RAW Results 6/3/13 - I Don't Think No DQ Means What You Think It Means!


RAW Results June 3, 2013
From - XL Center in Hartford, CT
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon for Wrestling News World

Show Starts

Cole talks about Bryan not being the weak link and will prove that tonight when Orton joins Bryan and Kane to face The Shield. And two weeks ago Triple H collapsed due to injuries at the hand of Brock. Tonight he will return to face the upstart Curtis Axel.

Show Starts


Cena raised the stakes for Payback, but then Ryback returned with his own attack, causing Cena to lose to Axel. What lies ahead for them? And, 24 hours from Trip's match with Brock, Trip faced Axel and ended up losing due to medical reasons. Two weeks later, Trip will return tonight.

In Ring Segment

Steph comes out in a black suit, shoes and top, to the ring.

Steph – It sure does feel great to be back on RAW, but I wish it was under better circumstances. At Extreme Rules my husband faced Brock in a brutal match, then the next night faced Axel. He wasn't able to finish that match. Trip has been medically cleared, but I've made an executive decision to not let Trip compete tonight. As an executive, a wife and mother, I can't let Trip jeopardize his physical well being against Axel, who is beneath him. I know this isn't a popular decision, but Trip has given his life and body for all of you, and this decision is not about you.

"Triple H!"

Steph – I just as that all of you not to be so selfish.

Mr. McMahon's music hits and out he comes in a blue suit, light blue shirt, and pink tie. Pop for McMahon.

McMahon – Seems like you're happy to see me! (pop) I am happy to see you as well. I have a request, please don't boo my daughter Stephanie. She's got feelings like each of you. (Boo) Have some compassion, she's right. Triple H has given everything he possibly can.

"Triple H!"

Steph – I love him more than you do!

McMahon – See, the thing is, we care more about Triple H than you do. Trip is the father of Steph's children, of my grandchildren. Trip will not compete here tonight. (heat) Guys, it's, what do you want?

"Triple H!"

McMahon – You want Triple H?

"Triple H!"

McMahon – You want Trip's heart his liver, his lungs his spleen. What the hell do you want from this man. WWE is family entertainment, it's not a blood sport! (heat) Let me just state this, for the record. Kofi was put through a table last week, what did you chant? 'One more time! One more time! One more time!'

"One more time!"

McMahon – Well there's not going to be one more time for Trip. Not tonight, not any night. And, as Steph said, Axel is beneath Trip, and you're all beneath Trip as well.

The Shield's music and out they come through the crowd. JBL yells at McMahon to grab Steph and get out of that ring, now!


The Shield vs Team Hell No & Orton

The Shield is in the ring, Steph and McMahon left without incident during the commercial. Orton out. Video from Smackdown when Bryan and Kane worked the ring against The Shield. Fire erupts and out comes Team Hell No. Kane calls fire from all four.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Bryan and Ambrose lock up. Bryan backs Ambrose into a corner with blows. High knee on Ambrose, then kicks to his back as he sits on the mat. Elbows onto his shoulder, then Kane tags in. Bryan holds Ambrose's hair as Kane hits a drop kick on a sitting Ambrose for two. Ambrose slammed to the mat for two. Blows on Ambrose in a corner, then an upper cut. Ambrose fights back and tags out.

Rollins in with blows, but Kane takes him down. Bryan tags in, then Kane whips Bryan into a hard dropkick on Rollins in the face corner. Kane tags back in with blows on Rollins. Whipped, then clotheslined, then again from Kane followed by the sidewalk slam on Rollins for two. Kane climbs, Reigns distracts and Rollins hits a dropkick on Kane dropping him to the mat. Rollins pins for two.


Kane down on the mat with Rollins above him with some hold. Kane up, but then eats a drop kick that sends Kane into the heel corner. Ambrose in on Kane with blows, then a head butt. Kane fights back, but then Ambrose with head butts on Kane. "RKO!" chants. Rollins tags in and they grab Kane for a suplex, he reverses, but can't get them over. He tries again and suplexes both men. Orton tags in with a power slam on Rollins, then Reigns. Reigns set up, but Ambrose on the apron. Orton hits Ambrose and then manages a double DDT on the guys. Reigns on the apron, but Orton sets up for a DDT on him! Rollins with a big kick to the back of Orton's head for a long two. Ambrose tags in and stomps Orton. Ambrose stomps Orton in the gut while holding his legs, and talking smack. Elbow drop for two. Chinlock on Orton as the fans cheer. Rollins tags in and they double team Orton.

Rollins stomps and drops an elbow for two on Orton. Rollins grabs Orton's foot and keeps him on their side. Reigns tags in and attacks Orton for two. Full nelson on Orton on the mat. Orton to his feet, then takes knees to the ribs from behind. Orton to his knees again. Orton back up and free with blows. Orton runs the ropes into a huge right to the gut that drops him. Ambrose tags in and stomps Orton's gut a couple times. Ambrose stomps Orton's hands, then a big blow to the side of his head. Ambrose stands on Orton's shoulder in a corner, then whips him hard to the other side. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants from the fans. Orton brought to the heel corner for Reigns to tag in.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants, but Orton can't get close enough. Back suplex on Reigns and both are down. Rollins tags in and climbs. Rollins flies right into a huge drop kick from Orton! Bryan and Ambrose tag in. Bryan runs up the heel corner and kicks Reigns in the head. Bryan on Ambrose huge in a corner with blows, then a sick clothesline on Ambrose! "YES!" kicks on Ambrose. Rollins up top, but then Bryan up and hits head scissors on Rollins onto Ambrose! Drop kick through the ropes onto Reigns, then a suicide dive on Reigns outside. Bryan climbs and hits a missile drop kick on Ambrose for a long two. "NO!" lock on Ambrose who is about to tap, but The Shield is in! Kane in and grabs Rollins and Reigns, but a drop kick from Rollins, then a spear from Reigns drops him. Orton in with an RKO on Rollins, but when he tries for one on Reigns, Ambrose is there and Orton is pushed into Bryan. Big DDT on Bryan and Ambrose gets the three.

Winners – The Shield (17:09)

Video recap of the match. The Shield celebrates. Bryan is looking pissed and a little tweaky holding his head.


Backstage Segment

Bryan – You hit me in the face, I had them beat!

Orton – You know anything can happen in the ring! Things happen. I want to beat The Shield as much if not more than you, let's just drop it!

Bryan – That's an apology? (to Kane) That's an apology. I know you think I'm a weak link, but now it's obvious that you, Randy, think I'm the weak link as well. I get it Randy. That's why you can't apologize to me because it's my fault that we lost! It's my fault that we lost!

Orton – It's not your fault!

Bryan – You know what? Now I know why you can't apologize, you don't respect me.

Kane – Oh, come on!

Bryan – You don't respect me. Can't even look me in the eye!

Kane – We do respect you. You have lost touch with reality my friend.

Orton – That's just one match.

Bryan – No, I haven't. The reality is that I'm the weak link.

Kane – Come on!

Bryan – (to Orton) One match? One match could have solidified that I'm not the weak link and could have earned everybody's respect, but that didn't happen. Since it's clear the two of you don't respect me, I'm going to have to find another way to do it. You know what? I'm gonna have another match and beat the respect out of somebody else, and maybe then you guys will finally respect me!

Bryan stomps off out of the locker room. Orton and Kane talk quietly, shaking their heads.

Backstage Segment

Triple H is walking in with his suitcase pulled behind him. Trip asks something to someone on the staff and he tells Trip the match isn't happening. He's directed to McMahon's office. He heads into McMahon's office.

Trip – What's happening?

Steph (right up close to her husband) – Paul...

Trip – I'm wrestling tonight. I'm wrestling Curtis Axel tonight.

Steph – No, you're not. We talked about this two weeks ago and I watched you collapse ringside. I had no idea what was going to happen to you. I was on the phone with your mother, sister. Our kids are crying. You have no idea what we went through.

Trip – We talked about this.

Steph – Yes, we did.

Trip – I'm wrestling tonight.

Steph – No, you're not. It's not worth it. Curtis Axel is not worth it.

Trip – I'm cleared to wrestle and I'm wrestling tonight, bottom line.

Steph – No you're not.

McMahon (steps up behind his daughter facing Trip) – What happened to the cerebral assassin? The cerebral assassin is not being to cerebral at the moment. What's the matter with you. This kid's good. A couple weeks ago you were unconscious out there. Think about if it was someone else. Get your ego out of it.

Trip – You are going to talk to me about ego? You are going to talk to me about ego? Let me tell you what I'm doing tonight. I'm going to the ring and wrestling Curtis Axel.

McMahon – No, you're not.

Trip – Oh really? Who's going to stop me? (Steph turns to her father, her back to her husband, all of them so close they're touching)

McMahon – Let me just give you a little advice. Don't do something you're going to regret. (McMahon hits Trip in the chest with some rolled up papers. McMahon leaves the room and Steph closes the door behind him, leaving the couple alone without cameras.)

In Ring Segment

Usos out dancing with face paint.


Usos vs Prime Time Players

Usos slams Young. The brother tags in and they double team Young. Young brings the Uso into the heel corner and O'Neil tags in. Uso into a big boot and O'Neil barks. Back breaker, then O'Neil drops him on the mat like he's nothing. Young tags in. The Usos are painted to give them an edge, it's like a rebirth for them. Cole mentions that they're Rikishi's sons. O'Neil tags in and lifts the Uso like he's nothing and slams him to the mat. Front facelock on the Uso, into a chinlock on the mat. To his feet and a big blow on O'Neil, who comes back with a bigger one of his own for two. Headlock on the Uso on the mat. O'Neil keeps the hold on tight until he punches free, but taken right back down. O'Neil stomps him in a corner, then rushes him, but O'Neil takes the corner shoulder first. Both tag out.

Jey with a kick to Young, then a Samoan drop. Bum slam in a corner for two as O'Neil breaks it up. Jimmy pulls the top rope down and O'Neil hung up top and out. Jimmy tags in and his brother help him fly onto Young for three.

Winner – Usos (4:41)

Backstage Segment

Split screen – ADR and Ricardo on the right, Big E and AJ on the left, all heading for the ring.


Big E vs ADR

Lockup and big knee strikes by Big E to ADR. gut punches in the corner, followed by ADR clotheslining Big E out of ring. ADR went to dropkick through the ropes and missed, and ran into a shoulder by E. E tosses ADR into the barricade. Big E rolls ADR back in. Big clothesline to ADR and Big E gets a two. They fight outside the ring. Chinlock by Big E on ADR, and ADR punches out. ADR goes for a cross body but is caught by Big E, and gets a Triple Backbreaker for his trouble! Big E goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Knee choke on the bottom rope on ADR. ADR tries to get some momentum going, but is rammed into the corner. Big E misses with a splash and takes some big kicks in the corner. Big E comes out and ADR tries for a german Back in with a German on Big E, then ADR locks on his cross arm breaker on Big E. ADR rolls Big E up while still in the hold. ADR gets the three.

Winner – ADR

Backstage Segment

Sheamus heading to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Smackdown, Sandow and Sheamus, two cups, one ball.

Sheamus vs Rhodes w/ Sandow

Sheamus to the ring. Rhodes to the ring with Sandow in tow. Sandow is again in his ill fitting suit. Sandow to announce with Fate Of The State, written by JBL's wife, and over their heads.

Sheamus on Rhodes in the ring. Rhodes whipped, floats over, but then clotheslined. Cole says Sandow is flustered, is that because Sheamus got the better of you? No, he's beating on my best friend right now. Sandow claims to be a magician. Rhodes and Sheamus fight over the corner on the aprons. Rhodes gains control and takes Sheamus down outside. Big knee to Sheamus outside, and two for Rhodes when they get back in.

"Cody' mustache!"

Front facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Clotheslines to Rhodes, then shoulder blocked into a corner. High running knee, then rolling senton on Rhodes. Sheamus climbs and hits his shoulder block off the corner. Rhodes up, but elbows free, rolls Sheamus up and holds tights for two. Rhodes again for two and frustrated. Rhodes sets up for cross roads, but Sheamus counters, then Rhodes counters. Rhodes climbs and hits a perfect moonsault, but Sheamus moves! White noise on Rhodes. Brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (5:21)

Video recap of the brogue kick, but not Rhodes flying so beautifully through the air. Sheamus from the ring and to Sandow who stands. Sandow tells Sheamus that nobody wants to see him and go. Sheamus wants to shake with Sandow. Sandow slaps his hand away. Sheamus tries again, Sandow slaps his hand away a second time, so Sheamus hits Sandow with that hand and lands him on the floor. Sheamus celebrated by leaning back into the fans in the front row. Video recap of Sheamus' blow on Sandow.


Backstage Segment

Trip and Steph walking along, Trip pulling his suitcase. He throws it in the boot of a car.

Trip – He gets up in my face about ego. I'm leaving. Not because he asked me to leave, I'm leaving for you, and I'm leaving so I don't have to beat our kids' grandfather's ass on live TV. Tell him this. Go back in there and tell that crazy old bastard that next Monday night when we come on the air for RAW I'm going to be there, and I'm going to be in that ring and I'm going to be wrestling Curtis Axel. (Trip gets in the back of the limo and slams the door shut.)

Steph – Paul... (The limo pulls away and Steph is left standing there, letting out a deep sigh of frustration.)

Announce Segment

King says it's a no win situation. Cole goes on to talk about Kofi and what happened on Smackdown. Video of Ryback putting Kofi through one table. Then the seconds table. Then through the third table. Cole says they were ringside and saw that Kofi was unconscious and couldn't protect himself. Cole says that Kofi left in a neck brace, but the preexisting problem with his elbow, but he had surgery and will be out a couple months.

Backstage Segment

Bryan walking along, shaking his head and seething. He kicks over a cart piled with wood and everything goes flying. Ryback then steps up to Bryan.

Ryback – Listen you little puke, watch what you're doing.

Bryan – Or what? You going to put me through three tables like you did Kofi?

Ryback – Because of me Kofi had surgery last Thursday. (If Kofi was injured on Friday night Smackdown, then how did he have surgery on Thursday?)

Bryan – Yeah, so?

Ryback – So, last year I was sick, had a stomach virus. My throw up was bigger than you.

Bryan – You think it's that easy? You think I'm going to run away because you're bigger and stronger than me? I'm not afraid of you.

Ryback (laughs) – You have truly lost your mind. If that's how you feel, prove it. Get in the ring with me, tonight.

Bryan – Go ahead, underestimate me and see what happens.

Ryback – I already know what's going to happen because you're the weak link. After our match tonight, you're going to be the missing link. (Ryback leaves and Bryan is left shaking his head and talking under his breath.)

Backstage Segment

Heyman with his creepy grin, Axel by his side.

McMahon – Mr. Heyman!

Heyman – Mr. McMahon.

McMahon – How you doing Paul?

Heyman – How are you sir? (McMahon walks up to Axel and shakes his hand.)

McMahon – Looking great. Got a hell of a future ahead of you. (Heyman shoves his hand out, McMahon ignores him.) You have potential. Hungry. Aggressive. I like that.

Axel – Thank you.

McMahon – Too bad we're not going to see that match with Trip tonight. Love to have a... we won't see it next week either. (To Heyman) Makes you happy, doesn't it?

Heyman – It's okay, but we'll see you Friday on Smackdown. Thank you for all the opportunity.

McMahon – You bet. (Heyman tries to take Axel to leave.) Not only are you going to see us Friday on Smackdown, Curtis Axel is in action tonight.

Heyman – Oh God, here is comes.

McMahon – He's a hungry young lion, come on. That's why he's going to be in action against Cena.

Heyman – Okay.

McMahon – But this time will be different from last week. This will be a No DQ Match. (Heyman looks around, shakes his head, but doesn't actually speak.) Do you want me to say it in Yiddish?

Heyman – No, but...

McMahon (to Axel) – Go get ready for your match. (Heyman and Axel leave, McMahon is smiling.)

Backstage Segment

Fandango heading to the ring, Summer Rae on his arm.


Fandango vs Khali

Fandango and SR to the ring. Video of Miz as ref between Barrett and Fandango last week on RAW. Video of Fandango's dance off with Khali last month, ending in a Fandango leg drop. Khali to the ring.

Fandango dances around, ducks Khali, dances some more and is taken down. Khali does a bit of hip thrust dance. Chop to Fandango in a corner. Fandango to the opposite corner. Khali calls for more noise, then chops. Fandango on Khali with kicks to his legs. Khali pushes Fandango off. Fandango runs into a big boot. Fandango then runs into clotheslines. Fandango leaves the ring, grabs SR and they're leaving. But then Miz is on stage and tells Fandango to get back in the ring. Barrett out and Miz turns around into the bull hammer elbow. Fandango stands next to the stage watching, rubbing his own chin. Video recap of the attack. Barrett poses and celebrates. Fandango and SR leave around the side of the stage.


Miz vs Barrett

Miz ducks Barrett, and on him with blows. Knees as Barrett is on the ropes. Miz runs the ropes into a big boot. Barrett on Miz with blows. Miz set across the corner and takes a big kick to the ribs from Barrett for two. Video recap of Barrett attacking Miz on stage before the match. Miz sitting in the ropes, and choked by Barrett. Barrett rushes Miz, but Miz pulls the top rope down and Barrett flies out of the ring. Miz sells as Barrett gets up and eats a low drop kick through the ropes. Miz out and backs Barrett into the barricade. Barrett rolled in and Miz climbs, but Barrett catches him with blows. Barrett rushes Miz who moves and Barrett's knee hits the corner hard. Miz rushes Barrett and takes the swinging slam Barrett loves to hit.

Fandango's music hits and out he comes, dancing with SR. They dance on the stage as Barrett leans on the ropes and glares at them. Barrett turns around and Miz winds his legs through Barrett's while not getting up. Barrett down and in the fig 4. Barrett taps out.

Winner – Miz (3:22)



Recap of Steph starting the show, then to the discussion backstage with McMahon, and Trip leaving.

In Ring Segment

King is in the ring announcing the contract signing for the match between Jericho and Punk at Payback. Jericho is out first – lights out, blinkie jacket and all. Heyman out to represent Punk. They sit across the table from each other. King says they've both looked over the contract, all they have to do is sign.

Heyman – Before I sign this, which we could have done backstage quietly, but since were out here to feed your massive ego, I guess I have to say it straight to your face. Mr. Jericho, when you show up for Payback to wrestle, the best in the world CM Punk, the longest reigning...

Jericho – WWE Champion of the last 24 years. With the impressive reign of 434 days, plus he came this close to beating Taker at WrestleMania 29, plus he has an impressively stylish buzz cut, and a fine array of interesting tattoos including a piece of pizza, a doughnut, and an ice cream sandwich. But I don't give a damn about any of those things Mr. Walrus.


Jericho – All I care about is you delivering Punk to Payback in Chicago at June 16th.

Heyman nods, grabs the contract and signs.

Heyman – Signed, sealed and delivered. Your turn Chris Jericho. But before you sign that agreement Mr. Jericho, let me ask you sir if you are truly prepared to face the best in the world, CM Punk in Chicago. Because, while I understand tonight we have an arena filled with Jerichoholics. (pop) That won't be the case in Chicago. No sir, you're going to be vilified, you're going to be jeered, heckled, by clearly a partisan, biased hometown crowd where Punk can do no wrong. You sir, may be the best in the world at what you do, but CM Punk, I respectfully submit to you, is the best in world at what he does, and what Punk does is make liars out of people who think they can lay claim, and not Punk can lay claim to the title of best in the world.

Jericho looks at the contract, really seems to thinks things through.

Jericho – You know Paul, you might be right. Punk is from Chicago, and Payback is in Chicago. Maybe we should have this match at SummerSlam in Los Angeles.

Heyman smiles, then very slowly picks up the mic.

Heyman – I can appreciate your negotiating skills, but on behalf of Punk, no.

Jericho – How about MSG in NYC?

Heyman – Tempting, but no.

Jericho – How about right here in Hartford, CT? (huge cheap pop – Jericho spins his chair around to take it all in. A huge smile on his face.)

Heyman – No!

Jericho – I guess we'll have to have it in Chicago then. There's one thing I've realized Paul, it doesn't matter if you're from Peoria, Sheboygan, or Luxemburg, when you act like a jackass, like Punk acts, you get treated like a jackass. (Jericho signs.) Since this contract has been signed, sealed, and delivered, as you so eloquently put it Paul, we have to figure out where we're going to file this contract. Do we file it at your lawyer's office?

Heyman – Yes!

Jericho – Or my lawyer's office, or down the road at WWE Headquarter's office? No, I have an idea where this contract belongs, where this contract should be filed. (Jericho up, excuses himself by King, saying to him) You're looking good tonight, by the way. (Jericho rolls the contract up in his hands)

Heyman (off mic) – I'm just an advocate!

Jericho – Stand up! Get out of that chair and stand up now! (Heyman to his feet talking the whole time.) Shut up! Unbutton your jacket. (Heyman argues) Unbutton your jacket before I rip it off. (Heyman unbuttons) Like I said, I know exactly where this contract needs to be filed. (Jericho stuffs it down the front of Heyman's pants.) See you in Chicago! (Jericho leaves the ring all smiles as Heyman pulls the contract from his pants.)


Bellas & AJ vs Dactyls & Kaitlyn

Bellas to the ring in red. AJ skips out in short shorts and an altered AJ top. Dactyls out in gold and white. Kaitlyn out in black, belt held high.

AJ all smiles, motions for Kaitlyn to come to her, then ducks. AJ finds herself in the face corner and hits them with cheap blows. AJ runs and tags out. Cameron tags in and works the Bella. Naomi in with a bum slam, but then the Bella moves and lands Naomi in the ropes. Arm bar on Naomi, then the Bella slams to the mat. Naomi flipped to the mat and the twin tags in. more work on that left arm as the Bella slams down on it a couple time. Arm hold on Naomi, along with a handful of hair and a lot of smack. Naomi slammed back to the mat. The Bella holds Naomi and talks smack to the other two. Cameron and Kaitlyn yell for Naomi to fight. Naomi up and flips the Bella to the man. Naomi's ankle is caught, but she hits an enziguri and tags out.

Kaitlyn tags in and works a Bella over for two. Forearms to the Bella's face, then face first into a corner. Kaitlyn takes out the Bella knee, and then AJ drops from the corner refusing to tag in – as the Bellas did to her last week. Spear from Kaitlyn on the Bella for three.

Winners – Dactyls & Kaitlyn (4:31)

Kaitlyn is pacing in the ring glaring at AJ backing up the ramp.


Backstage Segment

Bryan getting ready for his match.

Bryan – My match is next, I need to get ready.

Kane – Fighting Ryback is a mistake Daniel. You already competed once tonight, and you saw what that animal Ryback did to Kofi last week.

Bryan – I can do this.

Kane – You know in all the years I've been here, I've never seen anyone with your heart, or your desire, or your will to fight, and you prove it night after night after night. You don't have anything to prove to me or to anyone else.

Bryan (shakes his head and gets furious) – You're wrong Kane! You're always wrong! I do have something prove and beating Ryback will prove. I'm going to prove it without you.

Kane – What do you mean by that?

Bryan – I'm going to do this by myself. I don't want you anywhere near me tonight. You got it?

Kane – I got it! Loud and clear. I'm out of hear. Call me when you find your mind, because you lost it!

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Kane being the voice of reason. They then go on to talk about the Wyatt Family, and they have another video.


Wyatt Family video. Honestly, you just need to watch this, there's no way I can explain this and give it justice. It ends with Bray saying, "We're coming."

In Ring Segment

Bryan out yelling, "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan looks really loopy in the ring.


Bryan vs Ryback

Bryan in the ring. Video of Bryan going crazy on The Shield earlier tonight, but then they lost the match because Bryan was pinned. An ambulance backs into the arena. The doors open and there's Ryback.

Bryan on Ryback with a running knee, then kicks. Ryback slams Bryan into the corner, but Bryan comes back with kicks. "Goldberg!" Bryan on Ryback, but then Ryback takes him. Bryan comes back with kicks to Ryback's ribs. Bryan tries to lock something on, but Ryback easily tosses him off. Knees to Bryan's ribs. Ryback stands on the side of Bryan's head. "Goldberg!" Ryback stomps on Bryan's chest. Blows on Bryan. Bryan runs the ropes, ducks Ryback, but then eats a Thesz Press. Bryan reverses this into a single leg Boston crap. Ryback to his back and Bryan locks on an Indian death lock! Bryan then drops forearms on Ryback. Bryan pins but only gets two.

Ryback in a corner taking kicks to his chest. Bryan whipped, runs up and over Ryback, but then Bryan clotheslined from the ring.


Forearms to Ryback's face. Ryback backs Bryan into a corner, then head butts Bryan over and over. Ryback slams into Bryan and pins for two. Ryback looks at the fans yelling smack at him. Ryback stomps Bryan's chest until the ref stops him. Ryback stomps Bryan's gut and tells Bryan, "You are a weak little man!" More stomping on Bryan. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan up and elbows free, but then takes a big back elbow to the chin, snapping his head back. Ryback stomps Bryan some more, then pulls him to his feet. Ryback right in Bryan's face talking smack, then lefts Bryan by his head and tosses him across the ring. Bryan pulls himself to his feet in a corner. Ryback rushes Bryan, Bryan moves and Ryback shoulder first to the post. Bryan with a huge drop kick to Ryback's back, then another to his front for two. Bryan up with a huge missile drop kick. Bryan climbs and flies across the ring to hit his headbutt on Ryback for two.

Bryan is seething and hits the "YES!" kicks on a kneeling Ryback, but the last one is caught and Bryan powerbombed to the mat! Ryback, breathing heavy, to his feet, grabs Bryan's legs, but Bryan reverses and put on the "NO!" lock! Ryback refuses to tap out. Ryback crawling around, trying to get to the ropes. Bryan keeps holding on. Ryback to the ropes and Bryan has to let go. Both men are down and hurting in a big way.

Bryan looks out at Ryback and runs. Bryan with a suicide dive, but Ryback sidesteps Bryan and swings him into the announce table. Bryan slammed back first into the post. Bryan rolled in. Ryback in and looks down at Bryan. Ryback leaves the ring, lifts the apron, pulls out a table and slides it into the ring. Ryback sets up the table in the ring. Ryback pulls Bryan up by his hair, sets Bryan up and powerbombs Bryan through the table.

Winner – Bryan via DQ (15:11)

Ryback sets up another table, this one leaning against the barricade outside. Cena's music hits and he rushes out. Holding the belt as a weapon, Cena dares Ryback to get in the ring. "Cena!" And Ryback gets in the ring, but doesn't step completely into the ring. Curtis Axel's music hits and he comes out to the ring to face Cena. Video recap of the end of Bryan's match with Ryback. Ryback leaves through the crowd. Axel is standing on the bottom of the ramp glaring at Cena, Heyman standing right up against him.


No DQ Match – Cena vs Axel

Cena on Axel with knees and blows. Axel whipped, but then Heyman trips Cena, then Axel with a great drop kick on Cena who ends up rolling out. Axel off the apron onto Cena outside. Back in the ring Axel pins Cena for two. Kicks on Cena who lands on his knees and takes more kicks and blows from Axel. Super Cena up and on Axel with blows, but then runs into a back breaker for two. Heyman grabs a chair and slides it in to Axel. Axel grabs the chair and swings, but Cena stops it and swings on Axel. Axel rolls out. Cena out and sends Axel flying across the top of announce. Cena cleans off announce, but the ref is counting. Axel rolled in. Cena in, but Axel swings the chair and Cena rolls out of the ring. Axel out and swings, but Cena ducks and the chair hits the post.

Cena in, Axel follows and they stare. Heyman is leaning on the apron, licking his lips. Cena ducks a swing, then another. Cena with a drop kick to the chair into Axel's face. Axel drops Cena to the mat for two. Axel on Cena with blows on the mat, then chokes him with a foot. Axel stomps Cena in a corner for two. Arm bar on Cena on the mat. Cena struggles to his feet, but he's taken down again. Axel stomps Cena on the mat, stands on the side of his head. Axel pulls Cena to his feet and tries to slam him face first into the chair in the corner, but Cena blocks. Super Cena starts his move sequence, right to the 5 knuckle shuffle. Axel up for the AA, but Axel blocks. Cena rushes Axel in a corner, but Axel moves and Cena goes shoulder first into the chair.

Cena out on the floor and the ref is counting. Cena in at 9. Axel stomps Cena in the ring. Axel out of the ring, grabs the chair. )King goes on and on about it being No DQ, but then Cena shouldn't be counted out!) Chair to Cena's back and Axel pins for two. Axel again swings the chair and gets two for it. Another chair shot for another pin attempt, but Axel only gets two for it. Axel grabs the chair, sends the top into Cena's gut, then swings on Cena's back. Top to Cena's gut again on the man. Axel puts the chair down and hits a swinging neck breaker onto the chair, but only gets two for it. Axel pulls Cena up, sets him up, but Cena counters. Cena locks on the STF. Heyman is yelling at Axel not to tap out. Axel is screaming for Paul. Heyman grabs a small computer and hands it to Axel. Axel swings back with it and hits Cena in the head a couple times. Cena lets go.

Cena out of the ring. Axel follows. Cena scoops Axel up for an AA. Heyman gets between Cena and the table. Axel wiggles free of Cena. Cena grabs Heyman. Heyman drops to his knees, Cena is about to punch Heyman and Axel grabs Cena from behind. Cena swings on Axel. Cena on Axel, then Ryback is there attacking Cena from behind. Ryback drives Cena through the table. Ryback says, "You can't see me! Ryback Rules!" The ref counts Cena out.

Winner – Axel via Count Out (16:33)

"Get up John. Get up John! At Payback, Ryback Rules!"

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