RAW Results 11/11/13 – An Absence of Authority Leads To A Power Void


RAW Results November 11, 2013
From Phones 4u Arena in Manchester, England
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

The WWE is in the UK, but The Authority, Steph and Trip, and on vacation, so who is in charge tonight? Will another chaotic night break out like last week when Orton helped take down Big Show last week? Will there be repercussions? Raucous crowd live in the UK for RAW!

RAW Starts


Lovely Veteran's Day video narrated by Cena.


Recap of Steph telling Trip that they had to settle with Big Show. In the ring Big Show said he just wanted his job back. Trip got nasty, but Steph stopped him. Big Show said he'd own the WWE. Steph gave Big Show his job back. Big Show wanted a WWE Title Match against Orton at Survivor Series. Trip then put Big Show in a Handicap Match, because he was back on the roster. Big Show had to face The Shield, and Orton. Big Show did well until speared by Reigns. Big Show started coming back again, but then Kane to the ring in his gray political suit and red tie. He started throwing in chairs, and that distraction was enough to end Big Show in this match. He was triple bombed through announce.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring, very slowly, strap over his shoulder. Into the ring Orton poses for the fans. Heat for Orton.

Orton – looks like Big Show got his job back. He also blackmailed his way into a Title match with at Survivor Series. If you saw the beat down we gave him last week, you can believe I'm going to be victorious at Survivor Series and retain the Title, and retain my status as The face of the WWE. As Trip and Steph are on a well deserved vaca, I'm in charge of RAW.

Maddox – Hang on a second sir. I certainly appreciate you helping out, but I'm the GM of RAW. Therefore, I am, and have the authority to be in charge of RAW. Ah, I'm going to make...

Kane's music. Out comes the big man in a darker and better cut suit than last week, but still white shirt and red tie. "You sold out!" chants for Kane.

Kane – Last week The Authority appointed me Director of Operations, that means I'm in charge tonight.

Maddox – With all due respect Kane, you're the new guy in town, why don't you follow my lead. Ladies and gentlemen, you opening contest will be Orton, versus Cody Rhodes.

Kane – No! No! No! It will be Orton...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Kane – It will be Orton versus Goldust, and I'm bringing him out right now.

Maddox – You, you can't just bring him out here, I've got...

Kane – I can do what I want.

Orton – Guys! Make up your mind, I can't fight the both of them!

Kane and Maddox argue off mic as the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

EXCUSE ME! (heat) EXCUSE ME! (huge heat) First of all I want to wish Trip and Steph a wonderful vacation. EXCUSE ME!! (HUGE heat) Now, unlike the two of you, I have complete confidence of Randy's skills, so as the former GM of RAW, and the current GM of Smackdown, and the voice of reason (what?) I said EXCUSE ME!! (What?) I think The Authority would like to see whatever is best for business. (What?) EXCUSE ME! They would agree with Randy... (Bollocks! Bollocks! [so loud that Vickie couldn't be heard for a bit]). They would agree with Randy's idea, tonight Randy vs both Cody and Goldust, in an all champions 2 On 1 Handicap Match!

Cody and Goldust to the ring.


Goldust & Cody vs Orton

Orton takes Goldust down. Side headlock takedown into head scissors, then Goldust does the same. Slap from Goldust. Goldust slapped down. Hip toss on Orton, then a second, and the third for two. Cody tags in and slams Orton down for two. Cody eats corner. Goldust with a blind tag and rolls Orton up for two. Goldust slammed back into a corner, shoulders to Goldust's gut in the corner. Blows to Goldust in a corner. "Randy's boring!" chants. Orton pins Goldust for two. "JBL!" chants. Orton stomps Goldust. "Michael Cole!" chants. "Jerry!" chants. Orton glares around at the fans.

Blows to Goldust in a corner. Exchanging blows, Goldust whipped, but gets a foot up. Goldust on the second ropes, facing out, but Orton kicks his knee out from under him.


Side headlock on Goldust, but he fights free. Goldust grabs the ropes and avoids Orton's power slam. Goldust for two. Orton takes Goldust down, and both are on the mat. Cody tags in with a missile drop kick, then rolls up Orton for a long two. Cody riles up the fans, then his moonsault for a long two. "Ole, Ole!" singing. Orton taken down, then Goldust tags in. Orton goes for an RKO, but eats an upper cut. Orton tossed out and lands on his back. The ref counts, the crowd with him, but then they just give Orton huge heat for not getting back in the ring.

Winners – Goldust & Cody via Countout! (10:54)

Big Show's music and he comes stomping out in jeans, Big Show shirt and Big Show hoodie. Big Show attacks Orton outside the ring, sending him into the stairs. A short clothesline on Orton, then he starts cleaning off announce. Big Show sets up the stairs beside announce. Big Show climbs the stairs, Orton in hand, then chokeslams Orton through announce like he's a ragdoll. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Big Show jumps down off the stairs, and looks down on Orton as his music plays. Video recap of the chokeslam on Orton as Cole talks about how high in the air Orton was. Big Show leaves the ringside area as medical staff check on Orton. Orton sells his pain through facial expressions. Again, recap of the chokeslam on Orton. Orton is being evaluated, and has barely moved.



Recap on Big Show's attack on Orton. During the break Big Show found at taxi and squeezed in to go find a pint. JBL, Cole and King are sitting behind a flattened table.

Los Matadores & Santino vs Union Jacks

Los Matadores with El Torito to the ring. The fans quiet except to chant, Ole! Santino out wearing bull horns, then power walks to the ring. The fans love him! 3MB out in Union Jack gear, calling themselves the Union Jacks. "3MB!" chants!

Diego throws Slater down. Chops to Slater. Mahal with a blind tag, but Diego knows. Mahal takes Diego down for two. McIntyre tags in and hits a drop kick on Diego. The fans love 3MB, cheering Slater's poses! Diego slams McIntyre to the mat. Both tag out. Santino, still with his horns, splits, then takes knees to the gut. Mahal then taken down. El Torito tweks in the ring. Slater chases him. Slater through the ring, leaning out the other side. Santino gores Slater with his horns. McIntyre grabs El Torito, but gets free. El Torito flies off the apron onto Slater! Cobra comes out. Cobra has horns, takes out Mahal for three. JBL says they need Spanish Announce. Cole says it looks like they were Spanish announce tonight!

Winners – Los Matadores & Santino (2:43)

Santino and El Torito charge the capes.

Backstage Segment

Orton gets his shoulder checked.
Maddox – I'm sorry, that match wasn't my idea.
Orton – Sorry, that's what you've got for me? How could you let that happen?
Maddox – It shouldn't have.
Orton – Shut up!
Vickie – You were doing so well against Cody and Goldust, please accept my humble apologies.
Orton – Save them for when Trip and Steph are back. Get out of my site. GET OUT!
Kane – Randy, listen...
Orton – No! I don't want to listen to any of you right now.
Kane – (Calmly, and quietly) You better listen to me. I'm the Director of Operations, and if you keep mouthing off to me, Big Show won't be your only problem.
Doctor – Could I please have some time to examine his shoulder?


Sandow vs Kofi

Sandow in the ring Kofi out to face him.

Sandow on Kofi with blows, then sends Kofi out of the ring. Sandow ties Kofi into the skirt, then beats on him. During the break Kofi said Sandow will always be known as the man who cashed in and lost. Headlock on k on the mat. Kofi up and elbows free. Forearms to Sandow's head. Sandow reverses the whip, then pulls Kofi out and whips again. Shoulder blocks in a corner. Head butts on Kofi, then grinds his face into the mat. Knee drop on Kofi for two.

Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up and punches free, but slammed back to the mat by his hair. Elbow of disdain on Kofi. Kofi takes Sandow down for two. Kofi off the corner with a knee on Sandow for two. Kofi kicks Sandow a couple times, but is then whipped. 'Vintage' Kofi with his kick. You're welcome from Sandow for three.

Winner – Sandow (3:53)

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Axel and Ziggler heading for the ring.


WWE Rewind

Last Monday Ziggler faced Axel in a rather boring match, and beat Axel.

IC Title Match – Axel (c) vs Ziggler

Ziggler to the ring. Axel out to face him.

They circle. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Axel backed into a corner. Ziggler taunts him, but is clean. Side headlock on Ziggler. Reversed on Axel. Axel kicks at Ziggler. Axel runs the ropes into a huge drop kick on Ziggler. Axel goes off about being IC, and actually showed some charisma! Side headlock on Axel. "Let's go Ziggler!" Axel runs the ropes over and under Ziggler and into another lovely drop kick! Ziggler shows off, lands a hip toss on Axel and gets two for it. Ziggler slams Axel for two.

Epic elbows on Axel as the fans count. He hits nine, then the big last one to round it out, but only gets two for it. Small "You sold out!" chant for Axel. Ziggler whipped and over the top to land outside. Axel out and on Ziggler with blows. The ref counts them to seven before Axel rolls Ziggler in for two. Axel drops forearms for two. Axel yells in Ziggler's face, then slams Ziggler in the face. Ziggler lands a huge DDT, with a great facial expression from Axel! Both men are down for nine!

Axel rushes Ziggler in a corner, Ziggler side steps and Axel hits the post. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants fill the arena! Ziggler with a running forearm. Blows on Axel for more than ten in a corner. Neck breaker on Axel, then an elbow for two. Ziggler launched for snake eyes for two. Famouser for two. "Let's go Ziggler!" Axel with a suplex on Ziggler for two.

Axel up, but Ziggler up and takes Axel down face first off the corner for a long two! Ziggler lifted and dropped, then Ziggler planted for three.

Winner – Axel (9:04)

Axel celebrates without any found charisma.

Backstage Segment

Maddox – You need to listen to me.
Kane – You need to listen to me.
Maddox – You're going to be in big trouble when The Authority returns.
Kane – You're going to be in big trouble when The Authority returns!
Maddox – We need to get on the same page. Maybe Vickie was onto something with that Handicap Match. For the main event, both The Real Americans against Cena.
Kane – I agree, so I'm making a Handicap Tag team Match – The Shield vs Bryan and CM Punk!
Maddox – I like that, let's shake on it.
Kane – Let's not.


Backstage Segment

Ryder does his own salesman schtick backstage. Ryder's promo code is BROSKI.

Tamina vs Nikki Bella

Tamina in the ring, AJ on the apron. Bellas out to the ring.

They lock up. Knee to Nikki's gut. Tamina eats corner, then rolled for two. Wild upper cut on Nikki. Nikki whipped, takes Tamina down for two. Low drop kick on Tamina who rolls out screaming in fury. Tamina in, throws Nikki off her. Tamina stops Nikki for two.

Nikki slammed to the mat, then stretched back with a knee to the back, and her hair and leg wrenched. Nikki back bent through the ropes. "This is awesome!" chants from about five guys. Cup handle up, then Nikki slammed for two. Chinlock on Nikki on the mat. "You sold out!" chants for Tamina. Nikki again up on Tamina's shoulder, this time just held up there. Tamina rushes Nikki and takes a body drop! Head scissors on Tamina. "We want tables!" chants. Monkey flip on Tamina, then bulldog for two. Nikki choked into the ropes, and AJ with a cheap shot from outside. Brie bounced off the apron by AJ! "ECDUB!" chants. Tamina up and flies for three.

Winner – Tamina (4:25)

AJ into the ring and skips around, then eats a drop kick from Brie. Tamina grabs Brie, but pushed off and takes a drop kick to the back that sends her from the ring. Brie stands over her sister protectively in the ring. Video recap of AJ attacking Brie during the match. Tamina and AJ on the ramp looking pissed, Tamina sweating like it was quite a hard match.



Recap of Big Show's attack on Orton to start RAW.

Backstage Segment

Orton's shoulder being checked. The Shield come in.
Orton – Where were you an hour ago? Where were you? We beat our ass, now I'm getting chokeslammed through a table.
Ambrose – It's none of YOUR business where we were.
Rollins – We don't work for Vickie. We don't work for Maddox. We don't work for Kane.
Reigns – We damn sure don't work for you.
Rollins - Feel better, alright?

In Ring Segment

Fandango and Summer Rae out.


Fandango vs Tyson

Fandango and Summer Rae dancing in the ring. Video of Nattie, Eva Marie, Fandango and Tyson on Total Divas. Problems because Tyson doesn't like how Fandango trained with his wife Nattie. Tyson to the ring with Nattie.

Fans still Fandangoing! Side headlock on Fandango. Tyson runs the ropes over and under Fandango. Tyson comes back with a kick to Fandango's gut, then leg. Chops on Fandango. Tyson whipped, tries to float over, is caught and flipped outside. Fandango out and sends Tyson in for two.

Tyson slammed to the mat. Chinlock on Tyson as Nattie slaps the apron. Nattie gets the fans clapping. Tyson up and free, but slammed down with an upper arm. Tyson comes back with head scissors sends Fandango into the second buckle. Tyson with s slingshot drop kick on Fandango. Tyson with a running head scissors off the apron sending Fandango into the barricade. Fandango in, Tyson with a sunset, but Fandango didn't go over and dropped onto Tyson for three.

Winner – Fandango (2:58)

Backstage Segment

Cena heading for the ring.


Cena vs The Real Americans

Cena to the ring to quite a mixed reaction, mostly heat. "Here we are, they love me in the UK!" says Cena on stage. The Real Americans out with Zeb.
Zeb – Cut the music. As real Americans, today in t US was Veterans Day, we know that here tonight we're in a foreign land full of soccer thugs, bad food, and evil monarchs. It's full of people who actually found the antics of Mr. Bean humorous. If real Americans ran this country, it would be in a lot better shape. It used to be said the sun never sets on the British empire, but today the sun never rises. Please stand... "We, the people!"

Dueling chants for Cena, louder than ever. Cena and Swagger lock up. Arm bar on Cena's bad arm Cena gets free quickly. Cena stays between Cesaro and Swagger. "We, the people!" chants. Cesaro tags in. They lock up and fight a bit as ADR's music hits, the fans audibly groan - quite loudly actually. ADR out with his Mexican flag waving. Cesaro whips, but gets an elbow up. Cesaro sends Cena out. ADR to the bottom of the ramp with a smile. Cesaro grabs Cena and slams him back into the barricade.


Upper cut to Cena. "Ole, Ole!" singing. Kick to Cena's back, then a suplex for two. Swagger tags in and locks a headlock on Cena. "You sold out!" chants for Swagger. Cena suplexes free of Swagger. Cesaro tags in and Cena gets, "Superman!" chants. Swagger tags in and Swagger bombs Cena. A second Swagger bomb on Cena. Cena moves before the third Swagger bomb. Cesaro tags in, but clotheslined. Shoulder block to Swagger who comes in illegally. Cena turns right into an upper cut from Cesaro! Cesaro sets up, but reversed into an STF! Swagger tags in for a patriot lock. Cena kicks free. Cesaro tags in with a cross body, but Cena rolls through, holding on, sets Cesaro up. Swagger takes out Cena's leg, but Cesaro only gets two.

Cesaro sets up, cracks his neck, but eats a body drop. Zeb twists his handlebars and tweaks outside. Swagger tags in, but is slammed to huge heat for Cena. 5 knuckle shuffle on Swagger, then up, but Swagger wiggles through and locks on the Patriot lock. Cena about to tap out, about to, but then free and hits an AA, but Cesaro breaks the count!

Cesaro back out and reaching for a tag, but both men are down. Cesaro able to tag in. Cesaro around and over Cesaro with a powerbomb for two! ADR wrings his hands on announce through the dueling chants. Blows to Cesaro, upper cut from Cesaro, back and forth. Huge tossing upper cut from Cesaro, but Cena able to kick out! Cena slowly to his feet, then eats another upper cut. Cena set up top, Cesaro climbs. Cena with blows, knocks Cesaro back to the mat. Swagger tags in, pushed off the corner. Cross body on Swagger, the knocks Cesaro off the apron. STF and Swagger taps out.

Winner – Cena (12:52)

Cesaro in and attacks Cena. Head butts on Cena, but Super Cena fights back. Cesaro thrown out, but ADR with a chair on Cena. ADR with blows on Cena, then puts Cena's bad arm into the chair and stomps on it. ADR then locks on the cross armbreaker through the chair. The refs can't get ADR to break the hold, but then Big E's there! Big E grabs ADR and tosses him from the ring like a toy. Down comes the straps, he's ready for a fight as the fans chant, "Big E Langston!"



Recap from Smackdown two weeks ago. Nattie managed a sharpshooter on AJ to win.


Recap of Cena making Swagger tap, but then Cesaro in. Cena took him out, but attacked by ADR with a chair. Big E made the save.

Backstage Segment

Kane – Cena had it coming to him.
ADR – Did you see what I did to Cena?
Maddox – That's what's best for business. We might have a new WHC at Survivor Series.
ADR – I will defeat Cena in his hometown in Boston. Vickie tell Big E to keep his nose out of my business?
Vickie – Why don't we put your nose in his business?
Kane – Why not let Big E know how Cena feels?
ADR agrees and leaves.

Ryback vs R-Truth

Ryback to the ring. R-Truth out singing and ripping on Ryback through his lyrics.

R-Truth easily ducks Ryback. R-Truth behind Ryback. Cole talks about Ryback's birthday tweets. JBL says that Ryback was speaking in full sentences upon his birth? He's regressed greatly since then! Side headlock on Ryback, but then Ryback muscles out and slams R-Truth back. Ryback looks down and calls R-Truth stupid. R-Truth comes back with a kick that lands Ryback on his bum. Ryback then slams R-Truth back into a corner. R-Truth into the opposite corner. R-Truth whipped and falls. "Goldberg!" chants. R-Truth choked in the ropes. Cole says Ryback can look so impressive. Wild blows to R-Truth in a corner. R-Truth slammed to the mat and splashed for two.

Ryback on R-Truth from behind. Ryback with a bear hug on R-Truth. JBL loses all sense of what he was saying (possibly jet lagged?). Ryback plants R-Truth on the mat recklessly. R-Truth side steps Ryback in a corner and rolls up Ryback for three.

Winner – R-Truth (4:03)

Ryback is seething in the ring as R-Truth flees up the ramp for his life.


Recap of Big Show attack on Orton to start the show.

In Ring Segment

Big E to the ring, slapping chalk everywhere. A big sign says, "We want Ryder!"


Big E vs ADR

Video of ADR's attack on Cena earlier. Big E made the save for Cena. ADR to the ring.

ADR with a kick and blows on Big E. big blows back from Big E, backing ADR into a corner. ADR whipped and takes to the gut. ADR taken down in the ring. ADR whipped, but gets his feet up in Big E's face for two. Blows to Big E's face, pins for one. Chinlock only squishes Big E's face. Big E elbows out, but telegraphs and is badly planted for it. Knees to Big E on the mat. Another chinlock squishes Big E's face. The fans are doing the wave! Side slam from Big E. clotheslines to ADR, then a belly-to-belly! Big E splashes ADR's back. JBL says it's the splash to go with the wave! Big running enziguri on Big E in a corner for two.

"We are awesome!" chants as Big E takes ADR down. Big E's straps are down. ADR sets up, but ADR reverses. Big E has to tap out.

Winner – ADR (4:05)

ADR poses and waves his flag.


Replay of the opening Veteran's Day video.
Cena – Tonight we honor and celebrate America's heroes, our military veterans. From the beaches of Normandy to the Inchon Channel. From Fallujah, Iraq to Kandahar, Afghanistan. These are the men and women who have defended our freedoms for over 200 years. These men and women, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good of our nation, are what made America the home of the brave. They've served with honor and dignity, our military veterans, these are the true American heroes. Thank you for your sacrifice, and thank you for your service.


In Ring Segment

Heyman in the ring, all banged up, Axel behind him. He introduces himself.
Heyman – This was done to me by your hero CM Punk.

"CM Punk!"

Heyman – I see that tickles the fancy of your obviously limited imaginations, but Punk have never have done this to me himself. Punk had a whole lot of help, he couldn't have done it himself. Just like that big, ugly dummy Ryback. I took Ryback under my wing, and he guaranteed me that his catchphrase was "Feed me more!", but when it came to Punk, he was biting off a whole heck of a lot more than he could chew. But I don't just blame Ryback or Punk. Most importantly I blame each and every one of you. You're the ones who encouraged Punk to climb to the top of that cell and lay that beating down upon this innocent father of young children. You cheered Punk into giving me this beating this is all your fault! (pop) Which is why I have left my 1st class accommodation to find alternative treatments in Europe to go slumming in the ghetto known as Manchester. I didn't come here for you to revel in the brilliance of my prose. I came here tonight, because I need a room full of witnesses that I went public with my intentions, which is these – I, Paul Heyman, shall return with a vengeance. I'm going to hover over Punk like a Sword of Damocles, and I will drive the blade of my sword through the heart of your...

Punk's music and Heyman's eyes bug out of his head. Punk saunters out and Heyman freaks as the fans chant, "CM Punk!" through Punk's music. Punk walks to the ring. Axel rolls out of the ring and meets Punk. Knee to Punk's face, but then a kick to Axel's head, into the barricade, then GTS and Axel is done! Punk puts his chin in his hands on the apron.

Heyman – You get out of here!

Punk gets a kendo stick out from under the ring, then into the ring. Punk spins the wheelchair in circles, sends Heyman from it, and beats Heyman's braced back with the kendo stick. The kendo stick beats on the brace, and doesn't touch Heyman, but it looks great and Paul squeals like a Heyman!

Bryan to the ring to huge pop. Heyman is on the floor outside, face down, being tended to by refs.


WWE Slam of the Week

Punk faced Harper to start RAW last week. Rowan attacked and Bray in to beat Punk, but Bryan with a chair broke up The Wyatt Family's fun.

Punk & Bryan vs The Shield

The Shield to the ring.

Punk is ready and Ambrose smirks. "CM Punk!" chants. Hammer lock on Punk. Side headlock on Punk on one knee. Punk pushes off and takes a shoulder block. Punk lands a drop kick on Ambrose. Bryan tags in and they double suplex Ambrose, Bryan gets two for it.

punches on Ambrose, but then Bryan eats a back elbow. Rollins tags in and takes a knee to the gut. Kicks from Bryan, then Bryan sets Rollins up, locking his legs up, then rolls back. Surfboard! Rollins to his knees and Punk tags in. Punk kicks Rollins for two.

Snap mare, then kick to the back of Rollins' neck for two. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk stops a drop kick, lands Rollins in snake eyes. Rollins up, wiggles free and tags out. Reigns in slowly as JBL talks about Simmons being in the WWE HOF, and so many others. They lock up, Punk backed to a corner, takes head butts, then a blow. Reigns pushes Punk around yelling at him, then more punches. Punk slides between Reigns' legs and tags out. Bryan in with kicks, but then Reigns double clotheslines them. Punk tossed out and Rollins tags in. Bryan whipped, runs up and over. Really rough looking suplex on Rollins. Bryan sends Rollins flying for two.

"YES!" kicks on Rollins, then one on Ambrose who comes in illegally. Rollins uses the distraction to strike on Bryan.


Chinlock on Bryan. Bryan up, elbows free, but is whipped. He tries fro HBK's corner flip, but botches it and lands in a heap. Ambrose tags in with an elbow for two. Ambrose wrenches Bryan's fingers back. Bryan screams to sell it. Reigns tags in and head butts Bryan. Big blow drops Bryan. Knee to Bryan's back. Reigns talks smack to Bryan, and eats blows for it, but then Reigns with a forearm on Bryan for two.

Rollins tags in and stomps Bryan. Rollins scoops Bryan and slams for two. Superman in the second row stands on the backs of the seats and gets huge pop. Up, elbows free, but Reigns tags in. Bryan stops in the ropes, elevates Rollins out, then Reigns! Bryan crawls to Punk and tags out. Punk flies in on Ambrose, then continues with blows. Tilt-a-whirl neck breaker, and no one to tag! Running knee and clothesline on Ambrose. Savage elbow on Ambrose for two when Rollins breaket he count. Bryan flies, takes out Rollins, then flies out on Rollins, but Reigns takes him down. Punk flies out on Reigns! Punk in and gets Ambrose up, but Reigns in. Reigns eats the GTS. Ambrose tries to take Punk out, but eats the anaconda. Lights out. (12:34) When the come up, The Wyatt Family in the ring! Rollins gets in Harper's face, screaming at him to get out of his match. Ambrose joins in the fun. Ambrose touches Harper and Road To WrestleMania gets into it. They brawl in the ring, then Reigns grabs Bray! Bray hits Reigns and Reigns throws Bray into the ring! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "This is awesome!"

All six leave the ring, Punk and Bryan into the ring. They're surrounded! Two on each side, then they pounce! Usos, Goldust and Cody join the fight and there's bodies everywhere! The faces are standing tall to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans!

Biggest Pop
Rhodes Brother

Biggest Heat

Most Mixed

Biggest Groan of Annoyance

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