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RAW Results 2/24/14 – Hogan Is 'Back Home' In The WWE

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RAW Results February 24, 2014
From Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World


WNW reader and commenter Ashley is sending live reports. The picture shows a platform being set up beside the ramp. She said that there were "Yes!" chants starting at 7, and "Flair" "Punk" and "Josh Matthews" chants, but all ended up overrun by "Yes!" chants.

Pre-RAW Commercial

Live in Green Bay, we know who walked into the Elimination Chamber, but who walked out with the Championship? And the return of the immortal Hulkster! Live, tonight, on RAW!

RAW Starts

In Ring Segment

Hogan's original music hits and the yellow and red comes out on the stage. The fans go wild to see the Hulkster. He heads to the ring. (Ashley says the fans all sprung to their feet for Hogan.) Even the announcers are on their feet clapping for Hogan as he gets into the ring. Cole is giddy. Hogan with his ear to the fans, and they're giving him all they have in return. (Ashley said the Hogan merch was flying off the shelves!) His music ends, but the "Hogan!" chants are raising the roof.

Hogan – let me tell you something brother, I just want to let everyone in the WWE 'Universe', especially right here in Green Bay, tonight marks a turning point for my career. I'm finally back home, brothers. 30 years ago, I was part of something very special, turned into a global phenomenon, the first ever WrestleMania. History was made that day, and tonight with the launch of the WWE 'Universe' (he means the WWE Network). The WWE 'Universe' has now launched the WWE Network. That's why why history is being made by the WWE 'Universe'. (He fixed his mistake beautifully.) I'm proud to say my Hulkamaniacs helped launch the WWE Network. You know, all day long I've been walking around like a proud papa, Jack, that the then, now, and future of the WWE are coming together. I can watch huge matches with Bruno Sammartino, watch HBK, watch 3:16, SCSA, and I can watch The Rock, Jack! But the most important thing, the then, now and future of the WWE network. The future of the WWE Network is WrestleMania XXX brother. As this is the turning point of my career, and I'm so happy to be back home, I have another huge announcement. I am the official Host for WrestleMania XXX, brother. In closing, I have only one question to ask you Maniacs. What ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when Hulkamania, the WWE network and WrestleMania runs wild on you, brother?

Hogan goes back to working the fans as his music plays.

Announce Segment

Cole goes on and on about the WWE Network, how to get it, and what is on it. Hogan /heads back up the ramp. King shows all the PPVs on the WWE Network. He shows scrolling through the years, and goes back to the first WrestleMania, and plans on watching it during RAW. JBL then goes on about typing in JBL, and you can get all of his matches. He shows all his matches against Eddie, Angle, Booker T. Cole talks about how we can use our streaming device to watch the WWE Network.

Bryan will face Kane tonight. Brock and Heyman are there. Batista will face ADR next.


ADR vs Batista

ADR out to the ring. (During the break they showed a promo of Batista. He got serious heat.) Batista out to huge heat. He looks around in awe, and points to a 'Boo-tista' sign. Batista mocks fans as he poses in the ring.

Batista's music ends and the heat is huge. Batista on ADR with blows. ADR whipped and hits the mat. "You can't wrestle!" chants! They work to the outside, Batista on ADR. Back in the ring and ADR on Batista. Suplex on ADR, then ADR knocked from the ring. ADR sends Batista into the stairs shoulder first. "We want Divas!" "JBL!" "CM Punk!" chants fill the arena.


Batista side steps and sends ADR from the ring, and both are down. Batista hung up top by his arm. ADR climbs, and Batista hits him to more heat. Live in the arena, Batista is gets nuclear heat. Superplex from the top on ADR, but Batista is left holding his own head. "Out of shape!" chants for Batista. They exchange blows, then ADR with a kick, but Batista with clotheslines. A horrible slam from Batista for two.

Chants start, then it's obvious that the production crew is killing the house mics to keep the chants from coming through. ADR all over Batista's shoulder, but then Batista side steps and goes after ADR. Huge heat for Batista as he shakes the ropes. Orton's music and Batista is distracted. ADR rolls Batista up for three.

Winner – ADR (9:49)

Orton – Batista, I'm so sorry I interrupted your match like that. Then again, since Evo, you've been distracted. We go way back, had a lot of laughs. But, ADR beating you in that fashion right now, that's one of the funniest things I've seen. You know what else is funny Dave? The way the WWE 'Universe' has reacted to your triumphant return. (huge heat) Yeah, see, I don't know if you can sense it or not, but they don't like you very much. (heat and laughter) They've been booing the hell out of you Dave, and I wouldn't even doubt that you're sorry that you came back.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Batista – Let em tell you something. You're wrong (gasping for breath), you couldn't be any more wrong. Get this through your head, everybody. I love this business! (nuclear heat) Something else I love, that they have a voice, but so do it. They cheer me, I cheer them back. If they boo me, I boo them back! (serious heat) It's called being real! It's called honesty, something you know nothing about! (mixed) That's besides the point, and doesn't matter. What matters is that I go to WrestleMania and beat the hell out of someone I used to call my friend, and who has somehow turned into a whiny, sniveling, kiss ass, sack of... (mixed) You're looking at the next WWE WHC, deal with it! (heat, but covered by Batista's music.

Batista poses under he WrestleMania sign. Orton poses on stage with both belts.

Backstage Segment

Split screen, heading for the ring – The Real Americans on the left, Big E on the right. Cesaro and Big E face off next


Big E vs Cesaro

Big E to the ring. Stills from Big E beating Swagger last night at Elimination Chamber. The Real Americans to the ring together.

They lock up. Side headlock on Cesaro. "We, the people!" Cesaro pushed off, Big E jumps over, but Cesaro into an elbow. Cesaro out to regroup. Cesaro behind Big E, takes him down, but holds on. Big E throws Cesaro off, then they exchange blows back and forth. Cesaro get control. Upper cut to Big E, then knees, but Cesaro runs into a huge belly-to-belly! Big E grabs Cesaro and lands another belly-to-belly. Shoulder block to Cesaro in a corner. Cesaro whipped and takes another shoulder in the corner for two.

Arm bar on Cesaro on the mat. Cesaro up, then free through blows. Both try for clotheslines, but nothing. Big boot drops Big E. "USA!" chants. Chinlock on Big E on the mat as Ole really talks up Cesaro. Big E up, whips Cesaro, but Cesaro gets an elbow up. Cesaro off the corner, but Big E catches him. Three back breakers on Cesaro, the last two looking at Zeb and Swagger, but only gets two for it.

Big E on Cesaro with an arm bar. They muscle around, call some moves, and Cesaro free. Side headlock takeover on Big E for one. Side headlock on Big E. Cesaro pushes off, Big E under, then tries to jump over Cesaro, but Cesaro catches Big E as he's jumping, flips him into a huge back breaker. Swagger looks shocked at that fantastic move.


Cesaro on Big E, Big E free, then exchange blows, then Big E raises Cesaro high, then drops him. Big E rushes Cesaro in a corner, but Cesaro moves and Big E shoulder first to the post. JBL says the ring moved when Big E hit the post. Cesaro with two. Then another two.

Cesaro on Big E in a corner with blows. The ref pulls him off, then Cesaro runs back with an upper cut for two. Headlock on a sitting Big E. Big E to his feet, elbows free, but takes a forearm. Big E lifts Cesaro, but Cesaro free. Cesaro comes back with a nerve wracking powerslam on Big E. Gut wrench on Big E for two.

Chinlock on Big E on the mat. Big E to his feet, but eats an upper cut. The exchange blows, Big E with the upper hand, until he runs into a sleeper. Cesaro on Big E's back, but is flipped to the mat. Clothesline, then belly-to-belly on Cesaro. Big E splash on Cesaro for two.

Down comes the straps, and Swagger tweaks outside the ring. Big E stalks Cesaro. Cesaro up, but then reverses and throws Big E high to eat an upper cut as he lands. Cesaro calls for the swing, but Big E pushes out. Cesaro rushes Big E in a corner, is slammed down, but kind of lands on the back of his head. Big E gets two for it! "We, the people!"

Big E tossed out. Swagger tries to attack, but Big E ducks and Swagger takes a clothesline. Big E in, but taken down and swung. Big E let his arms hang straight out, not holding his head. Cesaro swings for ten, but then Swagger is in and on Big E with a patriot lock!

Winner – Big E via DQ (16:38)

Cesaro is pissed that Swagger cost him the match. Swagger tries to defend himself, but the Zeb is in and yelling at Swagger too. Big E attacks Swagger, but then Cesaro grabs him and hits his neutralizer.


Stills of The Wyatts attacking Cena in the Elimination Chamber last night. Cena will be out next to get to the bottom of it.



A trainer walked Big E up the ramp. He looked okay, but was holding his next a bit. (Thanks Ashley)

In Ring Segment

Cena's music, and out he comes to mixed reaction.

Cena – I want to say something to the kid, the WWE fan in me. It's great to see Hogan hosting WrestleMania. I listened to the Hulkster, and he said something that made a lot of sense. The WWE 'Universe' is going to remember tonight, and all of you in Green Bay. Today is the day the world changed. Our future is now! I been talking pretty hard these past few weeks for any Superstar who wants to listen, that message is this – They think they got what it takes to carry the WWE into the future, well Jack, you have to go through me to prove it. I know there's mixed emotions – some like it, some don't, but the underlying theme is respect. The future of this business will run through me. When you talk bold like that, you make yourself a big old target! Enter Bray Wyatt. Bray, this misunderstood monster. Like him, or you don't, he's made quite the stir in the WWE. I knew sooner or later we'd come face to face, but I didn't think it would be in the Elimination Chamber, because we're to be locked in. Last night I saw Bray Wyatt, and he cost me a Championship match at WrestleMania XXX. That's a bold move. Mr. Wyatt, are you a one trick pony, or would you like to make another bold move, right here, right now?

Off comes the hat and the shirt. Cena waits, then their music hits. Rather than his normal lighting of his lantern, he said, "Green Bay, we're here." The Wyatts to the ring, led by Bray and his lantern. Bray sits in his chair, and rocks a bit.

Bray – This world has an infection, and the virus is the human race. Through all these trouble and times, it makes sense John that you'd paint yourself right in the middle, after all, what would the world be without its hero? (Bray up and working the crowd as he speaks.) What would the world be without its knight in shining armor to save the day. People like you John, you're hollow, you're full of empty promises. You promise to save these people! You promise to keep them safe! You tell them that everything will be alright, just as long as you're around. Hahaha. Liar! You're a liar! You are a liar John Cena! This is a terrible world. A dark and lonely place. You stand for these illusions. But I stand for everything that is real. Now, you say that the future has got to come through you first. I couldn't agree more John. Hahaha! Please, excuse me! Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Bray Wyatt. We are the reapers that bring death to this era of lies.

Cena – Well, Mr. Wyatt, as long as we're exchanging pleasantries, my name is John Cena. I'll tell you one thing right now. So much as one of you slides under this bottom rope, I promise you something son. You're starting something you may not be able to finish. So, if you make that move, just remember, it's go time Jack.

Cena is ready for them. Harper on his left, outside. Rowan on his right, outside. Bray in front of him and they attack. Cena is taken down by all three. Cena is hurt, he can't put any weight on his left knee. The Wyatts yell smack at Cena, but they hold back and don't attack. Cena, unable to put weight on that leg, attacks them. They leave, but then Rowan up. Cena stumbles to him, but he drops and Bray knocks Cena down from behind. JBL and Cole say that the doctor was telling Cena to let him look at his leg, but Cena kept going. The Wyatts pose over Cena on the mat.

Ashley texted me that Cena was taken out on a stretcher and looked to be in a serious amount of pain.



Recap of the attack on Cena. They show what looks like Cena's knee hyper extending (Been there, and it's horrible pain!) They show Cena being taken up the ramp on a stretcher.

Christian vs Sheamus

Christian limps down to the ring. Video of Christian and Sheamus arguing on the RAW Pre-Show. Maddox told them to settle it in the ring. Sheamus out to face him.

They lock up, Christian into a corner. They lock up, then Christian tossed out through the ropes. Sheamus has serious welts all over his arms from last night. Christian in with three big bitch slaps on Sheamus. Sheamus is fired up and on Christian with blows. Christian taken down for two.

Chinlock on Christian on the mat, into an abdominal stretch. Christian up and clotheslined from the ring by Sheamus. Sheamus yells smack at Christian, fella! Christian sets Sheamus up, legs on either side of the post, but Sheamus pulls Christian in, face first. Christian in and Sheamus all over him on the mat. Christian to the apron, Sheamus forced back, Sheamus tries to set up his forearms, but Christian with a couple blows, then hangs Sheamus up top. Christian all over Sheamus in the ring. Sheamus on the apron regrouping. Sheamus fights back with blows, then Christian elevated up over Sheamus and out. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle off the apron!


Sheamus climbs, but Christian takes his legs out, knocking Sheamus to the top, then apron, then floor. Christian out and sends Sheamus into the stairs. Sheamus rolled in, Christian on him for two. Christian on Sheamus with blows to the gut. Christian stomps Sheamus in a corner, then chokes him with a foot. Christian and Sheamus muscle around a bit, then Sheamus to his feet and eats a head butt. Christian with a bear hug on Sheamus, down to the mat.

Cole says that Cena has a lot of swelling in the knee. Sheamus fights back with blows to the gut and head, but then Christian with an abdominal stretch, but most of the crowd is dead for it. Cole talks about Christian's frog splash on Sheamus last night. Sheamus elbows Christian to the head. Upper cut on Christian, but Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked for it. Sheamus into the ropes, so Christian outside with a blow. Christian climbs, then waits. His cross body meets air as Sheamus ducks. Christian slammed back into a corner, then a high running knee to Christian. Clotheslines to Christian, but then he manages to knock Sheamus from the ring. Christian rushes Sheamus, but Sheamus moves and Christian takes a knee to the face. Sheamus then lands his ten forearms on Christian. Sheamus with a battering ram over the top on Christian for two.

Christian back on Sheamus with kicks to the ribs, but he climbs and Sheamus pulls his legs out. Christian lands hard, then Sheamus locks on the cloverleaf! Christian to the ropes and grabs on. Christian out, Sheamus gives chase. Back in and Christian stomps Sheamus. Christian sets up, then Sheamus reverses, Christian rolls Sheamus up for two!

Sheamus plants Christian to the mat for two. Both are winded and hurting, moving quite slow. Neither doing anything, but then fans are cheering. Sheamus sets up, but Christian ducks the brogue kick. Christian comes back with a kick to the head. Christian up, flies, but eats a brogue as he lands! Sheamus gets three for it.

Winner – Sheamus (16:05)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Sheamus celebrates, but also holding his ribs a bit.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the WWE Network and the RAW pre-show. Video of Steph and Trip appearing at RAW. Renee wants their reaction to the WWE Network. Trip talks it up as huge as the first WrestleMania. Steph says she was at the first WrestleMania, and this is just as huge... Then Bryan rushes in screaming at them, demanding answers. "What's your problem? Every time I get close you cut me down. What, do you want to fight me? I'll fight you at WrestleMania!"

Trip tells him that he's not an A+ player, and goes on about it. He will find a spot on the card, and maybe Bryan will earn it. Trip snorts about WrestleMania.

Steph tells Bryan he can take out his aggression on Kane tonight.

They leave, and Trip is still snorting about WrestleMania.



Black History Month Video for Soul Patrol – Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson! They joined forces in 1983 in the WWF. November 15, 1983, they became the first African American Tag Team Champions.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Walk me through this one more time, where were you last night?

Ambrose – I've been repeating myself for 24 hours. I'm getting sick of you two ganging up on me.

Rollins – We're not ganging up on you.

Ambrose – I'm getting a little sick of explaining myself. If that's not good enough for you two, then whatever. Whatever!

Rollins – That's not it!

Ambrose – I'm outta here. (he leaves)

Rollins – I don't know if I believe him. I want to, it makes a lot of sense, but so many times now, it's just over, and over, and over. (he hears a noise and jumps)

Bray – Please boys, don't allow us to interrupt.

Reigns – You already did interrupt, and that's a big problem. We can settle it here, right now, or you can man up and fight me in the ring, one on one, leave the family behind, and I'll leave the hounds behind.

Bray – You are an interesting creature. I accept. Hahaha. Hahaha.

Superstar Pannel

Josh is with Booker T and Flair, where they were for the Pre-RAW show. Booker T talks up Reigns and Wyatt in the ring tonight. Flair wants to see what happens with Cena, then when Kane faces Bryan. Flair gets he "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going just before Bryan's music starts.

In Ring Segment

Bryan to the ring through "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" He is a bit more serious, but hasn't lost all of his glowing smirk. Bryan leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Bryan vs Kane

Fire erupts, and Kane out in his dress pants and wife beater, elbow pads on.

Bryan on Kane with kicks in a corner. Kane goes after Bryan's 'injured' left shoulder. Bryan into a corner shoulder first. Then into the opposite corner. Drop toe hold on Kane in a corner, then kicks on Kane. Bryan on Kane's left leg, wrapping it in the ropes. Bryan yelling smack as he kicks Kane's ribs, then a running drop kick on Kane's leg. Bryan drags Kane by his leg, then continues on it. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan keeps on Kane's left leg with kicks, then into a hold on the mat. A knee drop on Kane's leg. Chop block on Kane, then another. Bryan nods to the fans who love it. Bryan with a half crab on Kane who yells 'no!' when asked if he taps out. Kane to the ropes and Bryan has to release. Kane outside and hangs Bryan's arm up. Bryan's arm into the post. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Kane in and stomps on Bryan. Kane wrenches Bryan's arm in the ropes. Kane chokes Bryan with a foot, then grabs that arm. Bryan slammed down on that arm for two.

Kane with a hold on Bryan's arm on the mat. Chinlock on Bryan on the mat, holding that arm back. Bryan ends up outside. Kane out, so Bryan in. Bryan with a low drop kick on Kane. Bryan about to fly, but eats a right through the ropes. Bryan out and into the stairs shoulder first.


Kane covers Bryan for one. Kane removes all of Bryan's tape, slams Bryan's arm back. Bryan's arm wrenched in the ropes. Bryan taken down in a corner for two. Arm bar on Bryan on the mat. Bryan tries to fight back. Bryan runs up a corner and flips over Kane. Clothesline to Kane, but then Bryan lands on that shoulder. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan with "YES!" kicks, but Kane comes back with s sidewalk slam for two.

Kane climbs, though seems to be slowing down. Bryan knocks Kane to sitting up top. Bryan with "YES!" kicks to Kane's leg, then Bryan climbs, lands head scissors from up top for two.

Bryan with his running drop kicks on Kane, but the third is met with a right form Kane. Kane is struggling, but Bryan on the mat. Kane rushes Bryan, but Bryan pulls the rope, and Kane outside. Flying goat and Kane into the barricade. Running drop kick on Kane against the barricade. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Cole asks, "How can you not root for this guy?" to JBL. Bryan climbs and lands a missile drop kick on Kane, then Bryan kips up! Big "YES!" kick to Kane's head for a long two.

Kane is twitching on the mat, but Bryan is up! Bryan climbs, points up, flies, but he's aught by Kane. Chokeslam, but Bryan kicks out! Kane is in shock, yelling at the ref. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans as Kane is really frustrated. JBL and Cole yell about the three count. Kane reaches for Bryan, but Bryan tries his "YES!" lock. Kane counters, but then Bryan counters, tries to get the lock on. Kane up, Bryan tossed off. Bryan back with his running knee to Kane's face for three!

Winner – Bryan (15:47)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and the arena is on their feet for Bryan! Video recap of the high points of the match.

Bryan – Earlier today I confronted The Authority, and let me make one thing clear... Triple H is a coward! (pop) Can I say it any louder? Triple H is a coward. I challenged him to a match at WrestleMania, and he his behind his wife's skirt. (ohhh!) Ever since Triple H put on that suit, he's ignored what each and every one of you want. Well, you people, make your voice heard! (Bryan looks at the WrestleMania sign.)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Are you listening?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Are you listening?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Are you listening?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – We are in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and an entire arena full of people chanting "YES!" Triple H give these people what they want to see at WrestleMania. Triple H, vs Daniel Bryan, at WrestleMania XXX! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan poses on a corner and the fans are all "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" for him.

Backstage Segment

Fandango and Summer Rae dancing, then heading for the ring.


Announce Segment

Batista will be unchained on Smackdown, telling the fans what he thinks of them.


Another Rusev promo.

Summer Rae vs Emma

Summer Rae and Fandango dancing in the ring. Emma's music, and she comes out dancing, in purple leaf print ring gear, with Santino in tow. Emma clumsily skins the cat to get into the ring.

Emma dances around Summer Rae, but Summer Rae pushed her over. Emma pushes Summer Rae to her bum. Summer Rae all over Emma, they roll through on the mat in a move that doesn't look too bad. Emma whipped, but she moves and takes Summer Rae down for two. A swinging leg takes Emma down for two.

Summer Rae stomps Emma, then chokes her in the ropes. A knee to Emma's throat, choking her as Summer Rae taunts Santino. Summer Rae pins for two, then screams when Emma kicks out.

Modified chinlock on Emma on the mat. "Emma!" chants upset Summer Rae. Summer Rae slams Emma back to the mat, keeping the hold on. Santino gets the clapping going for Emma. Emma up, this time she manages the Emma lock on Summer Rae who has to tap out.

Winner – Emma (3:29)

Emma dives on Santino for a hug, but they land on the mat and Santino is holding his mouth. They dance around the ring together. JBL says of Emma, "She's this generation's Bruce Jenner."


Recap of Hogan back in the WWE, and the fans huge reaction to him.


WWE Rewind

Stills of Usos facing New Age Outlaws last night. The New Age Outlaws won to retain the TTCs.

New Age Outlaws vs Usos

Both teams in the ring. The bell rings, and Dogg and Gunn don't want to start, they know the outcome of the match already, and how they start. Respect your elders and step out of the ring. Dogg was almost through his shcpeal and takes Dogg with a big boot. One Uso flies out onto Gunn, the other flies onto Dogg, with a flying crotch chop, on Dogg for three. The fans booed the Usos for cutting off Dogg!

Winners – Usos (1:14)

Video recap of the high points of the match. They comment on the Uso flying chop. The fans are back chanting with the Usos, getting over being mad at them.

Announce Segment

Cole, King and JBL talk up the WWE Network. This time he searched 'Bradshaw'!

In Ring Segment

The Shield's music, but Reigns is the only one to the ring, watching closely as he walks down the stairs, knowing the camera is only on him, and not wanting to make a mistake.


Bray vs Reigns

Reigns still in the ring, waiting. The Wyatts music plays, the fans clap with it, Bray comes out alone. Video recap of Cena attacked and injured by The Wyatts. He was taken away in an ambulance to be evaluated. Bray in his chair, then up and pacing. Reigns hasn't moved a muscle since getting into the ring. Just stares.

Reigns steps up, looks around, then at Bray. Dueling chants quietly run through the stands. A blow from Bray, Reigns comes back with a big blow and Bray from the ring to regroup. Bray back into the ring, rushes Reigns, they lock up, and try to out muscle each other. Bray into a corner, but kicks at Reigns. A blow drop Reigns to the mat. Head butt drops Reigns, but then Bray off the ropes into a sick shoulder block. Bray in the ropes, takes a blow from Reigns, falls to the floor. Reigns rushes, stopped, but then comes back with big rights. Bray fights back with sick kicks, one to Reigns' face. Bray rushes Reigns in a corner, then pulls him out into a short clothesline for one.

"Husky Harris!" chants. Headlock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up, punches Bray in the head, but Bray on Reigns knee, then a shoulder block. Reigns eats corner, then a big blow. Reigns reverses, sends Bray into a corner, then from the ring. Outside, a big clothesline on Bray.


Bray with a back splash on Reigns for two. Bray drops a head butt on Reigns, then blows on Reigns' head. Reigns comes back with a big blow, but then taken down. Big suplex by Bray for two. "CM Punk!" chants start, but killed by production. "Randy Savage!" chants. Bray takes Reigns down by launching himself into Reigns for two. "Undertaker!" chants. Bray splashes Reigns in a corner. The second time, Reigns side steps and Bray eats corner. Reigns gets his feet up, sends Bray flying back. Flying clothesline, then another clothesline on Bray. Clothesline in a corner, then blows on Bray. Bray into the ropes and Reigns' blow through the ropes. Back suplex on Bray for two.

Reigns sets up, but The Wyatts' music and light out. The lights come up and Rowan and Harper are outside the ring, but Rollins runs from the opposite side and dives out onto them. They fight outside the ring. Bray is rolled up for two. Reigns then into the post. Outside Harper and Rowan on Rollins, but Ambrose is there to same the day. Superman punch on Bray! Reigns yells and then knocks Harper from the apron. Ambrose in and attacks Bray. The ref calls the DQ.

Winner – Bray via DQ (13:54)

The six fight in the ring, but in the end The Shield is the team left standing in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Close up on Brock's face, but Heyman's talking.

Heyman – The key to tonight is that we act like gentlemen. That means please don't tear anything, or anybody, up. The ring is that way.

Brock semi-smirks and they head for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Brock's music and out he comes with Heyman in tow. There's a table set up in the ring.

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and I stand before you as the advocate for the obvious #1 contender to the WWE WHC. The man that should be main eventing WrestleMania, The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. I understand that tonight is a history making night, a grand celebration. It comes to me to tell you that Brock is not in a good mood this evening. It's become woefully apparent to my client, and it's become woefully apparent to each and every one of you, that Orton and Batista should get their Title match out of the way, and the winner should face Brock for the Championship at WrestleMania. (some pop) I made my client's position known to Trip and Steph, and they took it to another level. They said they'd let my client make history in a different way. They've offered my client an open contract for WrestleMania. He can name any opponent of his choosing, and face them at WrestleMania. For my client, that's tantamount to a consolation prize. A consolation prize for Brock Lesnar. That's how they get you in WWE. That's how they get people. In WWE you can have everything you want, except the thing that you want the most. And what Brock Lesnar wants the most is for history to conquer. Brock Lesnar wanted to be the most dominant athlete in college athletics, the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Champion. Conquered! He wanted to make history by being the youngest WWE Champion of all time. Conquered! He wanted to make history by being the first man to transition to the octagon, to be the UFC Heavyweight Champion of The World. Conquered! Now Brock Lesnar wants to make history again by conquering the WWE WHC and having a Title hanging from his massive shoulders at the end of WrestleMania, but Brock can't conquer that because Trip and Steph won't put that in front of Brock to conquer! (mixed) And that's how they get you in WWE. Trip and Steph have imposed their authority upon Brock Lesnar. You can play that game with other people, but you're not going to play that game with my client, Brock Lesnar. This open contract doesn't mean a think to Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar wants to make history. Brock Lesnar decides to eat, sleep, conquer, repeat history! As far as the open contract goes, I've been authorized by my client to tell Trip and Steph, no thank you. You can have WrestleMania all you want, but you can't have it with Brock Lesnar, because Brock Lesnar doesn't have to choose his opponent, you will give Brock Lesnar history to conquer, or speak the name Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania no more.

Heyman drops the mic, and they start to leave.

GONG! Taker's music and out he comes in all his regalia. Taker walks slowly to the ring as Heyman and Brock just wait. Taker to the stairs and raises the lights. The fans are wild for Taker. Brock and Heyman watch, Heyman backing away. His music stops and Taker steps up to Brock. "Undertaker!" chants fill the arena. They stare as the fans chant. Taker looks up at the WrestleMania sign, then back at Brock. Brock swallows big, then nods. Brock talks to Taker off mic. He reaches for the contracts that Heyman sets up. Brock leans down and signs the contract. Brock backs away, then steps up with that cockiness he has. Brock presses the pen into Taker's chest. Brock ruffles through the pages, then slapped them and looked at Taker again.

Heyman – The contract has been signed, and if you's like to sign it Mr. Undertaker, you may have the match with Brock at WrestleMania.

Brock slaps the contract a couple times forcefully, holding down the papers. Taker turns and with one fluid motion drives the pen into the back of Brock's hand. Taker seems to sign the contract through Brock's hand. Then, as Heyman flees, Taker grabs Brock and chokeslams him through the table. "Undertaker!" chants start, but there's something underlying it. Finally the other chant comes through to reveal itself as, "Holy shit!" Taker poses for the fans, then slowly makes his way back up the ramp.

UPDATE - On the Backstage Pass, the doctor was interviewed and said that Cena is refusing an MRI at this point.

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