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Raw Results 5/20/13 - The Hounds of Justice Wear Their New Collars Proudly, And Loudly

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RAW results – Monday May 20, 2013
From the Kansas City, Missouri
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon for Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Tonight the shocking conclusion to Cena vs Ryback. Who endured in the cage last night? Find out in minutes as RAW starts at the top of the hour!

Ambulance Segment

An ambulance is coming into the arena, lights and sirens blaring! Ryback climbs out the back with a new black leather vest that says Ryback Rules on the front in red. He has mic in hand, though they run to still from last night. Now he's on top of the ambulance. He says last night the official decision for his match with Cena was No Decision. While Cena walked away with the WWE Title, he didn't walk away, he was carried away. Cut to video of Cena on the stretcher, neck brace on his neck, but got up and refused to go.

Ryback says last night Cena refused to get in an ambulance, but next time he won't. I'm not on this ambulance to look cool, because I don't care what you think anymore. I'm here to propose an Ambulance Match at Payback. In an Ambulance Match it doesn't matter if you can still stand, if your heart is still beating. All that matters is throw the other man in the back of the ambulance, and that man will be Cena. Cena will be taken to a medical facility, where all of you are eventually going. In actuality, most of you will skip the medical facility and head straight for the morgue. Look around at yourselves, pathetic, weak, weak, weak, weak people of society. I have nothing in common with any of you. (Boo) You have no idea what it feels like waking up wanting to be the damn best. You don't start the day with goals or direction. (Boo) You're all lost souls of society. Yet you worship Cena. (Pop) You wanna be like Cena. (Pop) Cena is your hero. (Pop) Absolutely pathetic! (Pop) None of you have anything in common with Cena. None of you know what it's like to bust your ass everyday. You know nothing about nutrition, education, hard work. You have no idea what it takes. I tell you what. At WWE Payback, I take Cena to the medical facility, to the morgue. I take all of you to the morgue with Cena. (Serious heat) There's only one fact of life and that is, Ryback Rules!

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how extreme Extreme Rules is. Heyman confirmed he will introduce his newest client tonight.


Announce Segment

Cole pushes Sonic shakes in a huge way as the fans drink them.

Fandango & Barrett vs Jericho & Miz

Fandango out with Summer Rae. He's in his newer ring gear, she is in a sheer and sparkly yellow dress. They pose in the center of the ring under the flaming Fandango, that Cole calls the Lite Bright kit. Barrett out to new music to tag with him. Miz is out, but waits for Jericho. The lights go out, Jericho is posing in his blinkie jacket. Stills from last night.

Barrett demands Fandango go to the apron. Jericho and Barrett circle. Side headlock on Jericho. Jericho pushes out and takes a shoulder block, but comes back with a drop kick on Barrett. Chops on Barrett as Fandango watches closely. Jericho eats a back elbow and Fandango tags in. Fandango on Jericho with blows on the mat, then a couple kicks. Jericho whipped and hits the mat. Upper cut on Jericho, then Fandango on him with blows until the ref pulls him off. "Y2J" Road Dogg on the app talks about taking out Fandango. Fandango poses and Barrett gets in his face. Barrett in legally and after Jericho.


Chinlock on Miz on the mat as Fandango is tended to outside by SR. Miz up and elbows free. High knee to Barrett, then a kick. Mis sets up, but Fandango on mic says his own name for us. His music plays and they start dancing right in front of announce. Barrett yells at Fandango, then turns around into Jericho's attacks. Jericho off the top, then a running bulldog. Jericho looks out at Fandango and SR, then a rough lionsault. Code breaker on Barrett. Jericho tags out. Miz locks in the fig 4 and Barrett taps out.

Winners – Jericho & Miz (8:20)

Jericho and Miz are announced the winners. Jericho and Miz look out at Fandango and SR dancing. They go out opposite sides of the ring toward Fandango. Fandango slightly pushes SR forward, then flees back through the crowd. She looks shocked, upset and scared, then makes eyes at Jericho. "Y2J!" chants. Jericho puts a hand out to her, spins her in, dips her. They look deep into each others eyes. Jericho laughs, puts a hand up in her face and walks away still laughing at her. SR is furious.


Stage Segment

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie out in black pants, black with white polka dot shirt, and red blazer says, as the supervising manager of RAW, I have decided that Swagger will be in a match, anyone with the WWE App can vote for either – Khali, R-Truth or Orton to face Swagger tonight. The polls will open later, but you can only vote on the App.

Announce Segment

Talking about the replay, and JBL hates it. And The Shield with gold.

Backstage Segment

Bryan, in the locker room, is pissed. Kane in and asks Bryan if he's ready.

Bryan - I have realized that I'm not the tag team champs, you're not the tag team champs, we're not the tag team champs.

Kane - All this negativity isn't productive.

Bryan - From the man who says embrace the hate. I feel naked without the Title.

Kane - Well, your not wearing a shirt. Or pants. (The camera pulls back to show Bryan in his ring gear.)

Bryan - Jokes? The Shield took us to the woodshed last night and you make jokes?

Kane - Because, I'm confident, and you should be too. We get a rematch with The Shield, Daniel. If you want a chance at getting the titles back, The Shield preys on vulnerability.

Bryan – Weakness? Weakness? Are you implying that I'm the weak like of this team?

Kane – We'll talk about this later.

Bryan – No, we'll talk about this now! I am not the weak link of this team!

Kofi – Guys, guys, come on!

Bryan – I'll see you guys out there. (Bryan turns and leaves Kofi and Kane standing there.)

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring.


Sheamus vs Titus O'Neil w/ Young

Sheamus in the ring. Video of Henry after the show. Henry gets up, walks out, says, "Goin' home." O'Neil to the ring with Young in tow.

They circle, lock up, O'Neil into a corner, not the cleanest break from Sheamus. Side headlock on O'Neil. O'Neil pushes free and eats a shoulder block. They lock up, side headlock on Sheamus, then Sheamus gets the shoulder block and O'Neil barks. O'Neil sent out over the top after some struggling. O'Neil on the apron, locked onto the top rope, and Sheamus with his forearms, all ten, then Sheamus kicks his knee and he falls to the floor. Young after Sheamus, so Young into the barricade, but then Sheamus is run down by O'Neil. Sheamus sent in, O'Neil after him. Sheamus scooped up, then flipped up and over his head. O'Neil says, uyou think you do tough? You think you so BLEEP tough? (Looked like he dropped an F-bomb on RAW, but it could have been freaking and they were going safe, but Jesse and I are almost sure he dropped an f-bomb!)

Sheamus lands sitting in the corner, but Sheamus with blows and to his feet, but then runs into a back clothesline for two. O'Neil stomps Sheamus, then lifts and drops him for two. Arm/chin hold on Sheamus. Sheamus head butts free, then gets his feet up in O'Neil's face. Young right outside distracting Sheamus. O'Neil to his feet and eats clotheslines, then a shoulder in the corner. High running knee to O'Neil. Sheamus gets O'Neil up, but O'Neil free! Sheamus hangs O'Neil up top. Sheamus goes for his shoulder block over the top, but Young trips him up. O'Neil with a knee to Sheamus' head for two. Sheamus into a corner, but moves and O'Neil eats corner. White noise on O'Neil. Sheamus sets up and waits for O'Neil to get up. Brogue kick!

Winner – Sheamus (6:35)

Video recap of white noise and brogue kick to O'Neil.


Announce Segment

Kevin Jonas is the Social Media Ambassador tonight.

In Ring Segment

Heyman out to a mixed reaction, and all smiles. To the ring as Cole talks about how he will announce his newest client tonight. Heyman says, I get it, I understand. When it's a Heyman guy who exposes one of your heroes, I'm the one who catches your wrath, gets your boos. So, go ahead, get it out of your system. Boo me all you want. (King does) Tell me, what does it feel like to be powerless. Your boos will never change the historical fact that last night a true Heyman guy, the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, defeated Triple H in a Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules. History won't record boo/cheer/we hate you Heyman, history will record the fact that Brock emerged victorious, and like I warned you on RAW, Trip will go down in history against my client as a loser. Tonight, while I stand before you, my client is enjoying the spoils of war, and Trip goes home to Mommy. I takes a desperate man to bring a sledge hammer into the ring with Brock. Now that Brock has fulfilled his obligations to WWE, the question remains, what's Heyman going to talk about now?

It's time for something new, different, give to the WWE 'Universe', from my generosity that moment in time that you set your DVRs and you play back ten years from now. The YouTube clip you look back on and say, that's the moment history took a left turn (I hope that's true). Because you're all here tonight to witness history. Ladies and gentlemen, now's the time to hit record, because I, Paul Heyman, stand before you this evening and I give to you, the newest Paul Heyman Guy!

Out comes Joe Hennig to his father's (Curt Hennig) music (Perfection). Heyman is clapping in the ring. Joe, on the bottom of the ramp smiles and yells, I have arrived! Into the ring, they shake, then hug! (Serious heat) They've proved me right again. It's the very same reaction I warned my client he was going to face. It's the very same reaction you gave in 2002 when I introduced you to the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Champion, the man that took care of Triple H last night, Brock Lesnar. (more heat) The very same reaction they gave me in 2006 when in the new ECW, I presented to them the man who would reign for 434 days, as the reigning, defending WWE Champion, CM Punk. I understand how everybody here feels. This man has such legacy, such heritage, such, check out the word, pedigree going for him. Alice In Wonderland upside-down, everything is up, everything is down mentality in the WWE, why isn't this man a Superstar already?

On man in the stands yells, "Because he sucks!"

It's all because in the WWE a legacy isn't something that gives you nepotistic possibilities, it's an albatross. Sinks you to the bottom of the talent pool. My client doesn't hide the fact that he has a bloodline that makes him a 3rd generation Superstar! But this man wants to carve out his own niche, make his own legend in the WWE. Which is why we have taken his father, Mr. Perfect's given name Curt, and we have paid homage to his grandfather the legendary Larry 'The Ax' Hennig, and we have bestowed upon this man a new name, a new brand that will forever be known around the WWE 'Universe' as Curtis Axel.

The fans hate this.

I guess you weren't paying attention, I'll try this again, ladies and gentlemen, Curtis Axel!

Bigger heat from the fans.

Perhaps you could appreciate...

Heyman is cut off by Trip's music. Heyman looks shocked, then smiles at Trip who comes out, but the lights on him blink out. Back to Heyman, then to Trip and the lights were on. Cole says he's shocked Trip is there after what Brock did to Trip last night. JBL says he's shocked Trip is standing. That was one of the most brutal matches I've seen my 20 years here. Trip comes to the ring wearing jeans, leather jacket, Trip t-shirt.

Trip says wow, you can really whip up a batch of Kool Aid, cantcha?


Trip turns to Axel and tells him the adults are having a conversation over here junior. Heyman you can put whatever spin you want on last night, but don't come out and say I'm embarrassed, that I ran with my tail tucked. I'm not embarrassed about a damn thing last night. I went to war with Bradley Lesnar! Your damn right, he beat men, just like I beat him at WrestleMania. Brock beat me last night, but he didn't just walk away, he limped away from that battle. But, I was sitting in back listening to you run your garbage chute and it donned on me. You know what would make me happy? Solely, because I can, come out here and beat the ever-living crap out of you.

Hey, says Axel stepping up in Trip's face. I don't think you understand, the game around here has changed. You wanna talk to him, how about you talk to me first? Axel right in Trip's face.

Trip bitch slaps Axel to the mat.

You know what? I just changed my mind. First, I'm going to have a match tonight, with you (Axel). And when I get done kicking your ass, I'm going to kick yours (Heyman).

Trip leaves the ring, and as he walks up the ramp Axel is to his feet, and bows up to no one standing there. Heyman in Axel's ears as he fumes.


WWE Shake Down

RAW last week Swagger and ADR got into it.

ADR vs Big E

Ricardo announces ADR, they head to the ring together. Cole discusses the issues with their matches last night. JBL has a fit over the whole thing. AJ skips out ahead of Big E so she won't get hit in the chest again.

ADR on Big E in a corner with blows. The ref backs him up and Big E on him with blows. ADR moves and Big E shoulder first into the post. ADR on Big E with the cross arm breaker. ADR can't straighten the arm. Big E picks ADR up and slams him, but ADR won't let go. Big E to the ropes, ADR breaks. Big E standing outside. ADR locks it on under the ropes. Big E pulls ADR out of the ring, still with the hold on, swings him into the post.

Into the ring and Big E pins for two. Big E lifts ADR, hits a back breaker, then stretches ADR over his knee. A blow drops ADR to the mat. ADR into the corner, gets his feet up in Big E's face, but misses most of Big E. ADR with a big swinging DDT off the corner. ADR with clotheslines, the third drops Big E. Back stabber on Big E, then a kick to the side of Big E's head for two. ADR gets the fans chanting for him, but Big E throws ADR from the ring. Ricardo checks on his friend outside as ADR re-groups. Ricardo rolls ADR in. Enziguri to Big E. AJ throws Ricardo's bucket into the ring. Big E pokes ADR in the eye. Big E hits his big ending for three.

Winner – Big E (4:41)

Video recap of the distracting bucket and the poke to the eye, and finisher. AJ and Big E are left smiling in the ring. ADR and Ricardo outside recovering.


Recap of the ambulance to the arena. King says the last time an ambulance came that close to the ring, I left in it! The video continues with a recap of Ryback's challenge for Cena.


Layla vs AJ

Both are lolling in the ring. Video of the fight between Kaitlyn and AJ last night at Extreme Rules.

Layla turns into a clothesline, then a neck breaker, and another. AJ pins for two. AJ slowly pulls Layla up, but takes blows. AJ back with a clothesline. AJ then skips around Layla on the mat. Back kick to AJ, then another to her chin. Layla then mockingly skips around. Another kick to AJ, then a low drop kick. Layla grabs AJ, but AJ holds the ropes. Layla stomps AJ in a corner and pulled off. Layla grabs AJ, but AJ locks on the black widow so elegantly.

Winner – AJ (1:55)

Video recap of AJ's submission finisher. AJ squats over Layla, pulls her head up, blows a kiss in her face, then drops her and skips away.


Ryder vs Rhodes

(The match started during the commercial.) Hammerlock on Rhodes. Rhodes to the ropes, then on Ryder. Ryder whipped, gets an elbow up. Drop kick on Rhodes, then face plants Rhodes. Ryder shoulder first into the corner. Ryback is watching backstage. Rhodes lifts Ryder and plants him face first.

"Cody' mustache!" chants.

Knees to Ryder, but then Ryder plants Rhodes' face to the mat. Second rope missile drop kick. Ryder on Rhodes hard with blows, Rhodes covers. Broski boot on Rhodes for two. Disaster kick to Ryder for three.

Winner – Rhodes (2:32)

Rhodes celebrates on a corner, then Ryback's music hits. Out comes Ryback to the ring. Rhodes flees before Ryback gets there, Ryder is still down on the mat. Ryback circles Ryder. Ryback struggles to remove his side-less shirt, gets mad at that, then hits his meathook on Ryder.

"Goldberg!" chants.

Ryder lifted, then planted to the mat hard. 'Finish it!' Ryder up, Ryback marches, shell shocked. Ryder pulled to his feet and sent flying from the ring. Ryback out of the ring, over to Ryder, picks him up over his shoulder, brings him to the ambulance, opens the back door and dumps Ryder in. The lights and sirens start and the ambulance backs out of the arena. Video recap of Ryback finishing Ryder. Ryback, standing where the ambulance was yells, Ryback Rules!


WWE Rewind

Stills from all members of The Shield with gold last night at Extreme Rules.

In Ring Segment

The Shield to the ring through the stands, gold in hand. Rollins says his name. Reigns says his. Ambrose says, they are the new TTC! (pop) I'm Dean Ambrose, and I'm the US Champion! Last night at Extreme Rules, The Shield brought power back to these titles. Kofi and Team Hell No didn't believe. They do now. You know who else didn't believe? The Rock, and we're the reason The Rock lost the WWE Title at WrestleMania. We broke him down so bad he had to go get surgery. The Undertaker didn't believe, now Dead Man's restin' in peace. You'll never see him again. Ryback, what we did to Ryback, we broke him down, we left him feeling so alone, so helpless, so betrayed he snapped and went after Cena. The real reason Cena was carted off last night, The Shield. The Shield did that. All non-believers, all your heroes that you blindly follow, all go down by the swift arm of justice! (Mixed reaction)

Rollins - I've heard it said that justice is blind, but after what we did last night. Justice can see just blind, and all of you can see what a cohesive unit looks like, the meaning of unbreakable right before you. You can see the future. The scary part is boys, this is just the beginning.

Reigns – The ending, that stays the same. You put them in front of us, and we take them out. The Hounds of Justice run this yard! And we carry the collars to back it up!

All three men raise their belts.

Ambrose – The fire of justice if burning bright, and we are the flames. Believe in The Shield!

Fire erupts on stage and they all flinch. Team Hell No to the ring, The Shield get out for them to call first from all four, Bryan without his fingers in his ears!


6 Man Tag Match – Team Hell No & Kofi vs The Shield

All six men to the ring.

Kofi and Ambrose lock up into a hammerlock on Kofi, Kofi reverses. Ambrose reverses. Kofi with a headlock takeover on Kofi. They chain wrestle a bit, then Kofi bitch slaps Ambrose, then a monkey flip. Kofi quickly on Ambrose with an arm bar. Bryan tags in.

Bryan on Ambrose in a corner, then a high knee. Knee drop on Ambrose for two. Hammerlock on Ambrose, but he elbows free and tags Rollins. Bryan takes Rollins down hard and sets up the surfboard. Bryan yells that he's not the weak link. Brock doesn't surfboard, but slams Rollins knees down hard. Bryan on Rollins in a corner with blows, then Kane tags in. drop kick to Rollins for two. Big right in a corner by Kane. Kane all over Rollins in the corner as the ref counts to four. Rollins taken down for two. Kofi tags in and on Rollins' ribs. Arm hold on Rollins, then drops a knee on that arm wrenched behind him. Rollins elbows free and knocks himself on his own bum. Clothesline to Kofi, then Rollins runs the ropes under and over Kofi, but into a kick for two. Kofi backed into the heel corner and Reigns tags in.

The ref grabs Reigns and pulls him off Kofi. Big elbow to the back of Kofi's neck, then shoulder blocks Kofi to the mat. Reigns drops a boot on Kofi, then a front facelock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi free through blows, but caught and slammed to the mat again for two. Ambrose tags in.

Ambrose talking smack to the ref, minding his own business. Trapesius hold on Kofi on the mat. Ambrose runs the ropes into a drop kick to Kofi's ribs for two. Rollins tags in, kicks Kofi, then taunts him. A big blow drops Kofi, then Kofi into a corner face first, then stomped down. The ref admonishes Kane and Bryan to stay in their corner. Kofi tries to fight back, but then eats the second buckle for two. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up and punches, but lifted and slammed to the mat. Rollins mocks Kofi boom, boom, boom, then eats head scissors. Bryan tags in.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans as Bryan attacks, runs up the corner, then takes Rollins down. Bryan could pin, but shakes his head and "YES!" kicks the heck out of Rollins. Rollins ducks the last one, but he nails it from the other direction for two. Big clothesline from Bryan.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Bryan climbs, but the ropes are hit and he's knocked down. Ambrose tags in and climbs, but dropped face first to the mat. Big missile drop kick to Ambrose for two. Bryan tries the "NO!" lock, but can't lock it in. Ambrose gets to the ropes. Reigns and Rollins grab Ambrose to pull him out, but Bryan slams into Rollins knocking him from the apron. Kane and Kofi into the ring in a show of force as The Shield looks in from outside the ring.


Reigns with a huge right on Kofi! Ambrose in with blows on Kofi's ribs, then a back elbow. Ambrose whipped, then Kofi on him with ten blows, then off the corner with an European upper cut. Bryan tags in and hangs Ambrose upside-down and "YES!" kicks him in the corner. Bryan whips himself to the opposite corner, then runs at Ambrose and lands a low drop kick on Ambrose's face for one. Reigns kicks Bryan through the ropes and then a tagged in Rollins slams Bryan back first into the corner for two. Rollins on Bryan with blows, then Reigns tags in.

Reigns with a HUGE short clothesline on Bryan. A foot on Bryan's hand, then punches him. Another punch, then a chinlock on Bryan. Bryan fights back with blows, but then eats a high elbow and a big knee for two. Ambrose tags in.

Ambrose stomps Bryan's ribs, then drops an elbow for two. Back suplex on Bryan and a heel pin for two. Blows on a kneeling Bryan, but Bryan with a head butt and comes back with blows, but it doesn't last as Ambrose hits a knee. Rollins tags in.

Bryan leaned back in the ropes by Rollins as Ambrose talks smack to Bryan. Ambrose tags back in and talks smack, calling Bryan the weak link, right in his face. Asks Bryan what he has left in him. Bryan answers with a roundhouse kick to the back of his head. Bryan tries to crawl, but Reigns grabs an elbow. Bryan free and Kane tags in. Kane takes on Reigns, knocks the other two off, then whips Reigns, clothesline, whips, clothesline, then sidewalk slam. Ambrose breaks the pinfall. Kofi in on Ambrose. Bryan with a suicide dive on Ambrose as Kofi works Rollins. Kane takes Reigns down with a DDT for a long two. Bryan and Ambrose fighting outside, as are Rollins and Kofi. Kofi eats post, Bryan also taken out. Big boot to Reigns in the ring, but Ambrose climbs, but eats a hand as he flies. Rollins climbs and breaks Kane's chokeslam hold from Reigns. Reigns spears Kane for three.

Winner – The Shield (22:55)

The Shield celebrates in the ring, belts in hand. Video recap of the high points of the end of the match.


Recap of Heyman talking about Curtis Axel wanting to carve out his own niche, make his own legend in the WWE. Then Trip to the ring, gets in the middle of it and makes a match between himself and Axel for later in the night.

Backstage Segment

Larry (a trainer) - Doc doesn't think Trip should compete tonight.

Trip – Does Doc likes having a job here?

Larry – I think he does.

Trip – Well, I'm going to the ring, if Doc doesn't like it, he can find employment elsewhere.

Larry – I'll tell him.


Backstage Segment

Kaitlyn – I have a number.

Natalya – Who is it? I'll give it to Khali and he can snoop.

Kaitlyn – Cody is texting, could it be him?

Cody – What, is there something in my love-stache?

Kaitlyn grabs his phone, but he's posting pics of himself online. She's grossed out

In Ring Segment

Cole says they've broken a record over 150,000 votes cast on the App! King has a mic and announces that if you downloaded the WWE App, and most of you did, over 150,000 votes cast, but who did they vote for?

Khali - 17%
R-Truth – 9%
Orton – 72%

Swagger nods and seems happy about this. Orton's music hits and out he comes. Orton slowly down the ramp.


Swagger vs Orton

They lock up. Side headlock takeover on Orton. Swagger keeps the hold on, Orton uses his legs to get free and lock the hold on. Swagger muscles out and forces Orton down.

A couple mean can be heard chanting, "Boring!"

Orton with a beautiful drop kick on Swagger. Swagger rolls out, Orton after him, and drops Swagger back first on the barricade. Orton with a clothesline, then upper cut outside. Back in the ring Orton on Swagger with blows in the corner. Swagger free, but Orton right back up there with blows. Orton then hits a beautiful suplex on Swagger for two. Swagger fights back with a forearm to Orton's back. Orton backed into a corner and takes knees. The ref backs Swagger off, he returns to kicks, then a Thesz Press. Orton on Swagger with blows. Orton stomps Swagger's hands. Orton favors his knee and Swagger takes it out. Swagger slams back on the knee, then wraps Orton's leg around his own and puts pressure on it. Swagger gets a couple of one counts from it. Orton grabs Swagger's hair and throws blows to Swagger's head. Orton free. Swagger rushes Orton and is elevated over the top and out.

Orton grabs Swagger and sets up his DDT off the apron, but Orton is slammed back to the barricade. Swagger stomps Orton's gut. Orton rolled in at 6, Swagger in and pins for two. Swagger back on Orton's left leg and wrenching it.

A very short dueling chant for both men.

Orton whipped, but gets his legs up. Orton sits up top, but is knocked to the floor by Swagger.


Swagger on Orton's leg, but Orton to the ropes. Swagger rushes Orton and eats post. Orton sells the leg issue as he slowly gets to his feet. Zeb to Swagger's side, talking him up. Swagger led to the top and Orton hits his father's famous superplex. Zeb slams his hands on the mat as Orton gets two from that. A blow then upper cut to Swagger. Another upper cut, but Swagger comes back with a belly-to-belly on Orton for two. Swagger goes for his splash, but is kicked in the ribs as he flies. Power slam, then Swagger blows the DDT and takes Orton down for two. Swagger grabs the left leg for the patriot, but is kicked off. Back breaker on Swagger for two.

Orton sets up the DDT, this time hits the move. Orton paces around the ring as the fans go wild for him. Orton pounds the mat, but Swagger ducks and reverses into the patriot. Orton reverses, Swagger muscles him back. Orton fights back again, but Swagger on Orton! Orton almost to the ropes, then grabs it, but Swagger drags him back to the middle. Orton rolls and kicks Swagger off. RKO!

Winner – Orton (16:37)

Zeb talks to Swagger as he rolls out. Orton up on the corner and poses. Video recap of Orton reversing the end of the match and hitting the RKO. Orton still posing, smiles a bit, then really poses.


Another recap of the ambulance and Ryback starting RAW. Ryback then beat up Ryder and shoved him into the ambulance, then it left.


Triple H vs Curtis Axel

Trip to the ring – his full entrance, spitting and posing. Axel out with Heyman in tow.

A bunch of dancing around, but they don't lock up. Finally Trip attacks and punches Axel down in a corner, then hits a clothesline. A short clothesline on Axel for two. Trip sends Axel from the ring, then goes out and Heyman runs. Axel in and on Trip when he comes in. on trip in a corner, the ref pulls him off. On Trip again, the ref pulls him off. After Trip a third time Santa Trip grabs him. Sends Trip running the ropes into a beautiful drop kick for two. Another blow on Trip, the Axel stomping Trip again in a corner as Heyman looks on maniacally. Axel to a corner, but gets an elbow up to Trip's jaw. Elbow drops on Trip on the mat for two.

Heyman rants about Axel getting a two count on Trip.

Chinlock on Trip on the mat.

"Triple H!" chants.

Trip to his feet and lifts Axel, slamming him into the corner. Shoulders on Axel in the corner, over and over. The ref admonishes Trip. Axel eats a knee from Trip. Then a spinebuster! Trip tries to shake off something, then clotheslines Axel from the ring. Trip out and slams Axel's face to the apron. Axel fights back on Trip. Trip with a big clothesline outside, then rolls Axel in. Trip continues to struggle, clear his head, sits down outside by the trainer and asks for water. Trip dumps water over his own head, then heads back to the ring, but then looks woozy. Trip to a knee, then led back to the Doc. The Doc checks Trip's pupils with a pen light. Trip to his feet again, but crumbles. The Doc says that Trip is done. Trip pushes him off as he sits beside announce.

"Triple H!" chants.

Trip tries top push the docs off, but can't get to his feet. Trip looks confused, disoriented, and sells every bit of it as RAW goes off the air.

Biggest Pop
Triple H

Biggest Heat

Most Mixed
The Shield

I appreciate everyone sticking with me when I get a bit behind. I pride myself in not just getting out the moves and the words, but the feel and the flavor of each segment. Every commercial break I post, and while I might get a bit behind, you know when you read my RAW Results you're getting something you can't get anywhere else because of my specific view of the wrestling industry. I am the only female doing this, and have written RAW Results for ten years now. I know I will always have my detractors, and much of the reason behind it is because people don't like my view of the industry and what I say in my blogs, not what I write in my RAW Results. The saddest part about this is that I catch flack for being a female writing about wrestling, therefore I don't know what I'm talking about. I thought we got past that in the 1980's when Raye-Stout fought to be able to report from the NFL locker room, but some days it feels that it was all for naught. Yes, I tell you what people are wearing, but that's the fiction writer in me trying to give the over all look and feel of what's going on in the segment, in the match. I have to thank everyone who has stuck by me all these years, because I put every little bit I can into this every week, no matter what's going on, and am as proud of the work I do each week. I know I can't please everyone every week, but I think I've more than proven myself.


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