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RAW Results 8/26/13 - Orton Gets A Yescalade!

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Daniel Bryan

RAW Results August, 2013
From US Airways Center Phoenix, AZ
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

pre-RAW Commercial

RVD could force his way into the WHC picture with his match with ADR tonight. And us fans will be able to decide Punk's match with Axel, find out how on RAW!

Show Starts

In Ring Segment

The Shield is standing across the front of the ring at the bottom of the ramp. Justin announces them as the champs they are. Triple H's music hits and he comes out to what sounds like huge pop. Justin announces him as the COO of the WWE. Trip out in a power suit, light shirt, red striped tie. Down the ramp, surveys The Shield, smiles, then heads into the ring. King, Cole and JBL discuss what's happened with Bryan, Ziggler and Big Show last week. Trip's music ends and the fans are wild for him.

Trip – Let me take you back to a moment that will never be forgotten. A paradigm shift, the dawning of a new era. Let me take you back to SummerSlam. (video of the pedigree and Orton winning) That was business, what was best for business. That wasn't personal, all what's best for business. But let's take you back to the end of RAW last week. (video of Trip calling Bryan out, then calling for The Shield to attack Bryan, but Trip stopped the bomb for Bryan to come into the ring, he came in to face Trip but ate an RKO) I will admit that was personal. You want to know why Bryan I humiliated you and had you beat down? Because of your actions Bryan. Every action had a consequence. You made it personal by insulting my wife, me, my family, and that was the personal response you get for it. I'm willing to be the bigger man and move on as if it hasn't happened. I'm willing to be a business man with you. Speaking of business. Anyone check those ratings? Through the roof. Social media, sponsorships, every indicator we have is through the roof! Business is booming! It's all for one man, the face of the WWE. I would like for you to show you respect as I bring that man out here. Welcome your Champion, your future, what you deserve, The Viper, Randy Orton!

Orton comes out to HUGE pop. Orton into the ring to pose.

Trip – I'd like to congratulate you for breathing new life into the WWE, the WWE Championship. As COO of this company, I like to award people who excel, people who grab the brass ring and run with it. I got you a little gift. I'd like to make it clear that...

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Trip – Yes. I got this out of my own pocket, not from the WWE. This is from me personally. A brand new Cadillac Escalade. Out comes the black car.

Orton – Thanks, for this very generous gift. I want to thank you for having the vision and business acumen that the only man to be the face of the WWE is me.

Trip – Go check it out Randy, it's awesome.

Bryan's music hits and he comes out on stage and gets the "YES!" chants going so much louder than his music.

Bryan – Would you look at that. Sweet ride Randy. That's way nicer than my Honda Fit, I mean, that's awesome, and well deserved. You worked really hard for that WWE Championship. While you're out here making thank yous, there's a couple I'd like to make.

"Daniel Bryan!"

Bryan – I think now would be an opportune time to thank each person here and in the WWE 'Universe' because I'm not the biggest, strongest, or prettiest, that's twinkle toes Orton in there. Despite me not being any of those things, you have believed in me, supported me, and you have no idea what that means to me. Secondly...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – You guys are awesome. Secondly I'd like to thank John Cena (mixed). Thank you John for the opportunity to wrestle in the main event at SummerSlam, because clearly someone like Trip wouldn't have given me that opportunity. John, thank you. And lastly, I would like to thank Trip (heat). I'd like to thank Trip for ending this charade and finally showing your true colors at SummerSlam. Thank you for proving to everybody that what's best for business and what the WWE Champion should look like is as narrow minded and as misguided as Vince McMahon. I mean, look at yourself Hunter. Look at him, the rebel in the leather jacket who used to thumb his nose at authority is just a sellout in a suit who thumbs his rather large nose at each member of the 'Universe'.

Orton – Dan, Dan, you have to think about who you're talking to, this is the COO of the WWE, and I'm the WWE Champion, you need to show us the respect we deserve. You might not have heard it earlier, but I'm the face of the WWE!

Bryan – Oh, the face of the WWE! Let's hear it for the face of the WWE. The face! At NoC, when I get my rematch, that face is going to be rearranged. Trip, your vision of the future will be rearranged too because I will be the WWE Champion. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – Oh, isn't that a sweet little fantasy Jimney Cricket? Yeah, it really is. That's really sweet. (singing) When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. You know what Daniel, in the real world it makes a difference who you are. It makes all the difference in the world! You are not an A player. Orton is an A player. You are nothing more than a B at best! Now, you want to prove yourself to the world. I'm all about opportunity, I'll give you an opportunity to have your little fantasy tonight when you face Rollins. By the way, since you're so big on your great work ethic, when you're done with Rollins, if you get past him, you get Ambrose. If you limp away from Ambrose, I'll give you the gift of Reigns. I'm going to give you the gift that keeps on giving. I'm going to give you the gift of justice. I'm going to give you the gift of The Shield in a Gauntlet Match. You want to know why I'm willing to do that for you. I believe in you Daniel. I believe in you, and I believe in what is best for business.

Orton poses in the ring.

Announce Segment

King talks about how personal this is for Trip. JBL says it's best for business, look at the numbers. Cole talks about Punk and Heyman. On to vide of Punk and Axel fighting it out last week with chairs, then the stairs. Tonight Axel will face Punk. Punk agreed to it on Twitter. There's a twist, the 'Universe' gets to go on the App and vote.
A) Heyman banned from ringside
B) Heyman Special Guest Ref
C) If Punk wins, Heyman will be forced to step in the ring with Punk


Cody Rhodes vs Fandango

Cody is in the ring, Sandow on announce, but appears to be in ring gear himself. Fandango comes out to face Cody.

They lock up. Hammer lock on Cody, Cody takes Fandango down. Blows to Cody. Fandango runs the ropes into a high elbow, then plants Fandango face first on the mat. Fandango through the ropes on Cody. Fandango's music plays, and out comes Miz mocking Fandango on stage with someone, maybe Rosa? This distracts Fandango. Cody rolls him up for three.

Winned – Cody (1:07)

Fandango attacks Cody. Cody fights back but then Sandow attacks Cody. Miz is in the ring. Cody and Miz throw the other two out.
Maddox – Wait, everyone out here appears to be Fandangoing to a different tune, therefore it's time to partner up, and you should be able to figure this out for yourself, but if you can't – Cody and Miz vs Fandango and Sandow. It's right now.


Cody Rhodes & Miz vs Fandango & Sandow

The match started during the commercial. Sandow pins Cody for two. Fandango tags in, and it is Rosa out with Miz, staying at ringside. Cody is whipped to the corner, then falls and reaches for mix still dressed like Fandango. Sandow tags in and on Cody for two. Sandow on Cody's arm and chin on the mat. Miz gets the fans clapping for Cody, but then Cody eats a side Russian leg sweep and an elbow of disdain for two. Cody whipped, but gets his feet up. Double clothesline and both men are down. King says Rosa is dancing around like Miley. Miz tags in and off the top with a double ax handle, then a knee and his clothesline in the corner. SR and Fandango seem to be leaving as Miz with a drop kick on Sandow's knee in the ropes. Fandango on the stage, but this distracts mix. Cody attacks Sandow from outside. SCF from Miz for three.

Winners – Cody & Miz (3:03)

Fandango – It's Fahn-Dahn-Gho!
Video of the high points of that match.

Announce Segment

Again pushing to vote for Punk and Axel's match tonight.



Promo for Los Matadors.

Backstage Segment

Josh – Earlier Trip put Bryan into a Gauntlet Match with The Shield, what do you feel about the direction Trip is taking the WWE.

Christian – That's a dangerous question. See people speak bad about this new regime have problems. I lived through the AE and have the scars from the McMahon/Helmsley Era to prove it. One one hand, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. On the other hand...

Orton – Let me guess Christian, you have a problem with the way things are run around here. At SummerSlam I was a winner and you were a loser, just like tonight. History will repeat itself. I'll win and you will lose after I hit you with an RKO.

Christian – I know Trip likes to play with sledge hammers, and it seems he's found a new tool.

Orton - See you out there Christian.

Christian – Yeah.

Announce Segment

At the App you can see how Heyman reacted to the stips tonight. And Renee asked Punk about the stips.
Punk – I'm not going to try to sway the 'Universe'. If they want to see Heyman in a ref's shirt, more power to them. I know I want to get my hands on Heyman. I will go through Axel to get Heyman. Everyone saw me go through Brock to get Heyman. I hit him in the face and locked on the vice, but Heyman deserves more, deserves worse, and I'll give it to him tonight. I want Heyman.

Heyman – A vote? Punk is standing there like a deranged politician so he can get his hands on me? They're putting my health and well being to the WWE 'Universe'.
Axel – I've got this, Punk will have to go through me. He will get a DQ, or counted out. He will have to out wrestle me, and he can't do that. The situation is better than perfect. You believe in me right Paul?
Heyman – Like my life depends on it.

Announce Segment

King again goes through the stips.


Axel vs Punk

Axel is in the ring, Heyman nowhere to be seen. Punk comes out in his normal way, hoodie on, big pop, one knee down, checks his watch, 'It's clobbering time!' On his way to the ring Punk drops his hood. Punk poses for the fans on both sides of the arena. Punk into the ring and they stare. Heyman out on the stage to hear the results.
King – The stip is huge and the results are in.
Banned – 12%
Special Guest Ref – 7%
Punk gets Heyman – 81%
Heyman turns green at the numbers. "CM Punk!" chants.

Side headlock on Axel. They muscle around, the hold still on. Axel pushes off and takes a big elbow. Punk with the side headlock back on Axel. "CM Punk!"chants. Punk with another knock down on Axel. Punk rolls Axel up for two. Axel up, but wiggles free and rolls from the ring for a breather. Punk from the ring, looks up at Heyman. Punk takes off after Heyman, but Axel grabs Punk and attacks. Blows on Punk, then face first on the apron. Punk face first again, then rolled in. Axel stomps Punk in the ring. Heyman saunters down the ramp smirking as Axel takes Punk down for two. Heyman to the bottom of the ramp. Long says Heyman is waddling to ringside. "CM Punk!" chants.

High running knee on Axel in a corner and Heyman backs up the ramp a bit. Punk up top, points up, but Axel rolls out of the ring to heat from the fans. Pnkwith a suicide dive out on Axel. Punk and Heyman stare.


Axel pins Punk for two. Axel pulls Punk up, pushes him into the ropes. Punk bounce soff, right into a drop kick for two. Blows on a sitting Punk from a kneeling Axel. Axel grabs Punk and yells up at Heyman who walks down the ramp with a smile on his face. Punk starts fighting back with kicks to Axel's legs. Axel sends Punk flying, but Punk lands on the corner and bounces back at clothesline with a crossbody for two.

Axel fights back on Punk. Axel slams Punk back for two. Heyman yells that there's one more to go and Punk's done. Axel with another throw on Punk. Axel yells at Punk to get up. Axel waits, but Punk ducks Axel and hits a spinning neck breaker on Axel for two. Punk climbs, points up, hits his Savage elbow for a long two. Punk calls for his finisher. Heyman looks green. Axel up, but elbows out and hits a swinging neck breaker of his own, but only gets two for it.

Axel grinds Punk's face on the mat. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel slaps at the back of Punk's head, taunting him. Punk up, gets Axel up and hits his GTS for three.

Winner – Punk (10:58)

Heyman looks green and Punk is all smiles. Heyman backs up the ramp, tries to flee, but two refs stop him and point him toward the ring. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans as Punk calls for the GTS. Heyman slowly down the ramp, but then Punk leaves the ring and Heyman flees. Four security guys drag Heyman out and hand Heyman to Punk. Heyman pleads that is was all Brock. Heyman rolled in, Punk in after him. Heyman backed into a corner, Punk grabbing at Heyman's face, but then Axel hits a low blow from behind. "You suck!" chants as Axel and Heyman share a high five. Axel gets down, grabs Punk's hands and cuffs them behind Punk's back. Axel pulls Punk up and Heyman slaps Punk around. "I'm going to do this and there's nothing you can do about it. You said I hate you and there's nothing you can do about it. Come on tough guy, fight me!" Heyman keeps slapping Punk. Punk up, kicks Axel in the head. Punk then kicks Heyman's feet out from under him, then kicks away at Heyman.

Axel is there with a chair and attacks Punk from behind. Axel all over Punk. Heyman directs Axel to get something. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel out and hunts around before finding a kendo stick. Axel tells Punk that he's nothing as Punk is on his knees, head down on the mat. Axel hands Heyman the kendo stick. "Teach him a lesson Paul. Make it count you son of a bitch! Make is count!" yells Axel. Heyman hits Punk across the back with the stick. Axel holds Punk gut out so Heyman can hit him. "I loved you!" Crack! "I fathered you!" Crack! "I cared about you!" Crack!

Punk rolled out, so Axel bounced him off the desk, then Heyman out and beat him with the stick. "I offered you my heart, I loved you!"

"Boring!" chants from the fans as security comes out and stops Axel and Heyman. Heyman crumbles to tears against the side of the ring before leaving. Punk is tended to in front of announce as Axel and Heyman leave. "CM Punk!" chants.



Recap of Axel and Heyman's attack on Punk. During the break Punk left, still cuffed, his back bleeding.

Natalya w/ Dactyls vs Brie w/ Nikki & Eva Marie

Justin announces JoJo as the Special Guest Ring Announcer. Shes in a cute yellow dress as King talks about her singing at SummerSlam. Natalya to the ring with the Dactyls. Brie out with Nikki and Eva Marie.

Natalya backs Brie into the heel corner with blows. Natalya backed off. Brie trips Natalya into the corner. Brie stomps on Natalya's back and was supposed to kick Natalya in the head but missed her by at least six inches. Natalya gets Brie up and slings Brie around and slams her to the mat. Sharpshooter on Brie, but Eva and Nikki cause it to be broken from outside. The other Divas fight outside. Brie slams Natalya face first to the mat for three.

Winner – Brie (1:39)

AJ's music hits and she comes out.
AJ – OMG, I just watched last night's episode of Total Divas! Bellas dealing with their obvious daddy issues. Dactyls broke up and got back together again. Natalya's fiance isn't much of a man. And the other two were also there. It was great, it was the end of the world, and only Sunday nights on the E! Network, yay!


AJ – You want to know what I see when I look in the ring. A bunch of cheap, interchangeable, useless women. Women who have turned to reality TV because they weren't gifted enough to be actresses. (Bellas yelling at AJ to say it to their faces, but they don't head up the ring to face AJ) They just weren't talented enough to be champs. I've done more in one year than in your entire collective careers. I have saved your Divas Division, shattered glass ceilings and broken down doors, why? So a bunch of ungrateful, stiff, plastic mannequins can walk on through without as much as a thank you? You guys can't even go backstage, shake my hand and look me in the eye because you know that I worked my entire life to get here, and you were just handed 15 minutes of fame. I didn't get here because I'm cute, or came from some famous wrestling family, or because I SUCKED up to the right people. I got here because I'm good. I earned this Championship. No matter how many red carpets you want to walk in you $4,000 ridiculous heels, you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors. Your all worthless excuses for womena nd will never be able to touch me. And that is reality.

AJ throws down her mic as the rest are still down by the ring yelling back at her. AJ skips around the ring, so the Bellas and Eva skip around in circles together.


Recap of Ricardo ripping on ADR on mic, then announcing that he's now running with RVD. RVD then took out ADR and got huge pop.

Backstage Segment

RVD is warming up.


WWE Rewind

Three weeks ago RVD pinned ADR. ADR then beat the heck out of Ricardo with his bucket, then slammed his head between the stairs and the post.

RVD w/ Ricardo vs ADR

Justin announces RVD's personal ring announcer and Ricardo comes out in his suit jacket over a red airbrushed shirt – possibly a new RVD shirt, or maybe just running with RVD's style. ADR out with his white scarf looking pissed. Ricardo's jacket comes off and his shirt has RVD on it.

RVD on ADR with kicks, then shoulder blocks in a corner. ADR whipped, RVD rolls through and hits a monkey flip on ADR. ADR up with a blow that was blocked. ADR set up on the top rope, then RVD up top kicks him off with one foot. ADR on the floor in front of announce as RVD gets the chants going.


A knee in RVD's back, ADR with a chinlock on RVD. RVD elbows free, but takes some blows. If RVD beats ADR, RVD will face ADR for the WHC at NoC! A rough looking German on RVD for two, but RVD is so flexible that it could have been him and not a badly hit move, though RVD is selling head/neck pain. Double stomp on RVD's back, then ADR mocks RVD. ADR to the apron and climbs, showing off what appears to be a rather orange fake tan. ADR flies but eats RVD's lower leg as he lands. RVD takes ADR down a couple times with blow, then rolling thunder for a long two.

ADR with knees and blows on RVD, but RVD blocks ADR in the corner and fights back. Split leg moonsault on ADR for two. ADR had rolled up on his side and caught RVD's legs badly. RVD back up, but ADR trips him. Running enziguri up top for two. ADR argues with the ref that it was three. ADR gets some momentum with the fans, so Ricardo on announce getting the "RVD!" chants going. RVD uses ADR's distraction to use his legs and rolls ADR up for three.

Winner – RVD (8:34)

RVD and Ricardo celebrate outside while ADR seethes in the ring. RVD will face ADR for the WHC at NoC.


Recap of Cena stating that he has to leave for 4-6 months to get healthy. He called out by, then passed the mic as if passing the torch. They then show Cena's elbow in a close up. Cena had his surgery and it went extremely well. Earlier Cena tweeted that he's already starting therapy. Stills of Cena post-op all wrapped up, then a close-up of the incision. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.


Backstage Segment

Josh – Maybe in the 'Universe' say that the things you do, you've been bullying.
Ryback – Me? Bullying?
Ryback grabs Josh's face and pulls him down, then pushes him down.
Ryback – Look at me! (grabs Josh's face again) I finally found a way to shut you up! (throws Josh back down.

Announce Segment

King again goes off about Ryback not being involved in B.A.Star. On to video of the attacks on Punk by Axel and Heyman. Punk got a little retribution, but Axel with a chair took Punk down. Heyman yelled at Punk as he hit Punk over and over with a kendo stick. Then Punk leaving, bleeding.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Were you afraid of what Punk was going to do?
Heyman – Let's talk about what happened next.
Axel – What happened next is something Punk will never forget.
Heyman – More? The problem is Punk is a petulant child who needs to keep getting punished and punished and punished. Honestly, I feel like a man, a man who put his prodigal son in place. Punk was beaten by his own father figure. Now my prodigal son will learn that Heyman is the last person he should come up against.

Heyman looks as though he's been bawling his eyes out as he and Axel get in a car and leave.

In Ring Segment

Christian to the ring.


Christian vs Orton

Orton out to the ring in his slow and cocky heel way. JBL says King got a Batmobile?

Christian took Orton down quickly for one. Orton laughs at Christian. They circle, then lock up. They muscle around, Christian is pushed down. Orton with a kick, then head butts on Christian. Christian with a drop toe hold into the ropes, but Orton counters Christian's upper cut. Ccends up sending Orton outside. Low drop kick through the ropes on Orton. Christian out with blows on Orton. Orton rolled in, Christian in and pulls Orton up and takes him down for two.

Christian climbs, Orton rushes him so Christian over Orton. Christian turns into a Striker from Orton. Orton on Christian on the mat with blows. Orton stomps Christian. Christian onto the bottom rope and Orton works him over in the ropes. Christian hung up top across the gut. Orton drops a knee on Christian's face for two. Side headlock on Christian. Christian free and on Orton, but Orton fights back with a head butt on Christian for two. Headlock on Christian on the mat. Christian up, elbows free, but takes another head butt. Big slap to Orton. Orton hits back. Another big slap. Christian whipped, comes back with a blow. Christian ends up sitting on the top rope, Orton simply pushes him off and out.


Headlock on Christian on the mat. They show the way Christian was pushed off the top rope and how badly he landed on the apron and outside. Christian up and punches free. Christian into the corner and gets his feet up. Christian climbs, sweating like crazy! Orton up and on Christian with blows. Head butts on Christian. Orton up, sets Christian up, and hits his father's signature superplex on Christian. Both men are down. Christian on Orton for two.

Orton eats corner, then blows on Orton. Orton whipped, but comes out with a big clothesline on Christian. Christian hangs Orton up top, then climbs. Crossbody on Orton for two. Christian slaps the top buckle to get the fans clapping, then sits up top. Christian flies, Orton reverses into a Jack knife cover for two. Blows on Christian, sending him to the apron. Christian avoids the DDT and sets up, but Orton counters. Orton rushes Christian in the corner and eats feet. Christian with a tornado DDT off the corner that they both botch badly – Orton lands on his face! Christian gets two for it.

Orton hung in the ropes, so Christian out for his upper cut, but comes in through the ropes with Orton's DDT! Orton paces the ring as Christian on the mat. Orton spins, then pounds the mat, but Christian pushes off the RKO! Christian leans in the corner regrouping, Orton on the mat. Christian rushes Orton, Orton jumps over Christian! Orton turns, then eats the spear! Orton is able to kick out at two!

Orton tosses Christian face first into the corner, but Christian avoids the RKO. Orton avoids the unprettier. Poke to Christian's eye behind the ref' back. RKO and Orton gets the three.

Winner – Orton (16:02)

Orton poses and celebrates, strap in hand.

Bryan – Randy, Randy! Bravo, great match. Take it from a B+ competitor, that was an A+ effort. You know, the more I realize you're right, you are the face of the WWE. What a gift Trip gave you tonight. What a pretty car. Pretty car for a pretty man. What if at NoC I beat you and become the WWE Champion. Would that make me the new face of the WWE? Huh.

Bryan steps aside to show "YES!" on the front of Orton's new car in orange spray paint. Bryan chants the "YES!" He then goes around the car chanting and pointing to each "YES!" as he goes. He says there's more around the back, "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Orton seethes in the ring as King calls it a Yescalade. JBL isn't impressed.


Backstage Segment

Maddox, Orton and Trip all looking at Orton's car. Maddox says everyone is laughing and cheering in the locker room.
Trip – This car is my property, Orton drives it for me. See that Championship belt, that's my property, Orton carries it for me. Everybody wants to make this personal, right. What you're going to do is go into that locker room and march all the Superstars and Divas out to the stage to watch what happens to Bryan tonight. Anyone that thinks about interfering, crossing that line, or looking sideways at that ring will get personally fired by me, every last one of them. Brad, let them know I'm going to laugh while I do it.
Orton – Bryan is going to pay.
Trip – Yes.
Orton – He's going to pay.

O'Neil w/ Young vs Swagger w/ Cesaro & Zeb

Prime Time Players to the ring. The Real Americans to the ring.
Zeb – The Real Americans have had victories stolen by Prime Time Players. They're people who run around being buffoons and barking like dogs. It's time we draw a line in the sand. Any of you in the Welfare line, we have lines for you, 'can't feed them, don't breed them.' If Mrs. O'Neil and Mrs. Young hadn't bred, then they wouldn't have inferior competitors. "We, the people!"

Swagger with knees on O'Neil, backing him into a corner. Big splash in the corner by Swagger. Swagger takes O'Neil down for one. O'Neil backed into another corner and beaten on. O'Neil comes out with blows and upper cuts, but taken down by a high knee. Swagger works O'Neil's leg, then chokes him in the ropes. Back suplex on O'Neil for two.

Arm lock on O'Neil on the mat. O'Neil works his way up, punches free, then hits a back elbow. O'Neil moves out of Swagger's way, then takes Swagger down a couple times with shoulders. O'Neil picks up Swagger and throws him back over his own head. Swagger ducks a kick, then takes O'Neil's leg out from under him. Swagger sets up, but kicked off into a corner. Swagger gets his feet up. Swagger uses the ropes to pin, Young knocks his feet off. Swagger argues with Young, then turns into O'Neil who plants Swagger for three.

Winner – O'Neil (3:18)

Prime Time Players dance in the ring while The Real Americans are pissed outside.

Announce Segment

Cole can't dance and JBL calls him on it as he tries to play Prime Time Players. Stills from Kane and Bray at SummerSlam. We will hear from The Wyatt Family next.


Video exclusive –
Bray – She taught me to get them before they get you. The rattlesnake's color the same color as the leaves. We all understood her. She led us with love, told us the fire is our friend too. She said you're the one, she chose you. I understood what she meant. Her touch saves the world, her kiss burns it to the ground. I love you Sister Abigail.


Recap of Trip giving Orton the Caddy earlier, then Bryan trashing it with orange "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Backstage Segment

Maddox – What do you mean he's refusing attention. (Punk storms in) You're here, you need medical attention.
Punk – No, I don't. I need a match with Heyman.
Maddox – Okay,
Punk – One where Heyman can't get away. I don't care what it is. I don't care about my body or my well being. Give me a match with Heyman or you're going to read about your Superstar in the news paper.
Maddox – Fine, NoC, you face Axel and Heyman, Handicap DQ Match. Heyman leaves, you will never see him again.
Punk – Heyman leaves, they might never see you again.

In Ring Segment

All the WWE Superstars come out on stage, led by Hornswoggle, then Big Show. Ziggler and Big Show are right at the top of the ramp.



Another of the same Los Matadores promo!

Gauntlet Match – Bryan vs The Shield

Bryan out, through the throng of Superstars on the stage, Big Show opening pointing up with the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants as they start. The Shield out through the crowd, as they always do, led by Rollins. JBL says Renee is on the stage with interviews.

Renee – I know you made some comments about the way SummerSlam ended, then put in a match against The Shield, how do you feel about that?
Big Show -
Renee – You must be holding back anger and frustration?
Ziggler -
Renee – Miz, you're one of the most outspoken Superstars, what do you think about what's happening?
Miz – I think what happened to Ziggler, Big Show and what's happening to Bryan is...

Bryan on Rollins hard in a corner. Out of the corner Bryan takes Rollins down with a toe hold, then sets up and locks on the surfboard, wrenching Rollins' head back. Rollins turns bright red. Bryan lets go and kicks Rollins, then sends Rollins into a high knee. Bryan clotheslines Rollins from the ring, bringing himself out as well. Reigns and Ambrose come around the ring from opposite sides, distracting Bryan. Rollins drives Bryan back first into the barricade. Rollins then sends Bryan hard into the barricade, then back into the ring for two.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants. Rollins stomps Bryan down in a corner, then chokes Bryan with a foot. Bryan up and comes back with blows on Rollins. Rollins with a chop, then whips Bryan who runs up and over. Bryan ducks Rollins' right and clotheslines Rollins. Bryan with his kicks on the mat, but Rollins ducks the last and rolls out. Bryan grabs Rollins' hair, but is hung up top. Rollins off the top, but Bryan reverses into a half Boston crab. Rollins makes it to the ropes and Bryan breaks. Bryan sends Rollins from the ring with a low drop kick. Bryan flies out on Rollins sending him flying and rolling across announce in a huge way! Bryan on Rollins behind announce to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Rollins has Bryan down in a head and arm hold. Rollins lets Bryan free, but then sets Bryan up and splashes him hard in a corner. Bryan gets all riled up, taking the blows, then another splash that drops him to the mat. Rollins talks smack and slaps Bryan's face a couple times. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants for Rollins. Rollins to a corner to set up Bryan, but turns into a huge drop kick from Bryan! Both are down. Kicks and blows from Bryan. Rollins tries for a sunset, but Bryan drops on him for two. Rollins on Bryan, elevates him and slams Bryan to the mat in an absolutely lovely move, but only got two for it.

Bryan set up top and chopped. Bryan is looking rough as Rollins climbs and sets up, but Bryan squirps through and lands Rollins crotch first on the corner behind the buckle. A SICK German off the top, and Rollins flipped in the air landing face first. Bryan gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going, then hits something on Rollins for three.


Ambrose in on Bryan, stomping on him. "YES!" lock on Ambrose, he's about to tap, but Reigns in and Ambrose loses via DQ.


All three of them on Bryan in the ring, beating him down. Trip's music hits at 13:04 and he comes out to the stage. He stares up at Big Show. Big Show turns away. Trip turns and looks at Ziggler who won't look at him. In the ring The Shield triple power bombs Bryan. Trip looks around at R-Truth, Usos, O'Neil, Clay, as well as Miz, Ziggler and especially Big Show. Trip looks up at Big Show again as Orton's music hits and he comes out. Trip steps back and looks at the Superstars, then slaps Orton on the chest. Orton to the ring. Rollins and Ambrose pick Bryan up, and Orton yells into Bryan's face. RKO on Bryan (15:22). Orton glares at the ring, then leaves up the ramp. Up at the top of the stage Orton poses with his belt high, Trip by his side.
Trip – You want to laugh? Come on!
Trip hits Orton lightly on the chest again, steps up to the stage, holds his hands up for the Superstars to get out of their way. They part and Trip leaves with Orton in tow. In the ring The Shield poses over Bryan's prone body.

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