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WWE Raw House Show Results (2/25/12) - Ontario, California

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Wrestling News World reader Cameron Dougharty was in attendance at last night's WWE Raw live event from Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California and sent in the following report:

* Brodus Clay d. David Otunga

* Ryback d. JTG

* Beth Phoenix d. Brie Bella (Divas Title Match)

* Epico and Primo d. Mason Ryan and Alex Riley (Tag Team Title Match)

* Eve cut a promo about how she used Zach Ryder and was going to use John Cena

* R-Truth d. The Miz

* Jack Swagger d. Santino Marella (US Title Match)

* Chris Jericho d. Kofi Kingston

* CM Punk d. Dolph Ziggler and Kane (WWE Title Match)

The Raw World Tour was in full effect this evening live from the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Ca. Brodus Clay's music hit as the show opened, much to the surprise of the whole crowd. He took on David Otunga. Clay disappeared from the limelight the past few weeks to work on his in ring abilities as I read online. Otunga dominated the match for the most part, Clay rallied and got the win. It looked like Brodus hadn't done much but him the gym. He looked to have dropped a few pounds but overall his in ring abilities still aren't quite up to par. Maybe a visit to FCW is in order.

Ryback, or Skip Sheffield if you prefer than made his way down toward the ring to take on his already waiting opponent JTG. Ryback, whom you might remember from the NXT group had been refining his skills in FCW has now started to make in house appearances the past few weeks. Ryback looked impressive and defeated JTG rather easily despite the crowd rooting for JTG.

Next was the Divas Championship match between Brie Bella and Beth Phoenix. The match was full of back and forth action. Brie was really on the ball tonight, and almost caught the champ slipping. Phoenix would not be denied, and finished off her prey retaining her title. WHERE IS KARMA? Beth is dominating this division, either let the little Hart get her chance, and stop letting her pass gas, or get the former ECW Superstar in there.

Epico and Primo then set out to defend their Tag Team Titles against, in my opinion a pretty good team of Mason Ryan and Alex Riley. Not much came of the match, the fans getting behind Ryan and Riley wasn't enough as the Puerto Rican duo successfully defended their titles.

Eve made her 'hoeski' way down the aisle and cut a promo. Telling the crowd she used Zach Ryder, and was going to use John Cena just like Ryder did to further his career. I personally can't wait to see where the writers take this angle. The crowd, myself included let Eve know she was a 'hoeski' and she started to tear up and made her way to the back. The Miz then followed and cut a promo defending Eve, calling her beautiful even. He turned his attention to R-Truth. After a few minutes of working the crowd, which both do so very well, the match began. The action was non stop, several near falls occurred but ultimately Truth sealed Miz's fate and celebrated with the crowd. I even saw him sign two autographs right after a grueling ten minute match.

Santino Marella has been getting major tv time for a jobber. He does work hard, and the crowd loves him. Tonight he was rewarded with a U.S. Title match against Jack Swagger. Marella's jobber ways came out as he really stood no chance. As the crowd continuously chanted "Santino, Santino," Swagger took out the fearless jobber to retain his title.

Chris Jericho then made his way out. He cut a promo reminding us all that he is the best in the world. The WWE Universe has to respect a man as prestigious Jericho is in this business he still works the in house shows. His opponent was Kofi Kingston. The match was very back and forth. Kofi had two near falls back to back. Jericho then caught Kofi and put him in the walls of Jericho. The crowd knew it was over, somehow Kofi turned the tables on Jericho rolling him into a small package, but only to get another near fall. The odds were stacking against the veteran until out of nowhere, 'Code Breaker' and the 1,2,3 for Y2J.

The Main Event was announced as a triple threat match for the WWE title. CM Punk had not one, but two opponents this evening Dolph Ziggler, and the Monster Kane. David Otunga then came back out and announced that Chris Jericho would return and be the special enforcer for the title match. Ziggler quickly made his appearance unknown. Kane and Punk then started off the match. Ziggler made his way back and pushed Punk into the referee. Punk then put Ziggler in the 'Anaconda Vice' but Jericho refused to witness Dolph tapping. Frustrating the champ, Punk took his eyes off his opponents and nearly paid for it. As the referee still laid unconscious Jericho then entered the ring hit the 'Code Breaker' on Punk. Put Ziggler across CM Punk, but to no avail. Punk still kicked out. He then hit the 'Go to Sleep' on Dolph. Punk celebrated as the show came to a close.

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