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RAW Results 6/30/14 – Returns, Shocks, Turns, And Cheers We've NEVER Expected!

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RAW Results June 30, 2014
From XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Which former WWE Superstar is going to be on RAW? And the Champ is here!

Raw Starts


Recap from the WWE WHC MITBLM at MITB last night. Kane was trying to make sure Orton won the match, but Super Cena came back and won the match.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music and he comes out in his power suit, holding Steph's hand, as she wears her power suit. They head to the ring together, smiling. They soak up the ire as JBL, King, and Cole bicker on announce.

Steph – What an amazing homecoming. I'm sure you're all well aware I was born in Hartford. We have that in common, I know you all feel so privileged, but truthfully it's a privilege to be out here celebrating MITB.

Huge "CM Punk!" chants.

Steph – We started the night out with Bryan. Now, unfortunately, Bryan, his recovery is going to take longer than everyone had hoped, and that's sad. But we're in the business of making history, not living in the past. Last night Rollins did just that to beat six others in one of the most exhilarating matches I've seen, winning the MITB contract virtually guaranteeing he will be WWE WHC.

Trip – Absolutely Steph, as I've said over and over, Rollins is the future of the WWE. But that's not the only thing that happened last night, no because for the first time ever, the WWE WHC was decided in an 8 man ladder match. The man that won that match, well Steph and I have always known, like everyone else, is an A+ player, and he made history becoming a 15 World Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome right now, the brand new WWE WHC, John Cena.

Cena out, the belts hooked together, draped around his neck. Steph give Cena a mic, but Cena won't shake Trip's hand.

Steph – John...

Cena stops her.

Cena – Before I say something, it sounds like they want to say something. You referenced Daniel Bryan.

Steph – I did.

Cena – Bryan said when he is back, he's going to be better than ever. So I just wanted to tell anyone listening, Daniel I know you're listening too. I know they won't give you an opportunity, but will I give you an opportunity to regain the championships you never lost? "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" I hope to see you soon.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – So, what's on your mind?

Steph – That was very special. But I have a question for everyone here. How many of you are gamers? To commemorate your 15th WWE WHC, we're proud to announce that you're going to be featured on the latest installment in the video game 2K franchise, 2K15!

Steph and Trip motion, the pyro hits, but nothing. Trip motions again, and it finally unfurls! Cena doesn't look impressed (even though I'm sure he posed for it.)

Steph – It looks beautiful, doesn't it? We are especially proud of this, isn't it amazing John?

Cena – Okay, uh. First of all, thanks. Believe it or not, to be on the cover is an honor. You guys are being way, way too nice, way, way too soon. I was at MITB last night, and after the match I saw a much different look on this pair of faces. Something that looks kinda like this.

Pic of Trip holding his head, and Steph looking horrified.

Steph – That's just taken out of context. We were real concerned about Orton.

Cena – Yeah, you were real concerned about Orton in your back pocket. He's your good little soldier. You've also got Kane in your back pocket. Rollins in your back pocket. The reason that's real and these smiles are phony is because you don't control me, and the Champ is here!

Trip – Okay, okay, okay, chill homie (moving his non-mic hand in some strange way in front of himself). I knows wes be close to West Newbury, yous be dropping your Rs and comin' off all thuggin' and stuff. (Paul Levesque comes from a French Canadian family and grew up in New Hampshire. They drop their Rs as hard as those around Boston, and right up in to Maine.) But chill man.

Cena (in serious Boston, Mass and north fashion) – You want me to drop the R, I will. I'll also whip your ass right heah in front uh everybody, and shoot down tah 95, and kick ya all tha way tuh New Hampshuh. (I can get away with this, because I sound like this too.)

twp – Whoa, easy Dr. of Thuganomics. Chill your role a little bit and back it up. We don't have a problem with you John, we never had a problem with you. I don't have a problem with you on the cover of 2K14, or on the cover of magazines and being a big Superstar. It truly doesn't even bother me that you're the Champion, as long as you do it with some respect. Because you know as well as I do, all of this can go away like that, right. You know as well as I do, as always around here. You can do things the easy way, (gravely voice) or you can do it the hard way.

Cena – Well if the easy way is running around and being your little stooge, I'll do it the way I always do it, the hard way.

Trip – John, honestly, I'd have been disappointed if you said it any other way. Hard way it shall be. At Battleground you shall defend your WWE WHC in a Fatal 4 Way Match.

Steph – Wait a minute, a Fatal 4 Way Match? You mean where Cena faces three other competitors and doesn't have to get pinned to lose his titles?

Trip – That is the very one Steph!

Cena – That's great.

Steph – The hard way, for sure.

Cena – Who's in it.

Trip – You want to know who's in it? It's funny you should say, who's in it, because two of the guys in it, you're going to face tonight. Orton, and Kane. Don't worry John, tonight you will have a partner, your partner will be the 4th man you fight to keep those championships. Roman Reigns. Enjoy all of this, it goes by fast.

Cena – Congratulations boss, you did it. If at Battleground I keep this, then I damn sure earned it. It's almost as tough and embarrassing as swimming in a pool of crap. That's almost as bad as someone pushing you into a pool of crap. Almost as bad as swimming in a pool of crap.

Cena leaves the ring.

Trip - Just to make sure you understand, at Battleground, you're in a Fatal 4 Way, and if you survive that, don't worry, there's always a plan B.

Out comes Rollins behind Cena, holding his case. He looks at it, smiles, then heads to the ring. The three of them pose, arms high, case high, in the ring.


RVD vs Rollins

Shoulder block on RVD. Rollins runs the ropes under and over RVD, but then into RVD and rolls out to regroup. Rollins in, kicks RVD, but RVD with blows on Rollins. Rollins fights back, but is kicked off by RVD and rolls out. Rollins back in, kicks at RVD again, but takes a sick enziguri kick to drop him. RVD on Rollins with blows in a corner. Shoulder blocks to Rollins' back in a corner, then another kick. Rollins to the mat, then standing moonsault on Rollins for two.

RVD on Rollins in one corner, follows to the next. RVD into a corner, floats over, but Rollins catches him. RVD reverses with an abdominal stretch, then down, shoulders down, but makes it to the ropes for a break.

Rollins rolls out, again. RVD out and into a huge clothesline.


Half Boston crap on RVD on the mat. RVD to the ropes, but Rollins won't let go, but RVD muscles out. Rollins ducks a kick, but RVD uses his legs to take Rollins down for two.

Rolling thunder on Rollins for two.

Rollins sells the pain, and RVD with a back breaker on Rollins. Split legged moonsault on Rollins for a long two.

Rollins blocks a kick and uses the leg to drag RVD down. RVD avoids the piledriver, but Rollins gets him up for a powerbomb, but RVD uses his legs to fling Rollins. RVD up top, sweating like crazy, but Rollins rolls out of the ring. RVD flies out onto Rollins outside the ring. Both men are down outside as the fans chant, "RVD!" RVD rolls Rollins into the ring, but Rollins grabs RVD's legs as he climbs in. 'This Is Awesome' chants. RVD all locked up in the ropes and taken down. Rollins with the curb stomp on RVD and gets the three.

Winner – Rollins (11:48)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Rollins in the ring with Renee.

Renee – Seth Rollins, last night...

Rollins – Hey, hey, hey, hey, if you're going to introduce me lady, do it right. It's Mr. MITB Seth Rollins to you toots. (heat) What? You think it's arrogance, right? It ain't arrogance when you can back it up. So in my opinion, you're all just bitter that I was right and you were wrong. This is my golden ticket, I get a shot at the WWE WHC, anytime, anywhere, and if last night is any indicator...

Ambrose – Seth!

Rollins – I always get what I want.

Ambrose (On tron) – Listen puppet-boy, from one scumbag to another, you don't think this is over, do ya? You don't think you won last night, do ya? You didn't win, in fact, your Plan A failed miserably, and your Daddy Triple H had to bail you out with Plan B, sending Uncle Kane down to knock me off that ladder. I'm not even upset about what happened at MITB, because it might be more fun this way. Every time you even think about cashing in that contract, I'm going to be there. I'm going to haunt you. Go ahead and make all the plans you want, because that briefcase you're holding doesn't have a contract inside, it's loaded with TNT. Every time you try to cash it in, it's going to blow up in your face. Believe that.

Rollins in the ring yelling smack at Ambrose off mic about it being his time and the case means he's the man.



Recap of Rollins' curb stomp on RVD.

In Ring Segment

Rusev out abusing his flag. Lana out in blue, trailing behind him to the ring.

Lana – Rusev's last opponent was a failure, but that's okay because America is accustom to failure. In face, it's woven in your culture.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – USA! USA! Shut up! You teach your children that it's not about winning or losing, it's about participating. You lie to your children, saying that America is the greatest nation in the world. There is only one super power in the world, led by the greatest leader in the world, Vladimir Putin. No one can stop the onslaught of Russia. No one can stop the onslaught of Rusev! Who will be America's next failure to compete against Rusev?

Rusev – Rusev crush! ("What?")

"USA!" chants and both Rusev and Lana seethe in the ring. Swagger's music and he comes out with Zeb in tow. Zeb struggles to get on the apron and stand up before climbing in.

Zeb – You know something, I'm sick and tired of you coming out week after week after week and slamming our country. I'm sick of it. What I want you to do it shut the hell up! You know why you're allowed to do that Lana, if that is your real name. You're allowed to do it because of the freedom of speech, which means you can say whatever you want to say, whenever you want to say it. It also means I can say whatever I want to say, whenever I want to say it. So I've got something to say right now. You know Natasha, you and Boris here, we couldn't go to your country and say the pack of lies that you say, because your country wouldn't allow it, because you've taken advantage of our freedoms. That's exactly what you have done. Let me tell you something. I want you to listen to this, because you did say something that piqued our interest. You said, 'Nothing can stop the Rusev crush.' I know something that can stop it. I think a Real American can stop it. I think Jack Swagger can stop it. I want you to both stand there and listen to a real America come crashing down on your heads, because I want ever real American to stand up, put your hand over your heart, and in a loud, clear voice, say with us, "We, the people!" (The loudest I've ever heard that chant!)

Swagger is leaning forward, ready for a fight, but Lana with a hand on Rusev's chest stops him. They argue. "Let's go Swagger!" chants from most of the fans. Lana leaves the ring. Arm drags on Rusev, and then he flees the ring. Lana yelling in Rusev's face as he is focused on Swagger and wants to fight. Swagger and Zeb stay in the ring as a screeching Lana, and a seething Rusev leave the ringside area.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus and the Usos are heading to the ring, all riled up.


Usos & Sheamus vs The Wyatt Family

Sheamus in the ring, the fans all riled up. Usos out to join him. The Wyatt Family out to face them. (More cell phones than ever lit in the stands.)

Rowan with an Uso, but the twin gets the blind tag to gain control. A sick kick to Rowan's gut, then the Usos send Rowan out.


A chinlock on an Uso on the mat by Rowan. Jimmy up and elbows free, but dragged back by his hair. Rowan with blows on Jimmy on the mat. Bray tags in and Rowan holds Jimmy in the corner as there's a dueling chant for the Usos and Wyatts! Harper tags in, head butts Jimmy in the back of the head, then Harper whips Jimmy, Jimmy eats an elbow. Jimmy takes Harper down and both men on the mat. The fans are louder, then Sheamus and Rowan in. Sheamus runs through Rowan, knocks Bray off the corner. Sheamus side steps Rowan who ends up on the apron and takes the ten beats – but there's 12 of them. Harper saves his brother, but Sheamus up on the corner and dives off, onto Rowan and Harper. Rowan and Sheamus in. Sheamus ducks, then lifts Rowan and plants him. Sheamus riles the fans more, calls for it, but Bray distracts and Rowan knocks Sheamus from the ring. Harper tags in and lands a big boot on Sheamus outside! They replay the kick. Bray tags in as Sheamus rolls in. Back slam on Sheamus for two.

They slo-mo Harper's kick on Sheamus outside. Blows on Sheamus from Bray. Rowan tags in and scoops up Sheamus to slam him. Splash on Sheamus for two.

Rowan drives his fists into the sides of Sheamus' head (but not making it look real – no muscle behind it). Sheamus backed into the heel corner, Bray tags in and on Sheamus with blows. Sheamus eats corner, then a blow from Bray. Bray rushes Sheamus, but eats foot. Sheamus up, but a blow from Bray to the jaw dumps Sheamus outside. Bray conducts the fans to sing for him. Harper tags in and chops Sheamus onto announce. Sheamus fights back, but ends up back first into the apron. "JBL!" chants. Big kick to Sheamus' face for two.

Harper knocks an Uso off the apron, but then Harper takes a backbreaker from Sheamus. An Uso tags in and flies in on Harper. Jey with a drop kick sending Harper out. Jey then flies out onto Harper! Harper rolls in, Jey climbs, but Harper moves. Jey lands on his feet, and ends up with two. Rowan breaks it, so Sheamus in with a brogue. Sheamus turns and taken down by Bray. Bray ducks out of the ring to avoid Jey, then Harper with his clothesline takes Jey down for three.

Winners – The Wyatt Family (13:11)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Bray on his knees, eyes wide on the bottom of the ramp, Rowan and Harper behind him.

Backstage Segment

Tom – Please welcome my guest at this time, Nikki Bella. Last night at MITB Brie was unceremoniously removed from the building, I just want your reaction.

Nikki – You know Tom, Brie's my twin sister, and here as my guest. I didn't think I was making a mistake by inviting her last night.

Steph – I'm sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to tell you Nikki that you and Brie have a match against the Funkadactyls, so, oh, that's right, Brie doesn't work here anymore. She abandoned you. I guess you're going to have to go it alone, and have a Handicap Match. Nikki, you better hurry up and change, because your match is next. Good luck.

Steph leaves with a smile, but Nikki doesn't look very happy.

Backstage Segment

A big black limo rolls up.


Stage Segment

Bo – Thank you! Thank you, I'm here to ask you all to join me in 60 seconds of silence for two great Superstars who are physically unable to compete right now. BNB and Daniel Bryan.

Bo to his one knee pose through "Bo-ner!" chants. They argue on announce about the time and not talking. JBL won't let them talk and shut up. JBL gets pissed as Cole laughs.

Bo – I was the voice of inspiration for Bryan last night, I was also the bigger man.

Video of Bryan from the pre-show, then Bo getting involved. Bryan said, "Bo-leave!"

Bo – Don't stop Bo-lieving!

Divas Handicap Match – Nikki vs Funkadactyls

Nikki to the ring. Funkadactyls to the ring, dancing in yellow.

Cameron all nasty, yelling smack, slaps Nikki, then takes her down. Cameron pins for one.

Cameron reverses the whip, but then eats an elbow. Cameron slammed back hard for two.

Cameron on the ropes, but Nikki lifts her and Cameron slammed to the mat. Naomi doesn't look happy, but then gets the tag. Nikki to Naomi who is still on the apron. Naomi kicks Nikki in the head, over the top rope, from the apron. Naomi up top, flies onto Nikki. Naomi looks unhappy hitting her finisher for three.

Winners – Funcadactyls (1:43)

Cameron, off mic, right up in Naomi's face, yells that she wanted to pin Nikki. They get into a pushing match. Cameron gets the worst end of it. The ref between them, so Cameron flounces off and Naomi looks quite upset over it all.



A bunch of Special Olympic medalists in the front row showing off their medals!

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Bad News Barrett and show the video of his injury. BNB with a separated shoulder, so the IV Title is vacant. In three weeks at Battleground will be a Battle Royal for the new IC Champion.

Cesaro vs Kofi

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the one behind the one in 21-1. I earned that distinction, when my client, Brock Lesnar conquered Underaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania! I also tonight am the recipient of some magnificent news. Bad News Barrett needs surgery, so the IC Title is vacant. Isn't that great! I think so because I just happen to be the one behind the one who won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal number one at WrestleMania. Therefore at this Battle Royal, my client is the number one seed. Therefore I give to you a Paul Heyman Guy who is battle royalty, your next IC Champion, Cesaro!

Cesaro out to the ring, Heyman in tow. Kofi out to face him.

Cesaro behind Kofi, takes him down. They work all over the mat, then up and a gut wrench on Kofi. Cesaro stomps Kofi. King talks about the surgery Barrett will need to clean up his shoulder. Kofi slingshots off the top rope, taking Cesaro down for two.

Back and forth, Kofi with a botched monkey flip sending Cesaro out. Kofi flies out onto Cesaro. In the ring Kofi pins for two. Kofi flies on Cesaro, but he catches him easily. Cesaro with blows on Kofi in a corner. The ref calls Cesaro off, then he comes back with a modified snap suplex on Kofi. Facelock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up, elbows free, but then right into a clothesline for two.

Cesaro with a double foot stomp on Kofi. Kofi tries to throw blows on Cesaro, but then Kofi slammed to the mat. Cesaro calls for a swing, sets up, but then Cesaro drops Kofi's legs to get heat from the fans. Facelock on Kofi. Kofi to his feet, elbows free, takes Cesaro down slowly, methodically, and carefully looking, but Cesaro free and kicks Kofi. "CM Punk!" chants.


Kofi up top holding his ribs. Kofi got the win during the commercial!

Winner – Kofi (4:12?)

They continue to fight, Kofi comes flying over the stairs and eats a sick upper cut. Kofi then tossed over announce. Cesaro behind announce and tosses Kofi back over! Kofi lifted high, then tossed over the barricade to the cement. Cesaro out, grabs Kofi by the head and upper body, sends him into the barricade. Cesaro drags Kofi by his hair, sends him back over the barricade to the ringside area. Heyman is kicked back in a chair, enjoying it all. Cesaro with Kofi's arms, keeps pulling him into the post. A SICK clothesline to Kofi, sending him flipping through the air, and the refs are here to stop Cesaro. Video recap of the high points of the end of the match. Then Cesaro snapped. On the bottom of the ramp Heyman holds Cesaro close and talks into his ear. He thing keeps holding Cesaro and backs him up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Santino – I can't believe nobody came to my party. Not even Emma showed up to my party, sum of a gum!

A hand is pouring a Twisted Tea into Santino's cup. Santino turns to see who it is.

Santino – Adama Rosey.

Rose – I know exactly what your party needs, Twisted Tea. Because Twisted Tea says it's party time all the time.

The Exotic Express is there. The bunny is there with a cooler of Twisted Tea. Santino up on the picnic table. He dives into everyone's arms.

Santino – We're all a little Twisted!

They then go into singing.

Santino – It tastes like real iced tea!

Rose – With a kick.

Announce Segment

Cole is selling that he was taken out by Kofi's flying body (I missed that part, sorry). King asks if Cole's okay. Cole says he is. JBL says quietly, "Too bad." They go on to talk about Hogan Tweeting to Cena about his MITBLM WWE WHC win.


In Ring Segment

Sandow comes out dressed and quaffed as McMahon, strutting to the ring.

Sandow – Welcome to Monday Night RAW! I am the Chairman of The Board, the creative genius, the genetic jackhammer, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I am, without a doubt the WWE is a global entertainment Juggernaut because I recognize great talent. Talent like Hulk Hogan! Triple H! Stone Cold Steve Austin! And quite frankly a man who is the most talented individual to ever step foot in this very ring, a man who all of you are too ignorant to appreciate, Damien Sandow. That being said, I officially enter Damien Sandow in the Battleground Battle Royal for the IC Title, if anyone has a problem with that, well, you're fired!

Steph (on the tron) – Damien! Damien! Who the hell do you think you are? Impersonating my father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The McMahon family, for generations has broken their back to build the very foundation of the WWE, the only reason that you have a job, and you're going to stand there and make fun of my father?!?! Myfather has built this business by toppling giants, so tonight Damien, you're going to have the same opportunity to face another competitor in the Battleground Battle Royal. And your match is now!

Sandow vs Khali

Out comes Khali to the ring.

One blow to Sandow, he drops back, hits the mat, covered for three.

Winner – Khali (0:06)

Video recap of the high points of the match, which took longer than the match. Khali looks down at Sandow, then poses.

Backstage Segment

The driver gets out and opens the back limo door, but no one steps out.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces the huge former Superstar, and cross media star, The Miz. Out to the ring comes Miz in a beautiful barely off-white linen suit, perfectly cut for him. White shirt open at the collar, gray scarf tying together the look with his gray leather shoes. Of course wearing aviators to show off. Miz waits by the ropes in the ring for the ringside staff to turn the WWE logo upside-down on the mic for him.

Miz – I'm baaaaack. Miss me? (mixed) Because the former WWE Champion, multimedia crossbrand entertainment Superstar is no other than your good old friend, The Miz. You know I've been gone for four months shooting the soon to me blockbuster hit, Marine 4: Moving Target, and I'll tell you, I was tempted to stay in Hollywood. I was called by studio execs begging me to stay, and perfect the craft and art that is acting. Nothing's better than the WWE, but if I kept on that path, I'd be Hollywood's biggest movie star. Why did I come back? The answer is all of you. All of you, cause unlike Hollywood who appreciates me, the WWE fans don't appreciate me for the A-List talent that I am, you take me as a fluke, for granted. A guy who main evented WrestleMania only to stop main eventing. But I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. ("What?") You're wrong. ("What?") You are all wrong. ("What?") You have always been wrong. ("What?") You know how many assistants I have? ("What?") I'm the A-lister who can do anything and everything, and I won't leave until I'm main eventing WrestleMania and you show me the respect and admiration that I so rightly deserve. ("What?") I won't leave until you are all on your knees begging me not to go. And then, and only then when...


Even the announcers seem shocked by the huge pyro and Jericho on stage in his blinkie jacket! But Miz doesn't look very happy, even though the fans really are. Cole runs through Jericho's WWF/WWE and beyond accolades. Jericho into the ring where Miz looks really annoyed. Jericho shakes the ropes and loves every bit of the reaction he's getting from every fan out there. Pointing to different sections for reaction, and getting it in spades. Miz deep breathes through the "Y2J!" chants. Jericho points to his ear for more love. The screams and chants continue. Miz motions for quiet and gets heat.

Miz – You got something to say Chris? You come out here to give me a lifetime achievement award? Oh, this is 2012 Chris Jericho when you come back for three weeks, don't talk in your stupid Lite Brite jacket.

Off comes the jacket to show Jericho is ripped.

Miz – Now you're going to take off the jacket. You know what? How dare you Chris. How dare you deprive these people a moment to allow me to shine. You know how important I am? I'm an actor, a movie star, I'm a box office draw, I'm a...

Codebreaker on Miz. Huge pop from the fans and Jericho eggs them on. The fans are wild and loving Jericho. Off comes his sleeveless unzipped hoodie.

Jericho – Damn! That felt good! Did that feel good? I have been waiting a long time to say these words, and I'm going to say them right now, tonight. Welcome to RAW Is...

DEP! The lights are out. The come back up, and The Wyatt Family are in the ring, staring at Jericho. Jericho looks around at them. Rowan tips his head. 'This Is Awesome' chants. Bray steps up on Jericho, so Jericho attacks, but Harper and Rowan attack Jericho and beat him down. Bray sits in another corner. Harper pulls Rowan off, slaps Rowan hard, then whips Rowan into Jericho, and Jericho comes out into a Harper clothesline. Bray back bends in another corner, then comes out and hits Sister Abigail.




Recap of The Wyatt Family attacking Jericho.

Fandango vs Ziggler

Fandango in the ring dancing with Layla under mood lighting. Video recap of the high points of Fandango picking Layla at MITB. Ziggler out to face him.

Drop kick on Fandango who comes back with blows. Ziggler shoulder first into the post. Punches on Ziggler. Cole says Summer Rae and Layla have formed a truce. Fandango wiggles his hips, but Ziggler with blows to the gut and head, but then eats a single arm flapjack for two.

Fandango kisses Layla on the apron, but then eats an elbow and boot. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Neck breaker on Fandango, then an elbow to Fandango. But Summer Rae is in the ring in a hot pink bandage dress and black boots. Summer Rae grabs Ziggler, plays tonsil hockey with him. Fandango is upset by this. Ziggler then kisses Summer Rae, quite a bit. Fandango isn't happy about this, trying to get Summer Rae to talk to him. Zig/zag for three.

Winner – Ziggler (2:40)

Layla isn't happy, but Ziggler really is. Summer Rae looks at Ziggler who is thrilled by all this.



Recap of Vickie losing her match, being tossed in the pudding. Then Vickie tossed Steph in the pudding.

RybAxel vs GoldStar

RybAxel to the ring. Stardust and Goldust to the ring together.

Axel all over Goldust with blows. Inverted atomic drop and Goldust tries to gain control, but Ryback with a blind tag and attacks Goldust from behind. Ryback on Goldust with blows on the mat through "Goldberg!" chants. Ryback with a suplex on Goldust for two.

Chinlock with a nose pull on Goldust on the mat. Stardust is running back and forth across the apron. Ryback tells Goldust to shut up, then chops him in a corner. Goldust misses wildly, caught by Ryback, then tossed. Goldust ducks the meathook and plants Ryback. Both tag out. Stardust in, takes Axel down. Rather than the upper cut, Stardust kicks Axel in the head. Stardust with a big DDT. Ryback in misses Stardust, Goldust with a blow, then Stardust with a clothesline. Stardust takes Axel down for three.

Winners – GoldStar (3:26)

The brothers celebrate in a strange and golden way.

Backstage Segment

Paige heading for the ring, Divas Title over her shoulder.


Divas Championship Match – Paige (c) vs AJ

Paige to the ring, smile on her face, strap held high. Paige kisses the strap and calls for a mic.

Paige – Okay, I'm a woman of a few words, usually I let my actions speak for me, but now, I know there was a few people who thought I shouldn't be a Champion, should go to NXT. I feel that over the past three months I've proven I'm here to stay.

AJ's music hits, and the married woman skips to the ring, around the ring, then around the ring again. AJ into the ring, skips over, grabs a mic.

AJ – Paige...

"CM Punk!"

AJ – I just wanted to come out and say, you're right.

Paige – Sorry?

AJ – Look, this isn't entirely easy to say, but you're right. You did what no woman in almost a year could do, you proved me wrong. You proved everyone wrong. I know the type of person I became. I let success go to my head. Granted, I was the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. But I shouldn't have rubbed it in everyone's face like I did. I thought I was untouchable. You gave me the slap of reality that I needed. So I wanted to return the favor and say thank you, and congratulations.

Paige – How stupid do you think I am? AJ, you're doing exactly what I did to you the night after WrestleMania, and you're doing it to goad me into a rematch, because it's some kind of poetic justice, but there's a problem, that's not going to happen. I'm not going to make the same mistake you did, besides...

"CM Punk!"

Paige – Besides, I don't think anyone in this arena wants to see me defend my Championship tonight.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

AJ – Well Paige, my sweet little crumpet, why don't we let everyone here decide? Do you guys want to see a Championship rematch, right now?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Paige – Okay. Okay.

Paige kisses the belt again before handing it off.

AJ dives on Paige, but tossed off. Paige with a big kick on AJ, then head butts to the back of AJ's head. AJ whipped, but eats AJ's feet. Big clothesline to AJ for two.

"AJ, this is my house now!" yells Paige as she holds AJ's head back by her hair. Big slap, then AJ rolls Paige up for three.

Winner & new Divas Champion – AJ (1:02)

AJ takes the strap and skips off. Paige is left in the ring, crumbled to her knees, in tears. AJ on the stage, on her knees, hugging the strap, laughing at Paige.


Kane & Orton vs Cena & Reigns

Trip is ringside, but not on announce – no mic. Kane to the ring, fire from all four. Orton out to join him, showing pics of Orton's 12 staples. Cena to the ring. Reigns out to join him through the crowd.

Side headlock on Cena through dueling Cena chants. Cena pushes off, takes a shoulder block from Orton. They regroup, lock up, back to the side headlock, then Orton reverses and Cena takes Orton down with a hip toss. Reigns tags in, but Orton back off and tags out. They exchange blows, Kane ends up tossed out over the top. Kane frustrated outside the ring, slaps his hands on announce in front of Trip.


Reigns telegraphs and Orton takes him down. Orton drops a knee on Reigns' face. Kane tags in, kicks Reigns as Orton holds him. Kane gets two for it.

Big right to Reigns, then Reigns in heel corner, taking more blows. Orton tags in and on Reigns. Facelock on Reigns on the mat as Cena yells at Reigns to reach out – from ¾ of the way across the ring. Reigns free running ropes, takes Orton down. Clothesline on Orton in a corner, then Orton through the ropes, but Kane keeps Reigns from kicking by attacking Reigns outside, sending him back first into the barricade. Orton then clotheslines Reigns. Orton pulls Reigns up, sends him into the ring. Kane tags in and stomps Reigns as Orton holds him. Reigns up, Cena flailing for a tag as Kane takes Reigns down for two.

Chinlock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up, punches free, but whipped. Reigns explodes out of the corner with a huge clothesline. Reigns crawls at Cena, but Orton tags in and cuts Reigns off. Orton stomps his way around Reigns. Kane tags in with a right on Reigns for two.

Kane rushes Reigns, but eats a foot. Kane sets up for a chokeslam, but Reigns reverses and lands a Samoan drop! Cena gets the hot tag, all over Orton who also tags in. Orton down, eats a 5 knuckle shuffle. Orton fights back, and Kane tags in. Kane taken down, another 5 knuckle shuffle for Kane! Orton slides into the ring with an RKO on Cena. Reigns in sends Orton flying. Superman punch on Kane. Reigns out and all over Orton. Reigns beats Orton as they head up the ramp and out. Kane pulls Cena from the ring, sends him into stairs. Kane grabs the top part of the stairs slams them into Cena who crumbles and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners – Cena & Reigns via DQ (12:13)

"Finish him Kane!" says Trip off mic. Kane tries to set up Cena, and lands the tombstone, which Cena actually takes correctly this time! Trip tells Kane he's done. The fans chant, "One more time!" for the tombstone. The doctor into the ring, but so is Trip. Trip down to his knees with the DOC, and it seems as though Cena is out – shakes his arm. Trip motions for something. Then Rollins comes stomping out with his case. The fans are not happy!

The ref is worried about Cena being knocked out, checks with him while holding the case. Finally the ref is bullied from the ring with the case. The ref is yelling at Trip who is yelling at the ref.

Ambrose tackles Rollins in the ring, sends him out, and then into the barricade and over. Ambrose chases Rollins, and Kane tries to chase, but doesn't go over the barricade.

"You're an idiot!" says Trip to the ref.

Kane grabs a chair, gets back in the ring. Cena is barely moving, but then Reigns is there with a spear on Kane! Reigns stares deep into Trip's eyes, over Kane's prone body, all to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans! Trip, case in hand, stares back. Trip points at Reigns, and seethes. Reigns says something to Trip as the fans chant, "This Is Awesome!"

Trip drops to a knee and from the apron to serious heat from the fans in attendance.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat

Most Shocking Chant
"Let's Go Swagger!"

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