RAW Results 12/2/13 – I Feel Pretty!

Uso, Rhodes, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

RAW Results December 2, 2013
From Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks up the TLC Match and how The Authority guarantees one man will walk out as Champion. Contract signing tonight.

RAW Starts

(Just to let you know, I'm working on a slightly sprained wrist tonight. I will try not to cut anything short, but I might be a bit briefer with certain segments tonight to save some pain. Thanks for understanding, it wouldn't be RAW without writing it for me.)

In Ring Segment

Punk out in black pants, black and white sneakers, black hoodie over a white shirt, and his hair looking wind-blown. Video of Bryan being abducted, then Punk being speared by Reigns, then triple bombed by The Shield in the ring. Punk watching the tron. "CM Punk!"

Punk – For one week I have been trying to decide why The Shield attacked me. I just figured out I'm in denial. Deep down in the best guts in the business. Last week I made the cardinal sin of criticizing Trip on RAW. I think I said he lacked creativity, it was no big deal. Later in the show I was attacked by The Shield. Who am I to question King of Kings. Has to be a cooincidence. I don't want anything to do with that's behind that door, I like living in my own universe. Ytrp isn't that dense to kick a living hornets nest, to pick a fight with the biggest anti-authority figure in WWE history. If I'm right Trip and his group are the sorry, ignorant, stupid, douche bags (db was bleeped out), that I have ever come across in my entire life.

Steph's music and out she comes in her black power suit.

Steph – First of all Punk, I hope you and everyone here had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Punk – You don't care about my Thanksgiving.

Steph – Oh, I do, I hope you had a good one. I know we did. Speaking of my family, you know there couldn't be bigger advocates of free speech, than my family. My husband was a founding father of DX. (pop) If you would think we'd have The Shield attack you because you called my husband a bad name. What are we, in kindergarten? Punk, it's beneath us. We matured, but I have to stop projecting our values onto you. Because, clearly, you haven't. I can understand you not wanting to antagonize The Shield right now, but it's easier to point your finger at us right now. Punk, you should know, we were just as upset about you being attacked.

Punk – You expect me to believe that?

Steph – It's the truth. Now, listen, not withstanding your ego, The Authority has more to deal with tonight, like the unprecedented contract signing of the WWE and WHC match. I'm tough, but fair, we're willing to hear you out. You can ask our Director of Operations, Kane.

Kane comes out in a dark, possibly black, suit with a lilac shirt and slightly darker mauve tie.

Kane – As DOO it's my job to handle day to day issues, identify problem areas, and serve as crisis management to ensure WWE is run smoothly. The findings into our investigation into your accusations support Steph's claim. The Authority had nothing to do with The Shield's attack, and is absolved from any wrongdoing, therefore the issue is resolved. Now, do you have any questions? (Punk was hiding his face behind his hand to keep from grinning at Kane's soft spoken, precise, and sing-songy voice.)

Punk – Do I have any questions, yeah, exactly when did become 'the big red ass kisser'?

Kane – I would advise you not to take this lightly.

Punk – I would advise you not to patronize me.

Kane – Punk, we are not the enemy. This is not a path I'd recommend you go down.

Punk - Okay, you would not recommend I go down this path, so why don't we go down this path?since it's obvious you hug up your mask and put on a cheap suit, and you sold out, why don't you walk down this ring and since you've already sold out, you can also get knocked out. Or, you have your choice, you can get knocked out, or I can make you go to sleep.

Kane takes a step toward the ring, but Steph stops him with a hand on his chest. Kane breathes through it.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

The Shield's music and here they come. Steph acts shocked as King comments on her fake surprise. Punk leaves the ring and throws a chair in before returning and waiting. The Shield circles the ring.

Steph – Alright, stop right there. Stop! The Shield, stop! I will not have a repeat of last week. Punk is to be respected and admired. (Steph leaves the stage.)

Kane – Respected, admired, and challenged, which is why at TLC, Punk will be in a Handicap Match against all three members of The Shield. (Kane's music plays and Kane looks proud of himself, if still a bit twitchy.)


IC #1 Contendership Match – Ziggler vs Sandow

Sandow (coming in on him already speaking) – I was beating Ziggler, and will go on to have the distinction of beating Big E for the IC Title, you're welcome!

Ziggler out. Big E on announce proving how well spoken he really is!

Sandow on Ziggler with kicks. Sandow rolled up for two. Drop kick on Sandow for two. Ziggler with a running clothesline, then Sandow slides out. Big E would rather face Ziggler, they've compete with Skip It! Sandow on Ziggler, rolls Ziggler in for two. Elbow of disdain on Ziggler for two. Ziggler moves out of the way of a second rope moonsault. Ziggler reverses on Sandow with a DDT for two.

Sandow rushes Ziggler, Ziggler moves and Sandow eats corner. Ziggler flies on Sandow, almost over shoots, blows on Sandow, then taken down for two. Ziggler flies onto Sandow, climbs down his back and pins for two. Famouser on Sandow for a long two. Ziggler frustrated, climbs, but Sandow lands against the top rope and Ziggler falls to the mat. You're welcome for three.

Winner – Sandow (3:57)

Sandow over to stare at Big E who stands and stares back, pointing at his strap, then at himself. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Nattie & Bellas vs AJ, Summer Rae & Tamina

Faces in the ring, as is Summer Rae. AJ skips out, Tamina in tow. Video of Summer Rae dancing last week to get out of being beaten down in the Elimination Divas match. AJ still kipping around the ring. King asks if that's the Skip It game?

Nikki and Tamina lock up. Tamina pie faces Nikki, Nikki does it back, then slaps Nikki. Cole thinks it's hopscotch. Tamina pulled down for two. Low drop kick on Tamina, then Brie tags in and comes in off the top. Brie in control until Tamina slams her face first on the corner. AJ still skipping around the ring to an, "AJ's crazy!" chant. Head butt to Brie, then Summer Rae tags in. Summer Rae chokes Brie in the ropes while ballet stretching. Summer Rae on Brie for two. AJ's still skipping, but in the opposite direction. Tamina tags in, but then Summer Rae takes the tag. Brie with back elbows to Summer Rae and Tamina. Summer Rae stops Brie from getting to her team. Summer Rae rolls around, makes a mess of things, gets two, then stops Brie and slams her down badly, Brie landing horribly on her knees.

Nattie tags in with a big clothesline on Summer Rae. Nattie into a corner hard, then Summer Rae screaming for AJ. AJ up and tags in, skipping in, back kicks Nattie, Nattie fights back, but Tamina in and eats double drop kick from Bellas! Summer Rae screaming as Nattie rolls up AJ for three!

Winner – Nattie & Bellas (4:24)

AJ glares at Summer Rae by her side, then stares off crazy. Then AJ up, shrugs, then out, grabs her belt and skips off.


Ringside Segment

Bad News Barrett is at a podium beside announce. #BadNewsBarrett is all over it.

Barrett – Ladies and gentlemen, I have some good news, and I have some bad news. The good news is, we are live on RAW. The bad news is, we are stuck in an arena full of hillbillies, and overweight miscreants who name their city after their state so they could remember it. Here is Oke-yuck-yuck-yuck City, thank you.

His new logo, the #BadNewsBarrett in a box is stamped on the screen in red.

Backstage Segment

Orton looks down on Maddox. He's glad Maddox is bad. Sorry he wasn't sympathetic of his injuries. He needs to demand The Authority recognizes him as the greatest Champ of this generation, or any other. Maddox is to tell them, Orton is The face of the WWE. And his name is more respected and well known than Cena. He's bigger than the WWE itself. Maddox is to tell them!

Announce Segment

Time for the WWE App Poll! Will the new Champ be called -
The Unified Champion
The Undisputed WWE Champion
The Undisputed World Champion
(Sam voted for the Unified Champion)

In Ring Segment

Bryan out to the ring to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Bryan vs Rowan

Bryan still in the ring chanting. Lights go out, then they come up and both Rowan and Harper are in the ring staring at Bryan. Video of last week's match never ending, then The Wyatt Family abducted Bryan. On Smackdown Bray said Bryan was safe with them, entire the loin's den a man, leave a monster.

Harper removes Rowan's mask, then he goes after Bryan. Bryan steps away. Rowan backed into a corner, then reverses and kicks Rowan. Bryan runs ropes into a shoulder block. Bryan pulled up, head butted. Bryan kicks back, but slammed with a forearm to the back down to the mat. Bryan comes back with forearms to Rowan's face. Bryan on Rowan's back with a sleeper. Rowan flips Bryan off, over his shoulder. Bryan off a corner with a knee, then kicks in a corner. Bryan wrenches Rowan's arm, then tries to force Rowan down to the mat. Bryan thrown off. Bryan pulled up by his beard, then slammed to the mat. Rowan flexes that arm Bryan had been working on. Bryan pulled up by his ear as the fans chant for Bryan. Bryan with a low drop kick on Rowan's knee, then "YES!" kicks. Bryan trying for his lock, but Rowan to the ropes. Knee o Bryan that stop him and lands him on the mat. Knee drop on Bryan, then he's tossed from the ring through the ropes. Rowan out, but Bryan is in. low drop kick through the ropes on Rowan. Bryan flies out, but is caught. Rowan stumbles, but keeps to his feet. Bryan slammed to the barricade.


Rowan with a shoulder block to the back of a sitting Bryan's shoulder. Bear hug on Bryan, Bryan flung like a doll. Bryan back elbows, but then runs into a clothesline. Bryan out of the ring and Harper stalks him. Harper points, Rowan grabs Bryan and sends him into the stairs. The ref is counting. They go back at 6, and Rowan gets two for his work outside.

Bryan on his knees, struggling, but pulled up and slammed into a corner. Drop toe hold on Rowan into a corner. Running feet to Rowan, but the second time Bryan is taken down. Big boot to Bryan against the bottom rope. Another big boot to Bryan's face. Rowan lands a third big boot, but only gets two for it.

Facelock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan slammed to the mat, then Rowan grinds his foot on Bryan's face. Bryan fights back, from his knees with blows, then up with kicks, but then Rowan catches Bryan in the air. Fall away slam on Bryan, then Bryan slammed into the corner for two.

Rowan wrenches Bryan's head back by his hair. Chinlock on Bryan, but he gets up and punches free, only to take a backbreaker! Bryan rolls from Rowan's splash! Bryan pulls the top rope down and Rowan flies out. Harper knocked down from the apron. Bryan flies onto Rowan outside. Bryan climbs, lands his missile drop kick! "YES!" kicks to a kneeling Rowan, but Rowan up to avoid the last. Bryan feet up into Rowan's face in the corner. Bryan up top, then takes a big boot. Rowan picks up Bryan off the corner, holds him high over his head, but then Bryan wiggles free and rolls Rowan up for three!

Winner – Bryan (14:04)

The lights go out, then Bray is on the tron. Bryan is in a fain spotlight, Bray barely bathed in light on the tron, mostly in shadows. The rest of the arena is dark.
Bray – Stand down. Stand down.

Rowan and Harper climbs backward through the ropes where they'd been leaving the ring to go after Bryan.

Bray – Don't worry Bryan, they're not going to hurt you, unless I tell them to. (Bray seems to kiss the air) I understand something Bryan that, since I've been on this earth, I've done a lot of horrible things to a lot of good people. I'm man enough to admit when I am in the wrong. I was wrong about you Bryan. I viewed you as this miniscule little creature chasing this uphill war that you could never win. I saw you busy chasing your little girlyfriend around on TV, buying her diamonds. Let me ask you friend, how long are you willing to live this life? How long until they discover that your dirty little feet are soiling their red carpets? I understand you Bryan, I see you for what you really are, but they, they look at you like you're some circus clown, here for their amusement. Look at you like some gorilla in a cage, son. I see the monster in you. They can't love you, not like I can Bryan! I understand that together, together we tear the walls off this place. Together, we force them to beg. Together, we can bring the machine to its knees, Bryan. Open your eyes.


Backstage Segment

Bryan backstage looking around, bumps into Kane. They stare at each other, then Kane goes into corporate mode.
Kane – Congratulations on your victory, Daniel. Of course we're no longer tag team partners, I have a more important job now. Now that you and Punk are friends, I think it's only right that you face the same challenge at TLC that Punk does. So, Little Daniel, you will be in a Handicap Match against all three of The Wyatt Family.

Kane with is fingers in the air very quietly mocks Bryan's "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" under his breath before he walks away. Bryan glares.

R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs Tons of Funk

R-Truth out rapping for him and Xavier Woods. Video of Woods stealing the show with the Dactyls. On Smackdown Clay got pissy and in Woods' face, pushed Woods into his locker and it took Sweet T to stop Clay. Dactyls out in purple and gold, Tons of Funk join them and the four to the ring wearing funky glasses.

Woods on Clay with kicks, then a chop. Drop kick on Clay, but then Clay catches Woods and slams him. Clay, "You wanna dance?" and Woods is slammed to the mat. Sweet T tags in and lands a shoer clothesline. Forearms to Sweet T's face, really works T over then tags out. "What's up?" then 9 blows on T, some dancing and an upper cut. Shoulder tackle by T. T slingshots R-Truth up in the ropes. Clay with a forearm to R-Truth back. R-Truth up with blows, but Clay with a slamming arm, then taunting R-Truth with some gyrations. R-Truth comes back with a kick that looked low, the a kick to the face. Both are down, then R-Truth tags out. Forearms on Clay, then blows. Woods to the corner, gets his feet up. Honor roll on Clay, then T knocked from the apron. Clay knocks Woods down, then a SICK suplex on Woods. Clay splashes Woods in a corner. Clay up on the corner, but Woods moves and Clay crashes. Clay rolled up for three.

Winners – Woods & R-Truth (4:08)

R-Truth grabs Woods and they roll out fast! Clay is pissed. Clay almost takes it out on T. Woods taunts Clay from outside.


Sin Cara vs ADR

Sin Cara to the ring. (Hunico is under the mask. Thanks to a WNW OTP commenter Venom for passing on that bit of info. It's greatly appreciated.) ADR out.
ADR – This little piece of trash is from Mexico, he represents all the peasants trying to cross the border. I'm going to beat you down, then call immigration to send you to the other side of the border.

They lock up and lights go gold. They grapple around, trying to gain control, ADR stomps him down in a corner. Sin Cara off the corner with a lovely arm drag on ADR. Sin Cara runs up the corner, stands on the top rope, jumps and sends ADR flying. Moonsault off the apron, but ADR way too close to the apron and Sin Cara lands badly, hitting his head on the floor. He looks slightly stunned out there. ADR knocks Sin Cara from the apron. Sin Cara into the barricade. Back into the ring, headlock on Sin Cara. Sin Cara slammed back, then kicked. ADR on Sin Cara for two.

Chinlock on Sin Cara on the mat. Sin Cara up and punches free, but taken down. Sin Cara whipped, moves, then head scissors. JBL, "Sin Cara looking better than ever!" Sin Cara off the top with a missile drop kick, and Cole talks about how great Sin Cara looks. Slingshot cross body on ADR for two. German suplex on Sin Cara for two. Sin Cara's head slammed to the mat a couple times. ADR poses a bit, then calls for his finisher, but pushed off. Upper cut to ADR, and Sin Cara ducks the enziguri. Sick rolling Senton from the top for three on ADR!

Winner – Sin Cara (Hunico) (4:44)

Sin Cara poses on the corner as ADR knees on the ramp holding his ribs while glaring into the ring.


August 2007 – Orton punted John Cena Sr.


Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome John Cena. You have a historic match at TLC. If you become the Undisputed Unified Champion, what would that mean to you?
Cena – Undisputed Unified Champion, think about that. Think of the tradition of the WHC, the meaning and importance of the WWE Championship. Which stands taller? That debates been going on for over half a century. Years ago if you lived in the south, you'd walk that aisle, and woooooo, know that the WHC meant everything. If you lived in the north, you knew exactly what you were goin' to do, brother when pythons ran wild, and the WWE Championship meant the most. People still argues to this day, which Championship stands taller? I think it's time for change. I have been a WWE Champion. I'm proud to be a WHC, but there's only one WWE, and one big, loud, crazy WWE 'Universe' that goes north, south, east, west, around the world, and back again! I think they deserve one Champ, and to be that Champion, you ask what it would mean to me? Everything.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – CM Punk, one on one, nah, you can't beat me.
Rollins – He wouldn't even last five minutes in the ring with that Muay Thai, nonesense!
Reigns – You come anywhere near me, I'm going to beat your little ass.
Ambrose – Three on one handicap match at TLC against all three of us? Believe in The Shield.

In Ring Segment

Cody and Goldust to the ring. Big Show out to tag with them.


Cody & Goldust & Big Show vs The Shield

The Shield to the ring. Video of Punk being speared, then triple bombed by The Shield.

Lots of smack talk across the ring, Reigns in the thick of it. Ambrose behind Big Show, but Big Show turns and takes him down with a headlock takeover. Ambrose down, takes an elbow drop. Ambrose eats the corner, then his shirt is pulled up for a sick chop. Ambrose whipped, hits the mat, then Big Show talks smack with Rollins. Ambrose shirt up again, he shushes, then slaps Ambrose's chest. Ambrose's face is shaking, he's trying not to vomit hanging over the top rope, then takes another. Rollins tags in as Ambrose keeps selling. Rollins with kicks on Big Show's legs, but thrown down. Huge scoop slam on Rollins, then an elbow drop for two. Rollins reaches to tag out, so Big Show tosses him over there. Reigns tags in and talks smack as he climbs in. big forearms to Reigns' back, then Reigns into a corner. His vest opened, his shirt pulled up, then the shush and the slap. Reigns slaps back, then again, so Big Show does it again! Rake to Big Show's eyes and Ambrose in with kicks to Big Show's legs. Ambrose to the corner, over the top, up, but Big Show there and lawn darts Ambrose across the ring. Arm bar on Ambrose, holds the arm, then tags Goldust in who slams on the arm!

Snap mare on Ambrose, and keeps working the arm, tags out. Punk watching on a monitor backstage. Cody with a knee to Ambrose's jaw for two. Rollins tags in to a hip toss from Cody, then a long delayed face first slam on Rollins for two! Cody pulls Rollins over and tags out. Shoulder block from Goldust drops Rollins. A blow, then upper cut on Rollins for two. Goldust with an arm bar on Rollins. Back to the corner, Cody tags in with blows on Rollins. Rollins whipped, then body drop for two from Cody. Rollins with blows on Cody, then slammed back into the heel corner. Chops on Cody, then pulled out of the corner and Ambrose tags in. Cody knocks Rollins down, pulls Ambrose in the hard way and knocks Reigns from the corner. Moonsault on Ambrose for two. Ambrose free of cross Rhodes, then sends Cody into the corner shoulder first. Ambrose dominating on Cody.


Jaw breaker on Rollins, but then Cody eats a drop kick to the face while kneeling. Ambrose tags in and stomps Cody's gut. Ambrose with a forearm across Cody's face. Reigns tags in and on Cody's arm. "Cody!" chants. Cody goes for the disaster kick, but takes a hand to the gut and slammed down by Reigns! Reigns stomps Cody, then Rollins tags in. Rollins with a running forearm to Cody in a corner. Cody tries to fight back with blows, but can't get anywhere. Rollins backs off, rushes Cody and eats feet. Both are down. Ambrose tags in, but Cody on the apron hangs Ambrose up. Cody with a slingshot double drop kick on Ambrose and Rollins. Cody avoids a Reigns elbow drop and tags Big Show in.

Reigns whipped, takes a body drop, then back splashed in a corner. Ambrose pulls the top rope down and Big Show falls out. Big Show rolls in to be stomped by Reigns. Rollins tags in, Punk still watching backstage. Rollins with a knee to the jaw from the top. Rollins stomps Big Show. Big Show trying to get up, but Rollins keeps kicking. Rollins pins and is flung away. Ambrose tags in and stomps Big Show into the heel corner. Big Show with bdoy blow son Ambrose, but Ambrose stomps back. Reigns tags in, rakes Big Show eyes from outside, then a front facelock on Big Show. Big Show with slaps to Reigns' gut, but then Reigns clotheslines Big Show from his knees. Ambrose tags in and elbow drops Big Show for two.

Headlock on Big Show who suplexes free. Both men are down. Reigns tags in, about to clothesline, but is caught and chokeslamed to the mat. Both down. The fans are stomping anf gls tags in. Rollins tags in and takes clotheslines, then telegraphs for an upper cut, then inverted atomic drop. Goldust with blows, then Goldust kicks Rollins off. Goldust off the second ropes with a hurricanrana for two. Ambrose breaks it up. Cody in to stop him and takes a drop kick from the apron to announce. Rollins gets Goldust up, Ambrose is about to do something, but Big Show pulls the ropes down and Ambrose out. Power slam on Rollins, both down.

Big Show is speared by Reigns. Cody flies and is hurt! King calls it, an arm, or shoulder, or ribs. Goldust up on a corner, Ambrose up. Goldust up, set up to superplex Ambrose onto Rollins, but Rollins moves at the last moment. Goldust supleplexes Ambrose, but Rollins is there to roll Goldust up for three.

Winner – The Shield (20:17)

The Shield celebrates.


Breaking Point September 2009 – I Quit Match where Orton finally gave up.


Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome CM Punk. I want to get your reaction to your TLC match.

Punk – (all smiles and silliness) My reaction? You want my reaction? I'm a kid at Christmas! I'm a kid in a candy store! I want to kiss the cheek of the genius who created this never heard-before match! I'm ebullient, I am overjoyed. In fact, I feel pretty. (singing from West Side Story) I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty, and gay! (Punk back to serious and pissed) No, that's not my reaction. I'm goin' down. I know I'm goin' down. The question is, how many of The Shield am I taking with me?

Ringside Segment

Justin again announces Bad News Barrett at the podium.
Barrett – I'm afraid I've got some bad news. This past Thursday, you Americans celebrated Thanksgiving. You at turkey, gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. ("What?") The results, your arteries are now clogged. ("What?") You sweat when you eat. ("What?") And you are all constipated. ("What?") Thank you.

Backstage Segment

Kofi and Miz shake hands backstage then head to the ring to face Ryback and Axel.


Ryback & Axel vs Kofi & Miz

Ryback and Axel in the ring. Kofi out to face them, waits on the bottom of the ramp. Miz out and they head to the ring together.

Axel behind Miz, Miz reverses. Axel on Miz with chops in a corner. Miz whipped, floats over and takes Axel down. Kofi tags in and kicks a sitting Axel's chest for two. Miz in and comes off the top onto Axel's arm held by Kofi. Miz struggles to set up the fig 4, but Axel comes back with a forearm to the back. Ryback tags in, Axel with a back elbow, then Ryback on Miz with a splash for two. Blows on Miz, a forearm to Miz's back, then stomps him down. Delayed vertical as Ryback circles in the ring, then drops Miz for two. Ryback grabs Miz, Miz back elbows Ryback, but then Ryback slams Miz back by his hair. A foot on Miz's head, then Axel tags in. big drop kick on Miz for two.

Ryback tags in, pulls Miz by his hair. Snap suplex, then mule kick on Miz for two. Pie face as Ryback 'bollies' Miz. Bear hug on Miz as Miz reaches for Kofi. Kofi cheer Miz on, slaps the buckle, reaches. Miz whipped, barely gets a back elbow up, then to Kofi. Kofi off the top onto Ryback. Ryback fights back. Miz takes a cheap blow, but Kofi off the top for two. Kofi on Ryback in a corner with blows, then takes out Axel on the apron, but Ryback with a clothesline. Kofi raised up, shellshocked for three.

Winners – Ryback & Axel (5:53)

Miz checks on Kofi in the center of the ring, pulls him up to his feet as Kofi sells. Kofi to his feet, then slapped by Miz. Miz leaves the ring, flips Kofi off as Kofi is in shock in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Los Matadores pushing WWEShop with OLE for 25% (glad we already used cyber)


Last week Orton attacked Cena with the belt and posed with both straps.


Fandango vs Henry

Fandango and Summer Rae dancing in the ring. Henry out to face him, fist bumping with little kids on his way.

They lock up and Fandango tossed off hard. Henry steps toward Fandango and he falls back again. Fandango tries to kick, is lifted, slammed and Fandango rather lightly, though sells it. Clothesline to Fandango. Henry over to dance at Summer Rae outside. She gets on the apron screaming. Fandango rushes him, but Henry gets an elbow up. Fandango whipped, he drops to a knee. More dancing at Summer Rae, and Fandango whipped again. More dancing, then Henry rushes Fandango and eats corner. Fandango on Henry, kicks him in the face. Blows to Henry's face. Henry pushes him off, but Fandango back with a drop kick to drop Henry for two.

A boot to Henry's face and Fandango climbs as Summer Rae screams. Fandango flies, Henry catches him, but then falls back! Fandango gets two! Clotheslines to Fandango, then WSS for three.

Winner – Henry (3:32)

Henry dances again with a big smile on his face. Summer Rae freaks out as Henry moves and then smiles and waves her off. The fans are loving Henry again.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Smackdown where O'Neil won his eating contest, then faced Cesaro. Then JBL needed a new hat, Cole needed a new suit, and Zeb needed a shower. You want to know, go watch it yourself, I hit the FF button because I have a weak stomach.


The Real Americans vs Prime Time Players

Prime Time Players in the ring. The Real Americans out to the ring.
Zeb – Youglad to see us? We're not glad to see you. What kind of man, kids, ocer your ears. likes to puke on another man? Apparently that man is in front of us tonight. O'Neil you give new meaning to the letters PTP, because it now means Prime Time Pukers. Deviant behavior like that won't be tolerated, not in that ring, not in our America. "We, the people!"

Cole says O'Neil has been eating saltines and ginger ale, but Young is prepared with towels and bags. Swagger on O'Neil in a corner. O'Neil whipped, floats over beautifully, on him with blows, then a big boot. O'Neil throws Swagger over, but then O'Neil rushes Swagger and eats a really hard double kick to the chest. Cesaro tags in and works over O'Neil, then tosses him out. Clothesline on O'Neil outside from Swagger and O'Neil looks a bit green. O'Neil rolled in for two. O'Neil fights back with an upper cut and blows, but then shoulder blacked back into the heel corner. Cesaro cheaply hands O'Neil up top. Swagger bomb on O'Neil, Cesaro tags in and double stomps O'Neil's gut. Cesaro with a cheap pop on Young. O'Neil fights back with upper cuts, then takes some from Cesaro. Gut wrench suplex on O'Neil and Swagger tags in to pin for two.

Swagger on O'Neil arm, and O'Neil looks green. Cesaro tags in with a suplex for two. Chinlock on O'Neil on the mat and O'Neil is gagging and gasping. O'Neil up, tosses Cesaro off, but then stopped and Cesaro with the giant swing, but Zeb and Swagger beg Cesaro not to do it, but the fans want it, so Cesaro does it! Zeb on the apron miming barfing. Cesaro and Zeb argue about it and O'Neil is really gasping. JBL grabs his hat and hides it. Young tags in and on Cesaro, big clothesline, then bigger body drop. Cheap pop on Swagger, then clothesline on Cesaro in a corner with a northern lights, bridging for two. Young up, flies into an upper cut for three.

Winners – The Real Americans (6:42)

"We, the people!" Video of the high points of the match. O'Neil is into the ring looking like he's going to barf again. Young gets him out of there.

Backstage Segment

Steph on her phone, texting or typing something, and Trip with a leather folder with the contract, and they head for the ring together.


Announce Segment

King – It's time to find out what the 'Universe' wants the Champ to be called after TLC.
The Unified Champion 38%
The Undisputed WWE Champion 31%
The Undisputed World Champion 31%

TLC Main Event Contract Signing

Trip's music, and he comes out hand in hand with Steph. Sorry, I screwed up earlier, Steph has a navy shirt on under her black suit, so she's not in all black. The stage, ramp and ring are all decorated with tables, ladders and chairs.

Trip – In two weeks at TLC, we have scheduled one of the most monumental matches in WWE history. The first time ever the WWE Championship and the WHC will be hanging above this ring. Randy Orton and John Cena will compete in a TLC Match, the winner will walk out not just as a Champion, but THE Champion.

Steph – Allow me to reenforce that last point, because there will be one winner. One Undisputed Unified Champion, we can guarantee it. Without further ado, let's introduce the participants in this historic match. First, the current WWE Champion, The Viper, Randy Orton!

Orton out, looking at all the paraphernalia set up. Orton poses on a corner as Steph basks in his glory, and Trip claps for him.

Steph – And his opponent, the WHC, John Cena!

Cena out to the stage, looks around, "This is serious business..." Mixed reaction for Cena, as usual

Trip – Gentlemen, thank you for coming out here. Let's get down to business, if you want to sit, stand, whatever you want to do. Randy Orton...
Steph – A man who's apparently bigger than the WWE, got your message, thanks Randy.
Trip – Be that as it may, Randy Orton, the WWE Champion. A Championship with a rich history, held by all the greats – from Buddy Rogers to Bruno Sammartino, to Bob Backlund, to Hulk Hogan, to SCSA, and The Rock. (pop)
Steph – To Triple H!
Trip – That's right, all the greats have held the WWE Championship. And John Cena. The WHC. (Cena poses, and gets mixed reaction to it) A Championship with an even longer lineage. Going back to Gotch and Lou Thesz, Pat O'Connor, to Harley Race, to Ric Flair, to Dusty Rhodes, to Taker, to HBK...
Steph – To The Game, Triple H!
Trip – A Championship held, once again, by all the greats. Now we come to a time in history, don't we guys. This is not a match we chose to do lightly, something we did at the spur of the moment. This was not John Cena's suggestion, something we have been contemplating for a long time, but before we could commit to this, we had to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that both men, both champions could carry on when it was all said and done as The face of the WWE. We have reached that time with two great champions, you both have earned your place in history, but now, with the whole world watching, you have a moment in time to cement your legacy forever.

Orton stands up and puts his belt down. Cena is still standing there, selling the moment.

Trip – Gentlemen, you've had an opportunity to review this contract, if you don't mind making it official.

Orton signs first. Trip hands it to Cena who quickly signs it.

Steph – Now that the formalities are out of the way, gentlemen, you both have an opportunity to speak about this historic, once in a lifetime match-up. Randy, the floor is yours.

Orton – Well Hunter, you're right, some of the absolute biggest names in this industry have held these Titles. No matter how great these former champions are, and you're not going to want to hear this, but I'm better than all of them, including you. But, but that's why you chose me to be The face of the WWE. You and I have something in common, that's the majority of all of you. We don't like Cena much, do we? (Cena smiles to the solid pop from this) You know I'm the only one capable, to take him down, shut him up, put him out of his misery, that's what I'm going to do in two weeks at TLC, I'm going to beat you, and I'm going to walk out with both titles in my hand.

Cena – You're talking like we've never even met before, we've had lots of matches. Let me introduce myself, John Cena, WHC.
Orton – I know who you are! (to the fans) Shut up! (pop) Come on John, come on John, we have history, remember? I kicked your father in the head a couple years ago. Since then I've been making a hell of a career for myself destroying, destroying the hopes and dreams of others, turning them into nightmares, exactly what I'm going to do to you at TLC. There's a reason they call me The Apex Predator, despite all your achievements, the only reason you were put on God's green earth was to lose the biggest match of your...
Cena – Would you just shut up? (big pop) These people are tired, and you sound ridiculous, (in a high squeaky voice) I turn dreams into nightmares. (back to his own voice) Where'd you get that one, a fortune cookie? The only dream you've ever turned into a nightmare was Trip's, because ten years ago he chose you, to teach you how to be a success in the WWE, and what did you do about it? You never lived up to your potential! Ever! No, no, no! I don't fault him because he saw what we all saw, you are the most gifted WWE Superstar ever. You make every single thing in this ring look easy, but with that you got cocky, and you got a bad attitude to boot, and then you got lazy. (solid cheers & Orton looks pissed) You were the youngest WWE Champion ever! This man gave you HOF mentors to learn from, then what did you do? Kick back, relax, and let some scrappy kid in a t-shirt and a ball cap ruin his dream! I am not you Randy Orton, I am John Cena. I have never asked to be called the face of anything, I'm just the first show up and the last to leave, and that's the way it is Jack! (huge pop) But you sit over there steaming mad, thinking you should be given opportunity because of your family legacy, or thinking you should be given opportunity because of your talent. Why don't you think in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first? (cheers) Let's cut to the chase, you were given that, I earned this! We got a historic match at TLC, and if you get anything from me, you will earn it! I am not an apex predator, I'm just John Cena, but right now you're pushing John Cena's buttons. So I'm going to give you two options at this point – you can leave, or you can make a move.

Trip motions for Steph to get out of the way, and she slowly slides aside.

Cena – I want you to listen to me real close. (Cena takes off his hat and flings it to the crowd without taking his eyes off Orton) Because if you so much as make one single move to me, right here, right now, this audience will be reminded of what a TLC match really is.

Orton looks around, then flips over his big leather office chair.

Cena – If you so much as make a move right now, I will bend a steel chair over your back. You will get real close and personal with a ladder, and with all the people with the world watching, by God I'm going to put you through a table! So, Randall, you gonna step up? Or you gonna step aside?

Orton flips the table at Cena. Cena side steps and dives at Orton. The fight outside and Cena grabs a ladder and drives it into Orton. Orton comes back with head butts on Cena. Cena into the post and Orton strips announce. Cena lands a ladder against Orton's head. Cena with a chair, heads for Orton who is staggering. Top of the chair to the gut, the flat of it to Orton's back. Off comes Cena's shirt and into the stands. Top of the chair into Orton, then the mic to Orton's head. Cena grabs Orton, drags him to the stairs and bounces Orton's head off it. Cena rolls Orton into the ring, hands a shirt to the little boy who Cena handed the shirt to on his way to the ring. He dropped it ringside, so Cena gave it back.

Cena into the ring and Orton send the ladder into Cena. Flat of the chair on Cena's back, twice. The top of the ladder to Cena's gut as he's laid out on the mat. Out goes a leather desk chair. Orton throws more from the ring, sets up the table. Super Cena up and sends Orton into the table set up against the corner from earlier. Cena gets Orton up, circles the table, then lands Orton through it with an AA. Cena grabs both belts and stands over Orton, both belts raised this week. The fans are going wild. Steph and Trip are up on the stage watching. Cena raises them again, and the fans go wild. Cena then waves his hands in front of his face at Orton.

Biggest Pop
Goldust & Cody
Big Show

Biggest Heat
The Authority
The Shield
The Wyatt Family

Most Mixed to huge pop

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