WWE RAW 6/10/13 - The McMahons Need Dr. Shelby


RAW Results June 10, 2013
Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon for Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cena and Ryback face to face tonight. And despite pleading from his wife and demands from his father-in-law, Trip is determined to face Curtis Axel tonight.

Show Starts


Steph's voice from the opening segment last week, talking about Trip facing Brock, then Axel and not being able to finish – over video of Trip in those matches. Then to Steph and McMahon in the ring talking about Trip not competing. Then Trip showed up and had a bit of a fit over not working. Steph and Trip argued about it, then McMahon got in the middle of it. They both told Trip he wasn't working the ring against Axel. Trip left, but said he'd be in the ring at the start of RAW this week.

Triple H vs Curtis Axel w/ Heyman

Trip comes out to the ring in his truly famous way to huge pop, ready to work that ring. Around to the side as Justin announces him. Trip up on the apron, spits for the fans, then into the ring to pose. Axel and Heyman to the ring together. The ref has to hold Trip back as Axel taunts him. "Triple H!" Axel over the top and in.

Kicks on Axel, then blows on him in a corner. Axel down and the ref pulls Trip off. Trip back to stomping Axel. Suplex on Axel for two.

McMahon's music hits and he comes strutting out in a blow suit, light pink shirt, lilac tie. McMahon around the ring as a shoulder block drops Trip. Axel tossed from the ring as McMahon calls for the bell. McMahon tells Justin to announce, "The winner of this match due to a DQ, Curtis Axel!"

Winner via DQ – Axel (1:19)

McMahon struts up the ramp leaving Trip livid in the ring. Heyman and Axel taunt Trip.

Trip leaves the ring, goes to Justin and tells him to restart the match.

Trip vs Axel

Lock up. Side headlock on Axel. "Triple H!"

McMahon to the ring, this time without music. Shoulder block to Axel. "You suck!" for McMahon.

Winner – Axel via Forfeit (0:54)

McMahon walks away. Trip to Justin, yells at him more more. Makes him stand and announce the match.

60 Minute Iron Man Match

Trip to the ring. McMahon to Justin takes the mic – Axel, leave the ring, you already won twice. You need a new mic. You need a new bell.

McMahon took Justin's mic and the ring bell before leaving ringside.


Backstage Segment

Trip and Steph arguing about McMahon. Steph begs Paul not to hurt McMahon. Think about McMahon in the pool with our kids, squirting him with the hose. Steph cries, tears streaming, begging Paul to not hurt mc. Trip gets Steph to go talk to McMahon. Steph leaves and Trip throws his towel down.

Kane vs Ambrose

Fire erupts and Kane heads to the ring. He calls fire from all four. Video of Kane and Bryan arguing on Smackdown last week. Kane left Bryan in the ring with Orton and Miz. The Shield's music, and they come down through the crowd. Ambrose to the ring.

No bell, but they start as the ref waves his arms. Kane on Ambrose, Ambrose back with a blow. Big boot on Ambrose, then drop kick on a sitting Ambrose, for two. More blows on Ambrose in a corner, Ambrose reverses it, raking Kane's masked face along the top rope. Ambrose flies at Kane, is caught and slammed. Another big blow on Ambrose. Ambrose whipped to a corner and falls. Back breaker on Ambrose, then Kane bend Ambrose back over his knee. A ref comes running down, ring bell under his arm. Ambrose sent flying out, Kane follows with a big right, but Ambrose blocks eating the stairs. Ambrose off the stairs into a huge right from Kane. "Let's go Ambrose!"


Headlock on Kane, then slams his face to the mat. Reverse headlock on Kane. Kane up with blows, but then Kane against the ropes takes blows, then a drop kick. On the App Orton and Bryan are watching backstage, then arguing. Ambrose ties Kane's legs up, then rolls him into a hold on the mat. Ambrose up top, Kane gains some control by throwing Ambrose to the mat. Ambrose and Kane back and forth with blows. A knee to Kane's gut, but Kane with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Ambrose for two. Sunset on Kane, but Kane blocks. Ambrose whipped, gets a foot up, but Kane grabs it and slams Ambrose down. Sidewalk slam on Ambrose. Kane climbs, but Ambrose is there with blows. Kane pushes him off and comes off with a clothesline. Kane readies for a chokeslam, but Ambrose ducks from the ring. Rollins on Kane from behind!

Winner – Kane via DQ (10:24)

But the cavalry is there to help Kane! Orton, Bryan and Kane clear the ring! The Shield flees!

Announce Segment

Cole and Kane talk about The Shield, then the App. Who will face Bray tonight? Rollins or Reigns? Go to the App and vote! The one who isn't chosen will face Orton later.


In Ring Segment

King in the ring with the results of the App vote already! Rollins 66% - Reigns 34%


Bryan and Orton faced Rollins and Reigns on Smackdown. Bryan with a drop kick on Orton, accidentally, but after the match Bryan eats an RKO.

Backstage Segment

Bryan – The RKO was on purpose, come on!
Orton – If you think I didn't RKO you on purpose, I did. But if you think I'm going to let you drop kick me in the face, you're wrong!
Bryan – Oh yeah, well you...
Kane – Daniel, back off. This is not a fight that you want to pick, okay?
Bryan – You don't think I can handle Orton?
Kane – That's not what I said! Both of you guys have matches against The Shield tonight. Bryan against Rollins, Randy against Reigns, the last thing you need is to be fighting with each other!!!
Orton – You know what Kane, you're right. The last thing Daniel needs to do is fight me.
Bryan – Thank you. You think I'm afraid of you?
Kane – Shut up!
Bryan – You think I'm afraid of you with your beady eyes, bad haircut and terrible tattoos...
Orton – Take your yappy little friend out of here before something bad happens to him.

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!!! You all need to pull this together because I made it official that you two will be facing Rollins and Reigns at Payback for the TTC.
Bryan – That's great, Kane and I need a shot at the TTC!
Vickie (laughing) – Team Hell No is like Team Hell Never! I mean you and Orton!
Kane – They get a Title Match?
Orton – No!
Vickie – They beat the champs by DQ on Smackdown, so they deserve a Title Match.
Orton – No Vickie.

Vickie turns and leaves with Maddox in tow. All three men are shaking their heads.

Bryan – If you think what happened Friday will happen at the PPV, you're dead wrong.
Orton – You stay out of my way.
Bryan – You stay out of my way!

Bryan and Orton leave in opposite directions.

Kane – This is unbelievable. This doesn't make any sense!

Vickie (returns) – Kane, I didn't forget you. At Payback you get a US Title Match against Ambrose.
Kane – You know Vickie, I always did like you.

Kane pulls Vickie into a big sweaty hug. Vickie breaks free and flees. Kane laughs that laugh that made him famous!

In Ring Segment

Miz to the ring.


Slam of the Week

Miz faced Barrett last week. Fandango distracted and Miz got the win with the fig 4.

Miz vs Rhodes

Barrett is on announce looking surly. Cole talks about Fandango being concussed and out of the IC Title Match at Payback. It's not Barrett versus Miz. Cody is in the ring with Miz.

Miz and Rhodes go back and forth. Rhodes works over Miz's left knee, then slams him to the mat for two. Rhodes with a leg lock on Miz on the mat, face down. "Cody sucks!" Miz free as Rhodes looks around at the fans chanting at him. Rhodes on Miz for two. Rhodes again locks onto Miz's left knee to keep the pressure on. Miz reverses up and over Rhodes and locks on the fig 4 as he looks at Barrett. Rhodes taps out.

Winner – Miz (2:35)

Barrett to his feet and onto the apron. Heyman out clearing his throat.
Heyman – Vickie has authorized me to inform you that even though Fandango won't be able to compete, there will still be a Triple Threat Match for that IC Title. The man facing you in that match for that Title is the newest client of Paul Heyman, with victories over Jericho, Cena, and two consecutive victories on this RAW over Triple H, Curtis Axel! (Axel comes out with a smile.)

Axel - You know Paul, the perfect ending to the match this Sunday will be me, Curtis Axel the new IC Champion!


Henry hurting people, as he talks over the video about hurting people.

Backstage Segment

Jericho heading for the ring.



Recap of the opening match where McMahon kept getting involved, and finally stole the bell. Then Trip and Steph talking.

Backstage Segment

Steph talks to McMahon's back.
Steph – I know you're upset and want to protect Hunter, but what you did was embarrassing, and you know what a proud man Trip is, and you walked all over him out there.
McMahon – I heard what you said. What do you mean, he's not getting any younger. What's that supposed to mean? He made you cry. He made my baby girl cry!
Steph – No, no Dad, you did.
McMahon – How did I make you cry?
Steph – You made me cry because you went out there and crushed him!
McMahon – The hell with his pride. I don't give a damn about his pride. I care about the WWE! Business first.
Steph – Well I care about WWE too Dad!
McMahon – Then you see it my way, no matter who, family or not, business comes first. You do the right thing for business every single time. Best you keep him away from me.
Steph – Would you at least try to talk to him?
McMahon – If I did, you wouldn't like what I'd say, or how I say it. I think that's how he put it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a show to put on.

McMahon leaves Steph seething.

In Ring Segment

The lights go out, Jericho blinkie jacket, and he comes out to the ring. Video of Jericho fighting Axel, beating Axel until Heyman called for Punk, his music played, Jericho was distracted, Axel got the win. "Y2J!"
Jericho – Welcome to RAW Is Jericho! Now you know I've said that many times over the years here on RAW. And here on RAW I faced some of the best performers in the history of the company From Austin to The Rock to Trip to Foley to Rey to Eddie to Cena to Orton – so many greats, but the man who takes me to the limit and makes be a better performer is the man I face this Sunday, Punk.

"CM Punk!"

Jericho – You can say what you want about Punk's attitude, or his opinions, the reason Punk is so damn good is because he believes. He believes he's the best in the world. The same way that I believe I am be the best in the world at what I do. That why we're such good evenly matched opponents, we have the same mindset, we came in the business the same way, we have the same chip on our shoulder. We accept nothing less than the best. (Too quiet) Just like every Jerichoholic in this arena, and watching at home (pop) accepts nothing more than the best! This Sunday at Payback – Punk/Jericho 3, continues the classic trilogy of matches that started at WrestleMania 28 to Extreme Rules 2012, and ends this Sunday. And I promise you, at Payback Punk, you will get my best. You will get my best because I need to beat you, I have to beat you at Payback. No matter what happens, after Punk/Jericho 3, neither of one of us will ever, eeeever be the same...

Ziggler's music cuts Jericho off! Ziggler comes out with Big E and AJ.

Ziggler – Chris, you're talking about the best performers in the world, so I thought this would be the best time to make my triumphant return to Monday Night RAW. See, the name plate wasn't even on this Title before it was almost taken from me due to concussion. (Ziggler looks a little upset.) I wasn't about to sit at home, that's not Dolph Ziggler's style. When this was almost taken from me, it wasn't fair to me. It's pretty obvious that no one ever wanted me to have this, so I came out here every single night and I stole the show and I earned this!


Ziggler – At Payback I'm going to prove to the world, and especially ADR, that when he steps into that ring, he's outclassed in every possible way.


Ziggler – In that ring. On the mic. In the back. On the streets. You name it, I do it better than anyone in this business and I'm just getting started!


Ziggler – And it all goes down this Sunday...

Jericho – Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, bluh bluh bluh, blah. Bluh bluh blah, buubububububuh! I read the news, I know you're back Dolph! You're kind of stepping ahead of yourself because that's Sunday, this is Monday, Monday Night RAW! Right here in Richmond, VA! So you're talking about ADR Sunday, but I think you need a tune up match, shake off some of the rust. Some of that rust you built up. Maybe you should come to the ring right here, right now and have a match against Y2J!

Ziggler – You want a match. Chris Jericho, you want a match? You know what? You got it! Against Big E! I'll be at Payback. Get him E.


Jericho vs Big E

The match started during the commercial break. Jericho limping his right knee that was tweaked during the commercial, due to Big E. Big E on Jericho, but Jericho reverses and throws Big E out over the top. The fans go wild! Drop kick through the ropes onto Big E. Jericho out and on Big E with blows, but then tossed into the stairs. Big E rolls Jericho in for two.

Big blows on Jericho, then a shoulder block in a corner. Jericho crumbles to the mat. Big E stomps Jericho, then wrenches Jericho's head with his knee in a corner. Jericho whipped, but moves and Big E shoulder first into the post for two. Jericho pulls Big E out and rolls him up for two. Big E back with a shoulder block on Jericho for two. Big E wrenches Jericho's head to the side, but Jericho to his feet, plays the fans and fights free. Jericho one Big E with a kick, then chops. A hard forearm, then an enziguri on Big E for two. Jericho with forearms on Big E, then flies at him, but is caught. Back breaker after back breaker on Jericho, but only gets two for it.

Jericho pulled up, Big E yells smack at him, then back Jericho in a corner. Jericho gets his feet up. Jericho climbs, crossbody on Big E for a long two. Ziggler on the apron yelling, distracts, and Big E attacks Jericho from behind. Straps coming down, Cole says shades of someone here at ringside! Big E stalks Jericho, but then ADR is there, he attacks Ziggler from behind. Big E misses Jericho and eats corner. ADR and Ricardo flee laughing. Code breaker for three.

Winner – Jericho (7:56)

Ziggler is seething as he sits outside. Video recap of Ziggler's distraction, then ADR distraction. Code breaker and Big E is done. Jericho celebrates with troops in the front row as Ziggler and ADR yell smack back and forth.

Announce Segment

WWE Magazine goes digital this week! Download your free sample today!


Sin Cara vs Cesaro

Sin Cara to the ring in gold and white. Cesaro out to face him. Zeb on announce.

Cesaro to his knees, fireman takeover on Sin Cara. Sin Cara rolls out. Sin Cara rolls int o be stomped. Head scissors on Cesaro, then on Cesaro with kicks. Sin Cara bounces up the corner, but Cesaro trips him. Cesaro stands on Sin Cara's face. Cesaro takes Sin Cara to the mat. Beautiful power slam from Cena for two. Forearms to Sin Cara's face, then a double foot stomp on Sin Cara for two. Chinlock on Sin Cara on the mat. Zeb yells, T Mobile is horrible! Sin Cara with a lovely move all over Cesaro body into head scissors, then a lovely flipping move on Cesaro for two! Cesaro reverses into a back breaker on Sin Cara, then spins Sin Cara a bit. Neutralizer on Sin Cara for three.

Winner – Cesaro (3:51)

Video recap of the beautiful high flying and hard hitting moves from both Sin Cara and Cesaro as Zeb spews more venom on announce. Cesaro celebrates in the ring.


Another eerie Wyatt Family video.


Backstage Segment

Vickie – Hardees Super Bacon Cheese Thick Burger is sponsoring RAW tonight. (Vickie shoves the burger in her face.
Maddox (rolling his eyes) – Yeah, I know.
Vickie – It's my duty to eat this burger.
Maddox – Why can't I just have one? You have like three here.
Vickie – This is something you'd never understand. Six slices of bacon. Ooey, gooey cheese.
Maddox – Put the burger down.
Vickie – This cheese is so amazing!
Maddox – Mr. McMahon, how are you doing this evening?
McMahon – Chew and swallow.
Vickie – Mr. McMahon, how are you today? (Vickie wipes her face on her napkin [tucked into her dress] and starts noisily sucking the burger goo off her fingers.
McMahon – What's the matter with you? You don't talk with a mouthful of food.
Vickie – It's so good.
McMahon – What are you doing? You placed the main event of Payback in jeopardy by putting Ryback and Cena face to face. What are you thinking? What if they got into it? What if someone got hurt? I couldn't have the PPV match ruined.
Vickie – This is not how I'd run my show. Far beyond what I'd expect from Triple H.
McMahon – Great TV. This is not great TV, so what are you going to do about it?
Vickie – I'll cancel the match.
McMahon – Think Vickie. If you think as well as you eat, you'll come up with the right answer.
Maddox – What if we had the lumberjacks come out to keep them from tearing each other apart, and keep focus on their 3 Stages of Hell Match.
McMahon – That's good thinking. Maybe you want to share your burger with Brad.
Maddox – I want the one up front. Team Bricky did good.
Vickie – Shut up Brad!

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring. Bryan out to the ring. Video of Bryan hitting an accidental drop kick on Orton on Smackdown, but then Orton hit the RKO on Bryan. Bryan and Orton glare at each other.


Orton vs Reigns

The Shield to the ring.

They slowly lock up. Blow to Orton's gut. Blows on Orton in a corner. Orton kicks back. Orton on with blows, the ref backs him off. Drop kick to Reigns for two. Orton stomps Reigns' face, then drops a knee. Out of the ring, then fight. Orton with an upper cut, then Reigns to the apron, then spine first off the barricade. Orton sends Reigns back in at 7. Orton pins for two. Orton stomps Reigns' gut, then tries to drop a knee, but Reigns moves. Reigns stomps on Orton in a corner. Orton checks his mouth for blood as Bryan looks on. Orton ducks, then hits a Thesz Press. Blows on Reigns in a corner. Orton gets all ten, then a head butt! Another head butt on Reigns. Reigns backed hard into a corner, then reverses Orton's whip, but Orton retains control until Reigns knocks Orton from up top to the floor with one big right.


Reigns with a headlock on Orton in the center of the ring. Bryan beats the apron to get the fans behind Orton. Orton up, punches free, then a head butt, but Orton hung up top by Reigns. Big running clothesline to Orton for a long two.

"Randy!" as the chinlock is on Orton on the mat. Orton struggles to his knee, sells the hold, then to his feet, grimacing, then back suplexing free. Both men are down as Rollins yells at Reigns to get up. Reigns rushes Orton, but Orton moves. Clotheslines to Reigns, Orton ducks, then hits that sick power slam on Reigns! Reigns ducks, gets Orton up. Orton free and hits his back breaker on Reigns. Reigns on the apron, Orton sets up, hits his 'vintage' DDT. Rollins in, Orton grabs him, pulls him from the DDT. Bryan in, runs across the ring and hits his sick suicide dive. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans who love it! The ref calls for the bell.

No Contest (12:11)

Bryan vs Rollins

They go right into this match, no stopping! Rollins on Bryan in a corner. Bryan whipped, runs up the corner, flies over and hits a sick clothesline. Bryan with his kicks on Rollins. Rollins runs the ropes into a high knee. Elbow drops to Rollins' shoulder, then kicks to Rollins' back. Elbows over Rollins' back to his chest, the fans yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" every time Bryan hits a move. Bryan sets Rollins up, but Rollins makes it to the ropes before the surfboard could be fully locked on. Bryan doesn't dive out, so a low drop kick on Rollins. Bryan then runs off the apron with that knee! Rollins rolled back in and Bryan pins for two.

Bryan backed into a corner, shoulder blocks from Rollins. Bryan back with blows, but Rollins slams Bryan face first into the second buckle. Rollins pins for two. Rollins sets up the surfboard, and is able to lock it on after a bit of struggle. Bryan counters, sits up, on Rollins with "YES!" kicks. Bryan locks on the hold, pulls back on Rollins' face, gets Rollins up, then somehow locks on a reverse headlock! Bryan rolls to his bum, keeps the hold on Rollins! Rollins finally gets free.


Bryan elbows free of Rollins, then on him with "YES!" punches, but then runs into a big drop kick from Rollins. Rollins locks a headlock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan gets bouncy, then up and free. On Rollins with blows. They exchange blows. Rollins tries for a roundhouse, but Bryan grabs the leg and locks on a half Boston crab! Rollins free and kicks "YES!" kicks in a corner, then a big drop kick in the corner. Bryan gets two for it all. More "YES!" kicks on a kneeling Rollins. Rollins ducks Bryan's kick, then connects with his own drop kick! Rollins comes back with his own kicks to a kneeling Bryan, really being cocky about it. Bryan ducks, hits a belly-to-back,but Bryan lands on his feet. Bryan up as if for a bomb, then tossed back onto the top buckle, but Rollins only gets two for it!

Rollins pulls Bryan up. "Daniel Bryan!" Rollins rolls away from Bryan, then rushes him. He lands on Bryan, but Bryan sends Rollins out over the top. Rollins on Bryan as he leans out through the ropes. Rollins climbs, but Bryan ducks. Bryan and Rollins roll back and through. A back kick from Bryan for a long two!

Bryan is seething, climbs, but Rollins hits the ropes and knocks Bryan to sitting. Rollins up, but Bryan squirps free under him. Bryan climbs, Rollins counters as they fly, making it into a crossbody on Bryan somehow! They show it again in slo-mo! Each struggling up in a corner. Reigns on the apron, Orton trips him to keep him out of it. Rollins flies at Bryan, Bryan ducks. Rollins eats corner and Bryan rolls him up for three!

Winner – Bryan (15:15)

Bryan gets the first win over any of The Shield! Rollins grabs Bryan off the corner where he's celebrating. A roundhouse kick to Rollins who then turns into an RKO! Bryan and Orton talk a bit. Cole says he's telling Bryan what he did to help him. Video recap of Bryan's win, then what happened after the bell. Orton and Bryan are still pacing the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how the opening match was stopped and re-started, etc. Video of all this, including the discussions backstage.

Backstage Segment

Kaitlyn checks herself in a mirror, then heads for the ring.



Bellas, Slaughter, Big Show and Henry at the Special Olympics. Lovely video.

In Ring Segment

Kaitlyn – Secret Admirer, here I am. I feel really silly. Just, show yourself.

Big E's music hits and he comes out in brown pants, a black and white shirt, flowers in hand. He looks very sweet and a bit nervous heading for the ring. Kaitlyn looks shocked and very unsure. Big E into the ring.

Kaitlyn – Big E, it's you? (He gives her the flowers.)
Big E – Kaitlyn, I know this is unexpected. This is, hard for me, especially after what happened earlier. People only see me as a big, bad, tough guy, as Dolph's heavy. They only see me beating people up, but I care about more than that. I care about you.
Kaitlyn – I don't get it.
Big E – I know you're skeptical, and you should be. Ever since I first met you, I uh, since I first laid eyes on you. You were it. You were all I could think of. I didn't know how to tell you until now.

Big E very gently takes Kaitlyn into his arms, gets right up close to her, then quickly dips her, looks her deep in the eyes, then drops her on the mat. AJ's music hits and she comes out, mic in hand.
AJ – How you feeling right now Kaitlyn? Worthless? Alone? Broken? That's exactly how I felt when you abandoned me. See, Kaitlyn, I spent this past year letting men hurt me. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena, they used me. They took advantage of me, and they shattered me like glass. Where was my best friend? Chasing the Divas Title. (AJ gets down on her knees, right in Kaitlyn's face.) But even shattered glass, when you handle it wrong, can cut you deep.
Kaitlyn – You are crazy! You are crazy! (Kaitlyn tosses the flowers aside and gets to her feet.)
AJ – No, no Kaitlyn, I'm smart. See maybe you can beat me in here (the ring), but I can beat you up here (poking Kaitlyn's head – Kaitlyn slaps her hand away). I used to put you on a pedestal, and I get to shove you off and watch you fall all the way down. You're so sad. Weak. Pitiful. Face it Kaitlyn, you're just trash. (Kaitlyn cries.) You have no one, no love, none of these people give a damn about you! (heat) The only thing you have that's worth anything you have is the Divas Title, and come Sunday, you won't even have that. You're not going to like how this story ends. You're going to lose, and I'm going to get everything that I've ever wanted. And you're just going to run back to whatever trailer park you crawled out of in the first place. Remote in one hand, junk food in the other giant man arm, eating your emotions like the worthless, pathetic, unlovable cow...

Kaitlyn bitch slaps AJ to the mat. Kaitlyn dives on AJ and wails on her. AJ finally gets free, gets out of the ring and hits the floor. AJ to her feet laughing. Kaitlyn stares at her. AJ turns and skips away. Kaitlyn is left kneeling in the ring looking crushed.


This is a different Wyatt Family video, Bray leading the way.


Smackdown Rebound

Sheamus and Sandow arguing, then fighting in the ring on Smackdown.

Sandow vs R-Truth

Sandow – For the past fortnight I have been in a battle of wits with the not-so-great-white Sheamus. A battle that was clearly won by the intellectual savior. (heat) Silence! And this Sunday at Payback Kick Off I will prove that I am not only Sheamus' intellectual superior, but I am his physical superior. As I annihilate him, but in the way I annihilate my ignoramus opponent this evening.
Sandow – You're welcome!

R-Truth comes out to the ring as Cole pushes Hardees, and King stares at his burger that I'm not sure he's allowed to eat after his heart attack.

Side headlock on R-Truth. R-Truth free, dances, then telegraphs for the kick, then a big clothesline. Sandow on R-Truth with blows on the mat. R-Truth tossed out through the ropes. Sandow out and sends R-Truth into the apron back first. R-Truth on the apron taking blows. Sandow in stomping R-Truth gut. Snap mare on R-Truth, into a headlock. R-Truth struggle to his feet, though the fans were not reacting. Side Russian leg sweep followed by the elbow of disdain on R-Truth for two.

Blows on R-Truth, but then Sandow eats a one foot drop kick. R-Truth on Sandow with blows, then head scissors. Sandow face first to the mat for two. Sandow takes R-Truth's foot out from under him, then lands a new side slam-esque finisher called 'The Silencer!'

Winner – Sandow (3:20)

Sheamus (comes out to the stage) – How are you Damo? I'm out here to congratulate you on your hard fought victory on RAW! Most importantly Damo I came out here because you got my attention on Smackdown. Because of that you have a match against me at Payback Kick Off. What better way to start the night in The Windy City than me... kicking off your head? (pop) See you in Chicago, fella. (they stare)

Backstage Segment

Steph sends a member of the staff to find her father and it's about business, and urgent, to meet his daughter in 'our office'. Steph grabs the next guy and tells him to find Triple H, it's personal, and urgent, to meet her in 'our office'.


Backstage Segment

McMahon – You said this was urgent.
Trip (walks in) – What's he doing here? You said this is personal. (to McMahon) What business do you have getting in our business?
McMahon – Out of your business? Out of my business.
Trip – What do you have coming out in my business? Getting into my stuff? Huh?
McMahon – Because I'm me. That's why! Because I'm me...
Steph - HEY!!!! (That was the scariest sound I've ever heard come from Steph!) The two of you work this out! I'm sick and tired of it! (Steph leaves them to work it out.)
McMahon – Look at what you've done.
Trip – What I've done? You think I'm coming in here to apologize to you?
McMahon – I'm not going to apologize to you! I don't do that when I do the right thing, and that was the right thing. You know why? Because you're bigger than that. Don't get me wrong Curtis Axel is good, but you're bigger than that. You don't need that match. Think about it. Think about all you've accomplished. No one else in the world has accomplished what you've accomplished in the WWE. Come on. You're an icon. You're a legend. But I want you to be more than that. I want you to be the man. To sit behind that desk, you tell people to go to hell when they need to go to hell. You do the right thing every time. That's what I want for you. It's bigger than a match with Curtis Axel. You get that, I'm trying to do the right thing. I'm a giver. It's what I do.
Trip – I get it. Alright. I get it.
McMahon – You going to apologize?
Trip – I'm not going to apologize. I get it.
McMahon – Alright, just to show you I'm the bigger man, you've got your match next week. Go ahead, versus Axel.
Trip – You're giving me my match wit Axel?
McMahon – I just did.
Trip – You know, on second thought, you're right. I don't want the match with Axel.
McMahon – On second thought, I'd like to see the match, you versus Curtis Axel.
Trip – Now, you're right, I don't want the match with Axel.
McMahon – But I want to see it.
Trip – I don't want it!
Steph – Gentlemen. How about a group hug.
McMahon – A what?
Steph – A family hug.
Trip – I'm not hugging him.
Steph – We got back on the same page here. This is important. This is bonding.
McMahon – I don't hug other men.
Steph – Well then hug me.
McMahon – Okay, I'll do that.
Steph – At the same time that I hug...
Trip – Whoa, whoa, hold on a sec. You'll hug her, but you won't hug me now? What's the matter with me? You have a problem with me?
McMahon – Are you going to hug me?
Steph – Can we hug? Please? Daddy? Come on, bring it in. (Trip slaps McMahon on the back too hard and looks disgusted. McMahon comes back with more slaps. Then everyone pulls away.)
McMahon – You got what you wanted. (McMahon leaves)
Steph – I did. (she smiles up at Trip)
Trip – Don't give me that. Whatever. (Steph is left smiling.)

In Ring Segment

The lumberjacks are still milling around the ring. Cena's music hits. Cena to the ring, poses with the strap. Cena snaps the belt back on, then spins it around the right way. Steiner's music... I mean the ambulance with Ryback comes out. Ryback from the back of the ambulance. He goes to the ramp, backs up the ramp. Cena can be heard saying Ryback was going the wrong way.

Cena – Face to face? I know, sometimes in the WWE we use big words. I think I know why you can't understand this. Face to face means you walk your ass down here, get in this ring and face me!
Ryback – Oh yeah Cena, I'm scared to fight you...
Cena – No, no, no. Vickie brought out 30 Superstars to surround the ring so we don't tear each other apart. But Vickie Sunday it switches. The first stage of hell is a Lumberjack Match. This ring will be lined with 30 Superstars, and their job is different, to make sure you won't do what you're doing now, stand on that stage and be scared to face me.
Ryback – That's real cute John. I can tear through you. I can tear through all 30 of those lumberjacks. Hell, I could tear through every person in this audience if I wanted to! Trust me. You gotta trust me John. I'm standing here for your benefit. Not mine.
Cena – So this is one of those proud moments where you stand over there and send me a message. You've done that a lot lately, send messages. Putting people in that ambulance. Putting people through tables. Putting me through that table, crashing through that stage. Very impressive and painful, so your message to me and the WWE 'Universe' is that Ryback does damage, but if your message you think you deserve to be the WWE Champion...
Ryback – You're damn right I deserve to be WWE Champion. I should have been the WWE Champion three times over. My TLC Match with Punk. My fingers were on the Championship and then the lights went out. At Survivor Series I had you beat, then The Shield attacked. At HIAC I had the WWE...
Cena – HIAC? HIAC? I gave you my spot for that match!
Ryback – You're absolutely right John, you gave me your spot, and that's where the problems started. The problem is I got too good too fast, right John. I became a threat. I became so popular, so popular you immediately went to damage control to protect what means so much to you. That's everything you built in the last decade John. Sure, when it suited you, you had my back. But when the going got tough, you left me high and dry.
Cena – You're a man, what did you expect me to change your diaper? Wipe your nose? Hold your hand? Welcome to the WWE!
Ryback – How original John...
Cena – No! Shut up! SHUT UP! I've been here a long time and I've never had a guardian angle, and never had any man good enough to carry this! Look at your self Ryback, look at yourself. The most genetically gifted Superstar in the WWE, but you spend all you time talking about conspiracy theories and blaming everyone else but yourself for your own failures. You're going to do just fine on Sunday, because I'm going I'm walking out saying, the Champ is here! (heat)
Ryback – You can say what you want John, but my eyes are wide open now. I can see you, and you're full of crap John. I know every move your making, what you're thinking. If you think I'm back down on Sunday, you've lost your mind. The legend of Cena doesn't grow anymore, it ends. It ends when I beat you in our Lumberjack Match. It ends when I put you through a table. It ends when I load your unathletic body in that ambulance. It ends when I finally become WWE Champion. 8 months ago John you gave me your shot, this Sunday, 3 Stages of Hell, Ryback takes your spot.
Cena – You know what I think? (Cena removes his shirt) I think this Sunday, for one of us, payback's a bitch!

Cena tries to leave the ring, but the lumberjacks send him back in. Cena tries from the other side, but can't get out. Ryback rushes down the ramp, into the ring, across the ring, Cena pulls the top rope down and Ryback out the other side. The lumberjacks send Ryback right back into the ring! They go at each other and the lumberjacks get in there to break them up. Cena breaks free and dives on Ryback. "Get him off me!" yells Ryback. A bunch of faces – Miz, Kane, Regal, Sheamus, and others pull Cena back to the opposite corner. Ryback is held back by Big E, Barrett, Sandow, Slater, and others.

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