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WWE Raw House Show Results (1/14/12) - Sacramento, California

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Wrestling News World reader Anthony sent in the following report from last night's Raw house show from the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, California:

The Miz came out to cut a promo then, R-Truth came out to confirm him then, they had a match R-Truth b. The Miz with a clothesline

An unknown worker beat Alex Riley then David Otunga came out and said he sucks and hit him from behind

Brodus Clay beat Tyler Reks in a good match

WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom beat Primo & Epico to retain. Epico and Prino beat them at first but the referee restarted the match because Kofi's foot was on the rope.

Chris Jericho came out doing what he has done on Raw Supershow then, Swagger came out and told hin to take his jacket off. He did an , hit the Walls of Jericho on Swαgger.

Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix for the Divas championship with The Bella Twins as special guest referee. Eve hit a rollup and had the 3 count but, Brie refused to count and Eve argued with her. Then Beth hit the Glam Slam to retain

John Cena beat Kane by disqualification. Kane hit him with a chair then was going to walk away. But, he came back to AA Cena but, Cena reversed and hit the Attitude Adjustment on Kane

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship. Ziggler cut a promo saying he's the best in the world and you can cheer Punk all you want because, he is going to be the new WWE Champion tonight! Punk came out and said you and Johnny Ace can kiss my ass! Punk retained with the G.T.S

That ended the show!

Biggest pop:
1: John Cena
2: Cm Punk

Biggest heat:
1: Dolph Ziggler
2: The Miz
3: Kane

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