RAW Results 9/9/13 - Bryan Finally One Ups The Corporate Evolution!

Triple H

RAW Results September 9, 2013
From Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Show Starts

In Ring Segment

Edge comes out onto the stage to a HUGE pop at home! No opening pyro, it's all for Edge! Edge loves how Justin announces the Rater R Superstar! Edge points to Justin with a smile.

Edge – Man, every time I come out here, you remind me why this is home. It has been far too long since I've been able to say this, but welcome to The Cutting Edge. I'm here because I was requested by the COO (heat) of the WWE Triple H, to come out because it would be good for business. Thought it would be good to come out and have a reunion, but not with my best friend Christian. You guys wouldn't want to see Edge and Christian. But with my partner in Rater RKO, Orton. I've known Randy a long time and he has nothing interesting to say. Like watching paint dry. I have no problem with him cashing in, I wrote the blueprint on cashing in MITB! My problem with Randy is he's a hand picked puppet. Trip's lacky. He needs The Shield to fight his battles. So Orton isn't going to be the guest on The Cutting Edge.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Edge – Another guest who's going to be good for business. If you agree, say "YES!"


Edge – That guest is Daniel Bryan!

Bryan's music and he comes out to HUGE "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" They shake hands. Video of Trip making Big Show knock out Bryan last week on RAW. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan is all smiles, looks about to split!

Edge – Daniel, you've been through a lot, I appreciate you coming out here.

Bryan – I have been through a lot, but it helps when so many people chant your name.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Yeah, last week Trip said if I didn't give up my Title shot, I was going to get hurt, and I have been. Like last week when Orton attacked me from behind. They don't understand the satisfaction in the struggle. No matter how many times I'm attacked, and no matter how many times Trip tries to hold me down, I will beat Orton! I will regain the Title. I will be the WWE Champion! "YES!"

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Edge – That's why I like you, and they love you. You look at an obstacle as an inspiration. You wrestled in armories and barns, like I did. I see me in you. We didn't do something else, then come here. This is what we always wanted. What we wanted to do since we were kids! I see you and the people have chosen you as their guy. I don't know if you can beat Orton, but you deserve the chance. Here's the thing, can you beat Orton?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – "YES!"

Edge – Do you think you can beat Orton?

Bryan – "YES!"

Edge – Do you think you can shove it in the man's face and become WWE Champion?

Bryan – "YES!"

Edge – Can you show that you're the face of the WWE?

Orton's music hits. Orton comes out to the stage.

Orton – What a shame it is Edge, that when you decide to come back, the only place that gives a crap is Canada. What a shame Edge it is indeed that your body failed you at such a young age.

"Randy sucks!"

Edge – It's a shame that you're supposed to be The face of the WWE, but you act like a completely different body part. It's a shame that the Ortons have these physical problems – your daddy ran around with that cast for years. I may have problems with my spine, but at least I have one. Randy, you've become Trip's puppet. He has a great mind for the business, but when picking talent, he flat out sucks. This is the guy who doesn't think Bryan...

Trip's music cuts Edge off. Out comes Trip in his power suit, yellow striped tie this week.

Trip – I thought I'd give you the opportunity to say this to my face.

Edge – The good thing is that I'm not an employee here, I don't have to bow down to you. I'll tell you what I think about you, you don't know a thing about picking talent. You didn't think I could make it. (heat) You didn't think Jericho could make it. (more heat) You were running around yelling that this Vanilla Ice wannabe Cena, that he couldn't make it. Now, you say Bryan can't make it. I know your nose is huge, but sometimes you have to look past it.

Trip – It's great to see you, because it's best for business. I was able to secure a large sum to promote Haven, airs on SyFy after Smackdown. Now that the promotional consideration is over, please allow me to retort. You question my ability to judge talent. I have gotten some wrong, I've gotten a lot right. I'll give you that Jericho proved me wrong. I certainly was wrong about Cena. Bryan, time will tell. There's one guy I was right about. I was right when I said he'd be a failure, that's you Edge. We can pretend all we want since we're in Canada, that you're a legend in this business, but the little experiment that was the Rated R Superstars was an abject failure. I hate to break it to you, but you never drew a dime. When I say those things, all a person has to do it prove me wrong. Jericho and Cena did, now Bryan can prove me wrong, tonight. Bryan will face Ambrose tonight. Since Ambrose will have The Shield in his corner, Bryan will have someone in his corner. Don't get excited, Edge's ability to fight like a man has long passed. (heat) I'm going to give Bryan Big Show. You know, here's the thing. It would be so much easier if people would learn to get along with me. I'm not a bad guy. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a dictator, okay?

"Asshole!" chants

Edge – Hunter, I didn't have to marry into success, I earned this HOF ring. Here's the thing, you're not a dictator Hunter, you're just a dick!

Trip – It's easy to cross the line when you have a withered up stack of dimes for a neck, with multiple surgeries when you know no one can come down and touch you, but the thing is, if I can't hurt you, maybe I could hurt the ones you love.

Christian is dragged out by The Shield and tossed down on the ramp. His shirt is all ripped up. Edge rushes to him and yells for 'some damn help!'

"One more match!" chants from the hometown fans.


Backstage Segment

Steph and Trip talking. Edge stomps in, but The Shield jump in front of Steph and Trip.

Edge – I wish I was cleared, because I'd come for you.
Trip – Doctors won't clear you because your stack of dimes neck won't be cleared. You'd better take that base out of your voice, who do you think you are to walk into this building on my show! You run your mouth in my town. Toronto is my town today. You run your mouth? Get out! Get out of our town, our building, my show. I can have you escorted out (The Shield).

Edge turns and leaves.

Kofi vs Axel

Kofi is in the ring, bouncing around in orange. Video of Kofi defeating Axel on Smackdown last week. Axel out to face him, Heyman in tow.

Axel on Kofi's back with forearms. Kofi taken down. Kofi from the ropes into a drop kick for one. Axel stomps Kofi in the ropes. "CM Punk!" chants. Kofi fights back, lands an elbow, then double hands clotheslines, and a drop kick. Axel comes back with a cruddy kick. Kofi into a corner, gets his feet up. SOS on Axel, but Axel grabs the ropes to stop the count. Axel rolls out to Heyman who is very unshaven. Kofi out. Axel in, Kofi in, Axel stomps Kofi. "Kofi!" chants. Axel works over Kofi's back as he knees facing the corner. The ref tries to drag Axel off, but can't. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Kofi via DQ (2:12)

Heyman in to stop Axel. Heyman yells at Axel about not doing that on Sunday. "CM Punk!" chants. Axel tells Heyman it's not going to happen. Axel pulls Kofi up TIP on Axel! Heyman leaves the ring in a messy way and drags Axel out behind him. Heyman shrugs in disgust at Axel.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Trip firing Cody Rhodes after speaking out, then losing to Trip. Dusty and Goldust are pissed. Goldust will be facing Orton. Cody's contract is on the line. If Goldust wins, Cody gets his job back. Video recap of Goldust's career.


Backstage Segment

Heyman is down. Axel and a ref pull Heyman up. They take him to the trainer's room. Something about water on the floor. Axel yells about clearing the table. Axel says there was water and he slipped. Heyman wants his own doctor to look at his knee, but they're going to ice his knee. Heyman and Axel want to know who left the water in the hallway?

Announce Segment

Video of RAW's main event between Bryan and Big Show last week. Steph talked about Big Show being broke. Big Show was in tears about it all.

Backstage Segment

Booker T in to see Big Show.

Booker T – Can I holler at you Big Show?
Big Show – Sure.
Booker T – I know last week was perhaps the worst time in your life. If I know you, you will take it out on everyone tonight.
Big Show – I want to.
Booker T ��� We've known each other a long time, and I respect you. Even though we haven't always seen eye to eye, I was there when you first started. Cody got fired for speaking his mind. People are all over you for being a sellout.
Big Show – I'm not a sellout.
Booker T – It's easy for them to say that when they're not walking in your shoes. You are a professional. If it was me, I'd have did the same thing. Tonight, when you're in Bryan's corner, the people will want you to be a hero, but you need to think about one thing! Think about your daughter. Think about your family if you were gone. Tonight you will experience feelings. You might think it's rage, but it's pride. Don't let your pride make a mistake you can't take back.
"Boring!" chants from a few fans.
Big Show – Look Booker, pride's about all I've got left.
Booker T – Be a professional out there man.


Clips of Bray Wyatt talking and beating up R-Truth and others, including Kane. The Wyatt Family up next.


Ziggler vs Bray

Ziggler in the ring. The Wyatt Family to the ring.

Ziggler behind Bray, but Bray back with blows knocking Ziggler down. Ziggler runs the ropes into Bray who scoops him and slams Ziggler to the mat. Bray with his back bend in a corner. Ziggler onto Bray with a drop kick, then knocks Rowan off the apron with a forearm, but then Bray takes Ziggler down and yells, "Is this not what you asked for?"


Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler free, then eats a sick back elbow. Bray slams down on Ziggler on the mat, then back on him with the hold. Jaw breaker on Bray, then Ziggler side steps Bray who eats corner. Splash by Ziggler, then blows in a corner. Neck breaker from the corner, then a big elbow drop, but Bray kicks out immediately! Famouser on Bray for two.

Harper takes a blow on the apron and Bray attacks Ziggler with a big clothesline in a corner. Sister Abigail on Ziggler for three.

Winner – Bray (6:50)

Video recap of Ziggler working against all three of The Wyatt Family. Bray on his knees over Ziggler, Rowan and Harper pose behind him.



More of Goldust, but this time with Booker T, Austin, Booker T, Lance Storm, Booker T, Big Show, and even more Booker T.

In Ring Segment

Heyman on crutches, Axel by his side, some other guy in tow. Heyman up the stairs and into the ring, helped by Axel. King can't figure out which ankle or knee is hurt.
Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, I am not an advocate for socialized medicine. I don't believe in the Canadaian healthcare system. When I travel to Canada, I bring along my personal physician, Micheal Kurshenbaum from New York City. Let's cut to the point, Doctor had confirmed my fear that I tore my meniscus or ACL. A proper MRI in the USA will confirm this. I'm withdrawing competition this Sunday. Believe me, if you've never believed me before, no one is as upset as Heyman. I looked forward to teaming with Axel and putting out of my misery my prodigal son, CM Punk! But I'm an injured man as the doctor will attest to. I will leave you now, return to New York, receive treatment, and as Edge once said, I will return, when I can. Thank you, and goodnight.

Maddox – Paul, as the GM of RAW, I'd like to remind you that we have a fully licensed medical staff, and all are able to give you a full evaluation of your injury. If you're truly injured, the only way to be officially removed from a match is to be evaluated by our WWE doctor. Can we get a chair in the ring? Let's get a chair.

Heyman just glares at the doctor. Finally Heyman staggers over and sits down. The doctor pulls up the pant leg and looks at Heyman's knee. Heyman explains the water on the floor and where it hurts.

"This is awkward!" chants.

Heyman goes off about being careful and personal injury. The doctor checks the ACL and the LCL, Heyman yells in pain at every little touch to his knee.

Maddox – Doctor, you diagnosis?
Doctor – He doesn't have an effusion. If this happened only 30 minutes ago, he doesn't have an edema of ligament laxity.
Heyman (to the dcotor) – Is this personal? (to Maddox) You don't want to make an enemy of me. I can't even stand on my two legs and you're putting me in competition?

Punk's music and he comes out, kendo stick in hand. Heyman pushes his own doctor at Punk and he takes the stick. Heyman runs away, around the ring, over the barricade and out. Punk takes out Axel. Punk poses, then sees Heyman's doctor is still there. Punk down and talks to the doctor, backs him into a corner. Punk offers to let him leave, then when he bends, Punk is all over him with the kendo stick, beating him down with that kendo stick. One final shot to the head to end it all. Video recap of Heyman's flee from the ring.


Layla & Aksana & Fox vs Naomi & Natalya & Brie

Aksana and Naomi lock up. Aksana tries to kick at Naomi, but is caught. Rear view to Aksana. Naomi back kicks Aksana. Naomi knocked down to sitting up top, but then falls down on the back of her neck and head. AJ says she's too old for King, she's 26. Layla tags in and locks on Naomi's left leg. Naomi kicks free. Naomi rolls out of the way of Layla's leg drop. Natalya and Fox tag in. sick suplex on fxo, then she kips up and cheap shots on the other heels. Scoop slam on Fox. Aksana breaks the pin, and is taken out. Natalya back on Fox with a clothesline, then locks on the sharpshooter. Fox quickly and really taps out hard.

Winners – Natalya & Naomi & Brie (2:52)

Natalya, Naomi, Brie in the ring, and Nikki and Eva from the other side of the ring all glare at AJ.


A third video for Goldust.


R-Truth vs ADR

R-Truth in the ring singing. ADR comes out to face him. RVD in the split screen ripping on ADR and saying that on Sunday the new Champ will be RVD!

They struggle around. Shoulder block on R-Truth. Kicks and blows on R-Truth in a corner. "JBL!" chants! "This is not Bizaroland!" ADR out, and R-Truth came over the top in a huge way! King says he only has great things to say about Canada's medical coverage, from about a year ago. "Is that why you keep looking at me JBL? Think I'm going to check out?" Back into the ring ADR pins R-Truth for one. R-Truth on ADR for two, but ADR up with a huge clothesline. ADR pins for two. "RVD!" chants. The announcers are all giggles over the chants. R-Truth on ADR, slams him down. "Undertaker!" chants. ADR with his cross arm breaker on R-Truth. R-Truth taps out.

Winner – ADR (4:49)

Video recap of the match. And a recap of all the interesting chants - JBL, Cole, King, RVD, Undertaker.


Cesaro vs Santino

Zeb – Our good neighbors to the north, but neighbors in name alone as I don't remember the last time you helped us. You're like the maple syrup chugging, moose loving, lazy cousins. It's not too late if you can find interest in anything but a stupid hockey game! Please rise, put your hands over your heart and say, We The...

Santino cuts Zeb off and power walks to the ring to HUGE pop.

Big drop kick from Cesaro at the bell. "Santino!" chants. Cesaro pulls Santino up into a huge upper cut, then a gut wrench. Cole talks about Santino's new school that just opened. Santino catches Cesaro with a big boot to the head. Giant swing on Cesaro through a "Maple syrup!" chants. Cesaro just keeps going, round and round so long that I'm dizzy. "Holy shit!" chant for the giant swing. Santino up, falls over. Fans in the front row yelling at Zeb. Santino with his half split, hip toss and head butt. Cobra out, but Cesaro takes Santino down for two. Cesaro throws the cobra away and slams Santino for a long two. Running upper cut to Santino in a corner for two! "Santino!" chants. Cesaro slaps at Santino, pulls him up, yells smack, but Santino with a lovely throw on Cesaro for three!

Winner – Santino (3:42)

Santino flees the ring to celebrate up on the stage. He trombones as Zeb tweaks out in the ring and the announcers are happy to see Santino back.


Sandow vs Miz

Sandow – When I cash in my MITB case, I will assume my throne in the WWE, but until then, I remain your uncrowned World Champion, and as my subjects...

Awesome! Out comes Miz.

Sandow behind Miz. Miz reverses. JBL says that there's a Rhodes in the building. Miz with a high elbow, then a snap suplex on Sandow. Sandow beats down Miz in a corner. Miz comes back with his clothesline in the opposite corner. Miz off the corner for two. Knees on Sandow, but he ducks a kick and hangs Miz up in the second ropes. Sandow lands on Miz, back. Russian legs sweep, elbow of disdain. Chinlock on Miz. "Y2J!" chants. Sick arm drag on Sandow! "Miz can't wrestle!" chants as he hits a low drop kick on Sandow's knee.

Fandango and SR come out dancing. The fans all sing with his music. Miz is distracted and Sandow gets the three.

Winner – Sandow (3:45)

Fandango – It's Fahn-Dahn-Gho!
King – JBL, sit down, you dance like a cattle stampede!

Backstage Segment

Renee – Tonight you can fight for your brother's job. Are you mentally prepared for your match against Orton?
Goldust – Yeah. Renee, it's no secret that I've been the screw up of the family. Cody has chosen to live the right way. I've had 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances here. Cody getting fired all because of Triple H throwing his weight around, embarrassing my family's name, it's not cool. Tonight Cody gets his second chance because I mean business. Orton, after tonight you will never forget the name of shooooooo....
Trip – Rhodes! How you doing man, been a long time since you've been in the WWE.
Goldust – I was doing better before you showed up.
Trip – I'd imagine you're nervous. (to Renee) Could you imagine how nervous he is? Been gone for a long time, then the weight of the world is on his shoulders. His brother and new bride watching their fate play out. He wins, his brother gets his job back. If he doesn't, who knows. That's a lot of pressure. That is a lot of pressure. Good luck man. I really, really hope you don't let them down.


WWE Rewind

Orton faced Cody last week and beat him, so Cody lost his job. Cody was then fired.

Cody's Contract Match – Orton vs Goldust

Orton to the ring. Orton poses on the corner. Goldust out to face him.

Goldust up from his squat and on Orton with blows. Orton tries to fight back, but Goldust is all over him! Goldust whipped, but gets a foot up and on Orton with blows. Orton into a corner, then whips him. Goldust too slow and Orton on him. Back elbow on Orton. Orton rolls out. The ref counts. "You still got it!" chants. Orton with kicks, then an upper cut for two.

Orton chokes Goldust in the ropes. Goldust into the ropes, but holds on to avoid the drop kick. Goldust pins for two. Goldust on Orton with chops in a corner, then chops in the next corner. Poke to Goldust's eye. Orton on Goldust with blows in a corner. Goldust crumbles. A knee to Goldust's throat for the count. Orton stomps Goldust's hand. Then again. And again. Goldust blocks the power slam and gets a long two for it. Orton set up in a corner for shattered dreams, but Orton rolls out.


Headlock on Goldust. Goldust fights back. Outside Goldust on Orton. Orton with a wild swing to air. A big right from Goldust, then Orton rolled in. Goldust hung up top on the apron, then run along the apron into the post. Goldust falls to the floor and the ref counts. Orton out, motions the fans back, then back slams Goldust onto the top of the barricade. Orton sends Goldust face first into the stairs, then into the ring. Orton on Goldust for two.

Cole talks about the Superstars talking on Twitter about how great Goldust looks, and winning this match for all of them. Orton stomps his way around Goldust. Orton pins Goldust for a long two. Chinlock on a paint-peeling Goldust. King talks about that if Orton loses tonight, then he will lose on Sunday. Goldust gets a hand up, and is able to punch free. Blows to Orton, but a knee from Orton. Goldust is able to his a bulldog, 'vintage' Goldust! Goldust ducks a wild clothesline, then hits a couple of his own, then a blow to a telegraphing Orton. Goldust on Orton for counted 10 blows on Orton. Orton avoids running into the ref, then takes a two count.

Goldust onto the apron, then eats Orton's DDT. Orton mocks Bryan, fingers in the air, chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" but getting "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Orton pounds the mat and the fans get silent. Goldust reverses the RKO into cross Rhodes for a very long two! Orton rolls Goldust for two. RKO and Orton pins Goldust for three.

Winner – Orton (14:48)

Orton poses over Goldust as the ref checks on Dustin. Video recap of cross Rhodes, but then to the RKO. Orton straddles Goldust.
Orton – Goldust, looks like your dream of saving your baby brother's career has been shattered just like Bryan's dream of taking this away from me will be shattered at NoC.



Los Matadores promo.

Backstage Segment

Goldust walks along, head hung low.
Steph – Dustin, you must be so disappointed. I know Cody's disappointed, his wife's disappointed. He doesn't have a job, because of you. You let them down. You let your father down. You let the whole WWE 'Universe' down. How does that feel? How does it feel to be a loser? Just like your brother! You know what? Why don't you go join him in the unemployment line. Oh, and Dustin? Tell you Dad I said hi.

Announce Segment

King isn't impressed with Steph. Cole isn't impressed. JBL is blasé about the whole thing.

In Ring Segment

Ricardo comes out and gives RVD a great announcing to the ring. Video of RVD facing Orton on Smackdown, then ADR attacked Ricardo, so RVD attacked ADR. Orton then attacked RVD and beat him. ADR attacked RVD after the match was over. Ricardo and RVD posing in the ring.


RVD vs Ryback

Ryback out to face RVD.
ADR – RVD, you are nothing but a washed up loser. Ricardo, without ADR you're nothing. The two of you belong with each other. At NoC you won't be chanting RVD, RVD, you will be chanting ADR, ADR!

Ryback taken down. "Goldberg!" chants. RVD takes Ryback down with a kick to the jaw. RVD runs into a clothesline. Blows on RVD. RVD stumbles around the ring. "Goldberg!" chants. Abdominal chant on RVD. RVD kicks Ryback in the face. Ryback catches RVD off the corner. Rolling thunder on Ryback, but he kicks out. Kicks to Ryback in a corner. Then RVD off the corner with a flip on Ryback for two. RVD with a kick off the top. RVD up, but Ryback rolls out. RVD flies out, but eats barricade when Ryback sidesteps. Ryback lifts RVD, legs wide, and tries to slam RVD crotch first, but RVD's foot catches the post – but then he hits the post with this crotch. Then he does it again, looking almost as messy. Ref calls for the bell.

Winner – RVD via DQ (3:00)

Into the ring RVD takes shellshocked.

Backstage Segment

Steph – Tonight in the main event you're in Bryan's corner and The Shield is in Orton's corner. I can't have you lay a finger on The Shield. I have a seat for you out there. If you touch The Shield, you will be terminated. It's what's best for business.

Big Show is fuming. He picks up an old and big TV, then slams it down glass first.


Ambrose w/ Reigns & Rollins vs Bryan w/ Big Show

The Shield through the stands and to the ring. Big Show out to the ring. He circles the ring to his chair. Bryan out chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with the fans.

Bryan on Ambrose with blows, then kicks in a corner. Ambrose on Bryan in the next corner. Rakes his arm across Bryan's face. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan on Ambrose with kicks, but then Ambrose slides from the ring to flee. The Shield re-groups outside. The ref counts, but Ambrose back in.

Bryan with blows, then a high knee and Ambrose down. Kick to Ambrose's back. Snap mare and another kick to the back. Another snap mare and kick. Knee drop on Ambrose for two. Ambrose on Bryan, but a drop toe hold on Ambrose, then stomp to Ambrose's arm. A stomp on Ambrose. King admits that he's in the WWE polo shirt because his luggage was lost. Bryan sets Ambrose up, then rocks Ambrose into the surfboard, but Ambrose grabs a rope to cause the break. Shoulder blocks to Bryan in a corner. Bryan whipped, runs up, floats over, and hits a big clothesline. Sick snap suplex on Ambrose. Bryan climbs, but Rollins on the apron distract. Ambrose knocks Bryan from the corner and into the barricade while never actually touching him.


Blows on Bryan in a corner. Bryan whipped and hits the mat. Bryan side steps and Ambrose eats corner. Two drop kick to Ambrose, then blows and kicks. Big head scissors off the top on Ambrose for two. Bryan with his "YES!" kicks on Ambrose, but Ambrose ducks the pig one. Ambrose on Bryan, Bryan counters for two. Bryan tries to lock on the "YES!" lock! Ambrose makes it to the ropes and Bryan has to break. Bryan with kicks on Ambrose in a corner, but Ambrose side steps the big drop kick and Bryan crashes. Ambrose pins for two.

Punches on Bryan on the mat. Ambrose holds Bryan by his hair to hit him, and is hitting his own hand more than any thing. "Daniel Bryan!" chants as Bryan set up top. Ambrose up, but Bryan free and Ambrose hung upside-down. Bryan with his sliding drop kick to Ambrose's face. Bryan up with a back suplex on Ambrose off the top for a long two. "This is awesome!" chants fill the arena! Kicks from Bryan on a standing Ambrose, but then Bryan tossed out through the ropes.

Reigns rushes Bryan, but eats stairs. Rollins tries and eats announce. A big clothesline from behind on Bryan. Ambrose suplexes Bryan on the floor. Big Show stands, but can't do anything. Bryan rolled in, but Ambrose can only get two. Bryan rolls Bryan up for three.

Winner – Bryan (14:10)

Bryan launches Ambrose out of the ring onto Rollins and Reigns. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!", and Big Show is chanting with him. Orton's music and he comes out to the ring. Bryan launches through the ropes, but his feet catch a bit so he doesn't hit Orton as hard as he could have. The Shield is over there beating up on Bryan. Big Show grabs his chair and stomps around the ring, but they yell at Big Show and he drops the chair. Bryan rolled into the ring, and Orton in. Orton yells at Big Show, faces Bryan at him. Then faces Bryan around the ring, then hits his RKO. Orton's music plays as Big Show starts up the ramp.

Trip and Steph out to the stage.

Trip – Big Show, time to be a professional, I don't care about your moral conundrum. I want you to walk to that ring, pick Bryan up, and knock him out. Go!

Big Show turns, head to the ring, up on the apron, shakes things off a bit. Big Show in, stands over Bryan, looks, but then steps away. Big Show over and tries to get out of it. Orton turns Big Show around and yells at Big Show that Trip's the boss, if he says knock Bryan out, then Big Show knocks him out. Orton says he'll help Big Show out. Orton picks up Bryan and yells at Big Show to do it. Big Show won't. Orton drops Bryan and goes over and yells at Big Show. Big Show tells Orton to leave him alone. Orton says he has Trip's authority to tell Big Show what to do. Big Show's going to knock Bryan out. Yes? Yes?

Orton turns around and eats a double running knee to the face from Bryan. Bryan grabs the strap and gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants over Orton's prone body. Big Show up the ramp with a lovely little smirk. Bryan poses over Orton's body as Orton holds his jaw. Bryan down, talks to Orton while pointing to the belt, then stands and poses some more.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
Triple H
The Shield

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