags in and they double suplex Cesaro for two.

Blows on Cesaro for two. Arm swing on Cesaro for two. Cody tags in and on Cesaro with blows. Cesaro slammed face first to the mat for two. Cesaro fights back Cody's arm hold with knees. Sandow in with shoulders to Cody in the heel corner. Cody eats the next corner, but then Sandow whipped, and out into a body drop. Cena tags in and on Sandow with a blow. Sandow up, but free. Sandow rolls out to get away from Cena.


Cesaro throws Cena up, then lands an upper cut for two! Cesaro argues the count, then tags Swagger in. They double suplex Cena for two.Swagger bomb on Cena for two. Sandow tags in. head butt to Cena. Dueling Cena chants start again. Blows on Cena, but then Cena ducks and suplexes Sandow to the mat. Cena crawls for his corner. Swagger tags in and stomps Cena. Cena in a corner taking knees from Swagger until he's pulled off by the ref. Front facelock on Cena on the mat. Cena struggles to get to his corner through Swagger. Swagger lifted, but then locks on the patriot lock. Cena rolls through, but then Cesaro tags in and stops him. ADR talks about how Cole is in love with Cena and needs to shut up.

Upper cut to Cena flattens him. Cesaro gets two. Cesaro pulls Cena up, then hits head scissors on Cesaro. Both men are down. Sandow tags in and on Cena with blows. Arm hold on Cena on the mat. Cena grabs Sandow up, but Sandow free and takes Cena down for two. Sandow up and on Cena. Sandow stalks Cena, but Cena lifts Sandow and slams him to the mat. Goldust tags in and clotheslines Cesaro a couple times, then an upper cut. Goldust on Cesaro with blows in a corner., but Swagger involved and gets #7. Goldust up, crossbody. Sandow in but Cody with a missile drop kick on him, then disaster kick on Swagger. Sandow takes Cena down and out.

In the ring Cesaro hits the giant swing on Goldust, but after he lets go, Goldust rolls out. Cesaro out and rolls Goldust in. Cena grabs Cesaro, then side steps Cesaro and makes sure he lands on Zeb. Cesaro in and grabbed by Goldust for his final cut, but kicks Swagger off his corner in the process. Sandow breaks it up, Cody with moonsault, then Cena with a crossbody, then Goldust hits a lovely and clean version of his final cut for three.

Winners – Cena & Goldust & Cody (19:18)

ADR to his feet, and pissed. The three celebrate in the ring as Swagger checks on Zeb on the floor by announce. Video recap of the high points of the match. The three men pose in the ring, straps held high. ADR outside sneering. Swagger gets Zeb to his feet and out of there.

Announce Segment

Cole and JBL are still arguing about Big Show.
They show the same video they showed earlier with the points for which Big Show is suing the WWE.

Backstage Segment

Big Show is backstage, in a beautiful suit and light pink shirt., says hello to R-Truth, Zack, and the Prime Time Players.

Backstage Segment

Trip on his cell.
Vickie – Triple H, I just saw him.
Trip – Who?
Vickie – I just saw him.
Trip – Who's here Vickie?
Vickie – The Big Show.
Trip – What?
Vickie – I just saw him.
Trip – How the hell did he get in here?
Vickie – I don't know.
Trip – Vickie, did... grrr! (Trip starts to leave but Steph comes in)
Steph – Hi.
Trip – Big Show's here, Vickie let him in.
Steph – Vickie didn't let Big Show into the building, I did.
Trip – Why would you do that, didn't you hear me say he's banned for life? What the hell is going on here?
Steph – The Board demanded it.
Trip – What the hell did the Board say?
Steph – Well, the Board had to say they didn't want to take any risks with this lawsuit. There's too much wrapped up in the WWE right now. Too much going on and we can't take a risk. Not with our business lives, not with our personal lives.
Trip – I don't care what they said. I said banned for life, it is banned for life.
Steph – This is not about what you said, not about what I did. It's about us. This is about the WWE, about our business, our company, and we can't afford any risk, specifically as it relates to any personal business that might get dragged into this lawsuit.
Trip – Personal, here we go again, the McMahon personal business comes into it, of course.
Steph – You know, you've never had any problem taking McMahon family money. But like I said, this is not about us, this is bigger than us, and the Board is demanding we settle. They don't want attorneys involved. They want it to be you, and me, and Big Show.
Trip – I hate him!
Steph – That's why I had to invite him here. I had to. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to call you earlier.
Trip – Vickie, go get Big Show and tell him to come in my office now.
Vickie flees through "Big Show!" chants and Trip glaring from the corner of his eye at Steph who stares right back at him straight on.


Ziggler vs Axel

Ziggler to the ring as King, Cole and JBL talk about Big Show being back in the WWE. Axel to the ring to face him.

They circle, then lock up. Axel on Ziggler's arm. Ziggler reverses the hold. Axel on Ziggler with blows. Side headlock on Ziggler into a shoulder tackle on Ziggler. Axel runs the ropes over and under Ziggler, but then taken down. Ziggler tries to get on Axel on the corner, but Axel moves and then pulls Ziggler back by his trunks. Axel on Ziggler on the mat. Axel on Ziggler in the ropes, pulling at his face. Axel on Ziggler's hair, then lands a drop kick on Ziggler for two.

Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Axel seems to be squishing Ziggler's face more than anything. Axel takes Ziggler all the way down to the mat. A very quiet dueling chants from the fans, but barely legible through the TV turned way up loud. Ziggler free in a corner and side steps Axel who lands hard in the corner. Ziggler splashed Axel in a corner and on him with a flurry of blows. Swinging neck breaker, then elbow drop on Axel for two.

Axel takes a shot to the back of Ziggler's neck to take him down for two. Ziggler pulled up by his hair, lifted up, but Ziggler reverses and lands a famouser for two. Ziggler flung off Axel, but then Ziggler grabs Axel and slams him back for three.

Winner – Ziggler (5:05)

Video of the high points of the match. Ziggler and his pink streak celebrate in the ring.


Recap of Punk's win, but then The Wyatt Family attacked Punk. But Bryan ran to the rescue and the two of them, with a chair, drove off the cult.

Backstage Segment

Bryan walking down a hall and Renee stops him for an interview.
Renee – Daniel, if I could just get a question with you quick. You were savagely attacked by The Wyatt Family, but then you showed up. Do you think that was a wise decision?
Bryan – Normally I'd say it's a bad move to run into the mouth of madness, especially after what they did to me last week, but I saw an opportunity for payback, and took it. It looks like there's someone else who has an issue with The Wyatt Family.
Renee – Thank you very much.

In Ring Segment

The Usos out in bright orange trunks and paint this week.


Backstage Segment

Trip – It's simply the matter of writing a check. A big enough check and the lawsuit goes away.
Knock on the door and Vickie comes in.
Trip – Where's Big Show?
Vickie – Big Show is going to meet with you.
Trip – Yes, right.
Steph – Where is he?
Vickie – Not in your office.
Steph – Vickie, tell Big Show to be a man and come in here now. We're waiting for him
Vickie – Actually, he wants to meet you in the ring.
Trip – He wants witnesses.

Usos vs 3MB

McIntyre in the ring starting with Jimmy. Chops to McIntyre, then Jimmy splashes him. Huge single foot missile drop kick on Jimmy for two. Slater tags in and they double slingshot suplex him for two. Jimmy whipped into the heel corner hard, then McIntyre tags in and chokes Jimmy with a foot. Arm hold on Jimmy on the mat. Claps for Jimmy to get up, and he does. Chops rto McIntyre, but then Jimmy lifted, spun, then landed on his face. Jey breaks the count. McIntyre drags Jimmy from his corner and taunts Jey. Blows to Jimmy as McIntyre holds his hair. Slater yells about 3MB. Slater with a blind tag in and takes Jimmy down. Cheap shot on Jey, then turns into a superkick. Jey tags in and comes off the top over his brother for three.

Winners – Usos (3:57)

Video recap of the match. Usos dancing in the ring, having fun.

Backstage Segment

Renee – I'm standing by with Los Matadores. Since your debut here in the WWE, you've made quite an impact.

Video of Los Matadores work and silliness.

Renee – You're Fernando, right?
Fernando – Ci, Fernando.
Renee – And you're Diego?
Diego – Ci, Senorita.
Fernando – Watch out, watch out, El Torito is a little bit, horney. (El Torito chases Renee around a bit)
Renee – What? What?
Diego - What he meant was horney in the knees.
Renee – Renee, let's head back to ringside.
Los Matadores & El Torito – Ole! (El Torito wiggles his pelvis while looking at Renee)

In Ring Segment

Bellas and Eva Marie to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Recap of Kane calling out Steph, then giving her his allegiance and his mask.

Bellas & Eva Marie vs AJ & Aksana & Tamina

Nikki ducks Tamina and behind her. Tamina backs her into a corner, but then Nikki movesout of Tamina way. Nikki up on Tamina back, but Tamina hits a Samoan drop for tewo. Tamina drags Nikki by her hair to the heel corner and Aksana tags in. Aksana stomps Nikki, then AJ tags in. front facelock on Nikki, then AJ up on Nikki's body. Nikki able to free herself and slam AJ. Tamina tags in before Nikki can tag out. Tamina tosses Nikki off. Nikki with a forearm and a kick to Tamina for two.

Brie tags in and takes AJ out, then slams Tamina into Aksana. Drop kick on Tamina. Missile drop kick off the top on Tamina for two. Back elbow from Tamina, then Eva Marie taken out on the apron by Tamina. Brie taken down, then Tamina climbs. Tamina flies, but Brie rolls out of the way. Eva Marie tags herself in and rolls Tamina up for three.

Winners – Bellas & Eva Marie (3:12)

Eva Marie flees quickly to avoid Tamina's wrath. Video of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Steph and Trip heading to the ring, talking between themselves, not loud enough to be heard on mic.


In Ring Segment

Trip's music and he comes out hand in hand with Steph, both in power suits.
Trip – Okay, you want us out here, you want to waste everyone's time, make it all about you again, come on out here.
Steph – Come on Big Show, you're obviously in high demand.

Big Show out with a smirk on his face. He lightly slaps hands of fans, mostly kids, as he heads for the ring. Steph and Trip roll their eyes as they fume.

Steph – Big Show, you've agreed to settle, we've agreed to settle, no lawyers, just the three of us, what do you want?

Big Show – What do I want? I want a broom so you can hop on and fly back to Connecticut. As far as you...
Trip – You want to stand out here and trade sophomore barbs, I think I can hang with the best of them. Now, what's this all about, huh. Seeing as how you're broke, it's about one thing, it's about money. How many zeroes do I have to put on the check to bail you out this time, huh? How big does that check have to be for you to sell your dignity one more time?
Big Show – Hunter, you should know. I don't have money problems, I don't have any money. It's about me doing what I was meant to do. It's about me being the best at something. It's about me being in the WWE and performing in front of these people. As hard as you make this place to work, this is still a fantastic place to work. There's a lot of great people here, I just want my job back Hunter.
Trip – You want your job back. (to Steph) He wants his job back. (to the fans) The Big Show wants his job back! You want your job back. You can take your job and you can sh...
Steph – Hunter! Hunter! Hunter! (she talks to Trip off mic) You want your job back Big Show?
Big Show – Yes, ma'am, I'd like my job back.
Steph – You got it.
Big Show – I got my job back, "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph looks over her shoulder at Trip who looks like a broken man.

Big Show – Oh man, it's good to have my job back.
Steph – Great.

Steph grabs Trip by his arm and tries to pull him away so they could leave.

Big Show – There's just one more little thing. I think, to make the world's largest lawsuit go away, the world's largest athlete deserves the world's largest bonus. (Trip takes a couple of pissy steps toward Big Show, Steph's hand lands on Trip's chest) Why you so angry, man? Look, you're right, calm down, seriously, it's not about the money, I'm not worried about the money. I've been here 18 years and I want something I've never had before. I'd like to be the face of the WWE!
Steph – The face of the WWE? Are you kidding me? Have you looked in the mirror lately? I don't know what you're...

This time Trip backs Steph off, tries to calm her down. The Shield's music hits and out they come.
Big Show – This some kind of trick? What's this? Do you realize what's at stake?


Trip – I'm sorry for the interruption, you were about to ask for something?
Big Show – Tread lightly Hunter, you know what I've got hanging over your head. What I deserve, what you're going to give me, is a WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series against Randy Orton. That's exactly what you're going to give me.
Trip (stepping right up in Big Show's face and talking all gravely and deep) – Listen to me. You've got your job back, and you're lucky for it. Get the hell out of my ring before I leave you in a puddle of your own blood. Move.
Big Show – You sure about that?
Trip – Damn sure.
Big Show – Final answer?
Trip – Absolutely.
Big Show – Well, okay, nice doing business with you. (Big Show heads his way out of the ring as he talks) You guys drive a tough bargain, I understand why you're the COO, it's obvious. But I need to let you know that early tomorrow morning my attorney will be in touch with the Board of Directors, then I will complete my task of owning all of you, so have a good night!

Big Show heads up the ramp as Steph and Trip pace in the ring and try to figure this out.

Trip – Wait! Wait!
Big Show - Yes? There something you want to tell me?
Trip – You got your match at Survivor Series.
Big Show (with a huge grin) – I'm sorry, I couldn't really hear what you said. What you say? Pardon?
Trip – I said you've got your match at Survivor Series.
Big Show – I'm tell you that I really can't hear that well after your wife busted my ear drum a couple weeks ago. (heading to the ring) I swear sometimes I can't hear what people are saying to me. Let me come a little closer. Could you tell me one more time, what exactly did you say?
Trip – You have your match at Survivor Series.
Big Show – You guys hear that? (Big Show into the ring, and right up in Trip's face) How about you try one more time in a clear, coherent voice. (Big Show tips his head so his ear is facing Trip)
Trip – You have your job back, you have a WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series against Randy Orton.
Big Show – That wasn't that hard, now was it fella? Wanna shake on it?
Trip – Since you work for me again, I only see it fair that you step in this ring and compete tonight like everyone else, so I'm going to put you in a little handicap match against a few friends of mine here.
Big Show – Of course you are.
Trip – In that handicap match, it won't just be these three men, but the man who will beat you at Survivor Series, Randy Orton.

Orton to the ring as Big Show removes his jacket and tie, then un buttons his cuffs and collar. Trip talks to The Shield and Orton before the bell.

All four into the ring at the bell. Big Show fighting against Ambrose, then Reigns and Orton. Big Show on Rollins, but then Reigns spears Big Show and he's down. They all stomp and beat on Big Show. They rip his shirt off, then Orton gets right down into Big Show's face as Trip and Steph screech from outside. Orton yells at The Shield to put Big Show through the mat, but Big Show kicks Reigns and fights back. Ambrose and Rollins try to suplex Big Show, but he suplexes them. Big Show faces Orton, but then Kane's music hits and he comes out in a suit and tie!

Big Show pushes out of an RKO, Rollins takes Big Show drop from up top. RKO on Big Show as Rollins limps into the ring. Kane tosses a chair into the ring, Rollins catches it beautifully. Kane slides more chairs in and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner - Big Show via DQ (3:04)

Ambrose, Rollins and Orton beat on Big Show with chairs. Announce is cleared by Kane and King called for them to flee. Reigns grabs the bottom level of the stairs and nails Big Show with them. They regroup and plan, then they grab Big Show. Ambrose and Rollins line up, then Reigns is there and they very carefully triple bomb Big Show through announce. Big Show is rolled off the table to the floor. Orton gets down in Big Show's face, strap in hand, and talks smack to Big Show. Orton and The Shield stand over Big Show and welcome him back as Steph and Trip stand back with Kane standing behind them.

Biggest Pop (in no particular order)
Big Show
Big E

Biggest Heat (in no particular order)
The Authority
The Wyatt Family

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