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RAW Results 8/12/13 – Grand Theft Halliburton

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RAW Results August, 12 2013
From Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole says SummerSlam is Sunday, but tonight Bryan and Cena will be face to face on Miz TV. Tonight Punk gets his hands on Heyman, is he walking into a trap?

Show Starts

Rematch – Bryan vs Barrett – Special Guest Ref – Maddox

Bryan to the ring, "YES!" towel in hand. The fans all "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with Bryan to and in the ring. Video of Bryan not letting Barrett shave his beard last week on the start of RAW. Barrett lost his beard, then went after Bryan's beard on Smackdown, but a "YES!" lock ended that! Barrett demanded a rematch. Justin announces the Special Guest Ref is Maddox. Maddox out in a zebra shirt. Bryan looks disgusted.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants as Barrett with a side headlock on Bryan. Bryan pushes out, Barrett over, then under Bryan into a drop kick, but Barrett back with head butts on Bryan. Bryan tossed out through the ropes. Bryan grabs Barrett's leg, pulls him to the ropes, then slams his leg on the apron a couple times. Bryan back in kicking Barrett's leg, then slams him to the mat. Bryan uses the ropes, while glaring at Maddox, to keep attacking Barrett's left leg. Barrett out, so Bryan with a low drop kick on Barrett through the ropes. Barrett ducks Bryan's running knee, then lands his own big boot. Bryan slammed into the barricade. JBL says Barrett's better with a beard, helps cover up that face.

In the ring, thought "Daniel Bryan!" chants, he's put across the corner, then Barrett with a running kick. King agrees that it's better to hide Barrett's face with a beard. Barrett out and slams Bryan face first on announce, then into the stairs as Maddox counts slowly. Bryan sent back in, and Barrett gets in casually. Bryan on Barrett with blows, but Barrett with a snap mare into a chinlock. Bryan up, elbows free. Bryan whipped, runs up and over. They run the ropes and Bryan with a forearm, then sends Barrett out with a clothesline. Bryan with what JBL (or King) calls a flying goat! Bryan off the corner on Barrett in the ring, then into the "YES!" kicks as the fans chant each of them. The last kick was ducked, then Barrett rolls Bryan up for the fastest three I've seen.

Winner – Barrett (5:25)

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants from the fans over that cheap loss. Bryan is pissed heading for Maddox. Bryan backs off, nods, then rushes Maddox, but Maddox flees like the wuss he is. Bryan gets the "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants with his arms waving. Video recap of the uber fast count.

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Orton and Sandow heading for the ring.


Sandow vs Orton

Cody is on announce. Sandow is at the ring. Sandow pulls out a set of chained handcuffs. Sandow cuffs his new case to the top of the staired corner closest to announce. Orton out to face him. Video recap of how Orton ended RAW last week – an RKO on Bryan, then Orton helped Cena with The Shield, then Orton hit Cena with an RKO.

They lock up. Side headlock on Sandow. Sandow pushes off, then into a shoulder block on Orton. Sandow with the side healdock on Orton. Orton pushes off and gets the shoulder block. Cody says Sandow's case looks like chocolate. Orton with blows on Sandow in a corner, all ten. Announce discuss Cody's stealing the case. Cody agrees it's grand theft Halliburton. Snap suplex on Sandow, then stomping. "Cody' mustache!" chants as Orton beats on Sandow in a corner. Sandow reverses a whip, but eats Orton's clothesline. Side headlock on Sandow. Sandow over the top, holds on, then eats a drop kick that lands him on the floor screaming.


Sandow pushed Orton off the corner, climbs down and pins Orton for two. Sandow stomps Orton's ribs, then pulls him up for a punch. Orton set up top, on Sandow with forearms ala Sheamus, but then pushed off the corner, holding his shoulder after landing. Sandow rolls Orton in for two.

An arm and chin hold on Orton on the mat. Sandow calls his moves into Orton's shoulder, then Orton up and takes a high knee for two. Knees to Orton's chest, then a Russia leg sweep followed by the elbow of disdain for two. Sandow screams in frustration, then on Orton with a chinlock. Sandow takes Orton down, chinlock still on. "I'm not letting go Randy, I'm not letting go!" yells Sandow. Orton up and back suplexes Sandow to get free. Clotheslines from Orton, but then Sandow held the ropes to avoid the power slam. Sandow with a swinging neck breaker on Orton for two. Orton rushes Sandow, eats an elbow, but Orton comes back with his power slam. Sandow eats Orton's DDT from the apron in what Cole calls 'vintage' Orton! Orton gets the fans chanting and cheering, then he sets up, but Sandow pushes Orton away and rolls out. Outside Orton slammed back first into the apron, then Orton into the post. Sandow yells at Cody, calls him a little punk. Back in ring Sandow with two. Cody grabs the case, tries to pull it free. The distraction makes the ref yell at Cody. Sandow is all blustery, but then Orton turns him around into an RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (13:47)

Orton poses. Video recap of Cody with the case. Now Cody is all smiles as Sandow is lolling on the mat.

Backstage Segment

RVD is split between two chairs, as we've seen him do so many times through the years.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – How can you be lazy and non-productive, yet keep your jobs?

Rollins – I don't know. This old guard running around thinking they own the place have to go. These complacent hollowed out icons living off their reps, they've got to go. It's time for a new generation to rise up, and we are the emergent leaders of our generation. Look at us, we're younger, hungrier, we're just better.

Reigns – The challenge has been set. I don't think anyone's going to accept. We've doled out justice all around the world and the one thing we've noticed, nobody compares, nobody competes, nobody's on our level. We're not going to beg, but I will ask nicely. If there's two men who want to step up and try to take these TTCs away at SummerSlam, make your move.

Ambrose – Take this Battle Royal tonight, for instance. Who's in this Battle Royal? Anyone who will beat me? No, I am the unbeatable Champion in this industry. CM Punk is a catchphrase, I'm the best in the world. Cena has a trophy, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm WWE Champion, because this is the Championship everybody runs from. If Andre's ghost isn't in this match, then I ain't losing at SummerSlam. Believe in The Shield!


Announce Segment

They talk about The Best vs The Beast. They go to the video from Smackdown of Brock talking about how his match with Punk is personal because he never liked Punk. Punk says he's the best in the world, but Brock sees a joke. The only reason he didn't take Punk out was for Paul. The corporate idiots are calling this The Best vs The Beast, but I'm the best. Punk thinks because he tapes his hands and takes beginner MMA classes. They think there's jealousy, but there's no jealousy of Punk. Brock was WWE Champ when Punk was wrestling in front of 100 people in high school gyms. Punk did hold the WWE Title for 434 days, that's big for someone like Punk, but Punk's never faced anyone like Brock. Size does matter. Punk will learn what it is to truly be victimized by Brock.

Backstage Segment

Josh – You're facing Brock at SummerSlam, but tonight you face Paul. Why take a match this close to SummerSlam?
Punk – Why not? I don't think there's a man alive afraid of Heyman in a one on one fight. Brock told Heyman to say something stupid, and on the surface, that's what Heyman did, he challenged me to a fight he knows he can't win. Heyman isn't stupid, and everything he does is cold, calculated and for a reason. I don't think all of a sudden he's grown a set. This is a chess game and he has his pawns in place, but he's forgotten, when you come at the king, you do not miss. I've got Brock on Sunday and think I will see a little bit of him tonight. Brock likes to say The Beast is the best. When it's all said and done, the best is the best.


Mixed Tag Match – Khali & Natalya w/ Hornswoggle vs AJ & Big E

Before the commercial Khali, Natalya and Hornswoggle to the ring. AJ skips to the ring as Big E claps his chalk on the stage, then head to the ring. Split screen with Big E talking.
Big E – Ziggler used to beg me to be in his corner, because he couldn't handle things on his own. Ziggler needed me, but I never needed him. Who has Ziggler's back now, Kaitlyn? At SummerSlam I will break him in half. Show off? Nah, show over.

Big E in, but then tags AJ in. AJ skips in, then skips around Khali and the ref as the ref explains things to Khali. AJ slaps Khali, so Natalya in and takes AJ down hard. AJ into a corner, then eats a clothesline. AJ sens Natalya into a corner, then a big back kick to Natalya's face for two. Ziggler and Kaitlyn watching a monitor backstage. AJ stomps Natalya in a corner, then pulls her out for a snap mare into a head hold. Natalya elbows free, but slammed down for two. Kick to Natalya's ribs, then back on Natalya's neck with a hold. Natalya muscles free, but takes a back kick to the gut, then a kick type move to Natalya's face for two.

Hornswoggle taunts AJ who freaks at him. Natalya is able to grab AJ and lock on the sharpshooter, and AJ tapped, but the ref didn't call it. Natalya was all confused by it all. Natalya locks on the hold, AJ almost to the ropes, butends up tapping out.

Winners – Natalya & Khali (3:41)

Big E attacks Khali from behind, then sends Hornswoggle rolling from the ring. Big E turns back into Khali's chop.

Backstage Segment

McMahon strutting toward the ring in a burgundy silk suit, purple shirt and lilac floral tie.


In Ring Segment

McMahon comes strutting the ring.
McMahon – Seems to be a lot of controversy about the match earlier between Barrett and Bryan. Let's take a look.

Video of the ending of the opening match.

McMahon – I think we are due an explanation. Let's bring out Maddox. I don't have all night!

Out runs Maddox in his zebra shirt.

McMahon – You can do anything you want as GM of RAW, why did you appoint yourself the ref of that match.

Maddox – Bryan matches tend to get a little out of hand, and I thought the 'Universe' would appreciate an authority figure with the guts to make the right decision.


Maddox – No matter how popular it might be.


McMahon – Surely you would have to admit it was a fast count.

Maddox – I can admit to being excited. It was the first time that I had the ref shirt on in a while. If there was rust in my game, it wasn't intentional. I did the best I could.

McMahon – There's no reason to apologize if you didn't do anything wrong. Um, everybody makes mistakes.

Maddox – Thank you. Mr. McMahon, I would like a second chance.

McMahon – You'd like a second chance at what?

Maddox – I'd like to be the official between Bryan and Cena at SummerSlam.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

McMahon – Let's ask everyone here. Would you like to see Maddox as the Special Guest Ref in that match?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

McMahon – Just for the purpose of entertainment. Let's assume you were the Special Guest Ref, would you be impartial?

Maddox – Yes, of course.

McMahon – Would you call it right down the line?

Maddox – Absolutely.

McMahon – No matter any personal difference with Cena or Bryan?

Maddox – Yes, Sir, 100%.

McMahon – You'll stop calling Bryan names like troll and dwarf and stop talking about his emaciated toothpick physique.

Maddox – Yes, Sir. No more name calling.

McMahon – So, if you were the ref, that's what you would do?

Maddox – Yes, Sir.

McMahon – You'd be impartial. Say it again, you'd be impartial?

Maddox – Yes, I will.

McMahon – You're confident.

Maddox – Absolutely.

McMahon – Cross your heart?

Maddox – Cross my heart.

McMahon – Scout's honor?

Maddox – Scout's honor. (Three fingers in the air and all.)

McMahon – Therefore ladies and gentlemen, Brad Maddox will step forward...

Trip's music hits, and out he comes in a charcoal striped suit, white shirt, red striped tie. Trip heads to the ring, mic in hand.

McMahon – (To Maddox) He hasn't been the same since he cut his hair. (To Trip) Look, if you're out here to air dirty laundry again, I'd prefer you...

Trip – I'm not out here to air dirty laundry. I know you and I...

"Triple H! Triple H!"

McMahon – Please, do not feed this man's ego anymore than he already has!

Trip – I'm sorry Vince, I couldn't hear you, 15,000 people were screaming my name. But, I'm not out here to air dirty laundry. I know we don't agree on much lately, but given the importance of this match, and there's a lot more on the line than the WWE Championship. I do think you need someone to take control of this match. Someone to be impartial. Someone to call it right down the line. And I think 100% you need someone with the guts to do what's right and not be intimidated by anyone or anything. I don't think you're referring to Maddox. It seems an awful lot like you're referring to me.

Trip kicks Maddox who falls completely to the mat. Trip has to pick Maddox up to his his pedigree. McMahon flees the ring. McMahon struts up the ramp and doesn't look back. Video recap of Maddox mucking up his big bump from Trip. The fans are going wild for Trip.


Kane vs O'Neil

Kane out to the ring. O'Neil in the ring waiting. The Wyatt Family video, showing the attacks on Kane with Bray talking and laughing over it all. Then Kane comes back last week to challenge Bray to a Ring of Fire Match. Both laugh at the end. Kane's top lip twitches at the video.

Kane on O'Neil, running the ropes into Kane's back elbow. Kane takes O'Neil down, drop kick on a sitting O'Neil for two. Blows on O'Neil in a corner. O'Neil comes back with blows. O'Neil runs into a big boot (badly). O'Neil whipped, takes a clothesline from Kane, then whipped and takes another. Sidewalk slam. Kane sets up, Young tries to distract, and hits his chokeslam.

Winner – Kane (1:50)

The Wyatt Family's entrance music. Out Bray comes with Rowan and Harper behind him. Bray has that smirk lightly on his lips as he heads out. The chair is set out. Bray sits and smiles, then blows out the lamp. The lights come up, Rowan and Harper in the ring, but Kane isn't. Bray gets up, spins around, his bum to the apron. Kane is on the stage! Kane calls fire from all four. Rowan and Harper tweak out, but Bray smiles and laughs, though knocked to his knees. The fire ends and Bray is still laughing.


Backstage Segment

Josh – Things are heating up on Total Divas and backstage on RAW.

Video of Eva, the Bellas and Natalya on RAW last week. Natalya slapped a Bella.

Josh – Are tensions rising in the locker room as the two of you vie for control with Natalya?

Brie – You're so cute Josh.
Nikki – I mean so dumb, and so cute.
Brie – Nattie can't vie for anything in the Divas Division, because we're in control, isn't that right Nikki?
Nikki – That's right Brie.
Natalya – Pardon me Josh. Brie, if you're so confident you're the queen bee of the Divas Division then why don't we put that to the test at SummerSlam. You can even bring Nikki and the Jessica Rabbit wannabe over there.
Eva Marie (stepping up) – What did you just call me?
Natalya – You heard me Red, because I'm going to bring some friends of my own. (Dactyls step up behind Natalya.)
Naomi – Preach!
Cameron – Church!
Brie – Bring it on Natalya, no matter how many friends you bring, I will still be queen bee.
Cam- Girl, bye!
Natalya – One more thing Brie, your makeup looks really good tonight. You did a good job covering that welt from when I slapped you last week. You can't even see it, almost.
Brie – Really, because you can totally see yours.
Natalya – What is she talking about?

Brie slaps the taste out of Natalya's mouth, then the heels flee. Cameron and Naomi hold Natalya back.

ADR vs Kofi

ADR to the ring. Video of ADR beating the heck out of Ricardo last week on RAW. Kofi comes bouncing out in a black and orange version of his new ring gear.

ADR attacks Kofi from behind. The fight into a corner, back and forth. Finally the ref pulls ADR off. ADR runs the ropes, under Kofi twice, into a back elbow for two. Kofi on ADR with blows in a corner, then ADR out into an upper cut for two. ADR reverses a whip, Kofi runs up, but is knocked to land sitting up top facing out, then hung upside-down. ADR on Kofi with a skick kick, then climbs, sends Kofi flying in a reverse hold/flip for a long two.

ADR grinds Kofi's face into the mat, using the ropes and Kofi's hair. "Let's go Kofi!" chants. Kofi ducks ADR, goes for a drop kick, but ADR bats him away. ADR into a back elbow, then Kofi side steps ADR who lands outside. Kofi takes ADR down with big clotheslines, then a boom drop. ADR ducks Kofi, hits a tilt-a-whirl on Kofi for two. ADR disgusted and stomps Kofi. Kofi reverses into an SOS on ADR for a long two.

ADR with a blow, then a back kick. Announce doesn't think ADR got his shoulders up, another ref fumble? ADR ducks TIP, flees, but comes back in and almost gets three from ADR. Kofi with a springboard, but ADR counters. ADR locks on his cross arm breaker, then Kofi taps out.

Winner – ADR (6:11)

ADR poses with the belt.

Backstage Segment

Henry getting ready for the Battle Royal to face Ambrose at SummerSlam.



Christian – Every single morning I look myself in the mirror and I ask myself the same question – What if this is it?

Beautiful video of E&C, but mostly for Christian. They show some of Christian's best and most beautiful moments.

Backstage Segment

Renee – We just saw a quick look at your career. I'm sure you're looking toward ADR who we just saw look really strong in the ring. You'll be facing him trying to regain your WHC at SummerSlam.
Christian – Watching that video reminded me of the hard work, especially over the past couple years with the injuries I've had to overcome, but I will keep this short and sweet. ADR, this Sunday I will beat you to become WHC for the third time and proving what I've been saying all along, all I've ever needed is one more match.

ADR (laughing) – Once more match, Christian, at SummerSlam, (in Spanish) something no more matches after SummerSlam.

In Ring Segment

Zeb – The Golden State, except your state isn't so golden. It looks like a rusted scrap of iron laying around in a junk yard somewhere. While you all sit around eating your avocados, sipping your lattes, driving your hybrid cars, like that really makes a difference, what you've done is allowed 2.5 million illegal immigrants to sneak across the borders to inhabit this state like a hoard of rats! Where did The Real Americans go? Where did the Californian dream go? Is it dead? No. I'll tell you about my Californian dream. A big earthquake hits California, breaks off the continental shelf and floats out on the Pacific Ocean. When that happens, that will be 2.5 million reasons why America will be a better place to live. Stand, put your hand over your heart and say, "We, the people!"


The Real Americans vs

Zeb, twisting his mustache, waiting with Swagger and Cesaro. Video of Zeb costing Usos the match last week. Usos out chanting and dancing! The fans are right there yelling back at them like never before! Video recap from two weeks ago when Swagger lost.

Jey ducks a big boot from Cesaro, but then eats a corner for two. Swagger tags in with a low drop kick on Jey's leg, then knees to the gut in the corner. Jimmy distracts the ref and Cesaro attacks from outside. Cesaro tags in. Swagger bomb, then double teaming on Jey. Cesaro taunts Jey, then forearms to his face. Jey fights back with upper cuts, but can't reach his twin brother. Swagger tags in as Jey pins Cesaro, but Swagger on Jey's kidney. Swagger on Jey on the mat. Chicken wings on Jey, keeping him on the mat. Jey up, stomps on Swagger's foot. Cesaro tags in, they double team, including Cesaro's upper cut for two.

"DUI!" chants for Swagger!

Chinlock on Jey on the mat. Cesaro backed into a corner, but then Jey taken down. Swagger and Jimmy both tag in. Jimmy with clotheslines, then a big kick. Cheap shot on Cesaro. Samoan drop on Swagger, then his father's bum slam, but Cesaro pulls Swagger from the pinfall. Both Uso boys fly out over the top onto The Real Americans! Zeb distracts as Jimmy is up top ready to fly. Cesaro tries to grab his ankle, but Jey with a super kick between his brother's legs takes Cesaro out. Jimmy tags in as Jey jumps down over Swagger. Jimmy rolls Swagger up for three.

Winners – Usos (4:53)

The Usos celebrate on the ramp as The Real Americans and Zeb seethe in the ring. Video recap of the match. The Usos are still all smiles on the ramp.


Miz TV

Miz – Welcome to Miz TV. Tonight I'm going to be joined by two men who will face off at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship. Please welcome my first guest, Cena's hand picked opponent, Daniel Bryan.

Bryan out all "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with towel in hands, and fans right with him

Miz – Now welcome the current WWE Champion himself, John Cena!

Cena out to a really loud mixed reaction.

Miz – Thank you for being here, but let's cut right to it, Triple H will be your Special Guest Ref on Sunday. Daniel, your thoughts?

Bryan – I'm just glad someone finally stood up to Mr. McMahon, and ah, now John and I can have the match that we and the 'Universe' deserves!

Miz – John?

Cena – You have got to love this, this is the best Miz TV ever. Usually it's a train wreck of a segment. (Miz smiles/grimaces and half nods.) Choosing Triple H. He knows what it's like to defend the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. I can't think of anyone better to keep order in the main events at SummerSlam and make sure the match is called down the middle.

Miz – Speaking of settling things, what seemed to be a friendly rivalry seemed very personal. What are your real issues with Bryan?

Cena – Miz, it's not like that. For once there's no underlying theme. The issue is simply the WWE Championship. Bryan wants to be the WWE Champion, and I am the WWE Champion. I picked Bryan because he deserves this, I respect him as an athlete and competitor, and he's going to put up one hell of a fight on Sunday.

Miz – Hell of a fight, huh. Hell of a fight. Bryan, in case you didn't know, hell of a fight is Cena code for you're going to lose. It's obvious that Cena doesn't respect you. He picked you because he wanted to ride the wave of your sudden popularity and give himself an easy win. It's obvious that, that.

Bryan – Wait, wait, wait. It's obvious that if you don't shut your mouth in two seconds, I'm going to punch you in the face.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – You see John, I don't get it. I don't get why you and people like you think that I can 'put up a hell of a fight', like that's all I'm capable of. Like that's the best I can do!

Cena – Daniel, that's not what I'm talking about.

Bryan – Don't interrupt me! (Finger pointing right at Cena, Bryan's blue eyes flashing and glaring at Cena.) John, last week you came out here and did what you do best. You made explosive remarks and got the 'Universe' on their feet. Cheering you or booing you, that is a totally different subject, but you saw that the red light was on and you grabbed the spotlight. That, that is why I don't watch TV. It's because of you and people like you. More style than substance, in it for the fame, in it for the glory, not in it for the wrestling!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – You see this shirt John? This shirt is a parody of you. Because I think you are a parody of wrestling. Guess what? I don't want to be a parody. I want to be WWE Champion, and I want to be WWE Champion for one reason, and it's not for the fame or glory, it's to prove that when I step foot in this ring there's no one better than Bryan!

Off comes Cena's shirt, but then he stops himself.

Cena – You almost got me. A parody, that's strong. Real strong. Bryan, I'm not a parody. The reason I'm out here is the same reason you're out here, all of this. All of this. And I thought you'd be smart enough to understand that. All of these people with their signs, and their hands in the air, "YES!" "YES!" or "NO!" "NO!" "NO!", they're doing it because they believe in you. When you hear that it empowers you, gives you emotion, and you come out here ever night – sick, tired, or hurt – and put your body on the line as a way to say that I believe in you, because you believe in me. (Bryan nods) That's what the WWE is, not grabbing the spotlight. It's these people coming in and choosing their favorite Superstar and put their hand in front of their face, or ride the wave of the beard. Have that moment with their favorite Superstars, that is why we do what we do. This (shirt) just a t-shirt, so is that. Like saying the American flag is a cloth, it's what it represents, loyalty. And I have been in hostile environments, but there's still people who believe in me and if my neck is broke, I fight for them, and I'm loyal to them. Parody. Parody is a joke, something funny. You have the gall to call me a parody, because of the way I look? Because of how I act? Because you don't approve of Cena. You think you're the first guy to walk into a ring and say, news flash, Cena is what's wrong with all this! We've seen enough. Five moves of doom. Get Cena out of here. I don't know how smart you are, but you're not deaf, it's been going on for years. You're not the first, you won't be the last. I show up everyday for the past 12 years and bust my ass. Not for people like you who don't respect me, for that kid in the front row, for his dad, for the seven year old Make-A-Wish child named Dakota who I men this afternoon. And when I came in the room and he's fighting for his life, but all he wants to do is wave his hand in front of his face and say 'You can't see me' and his Dad pulls me aside and thanks me because whenever he goes in for treatment he says he will never give up. Thank you for the hope, thank you for the inspiration. (Cena has tears in his eyes, and in his voice. He's obviously moved by Dakota, and so am I.) You are red hot right now, you will always have critics. You should be proud of every thing you've done here, but you should be smart enough to know that I am proud of what I've done here. I'm proud of who I am, and I am proud (voice cracks) of what I've become. (Cena grabs his strap off the sofa.) Because what I've become is a man who spent the past 12 years wrestling around the world. From Abu Dabi to Tai Pei, from Tokyo to Shanghai, from New York to right here in Sacramento. Sometimes they cheer, sometimes they boo, I've stood in hostile environments, in front of the biggest names this industry has to offer. The difference between you and me, every one of those matches, I did it holding this. So please, think I'm a joke, a parody, think I'm walking in Sunday a shell of a man who's a t-shirt and off the rack cargos and beat up Puma, and please think that about me. That's what every one of your peers thought about me and I've beat them all. I've beaten them all, all of them, and that's a pretty stout list Daniel Bryan. A list including Triple H, HBK, Batista, Orton, Punk, The Rock.

Bryan – Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. You talk about all those people like they're so much better than me. (One fan yells, 'You are!')

Cena – Daniel, you got to understand hopefully on your way, you're on your way to greatness, but I can't put you in that class because you don't belong in that class.

Serious heat!

Cena – You want to talk about how demeaning catchphrases are, what's yours? Respect the beard? Well, Daniel, respect here isn't given, it's earned. You listen up, and you listen good, on Sunday if you win this, then and only then, you earned my respect.

Bryan – And there it is, clear and simple, clear as day, you don't respect me. Not only that, you're not treating this match the way you treated your matches with HBK. The way you treated your matches with The Rock, because you respected those men. Why should you treat me like that, you've held the WWE Championship 11 times, how can you understand the hunger, the desire I have for holding that Championship once, just once! How could you understand that? You can't! Because for you this is just another SummerSlam. For me this is the biggest match of my life!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – You know there's a custom I learned in Japan before big matches, it's to fire somebody up, to light that spark from one wrestler to another so they'd bring everything they have to that fight. They'd take their hand and as hard as they can, they'd slap him in the face. (Cena smiles. Bryan looks at Miz who looks away.) You know, I wish, I wish so bad I could do that to you right not, but I can't because you're not a wrestler and you don't deserve it!

Cena drops everything, throws the closest chair aside, then taps himself on his left cheek. Cena then slaps Bryan hard. Bryan, off mic asks Cena if he wants it as Cena taunts him. Bryan tells Cena he doesn't deserve it.

Triple H's music and he comes to the ring. Trip talks to Cena, then heads for Bryan, but Orton's music hits. Orton comes out with his case in hand. Orton raises his case high on the stage. All three in the ring look up the ramp at Orton. Trip looks between them all, then Cena looks back and says something off mic.


Fandango vs R-Truth

SR in pink, Fandango in new wilder ring gear, yellow and pink peacock feathers fabric with fake fur trim. R-Truth comes out and cuts Fandango with What's up? Fandango demands his own music. Fandango and SR dance in their spotlight. R-Truth denands his own music, then he dances until Fandango attacks from behind. R-Truth comes back on Fandango and the bell hasn't rung. Clotheslines, drop kick, then Fandango out of the ring.
Fandango – It's Fahn-Dahng-Go!

Backstage Segment

Ryback heading for the ring, slams through crew working backstage.


Backstage Segment

Axel – You alright man? You nervous?
Heyman (taping up) – I think I'm having second thoughts about this. (looks up in thought)

20 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contendership for US Title at SummerSlam

R-Truth to the ring. Dactyls out, then Funkasaurus and Sweet T come out for the match. 3MB come out for the match. Ryback out to the ring.


There's a bunch more in the ring. Henry comes to the ring to round out the 20 men.

The bell rings and not everyone goes for Henry or Khali! Ryback raises Gabriel high and tosses him out. Ryback pie faces Young out. Sweet T in Ryback's face, but Ryback clotheslines Sweet T out.

Eliminated – Gabriel, Young & Sweet T

Upper cuts on Cesaro from O'Neil in the center of the ring. Cesaro comes back with a big upper cut, but then O'Neil back on him with upper cuts of his own. 3MB eliminates an Uso. "Daniel Bryan!" chants, even though he's not in this match. Fandango and R-Truth fight on the ropes, but neither getting anywhere. Ryback almost gets RVD over the top. McIntyre with Kofi high, but it doesn't work. Kofi gets McIntyre over, but not out. Khali on Barrett with a chop in a corner. RVD slams Gabriel up into the ropes in a corner. R-Truth eliminates Fandango! Fandango rushes in and eliminates R-Truth. RVD then tosses Fandango out again!

Eliminated – Fandango & R-Truth & Fandango!


Many eliminations during the break. The other Uso eliminated by The Real Americans.

Eliminated – Clay & 3MB & Khali & uso

O'Neil slams RVD to the mat, badly. O'Neil gets RVD up, but RVD free and eliminates O'Neil! Kofi sent over, but holds on. Kofi takes down Swagger. Cesover, but not out. Kofi over the top, and over Cesaro, but holds on to Cesaro as a sunset, and Swagger holds, Cesaro on. Kofi holds Cesaro's foot so Swagger eats the kick. Finally Kofi knocked out of the match. The Real Americans work against RVD, but then Ryback with a big clothesline stops rolling thunder. Barrett and Ryback grab RVD as The Real Americans work over Henry.

Eliminated – O'Neil & Kofi &

Swagger and Cesaro lift Henry, but he fights out. Henry clotheslines Swagger and Cesaro from the ring. Henry eliminates Barrett.

Eliminated – Cesaro & Swagger & Barrett &

Ryback gets in Henry's face as RVD lays under the ropes. Ryback put on the apron. RVD with a kick, then Henry knocks Ryback off the apron. The arena goes crazy for Henry and RVD in the ring together! RVD ducks Henry, then jumps on Henry with a sleeper. Henry backs RVD into a corner. Big boot to Henry. RVD up, but Henry knocks him down. Henry rushes RVD on the apron. RVD pulls down the rope and Henry falls out!

Winner – RVD (13:57)

Henry back into the ring and RVD's music stops. RVD steps up to Henry. Henry puts a fist out. They fist bump as they talk a bit. Henry leaves the ring, but The Shield's music hits. Henry gets back into the ring to wait with RVD. The Shield over the barricade and surround the ring. RVD and Henry are ready. "RVD!" chants. Big Show's music hits and out he comes! The Shield backs off. Big Show in blue jeans and black polo shirt. He gets into the ring with Henry and RVD, and The Shield flees the ring.


Heyman vs Punk

Heyman to the ring without any music, just walks to the ring in suit minus tie and jacket, but still wearing his vest, and has his wrists taped up. "ECW!" chants. Heyman looks around.
Heyman – CM Punk. CM Punk. CM Punk! Do you hear them Punk, your worshipers are calling for their hero. Let me make this perfectly clear. I don't blame Punk for what happened. I blame every single solitary member of the WWE 'Universe'. CM Punk used to live for my respect, for my acceptance, for my adulation, for my affirmation, and now Punk doesn't live for my love, he lives for your acceptance. What I take very personally is that you took Punk from me. So tonight, tonight, tonight, I take your worship of your hero, Punk, away from you. It's a trap! All I've heard all week is it's a trap, Punk, really? You don't say? You figured this out all by yourself. Guilty as charged, it's a trap. This is how it goes, do you really think your imagination compares to mine? You want to know what the trap is? I didn't think of it all myself. No, no, this is a conspiracy Punk. I didn't come up with it all myself, I had a co-conspiratory. I want you to meet my best friend in the world. I want to introduce you to The Beast Brock Lesnar.

Out comes Brock.

Heyman – You know, I don't need to sell you to The Best vs The Beast, so before I tell you our plan. I have prepared something, my best friend, watch this video of my best friend, Brock Lesnar.

Video of Brock trashing Punk recently, including the chair shots and Brock on mic. After the video Heyman is laughing.

Heyman – Okay, now that you know it's a trap, we should let you know what it is. Brock, when you came up with it, I didn't think it would work, but you're right, Punk's need for their worship, to be the hero will be the death of Punk. It's so sinister, insidius, purely evil, but so simplistic. Here's the trap. I'm willing to fight Punk in this ring, all Punk has to do is walk down the aisle and fight me and Brock. It won't be one on one, it will be two on one, impossible odds, and all Punk has to do is play the hero. A stupid hero less than a week before SummerSlam. But all heroes are stupid, right. People don't wake up wanting to be heroes, they have no escape, no other choice in life, and here's the rub, Punk has an option, a choice. Punk doesn't have to play the hero, all he has to do is disappoint all of you. Tuck his tail, leave and live to fight another day. That other day is Sunday at SummerSlam. The WWE 'Universe', Heyman and Brock demands your answer. What's it going to be Punk? Are you going to be the smart coward or the stupid hero?

Punk's music hits and Heyman is ready... But Punk comes into the ring, grabs the camera off the shoulder of a man on the apron, and nails a turning Brock with it. Punk then continues to hit Brock with the camera. Brock rolls out, but Punk dives out onto him. Punk goes over and grabs a chair and hits Brock across the back with it.

Punk (off mic) – Come on bitch, come on!

Punk hits Brock again, then turns to look in the ring at Heyman who realizes what happened. Heyman screams for Brock, but nothing. Heyman from the ring, Punk after him with the chair. Up the ramp and out comes Axel. Punk hits Axel in the gut with the chair. They fight a bit, then Axel into the back of the stage. Punk then grabs Axel and hits a GTS on the stage. Punk poses on the stage as Brock seethes on the floor.

Punk (off mic) – I am the best in the world!

Brock is still sitting on the floor leaning on the apron, bright red and looking dazed as RAW goes off the air.

Biggest Pop
Triple H

Biggest Heat
McMahon & Maddox
Heyman + Brock
Zeb & The Real Americans

Most Mixed

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