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RAW Results 5/6/13 – Brock Destroys Triple H's Fake & Cheaply Mocked Up Office

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RAW results - Monday May 6, 2013
From the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon for Wrestling News World

Show Starts


Earlier today a Twitter bombshell from Heyman! Why were Heyman and Brock at WWE Headquarters. Heyman will show us tonight! And last week Ryback ditched Cena. Cena joined Team Hell No to face The Shield, but Cena's injury cost them the match. Ryback showed up after the match was over, watching Cena's pain from the ramp.

Cena to the ring, WWE Title belt in hand. "We're better than we were last week! That's what I'm talking about!" Cole, King and JBL talk about Cena's injury. Cena puts his belt down and poses for the fans. Cena says you can sense the unrest in the WWE 'Universe'. A week full of questions, so he's going to answer using the playbook ancient Chinese philosopher Daniel Bryan, master of the iron arts. It goes something like this.

"YES!" Competing in the main event with an injured heel was not the smartest move.

"NO!" In no way is it going to stop me from defending against Ryback at Extreme Rules. That match will happen.

"YES!" After Ryback refused to compete last week, then came back to RAW, standing on the ramp, breathing heavy and gazing into my eyes, I was confused about his original intentions.

"YES!" I think Ryback is read to DTF!

"YES!" DTF stands for Do The Fandango. Get your mind out of the gutter, guys!

"NO!" That picture of me and Betty White is photos shopped and some sick freak even added in a spatula to make it extra frisky.

"YES!" I do do it, only when I'm alone, bored, and know no one is watching. (I think he was talking about Fandangoing.)

Those were the most popular questions I heard this week. I'm not a teacher, lawyer or doctor, I'm a WWE Superstar, and I'm WWE Champ. On a very serious note, as long as I'm medically cleared, as Champ, I'm going to get in this ring and do my best. Am I 100%? I haven't been 100% since 2002, but that's not going to stop me from defending this Championship! And at Extreme Rules, Ryback will realize – the Champ...


Is here!

EXCUSE ME!! As managing suporvisor of RAW, I'm pleased to hear you will be defending at Extreme Rules. This PPV will be extreme. For example, Trip will battle Brock in a SCM. Ziggler will be in a Triple Threat Ladder Match. And the WWE Championship Match will be extreme. As a fail leader I wouldn't set the match without conferring with both the Champ and challenger. So should we bring him out?

"Feed me more!" Ryback to the ring.

Vickie says since Cena is the WWE Champ, he gets to pick a stip first.

Wow, thanks Vickie. So many options, but I want to be fair to Ryback, so why not the winner is the person, who when the bell rings, runs from the arena like a screaming, scared little girl? Actually, that's not fair to me, you'd walk away with that one. Why not a Whine Off? "John Cena left me six times. (Snort, snark, snort!) John Cena still owes me $1.60 for an international phone card I bought in 2008. (Snort, snark, snort!) Why does everybody have a problem with my favorite movie being Fried Green Tomatoes? (snort, snark, snort) It's about food, isn't it?" Vickie, I don't care, you can have a Vickie Guerrero Granny Panties On a Pole Match. No, you can't. That's the one match you can have. No man, woman, or child should ever have to see that. I don't care about the stip. All I care about is being able to fight, and shut up the world's largest complainer.

Vickie says, well then. I don't like that you walked out on RAW, but you should be happy the Champ let you pick the stip at Extreme Rules.

Ryback says that since Cena can't even take a step without having a grimace on his face, throwing away the stip at Extreme Rules was stupid.

I know you don't think very much, but look at this. Cena takes a step without a grimace. I just took a step, and it hurt, but if I take another, it will hurt you more than it hurts me pal.

Take it easy big guy. I'm not fighting you tonight, Cena. Unlike you, I'm smart enough to walk away from a fight when the timing is wrong. The fans might find it interesting that Cena's Achilles heel, really is his Achilles heel. But I never doubted you'd show up and defended the Title, because your real Achilles heel is your pride and your ego. After er everybody will know, yourself included, Ryback rules. In two weeks when I exploit your personal and physical weaknesses. The match I choose at Extreme Rules is a Last Man Standing Match. Off mic Ryback says, done, then leaves the ring.

Cena watches him closely and thinks it through.

Announce Segment

Breaking news from HQ in Stamford. The were not expected, and forced their way in. a couple people working there tweeted that they were staying out of their way.

Backstage Segment

Orton heading for the ring.



After beating Sandow on Smackdown, Big Show came out and talked to Orton. Sandow attacked Orton as he was distracted. Big Show laughed in a big way.

Orton vs Sandow

Orton is in the ring. Sandow out. Silence! And now, a song! (with a tiny bit of a country twang)

Randy has voices inside his head, just watching him puts me to bed, puts me to sleep.
Randy walks down here on this ramp, his expression stays the same, does his pose up in the corner, can't think of anything more lame.
All his tattoos are disgusting, all that oil on him is heinous, I guess you get to sit back and watch me beat this ignoramus. (pop, and a little heat) You're welcome!

Orton on Sandow, puts him into a corner, sets up for the DDT, but Sandow drops down. Orton out with a big clothesline. Back slam on the top of the barricade. Orton sends Sandow in. Sandow rolls out. Orton out on Sandow, backs him into the barricade, into the apron, to the barricade. Orton sets up for his DDT off the apron, but Sandow fights back and Orton back first into the barricade.

Into the ring Orton right back on Sandow with blows, punches in a corner, all ten. Sandow crumbles. Orton grabs Sandow's ankles and pulls him up and lands him on the mat. Sandow up with a knee to Orton's gut, but Orton right back on Sandow. Big suplex on Sandow. Orton rakes his laces across Sandow's face. Orton stomps his way around Sandow. Orton takes Sandow down in a corner with a head butt.


Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton up to his feet. Sandow comes back with the elbow of disdain. Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Orton up and elbows free. Orton explodes with clotheslines and that sick power slam. Sandow with a high elbow, but Orton comes back with a drop kick as Sandow comes off the corner. Sandow on the apron and eats the DDT. 'Vintage' Orton! Orton sets up and hits his RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (9:27)

Orton poses, then leaves the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match. Cole yells wait! Orton is on the stage out cold with Big Show over him and the fans going wild with heat. Recap of Big Show hitting Orton with the KO from behind the entrance as Orton headed back. The refs are to Orton's side, tending to him.

Backstage Segment

Fandango and his original dancer are practicing!


In Ring Segment

The lights go out, and Jericho out to the ring. Video recap of Jericho taking out Fandango two weeks ago, then dancing with Summer Rae and leaving her with the vapors. "Y2J!" chants. Welcome to RAW Is Jericho! We know Fandumbo is coming out next, so I decided to put together a judges panel to crit the performance of Fan-Dodge-Durango, Fan-Dimple, Fan-Dingleberry, Fan-Dang-Blow, Fan-Doodle, Fan-Going'-To-A-Go-Go-Donchu-Wanna-Go? Sorry, got carried away there. A judges panel to crit his performance. But you can't be a judges panel on your own, so I scrounged the locker room to find two who not only know how to kick some butt, but also know how to shake some bootay! Bootay! Bring out my partner judges tonight!

Out comes the Dactyls (in blue) leading Tons of Funk (in red)! Jericho gets into their music, then they all go to their table.

Fandango vs R-Truth

Fandango out with his brunette dancing partner!
Sweet T – 2
Jericho – 1
Funkasaurus – 2
Christopher, who are you to judge me? Just because you competed on DWTS and failed, doesn't make you an expert. Then R-Truth music hits and he comes out to the ring.

Fandango quickly on R-Truth with knees, then dances. The judges are juggling their numbers. Fandango runs into a SICK heel kick, then R-Truth takes Fandango a number of times. What's up? Fandango face first, then R-Truth scissors kick. Fandango rolls out of the ring. R-Truth dances for the judges and he got 10-10-42. Fandango leaves, his dancer's hand in his. Jericho sands with a 0 held up.

Winner – R-Truth via count out (1:36)

R-Truth dances in the ring.

Announce Segment

More Titan Towers employee tweets as they show pics of Heyman and Brock heading for Trip's office.



Trip talks about his three daughters, his wife, and a mom who survives breast cancer. He donates to Susan G. Komen, that's how he makes his mom proud.


Bryan faced Ryback on Smackdown. Ryback got the win. Video of Bryan getting beaten down by The Shield.

Backstage Segment

Josh asks Bryan about how he feels now. Bryan says he's good, well, fine. The Shield likes to throw around justice. A word they use to justify attacking three on one. No one's buying it. Because of that I'm challenging The Ryback.

Ryback is there and says for his own sake his answer is a word Bryan is familiar with, no. even if you were healthy, I'd destroy you again, because you're half the man I am.

A hand slaps on his shoulder. What about me, Ryback? Am I half the man you are Ryback?

Ryback says Kane's not half the monster he used to be. The only monster in the WWE is Ryback rules.

In Ring Segment

Ricardo out to announce ADR.


ADR vs Ziggler

ADR and Ricardo still in the ring. Ziggler to the ring with AJ and Big E in tow. Video of the Triple Threat Tag Match on Smackdown. ADR and Ricardo won the match

They lock up. They break. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Side headlock on Ziggler, and ADR takes him down, keeping the hold on. To their feet, pushes out, but ADR pushes Ziggler down. ADR blocks Ziggler, then a hip toss for one. Kick to a sitting Ziggler's back for two. Ziggler comes back with a lovely drop kick on ADR. Ziggler stomps ADR in a corner as the ref tries to push him away. More blows on ADR, then a splash on ADR for two.

King – I hear AJ is eating for two now.
Cole – She's not? She's not with child.
King – She's schizophrenic.

ADR runs up the corner and kicks Ziggler's arm. Ziggler blocks ADR and hits a suplex of his own for two. Ziggler ends up sitting in the ropes, takes nine shots to the back, then the back stabber.

Swagger's music hits, and ADR is distracted by Swagger and Zeb heading to the ring. Zeb is in a tie and blue plaid vest. ADR keeps watching them, but Big E gets in their way. Swagger bows up, but Zeb pulls Swagger around Big E. Zeb grabs a headset and sits at announce.


Chinlock on ADR on the mat. ADR free with big blows. ADR with a sunset for two. Drop kick from Ziggler, then another for two! During the break AJ distracts ADR and he's planted by Ziggler.

RybackRules is trending on Twitter.

Ziggler with his epic elbows on ADR for two. Chinlock on ADR, Ziggler wraps his whole body around ADR on the mat. ADR fights back as Zeb and Cole argue on announce. Ziggler comes back with a big kick, but then is planted face first. ADR goes for his corner enziguri, but Ziggler moves and ADR ends up landing badly with a sick foot to the back of Ziggler's head. ADR gets two, but Ziggler is left holding his head. Ziggler tries to drop an elbow and seems to land it wrong and holds his elbow. Swinging neck breaker on ADR and both are down. Ziggler gets two.

Ziggler climbs, shaking off his elbow. ADR trips up Ziggler who lands and ends up facing out. ADR hits a sick flipping move landing Ziggler hard on the mat. Ziggler favors his elbow, hits a neck breaker, then cradles on the mat again. Both down. ADR up, Ziggler goes for a splahs and eats corner! ADR with clotheslines, then a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Ziggler. Kick to Ziggler's face for two!

AJ cradles the belt looking scared. Ziggler reverses, then ADR reverses and gets the cross arm breaker. AJ on the apron distracting and Big E grabs ADR and pulls him from the ring. ADR gets tossed backward onto Swagger, and both men are down by announce. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – ADR via DQ (15:03)

Swagger up and sends Big E face first into the post. Swagger with a sick clothesline on ADR's head! Zeb calls Swagger off, but Swagger grabs a ladder. Ricardo jumps on Swagger's back! Swagger flips Ricardo off, then spears him into the barricade with the top of the ladder. Into the ring and Swagger takes down Ziggler with the ladder. ADR into the ring and Swagger throws the ladder at ADR dropping him. Zeb into the ring clapping, then raises Swagger's hand before the ref makes them leave. Recap of Swagger on Ricardo, then on Ziggler and ADR.


Recap of Cena and Ryback in the ring opening the show.

Announce Segment

More of Heyman and Brock at Titan Towers – but all the same pics and no new info – other than that they destroyed Trip's office.



Yahoo and WWE have reached an agreement on a content. Steph and the Yahoo VP talk about the content. Big Show talks about it. Steph talks about a half hour pre-show for RAW on Yahoo.

Backstage Segment

Dactyls talking to Kaitlyn about AJ. Kaitlyn's mystery man texts her. They want to make sure that he's not a creeper or a stalker. Natalya wants to find out who this guy is. The latest text says – Not every woman can press 300lbs, quote Simpsons, and still look great in an LBD. Natalya is not impressed. Natalya calls Khali in. She wants to put him under cover in the locker room to find out who it is. He shhhh! Then heads off. The Divas head off.

The Bellas come from behind a curtain and high five.

In Ring Segment

The Shield to the ring. Video recap of them on mic on Smackdown when they beat down Bryan. Video of them surrounding Kane in the ring when he faced Ambrose.


The Shield vs Usos & Kofi

Jimmy and Ambrose lock up. Ambrose on Jimmy in a corner with blows. Jimmy comes back with blows, slams Ambrose on the mat. Jey tags in and they double team. Rollins tags in and off the top, but taken down by Jey. Jey takes Rollins down for two, but backed into a corner. Reigns tags in and slams Jey around. Clothesline on Jey, then yells. Ambrose, then Rollins tags in. abl with a drop kick, then Rollins with a drop kick and gets two for it. Chinlock on Jey. Ambrose tags in and on Jey with blows, works him over in the heel corner. Reigns tags in and suplexes Jey, then pins for two.

Chinlock on Jey on the mat. Jey up and free, but takes a blow and lands. Rollins tags in and on Jey. Rollins with a cheap shot on Jimmy and Kofi. Rollins yells at Jey, slaps him, then eats a Samoan drop! Kofi and Ambrose tag in. clotheslines, then a drop kick. Ambrose diucks, then fights back. Kofi with a drop kick heap pop on Reigns. Boom drop on Ambrose. Kofi dives at Ambrose, but Ambrose ducks and Kofi eats corner. Kofi fights back, gains control. Ambrose pinned, Reigns breaks it. An Uso takes Reigns out outside with a big clothesline. Kofi up, Ambrose up and punched down. Reigns distracts the ref, Rollins knocks Kofi down, Ambrose takes Kofi down head first and pins Kofi for three.

Winners – The Shield (6:40)

The Shield poses in the center of the ring. Ambrose looks at Kofi's US Title as the ref holds it and waits for Kofi to regroup. Video recap of the high points of the match. The Shield is leaving through the crowd, looking back at Kofi lolling on the mat.

Announce Segment

Stills of 'Trip's office' after Brock and Heyman took it apart.


Cesaro vs Ryder

Cesaro out wearing a beret and aviator glasses. Ryder already in the ring. Video of Cesaro and Kofi from Main event. After the match Cesaro attacked Kofi backstage. Cesaro ripped out a couple of Kofi's dreads.

Kneed to Ryder, then Cesaro stomps him. A kick to Ryder's face. Cesaro scoop slams Ryder, then double stomps him. Gut wrench suplex on Ryder – but the fans are almost completely dead. Cesaro beats Ryder down in a corner. One guy yelling for Ryder, but that's it. Chinlock on Ryder as a few more people get behind Ryder, but not many. Cesaro telegraphs and eats the mat. Ryder up with a missile drop kick. Ryder thrown up, and eats an upper cut on the way down. Neutralizer for three.

Winner – Cesaro (2:01)

Video recap of the high points. Cesaro on mic, I don't always ask for the mic, but when I do, I have something to say. Is that it? All the competition you've got for me. If you do, it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm Antonio Cesaro, and I put the W in WWE. There's nobody in NXT, Slam, Superstars, Main Event, on Smackdown or RAW who can hold a candle to what I can do in this ring. He drops the mic and does his little arm movements.

Announce Segment

Security footage of Brock and Heyman showing up and forcing their way into the building. Heyman tweeted and taped Brock trashing Trip's office. Heyman is getting micced up for the satellite feed.



Heyman introduces himself and says he's there via satellite as advocate and Brock. Earlier today we took a self guided tour of WWE HD. Instead of flapping my gums, I will show my eclusive footage of Brock at WWE HQ.

Heyman narrates the video as he took it. He shows the WWE HQ, and Brock, but Brock doesn't speak. Brock heads into the lobby. Heyman isn't impressed that Sheamus is on the big Extreme Rules poster, and why a tribute to Andre The Giant who's been dead for 100 years? The receptionist doesn't know how to handle them. They head for the 4th floor as the other guy in the elevator flees and Heyman whistles. They head to Trip's office. Brock heads the wrong way, but Heyman points him in the right direction. Brock stops and stares at a poster of The Rock. Heyman says he doesn't want to rile Brock up, but there's not one poster of Brock here.

I see that.

Heyman wants to know where everyone went. They head for Trip's office, but it seems like almost no one is there. They find Paul Levesque's office. A receptionist who isn't Steph, but much prettier. A guy tries to stop them and Brock pie faces him into a chair. They go into 'Trip's office' that has terribly cheap furniture and computer equipment. Brock grabs a fake WHC, sits at Trip's desk, but his feet up on the laptop – the cheap desk is almost breaking already. An old IMB – like the Anonymous GM used. Brock breaks it, the cheap eternal and cheap monitor. Brock gets up and takes the sledge off the wall. The desk breaks easily, as does every other piece of furniture.

Brock laughs, says he thinks they're done.

Heyman leaves his, 'I'm a Paul Heyman guy' business card.

Back to Heyman on satellite who says I don't know who remembers, but I know a little bit about extreme, which is why it's interesting that I end up being the voice of reason for Brock. When Brock decides to hurt someone, leaves a path of destruction, that I'm the one who has to talk down Brock. Then Trip stepped in it by hitting a pedigree on me on TV. This is my response, I'm going to encourage Brock. Heyman puts the sledged belt over his shoulder, and says I'm going to beg Brock to hurt Trip in the Steel Cage. Plead with my client to exploit the opportunity that only an old school cage can provide at Extreme Rules. Brock will take Trip to the extreme, then Brock will go further, and further, and further, and further, and further, and further, and...

It's time to play the game! Trip's music and he comes out in a soft black leather button down shirt over his Trip t-shirt. Trip looks up at Heyman. "Triple H!" Paul, you might want to call the guy who was putting the mic on you earlier to come back in and fix your hair. It's all messed up and standing up on top there. It's a mess. Look like a baby chick. Second of all, do you ever open your mouth without crap falling out? You're talk talking about knowing something about extreme? Do you know who you're talking to? I'm a founder of a little group called Degeneration X! (pop) I'm the guy who tore through the AE with an iron fist. By the way, I'm also the guy who knocked your monster Brock out cold at WrestleMania. I'm not for one second buying this crap that you're going to HQ on Monday thinking I'm there when everyone in the world knows I'm right here at RAW!

How convenient for you, says Heyman, that you're there at RAW.

Paul. Paul. Paul.


Shut up. You want to go with Brock and tear up my office. Intimidate some innocent office people. The thing is I have two offices. The one you tore up, and my other office. I'm standing in my other office. (pop) And, this office has one hell of a view. The thing about this off ice is, this office is more like my home. This office, this home, this is where I grew up, became a man. Something Brock never became. If Brock has something to say to me, then tell him to be a man and say it to my face. I'm not real hard to find Paul. I'm not real hard to find. If he's looking...

"Triple H!" chants.

If he's thinking he's going to walk into this office and do what he did to my other office, in this office, we fight back! Trip's music plays as Trip looks up at Heyman as Heyman glares back. Trip them poses for the fans, really gets them pumped up, poses some more, then leaves the ring looking to be in great shape.


Recap of Ryback talking down to Bryan, but then Kane getting in Ryback's face. Ryback talked down to Kane too.


AJ & Bellas vs Kaitlyn & Dactyls

AJ leads the Bellas to the ring, skipping the whole way. Video of Bellas and Divas on E! this summer. Bellas are all smiles, AJ sitting in the ropes bored. Kaitlyn and Dactyls to the ring.

Bellas are on the floor and AJ in the ring. AJ on Cameron, takes her down for two. AJ with a mocking look at the faces, then two neck breakers on Cameron. Blows a kiss at Kaitlyn, then gets two for it. AJ makes Cameron scream in pain, then a big clothesline from AJ for two. AJ with a headlock on Cameron, forces her to her knees, and continues to work her over. Cameron whipped, but moves. AJ eats corner, then Cameron with a clothesline. Cameron off the corner with a cross body on AJ. Kaitlyn tags in, and AJ begs her to stop. A big bitch slap on Kaitlyn. AJ tries again, but Kaitlyn blocks her. AJ tries to tag a Bella who drops away. The other Bella reaches, then drops away. A spear from Kaitlyn and it's over.

Winners – Kaitlyn & Dactyls (2:43)

Backstage Segment

Henry heading for the ring.



Diddy's B.A.Star PSA.

In Ring Segment

Henry to the ring. Henry says in a couple minutes Sheamus will come out here, he's going to be acting real tough, beat his chest, do the Celtic pose. That's where the problem is, Sheamus will be acting. I don't have to act tough, because I am tough. I'm going to show you when Sheamus...


When Sheamus...


When Sheamus...


You all a bunch of puppets. Video recap of Henry attacking Sheamus over the past month. Henry is laughing. He tells the camera to zoom in real close. Sheamus, if you have any pride in that pasty body of yours.


Get close.


You will face me at Extreme Rules.


It's been a long time since I got extreme.


And Sheamus...


I got a special wing...


Sheamus' music and he comes out. Says it's great to see him. I came out, not because you asked me to, but because you left out half the video. They seen what you do, no let's see what I do. Video of Sheamus taking out Henry at tug-o-war, then arm wrestling. Sheamus smiles, but appears to have a greenish cast to a black eye.

Henry says Sheamus needs to face him at Extreme Rules.

Sheamus says that because Henry's big and strong doesn't give him the right to walk around like a bear with a sore head 24/7. me, I'm very relaxed, but when the bell rings, I'm all about business. At Extreme Rules, you're my business.

You don't have to wait for Extreme Rules. Henry drops his mic.

I've waited long enough. You wanna go, let's go right now!

Off comes Sheamus' shirt and they circle, but Barrett's music hits. Sheamus has a match with Barrett next.


Barrett vs Sheamus

Chinlock on Sheamus. The match started before the show returned from commercial. Henry gets on Cole for being 'ate up with stupid'. Sheamus with forearms on Barrett over the top rope. Barrett knocked from the apron. Henry takes his head set off. Sheamus out, acts like he's going to throw Barrett at Henry. Henry falls out of his chair. Henry at Sheamus, but eats a brogue kick. Sheamus with a battering ram over the top for two. Sheamus tries for his cloverleaf, but Barrett rolls him up for two. Barrett again pins Sheamus for two.

Cole says the doctor is checking on Henry outside. Irish curse back breaker on Barrett for two. King asks about Henry hitting the floor. JBL said the earth moves. Barrett with a kick to Sheamus' gut, then a back kick to Sheamus' face for two.

"Let's go Sheamus!"

Barrett sets up his elbow as Sheamus struggles to his feet. Sheamus scoops Barrett up for white noise. Sheamus sets up, beating his chest. Barrett eats the brogue kick. Sheamus pins for three.

Winner – Sheamus (7:05)

Sheamus rolls off Barrett and Henry rolls in. Henry starts beating Sheamus with a belt. King says he took it from an EMT ringside. Sheamus rolls out and Henry follows him, continues to beat Sheamus with the belt. Henry scoops Sheamus up and hits WWS. "How funny is that?" Henry grabs the belt. Video recap of Henry stealing the belt from the trainer ringside. The welts on Sheamus' back as he rolls on the floor and is tended to as Henry spouts off.

Announce Segment

Tale of The Tape
Ryback – 6'3, 291lbs, shell shocked & meathook, Monstrous Moment – shell shocked Henry
Kane – 7'0, 323lbs, chokeslam, Monstrous Moment – Eliminated 11 in single Royal Rumble Match



Next week Fandango faces Jericho in a Dance Off on RAW!

Announce Segment

Another recap of Heyman and Brock in Trip's office. I missed earlier when they looked at Killer Kowalski's picture on the wall. Heyman says, "Who did he ever train?"

Kane vs Ryback

Kane to the ring. Ryback out to face him.

Ryback hits Kane. Kane takes Ryback down and on him with blows. Shoulder block drop Ryback for two. Ryback backs Kane into a corner. Shoulder blocks, but when Ryback rushes him, Kane scoops him up and plants him. Ryback ducks a block, then kicks Kane from the ring. Kane drags Ryback out and on him with blows. Kane sent into the barricade.


Front facelock on Kane. Forearm on Kane's back. Ryback with a Thesz Press on Kane, then slams Kane back a couple times. Ryback rushes Kane and eats a big boot. Kane tries for a chokeslam, Ryback free, Kane back on Ryback and takes him down. Spinebuster from Ryback. Ryback gloats a bit, then says 'finish it!'

Suplex on Ryder for two. Kane to the apron and climbs. Ryback stops him up there and climbs. Blows drops Ryback. Kane to his feet and Ryback hits the rope sitting Kane again. Ryback gets Kane up, marches, hits shell shocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (8:57)

The Shield's music. Bryan rushes into the ring. Ryback leaves the ring and flees the area. Bryan stands over his partner and glares at Ryback. Kane rolls from the ring as Cena's music hits. It's only Cena and Bryan in the ring as The Shield circles the ring. Reigns into the ring, but so is Ryback, swinging a chair at Ambrose and Rollins. Ryback steps back and Bryan hits a suicide dive through the ropes on Ambrose and Rollins. Cena on Reigns into a corner, beating him down, gets Reigns up, but then Cena turns and Ryback swings the chair on him. Cena crumbles and Ryback hits Cena with the chair again. Ryback rules!

Biggest pop
Triple H
The Shield

Biggest heat

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