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RAW Results 10/28/13 – The Devil Made Me Do It

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Hell in a Cell

RAW Results October 28, 2013
From Amway Center in Orlando, Florida
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole tells us about HBK's superkick costing Bryan the Title, he's there to explain why. Cena's WHC, find out how at the top of the hour.

RAW Starts


Stills of Heyman on top of the HIAC, Punk to the top and beat Heyman down with a kendo stick, then a GTS up top! Stills from the main event at HIAC. Orton was shoved into HBK and he's down. HBK feeds Bryan a super kick and Orton picks up the win.

Announce Segment

What should Punk vs Ryback stip be? Street Fight, Tables Match or Falls Count Anwhere?

In Ring Segment

Cena out to the stage in pink.

Cena (off mic on stage) – Monday, it's Monday, and I gained a few pounds. (the WHC belt)

Cena to the ring all pumped up and smiles. Mixed reaction.

Cena – I'm used to that sound! Y'all know what it means, I'm baaaaaaaaack! Y'all miss me? Hahaha.

"YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – I've never seen so many hands flying in so many directions, it's like synchronized swimming! People are happy, maybe people upset, some skeptics, maybe think I came back too early. One skeptic I have to thank. It's that icky shufflin', cowboy hat wearin', Texas blowhard sitting over here.


JBL – You're welcome. I don't know for what.

Cena – I had to listen to this man every single week I was home. "John Cena's making the career mistake of a lifetime. I don't know who he thinks he is. He comes back ADR is going to put him on the shelf after just one match!"

JBL – He's imitating me? I don't sound like that!

Cena – thank you John, thank you for the motivation. You were wrong, and take a good look because the new Heavyweight Champ is here! It's not for one match, not for one week, not for one month, I'm back on Monday night RAW! I know what this means! It also means I'm back as Friday night delight on Smackdown as well! Few weeks ago in the UK thought they were getting Cena as a special appearance. Hell no, I'm going over to fight as the WHC! Yeah, I got to wear this brace, talk to that doctah, and put some ice on it once in a while. Well, hell, that's why they freeze watah, that's why they make doctahs, I'm back and I am ready to go!

"You suck!"

Cena – I'm excited, but don't want to get beside myself. Later, the WWE Champion has a celebration. (heat) Tonight we all get to celebrate Randy Orton. So we get to listen to a lot of people talk, so I'm going to stop talkin' now, and I know a lot of people will be happy about that. I just want to say I'm back, and ADR, you gave a hell of a match at HIAC. You get a rematch, and like always, you want some, come get some. Because #EvenStronger is not just a hashtag, its a way of life. This is the Cenation, we run the show, the Champ is here!

Sandow's music and he comes stomping out, case in hand.

Sandow – The uncrowned Champ is here! See John, you're not fooling the unwashed masses. Then again, maybe you are. You may be able to fool the WWE medical staff, but you're not fooling me. It's humanly impossible for a triceps to heal in the time you were gone. I saw what ADR did to you last night, and I know you're more hurt than you letting on. The real reason you're out here saying everything you're saying, is that you're afraid I'll cash in on you. See, John, I can cash in anytime, anyplace. Like right now! Then again, any night, but tonight.

Sandow tips the mic as if saluting, then starts to leave. Cena reaches for him, but Sandow kicks Cena's leg, then attacks Cena's arm with the case. The case to Cena's arm over and over. Sandow out and wraps Cena's arm into the post. "Rise above this!" yells Sandow as he sends Cena into the barricade, arm first. Then Cena into the stairs, arm first. Sandow grabs a chair, takes the stairs apart, then puts Cena's arm on the lower part of the stairs and holds Cena's arm with his foot and slams the chair down. "My time is now!"

Sandow cashes in his trashed and broken case. Cena is lolling on the floor holding his arm in pain.


MITB Cashing – Sandow vs Cena (c)

Cena after Sandow with kicks. Sandow with a blow to Cena's head, then attacks Cena's arm for two. Cena shoulder first into the post for two. Cena's arm slammed to the mat, then Sandow drops knees on Cena's elbow for two. Arm hold on Cena's arm on the mat. Cena muscles to sitting up, then to his knees and to his feet. Cena hits a belly-to-belly and both are down! Cena to his feet, but takes an arm drag from Sandow, then knee drops to the arm. Sandow slams Cena's arm down, then backs Cena into a corner and works that arm over. Snap suplex on Cena for two.

Arm hold on Cena on the mat. Cena to his feet, takes a knee to the gut, then forearms to the upper body. Cena fights back with a body drop on Sandow!


They exchange blows, Cena ducks and then uses his bad arm for a shoulder block. Botha re down. During the commercial Cena took a big clothesline. A big boot to Sandow, then a back suplex, but Cena then stops and holds that arm. Cena sets up, but no 5 knuckle shuffle. Neck breaker on Cena for two. Cena whipped arm first, falls to the floor. Dr. Sampson is watching closely. Cena again whipped arm first. Sandow up and Cena hits the worst AA ever. Sandow rolls out and Sampson over to see Cena. Sandow was being counted out, but Cena goes out and rolls Sandow into the ring. Cena tries for a one armed STF. Sandow frees himself. Sandow takes Cena down hard using that arm. Sandow gets two, but is pissed.

Full nelson on Cena, but not for long. Cena reverses for two. Both men are again down. Cena readjusts his arm padding. Sandow grabs Cena and locks on a crossface, and Cena can be seen laughing in the hold. Reversals, back and forth. Sandow hits his, you're welcome, but only gets two for it! Sandow sets Cena up top, puts his legs out. "This is awesome!" chants. Sandow up and sets up, but Cena headbutts Sandow down. Cena up and flies, but Sandow ducks and seems to have tweaked his knee. Sandow sets up, but Cena reverses for the AA and gets the three for it.

Winner – Cena (14:45)

Video recap of Sandow attacking Cena before the match, then into the match and Cena kept control through the match and won it. In the ring the ref tries to list Cena's left arm and Cena tweaks. The ref raises the other arm in victory.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – Tonight could be the most important night in the history of The Shield, I'm being forced to defend my US Title against Big E. If Big E is the stock, I'm buying it. As a human bulldozer, I felt it last night. But make no mistake about it, it was a privilege for you to get some of my time and share the ring with Dean Ambrose.
Rollins – Last night, we made a mistake. A crucial mistake in underestimating the potental of Big E. Tonight we can rectify that. Tonight it's back to basics.
Ambrose – Tonight I defend my US Title successfully. The only Championship The Shield has left. I will defend my Title because I'm the baddest man alive, believe that!
Reigns – Believe in The Shield.


US Title Match – Ambrose (c) vs Big E

The Shield in the ring. Big E out to face Ambrose.

Big E backs Ambrose into a corner, then whips him. Ambrose's feet up in Big E's face. Clothesline to Big E, then blows for one. Blows to Big E in a corner and Big E's face seems to be swelling already. Neck breaker on Big E for two. Kick to a sitting Big E's face. Ambrose talks smack, pulls Big E up by his straps, then a knee to his gut. Big E back with clotheslines, but telegraphs and is kicked. Belly-to-belly on Ambrose, but then Reigns pulls the top rope down and Big E flies out. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Big E via DQ (1:40)

The Shield on Big E in the ring. They're beating down Big E, but the Usos run to the ring.
Maddox – I've got a real simple solution, this is now a 6 man tag!
Rollins – I ain't got to listen to you!


6 Man Tag Match

Reigns stomps one of his cousins, then Ambrose tags in. Ambrose with a sliding side step works the Uso over, then hits a suplex and tags in Rollins. Rollins with a kick to Jimmy's face for two. Reigns in and stomps. Reigns pins for two. Ambrose tags himself in and stomps Jimmy. Blows to Jimmy's gut, then a running drop kick to Jimmy for two. Chinlockk on Jimmy on the mat. The fans clap for Jimmy who fights up to his feet, then hits a jaw buster on Ambrose, then kicks him in the back of the head. Ambrose acts rocked as Jimmy is on the mat. Reigns tags in, but Jimmy plants his cousin.

Rollins and Jey in. Cheap attack on Ambrose, then works over Rollins, hitting a spinebuster. Shades of his Daddy with a bum slam, but Ambrose breaks the cover. Big E takes out Ambrose and himself. Jey up top, taking punches from Rollins. Rollins up, but Jey blocks and tosses Rollins face first to the mat. Jey flies, but eats feet! Reigns tags in, they both grab Jey, but Jimmy in and catches his brother. They take out Rollins, but then a double spear from Reigns and he gets the three.

Winners – The Shield (5:35)

Video recap of Jey eating Rollins' feet, then the double team, but their cousin coming back with the double spear for three.


In Ring Segment

HBK out in jeans, a red shirt, black vest with a pink ribbon, and a camo cap. HBK into the ring, but not looking as bouncy as usual. Stills from last night's main event.

HBK – Now I know I owe everybody an explanation for my actions last night. More importantly, I owe Daniel an explanation. If you will come out here so I can explain my actions.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan comes out looking like a kicked puppy, sans t-shirt of any kind, only in his ring gear.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

HBK – Look I know you're not happy about what happened last night. (heat) You need to understand, I didn't intend that to happen. The proof is in the pudding, I called that match right down the middle.

"You sold out!"

HBK – And then all hell broke loose, alright. Then I saw what you did to Trip. I know you don't understand, and I know they don't understand, but he's my best friend. I know you don't like him, I know they don't like him, I don't care. Trip is my best friend, and that's never, ever going to change. Our friendship will always supersede everything that goes on in this line of work. In my deepest, darkest hours, he was there for me. When everyone in my life turned their back on me, he was there for me. Last night, he needed me to be there for him, and I was. I'm not asking you to be okay with that, or even understand that. I'm just asking you to just accept my apology. Shake my hand.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Bryan simply shook his head no.

HBK – Look, over ten years ago I taught you the basics, okay? I gave you a great foundation, but you've built on it. You did unbelievably well. You took it further than I could have possibly imagined, okay? Consider this, last night I took you to finishing school and taught you the most valuable lesson. You want to make it in the WWE, consider this, here, in this snake pit, you don't trust anybody. Not me, not that soon to be wife of yours, no one! Now I'm giving you the chance. I'm out here humbling myself, the least you can do is show me the respect I've earned and shake my hand.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Bryan more forcefully shakes his head no.

HBK (looking more frazzled, and a bit pissed) – Let me tell you something you self righteous little puke! For seven months I've been listening to people call you a B+ player, and the whole time I've stuck up for you, saying no, he's an A+ player. Quite honestly, I don't know, and I don't care! What I do know is this, I am an A+ player. I always have been, and always will be. For the love of god, I'm Shawn Michaels and I'm giving you the chance on world wide TV to shake my hand, now do it!!!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Bryan glares at HBK, then shakes his hand, but then takes HBK down and locks on the "YES!" lock! HBK finally taps out. Three refs out rip Bryan off HBK.

"You tapped out!" chants!

Bryan almost dragged from the ring as the refs are checking on HBK who's arm is out straight and he flinches and flops around when approached. Video recap of HBK in the "YES!" lock tapping out. Bryan is on the stage glaring down at HBK in the ring.


Backstage Segment

Renee – After everything that's gone on the past couple weeks, you should be frustrated...
Renee flees as The Wyatt Family's graphics play and the lights go out. The lights come up to show Rowan and Harper attacking and beating down Bryan. He's thrown into a ladder leaning against a wall. Bray grabs Bryan and says, "The devil made me do it!" Bray drives Bryan's head into the fence behind him. Bray then spins and dances away, but stops and drives an anvil case into Bryan's head (though it doesn't come anywhere near Bryan's head).

3 On 2 Handicap Match – Los Matadores vs 3MB

Los Matadores out with El Torito. 3MB comes out, Slater with a fishing net in hand, it's for El Torito.

Mahal on Diego in the ring. Slater tags in, eats an elbow, but is then stomped down. Mahal tags in and then tags in McIntyre. They triple team and McIntyre gets two for it. Mycstomps on Diego, then locks on an arm bar. Slater tags in and punches Diego. Knee drops on Diego, but then Diego moves out of the way of a knee drop. Fernando tags in and takes McIntyre down a couple times. Slater taken down, then McIntyre accidentally kicks Mahal in the head. A kick takes McIntyre down somehow, even though he hit the kick. Slater stalks El Torito, but he slides under the ring. Slater looks under another side and takes the fire extinguisher gas to the face. Slater is then gored in the bum. Los Matadores double team McIntyre for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (3:40)

In the ring Slater is caught in the net. The handle breaks off the net, but then El Torito takes Slater down. Video recap of the match and post match attacks.

Announce Segment

Cole goes on again about the WWE App and how great it is to vote for the stip of tonight's match. He actually walks us through how to install the App, because none of us have ever installed an App before.


Tamina & AJ vs Bellas

Cole says this is episode 1066. AJ skips to the ring, Tamina in tow. Bellas out in red. Brie is looking quite upset, looking back. Bryan has been taken away for medical attention. Brie was forced to stay behind and work this match. Video recap of the attack on Bryan. Brie almost in tears watching the tron.

AJ kicks Brie, then slams her face first. Brie kicked back, then AJ skips around her. Brie lands a drop kick on AJ. Tamina tags in and kicks Brie. Brie backed into a corner and throws blows, but is then slammed down for two. Chinlock on Brie on her knees as AJ watches on, leaning on the ropes, grinning. Brie to her feet. Head butts to Brie for two. Chinlock on Brie on her knees. Brie up, elbows free, then kicks Tamina in the head. Nikki tags in with clotheslines, then a drop kick. Nikki hung up top, then Brie knocked off the apron. Thesz Press on Tamina, but then Nikki eats corner, but Cole calls her Brie. Tamina catches Brie as she flies, and uses Nikki to knock Brie free. Tamina struggles to get Nikki from in front of her, to her shoulders, then, pulling her own hair out with Nikki's body, hits a Samoan drop. AJ tags in and locks on her submission until Nikki taps out.

Winners – AJ & Tamina (3:30)

AJ and Tamina celebrate. AJ skips up the ramp, leading Tamina.


WWE Rewind

The Wyatt Family destroying Miz at HIAC, then Kane returns and takes out Rowan and Harper, but then took out Miz as well.

Kane vs Miz

Kane to the ring looking thinner than we've seen him in a while, called fire from all four. Miz limps out to the ring, sneering at Kane the whole way.

Miz ducks Kane, throws a blow, but Kane's blow drops Miz. Miz runs into a big boot, even though his hands took it and the boot was about a foot from Miz's face. Kane telegraphs, is kicked. Miz tries to whip, but Kane reverses. Kane dives at Miz, Miz side steps. Miz climbs, flies, is caught and chokeslamed for three.

Winner – Kane (1:13)

Video recap of the chokeslam.
Kane – Stephanie McMahon, come out to this ring right now, I have something to say to you.

Steph's music hits and she comes out in a black sweater, brown leather knee high boots.

Steph – I think this is far enough. You can say what you want to say from there.

Kane – Fine. You have been on a power trip. You have abused your authority. You have been manipulative and you have ruined lives.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Kane – But in this day and age, it is what's best for business, therefore, the monster is yours to unleash.

Kane drops his mic, leaves the ring, walks up the ramp, looks at Steph who is looking very nervous. Kane removes his mask and hair, hands them to Steph, doesn't look at the fans, keeps his head hung, and leaves. Steph looks at the mask and hair in her hand, then slowly raises them in the air and smirks, as if it's a trophy.


Backstage Segment

Prime Time Players are trying to prove they're the best salesmen in the WWE. O'Neil beats up a Brawling Buddy. Young shows off watches. O'Neil with a slipper, he sniffs it and says it smells like Bob Backlund. Replica WHC and Divas Titles. Free shipping on everything with the promo PTP.


Otunga reading Big Show's problems with the WWE, and his lawsuit. Big Show is seeking restitution, pain and suffering. The lawsuit could costs the McMahons millions, and possibly control of the company.

In Ring Segment

Punk out, it's clobberin' time! Punk works the crowd in a big way as he gets to and into the ring.
Punk – I know it doesn't look like it, but last night, for the first time in over 3 months, I slept like a baby. It's because I did that I promised all of you I would do. I promised you I'd get Heyman, and last night, on top of HIAC, I kaned him within an inch of his life, then I put him to sleep. Let's hear you Orlando, Heyman is history!

"CM Punk!"

Punk – There's only one thing left to do, so I focus on Ryback. Ryback, you're big, but without Heyman you're a knuckle dragging neanderthal who stands zero chance against The Best In The World! Last night, like Heyman, I put you to sleep. Depending on how these people voted, I put you through a table, put you to sleep, or make you tap out. Everybody else take notice. You're dealing with a man who means what he says, and says what he means, I promised I would put and end to Heyman. Tonight I beat Ryback depending on how these people want to see you beaten, I promise!



Bryan wouldn't shake HBK's hand, so he made HBK tap out. Backstage The Wyatt Family attacked Bryan, then Bray took Bryan out.

Punk vs Ryback

King – It's time to find out how the WWE 'Universe' voted.
Street Fight – 59%
Falls Count Anywhere – 26%
Tables Match – 15%

Ryback to the ring.

"Goldberg!" chants. Ryback lifts Punk and slams him back into a corner. Blows and chops on Punk. Punk whipped, but comes back with a crossbody, then sent Ryback from the ring. Punk flies out onto Ryback, but is caught. Punk back first (carefully) into the post, then into the barricade. Ryback stands on the side of Punk's head with one foot by the barricade. Ryback grabs a table and slides it into the ring. Ryback in and starts setting up the table, but then stops and reaches out for Punk. Punk with a kendo stick to Ryback's ankles. Punk in and on Ryback, but Ryback with a nasty spinebuster on Punk. Punk up and on Ryback, but caught and slammed back into the corner.

The table is set up by the corner they are working on. Ear claps to Ryback, then Punk dives, but is caught. Punk works over Ryback who very carefully sets himself up on the table. Punk with his Savage elbow puts Ryback through the table. Punk locks on a hold and Ryback taps out.

Winner – Punk (4:26)

The Wyatt Family's music hits! Punk waits in the ring. Punk with the kendo stick on Rowan, then Harper, but then they get on Punk and take him down. Bray is rocking and smiling. They beat Punk down in a corner and Bray leans forward to watch. Big clothesline to Punk, then Bray up and to the ring. Rowan and Harper hold Punk for Bray. Punk head butts Bray! Clothesline from Harper and Punk is down! Bray grabs Punk and hits Sister Abigail. Rowan and Harper stand to each side of Punk, Bray knees over Punk and says, "The devil made me do it."



Recap of Punk head butting Bray, but then taking Sister Abigail.

The Real Americans vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust

The Real Americans out with Zeb. Cody and Goldust to the ring. Time lapse of Goldust putting his paint on.

Goldust and Cesaro lock up. Goldust huffs at Cesaro who isn't impressed. Cesaro runs the ropes over and under unto an arm drag. Swagger tags in and taken down. "You still got it!" chants. Cesaro tags in and slams Goldust into a corner. Upper cut to Goldust. Goldust whipped, corner-spring elbow back on Cesaro. Cody tags in for two on Cesaro.

Cody elbows back on Cesaro, then slams Cesaro face first to the mat. Goldust tags in and lands a bulldog for two. Swagger and Cody tag in. Swagger eats a missile drop kick from Cody.


Swagger clothesline Cody. Belly-to-belly on Cody. Cesaro tags with a gut wrench for two. Swagger tags in with a snap mare on Cody. Cody struggles to reach his brother, but Swagger fights him back to the heel corner. Cesaro hangs Cody up top illegally. Swagger bomb to Cody's back. Cesaro tags in, takes Goldust out, then bounces over Swagger to land double feet on Cody's back. Chinlock on Cody on the mat. Cody up and arm drags Cesaro, but then Cesaro throws Cody in the air and lands an upper cut on his way down. Goldust rushes in and breaks the count.

Cesaro with blows on Cody. Cody blocks, throws his own blows, but then lands a knee. Cesaro knocked out, and Cody down on the mat. Both tag out. Goldust with clotheslines, then 'vintage' Goldust when Swagger telegraphs. Blows on Swagger in a corner. Nine, huff, then ten! Goldust hits his sick power slam. Cesaro in and eats a disaster kick. Cody takes Cesaro out. Goldust flies, rolls Swagger up, but reversed into a patriot lock. Goldust free, rolls Swagger up, but then Cesaro in to break it. Swagger with the patriot lock. Goldust taps out.

Winners – The Real Americans (12:12)



Cena and Sandow in the ring. Sandow attacked Cena with his case, then a chair outside. Sandow then cashed in his MITB case, but ended up loosing after a fantastic match.

Stage Segment

ADR out wiving his Mexican flag, then put it in a stand on the stage. Heat for ADR, but not much.

ADR – I don't care what that Gringo Sandow did or didn't do tonight. For me it that thief, that big %^&* John Cena. (virtually no reaction) AT HIAC he stole my WHC. Tonight Cena won, so I got a rematch. That injured arm is my target. (What?) I will attack it over and over until I break it. (What?) That WHC belongs to me. (What?) You already know that. (What?)

In Ring Segment

Fandango out with SR for her first singles match on WWE TV. SR is in the same gold outfit she wore last night at HIAC.


Summer Rae vs Nattie

Summer Rae is still dancing in the ring. Nattie comes out with Khali and Hornswoggle.

Nattie kicks at Summer Rae who catches her foot. Nattie locks her legs into a submission hold. A clothesline, then Summer Rae flopped around a bit as Nattie ran the ropes. They flop on the mat, then Nattie bridges up. Backslide on Summer Rae for two. Summer Rae slams Nattie chest first into the corner. Summer Rae with a pliee, then a back kick that looks like she's trying to dance ballet. Summer Rae locks Nattie into a strange hold that doesn't make much sense, then rolls her up for two. More dancing then Summer Rae gets two. Summer Rae talks smack, then lands on Nattie's left leg, then lands again on it. Summer Rae locks the leg into a hold, but Nattie swipes at her and gets slammed back onto the mat. Summer Rae flops around on the mat, then pins Nattie for two. Chinlock on Nattie. Nattie up and elbows free. Drop kick to Nattie for two.

Summer Rae dances and Fandango on the apron kisses her, but Hornswoggle pulls fnd down. Khali chops Fandango. Summer Rae yells at Khali. Summer Rae turns into the sharpshooter and quickly taps out.

Winner – Nattie (5:17)

Nattie celebrates while Summer Rae acts like her leg is broken outside.


In Ring Segment

All the Superstars and Divas are on the stage. The Shield down at the bottom of the ramp, waiting. Trip's music hits and he comes out with Steph. The hug on stage. Trip woogles the top of El Torito's fake hair, then they head to the ring hand in hand. Trip holds the ropes for Steph, then he gets into the ring himself. The Shield into the ring as well.

Trip – A decade ago the Chairman of the WWE came to me and asked who I thought would be the face of the WWE in the future. I looked long and hard at the roster and picked one man. I put him in Evo, put him under the tree, watched him become a star. I watched him do heinous and horrible things to everyone on the roster, including me and my family. But then he matured and became the A+ Player. With great pride, last night, as that A+ Player, inside HIAC, became The face of the WWE. Not some B+ player, some sawed off little troll, who is in a hospital bed right now. No, an A+ player. The A+ Player fulfilled my prophecy when he became WWE Champion. It's with great pride right now I present that man to you, Randy Orton.

Orton out to the ring, strap in hand, as Trip and Steph clap for him. Orton poses for the fans, then shakes hands with Trip. Then they hug. Steph and Trip then group hug Orton.

Steph – To all of you Superstars on the stage, Orton isn't just our Champion, he's everyone's Champion. That means Orton represents all of you, what you aspire to be, so I'm asking you to show the WWE Champ the respect he so richly deserves.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Orton – Having this Title, being WWE Champion, makes me, simply put, better than you (to the fans). As a matter of fact (Orton turns to the Superstars on the stage), it makes me better than all of you. All of you standing on that stage fantasizing about the day you take this from me, but you will not. You're either born a success, or you're not. Make no mistake about it, I'm a success, and this is also the base of the WWE, but it's also the base of your superior. Do I make myself clear?

Well it's the Big Show!

Big Show down the ramp. The Shield attacks Big Show, but then the Usos and Rhodes brothers are there. They take The Shield up the ramp, fighting. The stage breaks into a huge fight and clears, leaving the Divas cowering to one side. Big Show slides into the ring that quickly clears out.

Big Show – Can you pay the bill for this? I know about the restraining order, but I can't stand by and watch this! What's the worst that can happen, I'm arrested? You think I don't have friends who can bring me bail? You don't get it do you. My lawsuit is going to cost you millions of dollars. I don't care if I bankrupt your whole damn throne. I'll take every damn dime! Everything. You think you took from me? I don't care. I have nothing to lose Hunter!

Orton attacks Big Show from behind with the belt. Steph is screeching at Orton to get him. Big Show to his feet and swings as Orton does. Orton is knocked out. Steph's eyes are huge, but Trip is pissed. Off comes his coat, then tie. His shirt is unbuttoned, but then he drops off the apron. Steph grabs Trip and won't let him go back, no matter what Big Show says off mic to them.

"Let's go Big Show!" chants.

Big Show is ready to fight and Trip steps up again, but then steps back. Trip is seething as Big Show's music plays. Video recap of Orton's attack on Big Show, then Big Show's attack on Orton. Big Show then leaves the ring, spinning Trip's jacket over his head like a rally towel. Trip into the ring where Orton is using the ropes to slowly get up, holding his face the whole time.

Biggest pop
Big Show
Cody & Goldust
Sandow Cashing In

Most Heat
Trip & Steph
Bray Wyatt
The Shield

Most Mixed

Biggest Lack of Reaction

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