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RAW Results 10/7/13 - COO Got KOd

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Big Show

RAW Results October 7, 2013
From CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about Punk getting a controversial win over Punk last night. And Big Show snapped last night and left a slew of bodies in his wake. Steph and Trip will address him at the top of the hour.

RAW Starts


Recap of Battleground, specifically the main event when Big Show punched out Bryan, then the ref, then Orton to leave the match with an open ending at 25 minutes.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Steph to the ring. Steph out in a white and black dress, black blazer, pink ribbon her her chest, black heeled booties, and her hair pulled back off her face.

Steph – Last night the main event was compromised. It was ruined. I'm angry. Bryan and Orton are ruined. All for the actions of one selfish man. That man will have to answer to all of us. Get out here, Big Show.

After a bit of a pause Big Show's music hits and he comes out the ring, nodding to fans on his way by. Into the ring he grabs a mic.

Big Show – Now listen, Steph...

Steph – Shut up! I know you're pressure, here and at home, when you're under pressure you make bad decisions. You knocked out officials, Bryan and Orton. What do you have to say for yourself?

Big Show – Sorry.

Steph – Eh, sorry. You can't even say that with any conviction. You're damn right you're sorry. You're a sorry pathetic excuse for life. We've bailed you out, bought your mortgage. No wonder you're broke, you can't even manage yourself. You can't even do your job. It's time you man up and take responsibility for your actions.

Big Show – Man up? Okay, can I go now?

Steph – No, can't go now! (The last two words punctuated with Steph jamming her finger into Big Show's chest, very hard.) Let me put this to you really clearly. We don't just own your home, we own you. You don't have the right to free will. You don't do anything in this company unless I or my husband personally approve it. Now it's time that you beg these people for forgiveness. On your knees and beg!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Big Show shakes his head slowly.

Steph – You can't even do that. You have no heart. You don't have a soul.

Big Show – You want me to apologize?

Steph – No, I want you to beg.

Big Show – You want me to beg?

Steph – Beg!

Big Show – I'm not begging. I knocked out Orton because I couldn't take it any more. I knocked out Bryan because you told me to.

Steph – Typical. Trying to twist this around, we weren't even here last night. Brad Maddox...

Big Show – Maddox, we know he's your puppet for you and your son of a bitch husband.

Steph slaps Big Show across the face, and he smiles.

Steph – What are you going to do about it Show?

Steph slaps Big Show across the face again, and his smile grows wider.

Steph – You gonna cry? (slap, slap) You gonna cry like a baby? (slap, slap, slap) I tell you whay you're going to do, nothing, because you're fired.

Big Show smiles evilly.

Steph – GET OUT!

Big Show leaves the ring yelling about being fired. Steph glares up the ramp after him.


Bryan, Cody and Goldust will face The Shield tonight.



Recap of Big Show defending himself to Steph in the ring, then she physically attacked him and fired him.

Ziggler vs Sandow

Ziggler to the ring. Sandow out, case in hand, to face him.

They lock up. Ziggler takes a big knee to the gut, backed into a corner, then shoulder blocked. Dolph stomped down, the ref pulls him off. Sandow back on Ziggler in the corner. Out and Sandow hits a suplex for two. Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat as a couple men chant for "Jerry!" Knees to Ziggler's back as he's still in the hold on the mat. Ziggler works to his feet, then punches free, but then back into a knee. Double ax handles on Ziggler on the mat, three times, then Sandow yells, 'You're welcome!' Ziggler into the ropes, eating forearms to the face. Sandow lands on Ziggler's back in the ropes for two.

Head scissors on Ziggler on the mat. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler free, but Sandow on Ziggler in a corner. Ziggler comes back with blows on Sandow. Ziggler sent out through the ropes to land badly outside.


Sandow pins Ziggler for two. Ziggler whipped, lands on the mat. Sandow pulls him up, then whips him back into the same corner. Sandow hits his side Russian leg sweep, but doesn't use his leg at all. Elbow of disdain for two. Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Cole says Big Show was escorted out by security. Ziggler struggles to his feet, and free, but sent out over the top. Sandow rolls out, grabs Ziggler, slams him face first on the apron, then into the post. Ziggler sent in, Sandow in to pin for two.

Sandow, with a knee in his back, wrenches Ziggler's head back. Ziggler works to his feet, but knocked down. Ziggler whipped, but moves, Sandow shoulder first into the post. Ziggler with blows to the body and head. Ziggler then on Sandow with blows on the mat. Sandow up and taken down. Sandow rolls out and takes a baseball slide. Outside Ziggler is all over Sandow with blows. Sandow rolled in, Ziggler in and on Sandow in a corner with more blows, all ten! Neck breaker on Sandow, then Ziggler calls for love from the fans. Big drop kick on Sandow for two.

Sandow holds the ropes, and Ziggler thrown off. Ziggler climbs, but Sandow hits the ropes and Ziggler lands. Sandow pins for two. Knees to Ziggler's gut, but then Ziggler rolls Sandow, then a famouser, Cole thanks Gunn, and Ziggler get the three for it!

Winner – Ziggler (12:41)

Video recap of the famouser and the three. Sandow is sitting in the corner, very pissed. Ziggler celebrates on the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Steph – Last night we trusted you to do a good job, and what happens. Rhodes were victorious, a black out, Armstrong was reinstated, then Big Show ruins the main event. There's no WWE Champ, and that's all on you. What do you have to say for yourself.

Maddox – Triple H.

Steph – You're putting this on my husband? He's been out there all day fixing this. You're lucky you're not fired. You're going to do what Big Show didn't. Go out and apologize, and tell the 'Universe' what you're going to do to make it up to them.

Maddox – Yes, Ma'am.

Steph – What are you waiting for?



During the commercial Bruno Sammartino came out. Yesterday was his birthday. King led the fans in singing to him on stage.

6 Divas Tag Match

Rosa, Aksana and Fox to the ring. Nattie, JoJo and Eva Marie to the ring.

Nattie and Aksana lock up. Nattie takes her down, then Aksana with a hammer lock. Nattie takes her down. Head scissors on Nattie who kips up. Eva tags in and rolls up Aksana for two. Side headlock takeover on Aksana. Aksana slams Eva's head back to the mat, then drops elbows before crawling around her and punching her for two. Aksana slams Eva down again. Rosa tags in and stomps Eva, then wraps her arms back. Eva no sells to her feet.

(A huge storm is going through, and I lost all connectivity, and the rest of this match.)

Winners – Team Nattie

Stage Segment

Maddox – I would publicly like to apologize about what happened at Battleground last night. There will be a rematch in HIAC. There will be a Special Guest Ref. You will meet three HOF candidates, they will make sure there's a Champ. I won't decide who it is, you will. The ref you choose will be announced. I'd like to introduce the first of your candidates. Out comes Booker T.

Booker T - (I lost all connectivity again!) I need your vote, now can you dig that suckuh?


3MB vs Los Matadores

3MB in the ring. Los Matadores out with El Torino.

Diego on Mahal, hip toss, up on Mahal' shoulder, flips him to the mat. Fernando tags in, they double teams Mahal the way they did last week, twice. McIntyre tags in kicking Fernando through the ropes, then stomping in the ring. McIntyre works over Fernando's left arm on the mat. Head scissors on McIntyre, then Diego tags in and takes McIntyre down. Diego off the top, then they double team McIntyre for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (2:21)

(lost connectivity, but Jesse told me that Slater went after El Torino, but was taken out by Los Matadores.)



Steph verbally abusing Big Show, then firing him.

In Ring Segment

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and I am the best in the world. The record books reflect that, because I'm the only man who can claim I beat Punk with both hands tied behind my back. Admittedly Punk has bragging rights of his own, last night he pinned Ryback. What the record books should reflect is that Punk is a bully and a cheater as well. (stills of Punk will a mule kick on Ryback)

Punk's music, and out her comes, bent over as if he'd been mule kicked, laughing. He plays to the fans, but stays on stage. "CM Punk!" chants.

Punk – Are you calling me a cheater? That's a relative term. I admit to no wrong doing, only to winning. Maybe I kicked Ryback in the balls, I did it to see if he actually had any.

Heyman – You will never have a chance to do that again. I promise you...

Punk – Everybody here knows your promises mean squat. Not only can I, but I will beat Ryback again. You three goofs are out here to issue a rematch? I accept. I'll do it here. I'll do it tomorrow. I'll do it at HIAC. That is what you get when you're a bully and pick on someone who's smarter than you.

Heyman (to Ryback) – He's bullying you, and I want you to do something about it.

Ryback – First of all Punk, if you had any balls, I'd have hit you in them a long time ago. You think you're some sort of tough guy, you're a bolly. Why don't you bring yourself to this ring and I'll bolly you.

R-Truth runs out to the stage, talks to Punk off mic. Punk shrugs, drops his mic, and they head to the ring together. On the bottom of the stage they talk things through, and there's a ref in the ring.

Punk & R-Truth vs Axel & Ryback

Heyman glares as Punk steps up and Ryback tags out. Axel in to Punk laughing. They lock up, side headlock on Punk. Punk pushes off, but takes the shoulder block. Axel over and under Punk, but into a drop toe hold, and Punk keeps hold of him. Punk slams back to wrench Axel's leg. R-Truth tags in and pins Axel for two. R-Truth on Axel with blows. Axel to his bum by the ropes. 'What's up?' The heels regroup with Heyman.


R-Truth tags in and kicks Axel's arm, then puts on a chinlock. Axel up and backs R-Truth into the heel corner. Ryback tags in. R-Truth with blows on Ryback, then a cheap shot on Axel, but then Ryback takes R-Truth down. Ryback with a blow on R-Truth, then another. Bear hug on R-Truth, bouncing him around. R-Truth punches at Ryback's head. Ryback drops R-Truth for two. Axel tags in and off the top for two. Forearms to R-Truth in the ropes, then he stomps R-Truth on the mat. R-Truth up with kicks and blows, but right into a drop kick for two.

Chinlock on R-Truth on the mat. R-Truth free, but whipped into the heel corner. Ryback tags in, pulls R-Truth up and slams him into a corner, then runs and slams him into the opposite corner, then runs and slams R-Truth into the first corner again. R-Truth then whipped and hits the mat. Snap mare on R-Truth, then Ryback kicks back at R-Truth for two.

Ryback pulls R-Truth up and into abdominal stretch in the center of the ring. R-Truth free, but lifted and slammed back into the corner again. R-Truth whipped, comes out, lifted, but free and lands a drop kick! Both are down and Punk is riled up! R-Truth dives and tags out. Punk all over Axel. High knee, then clothesline in 'vintage' Punk. Punk climbs, hits his Savage elbow on Axel and the fans go wild! Cheap shot on Axel, then GTS on Axel. Ryback in, eats a GTS! R-Truth tags in, hits his scissors kick for three.

Winners – R-Truth & Punk (12:40)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Heyman and his Guys on the ramp as R-Truth and Punk celebrate in the ring.


Stage Segment

Out comes Bob Backlund. He paces the stage.
Bob – You know why? You know why I love you people. I have a heck of a reason you should vote for me. I use heck because I don't like hell! My reason is because I've been a good guy in the business, and I've been bad! I don't care who wins. The decision will be best for the match, that's what I'm going to do. Good decision in the match. If it gets out of the control I'm going to put that in the crossface chicken wing. Ladies and gentlemen, sit up straight when I talk to you!

Kofi vs Orton

Kofi to the ring. Orton out to face him. Video of Orton berrating Big Show for punching out Bryan and the ref, yelling about the trouble Big Show would be in tomorrow (RAW).

Orton kicks Kofi, then on him with blows. Orton pins for one. Kofi thrown from the ring. Orton out, grabs Kofi and sends him into the barricade. Kofi into the opposite barricade, then into a big clothesline. Kofi rolled in, pinned for two. Knee to Kofi's head, then an upper cut. Kofi pulled up, but then sends Orton out. Orton in to a flying clothesline. Kicks from Kofi, then sends Orton out again. Kofi taunts Orton who walks around the ring, takes a moment to walk it off. Orton up the stairs and in. Orton on Kofi's arm, then back head butts in a corner, then blows. Kofi kicks back, then punches. More kicks on Orton, back him into a corner. Orton reverses the whip, Kofi bounces off the corner with a foot, but his cross body is met with air when Orton ducks.


Orton stomps his way around Kofi. During the break Kofi went back first into the barricade. Back breaker on Kofi for two. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up, then punches free, but takes a knee to the gut, and whipped. Kofi gets an elbow up, then flies off the corner onto Orton. Kofi runs the ropes over and under Orton, but then eats a drop kick for two. Blows on Kofi in a corner, then an upper cut. Kofi set up top, legs put out, blows on Kofi. Kofi fights back, brings his feet in, then plants Orton with a big DDT. Kofi whipped, but gets his feet up in Orton's face. Kofi off the corner on Orton for two. Orton avoids TIP, but lands SOS for a long two.

Kofi elevated, but stays on the apron. Kofi off the top, but Orton hits his sick power slam on Kofi for a long two. Kofi to the apron, Orton sets up, but Kofi elevates Orton out. Orton side steps the baseball slide and hits a sick clothesline outside. Kofi into the barricade, then set sup and lands Kofi guts first on the barricade. Orton then hits his DDT from that position. The ref is counting them out, but Orton rolls Kofi in at 9. Orton in, pulls Kofi up by his hair, hits the RKO, rolls Kofi over for three.

Winner – Orton (13:47)

Video of Orton trashing Kofi outside the ring. Bryan is there, attacking Orton in the ring. Orton is clotheslined from the ring then Bryan out and on Orton. Orton sent over announce, and Bryan flies over onto him with punches and blows. The cameraman is knocked to the floor, so another comes in. Many refs and producers out there to break them up. Bryan all over Orton, and Jamie Noble helps drag Bryan off Orton. Orton free and runs up the ramp and away, but Bryan takes off after him.


Backstage Segment

Vickie (to no one I recognize) – Next time you want vacation time, pass it by me, I'm your boss.
ADR – What are you doing here?
Vickie – Trip invited me.
ADR -When are you going to name me The face of the WWE? I understand they need to see me. I believe you're the most respected and talented GM in history. You're sexy, beautiful, intelligent.

ADR gives Vickie his scarf, and sweetly kisses her on the cheek. He leaves rolling his eyes, and she removes the scarf, sniffs it with a sneer, and drops it.

Stage Segment

HBK comes bouncing out to huge pop and pyro, in his camo. The fans are wild. "HBK!" chants.
HBK – Okay, now I know, all of you are aware that Trip is my best friend. But the key word is personal. What we're talking about here is business. I don't know how many of you are aware that I trained Bryan. However, I will not let that sway me, won't let my friendship with Trip sway me. When it comes to Orton, I don't like him, he doesn't like me. I won't let that sway me. I want everyone to download the App and vote for HBShizzle. I want to be the one to...


HBK – It took almost 30 years, but we're going to have HBShizzle trending. But really, enough about me, I want you to vote for me to be the Special Guest Ref at HIAC, because I guarantee that there's a new WWE Champion, because ultimately I don't care what's best for business, I care what's best for every one of you.



Again, Steph going off on Big Show and firing him.

ADR vs Ricardo

ADR out to the ring.
Vickie – EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!! Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, ADR's opponent, Ricardo Rodriguez.
Ricardo argues with Vickie, then slowly heads to the ring looking very freaked out. ADR is ready, throws his scarf at Ricardo, and Ricardo is about to cry.

Vickie – Excuse me ADR, one more announcement, you will defend the WHC at HIAC, and your opponent will be John Cena!

Ricardo attacks a freaked out ADR from behind, then rolls him up, in a really sloppy way, for three.

Winner – Ricardo (1:00)

Ricardo is celebrating on announce. ADR pulls his legs out from under him and Ricardo lands hard. Ricardo into the stairs, then ADR puts a chair around Ricardo's arm and stomps the heck out of it before putting on his cross arm breaker. A bunch of refs out there to break it up. They tend to Ricardo who lolls on the floor in tears. Video recap of ADR's attack on Ricardo after the match.



Recap of Vickie announcing Cena returning at HIAC, then ADR's attack on Ricardo.

Ryder vs Fandango

Ryder with blows on Fandango, right into a drop kick for two. Knee to Ryder's head, then a punch to the face. Snap suplex on Ryder for two. Chinlock on Ryder on the mat. Ryder up, punches free, but a knee to the gut. Fandango telegraphs, eats the mat. Ryder into the corner, gets his knees up, then off the corner on Fandango. Ryder sets up, but Fandango out to avoid the boot. Fandango knocked through the ropes. Back in, Fandango with a kick to Ryder's head from the apron, then hangs him up backward up top. Fandango up, hits his left leg drop for three.

Winner – Fandango (2:44)

Video of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

King announces the candidates for the Special Guest Ref ref, all of which are out back.
HBK – 61%
Bob – 32%
Book - 7%
HBK is not very shocked, but shakes hands with the other two.


The Real Americans vs Santino & Khali

The Real Americans are in the ring together. Santino, Khali and Hornswoggle to the ring together.

Swagger backs Santino to the ropes, then sends him flying, but he cartwheels. Swagger talks smack at Santino who ends up power walking, then hitting an inverted atomic drop. Swagger with a blow to Santino's face, then eats corner. Cesaro tags in and chokes Santino. Upper cut on Santino and Swagger tags in. Snap mare on Santino, then face first in the heel corner. Chesp shot by Cesaro, then Swagger hits a clothesline on Santino. Cesaro tags in as Santino takes the Swagger bomb. Cesaro jumps over Swagger with a double foot drop on Santino. Santino with a jaw breaker tags out.

Cesaro into a clothesline, then into a corner to eat elbows from Khali. Chop from Khali. Into the next corner, and another Khali chop. Swagger tries for a cheap hit, but knocked off the apron. Cesaro takes Khali's knee out, then the giant swing for three.

Winners – The Real Americans (3:55)

Swagger sends Hornswoggle into the ring. Cesaro acts like Hornswoggle weighs too much, but then starts the big swing. Cobra strikes and Hornswoggle is dropped. Swagger after Santino, then taken out by Khali. Hornswoggle can barely stand and lashes out at Cesaro and Khali.


O'Neil talking about losing his grandmother to breast cancer and how much of his life she's missed. He's so sweet talking about her.

Backstage Segment

Miz heading to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Three weeks ago Miz was beaten up in front of his parents by Orton.

Miz TV

Miz – Welcome to the most must see WWE talk show in history, welcome to...

The Wyatt Family's opening music. Bray to the ring. The lights come up and Rowan and Harper are in the ring. Miz fights through Bray and able to retreat. Bray uses Rowan and Harper to lean back, look over his head at Miz on the stage.

Backstage Segment

Maddox – Least Backlund wasn't chosen. What do you think? Did I acquit myself as GM tonight?
Steph – You have a long way to acquit yourself... (to Trip who walks in) Hi! (Steph and Trip kiss) It's about time you got here.
Trip – It's been a hell of a day. Just landed. A lot of work trying to clean up somebody's mess from last night.
Steph – He has no idea.
Trip – Has he screwed anything up today?
Steph – Not yet, but we still have the main event.
Maddox – I'm going to go out and make sure...
Trip – You're staying right here. I'm going out to make sure that what happens is what's best for business. (Trip leaves)
Steph (to Maddox) – You got that? (he nods)

In Ring Segment

The Shield to the ring.


6 Man Tag Match – The Shield vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust & Daniel Bryan

Goldust out with different paint from usual, and from last night. He waits on the bottom of the ramp. Cody out to join his brother. Bryan out to round out the team. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Trip comes out in his power suit, and pink tie.

Rollins yelling smack at Goldust, then Goldust huffs at Rollins before attacking with his pink gloves. Rollins telegraphs and takes a blow. A big kick to Rollins for two. Soft tag to his brother, then Cody comes off the top with a lovely drop kick for two. Rollins fights back with a blow, then Cody into the heel corner. Ambrose tags in, then double team. Rollins taken out, then running knee to Ambrose for two.

Ambrose elevated, then slammed to the mat for two. Cody grinds his elbow into Ambrose's head, then tags in his brother. Goldust drops a knee on Ambrose for two. Cody tags in, knees Ambrose then punches him to the mat. Ambrose on Cody in a corner, then rakes his eyes before the ref yells at Ambrose. Kicks on Cody, then he's whipped, but gets his feet up. Cody up, kicks Reigns off the apron, but Ambrose knocks Cody to the floor where he's left screaming. Trip is smirking.


Front facelock on Rollins. Cody backed into the heel corner. Ambrose tags in and stomps Cody. Ambrose stomps Cody's gut, and grinds in with his foot, then does it again. Ambrose sits on Cody's back and pulls his head back. Blows to Cody's back in a corner, then he's set up top. Ambrose up talking smack to Cody. Cody elbows back, knocking Ambrose back. Cody with a beautiful moonsault on Ambrose. Both men are down and everyone wants in. Ambrose grabs Cody's foot and stops him. Cheap shot on Goldust, but then a body drop on Ambrose! Bryan tags in.

Bryan all over Rollins who tags in. Rollins lands on his head, then takes both feet in the corner. Head scissors on Rollins from the corner, but Reigns breaks the pin. Goldust in takes out Reigns. Ambrose involved, then Reigns takes out Goldust. Cody in and takes out Reigns. Bryan locks on the "YES!" lock, but Ambrose with a chair to Cody's gut. The ref calls for the bell.


Trip says another show won't end with no ending. Restart the match! Everyone fighting all over outside. Suddenly Orton is there with an RKO on Bryan. Bryan rolled into the ring. Rollins drags himself over to Bryan and pins him for three.

Winners – The Shield (0:50)

Trip smiles, walks around the ring, then points and nods. The Shield attacks Cody, Goldust and Bryan. The Shield's beating them down in the ring, then Big Show's music hits. He comes out slowly, smiling. Trip scurries into the the to hide behind The Shield. Big Show holds his arms out like he wants to hug Trip. Big Show up on the side of the apron. Into the ring and The Shield attacks Big Show. Big Show takes them down. Big Show steps at Trip, but Big Show takes a chop block from behind. Off comes Trip's jacket, and he yells at The Shield to finish Big Show. They all over Big Show on the mat, beating him down. Big Show bounces up, sending them all flying in all directions. Trip looks shocked, then Big Show knocks him out.

Big Show leaves the ring and Bryan gets in. Bryan stands over Trip, smiles and starts the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan goes over, carefully fixes Trip's tie, points at Trip laughing, and keeps the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going as RAW goes off the air.

Biggest Pop
Cody & Goldust
Big Show

Biggest Heat
Trip & Steph
Heyman & Guys

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