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RAW Results 10/21/13 - Is it that he has an insanely grotesque beard?

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RAW Results October 21, 2013
From FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

HIAC is coming, Orton and Bryan will sign their contract. HBK will be live. Trip and Steph will respond to Cody and Goldust winning the TTC at the top of the hour.

Show Starts


Recap from last RAW's main event, when Cody was beaten down by Ambrose because it was No DQ, but then Big Show appeared through the crowd and knocked out The Shield and Cody pinned Reigns for the TTC. Trip appeared and pushed Cody and Goldust out of the ring.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music plays and he comes out in his power suit, Steph holding his hand, wearing a black dress, blazer and calf boots. He hugs her from behind on stage, and she smiles like a school. Video recap of Big Show punching out Maddox on Smackdown!

They kiss in the ring and the fans groan.

Steph – You're just jealous. Sunday is HIAC. Cena will face ADR for the WHC. AJ will face Brie Bellas to defend. Punk will face Ryback and Heyman in a HIAC. Also, we will see for the vacant WWE Championship, Bryan vs Orton. Shawn Michaels will be the Special Guest Ref, and he said there will be a new WWE Champion.

Trip – That's right the man who guarantees a new WWE Champ. You chose Shawn Michaels because you trust him. I trust Shawn Michaels. (Steph says she does too.) I trust Shawn Michaels because I respect him more than any other man in the WWE.

Big Show – Respect? Respect? Respect? You don't know the meaning of the word respect. How dare you use the world respect, you don't know the meaning. You treat all the Superstars and everyone working for you with disdain. (Steph is talking to a tech outside the ring, probably to get Big Show shut off the tron that he's talking on.) why do you push your weight around Hunter? Because you can!

Trip – Wrong Show, I treat you with disdain. You're the only one, and because you deserve it. You've amounted to nothing in your life. You're nothing but a loser! You can't even keep food on your table. You've made millions and you're broke! (Steph is pushing techs around to get things fixed.) You're like them (fans) looking for a hand out, a free ride. There is no free ride with me anymore, and you're done!

Big Show – Why so hostile? Maybe because I'm suing you for the millions still left on my contract. Maybe because I'm suing you for slander? All the other things I can sue you for, is that why you're mad? Marital consort-ion. You know what that means? Or you hostile because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, considering who you sleep with, any side is the wrong side of the bed.

Steph – Shut up Show!

Big Show – You want me to shut up? Why don't you shut up Steph?

Steph – And you're gone in five...

Big Show – I'm not gone.

Steph – Four...

Big Show – You've taken my job.

Steph – Three, two...

Big Show – You've taken my house.

Steph – One!

Big Show is cut off the tron.

Trip – And there you have it folks, the once great career that was known as Big Show, goes out with a whimper. So long. Can't grieve for forever, on with the show. Let's bring out onight's first competitor, Dean Ambrose!

Out comes Daniel Bryan! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" All the way around the ring, the fans all with him chanting along as Bryan bounces and points high. Steph and Trip don't look very impressed.


Bryan vs Ambrose

Ambrose to the ring, points at Bryan across the ring.

Big Show was via satellite somewhere. Bryan on Ambrose with an arm bar. Ambrose reverses, then gets free with a drop kick. They lock hands, but Ambrose kicks Bryan. Another blow on Bryan, then a chop in the corner. Bryan blocks eating the next corner, and Ambrose eats it. Chop to Ambrose in a corner, then kicks. High knee to Ambrose, then a kick to the back. Bryan gets two for it. Ambrose's arm tucked behind him, held with a knee, then his other arm wrenched back as he's face down on the mat. Ambrose free, runs the ropes under and over Bryan into a drop kick for two.

Bryan with Ambrose's arm over his shoulder, slammed on Bryan's shoulder. Bryan does this again and Ambrose to his knees. A kick to Ambrose, then Bryan pulls an arm drag type move, then stomps Ambrose. Ambrose eats corner, then takes kicks. Ambrose sent to run the ropes and holds on to avoid a drop kick. Ambrose comes back with a forearm to the face for two. Ambrose stomps on Bryan's face, then his ribs. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Short clothesline on Bryan for two.

Punch to Bryan's ear, chin hold, another punch, then a stomp. Ambrose holds a sitting Bryan's head and punches again. Suplex on Bryan for two. Ambrose telegraphs and then botch up something! Suplex from Bryan, then he climbs. Ambrose rolls out, so Bryan down and hits a baseball slide. Bryan off the apron, but Ambrose ducks. Ambrose takes Bryan down hard outside.


Bryan elbows free from Ambrose, but then runs into a knee. A bit of confusion on the ropes, the moves changes as Bryan and Ambrose speak, so Bryan takes a drop kick against the ropes for two. (Looks like they're starting to call more moves in the ring.) Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan up and free, but then suplexed for two.

Head scissors on the mat by Ambrose. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants. Bryan free, locks up Ambrose's legs, rolls Ambrose into the surfboard, then wrenches his head back. Ambrose gets free by raking Bryan's eyes. Bryan to the apron screaming, holding his face. Ambrose all smiles, punches Bryan over the top. Ambrose then kicks Bryan on the apron. Bryan up, blacks the blows, makes Ambrose eat the corner. Bryan up, but Ambrose with a right to send Bryan sitting. Ambrose up, sets Bryan up with a double chicken wing suplex for two.

Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan up, takes a knee to the gut, but comes back with a backslide for two. They collide with a double cross body. Both struggle up. Bryan blocks Ambrose's blows, punches at Ambrose, then whipped, but runs up and over Ambrose. Big clothesline to Ambrose, then hits his double kick on Ambrose in the corner. Head scissors on Ambrose off the top for a long two.

Kick to Ambrose's chest. Bryan whipped, gets an elbow up. Bryan sits up top, but is tossed off, then eats a spinebuster for two. Bryan elevates a running Ambrose over the top and out. Flying goat on Ambrose! Bryan climbs, air goat (missile drop kick) "YES!" kicks to Ambrose. Ambrose ducks, then tries to roll Bryan up, but Bryan reverses into the "YES!" lock. Ambrose taps out.

Winner – Bryan (15:25)

Bryan chants "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with the fans. Video recap of the high points at the end of the match. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and the fans are right with Bryan who is up on a corner pointing.


In Ring Segment

Punk comes out in all black, mic in hand, stays on the stage. "CM Punk!" chants.

Punk – This Sunday, Ryback and more importantly Heyman will be locked in the HIAC with me. The thing about the structure itself, it's not about settling scores, it ends careers and defines legacies. Despite all my accomplishments, throughout my career, I know my career will be defined by what I do to Heyman. Except Heyman thinks Ryback can save him him a beating, but he can't. Once that door's locked, they're in there with the devil who will get the job done. This time it isn't specifically about winning or losing, it isn't to pin Heyman, or locking him in a wrestling hold and make him submit. The plan is to put Ryback to sleep. Then I will enjoy Heyman wiggling around like a little worm on a big hook. Then I will corner him like the dog he is, and I'll smash his face into every side of that cage, because that's what he deserves. He may be here tonight thinking he knows what it means to be extreme, but he doesn't, and Sunday he will find out. Sunday three men walk in, only one walks out under his own power, and that's The Best In The World!

Backstage Segment

Trip – Vickie, we need you to take care of the little things. Don't screw it up.
Vickie – Yes, sir.

They walk away and into an office.

Steph – Where have you been, you didn't answer us...
HBK – Inside your office!

Trip and HBK hug.

Steph (still on her cell) – We need security here now. No more chances with Big Show. Not taking any chances.
HBK – You don't look happy to see me.
Trip – There's a lot going on Shawn.
HBK – I know, I know, you've got your power suit. (To Steph) Hi Mama. (Back to Trip) Power shirt, power tie, power pants. You don't have time for us little people, but I'm here for you.
Trip – That's not true.
HBK – I know. You really don't think Bryan can win?
Trip – That's not it. He can become Champ, but have you seen him. We're not a wheat grass company.
HBK – I know, but they said the same thing about me, and about you.
Steph – They can't figure out how Big Show interrupted that feed. It's just ridiculous.
HBK – Woman! Woman, woman, woman! We used to do that stuff to your old man all the time and you loved it. You used to think it was funny.
Steph – It was funny, this is different, we fired Big Show. I don't know if you've noticed, but things have changed around here.
HBK – No, I've noticed, I just didn't want to believe it. It's a shame, it really is. Thankfully, one of us hasn't hand to grow up, so I'm going to have some fun! (HBK laughs and takes off.)

In Ring Segment

Santino, Khali and Hornswoggle all come out dressed like Elvis.


Santino vs Slater

3MB in the ring.

Slater dances in the ring, Santino comes back with some lameness. Slater throws the same back. Santino comes back at Slater. Slater tries a move and takes a chop. Slater's foot is caught, another chop. Santino comes at Slater with more dancing and Slater hides in the corner. Slater comes out with a kick. Santino runs the ropes, then power walks, and is kicked for it. Shoulder blocks on Santino in a corner. Running shoulder block from Slater for two. Slater with his arms around Santino from behind, but it looks like a hug. Santino to his feet, hips going, sends Slater flying. Santino into the ropes, then takes more shoulder blocks in the corner. Slater goes for another running block, but takes the post. Santino does his split, hip toss, dropping head butt,t hen out comes the cobra. Slater on Santino with a kick and blows. Slater sits up top, then comes off the second ropes, but Santino kips up and lands the cobra for three.

Winner – Santino (3:25)

Santino – Ladies and gentlemen, the cobra and I know there's only one King from Memfoose, Jerry 'The King' Lawler! King up on the desk with Santino, dancing and laughing!

Backstage Segment

Orton heading for the ring.



Recap of the opening segment – Trip saying he respects Shawn Michaels, but then Big Show on the tron ripping on Trip and Steph.

Ziggler vs Orton

Ziggler out in pink, all pumped up. Orton out to face him.

They lock up, muscle around, pushing hard, then finally at the last moment Orton turns Ziggler into the corner, then Ziggler reverses, then Orton reverses. The ref finally breaks the up and Orton quickly rolls from the ring. The fans are split chanting for them both! Orton in and kicks on Ziggler. Ziggler thrown out through the ropes. Orton out, grabs Ziggler, and sends him into the barricade, then lands a clothesline. Ziggler rolled in for two.

Orton grabs his hair, slides out, sets Ziggler up, but Ziggler puts his feet down and slams Orton back into the barricade. Ziggler on Orton with blows. Orton comes back sending Ziggler into the post. Ziggler slid in, and Orton stalks him slowly. A forearm on the back of Ziggler's upper arm, grinding it down. Ziggler up with back elbows and blows, backs Orton into a corner and on him with 10 blows. Orton reverses the whip, but Ziggler comes out with a big clothesline for two. King and the Elvis Cobra are trending. Back breaker on Ziggler for two.

Arm hold with an elbow in the side of Ziggler's head, his whole body on the mat. Side headlock on Ziggler, keeping Ziggler low to the mat. Ziggler up, jawbreaker to get free. Ziggler ducks a blow and takes Orton down. Neck breaker by Ziggler then an elbow drop for two. Orton ducks the famouser, but then Ziggler reverses on the DDT and into a big bulldog for a long two!

Ziggler splashes Orton, but is caught and Orton haphazardly tosses Ziggler back. Ziggler lands badly, but on his shoulders and not his neck! 'Vintage' Orton DDT, then he pumps up the fans mocking them, but they are still loving him. Orton slams on the mat, but stands into a HUGE drop kick for a long two! Ziggler on Orton's back, but tossed off. Ziggler eats the RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (7:50)

Video of Orton eating the drop kick, but then landing the RKO for three. Orton poses on the corner after watching the highlights on the tron. JBL predicts Orton will become WWE Champ on Sunday at HIAC.


The same video of Cena's injury, surgery and recovery that was shown on RAW last week.


AJ & Tamina vs Bella Twins

AJ skips to the ring, Tamina in tow. Bellas out in pink and black to face them.

Tamina takes Brie down, then again. Tamina pulls Brie's hair a couple times, flips her back, and she lands on her feet. Nikki tags in and takes Tamina down. Neck drag on Tamina, but then Nikki sent out. Nikki on the apron, pulled in by two fists of hair. Snap suplex on Nikki for two. Head lock on Nikki, she gets free, but pulled down by her hair. Nikki choked in the ropes, then slammed to the mat. Tamina back on Nikki's hair, then slams her to the mat. Tamina holds Nikki by the hair so she can't tag out. AJ finally tags in, pins Nikki for two.

Head lock on Nikki. Nikki up, AJ on her back. Nikki slams back into a corner, but AJ then takes Nikki down. Nikki eats corner, then stomped down. AJ rushes Nikki, gets corner boobs first. Clothesline, then drop kick on AJ. Nikki reversed, hits a back elbow, then missile drop kick for two!

AJ fights back, but Nikki reversal, but lets go hits Tamina. Brie tags in, rushes AJ with a knee, but AJ ducks and Tamina on the apron takes the knee. Brie face plants AJ for three.

Winners – Bellas (5:04)

Tamina carries AJ out slung over her shoulder.


YouTube 30 seconds of fury – Cross armbreaker!


Backstage Segment

Renee – I expect Heyman at any moment, but things have been crazy lately here, look at what happened on Smackdown.
Video of Axel and Ryback on Punk, but then Big E came out and sides with Punk, helped him take on Axel and Ryback. Big E Tweeted that he doesn't like bullies either.
Renee – Things have been quite intense here lately. (Heyman comes up and Renee stops him.) This Sunday you're going to be locked in HIAC with Punk.
Heyman – Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It's an execution live on WWE PPV, as The Best In The World, CM Punk, straps me into the electric chair, puts poison into my veins, lines up the firing squad and pulls the trigger himself for the first time ever, and will never, ever happen again. And, for the first time ever, a non-participant gets locked into a HIAC with a man who doesn't spend his nights fantasizing about the Divas, Punk spends his nights fantasizing about the massacre he wants to inflict upon Heyman, drive me away from WWE forever. (screaming starts) When we're locked into the cage, and the volcano erupts, comes down that mountain, and the villagers, with the lava flowing into their house, melting their cars, suffocating, melting their flesh, and the villagers are yelling, 'Run for your lives, run for your lives!' And these are the people who love and worship Punk, (screaming stops) and I'm the one, who has a different strategy, because I'm not all filled with emotion Renee. I'm cold heart-ed, and I'm calculated and in control. The same way I controlled Punk all these years. The same way I control my monster Ryback. Punk can't get past Ryback, so he can't get his hands on me. That's why Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, I won't be locked in the cage with Punk, he's going to be locked in the cage with me.

Big E – So, who's a marginal talent now?

Ryback – Where are your manners?

Axel – Yeah, rookie! Don't you know how to say, excuse me?

Heyman – You know Mr. Axel, you ought to teach this rookie how veterans have respect in this locker room?

Big E – You want to fight me? You're on.

Heyman (to Axel) – You don't fight for free, wait for Sunday.


Recap of HBK on mic last week on RAW, then to Bryan learning from HBK. Some of this was recorded from 2011, Bryan had his hair buzzed off. Clips from Bryan working in Texas in 2000. The video has HBK talking Bryan up, and showing Bryan starting moves in 2000, and finishing them just recently in the WWE ring.

In Ring Segment

The Wyatt Family to the ring. Bray leads Rowan and Harper to the ring.


Rowan & Harper vs Miz & Kofi

All four in the ring.

Miz ducks Rowan's clothesline, then pulls the top rope down for Rowan to fly out. Miz with a drop kick through the ropes on Rowan, then over to Bray, but attacked from behind. Miz rolled in. Harper tags in and they double team with Rowan sent into Miz in the corner, then Miz into Harper's big boot for two. Miz then takes the slingshot up into the bottom rope for two. Rowan tags in and drops an elbow on Miz as Harper holds his leg. Rowan easily lifts Miz and drops him into a back breaker for two.

Harper tags in and stomps Miz. Elbow drop on Miz, then front facelock and rolls Miz back and forth, like an alligator. Harper into a side headlock on Miz on the mat. Miz up, reaching for Kofi as Bray taunts Miz from his chair. Miz pushed into the heel corner, elbows Rowan, but then planted by Harper for a long two.

Jaw breaker on Harper, then Miz flails and reaches for Kofi. Miz kicks free and tags out. Kofi all over Rowan with a cheap shot, then whipped, gets his feet up and then hits head scissors. Kofi flies with the cross body, but Rowan breaks the count. Kofi rolls Harper for two, then TIP on Rowan over the top rope, but then turns into a sick clothesline for three.

Winners – Rowan & Harper (4:51)

JBL is in awe of Harper's clothesline, and that's saying something. Harper back on Kofi with blows. Miz in to save Kofi, but he's taken down by Rowan. Kofi forcefully sent flying from the ring. Rowan and Harper tie Miz into the ropes, and Bray gets in the ring, mic in hand. As Bray talks, Rowan and Harper dig their fingers into Miz's face, hold his face staring at Bray, keep his eyes trained on the hatted man.
Bray - I have won wars, without so much as lifting a finger, man. Hahaha. And I bet you think I don't know you mis, but I do. Tell me something friend, if I may. Do you believe in the creator of life after death? I do, but I'm not here to convince you that hell is a real thing, no. I'm just here to lead you to the gates. Follow the buzzards, hahaha!


Axel vs Big E

Axel to the ring with Heyman and Ryback. Big E out to new music to face him.

Big E on the apron, back to Axel and Ryback. Big E into the ring and tackles Axel. Ryback on beg and the two of them trying to gain control over Big E, but they can't. Big E dumps all three of them out, then they gain some control. Axel slammed back into the barricade. Ryback holds Big E, Big E kicks Axel as he rushes him, then slams Ryback back into the apron. Heyman with a kendo stick on Big E, then Big E turns and flees. Ryback with a clothesline on Big E, but there's Punk running down, kendo stick in hand, looking all the world like a straight edge Sandman! Heyman flees, and Punk gets a couple of blows on Ryback before he flees the ring.

Vickie – By the power vested in my by The Authority, I'm ordering this match to be restarted as a Tag Team Match!
JBL (on announce) – It never was started!


Punk & Big E vs Axel & Ryback

Axel eats corner, then Punk tags in. Punk with a big flying elbow to the top of Axel's head. Neck breaker on Axel, then Big E tags in. double hip toss on Axel, then Big E pins for two. Punk tags in, slams into Axel's gut, but then telegraphs and is kicked for it. Axel drags Punk to the heel corner and tags out. Ryback in, but taking blows and chops from Punk. Ryback lifts Punk and slams him into the opposite corner. Punk whipped, lands on the mat. Ryback stomps Punk, kicks his ribs. "CM Punk!" chants. Ryback lamely kicks at Punk, then drops a leg for two.

Punk slammed to the mat. Axel tags in and comes in off the second ropes with a double ax handle to the gut of Punk. Chinlock on Punk on the mat. "CM Punk!" chants. Knees to Punk, then he's whipped, but gets a foot up. Punk up top, lateral press for two.

Clothesline on Punk. Axel stomps Punk in the face, then tags out. Ryback with a big right, then drops a splash for two. Forearms to Punk's upper back, then a chop on the ropes. "Goldberg!" chants. Punk up for a delayed, but wiggles free and rolls Ryback up for two.

Ryback on Punk for two. Bear hug on Punk from behind. Punk elbows free. Punk up on a shoulder, but gets free and kicks Ryback in the head. Both men are down and reaching. Both tag out. Big E with clotheslines on Axel, then elevates and drops Axel. Big collision, then a splash on Axel. Straps come down, Big E ducks and Punk off the top onto Ryback. Clothesline from Big E to Ryback. Punk tags Ryback from the ring. Big ending on Axel for three.

Winners – Punk & Big E (6:35)

Punk and Big E celebrate together to Big E's music. Video of the high points of the match. Punk and Big E still breathing heavy in the ring as Heyman is seething outside. Punk leaves the ring, takes off after Heyman. Heyman over the barricade, Punk after him. Heyman gets away, so Punk in the stands, celebrating with the fans as his own music plays.

Backstage Segment

R-Truth - What's up, this is R-Truth in the belly of ShopZone to prove I'm the best salesman in the world. A portion of the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Tonight only 20% with promo code TRUTH.


Tons of Funk vs The Real Americans

Tons of Funk and Dactyls in the ring dancing. The Real Americans come out to face them. Video from Smackdown where El Torito gores Zeb in the gut, then in the butt! Then Usos beat The Real Americans. Zeb is seething in front of announce. Split screen of El Torito talking.

Swagger attacks Sweet T with knees. Cole yells gore, gore, gore at Zeb on announce. Sweet T with knees on Swagger, then on Cesaro. Swagger sent out, but Cesaro, who tagged in, dropped a leg on Sweet T for two.

Blows on Sweet T on the mat. Swagger wrenches Sweet T's leg, then kicks it in the ropes. Sweet T fights back, but is back suplexed for it as Zeb rants on announce about the bull being kidnapped. Swagger bomb, then Cesaro's double stomps, but slides off and covers for two.

King and Cole confuse Zeb on announce. Clay tags in and clotheslines Cesaro. Cesaro back with an elbow, then the big swing on Clay! Swagger tags in and locks on the patriot lock. Clay taps out, but Swagger won't let go for a bit.

Winners – The Real Americans (3:33)

Video recap of the high points of the match.
Zeb – I got something to say here. Boo me once, shame on me, boo me twice, shame on America. I want you to meet my newest little friend. (Zeb pulls out Matilda, his bull whip. He doesn't call it Matilda, but that's what his whip was called back in the day [thanks Jesse]) And that's no bull, put your hands over your hearts, and say with me, "We, the people!"


Announce Segment

King hits Cole with a Cena stuffed toy. They go to a video of Cena's career, starting with Ruthless Aggression. Cena starts against Angle, then through his career, missing much of the early years, but a lot of the bigger moments. Then to ADR on Smackdown, talking down Cena, calling him a nobody when he loses to ADR. ADR then attacked Josh with the cross armbreaker.

In Ring Segment

Goldust to the ring with his brother Cody. Goldust is in his ring gear, Cody in a suit, both with their belts, as they head to announce.


Reigns & Rollins vs Usos

Cody looking spiffy, and Goldust feeling himself up on announce. Out comes The Shield, much staring with the Rhodes Brothers. Usos out in pink, with pink face paint.

Rollins rolled up for two, then again. Blows from Jimmy, but Rollins fights back. Knee to Rollins, but Rollins comes back with a kick, but then sent out over the top. Jimmy over the top onto Rollins. Sends him back in, and on him with two. Rollins sends Jimmy into the heel corner, Reigns tags in. Jimmy knocked down for two. Reigns drops an elbow, but is slammed back into the face corner. Jey tags in and forearms Reigns in the face, then clotheslines him on the mat for a long two.

Jimmy tags in, off the top on Reigns, but then backed into the heel corner. Blows on Jimmy, and Rollins tags in. Rollins ducks and Jimmy takes the second rope across the chest for two. "Goldy, I think if you built a liar from the ground up he would look like JBL," says Cody. Goldust comes back with, "Oh snap!" Reigns with a front facelock on Jimmy. Jimmy fights free, but then punched down on the mat. Jimmy blocks being suplexed into the ring by Reigns, then shoulder blocks Reigns. Ambrose distracts Jimmy, then Reigns knocks him off the apron hard.


Reigns on an Uso with a suplex for two. Reigns with a chinlock on his cousin, then gets him up, the the Uso is free. DDT on Reigns and both are down. Rollins tags in and a forearm to the Uso's face. Rollins stomps him in the heel corner. Jey elevates Rollins over the top, but Reigns tags in. Reigns holds Jey's foot, but he's free and kicks Reigns in the head. Jimmy tags in and off the top for two. Big kick, then upper cut on Reigns. Rollins flies in and takes and upper cut. Rollins clotheslined from the ring. Jimmy takes Reigns down in the ring. Reigns with a sick clothesline that turns the Uso inside out like his father. Samoan drop on Rollins, but then Reigns takes down the legal Uso. Both men are down. Reigns rushes the Uso, but the Uso dives over, Reigns shoulder first. Uso climbs and flies, but Reigns gets a foot up.

Ambrose over and pie faces Cody. The Rhodes brothers and The Shield into it and the Usos get involved. The ref calls for the bell.

No Contest (14:33)

The Shield rolls Goldust into the ring, beat on him, but the Usos and Cody in to break it up. Reigns clotheslined from the ring. Ambrose into the stairs by Usos. Usos clothesline Rollins from the ring. The Shield flees as the Usos and the Rhodes stand in the ring together.


In Ring Segment

Trip and Steph in the ring for the contract signing. Justin announces The face of the WWE, Randy Orton! Orton to the ring as Steph and Trip clap for him. Orton into the ring. Bryan out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan looks into the three smirking at him from the ring. Trip claps for Bryan.

Trip – Now, the Special Guest Ref for this WWE Championship Match at HIAC needs no introduction, but I'll give him one anyway! The Show Stopper, The Icon, Mr. WrestleMania, Mr. HOF, a founding father of DX, and my best friend Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Steph – Onto the official contract singing for the WWE Championship Match at HIAC. Randy, as The face of the WWE, you have the floor.

Orton – Well Daniel, I have to give credit where credit is due, I guess. Every week I beat you down physically, mentally, emotionally, and every week you get right back up. This Sunday at HIAC, after the beating I give you, you will not be getting right back up. I have survived against Taker at HIAC. I have beaten Sheamus and Cena inside HIAC. I can say with the utmost confidence Daniel, you have no idea what you're getting into. Now I'm going to make sure that this Sunday at HIAC, your first HIAC will be your absolute last.

Orton takes the pen and signs the contract, after staring at Bryan a bit more. Orton slides the contract to Bryan who laughs.

Bryan – Randy, I expect nothing less from you than threats like that. You're a ten time World Champion, and you've pushed me to the limits every time we've stepped into the ring with each other, but you and I both know if it weren't for The Shield, for The Authority, if it weren't for Triple H, I'd be standing in this ring now as the WWE Champion. And we also both know that I am more than capable of smashing in that so-called-face of the WWE. And with that said, I've got two words for you...

"Suck it"

Bryan – No, not quite. Thank you. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for allowing me to prove that I'm way more than a B+ player. Thank you for exposing yourself as a corporate patsy. And thank you for exposing Trip and Steph as the selfish, insecure, narcissistic spoiled brats that they really are.

Bryan signs the contract.

Trip – Here's the thing Daniel, I've seen guys like you come and go a million times. Guys like Jericho, Edge, RVD, all guys that are very talented, don't get me wrong, top guys, very popular, but not the one, but never the one. Nobody wants to say this, but it needs to be said, it's a fact, if any of those guys had been The face of the WWE back in the day, we'd all be working for Ted turner right about now. You think you're playing in the big leagues kid? You have no idea. You step inside that HIAC, and I have a feeling, you're going to prove to the world that all you are is a B+ player.

Bryan – Boy, you sure do talk a big game behind that suit, why don't you trade it in for some wrestling gear, and I'll show you how good I really am.

Trip – See, here's the thing. That statement shows how out of it you really are. You don't even understand what's going on here. If I get back in this ring, which I'm perfectly capable of doing, it's gonna be to to fight a star. It would be to get in here to face Taker, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, it sure as hell wouldn't be Daniel Bryan. That's what you don't understand. Somebody like me fights A+ players. You know why I fight stars, because they want to fight a star. They wouldn't waste their time with you. I wouldn't waste my time fighting someone like you. Shawn Michaels shouldn't have ever wasted his time training you.

HBK – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, I didn't waste my time training him. He's good. He's very good. Dude, I gotta ask, what has happened to you. What happened to the guy who raged against the machine with me? What happened to the guy that drove the tank into WCW? What happened to the guy who came out here on TV and played strip poker with me? We were half nekked on live TV, it was a good time! What happened to you? Look, I hope you can understand this, I don't care if you're the COO, or whatever it is. I don't care that I trained him. What I care about is the people who voted for me to guarantee them a new WWE Champion this Sunday at HIAC, and that's exactly what I'm going to give them.

Orton – I told you Hunter. I told you last week exactly what he's here for, he has an agenda against me, I can see it!

Trip – No Randy, at the end of the day, Shawn will do what's right.

HBK – You're right, I will do what's right. I'm gonna do what's right for the business I love. I'm gonna do what's right for the business they love. What do you have against him? Is it that he's smaller than you? Is it that he has an insanely grotesque beard? Heck, I had one a couple months ago, and I kind of liked it. Is it because he marches to the beat of a different drum? Or is it, is it because, after everything you've thrown at him, everything you've put him through, he proved you wrong?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton – You can't beat me Daniel, I see it in your eyes. You know you can't beat me Sunday. This Sunday Dan, I'm going to take this A+ player straight to hell! Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Bryan moves the table out of the way, but the tron goes to the back. An 18 wheeler, minus the trailer, heading into the arena, through people jumping out of the way. Wait, it's Big Show! Into the arena, beside the stage. Big Show opens the door and stands in the door of the truck starting the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Big Show then motions for Orton to turn around. Orton turns right into Bryan's knee to Orton's face. Trip is pissed as Bryan gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going. He leaves the ring and heads for Big Show. RAW ends with Bryan on the hood of the truck leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Biggest pop
Big Show

Biggest heat
Trip & Steph
Heyman & Ryback

Most mixed

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