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WWE Raw House Show Results (4/21/12) - Antwerp, Belgium

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Wrestling News World reader Sander Bolee attended today's WWE Raw live event from the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, Belgium and sent in the following report:

* Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Primo and Epico in a non-title tag team match: match started with Primo first hanging out with Little Jimmy, and suddenly kicks Little Jimmy's ass. Great humor and interaction. Crowd was hot.

* David Otunga defeated Alex Riley; crowd wasn't hot anymore. Just a few pro-Riley and con-Otunga chats.

* Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler: Dolph was the best worker of tonight and sold all the moves fantastic. Made Ryder look great!

* Lord Tensai defeated Tyson Kid after knockout. The ref decided that Kid wasn't able to continue. Tensai was impressive, but little crowd reaction.

* Jack Swagger defeated Santino Marella after Dolph Ziggler threw Santino's foot from the rope. Another referee came from the back that Swagger cheated. The match restarted and Santino defeated Swagger with the Cobra. Crowd was hot for Santino, and he was really funny with his crowd interactions.

* The Bella Twins defeated Beth Phoenix and Eve after Twin Magic.

* John Cena defeated Miz after a AA.
Miz told us prior to the match how awesome he is in 5 different way's and mostly in Dutch (which sounded really bad and sounded more like German) Miz totally controlled the crowd during the match. I think he is Awesome... Cena gets his usual chants. After the match Cena went to the back quickly, it seemed he wasn't having fun.

* CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho in a no disqualification WWE Championship Match. Punk had the pop of the night. Kendo sticks and chairs were used. Otunga runs out to distract Cm Punk, but Failed. Match went on and after a GTS the match was over. Punk took his time to go offstage and the crowd left happy.

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