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RAW Results 4/15/13 - Punk's Emotional Roller Coaster

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Punk returns tonight, how will he respond. Ryback explains why he attacked Cena, tonight on RAW.

Show Starts


Recap of Henry facing Cena last week, then Ryback came to the ring and destroyed Cena. And Taker tombstoned Punk and retained his streak to 21-0, but Punk returns tonight on RAW.

Handicap Match – Orton & Sheamus vs Big Show

Orton's music hits and he comes to the ring. Sheamus out to join him. Video of Big Show taking out Sheamus and Orton last week on RAW. Big Show out to face them.

Orton and Sheamus discuss who will start, Sheamus ends up locking up with Big Show. Sheamus backed into a corner. Clean break and Sheamus out with big blows on Big Show, but a side slam flattens Sheamus. Sheamus takes a blow and rolls out. Sheamus with his forearms on Big Show from the apron, but not all ten. Big Show hung up top. Sheamus comes in from the top of the corner with a battering ram dropping Big Show for two.

Sheamus send out and makes it back in at 7, as Big Show just watched and waited, lounging in a corner. Chops on Sheamus, then Big Show takes him down for two. Sheamus tries to fight back, Big Show Big Show locks his arm. Sheamus free and tries to fight back, but runs right into another side slam for two.

Big Show climbs, gets to the second ropes, but Sheamus up and between Big Show's legs, and stands with Big Show on his shoulders! Sheamus really struggles, then falls back on the mat. Both men are down! Sheamus is able to tag out. Orton on Big Show with blows, then a big drop kick drops Big Show to the mat! Big Show to his feet on the apron, Orton kicks Big Show in the head, and manages to grab Big Show. Orton hits his DDT from over the top rope! Orton calls for the RKO, but then Big Show grabs him for a chokeslam. Sheamus in with a brogue kick! Orton with his RKO on Big Show for three.

Winners- Sheamus & Orton (6:22)

Video of the high points in this match. Sheamus and Orton pose for the fans.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about 3MB and how they went after Trip on Smackdown. They go to video of 3MB surrounding the ring, but then The Shield joined them and destroyed 3MB.

Backstage Segment

Josh with 3MB. Josh start asking them about The Shield, but Slater cuts him off and says they're there to call out The Shield. They're going out and calling The Shield out.


In Ring Segment

3MB in the ring playing air instruments. Slater says last week on Smackdown the greatest rock band in WWE history was going to take out Trip, but that three man cover band got involve. Mahal says they're the only band that will rock your face! McIntyre says, before we send you on the highway to hell, we want a hand written apology, right now.

Brock's music and out he comes. Brock bounces around on stage, then to the ring as Slater and his friends wait casually for him. Brock in and tosses Slater out. Mahal and McIntyre on Brock. Clothesline to McIntyre, belly-to-belly on Mahal, then an F5 on McIntyre. Outside Slater tries to run away, but Brock teleports outside the ring and clotheslines Slater. Brock hits Slater with an F5 onto the barricade – his knees hit. Another F5 on Slater on the barricade, this time on one knee, and Slater is left hanging there, hands on the floor. Then Slater crumbles to the floor.

"One more time!" chants, but Brock doesn't. He smirks and heads into the ring.

Heyman into the ring says he told us last week, his client is ready for a fight. The fight his client wants, and has demonstrated tonight, is against Trip. On Sunday, April 7th, Trip did something no man in WWE history, or anywhere – I'm sorry to say this in front of you, my friend – knocked Brock out. That makes Trip one hell of a man, a fighter, a warrior worth admiration. If Trip was there, he'd shake his hand and say he respects him for what he witnessed him do at WrestleMania.

"Triple H!" chants.

I know you feel the same way, but Brock doesn't share my opinion, so we have a problem. So, your hollow victory at WrestleMania evens the score. Now you're one and one with Brock. There can only be one dominant alpha male in the WWE 'Universe'. How to do fix this. There's a major event coming up, Extreme Rules. Brock and Heyman want a match in which a man who is knocked out will be shown no mercy, victimized, it's time to get barbaric, it's time for a match where skin gets ripped from bones, careers are ended in a second. It's time to get primal, uncensored, ruthless, extreme. My client proposes an old school Steel Cage Match. And because we know you'll be down with that, we have two words for you – challenge issues. Video recap of Brock's attack on 3MB.

Backstage Segment

Split-screen, Cesaro and Kofi are heading to the ring.


US Title Match – Cesaro (c) vs Kofi

Kofi out to the ring. Cesaro comes out wearing his US Title belt, mic tucked into the top. He yodels on his way to the ring, and in. Kofi doesn't look impressed.

Kofi rolls Cesaro up for one, then Cesaro dives into the ropes in a corner to hide. Cesaro with a shoulder block on Kofi for one. Kofi and Cesaro moves around and Kofi gets a backslide for one. Cesaro into a corner and Kofi tries to splash, but Cesaro moves and Kofi eats corner. Back and forth, then Kofi with a clothesline and boom drop. Cesaro ducks TIP, then tosses Kofi into the air and hits an upper cut as Kofi comes down. Cesaro pins for two.


Cesaro grates his laces across Kofi's face in the corner. Short clothesline on Kofi. Cesaro kicks Kofi lightly in the head, taunting him. Kofi sets for the SOS, but Cesaro comes back with a head butt and pins Kofi for two. Cesaro on Kofi in a corner with blows.

"Ole! Ole!" chants.

SOS on Cesaro for two as Cesaro reaches for the ropes. Kofi rushes Cesaro and eats a back elbow, but then hits TIP. Cesaro rolls out. Kofi out and sends Cesaro in. Kofi climbs, but Cesaro catches Kofi as he flew, then hits a backbreaker for two!

"Kofi!" chants.

Cesaro rushes Kofi in a corner, but eats a foot. Kofi slingshots, but is caught by Cesaro. Kofi reverses but only gets two. Cesaro rolls Kofi up for two, then another two. TIP and Kofi gets the three.

Winner & new US Champ– Kofi (9:16)

Kofi celebrates. Video recap of Cesaro catching Kofi flying through the air – twice. Kofi celebrates, and Josh is in. Kofi says, I just brought the US Championship back home, baby!


Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about cashing in the MITB. They go to video of ADR competing against Swagger (nothing said about it being a Handicap Match with Zeb tagging with Swagger), then when ADR was beaten down, Ziggler cashed in his MITB. Video of Ziggler defeating ADR for the WHC last week on RAW. They show virtually, if not all, the whole two minute match.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler, flanked by AJ and Big E, head for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces the new WHC, Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler comes out with AJ and Big E. Ziggler listens to the heat, then says he cashed in his MITB and became WHC. It was the single greatest moment in this history of RAW. All because of me! Because of me! You might ask how I can top that? Top myself. It's easy, there's never been a WHC as charismatic, athletic, flamboyant. You name it, I've got it and I do it better than everybody else. Time to face facts. I'm just too good. You may boo, I don't care. Listen as loud as you can, I don't care! Think of this when you're watching an NFL game and someone scores a TD, they're showing off. Anyone catch Louisville in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, they were showing off! It's what you do when you're simply better then everyone else. And I back it up every single night. When you're as good as I am, perks come with the job. Fame, fortune, everyone wants your autograph, and, ah, this – Ziggler kisses AJ. Ziggler says no one is as good as me, no one will ever take this Title off my hands!

ADR's music hits. Ricardo comes out on crutches, ADR's left knee taped up. They both head down to the ring. ADR says, last week... listens to the pop. Last week I told you when the time is right, I'll invoke my rematch clause. I want it right now!

Ziggler laughs, and talks about him hobbling down, good story bro...

EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! Hurt or not, ADR wants a rematch, and he gets one. This match is starting right now.

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Ziggler (c) vs ADR

Zeb comes out and says there would not be a MITB or WHC of not for Swagger. Swagger is a real American! Only reason you won is because Swagger tore him up. ADR doesn't deserve to be Champion, neither does Ziggler. ADR gets rid of Swagger from them ring, and Big E gets between ADR and Ziggler. Swagger grabs ADR by an ankle, drags him to a corner, then slams his knee into the post. Clothesline outside to ADR. Swagger stomps ADR, then locks on the Patriot Lock. ADR is screaming and holding the ring apron. Refs finally pulls Swagger off ADR. Zeb claps for the damage Swagger inflicted on ADR. The doctor is out and to ADR's side, trying to tend to him.

Backstage Segment

Kane and Bryan heading for the ring. Bryan is pulling on his beard. Kane slaps Bryan's hand away and snips at him for it. Bryan pulls on his beard with the other hand. Kane isn't impressed.



Recap of Swagger's attack on ADR.

Backstage Segment

Ricardo is trying to keep ADR calm as they tend to him medically.

Prime Time Players vs Team Hell No

O'Neil and Young are in the ring dancing. Fire erupts and Team Hell No come out together. Bryis yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" the whole way. Bryan closes his eyes and sticks his fingers in his ears, looking like a little boy as Kane calls fire from all four. Video recap of The Shield about to attack Taker, but Team Hell No rushed out to big brother's side, and The Shield left. Next week Taker joins Team Hell No to face The Shield next week on RAW!

O'Neil with a knee on Bryan. Bryan comes back with kicks on O'Neil as the fans chant "YES!" with each one. Low drop kick on a kneeling O'Neil's chest for two. Young tags in and clotheslines Bryan. O'Neil tags in and stomps Bryan, then barks. Forearms on O'Neil face, but then O'Neil catches Bryan's crossbody and, while staring at Kane, throws Bryan over his head. Young tags in and O'Neil slams Young on Bryan for two.

Bryan with elbows on Young, then a flying forearm. Kane tags in. Young whipped and clotheslined, then in the opposite corner. Sidewalk slam on Young for two. Kane climbs with a flying clothesline. O'Neil rushes in, sent right out the other side. Bryan off the apron takes O'Neil out. Young rushes Kane and eats a chokeslam. JBL says, call PETA, we have a flying goat! Bryan tags in and hits his flying headbutt off the corner for three.

Winners – Team Hell No (3:32)

Bryan and Kane argue about timing for the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants.


Slo-Mo Slam

Cena beat Henry last week via Count Out. Henry took Cena out, then Ryback took Henry out. But then Ryback took Cena out.

Backstage Segment

Ryback is seething. April 7th, WrestleMania, the best night of your career Cena, worst night of mine. Beat The Rock,found your redemption, won the WWE Title. Worst night of my career. Only one place to go – you down, me up – let me remind you. Video of Ryback's attack on Cena last week. Ryback says Cena must have a lot of questions – why Ryback? Or maybe you know, saw it in my eyes before I took your head off last week. What choice did I have, after everything I've been through. The night after WrestleMania, staring up from the bottom, again, that was not going to happen. But I'm getting ahead of myself. You're probably thinking that you helped me out, took me under your wing, and this is how you repay me. You did take me in, told the WWE 'Universe' that Ryback is my friend, and an okay guy. You even gave me your Title shot when you were injured – which I think a lot of people wish you were more often. (Ryback breaths heavy.)

Video from October 15, 2012 where Cena started the "Feed me more!" chants. Ryback says Cena made me feel like I belonged, had a seat at the table, and like you'd always have my back, but now I know that a friendship with Cena is nothing more than a promise of living in the shadow of John Cena. I am not an afterthought, or sidekick. There's no light bright enough, not even the spotlight demanded by Cena to eclipse the force that is Ryback! (Ryback breaths heavier.) If you were Superman, say hello to Kryptonite! How many times Cena? How many times when you were on your road to redemption did you leave me to fend for myself?

Video from November 19, 2012 when Ryback was bombed through announce by The Shield. Where were you? Where were you when I was so close to my WWE Championship that I could taste it? Remember this? Video of Ryback at the top of the ladder, reaching for the belt, then the lights went out. When they came up, Ryback was being bombed through a table onto the stairs by The Shield.

You said I could trust you, said you had my back. Six times John, six times. Where were you? Designing your latest t-shirt? Where were you? (Ryback breathes and seethes.) Video of Ryback being bombed on Smackdown last month. Henry WSSing Ryback over and over again last month. But the three times you were attacked, I was there every time! But I understand, you had priorities. You were focused on one goal. You won back the WWE Title. You got lucky at the Royal Rumble, and grabbed your place at the table. Video of Cena eliminating Ryback at Royal Rumble. At Elimination Chamber you left me to fend for myself, again – video of this. Because you were on your way. You saw your golden prize at the end of the road. Good for you, you got what you set out to do. You're the big winner. (Ryback breathes and glares.)

Last week while you stood in the ring and made your little jokes, I stood in the back and watched you act like no one else deserved to be there. Like I didn't exist. Like that Title didn't rightfully belong to me. I stood back there a waited for you to say something. For you to admit that you were only there because I wasn't. (Ryback breathes harder and shakes more.) You tried to keep me in your shadow, you tried John. But last week I showed you, showed you that I am stepping out of it. You will have to see me for what I am, the biggest threat to your WWE Title ever. (Ryback breathes, shakes, and his eyes bug out.) Ryback rules!



Recap of Brock attacking 3MB.

R-Truth vs Barrett

R-Truth bounces in the ring. Barrett out to face him.

Side headlock on Barrett. Barrett reverses. R-Truth reverses into a hammerlock. R-Truth free and dances. R-Truth takes Barrett down. R-Truth laid across the corner and kicked in the ribs. Abdominal stretch on a sitting R-Truth. JBL defends Ryback and all the horrible things Cena has done. R-Truth takes Barrett down for two. Clotheslines to Barrett. Barrett whipped, but gets his feet up into R-Truth's face. R-Truth comes back for two, but his scissors kick misses. Barrett sets up, but R-Truth free, then plants Barrett with a DDT for three.

Winner – R-Truth (3:12)

R-Truth appears to be in pain, but sells the win.

Backstage Segment

Maddox and Vickie talking. Long in and says Swagger faces Ziggler, he set it up. He gave Swagger some extra incentive. Vickie likes it and asks if Booker T knows. Maddox says he likes it, so go tell someone. Long tells Maddox it's his job, so he need to go tell someone. Maddox is upset by this, but Vickie agrees and tells him it's his job, go tell someone.


Khali & Santino vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Khali out with Natalya and Hornswoggle. Santino out to tag with him. Team Rhodes Scholars out to face them. Sandow yells for silence! A famed philosopher once said, we are but dwarfs on the shoulders of giants. Cody says himself, along with his best friend Sandow will be like those proverbial dwarfs and giants as we advance the cause of decency for all. Sandow says, even in a den of ignorance, like South Carolina, you're welcome! JBL says Darwin would go crazy watching this match.

Sandow on Khali with blows, but Khali reverses it in a corner and slaps Sandow's chest. Rhodes tags in, and wants Santino to tag in, so he does. Santino gets all silly, but Rhodes stomps him down. Santino tries to float over in a corner, is taken down. Sandow tags in and on Santino with blows on the mat. Rhodes tags in and on Santino with a blow to the gut. Sandow tags in and they double snap mare. Rhodes with a knee, Sandow with his elbow for two. Chinlock on Santino. Santino up and free, but takes a forearm to the face. Santino dances under Sandow, then hits his hip toss. Power walk and the cobra comes out. Sandow cleanly takes it. Rhodes in and ducks away outside. Hornswoggle has his own cobra, but hits Rhodes in the ribs and nothing happens. Rhodes yells that Hornswoggle isn't doing it right. Khali out and takes Rhodes down. In the ring Santino is distracted, and Sandow rolls him up – with tights – for three.

Winners – Team Rhodes Scholars (3:17)

Cody sends Sandow into his cartwheel. Video of the high points of the match.


In Ring Segment

King in the ring and says there's only been one instance where someone made their successful debut at WrestleMania, and against the first undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho. Since Monday night everyone has been Fandangoing. There's been over 1,000 instances of it on social media. Video of the Fandangoing dance craze and all the Fandangoing that's been showing up online – even on a New York Subway! King says, so here he is, and I hope I pronounce his name right Fahn-Dahn-Goo!

Fandango's partner out, and he joins her. Cole talks about where it landed on various iTunes charts, as Fandango comes to the ring. Fans have been forcing it to be played at various sporting events this past weekend. Fandango over the top rope and into the ring, his partner in a split, and the flaming Fandango above the ring.

King asks, did you ever think...

Shhhhh! Jerry, how are your hips feeling?

How are my hips? They're still here.

Can you move your hip Jerry, can you move them?

I think it's time to move my hips over to announce position.

The fans are starting to sing his song.

Who here tonight wants to go Fandangoing with me? Do you want to go Fandangoing? How about these people right here? Do you want to go Fandangoing? What about you? Do you want to go Fandangoing? Before we go Fandangoing, I need for you to do one thing. That's pronounce my name correctly. It goes like this – Fahn...

The fans say – Fan...

No, Fahn...




You need to breathe in the A's. Dahn...




Put it all together. Put it all together, what do you get? Fahn-Dahn-Gooo...


He lets out a sigh.

The fans start Fandangoing!

He looks at them. He says it's quite obvious you cannot pronounce my name correctly, so you can all go Fahn-Danh-Gooo yourselves. Fandango leaves the ring and backs up the ramp with his lady dancer as the fans are Fandangoing in the stands. They pose on the stage.

Backstage Segment

Striker announces Cena. Cena says Ryback has a problem with me, I'm not hard to find. I'll be in the ring, and I'll change into a bright yellow shirt. I'll be there with this (the belt) and will face Ryback face to face, like a man.

In Ring Segment

Swagger and Zeb to the ring.


Swagger vs Ziggler

Swagger still waiting in the ring. Video of Zeb on mic and Swagger attacking ADR. Ziggler, AJ and Big E out, Ziggler again wearing his belt backward, but turns it around to head to the ring.

They circle, Ziggler ducks Swagger a couple times, then verbally taunts him. Ziggler grabs Swagger ankle, but ends up backed into a corner taking blows. Ziggler comes out yelling, then bitch slaps Swagger hard! They stare, then Ziggler flees. Swagger after Ziggler. Ziggler back in and attacks Swagger as he comes in. Ziggler then runs into a big boot. Knees to Ziggler in a corner. The ref pulls him off. Swagger back on Ziggler with knees. JBL says they're two of the best amateurs ever in WWE. Short clothesline on Ziggler. Swagger had 30 pins in one season, more than Angle! Swagger grinds a foot into Ziggler's gut. Ziggler whipped, but gets an elbow up. Ziggler takes Swagger down. Swagger catches Ziggler's legs, then flees. Swagger hung up top. Ziggler back in, Swagger grabs him and hangs Ziggler on the top rope, the hard way (crotch), then Swagger clotheslines Ziggler to the floor.


Swagger in the ring yelling, "We, the people!" Swagger rushes Ziggler, but takes the post to the shoulder. Ziggler rolls Swagger for two. Belly-to-belly on Ziggler for two. AJ looks on – crazed. Ziggler runs into a high knee, then Swagger stalks him. Ziggler gets his feet up for Swagger's splash. Double ax handles to Swagger's gut, then on Swagger's knee. Ziggler with a drop kick on Swagger, followed by a big DDT for two.

Ziggler uses the ropes to get to his feet, rushes Swagger, but then hung up hard on the top rope, and pinned for three.

Winner – Swagger (10:28)

AJ and Big E in to Ziggler as Swagger and Zeb back up the ramp. Video of the win by Swagger. Both Zeb and Swagger have their hands over their hearts as they back up the ramp. ADR behind Swagger, attacking him. Ricardo keeps Zeb away by wielding his crutch as a weapon. A kick to Swagger's chin sends him off the stage – but landing on his feet. ADR locks his cross arm breaker on Swagger over the side of the stage. Refs break the hold. ADR points at Ziggler in the ring, then gives him a huge wink. Video recap of the attack on Swagger. ADR and Ricardo celebrate on the stage.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how The Rock was injured at WrestleMania. The Rock will not have surgery and will work through it. Cena will confront Ryback later in the show.

Backstage Segment

Punk and Heyman heading for the ring.


Backstage Segment

Striker with Sheamus. Before anything Henry slams Sheamus back through the staging, then yells, that what I do! Henry then yells at people to get off him and not touch him.

In Ring Segment

Punk limps out in baggy blue jeans, a Punk t-shirt and gray hoodie. He doesn't go down to his knee on the stage, looks at Heyman, then they head to the ring. Heyman talks to Punk in the ring.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Punk looks at the fans, thinks, looks at Heyman who nods. Punk thinks some more, looks about to cry, contemplative, looks around some more. Punk's head drops, then he pulls the mic up. For 434 days as WWE Champion, I couldn't enjoy the ride because I was always looking around the corner at what was next. The WWE Championship meant the world to me, everything I wanted. But I wanted that next challenge in The Rock. As I battled someone who will arguably go down as the greatest of all time, I still wanted more. I wanted to know what the next hurdle of my career is. I always want to do more. I always want to do better, bigger. After being Champ for 434 days, where do you go? After battle the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, where do you go? And I looked to the one thing that could possible be bigger than the Championship I loved so much. The one thing that could possibly be bigger than wrestling The Rock, and that was taking on The Streak at WrestleMania. I pushed Taker to the limit.

Punk clenches his fist and drops both arms, almost in defeat. Then he puts the mic back up to his mouth, but doesn't speak. He thinks and looks at the fans.

"Respect!" chants from a couple guys, but then a huge dueling chant starts, "Undertaker!" and "CM Punk!" He scowls a bit, but you can see what this dueling chant really means to him under all of the character. Punk shakes his head at Heyman, then hugs him. Punk leaves the mic with Heyman and leaves the ring. Punk puts his hand up as if warding off the camera. Heyman is in awe. Punk stops on the ramp, but then leaves the ramp, goes to the right of the stage, under the lights and after a little poking ducks backstage that way.


Backstage Segment

Booker T tells Long he's overstepping his bounds.

Long says he knows what Booker T is thinking.

Booker T says Long doesn't.

Long says Swagger is #1 contender.

Booker T says they will get their shots in a Triple Threat Match. Long needs to handle his business.

Kaitlyn vs Nikki Bella

Kaitlyn in the ring. Both Bellas to the ring in identical ring gear, even though Nikki is wrestling.

They lock up, Nikki thrown to the mat. They lock up. Nikki thrown to the mat. Big arm drag on Nikki who rolls out. Baseball slide on both Bellas. Kaitlyn sends a Bella in. One Bella distracts as the one inside kicks Kaitlyn's feet out from under her. Kaitlyn sent in, Nikki back in wrenching Kaitlyn back into the ropes. Nikki distracts the ref and Brie attacks Kaitlyn from outside. Nikki pins for two.

Nikki stands on Kaitlyn's hair and pulls her up. Nikki pins for two. Nikki wrenches Kaitlyn's back by her neck, a knee in Kaitlyn's back. Nikki talks smack and pins for two. The knee back in Kaitlyn's back, her head wrenched back. Kaitlyn to her feet, but badly slammed to the mat. Nikki tries to get heat from the dead crowd, then pins Kaitlyn for two. Nikki on Kaitlyn again from behind, but Kaitlyn to her feet and slams Nikki back in a corner. Clotheslines to Nikki, then a shoulder block. Nikki in a corner takes a clothesline. Kaitlyn runs the ropes, then Nikki takes out her knee. JBL says we haven't had a twin as a Champ. Cole corrects him that a Bella was Champ. Knee to Nikki's gut. Twin magic. Brie slams Kaitlyn into the ropes and pins for three.

Winner – Bella (5:08)

Video of twin magic as Cole is trying to keep himself together with JBL, and talking about the larger and smaller twin.

Backstage Segment

Ryback heading for the ring.



Orton pinned Big Show. Henry attacks Sheamus backstage.

In Ring Segment

Cena to the ring, in his yellow shirt. He poses for the fans – facing away from the camera with the belt facing toward the camera. Cena grabs a mic, looks at his belt, then smiles at the fans who give mixed reaction. We're going to see how this works then, the Champ is here! (Women and children cheer.) And the Ryback is there! And the Champ has a little business with the Ryback. So the Ryback get right here, right now!

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback. Ryback in and at Cena talking smack – off mic.

Cena says the WWE 'Universe' sees what I see. 290Lbs and destroyed everything in your path, and when they hear "Feed me more!" they know someone is about to get hurt. So somebody like me should be shaking in my boots, about to wet my khakis (a bit of a southern drawl on the last word). But I'm not. I'm not because of your almighty statement. You showed me what type of man that you were. [WWE production crew screws up in a big way! They show The Shield getting ready backstage. Someone cut away from Cena to show The Shield getting ready as Cena continued to speak!] Because the day after WrestleMania, I stood in this ring and gave an open challenge to anyone who thought they were man enough to earn, to come down and get them some (a southern drawl on the last phrase). What did you do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, you sat and waited for my back to be turned to knock me down. And what did you do tonight?

"Boring!" chants as Cena held out his hand for them to do it.

Tonight you made the WWE 'Universe' listen to a highlight reel of excuses and quite frankly is was boring!

Cheers from the fans at this.

Ryback isn't successful because of Cena. Ryback been living in a shadow because of Cena. Ryback isn't Champ because of Cena. Ryback hasn't eaten 35 times a day because of Cena. You want this? You knocked me down once. You say you're the biggest threat to the WWE Championship I've ever had, do you know who you're dealing with, Jack?


I have been to war with likes of Orton, Trip, HBK, and those are a list of my friends. As friend we beat the hell out of each other. In the WWE friends are something, but the WWE Championship is everything! Don't get me wrong Ryback, I get what you did last week, I just don't like how you did it. Your message, your very powerful message you sent to the world. After these two weeks, this is your message – with all those muscles you lack the two most important things needed to be Champ – the space between your ears, and a piece between your legs (more southern drawl on the last word).

Ryback breathes harder.

Very quietly Cole asks if they saw what he saw earlier. JBL says he knows what he saw. [Obviously they were speaking about The Shield and the production issue.]

"Cena!" chants.

Cena says that after Ryback attacked him last week, Ryback held onto the Title for a bit. It must have felt good. How about this week we do it a little different. Off comes Cena's hat. Then his shirt. Cena says why doesn't Ryback make a move and see if he can earn a Championship. Cena right in Ryback's face as he drops the mic.

Ryback seethes.

They stare.

Ryback turns on his heel and leaves.

The Shield music and Ryback stops on the bottom of the ramp and looks. The Shield through the fans to ringside. JBL talking about it being 3 on 2, that Cena and Ryback are in trouble. Reigns looks at Ambrose and Rollins, then to Cena and Ryback on the ramp. The Shield over the barricade as Reigns watches Ryback closely.

"Cena!" chants.

Reigns won't put his back to Ryback and climbs up on the same side as Ambrose. The Shield into the ring, all three of them on Cena as Ryback watches from the bottom of the ramp. They gets Cena down and stomp him on the mat.

Ryback watches.

Cena tries to fight back, but to no avail.

"Cena!" chants.

Cena is beaten down in a corner. The Shield looks back at Ryback. Ryback turns his back and walks up the ramp. On the stage Ryback turns and looks back at the ring.

"You suck!" chants for Ryback.

In the ring The Shield shrugs and triple bomb Cena. The three stand over Cena in the ring.

Ryback stares.

A very male fan base chants, "One more time!"

Ryback turns and walks away as The Shield stands over Ryback.

Biggest pop
Team Hell No

Biggest heat

Most mixed

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