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WWE Raw House Show Results (2/26/12) - Eugene, Oregon

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Wrestling News World reader Mark Younger was in attendance at yesterday's WWE Raw live event in Eugene, Oregon and sent in the following report:

1. Brodus Clay over David Otunga.

2. Ryback over JTG

3. WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix over Nikki???(one of the Bellas, couldn't hear which one) for the Divas title. By the end of the match Beth was the face.

4. Primo and Epico over Mason Ryan and Alex Riley in a tag title match.

Eve comes out and talks about using Zack Ryder. Big Hoski chants for Eve.

5. The Miz comes out and defends Eve. He rips on R-Truth for quacking on national tv. R-Truth then comes out accompanied by the Oregon Duck mascot. Match between Miz and Truth starts. After a few minutes of comedy the Duck chases Miz up the ramp. This leads to John Laurinaitis coming out and ejecting the Duck. The match resumes, and R-Truth eventually wins. The Duck comes back out to help R-Truth celebrate.

6. Jack Swagger over Santino Marella in a U.S title match.

7. Chris Jericho over Kofi Kingston.

David Otunga and John Laurinaitis come out and announce that Chris Jericho will be the special enforcer for the next match.

8. In a triple threat match between C.M. Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Kane, Punk pins Ziggler after attempted interference from Jericho.

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