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RAW Results 10/14/13 – The Rhodes Dynasty Becomes Golden

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RAW Results October 14, 2013
From Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Last week Big Show snapped and punched out Trip. What will the repercussions be? Last week was a record setting vote for HBK to be Special Guest Ref at HIAC between Bryan and Orton. He will be starting RAW at the top of the hour.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment

Justin announces HBK to the ring. HBK out in jeans, boots, camo shirt, black vest with pink ribbon embroidered on it, and a beaten up ball cap.
HBK – First of all, I need to thank everyone who voted for me last week. I have to admit that you didn't forget about old HBShizzle. I know everyone's worried about my feelings about the competitors in the match. Many years ago I trained Daniel Bryan. (feedback) And I've always liked Bryan. I've always disliked Orton, and my best friend is Trip. I can see why people are worried. I'm more worried about getting a new WWE Champion. I respect the two competitors, and I respect the HIAC. I know HIAC, I was in the first on in this very building. I've been in one, on one, fallen off it, and when thinking about it, I'm very glad I'm retired. I saw what happened at NoC, and Battleground, and that won't happen again. Two men are going to walk inside HIAC, one man will walk out the new WWE Champ.

I hear voices in my head... Out comes the hometown hero to solid hometown pop.

Orton – Shawn, I've got a match up next with Miz, so I'll make this short. You have everyone convinced. That's great, but let me fill you in on a little secret, not really a secret. I was born and raised here in St. Louis. I know them better than anyone, especially you. The people of St. Louis aren't all that bright. Now, Shawn, I can see right through you. It's not that you don't like me, it's that you resent me. As great as you once were, I will always be that much better than you. Shawn, that fact eats you up inside.

HBK – Oh snap! Were you talkin'? I wasn't even listenin'. Look, I know you're all rattle Bryan everything going on. You need to not worry about me and worry about Daniel Bryan.

Orton – Worry about Daniel Bryan? Worry about Daniel Bryan? Shawn Michaels, your little protege. I'm not just going to beat him at HIAC, I'm going to destroy him. I'm going to beat him. I'm going to beat him real bad and you're going to have to stand there and watch. You're going to have to count to three. You're going to have to raise my hand victoriously.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Orton – Shut up! Shawn, I'm no fool. Everyone here knows you're no stranger to screw jobs, they're practically your thing. Listen up Shawn, if you screw me over at HIAC, there will be no coming back from what I do to you. Is that clear? Are we clear?

HBK – You're trying to intimidate me, aren't you? You're trying to intimidate the Special Guest Ref for your HIAC. A lot of people have tried to intimidate me. I know you think you're going to put your hands on me at HIAC, and might want to do it now, but I'm going to tell you now that I'm going to kick that pretty head, off those pretty shoulders of yours. And if you're not down with that, I got two words for ya!

'Suck it!'

HBK turns to walk away, Orton goes after him for an RKO, but HBK pushes out. HBK goes for sweet chin music, but Orton ducks out of the ring. Orton backing up the ramp, and is attacked from behind by Miz! Miz with blows on Orton outside the ring. Orton into the barricade, then Miz on him with blows, then kicks and knees. Refs out to stop Miz, but they can't drag Miz off Orton. Finally Miz pulled away from Orton.


Orton vs Miz

Miz blocks Orton, back him into a corner with blows. Orton comes back with a kick, then a clothesline in a corner. Orton rushes Miz and taken down. Miz clotheslines Orton from the ring. Outside Orton clotheslines Miz. Orton rolls in to break the count, then out to send Miz into the stairs. Miz sent into the other stairs as the ref tweaks in the ring. Miz rolled in. Orton slides in for two.

Orton stomps Miz's hand, then foot, then face. Orton covers for another two. Chinlock on Miz on the mat. Miz up, elbows free, then sent out over the top. Orton out after Miz, drags him and puts him on the barricade, then sets up for the DDT, but Miz counters sending Orton into the post! Orton in, Miz in and forearms to Orton's face. High running knee, then a knee to Orton's skull! Miz's clothesline in the corner, and Miz climbs. Miz off the top with a double ax handle. Miz sets up, but Orton counters. Miz rushes Orton in a corner, Orton gets a foot up. Miz counters and kicks Orton in the thigh. Miz sets up for his fig 4, but the lights flicker. The Wyatt Family is on the stage, Bray in his chair, rocking and smiling. Miz is distracted, then turns right into an RKO.

Winner – Orton (5:21)

Orton leaves the ring. Bray on the stage rocking and smiling.
Bray – You are the epitome of everything I loath about this world Miz. The limelight, the diamonds, the red carpet. How much is it going to take for you to satisfy this craving you have with fame. Here we are Miz, tangled in this moment, in this little spider's web. I just want you to not be afraid, my child. I do not wish to see you suffer. I'm just going to put you down. Follow the buzzards.


Fandango vs Santino

Fandango in the ring with SR, his flaming Fandango above the ring. Santino out to the ring in a pink Santino shirt.

They lock up. Santino thrown down. Fandango dances, so does Santino. Fandango side steps Santino, Santino comes back with the cobra hand, sans cobra. Fandango on Santino. Upper cut to Santino, then he dances over Santino. Clothesline to Santino for two. Chinlockon Santino on the mat. Santino up, punches free, whipped, tries to float over, but no Fandango, except to attack from behind. Snap suplex on Santino. Fandango climbs, but Santino up. Fandango jumps down, split legged over Santino. Santino with a stunner thank also knocks Santino loopy. Both are up. Santino with blows, split, then hip toss. Head drop, then out comes the cobra. Fandango ducks the cobra and SR is on the apron. The cobra stops and Fandango rolls Santino up for three, holding his tights.

Winner – Fandango (2:43)

Fandango and SR celebrate up the ramp. Video of the high points of the match.


Backstage Segment

Heyman – You are the GM, and I want you to look at exhibit A. (video of Punk and Ryback) That's a low blow. Punk cheated a victory at Battleground.
Maddox – I can see that Paul, but Punk already has his rematch at HIAC, so I'm not sure what you're looking for.
Heyman – I'm looking for a lot more than that. Punk's a cheater. He pulled that cheating off on your watch, and made you look ridiculous. A man in your position cannot afford to look ridiculous. (Heyman straightens Maddox's tie as he speaks) Which is why you're going to let me pick the stip for HIAC. I see Punk in a 2 On 1 Handicap match against Ryback and Axel. That's what's best for business.
Maddox – I'm not sure that's what's fair for Punk.
Heyman – Punk is a cheating weasel. He doesn't know the meaning of the word fair.
Maddox – I never thought I'd hear a walrus refer to a Punk as a weasel. Ah, I'll tell you what. Put your faith in Ryback to the test. We'll play beat the clock. Ryback vs R-Truth. Punk vs your guy Axel.
Heyman – And if Ryback beats the clock.
Maddox – I will let you pick the stip your heart desires.
Heyman – Thank you. You're a good GM.
Maddox – Thank you. Of course, if Punk wins, then the stip will be made by Punk. (Heyman glares)

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Xavier Woods putting up at Bring Back Big Show petition and how many Superstars have signed it so far. JBL isn't impressed, and doesn't even known who Xavier Woods is. Cole then talks about the heart and desire of Cena. They go to a video about Cena, his love of the industry. Video and stills of Cena as a child, coming up through the ranks, and being a top Superstar. Even Cena's mother talking about how he said he'd be a star someday.

In Ring Segment

Los Matadores to the ring with El Torito bouncing all over the ring.


Los Matadores vs 3MB

3MB in the ring, ready to fight, again.

McIntyre starts with Diego. Diego backs McIntyre into a corner. Chops to McIntyre, and Fernando tags in. They double team McIntyre. Slater tags in and attacks Fernando, but ends up in spinning head scissors. Slater tossed out, stands between El Torito and Mahal. Slater takes off after El Torito and takes a clothesline outside from Diego. Back in Slater takes control. McIntyre tags in and they double team for two. Chops to Diego, then a slap. Diego comes back hard, but slapped down, then stomped. McIntyre all over Diego on the mat. Chin and arm hold on Diego, but he's up and hit a jaw breaker. McIntyre planted, but it looked extremely botched. Both men are down. Both tag out.

Cole now says this is Diego all over Slater. Leg sweep from Diego, then he comes off the corner like a bull. Frnt ags in and they double team Slater for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (4:03)

El Torito gores Mahal through the ropes. Mahal in, and he's double teamed, then what JBL calls a bullton on Mahal as all three takes him down.


Recap of Big Show trying to talk his way out of his actions at Battleground, then got fired for it. Then onto the main event, Trip outside restarting the match so the face lose when Orton attacked Bryan outside. But then Big Show appeared. He was attacked by The Shield, but they couldn't handle him, and Big Show punched out Trip.


In Ring Segment

Trip's music. He and Steph come out hand in hand. He's in his power suit, as is she in all black at his side. Steph claps for her husband as he gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. Trip takes in the crowd.

Steph – Last week on RAW, I learned a very valuable lesson. I learned to never again let my kindness be mistaken for weakness. My husband and I...

'You got knocked out!'

Steph – My husband and I have bailed out Big Show more times than I can remember. Hown are we repaid? With disrespect and insubordination. Last week, after Big Show was fired, he came down to this ring and struck my husband in the face. (huge pop) Go ahead, cheer, chant. Big Show is unemployed now. We're selling his house, repossessing everything of value, and pressing charges. Let this be a warning to everyone in the locker room, insolence will not be tolerated. Now Cole gave an interview on, saying sources close to the COO reported concussion, a broken jaw that had to be wired shut. Let me remind you of who this man is. This is Triple H, the 13 time World Champ, the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin, The Game! Triple H earned these names, and ruled the AE with an iron fist, and is defining a new era. With my power and support, Trip is the WWE.

Trip – Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. (with a slight smirk) I've been the COO of the WWE for two years now. Believe it or not, as strange as it may seem, I did that all for you. I put aside my personal and professional needs to support the WWE for the future for each and every one of you. I became the authority here knowing what I would have to endure, because nobody likes the boss. So I put up with a lot, endure the questioning, accusations, walk out, insubordination, and every man has his breaking point and mine was last week as I was lying here in the middle of this ring, unconscious while you chanted yes.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – So, I guess here it is Steph. After all we've done, we're just the villains, right? You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. I'll be the bad guy, and I'll give you something that you've never seen before.The Big Show will grovel at my my feet to avoid incarceration or financial ruin! Anybody in that locker room who defies our authority will beg to keep their job. Anyone that even thought the word yess had better start to pray as of right now.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan's music hits and out he comes with his pink "YES!" shirt and a big smile on his face. On the stage hen starts the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants for the fans. One side of the stage, then the other, then back to the first. Bryan to the center of the stage, but ADR attacks Bryan from behind. ADR kicks Bryan down the ramp. Bryan on the floor, to his knees, then Bryan takes a solid kick to the face. Steph and Trip walk over to the side of the ring and lean on the top rope.

Steph – Oh, Bryan, were you saying something? I guess you're finished. Allow me to introduce you to you opponent this evening, the World Champion, ADR.

Trip – "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Backstage Segment

Ryback and Heyman heading for the ring for his Beat The Clock Challenge.


Beat The Clock Challenge – R-Truth vs Ryback

'What's up?'

Video recap of Bryan on stage, then ADR attacked him from behind, followed by a kick to Bryan's head, while slapping his leg to make the big slapping noise.

Ryback and Heyman to the ring.

The bell rings and R-Truth from the ring, walking around, getting reactions from the fans. Around the ring, Ryback out and chases. R-Truth in, Ryback in and stomped. R-Truth back out of the ring, then in, then back out. Ryback chases R-Truth around the ring, in and out. A big kick to Ryback's face for one. Then R-Truth out of the ring again. Heyman causes R-Truth to stop, and Ryback attacks him from behind. Ryback rolls R-Truth in, but only gets two. Ryback gets another two. R-Truth whipped, falls for two. R-Truth pulled up by his hair, punched, then shoulder blocked. "Goldberg!" chants. Ryback splashes R-Truth for two.

Ryback kicks R-Truth in the back. R-Truth comes back with blows, but then into a back elbow for two. Ryback tries again, only gets two. R-Truth lifted, slammed back into a corner, then the opposite corner, then back to the first corner, but only gets two for it. Ryback pins again, but only for two. R-Truth rolled up for two. R-Truth comes back with a blow, but gets whipped for it. Ryback on R-Truth with blows, then elevates R-Truth, but he wiggles free and lands a kick dropping Ryback. Blows for Ryback, then a drop kick on Ryback for two. "Walrus!" chants.

R-Truth up, huge missile drop kick for a long two as Heyman tweaks outside. Ryback avoidsn the kick, then shellshocked and it's over.

Winner – Ryback (5:44)

(I came up with the same time as the WWE for this match.) Ryback and Heyman back up the ramp, away from R-Truth.


Backstage Segment

Steph – Brie, Nikki, I never got to congratulate you Brie on your engagement, that's just wonderful. (Steph hugs Brie who looks very uncomfortable for it) Last week on RAW, after my husband was in the ring, your fiance was chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" He's not chanting now, but I wonder what he will be saying after your match with Tamina Snuka. Nikki, there's no we, because you're going to stay back here, but AJ will have a bird's eye view. Good luck, and congratulations again! (Brie and Nikki look shocked)

Announce Segment

Cole talks about WWE 2K14, and how it's all about WrestleMania, and there's 'The Streak Mode' in there where you can try to beat Taker at WrestleMania.

In Ring Segment

The Dactyls out, then Sweet T and Funkasaurus out in pink shirts. They dance out, then dance in the ring.


Tons of Funk vs The Real Americans

The Real Americans out to the stage with Zeb. The two of them take off running for the ring, throw their flags in, then dive in and grabs their flags to wave them. Earlier they spoke to Zeb, so it goes to split screen.
Zeb – The government might be shut down, but real Americans are still on the job. They might call themselves Los Matadores, but I call them simply, los illegals. They're not sneaking across the border. Soon we're going to expose you two and that little pet friend of yours for what you are, and that's no bull. "We, the people!"

Clay and Cesaro lock up. Cesaro kicks Clay, elbows to his head, but Clay knocks Cesaro down a couple times. Big slam from Clay. Sweet T tags in, and they double team. Sweet T with a huge monkey flip on Cesaro, but Swagger with a blind tags takes down Sweet T with a chop block. Swagger all over Sweet T's leg, then stomps him. Cesaro tags in and stomps Sweet T. chinlock on Sweet T that barely touches his chin from the front – more of a face squish. Sweet T up, then backed into the heel corner. Swagger tags in and shoulder blocks Sweet T in the heel corner. Swagger bomb, and Cesaro takes the tag. Double foot stomp from Cesaro for two.

Swagger tags in and works over Sweet T's left leg. Sweet T pushes out, then takes Swagger down. Swagger drags Sweet T to the heel corner and Cesaro tags in. Gut wrench on Sweet T! Cesaro gets two for it. Blows on Sweet T in the heel corner. Swagger tags in and Swagger on him with blows. Cesaro hung up top, then Sweet T side steps Swagger who eats corner.

Clay tags in with clotheslines on Cesaro, and a cheap hit on Swagger. Clay splashes Cesaro, then his t-bone, but Swagger breaks the count. Back elbow drops Swagger, but a big upper cut from Cesaro. Cesaro sets up, and cracks his neck before (seemingly easily) hitting his neutralizer on Clay for three!

Winners – The Real Americans (5:40)

Cesaro grabs Clay, and Swagger works over Sweet T in a corner to stop him. Cesaro decides to hit it on Sweet T. Cesaro gets Sweet T up for the BIG swing. It wasn't long, but he got Sweet T up there!



O'Neil and Layla talks about Susan G. Komen.

Brie vs Tamina w/ AJ

Tamina in the ring, AJ bored leaning on the apron. Brie to the ring in all pink. She flips back into the ring.

Brie on Tamina hard, knocks her down, then again. Tamina whipped, then kicked. Tamina knocked from the ring. Brie runs the apron, then flies onto Tamina. Brie slammed gut first to the apron, then clotheslined from behind. Brie rolled in, then kicked. Tamina chokes Brie. Brie takes Tamina down, rolls through into a version of a half Boston crab. Tamina takes Brie down, then throws her own vest at Brie a couple times. Brie choked in the ropes. Tamina pins for two.

Chinlock on Brie on the mat. Brie up to her feet, elbows free, but slammed back to the mat. AJ is all smiles now. Snap suplex on Brie, where Brie was over rotated and landed on her bum. "AJ's crazy!" chants. Clothesline on Brie for two. Chinlock on Brie again. Brie up, elbows, but awkwardly slammed down. Side headlock on Brie. Brie up, takes aknee to the gut, then whipped. Brie gets a foot up, then off the second ropes with a drop kick. Clothesline to Tamina, then a drop kick! Brie on fire. Knee to Tamina's face against the ropes, then another. Brie up, but Tamina blocks and lands a big boot that leaves Brie unmoving, even after three.

Winner – Tamina (4:33)

Tamina scoops Brie up, then hits her Samoan drop. Brie pulled up by her hair, onto Tamina's shoulder, then shoulder slammed on Tamina's leg. Tamina up and hits the superfly splash from up top, but mostly lands on her knees, and barely touches Brie. Tamina holds Brie for AJ who locks on the black widow. AJ yells, "Tap Brie, tap!" Brie taps a lot, then the ref finally makes AJ let go. AJ looks over her Divas Championship belt over Brie in that crazy way she has. Nikki out to the ring, yells at the other two to leave, then rushes to her sister's side.


Backstage Segment

Steph and Maddox watching the Goldberg DVD together.
Bryan – Hey! It's not good enough that you're making my life a living hell, but now you're going after Brie too?
Steph – Calm down, you're letting your emotions get the best of you.
Bryan – Emotions? What do you know about emotions? You're nothing but a cold, conniving, heartless...
Maddox – Whoa, you do not speak to Ms. McMahon that way.
Bryan – You do not get in my business!
Steph – Wait a second. Daniel is very upset, and rightly so. Don't go blaming me for what happened to Brie, and speaking of which, don't you have a fiance to attend to? (Bryan glares and leaves)

Beat The Clock Challenge – Punk vs Axel

Punk out in a gray hoodie, on one knee. 'It's clobbering time!" Punk removes it to show his shirt with pink stars and lightening bolt on the front. Axel out with Heyman in tow.

They lock up. Shoulder block to Axel for one. They circle, then lock up. Axel backs Punk, who reverses it. The ref breaks them. Axel out with a kick that Punk stops. Punk trips Axel down for one. Forearms to Axel in a corner, the ref pulls Punk back. Axel out on Punk, then puts Punk in the corner for chops. Punk slammed to the mat for one. Axel does it again, then drops his forearm on Punk for one. Heyman tells Axel he has four minutes.

Punk whipped, gets a foot up, goes up with a crossbody. Clothesline from Axel for two. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel pins again for two. Back breaker on Punk, then Axel up on the second ropes, but Punk moves out of the way. Axel takes knees to the gut. Axel whipped, running knee to Axel for two. Punk climbs. Punk points quickly, hits his Savage elbow for two. Axel up, but wiggles free. Swinging neck breaker from Axel for two. 1:45 left, as Heyman tells Axel. "CM Punk!" chants. Chops from Punk, Axel ducks, then hits Punk with a forearm to the back of the head. Axel pulls Punk up, hits a fishermans for a long two.

Axel seems to want to beat the clock now, but Punk with a small package for two. A kick to Axel's head, then GTS. Punk is slow to cover, but makes it with 11 seconds left.

Winner – Punk (5:33)

Punk – Paul, where you going Paul party's just started in St. Louis. I just beat your guy, so I get to pick the stip for HIAC. This is where you become proud of me, because I learned from you, from you. The mad scientist genius of wrestling. I learned from watching you, and I actually like your idea, so we're going to do it. We're going to have a Handicap Match at HIAC. Paul Heyman Guy Ryback and Paul Heyman vs CM Punk in the HIAC!

Punk is pumped up in the ring, pumping his arms with the fans chanting his name as Heyman looks up and curses. Heyman reaches up to pull out his hair, but there isn't any left up there to pull out.


In Ring Segment

Bryan out chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" but then stopping to feel the side of his face. Video of ADR attacking Bryan from behind earlier.


Bryan vs ADR

ADR out to face Bryan. Bryan actually appears to be puffy, and possibly bruising from the kick ADR landed on his face earlier.

Bryan rushes ADR, on him with kicks, but the ref backs him off. ADR kicks Bryan, then a shoulder block for one. Bryan on ADR in a corner with shoulders and kicks. More knees to ADR, then a running knee. Kicks to ADR sitting against the ropes. Bryan on ADR's arm, but ADR uses the corner for a double kick for two. Snap suplex on Bryan for two. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan up suplexes free of the hold. Bryan pumps up, on ADR with his kicks as the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" but Bryan misses the big one and takes a back stabber for two.

ADR stomps Bryan, but yelled at by the ref for holding the ropes. Bryan whipped chest first, falls to the mat. Bryan in a corner takes kicks and stomps. The ref backs ADR off. Bryan reverses with the same kicks and stomps. Bryan pulled off. Bryan rushes ADR, but he side steps. ADR stomps Bryan in the corner. The ref up in ADR's face over this.


ADR kicks Bryan on the mat. ADR tries to grab Bryan by his hair, but Bryan tries to lock on the "YES!" lock. ADR to the ropes and free. Bryan stomps ADR in the corner. The ref admonishes Bryan. More blows to ADR. Bryan whipped, but gets his feet up. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Bryan. ADR pins for two. Chinlock on Bryan, a knee in his back. Bryan up off his belly, to his feet, punches free, but takes a bunch head butts from ADR. ADR revs up, rushes Bryan, but is taken down.

Bryan fired up, pulls ADR up, but takes an arm stabber for two. ADR up on the second ropes, goes for a missile drop kick, but Bryan flops in the air as if trying for his own. ADR pins for two after that mess. Bryan on ADR in a corner with kicks, backed off, rushes ADR, but takes post shoulder first. ADR tries for his enziguri, but Bryan ducks and ADR flops. Bryan fires up again, hits his "YES!" kicks, is whipped, flips over ADR, then clotheslines ADR. Bryan hits his double kick in a corner on ADR, then Bryan up on ADR sitting up top. Head scissors on ADR who flies through the air. Bryan gets two for it.

Bryan telegraphs and is kicked for it. Bryan pulls the rope down and ADR flies out. Flying goat out onto ADR! ADR rolled in, Bryan climbs. Sick missile drop kick on ADR for a long two.

Orton – Daniel up here. I saw what happened to your sweet fiance earlier. I'll check on her, see if she's okay.

Orton into the trainer's room, Brie and Nikki look scared. The door closes and the Bellas scream.

ADR grabs Bryan from behind and rolls him up for two. ADR stomps Bryan. ADR grabs Bryan, but pushed off. Bryan kicks ADR in the back of the head, then leaves the ring, runs up the ramp leaving ADR prone on the mat.

Bryan runs out back, the door is locked. The bell rings.

Winner – ADR via Countout (14:05)

Bryan gets in, but Orton isn't there. Bryan checks on the twins, but then they scream and point. Orton attacks Bryan from behind. Bryan into the tub head first. Refs in and stop Orton. They check on Bryan, Brie by his side.


Backstage Segment

The Shield backstage laughing about Bryan, and good thing he was already in the trainer's room. Maybe they'll send the Rhodes boys there.
Steph – Let's not forget that the Rhodes boys have beaten you before. That's how they got their jobs back.
Trip – That's not going to matter tonight, is it? Your Championship Match is now no DQ. The gloves are off boys, finish it!

The Shield leaves and Steph tickles Trip's tonsils.

Announce Segment

King isn't impressed that Trip and Steph made the match the way they did. Cole sets up to show Cena on his trip back for HIAC. The video shows Cena with the very swollen elbow. Then a video diary of Cena, starting right after the surgery. He cheated the system three days early. Then, 18 days out of surgery he was lifting quite a bit in the gym. (I had to stop typing because the way Cena pushed through to rehab was just so shocking to watch. I rarely am shocked into inactivity on the keyboard, but Cena did it.)

In Ring Segment

Goldust to the ring. His half brother Cody out to join him.


No DQ Tag Team Championship Match – Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs The Shield

The Shield to the ring. Cody and Rollins lock up. Cody with blows on Rollins. Rollins whipped and falls. Goldust with a blind tag, off the corner with a blow on Rollins. Rollins whipped, kicked, snap mare, and knee drop for two. Cody tags in, comes in and lands a drop kick on Rollins who runs over Goldust running the ropes. Blows from Cody on Rollins. Snap mare, then a kick on Rollins for two. Goldust tags in, then double team Rollins. Rollins slammed down for two. Cody tags in, stomps Rollins. Cody kicks at Rollins, lifts and face plants Rollins for two.

blows on Rollins, but Ambrose holds Cody ankle outside. This gives Rollins some recourse. Reigns tags in and stomps Cody. Cody rolls out. Reigns out and on Cody with forearms. Back in Cody is pinned for two. Reigns rips at Cody's face as Rollins tags in and kicks Cody. Rollins stomps and kicks at Cody as Ambrose yells in. Cody kicks back, but is whipped. Back suplex on Cody for two. Abdominal stretch on the mat. Cody up, and arm drags Rollins to get free. Cody set up, but Rollins reverses the Alabama slam! Cody tags out. Body drop on Rollins, then he's set into the corner, legs out. Cheat hit on Reigns, then running bulldog is 'vintage' Goldust! Rollins ducks Goldust who flies at him, Goldust rolls out.


Reigns puts Goldust into the heel corner. Rollins actually uses the ropes in the corner to stand on Goldust's head! Cody rushes in the rescue his brother from a pinfall. Goldust is missing most of his paint at this point. Goldust reverses on Rollins for a backslide for two, but Rollins back for two of his own. Reigns tags in, but Goldust on Rollins with punches and tries to get to Cody, but Reigns takes him down for two. Chinlock on Goldust in the center of the mat. Goldust sits up, then to his feet. Goldust punches free, whipped, but bounces back with a big elbow!

Rollins tags in and rushes Goldust. Rollins mocks Goldust then comes off the corner, right into a scoop slam! Cody gets the tag, all over Reigns who also tags in. Reigns rushes Cody and goes shoulder first. Cody gets two. Cody with his sick moonsault for a long two. Disaster kick on Ambrose on the apron. Cody bounces up with a missile drop kick for a long two, but Rollins breaks it. Goldust in, takes out Rollins. They fight outside. Cody sets up, but Ambrose in on Cody. Goldust in on Ambrose. Goldust tossed out and Ambrose and Rollins on Cody in the ring. All three work over Cody in the center of the ring. They grab Cody, set him up, but Goldust is back with a chair to Reigns back, then on Ambrose, another on Rollins back!

Reigns on Goldust with forearms to the back. Reigns, "You should never put your chair down!" Reigns sets up with the chair. Goldust ducks, crossbody onto the chair into Reigns' face, and his fingers see, to be pinched, or broke. Cody blocks Rollins. Cody fights back, but lifted and slammed back first to the barricade.

In the ring, inverted atomic drop on Reigns, then another on Rollins. Goldust clotheslines Reigns from the ring. Ambrose attacks Goldust from behind. Goldust fights back, sends Reigns into the barricade to, "This is awesome!" chants. Goldust on Ambrose, but then speared through the barricade at the timekeeper area.

Ambrose rolls Cody in, then grabs Reigns and rolls him in to win the match, but then Big Show comes through the crowd in jeans and a sleveless back shirt. Big Show on Ambrose. Rollins flies out onto Big Show, but he's flattened. Reigns stares out at Big Show. Cody goes for a disaster kick, but Reigns ducks. In ducking he lands in the ropes and eats a KO. Big Show steps over Rollins and Ambrose to leave as Cody pins Reigns for three.

Winners & new Tag Team Champions – Cody Rhodes & Goldust! (19:17)

Trip is in the ring, pushes Goldust and Cody from the ring. Big Show is in the stands, all smiles, starts the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants. Trip is pissed and paces the ring. Trip cusses out The Shield, points at Big Show, and rips off his own tie as Cody and Goldust celebrate on the ramp.

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