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RAW Results 5/12/14 – He Wrestles Like He's In Somebody Else's Body!

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RAW Results May 12, 2014
From Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Kane has terrorize Bryan and Brie for weeks. The Shield beat Evolution, but they got revenge on RAW. Which group will prevail? Which group will perish? Tonight on RAW!

Raw Starts


Recap of the US Title Battle Royal! Then The Shield faced The Wyatts to end RAW, but it wasn't a clean loss for The Shield when Evo got involved.

In Ring Segment

The Shield in the ring, Ambrose seething.

Ambrose – Last week you saw something you don't see very often, and you're not likely to see again very often in the future. You saw all three members of The Shield laid out on our backs. (smile) We got the crap kicked out of us. But it's cool. It's alright. We might go down, but we get back up. If you're keeping score at home, you'll know that we're up much more than we're down. It's all in this ring, and make no mistake about it. Let me make myself perfectly clear, we want Evolution!

Rollins – Let me make one thing perfectly clear. We are not running from Evolution, we are running to Evolution! And if they've got any guts, if they're half the men they think they are, they'll accept our challenge for a rematch, and we will run through Evolution! When they show up here tonight, we're going to hunt them down. They're good. You know what, Evolution's good, let's not take that away from them. They're former Champions. They main event WrestleMania. We get it, you're real good. You were really good. Because you're not the Evolution you once were, because you can't evolve into what it takes to beat The Shield.

Reigns is pacing back and forth behind the other two, looking really out of sorts.

Rollins – You alright big man. I see you pacing back there, you got something to say?

At first Reigns shakes his head, then nods, the whole time his body is tense and he's shaking. Rollins hands over the mic. The fans cheer louder for him.

Reigns – A week ago, you victimized my brothers. A week ago you ambushed me, you bloodied me, you RKOd me, you pedigreed me, you triple power bombed me. And all of that made me realize, is that all you got? Because if it is, you've got a serious problem. You have a serious problem, and our brand of justice, we can serve it cold. We can serve it, so slow. We're going to teach you to believe in the concept of payback. We're going to teach you to believe in The Shield. Me personally, I'm going to teach you to believe in me!

The three of them talk to each other off mic. The turn to see a limo pulling in on the tron. The limo stops and the door open and Trip gets out. The Shield look at each other and the three of them run out of the ring. The Shield runs from the ring.

Trip signs something, Orton and Batista behind him. They start walking in and from the side The Shield attacks. There's suits everywhere. One of them is Fit Finlay, who helps pull The Shield off Evo. They're pulled off and Trip is left on the ground holding his head. Orton is off to the side with someone checking on him.

In Ring Segment

RVD to the ring and Cole says he's sporting a black eye that Cesaro gave him last week on RAW. The problem is that RVD started RAW with the black eye that he got at Extreme Rules.


Swagger vs RVD

Zeb is talking about his deportation list as RAW comes back on. He tells the fans to sit there and shut up.

Zeb – Last week, I wasn't vetting the most important document in US history since the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, my deportation list, then I was rudely interrupted by my newest addition to this list, Adam Rose. An English sipping Englishman. With his band of hippies and left over Rocky Horror Picture Show rejects. I'm no expert, but to me a man who hangs around with a full grown bunny, has very questionable morals to be answered to, and offers nothing to our society. Adam Rose, this is your warning, keep your distance. I want every real American to please rise, put your hand over your heart and say, "We, the people!"

The bell rings, but then the Exotic Express crew comes out. They dance on the ramp, then Adam Rose comes out, lolly in his mouth. Swagger is yelling at the ref as they all dance to the ring. Rose up on the apron. Swagger rushes him, but Rose falls back to surf his party goers. All the way around the ring, then they taunt Swagger a bit. Swagger turns around to see RVD's kick coming at his jaw. Then a 5 star frog splash for three.

Winner – RVD (2:05)

RVD follows the party up the ramp. The party continues on the stage. Cole wants to party and dance, but JBL is not impressed.


All about Paige, the youngest Divas Champion, ever. They show her in the ring, and talking to Cole on




Paige vs Fox

Paige out in a different purple ring outfit. Fox is in the ring.

Fox – Hello, speaking on behalf of all the women in the locker room, you've been here six weeks, which is a hiccup of a second, and have managed to alienate all of us. There's something about you, that we just don't like. You don't fit in, so get out!

A cheap hit from Fox, and she's all on Paige. A running kick, then stomping Paige. The ref checks on Paige, but Fox is right back on her with knees. The bell hasn't even rung yet. Fox screeches at the ref to ask Paige if she's ready, over and over.

Paige up, bell rung and Fox all over Paige. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Paige, then sends her out. Paige sells it all. Fox out, sending Paige back first into the apron, then rolls Paige in for two.

Fox stomps Paige, then an arm bar pulled into elbows. Fox hits an amazing suplex and bridging cover for two! Facelock on Paige on the mat. Paige up, but slammed back to the mat by her hair. Paige pulled up, takes another tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Fox shows off and poses before covering Paige for two.

Fox with Paige's arms pulled back, Paige's feet in her back into a submission hold. Fox lets go, kicks Paige off to the mat face first. Fox on Paige on the mat, mocks the fans, then back to the facelock. Paige up to her feet, and flips Fox off her and to the mat for three.

Winner – Paige (3:55)

Paige flees the ring, poses on the bottom of the ramp, screaming. Fox pitches a fit, tossing her jacket, then over to announce, throwing things everywhere. She takes a can of soda, or energy drink, shakes and opens it, spraying everywhere. She slaps a ring tech around, then grabs JBL's hat and struts off with it on her head. She continues to pose and show off, on stage.


Recap of Steph dealing with Brie and Bryan last week, then Kane stalking and attacking them. Bryan will address the WWE 'Universe', next.


In Ring Segment

Bryan to the ring, leading "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" the whole way.

Bryan – Thank you. Thank everybody here and watching at home, because it's been a long road to get right here. From the moment I won the WWE Title at SummerSlam from Cena, for that 30 seconds before Orton cashed in his MITB contract, I knew this whole thing would be an uphill battle, and it has been, but the hill's been a little steeper than I thought it would be.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" morphed into "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and Bryan is glowing.

Bryan – So, that's what it feels like to be John Cena. (heat) Everybody from Orton, The Shield, Big Show, Batista, The Authority, through everybody, somehow, someway, largely because of everybody here and at home, we beat the odds, and I walked out WrestleMania as the WWE WHC. But, unfortunately, when you're the WWE WHC, it puts a huge target on your back, and as soon as I got back from my honeymoon, I got the worst beating of my life. Kane came out and he tombstoned me on the floor, on the stairs and on announce, and because of that, I was in a brace, but I was determined to beat Kane. At Extreme Rules I did it. But that comes with a price. My entire style comes with a price. I think that a lot of the reason you cheer for me, and chant for me is because I'm here and paid that price with my body. Unfortunately I also have to pay the price this week with neck surgery. This Thursday I have to go get neck surgery. This has been my dream since I was a little kid. What's frustrating is that there's people who are real happy about it, Steph, Trip, Kane. They seem to be thrilled by the prospect, and they think my career is pretty much done.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – There's a chance that it could be. But, it won't be! When will I come back? I have no idea. But you know the answer to this question, will I come back?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Video and stills from Cena's Cage Match with Bray at Extreme Rules, and into Bray's promo on RAW last week.


Cena & Usos vs The Wyatts

Cena out, showing off his 'Never Give Up' towel before heading to the ring. Video of Cena at the Susan G. Komen race. In the ring merch comes off and flies into the crowd. The Usos out in green to match Cena. Bray lights his lantern, but doesn't say the name of the city they're in.


Jey and Harper circle, then Harper backs Jey into a corner. Jey eats another corner, then whipped, but gets a foot up. Harper pinned for two.

Blows on Harper, rocking him. Jey runs the ropes, takes Harper down for two. Drop kick from Harper! Upper cut on Jey, and Rowan tags in. Rowan slams Jey to the mat. Rowan chokes Jey in the ropes. Dueling Cena chants as Jey is stomped in the heel corner by Bray who tags in. Harper tags in and hits Jey as Bray holds him. Harper pits Jey in a corner, then elbows him down and stomps Jey. Harper wails in the center of the ring, then whips Jey. Chops to Jey in a corner and then Jey's whipped. Jey tags out and Jimmy is all over Harper with blows, then a Samoan drop. Blows on Harper in a corner, but Jimmy is pushed off. Jimmy runs up the corner, corkscrews on to Harper. Rowan knocked down, but Harper takes Jimmy down for two.

Bray tags in and punches Jimmy down. Blows on Jimmy in a corner, then chokes with a foot. Harper tags in and drops an elbow on Jimmy for two.

Harper's gator roll on Jimmy, then into a facelock on the mat. Jimmy up and punches free, but taken down. Rowan tags in and lands an elbow on Jimmy. Back breaker by Rowan, then chokes Jimmy with a foot. Bray tags in and on Jimmy with blows. Bray splashed Jimmy in a corner. Jimmy fights back with a back kick on Bray, both men are down. Cena gets the hot tag and takes down Rowan with shoulder blocks, then a slam. Harper in illegally, but taken down. Cena lifts Rowan, but he grabs the ropes. Rowan out, but Harper slams Cena down hard. Jey in takes Harper down with a crossbody. Jey slammed by Bray, so Jimmy in and takes Bray down. Cena in with the STF on Rowan, but Bray's back slam breaks the hold. Bray grabs Cena, kisses him, but Jey takes Bray down with a kick (almost falls on Cena on the mat), and double kicks to Harper's face. Both Usos fly out onto Rowan and Harper. Rowan in and takes an AA for three.

Winners – Usos & Cena (9:33)

Usos and Cena celebrate out of the ring, and up the ramp, slapping hands. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Bray – John! John! I wanted to say, thank you. Thank you John Cena for helping me to realize finally, what I must do. Thank you John, and follow the buzzards. DEP!


In Ring Segment

Evolution out, Trip in his suit, sans tie, but Orton and Batista in ring gear with their new Evo shirts. Video recap of The Shield on mic to start the show, then attacking Evo backstage.

Orton – Alright, listen, Hunter, I don't know if you've had enough, Dave, I know you've had enough, and I've had enough, it's time to take the gloves off. It's time to start treating The Shield like we need to treat, we need to kick their ass. Hunter, I know they were your boys back, but I believe with all my heart and soul that it's time to put the hounds of justice to sleep.

Batista (off mic) – I've had enough! I've had enough! They're calling us out!

Trip – Alright, maybe it is time. Maybe it's time to take the gloves off. Maybe it's time to finish this thing with The Shield. At Extreme Rules they proved how good they are. I already knew that, that's why I brought them here Randy. It's why I built them, fed the roster to them, to make them something, and I did. They got too big for themselves, and I thought I could salvage something out of that, and maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was wrong. I was disappointed with them. That little attempt at an ambush, it was the last straw. They have no idea who they're dealing with. They're undisciplined, like a bunch of little kids with a stick, waving it around at what's in front of them. So it's going to end. The Shield, you want a rematch at Payback? You want a rematch for a match you've already won? So be it, but this one will be different because the gloves will be off and we will do what we do, take you apart one by one. We will start, let's start with Ambrose. The guy who said, 'Do we look humbled to you?' Not yet, but you will. They we will go onto the architect, Rollins, and I'm going to pull that little humming bird's wings off, myself. When we're done with him, we're going to move on to the big dog, Roman Reigns. (pop) You want us to believe in you, do you Roman? When we get to you, we're going to take our time with you. We are going to make an example out of Roman Reigns. The example we make out of Roman Reigns, is that Roman Reigns is the member of The Shield that does not come back from Payback. Roman Reigns, you will fail to adapt, and at Payback, you will heburppt!

Rollins takes Trip down from behind in possibly the best sound ever coming from Trip! Orton tries to help, but Reigns and Ambrose slide in and attack! All the members of Evo are tossed from the ring, or flee. Trip tries to return, but knocked off the apron. Evo on the bottom of the ramp seething, but Trip is stomping up the ramp. Trip grabs a mic and starts heading down the ramp, but Batista rips the mic out of Trip's hand.

Batista – I've had enough! I've had enough! I've had enough of you, of you, of you! Reigns, you're the big dog, I've had enough. You, and me, tonight!

Evo back up the ramp, Trip checking his teeth. Batista is still screaming at The Shield in the ring. Reigns slightly smirks.


Nikki vs Nattie

Brie, Cameron, Naomi, and Eva Marie are ringside. Bella music and out comes Nikki. Brie smirks as her sister comes out. Nattie out looking pissed. Cole talks about Nattie's paintings. The show video of Nikki getting her painting and how she wasn't impressed.

They lock up, spin around. Nikki slammed to the mat. Nattie gets one.

They lock up. Nattie flipped, Nikki on top, and the Total Divas outside the ring are grading the moves of the match. Nattie ties up Nikki's legs, but not for long. Nattie taken down with a blow. Nattie comes back with knees. Back elbows on Nattie, then a knee off the second rope by Nikki for two.

Bitch slap to Nikki, then to Nattie. Nattie with an abdominal stretch on Nikki, pulling her leg back. Nikki reverses the hold. Nattie flips Nikki into the ropes and Nikki holds her shin. Nikki lands Nattie in the ropes, chokes, then chokes her on the mat. They both push each other around, yelling. Nikki rolls Nattie up for two. Nattie flips on Nikki for two. Back and forth, but Nikki gets the three.

Winner – Nikki (3:29)

Brie in, gives Nikki a 10. Nikki ruffles Nattie's hair on the way out of the ring. Nattie gets out pissed, ends up getting in Cameron's face. Nattie is left holding a piece of paper, but Nikki pulls it from her hands as she walks by. All the Total Divas stomp off looking pissed, but Naomi who looked more worried than anything.


WWE Slam of the Week

Us Title Battle Royal from RAW last week.

Axel vs Sheamus

RybAxel to the ring wearing red RybAxel tukes. Sheamus out to face one of them. They can't work out rock/paper/scissors to figure out who will face Sheamus, so they both remove their hats where they each have a quarter. They flip the coin and it looks like Axel is facing Sheamus.

They lock up and bounce around. Sheamus takes Axel down. They're up, still holding on, finally Axel in control in a corner, but Sheamus comes back and lands a back elbow. Sheamus takes Axel down for two.

Chop to Axel. Axel fights back, takes Sheamus down for two.

Axel with blows on Sheamus through the "Goldberg!" chants. Lovely drop kick on Sheamus as Ryback giggles leaning on the apron. Axel stomps down Sheamus, but caught and eats a rolling senton. Sheamus climbs, but knocked to his bum up there. Neck breaker on Sheamus from the top for a long two.

Sheamus blocks Axel who blocks Sheamus who catches clothesline and locks on the cloverleaf. Axel taps out.

Winner – Sheamus (3:19)

Ryback attacks Sheamus from behind as soon as the bell is rung. The ref breaks them up, but Sheamus is ready for another match.


Ryback vs Sheamus

The bell rang during the commercial. Ryback with a facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus up, but getting kicked. Ryback raises Sheamus and slams him to the mat for two.

Ryback toys with and taunts Sheamus. Ryback slams Sheamus, but Sheamus gets his knees up for Ryback's splash. Sheamus block Ryback and lands blows. Sheamus on Ryback in the corner with blows, but Ryback lifts Sheamus! Sheamus lands on his feet and shoulder blocks in a corner. A running knee lift to Ryback, but the second time Ryback is ready. Sheamus on the apron with his forearms. Ryback gets Sheamus up for shell shocked, but Sheamus wiggles and Ryback hits a jawbuster-esque move on Sheamus. Ryback shows off and poses as Axel yells at him. Sheamus lifts Ryback and lands white noise for a long two.

Both are down, slow getting to their feet. Sheamus stomps Ryback's gut, but is kicked to a corner. Spinebuster from Ryback for a long two. Blows to Sheamus from Ryback, on the mat where Ryback is making the noises with his mouth, not the punches. Sheamus powers Ryback up and lands a power slam for two.

Sheamus looks a bit gassed, but reaches down deep and sets up. Axel distracts Sheamus and Ryback lands his meat hook. Ryback gets Sheamus up, but Sheamus free, and brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (5:47)

Sheamus poses with his US Title belt. Video recap of the high points of the match.


In Ring Segment

Steph comes out in trouser cut blue jeans, a black blazer and black top.

Steph – Daniel Bryan came out here earlier and told his story. That ever since SummerSlam he's overcome the odds, overcame adversity, climbed those steep hills, became the WWE WHC at WrestleMania, and then defeated the demon Kane. Yes, yes he did do all those things. At the end of the day Bryan now has to undergo neck surgery at the end of this week, and all that proves is one thing. I don't want to be right on this, but Bryan simply is not an A+ player. It's what I've been trying to tell him all along, and unfortunately, he just couldn't keep up, in spite of what his heart wants, and his heart wants to do it for you people. His heart is in it, he has the heart of a Champion, but unfortunately, he just can't pull through for you. Daniel knows that I've been trying to protect him, but he wouldn't listen. At the end of the day, my family and I have to do what's best for business. For Daniel, since we don't know what the outcome of the surgery will be. Come down to this ring because I have something to say to you, face to face.


Steph – Come on Daniel.

Fire erupts! Kane comes out dragging Bryan by one arm. Kane drops Bryan's arm, stares at Steph, then leaves. Bryan is on the stage, his shirt ripped up, his face red and abraded. There's a ref there checking on Bryan. The stretcher comes out with the paramedics. Steph is standing in the ring with her jaw hanging open. Brie rushes out, asking if Bryan is okay. Steph up the ramp, steps in between a ref and Bryan. Steph asks if Bryan is conscious. They get the neck brace on through, "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Brie tells her husband that she's there as Steph tells the paramedics that Bryan is to have neck surgery on Thursday. They get Bryan on the stretcher and Brie sweetly pushes his hair out of his face. She is right there with Bryan as they roll him out, Steph following Brie.


Backstage Segment

They are wheeling Bryan to the ambulance. Brie is right there. Steph keeps telling Bryan she's sorry, she had no idea that was going to happen. Bryan is put into the ambulance, but then Brie stops and stares at Steph.

Steph – Brie, I don't know what to say, I...

Brie pushes Steph back.

Brie – Stay away!

Brie gets in the ambulance with her husband and it pulls away. Steph is left standing there, a breeze coming in to ruffle her curls slightly into her face. At first she looks shocked at what Brie did, but then her face hardens, her eyes take on that dark and vengeful look that Steph is so great at.

Ziggler vs Fandango

Ziggler is in the ring, working the fans without saying a word into the mic. Layla dances out in purple and pink. Fandango out in flames to join him. Video of Summer Rae kissing Fandango on Total Divas. Then on Friday, Layla was licking Fandango's tonsils on Smackdown.

They circle, Fandango behind, Ziggler reverses it. Free and a shoulder block drops Fandango. Back and forth over Fandango, but then Fandango hits two really strong arm drags on Ziggler! Ziggler with a drop kick, but then Fandango with a body drop on Ziggler sending him out. Fandango out and sends Ziggler in for two.

Elbows over Ziggler's shoulder as JBL and Cole talk about how much nicer it is to dump someone on Twitter. Ziggler fights back, but takes a knee to the gut, then a snap suplex that was a bit strong, but worked. Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler jaw breakers free of the hold. Elbow to Fandango, then Fandango eats corner. Ziggler flies at Fandango in a corner, almost too hard and almost over Fandango. Blows, then a neck breaker on Fandango. Famouser is missed, then Fandango plants Ziggler for two.

Fandango clibs, Layla poses, but Ziggler up and Fandango lands on his feet. Famouser on Fandango for a long two. Layla on the apron yelling at Ziggler for cheating. Ziggler looks at Layla and Fandango attacks. Layla caught in the ring skirt, can't get down. Fandango tends to her, then takes the zig-zag for three.

Winner – Ziggler (4:50)

Layla looks shocked that she cost Fandango the match. Ziggler leaves the ring, and Layla in to check on Fandango and apologize.

Fandango – Layla, I might have lost, but I know I'm a winner because no woman has made me feel the way you make me feel. When you're in my arms, it feels like the world disappears. Dolph may have won, but you have won something much more valuable, my heart. Layla, I love you.

Fandango spins Layla, dips her flicks off his sweat, then they suck face. There's obvious tongue going on there.


In Ring Segment

Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out in a black shirt and pants, 2X4 in the ring. He's into the ring and the fans are yelling right along with him. He gets the "USA!" chants going.

Hacksaw – Hoooo! Hey folks, hey, how's it going tonight tough guy? Hoooo! You know it's great to be back around the WWE 'Universe', especially after living in Legends House! I'm sure all you folks are watching Legends House on the WWE Network! Hooooo!

Rusev's music hits and out comes Lana. She shows off her rear assets to the fans, and smiles.

Lana – Hacksaw Jim Duggan, you symbolize American, once a great nation, but just like England, your empire crumbles and you're the laughing stock of the world. Did you not know that China has past you? And has the biggest economy now, in the world. This is why Rusev is proud.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Rusev is proud... he is proud to represent Mother Russia and the greatest leader in the world, Vladimir Putin.

Hacksaw – Excuse me young lady, but there's something I think you should hear, USA!

"USA!" chants.

Lana – You continue to prove your country's inferiority. So behold the rise of the super athlete Rusev!

Rusev comes out, nods to Lana. Lana nods and Rusev heads to the ring, Lana in tow. Hacksaw looks nervous, but doesn't leave the ring. Hacksaw holds up his 2X4, ready.

Lana – Mr. Duggan, I give you one chance, beg for mercy.

Hacksaw (off mic) – No! USA!

Rusev takes the 2X4 and breaks it over his knee like it's nothing, then sneers at Hacksaw who looks nervous.

Lana – That was your one chance. Rusev, crush!

Rusev heads for Hacksaw, but Big E's music hits and he runs out. Hacksaw leaves the ring as Big E gets in. Rusev runs and slams his side into Big E's gut in the corner and Big E sells the move with a yell. A kick to Big E's jaw and he's down and rolls out. Hacksaw to Big E's side outside the ring. Hacksaw gets the "USA!" chant going while he holds Big E outside the ring. Lana raises Rusev's arm as he poses for the fans.


Recap of The Shield's attack on Evo backstage. Later, in the ring, Trip talks down to The Shield, until The Shield attacks him in the middle of his speech.


Sandow vs Cody

Sandow – For those of you who didn't see the RAW Pre-Show, go back and watch it. For those of you who did, you know I had to sneak this little talking stick out here just to hear my voice heard. You see, a lot of people are afraid of what I have to say. A lot of people might not want to hear what I have to say. Now I could come out here on live TV and tell you what I'm feeling, but it's a lot better to make...

The Brotherhood's music hits. Cody comes out with his brother in tow.

They circle. Sandow behind Cody, Cody trips Sandow. Fireman's carry takeover by Cody. Hammer lock on Sandow. Cody is able to roll Sandow up for one. Sandow eats corner. Sandow telegraphs and is kicked for it. Sandow trips Cody, then punches on him on the mat. Sandow on Cody, yelling in his face on the mat, "Come on Cody, we're best friends, remember?" Side headlock on Cody. Cody free and rolls up Sandow for two. Cody tripped into the ropes, and Sandow with blows on him. Sandow lands his bum on the back of Cody's head on the second rope. Cody avoids the elbow of disdain. Sandow out and on Cody with blows as Cody is on the apron. Elbow of disdain is hit there, then Sandow in, but only gets two for it.

Goldust cheers his brother on as Sandow yells at Cody. Cody with a big clothesline, then a drop kick off the top rope. JBL is talking about the Boogeyman and Cole covered in BBQ sauce by Cena, not the match that's actually in the ring! Sandow all over Cody, but then Cody rakes the eyes. Disaster kick to Sandow for three.

Winner – Cody (4:52)

The brothers celebrate together. Video recap of the high points of the match.



Bryan telling the fans about his neck surgery earlier tonight. Then to Kane dragging Bryan in, battered and bruised. Bryan was stretchered out with Brie by his side. At the ambulance Brie snapped at Steph in a big way.


Bray – Your actions don't surprise me anymore John, they're so human. All humans are flawed. It is their ignorance and their greed, and their lust for power that prevents them from thriving in this paradise like they're supposed to. They've become parasites, infecting everything. Hahaha. You're just like them John, you're all the same! You're boundless narcissism keeps leading you right to me, John! Where will this fairy tale of ours end? Will the hero return with the head of the beast so he can hang it on his mantle, brag to all his friends about how brave he was? Or is this the time, John, that the beast was waiting for you? Hahaha! Last week you said that you would never give up! That meant that you be the last man standing. I like that, I like that because at Payback I'd like to put your little theory to the test. Because where mountains crumble, I will stand. Where oceans boil, I will stand. When everything burns down around you John, there I will be standing. You have to ask yourself John, where will you stand? How far are you willing to go to take this devil down? Hahaha! He's got the whole world, in his hands. He's going the whole world in his hands. Burn!

In Ring Segment

The Shield to the ring.


Batista vs Reigns

Reigns in the ring and Evolution's music hits. All three out wearing Evo shirts, Orton and Batista in ring gear, Trip in jeans.

Batista goes low and ends up in a side headlock. In the corner the ref breaks them. Back in the corner with shoulder blocks on Reigns. Reigns reverses and hits his own shoulder blocks. Batista's whipped so hard he hits the mat. They roll out and Reigns all over Batista outside. Batista eats stairs, then has his face ground into them. Back into the ring Reigns rushes him, but Batista moves so Reigns eats corner. Reigns whipped and eats a clothesline in the corner. Reigns shoulder first into a corner, then Batista pulls him out and pins for two.

"Bootista!" chants. Reigns on Batista with blows and head butts in a corner. Reigns telegraphs and is kicked for it. Reigns into a corner and comes out with a huge clothesline! Evo on the apron and the ref makes them drop down. Reigns into a corner, but gets a foot up. Reigns to the other corner, then rushes Batista with a sick clothesline. Batista out through the ropes, so Reigns out for his kick, but Evo is there. Rollins and Ambrose come diving out of the ring onto Trip and Orton! Reigns kicks Batista through the ropes. Reigns back into the ring, sets up for his superman punch, but Trip pulls Reigns from the ring and on him. The ref calls for the bell.

No Contest (4:18)

Trip sets up for the pedigree, but Rollins flies off announce onto Trip. Trip into stairs (badly), but then into the other stairs full force. Into the ring and The Shield is standing with Evo on the mat. Trip looks up and is stomped.

Steph is on stage sending all the heels to the ring. 3MB, RybAxel, O'Neil, Swagger, Clay, Fandango all beat down The Shield. They hold Reigns for Trip who gets a chair. Trip rears back to nail Reigns, but Reigns breaks free and spears trip. The Shield gets chairs and beats own everyone in sight. Ambrose lands a sick DDT on Fandango on a chair. Then Rollins lands a face stomp onto Axel on the chair as Evo stands on the ramp watching. Slater is up and eats a superman punch! Ryback up and takes a spear from Reigns! Ryback is the one man left standing, and he takes the triple power bomb. The Shield yells smack out at Evo, and call them into the ring, but that stay well enough away. Bodies are strewn around the outside of the ring as The Shield poses, fists together. Video recap of the high points of the match. The Shield is still posing, and Trip looks back and forth between Batista and Orton.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat

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