RAW Results 12/30/13 - Open Your Eyes Bryan


RAW Results December 30, 2013
From Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

This week Fandango faces Big E for the IC Title. Rumors that The Authority has some major announcements tonight on RAW!

RAW Starts

In Ring Segment

Punk out, "Everything's falling apart, it's clobberin' time!" He then heads for the ring in his ring gear, ready for a fight.
JBL – I want to get rid of 240lbs of unwanted fat. (Cole)

"CM Punk!"

Punk – I'm fired up tonight, fired up to be in Richmond. The last RAW of 2013, and I'm excited. 2013 showed of good stuff happened to Punk, lot of bad stuff as well. It happens to everyone, but we get up and go to work with a smile on our face, don't we? Sometimes I don't have a smile on my face, but that's neither here nor there. I started the year as the longest reigning Champ of the past 25 years. I went one on one with The Great One, toe to toe with Taker at WrestleMania. I made some friends in 2013, lost some friends in 2013. beat one of them to within an inch of his life – cough, cough – Paul Heyman. I don't think I could claim 2013 was Punk's year. The goal is to be bigger and greater than the year before, and I don't know that 2013 was the year of Punk. Take a look at the landscape of the WWE, and there's three guys, and it was their year, and I'm talking about The Shield. (heat) Let's face facts – Ambrose the US Champ, Rollins and Reigns, former TTCs. I want to end this year on a good foot, iron sharpens iron, so when our paths cross tonight, and we know they will...

The Shield's music hits and Punk smiles. The Shield through the stands to the ring. They all get right into the ring.

Ambrose – Finish your thought Punk. Finish your thought. (They slowly advance on Punk, Ambrose leading, Punk backing into a corner.) You better give us a good reason for not ending 2013 by ending you right now.

"CM Punk!"

Punk – Cool down, look, the three of you can beat any one man, we've established that in the past 365. I want to fight the best, one on one. Out of the three of you, one of you is the best.

Ambrose – You want to do it again, let's do it right now. This time I'll take a piece of you before I leave this right. Let's do this!

Punk – Ambrose, that's funny, but I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Rollins and Reigns, I've already beaten you a couple times. It wasn't easy, but I did it.

Ambrose – You think I'm a joke?

Punk – I don't think you're a joke.

Ambrose – You think I'm a joke? You can't talk to me that way! (Rollins and Reigns hold Ambrose back.

Punk – No, I just think you're the weak link, and I want to know who the strong one of The Shield is! Roman Reigns! Roman Reigns! Roman Reigns! Look at me when I'm talking to you! Is it you, are you #1, are you the man?

Rollins – You want to know who the best is? You're looking at him! I'll fight you tonight! Let's do this.

Punk – It's you? All I ever hear about is Roman Reigns.

Rollins and Reigns argue off mic about who's going to take down Punk tonight and who the best in the team is. "Roman Reigns!" chants.

Maddox – As the GM of RAW, and behalf of The Authority, wishing you a Happy New Year. Going out on a high note, Punk will face Rollins. Get me a ref, because that match starts right now!

Punk vs Rollins

They lock up. Shoulder block drops Rollins. Punk running the ropes, tries to go over Punk, then ends up up top and gets free and flees the ring to regroup.


Rollins on Punk with blows in a corner. Reigns has to pull Ambrose off the apron as he yells in Punk's face. Punk reverses a whip and kicks Rollins in the face. A truly terrible back breaker on Rollins – I think both are at fault. Punk whipped, tries to flip and trap Rollins, but Rollins was off his mark. Rollins in, Punk locks on the hold in the ropes and holds it until the ref gets to four. Rollins gains control in the center of the ring, stomping Punk. Rollins pulls Punk's hair and gets the ref counting. Forearm to Punk's back. Punk back with forearms to Rollins' face, then Punk tries to take Rollins down, but Rollins is WAY off his mark and Punk has to cover and fight to get Rollins rolled up in the hold he was heading for.

Rollins rushes Punk, but Punk gets a foot up. Punk pushed off the top and eats barricade.


Head butts on Rollins, to the back of Rollins' head, but then Rollins side-steps and Punk shoulder first into the post. Rollins off the top, but Punk moves. "CM Punk!" chants. Chain wrestling, but then Punk gets Rollins down for two. Punk goes for the running knee, caught by Rollins, then tossed back into the opposite corner for two. Rollins yells, "Just stay down!"

Punk avoids a stomp, but then eats a kick to the side of the head for two. Rollins' calls for the GTS, mocking Punk. Rollins sets up, Punk wiggles, then catches Rollins with a running knee and climbs, but Rollins rolls. Punk tripped to eat the second buckle. Ambrose in Punk's face yelling smack. Rollins climbs, but Punk kicks a foot out. Rollins sitting up top, Punk climbs. Rollins blocks and Punk lands face first. Rollins with a crossbody, Punk rolls through into the vice. Ambrose up to distract and Rollins grabs Punk. Punk rolls through, then Rollins rolls through. Rollins takes Punk down, but the distracted ref is late and Punk kicks out.

"CM Punk!" chants and Punk elevates Rollins out onto Reigns and Ambrose. Punk about to fly, but caught through the ropes with a blow by Rollins. Rollins in, but Punk reverses and hits the GTS for three. Punk flees the ring and up the ramp.

Winner – Punk (17:55)

Video recap of the end of the match. Punk celebrates and makes his GTS motion. The Shield in the ring are not happy.

Backstage Segment

Maddox talks about having an IC Match to be proud of – to the ref. Steph and Trip in and Maddox kisses up. Maddox wants to step up, but then Bryan comes in looking pissed. Bryan wans Bray, tonight! Maddox tells Bryan to earn it. Bryan should face Harper. If he wins, then face Rowan. If he wins, then he gets Bray. Bryan stomps off. Steph is impressed, but wants Maddox to watch as she announces the main event for the Royal Rumble.


In Ring Segment

Steph out in a black turtle neck, black blazer, dark blue skinny jeans with faded thighs, and black boots.

Steph – On behalf of my husband and the McMahon family, I would like to wish you a happy new year. Looking back wondering what we would change, nothing. Under The Authority we have crowned one Champ, we should celebrate the Champion of Champions, the WWE WHC, Randy Orton.

Video of Orton's career and rise to be Champ the first time, and up to the WWE WHC.

Steph – Orton deserves every accolade, but he's a fighting Champ, and at Royal Rumble, he will be defending the Title in a traditional Championship Match against John Cena.


Recap of the growing feud between The Wyatt Family and Bryan.



Promo for Batista. Same as last week.

Backstage Segment

Steph and Trip talk about how great Steph was, and hot they will know who the real Champion is. 2014 will be a huge year. Trip says they need to wait for what Trip has to say.

Axel vs Ziggler

Axel in the ring. Split screen and Axel says, he was one of the most dominant Superstars in 2013. 2014 will be bigger, starting with Ziggler. Ziggler to the ring. Split screen Ziggler talks about stealing the show and coming out on top.

Axel stomps on Ziggler, takes him down. Axel tries to land Ziggler, but Ziggler lands on his feet. They keep fighting and Ziggler out over the top wildly and lands badly. Axel out and sends Ziggler back first into the apron. Back in Axel gets two. Axel all over Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler off the ropes eats a drop kick for two.

Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler reverses on Axel, so Axel eats corner in a huge way. Ziggler on Axel with blows in a corner, followed by a neck breaker. Ziggler runs the ropes into a crossbody on Axel. Axel rolls Ziggler up, Ziggler reverses for two. Axel with a neck breaker on Ziggler for two.

Chinlock and blows on Ziggler on the mat. Axel stands, slapping Ziggler in the back of the head, taunting Ziggler. Ziggler comes back with a zig-zag for three.

Winner – Ziggler (4:15)

Ziggler celebrates as JBL talks about Ziggler's pink hair, which has faded a lot in the past week. Video recap of the high points and then Ziggler celebrates with the fans.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the WWE App, again. JBL mocks Cole needing to tell us all how to get the App, again. Who with Sandow face? Kofi, Khali or Miz? Vote now!

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Big E and Fandango with Summer Rae heading for the ring.



Next week RAW goes Old School!

IC Title Match – Big E (c) vs Fandango

Big E to the ring. Fandango dances out with Summer Rae. Video recap op Fandango defeating Ziggler in the Present On A Pole Match last week.

Fandango and Big E struggle around. Side headlock on Big E, but he pushes off and lands a big shoulder block. Big E with arms wrapped around, struggle around. Fandango takes Big E down for two.

Chop, then head butts on Big E, then a forearm to the upper back. Fandango runs the ropes and Big E gets huge air over Fandango, but then fights back in a huge way. Shoulder block on Fandango in one corner, then a bigger one in the opposite corner. Fandango flees the ring to regroup. Big E out and takes Fandango down with a big clothesline. Fandango slammed back first into the barricade. Back in the ring Fandango takes Big E down, Big E badly lands nose first on Fandango's knee. Big E sells the knee that Fandango is working, but he does look like the face plant hurt. Blows on Big E, then Fandango working Big E's left leg, locking on a hold. Big E leans back, the ref counts, but Big E bounces his shoulder up. Fandango keeps the hold on, so Big E punches Fandango a couple times. Big E up, sells the knee, then sent shoulder first into a post.


Fandango drops elbows on Big E's leg as the fans chant for Big E. Big E fights back, but Fandango all over Big E in a corner. Short clothesline on Big Show, then on the mat Fandango locks up Big E's legs again. Big E leans back, the ref starts to count, so Big E sit up. Big E punches free of the hold. Fandango back on the leg, Big E on his belly. Fandango then locks on a chinlock. Big E to his feet with Fandango on his back. Big E backs Fandango hard into a corner. Clotheslines on Fandango. Fandango blocks a belly-to-belly with head butts. Fandango the apron, but Big E lands a one legged belly-to-belly over the apron. Big E goes for his splash, but Fandango with a low drop kick takes out Big E's leg again for two.

Fandango up top, lands his left leg drop, but then Big E rolls out of the ring to avoid the pin. Fandango with a drop kick to Big E's back off the apron. The ref starts counting them out. Big E rolled in, Fandango kicks Big E through the ropes from outside. Fandango in and eats a belly-to-belly. Clothesline, then big splash on Fandango. The straps come down, the fans are riled up, big ending for three!

Winner – Big E (13:13)

Big E sells the leg, standing on one foot while getting his arm raised. Video recap of the high points of the match. Big E all smiles posing as Summer Rae freaks out beside Fandango outside the ring.

Announce Segment

Setting up for Bryan's matches later, Cole narrates when Bryan was abducted by The Wyatt Family last month.


Stage Segment

Booker T out leading the Divas, TJ, Prime Time Players, Woods, R-Truth all of them with silly hats, noise makers, and glasses of bubbly.

Booker T – Welcome to the party! 2013 has been great for the WWE. Memories that will last a lifetime. 2014 will be that much better, a new beginning in the WWE. We want to give a memory that will last forever! You know what I'm talkin' about? A New Years spinneroonie, now can you dig that, suckuh?

Bad News Barrett and his podium raises up from below, to the right of the stage.

Barrett – Could we have some decorum please. Booker, we're not going to end the year with a spinneroonie, because the end of the year is about realizing dreams. Well, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. 2014 isn't suddenly going to bring us the end of government corruption and natural disasters, no. If anything, it will bring us one step closer to the apocalypse! ("What?") (Bangs the heck out of his gavel.) (heat) Let's face some facts here, you will continue to stab each other in the back for more money to say you have a bigger flat screen than your neighbors. Then you lot will continue to poison the environment, and hold your grubby hands out for donations when Mother Nature fights back and takes all your homes away from you! Everybody's going to continue the laziest trends, rather than acknowledge the poverty, debt and destruction that surrounds us all! While this all goes on, Bad News Barrett will be right here to remind everybody all about it. ("What?") Happy New Year everybody!

Backstage Segment

Renee – We're about to find out who your opponent is, by the WWE App.

Sandow – Stop. All year I've been disrespected. The Santa match last week, everyone dancing around me after I lost at Tribute To The Troops, not the mention these ridiculous stipulation matches I've been put into week after week. If I can't beat my opponent and end this year on a high note, I quite.


Announce Segment

LeSean McCoy of the Eagles had a WHC belt after his game yesterday when he was interviewed. LeBron James asked on Twitter who he had to talk to about a belt. Cena Tweeted to him about it, then The Rock Tweeted about it.

Sandow vs Khali

Sandow stomps to the ring looking pissed.
King – It's time to find out who the WWE 'Universe' voted to face Sandow.
Kofi – 28%
Khali – 39%
Miz – 33%

Khali to the ring.

Sandow ducks under Khali, kicks at him, but takes a chop to the head. Sandow eats corner. Khali with a big chop to Sandow's chest. Opposite corner, another chop. In the center of the ring Khali head butts Sandow. Sandow rolls from the ring, hangs Khali up top, chest first. Sandow back in with a low drop kick to the leg. Sandow pins for two. Sandow works Khali's leg on the mat. Knee drop to Khali's head for two.

Sandow keeps working Khali's left leg, and Khali sort of sells, but the fans don't really care. Khali chops at Sandow, has no trouble reaching Sandow. More leg work, and Khali chops some more. Sandow hits his elbow of disdain for two.

Sandow walks toward Khali. Khali, on his knees slaps Sandow's chest with an ugly noise. Khali all on Sandow, sets him up, but Sandow ducks away from the chop to the head. "Khali!" chants start. Khali tries to squeeze Sandow's head, but Sandow ducks and Khali eats corner. Sandow rolls Khali into a (semi) small package for three.

Winner – Sandow (4:54)

Video recap of the end, and there's question about Khali's shoulder being up, the ref out of position.


More about Bryan's feud with The Wyatt Family.

Backstage Segment

R-Truth, Woods and Dactyls head for the ring.


R-Truth vs Clay

Woods on announce, R-Truth in the ring with Clay.

Clay slams R-Truth down. R-Truth backed into a corner. R-Truth on Clay with blows, dances a bit, then a blow on Clay. Clay punches R-Truth in the heart and Woods talks about his history with R-Truth, not mentioning TNA or Truth & Consequences. Clay stands on R-Truth back, using the ropes to hold his weight. Big suplex from Clay, then R-Truth on his shoulder, but R-Truth free. Clay on R-Truth back in a corner, then whips R-Truth who hits the mat. Clay uses the second rope to bum slam down on R-Truth. Clubbing forearm over R-Truth's shoulder to his back. R-Truth up on Clay's shoulder, but then just dropped to the mat. Elbow drop on R-Truth for two.

R-Truth corner first, then splashed in the back. Clay splashes again, then Woods on announce calling out the Dactyls to distract Clay. R-Truth fights back and takes Clay down for three.

Winner – R-Truth (4:05)

JBL is unhappy because Woods knocked over his hot chocolate. R-Truth, Woods and the Dactyls dance in the ring while Clay whimpers on the stage.

Backstage Segment

Trip heads to the ring.


In Ring Segment

Trip to the ring.

Trip – For The Authority was an epic year, but I guarantee that 2014 will be something you've never seen before. With that, help me welcome this man back to the WWE.

Brock's music hits and out he comes, Heyman in tow. Trip shakes Heyman hand, then hands him the mic. Trip over to Brock, extends his hand. Brock doesn't want to shake, but Heyman nods, and his lips can be read, he said, "He's the guy who signs the checks." Trip smiles, nods and leaves to "Boring!" chants.

Heyman – Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. As you can clearly see, The Beast is back. Now, in this age of transparency, my client has authorized me to inform you of his mission statement here in the WWE. My client, Brock Lesnar is not here to settle old scores. Brock has no old scores. You fight Brock Lesnar, you lose to Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar forgets about you. Nor is Brock Lesnar here as an instrument of revenge to those who did wrong to me, Paul Heyman. I have a forgiving heart, I put those beating in my past, because I'm a bigger man than any on of you. This isn't about me, this is about my client, Brock Lesnar. Here it is, why is Brock Lesnar back in the WWE. Here's what's best for business. My client, Brock Lesnar, hereby declares his desire to be the WWE WHC. With that means for Cena and Orton is that who ever emerges from their match as the WWE WHC, the winner is ultimately t loser, because the Champion will then have to face the self declared #1 contender, Brock Lesnar.

Brock (with Heyman's arm around him) – See, I don't really care if it's Orton or Cena, (Brock steps well away from Heyman) as far as I'm concerned there ain't nobody in this building, or this company that can stop me, Brock Lesnar. I don't have to win a Royal Rumble Match to be deserving enough to be, for a Championship match. I don't have to stand in some mysterious line for a Title shot, as far as I'm concerned, that line starts right here, behind me. That's right, and I dare anybody, I dare anybody to come down here to do something about that.

Heyman – We might enough say goodnight right now, as there's no that's man enough to take anyone up on Brock's dare. Brock's life is like a t-shirt – Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat! What Brock Lesnar wants, Brock Lesnar takes. What's for the taking is the WWE WHC, and it will be taken by the man who will challenge the winner between Cena and Orton, The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

Henry's music and out he comes to the stage. He paces on the stage, then removes his shirt. More pacing, then Henry heads to the ring. Henry up and climbing in when Brock attacks with a knee. Brock out and takes an elbow to the gut. Brock tossed over the barricaded and out. Henry over, but Brock spears Henry back through the barricade. Brock is standing, Henry still down. Henry sells the pain. Brock pulls Henry up, lifts Henry up, positions well between the ring and announce, and hits a perfect F5.

Heyman (off mic) - He got the message. He understands. He understand. Someone had to be made an example of, and it's Mark Henry.

Video recap of the high points of the attack. Henry on the floor selling the attack.



Recap of the fight between Brock and Henry.

Total Divas vs True Divas

Total Divas to the ring to Bellas music, minus JoJo. True Divas in the ring.

Eva Marie starts the match, telling the rest she can do it. She locks up with Kaitlyn. Back elbow from Eva Marie, then she blows kisses. Kaitlyn lands a drop kick, then kicks her in a corner. Short whip on Eva Marie, then back breaker for two. Kaitlyn telegraphed, kicked, then slapped. None of the Divas will tag Eva Marie out, so she slaps Cameron in the chest. Cameron taken down, then Fox tags in, but Cameron sends her flipping. Cameron up for head scissors, but Fox steps too far back from the corner with Cameron's feet on her shoulders, pulling Cameron off the corner before she can hit the move. Cameron falls face first, really wrenching her neck in the process. Fox pins for two to cover the huge botch. (Guess Cameron won't be saying Fox had one of the best matches she's ever seen now!) Fox brings Cameron to the heel corner, slams her back and Summer Rae tags in, then Rosa tags in – both blonde in red outfits. Aksana tags in and on Cameron for two. Arm hold on Cameron who somehow keeps going in this match after that terrible botch by Fox. Aksana pins Cameron for two. Aksana on Cameron's head. Jaw breaker on Aksana, then Cameron kicks her off to tag in Nikki. Aksana slammed, then a clothesline and drop kick on Aksana. Clothesline in a corner, then Nikki lifts Aksana and all Divas rush the ring. They all fight, but it's only Nikki and Aksana left in the ring. Back elbow to Rosa on apron. Aksana uses that distraction to take Nikki down, slingshot off the top for three.

Winners – True Divas (5:23)

True Divas celebrate on the ramp as Total Divas nurse their wounds in the ring, Cameron holding her neck, but not falling apart completely.


The Wyatt Family attack on Bryan, tossing him off the loading dock two weeks ago.



Recap of the Tribute To The Troops, and video of the Superstars with the US Military.

Announce Segment

King says Henry has to go to a medical facility for x-rays as he's in a lot of pain. Keep checking back for more info on Henry.

Backstage Segment

Maddox apologizes for the ref incident with Khali earlier. Steph says Maddox has been impressive tonight. Steph is really looking forward to Old School Raw. Maddox says he's doing better than Kane could have, and has Steph's favorites lined up for next RAW. Steph asks about Trip's favorites? Trip says it says he's going to be here. Maddox replies with, "Woooo! Woooo!" Trip tells him not to do it any more. Maddox starts to leave, but comes back with one more, "Woooo!"

Announce Segment

King is excited to wear a classic old jacket next week. (Classic King, or classic gold?)

In Ring Segment

Bryan out to HUGE "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Bryan vs Harper

Bryan in the ring leading the chants. The Wyatt Family out to the ring.

Harper backs Bryan into a corner, works him over. Bryan runs the ropes under Harper's elbows. Bryan kicks at Harper in a corner to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Low drop kick on Harper's leg, but then Harper comes back. Bryan works Harper's leg in the ropes, the running attack on that knee. Bryan still on Harper's left leg. Bryan sets up Harper's legs, almost into a surfboard, but not all the way up, just enough to put Harper on his knees and wrench his head back. Blows on Harper in a corner, but Harper fights back. Double hand chop to Bryan, then blows on Bryan in a corner. Harper takes Bryan down on the mat. Bryan runs the ropes, but quickly collides with Harper. Bryan eats a slingshot up into the second rope. Harper looks back at Bray. Gator roll on Bryan into a side headlock on the mat. Bryan up with blows, but Harper back on Bryan in a corner. Bryan whipped, but then hits a drop toe hold so Harper eats corner. Bryan rushes Harper, but slammed to the mat for two.


Chinlock on Bryan in the center of the ring, on the mat. Bryan up, takes a blow. Bryan whipped, runs up, flips over, manages a clothesline on Harper, but both are down. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Harper rushes, but Bryan pulls the top rope down. Flying goat and Harper into the barricade. Bryan in, another flying goat and Harper goes down. "YES!" kicks against the barricade. Harper rolled in, Bryan climbs up top with a missile drop kick! Bryan kips up, then "YES!" kicks, and Harper ducks, but Bryan comes back with one from the other side for a long two.

Bray is yelling in at Harper to get up and get Bryan! "YES!" kicks in a corner on Harper, then Harper set up top, but up, tries for head scissors, but Bryan caught and power bombed off the corner for a long two. Harper is in shock, his eyes wide. Bray is talking to himself, hat off, watching closely. The fans are loud, but not in a specific direction, just loud. Forearm to Bryan's face, then a slap to Bryan's face, and another that drops him. Harper pulls Bryan up, and Bryan blocks a punch and lands his own. Belly-to-back suplex, and Bryan landed oddly, on his toes, shoulder and face, but kicks out.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants. "YES!" lock in the center of the ring, but Harper breaks it with his power, possibly biting Bryan to get free. Bryan slammed back. Upper cut and blows on Bryan in a corner, then a belly-to-back, but Bryan lands on his feet and comes back for the three!

Winner – Bryan (15:04)

Bryan vs Rowan

Rowan on Bryan, but the ref pulls Rowan off Bryan to make sure Bryan is okay. Bryan tossed out, and Rowan out after him. Harper sitting at the broken barricade trying to recover from his match as Bryan is tossed like a doll over announce and into the wall.


Fists to the sides of Bryan's head, squishing, but Bryan comes back with kicks. Rowan lifts Bryan high, lets him fall hard for two. Bryan laid across the corner, and Rowan with blows on him. Rowan on the second ropes for a fall-away slam. Cole says Bryan might have hurt his knee on that landing. Rowan looks back at Bray, but then rolled up in a small package for three.

Winner – Bryan (6:35)

Rowan drops an elbow on Bryan, keeps on him, but Harper in and drags Rowan away. Bray all smiles as he removes his hat and heads for the ring.

Bryan vs Bray

The ref won't start until Bryan is up, so Bray back bends in a corner. Bryan with a thumb up, Bray rushes Bryan, then stops with a smile. Before Bray and Bryan can start, Rowan and Harper attack and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Bryan (0:12)

Bryan tossed out. Harper sends Bryan into the barricade. Rowan then sends Bryan into the barricade, then back into the ring. Rowan with a running splash on Bryan, then Rowan sends Bryan into a Harper clothesline. Bray standing in the corner watching, then steps out preaching. Rowan and Harper slam Bryan to the mat.

Bray - There's a place in a meadow. A place you can hide. Hark when the reapers leave this world behind. Hahaha. I'm afraid Bryan, this is where our story ends. I have no mercy left to give. It could have been good, could have been better, could have been perfect! This is your fault. I'm going to punish you. I want you to open your eyes! Open your eyes and look at your dismay. Open your eyes Bryan. This is the end.

Bryan – You're right.

Bray – Say it again.

Bryan – You're right.

Bray (off mic) – Say it again! Say it again. Get up and say it again! Say it! Say it!

Bryan – You're right! You were always right. No matter how many matched I won, no matter how loud these people cheered for me, you were always right. The machine, the machine would never let me win. No matter how loud you people chanted, you chanted "YES!" in every building I've been to, and they don't care. (to Bray) I'm yours. Let me join The Family.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bray extends a hand, Bryan reaches, but Bray pulls his hand away.

Bray (off mic) – Crawl. Crawl.

Bray grabs Bryan, kisses Bryan, then hits Sister Abigail.

Bray (off mic) – This is going to change everything!

Rowan and Harper drab Bryan by his arms to the side of the ring, pull him out, help him to the bottom of the ramp, then make Bryan walk up the ramp on his own, head up the ramp to Bray who leads Bryan away.

On the top of the ramp Bray yells at Bryan, pointing around at all the "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" screaming fans. Bryan looks around at the fans who are wild over this. Bryan hangs his head, looks pissed, starts seething. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan looks around at them all, hangs his head again. He shakes his head, turns and leaves, following Bray, a broken man.

Biggest Pop
Big E

Biggest Heat
The Authority
The Wyatt Family

Biggest Shocker of the Night
Bryan joining The Wyatt Family

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