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WWE Supershow House Show Results (10/12/12) - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Below are quick results from yesterday's WWE Supershow live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas:

* CM Punk & AJ open the show. Punk says that he has chosen to face John Cena at WWE Hell in a Cell, but since Cena is not in the building, he won't be competing. AJ threatens to strip Punk of the title if he doesn't defend it tonight.

* Team Hell No b. The Prime Time Players to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

* The Miz b. Santino Marella to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

* Layla b. Kaitlyn

* Sin Cara & Brodus Clay b. Team Rhodes Scholars

* Justin Gabriel b. Jinder Mahal

* Sheamus b. The Big Show in a last man standing match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

* Ryback b. CM Punk by disqualification, so Punk retained the WWE Championship. Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Punk to end the show.

Wrestling News World reader Stoney Cook sent in the following report:

WWE Supershow, Convocation Center, Jonesboro AR, 10/12/12

AJ out, Punk out, cuts off AJ, Punk says he's made a decision who he's facing at HIAC: Cena. AJ says Cena's not here tonight, so Punk will face Ryback for the title tonight.

Tag Team Championship:
* Team Hell No b. Prime Time Players via the No Lock

Intercontinental Championship:
* Miz b. Santino via Skull Crushing Finale. After the match, Miz beat up on Santino, Kofi Kingston out for save, Santino with the Cobra, Kofi with Trouble in Paradise

* Layla b Kaitlyn with roundhouse kick to head and pinfall

* Brodus Clay & Sin Cara b. Rhodes Scholars via Cara's top rope splash

* Gabriel b. Mahal via somersault splash off top

World Heavyweight Championship
Crowd Choice Match: Last Man Standing:
* Sheamus b. Big Show via Brogue Kick and 10 count

WWE Championship
* Ryback b. CM Punk via DQ Low Blow. Ryback finished with his patented stopping slam

Side Notes:
Crowd was electric most of night.
Shook Shamus' hand!
Ryback is a powerhouse!
Divas match was a botch-filled yawn fest.

Most Pop:
Santino, Hell No, Sheamus, Ryback

Most Heat:
Punk, Big Show

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