WWE Raw Results 4/22/13 -And Whatever You Do, Do NOT Try to Give Undertaker A Hug!


Pre-RAW Commercial

Ryback let The Shield have Cena, even though he's had problems with The Shield. Tonight Taker will be getting in the ring with Kane and Bryan against The Shield.

Show Starts


Taker was getting surrounded by The Shield in the ring, but Kane and Bryan. Taker will tag with Kane and Bryan tonight. Ryback attacked Cena, then left Cena to The Shield.

In Ring Segment

Heyman is in the ring. He say's he's there as the advocate for Brock. It's been the buzz about what Brock did to 3MB when he went extreme on them. Of course of all the global headlines in the challenge I put out to Trip for Brock. Just to refresh your memories to what happened last week, watch this excellent piece of footage. Video of Brock's attack and Heyman's challenge last week on RAW. So, here it is, the moment you've been waiting for from a first ballot HOF, Trip. Only, Trip is not here at RAW this evening.


I feel the same way. I, like the we 'Universe' have been let down by Trip. My reputation is of a lair, and I don't know how I got that, but I have an email from Trip that says, "Paul, I've never run froma fight in my life, but due to my injuries I will respond next week." I would like to shake Trip's hand and say he respects him. He feels let down by the coward who could not show up in London.

Trip's music and out comes a really pissed off Game. Trip out to the ring in jeans and a Trip t-shirt, spits, then into the ring. Trip poses on his favorite corner after walking past Heyman. Trip looks over his shoulder at Heyman and smiles.

Heyman says he applause him, Trip got him. I got your email, and well, played.

Trip gets right up in Heyman's face and says, see right there – points to the phone – I lied. I want you to go home and tell Brock, I accept. Trip kicks Heyman and hits a pedigree on the walrus. Trip walks around Heyman, soaking in the fans, then looks down at Heyman. Trip leaves the ring and up the ramp. Trip poses on the stage, throws up the DX sign for the fans, but no crotch chop on TV.


Cesaro vs R-Truth

R-Truth out singing, "What's up?" Takes a moment for the fans to get into it, then they're right there singing with him. Cole is chanting away on announce, being totally silly. Cesaro out and on mic says that this is how it's done – and yodels to the ring. R-Truth looks confused by the whole thing. Video of Cesaro losing his US Title to Kofi last week on RAW.

They lock up, R-Truth in a corner, takes a kick rather than a clean break R-Truth whipped, then takes a forearm to the back. An upper cut drops R-Truth. Cesaro stomps R-Truth. R-Truth takes a high knee and the "Ole! Ole!" chants. Cesaro takes R-Truth down for two. Chinlock on R-Truth on the mat. R-Truth free and takes Cesaro down for two. Forearms on Cesaro, then Cesaro ducks the scissor kick. R-Truth back slamming Cesaro to the mat for two. R-Truth takes a knee, but then quickly takes Cesaro to the mat for three.

Winner – R-Truth (2:17)

Outside Segment

A helicopter lands in what appears to be a field. The Shield takes off their head sets, climb out and head to a Rover, climb in and head for the arena.

In Ring Segment

Dactyls out dancing. Funkasaurus and Sweet T come out with them. They all dance in the ring.


Funkasaurus vs Sandow

They're still all dancing in the ring. Sandow and Rhodes out, but no mic work. They shake hands, hug, then head for the ring together.

Sandow and Clay circle. Side headlock on Clay, even though he easily lifts Sandow. Sandow backed into a corner. Clay with a clean break, but Sandow on Clay in the corner. "Cody' mustache!" Clay on Sandow with a clothesline, then slams Sandow for two. Clay works Sandow in a corner, backs off, then eats feet. Clothesline to Sandow as he comes out. Clay gets Sandow up for another slam, but Sandow wiggles free and slams Clay back on the mat. Sandow with knees to Clay's ribs. Elbow of disdain for two.

Chinlock on Clay on the mat. Swagger slaps the apron to get the fans riled up. Low drop kick on Clay's knee. Reverse chinlock on Clay, but Clay brings Sandow to a corner and on him with blows. Sandow whipped, then splashed. T-bone from Clay, but then Rhodes distracts Clay and Sandow hangs Clay up top. Sandow rolls Clay up, holds the tights, and gets the three.

Winner – Sandow (3:25)

Rhodes Scholars celebrate on the ramp.


Swagger worked ADR's knee during their match two weeks ago, so Ziggler cashed in his MITB and won the WHC. Ziggler will defend in a Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules against ADR and Swagger.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler is talking sweetly, says, I think I love you. The camera pulls back and he's talking to his belt. AJ calls him Zigglypuff and asks if she should be jealous. Ziggler says AJ should get the belt off the hippo former BFF. AJ says she's not that big, but a water buffalo. They start kissing. Ziggler looks over and Big E who is standing there staring off into space. Ziggler says it's Dolph and AJ time. He wanders off.

EXCUSE ME! She and Maddox will only take a second, AJ must be used to that. If Ziggler loses his match against – Ziggler says Jericho as Vickie does – then he will be in Fatal 4 Way Match at Extreme Rules.



Recap of Punk's emotional speech in the ring last week. The dueling chants for Taker and Punk, then Punk just up and left Heyman standing there in shock. Cole says they've been trying to contact Punk all week, but nothing. "CM Punk!"chants.

Backstage Segment

The Shield says they went to great lengths to get there tonight. Ambrose says Taker's been judge, jury and executioner for 20 years in the WWE. Who gave him the right? Rollins says no one has stopped him. Reigns asks who gave him the right. Ambrose says for the first time in years Taker returns to the ring on RAW. The Shield makes the rules and hands out the sentences. Rollins says tonight that Taker, his brother and Bryan, at their expense, we make our greatest statement. We own the night. Taker, for the first time in your existence, you will know what justice tastes like. Reigns says, believe in The Shield.

In Ring Segment

Jericho out in one of his blinkie jackets.


Jericho vs Ziggler

Jericho in the ring. Video of Ziggler tapping to the walls last month. Ziggler out with Big E and AJ in tow.

They lock up, but an arm drag from Jericho. They circle and lock up, Jericho quickly rolls Ziggler up for two. They lock up. Side headlock on Ziggler, and down to the mat. (Dueling chant of some sort here.) Ziggler struggles up, muscles Jericho back to his head on the mat, bridged, Jericho back up and side headlock takeover on Ziggler and holds him on the mat. Ziggler with head sccisors on Jericho on the mat. Jericho free and hits a drop kick on a sitting Ziggler. Back and forth, Ziggler out, sweet at AJ, flicks his sweat, then takes a drop kick through the ropes from Jericho.


Big E attacks Jericho under the ropes as Ziggler distracts. Neck breaker on Jericho. Ziggler works over Jericho and gets two for it. Jericho comes back at Ziggler with chops, whips Ziggler, but Ziggler moves and Jericho eats corner with his crossbody before going flying out of the ring. Ziggler rolls Jericho in for two. Ziggler taunts Jericho, dances around the ring, but quickly eats a backslide for two. Ziggler comes back with a big clothesline and taunts some more. Standing camel clutch on Jericho on the mat. Ziggler jumps on Jericho's back with a sleeper. Jericho back slams free of Ziggler. Ziggler rushes Jericho, but eats corner. Jericho with clotheslines, then up top. Ax handle on Ziggler from up top. Ziggler ducks the bulldog, but takes a clothesline. Jericho sets up for the walls, but is flipped away. Jericho with an enziguri for two.

Jericho whipped, but gets a foot up and hits his bulldog. AJ distracts, Big E hits Jericho in the face as he goes for the lionsault, but Ziggler only gets two for it. Ziggler on Jericho with blows and kicks. More blows backs Jericho into a corner. Clean break, Jericho whipped, but comes out and they seem to botch something. Ziggler jumps back up on Jericho with a sleeper. Jericho, in the center of the ring, drops to a knee. Jericho back up and slams back on the mat on Ziggler.

The fans are doing the wave.

Zig-zag on Jericho for two. Both men are down. Both up, Ziggler runs into a back elbow. Jericho with a terrible lionsault, Ziggler's knees up, but it doesn't matter. Ziggler takes Jericho down for two. Ziggler is really frustrated. Jericho grabs Ziggler for the walls, but Ziggler kicks free. Jericho in a corner. Ziggler climbs, Jericho hits the rope knocking Ziggler to his bum. Jericho with blows, manages to climb and hit a superplex. "We are awesome!" chants. Jericho drags to Ziggler for two. Code breaker! Ziggler gets his foot on the rope!

Jericho with a slingshot drop kick on Big E on the apron, then locks the walls on Ziggler. Fandango's music hits. Ziggler crawls to the ropes and gets there. Ziggler on Jericho's knee, and takes Jericho down for three.

Winner – Ziggler (16:35)

During much of the match there were many, "We are awesome!" chants, and many fans Fandangoing.


Cena told Ryback to make a move, but Ryback leaves. The Shield in and attacks Ryback who does nothing about it.

Backstage Segment

Josh with Foley. Josh congratulates Foley for his DVD. Foley thanks him and gives a cheap pop. Josh asks how the AE is different from now. Only the names. It's not in man's nature to look in the mirror and blame himself for his shortcomings. Look at Ryback. But we will see in four weeks when Cena faces him at my favorite night of the year, Extreme Rules!


Rhodes vs Sweet T

Rhodes and Sandow are in the ring. Video of Sandow using the tights to pin Clay.

Side headlock on Sweet T. Rhodes slides under Sweet T, then hits him in the face. Rhodes ducks Sweet T and another blow on Sweet T. Rhodes caught a right the third time he tries this. Sweet T lifts Rhodes, feet up in a reverse chicken wing and holds him there for a long time before slamming to the mat for two. Rhodes comes back and works over Sweet T with a front facelock on the mat as the Dactyls dance. (Fans are dead quiet.) Rhodes with a disaster kick for two. Sandow yells for a better count, please.

Rhodes stomps Sweet T for two. Announcers keep calling him Tensai. Sweet T with blows on Rhodes, but Rhodes with a drop kick that doesn't drop Sweet T. Rhodes rushes Sweet T, but shoulder first into the corner. Clotheslines on Rhodes, then an elbow drop for two. A sick monkey flip move on Rhodes, then his rolling senton on Rhodes in a corner. Sandow on the apron yelling at the ref, but it only gets him a Funkasaurus head butt. Rhodes slammed, then Sweet T digs the ditch and back splashes Rhodes for three.

Winner – Sweet T (4:31)

Backstage Segment

Kane is pacing. Bryan wants to know if he's here yet.

Kane says he'll be here.

How will we go over strategy so we can beat The Shield?

Kane says not to worry about the Brothers of Destruction.

Bryan says, we're not the Brothers of Destruction and Bryan. We're Team Hell No, and the Undertaker. And I am worried. We all need to be on the same page. Can't you give him a callor something?

Give him a call? He doesn't exactly carry a cell phone!

Well, he needs to be here, because I came up with a great game plan for tonight. I'll start the match and then...

Kane stops him and says Taker doesn't take orders.

But I have diagrams! Diagrams! Is this because we haven't hugged in a while?

Daniel, if I get Taker, you have to promise not to show him diagrams, and whatever you do, do not try to give him a hug!

Bryan puts up his hand and says he promises.

They are then attacked, and all you see is them fall, then the camera on the floor and the boots walking away.



Recap of Team Hell No's attack.

Smackdown Rebound

Henry and Big Show faced Orton and Sheamus. The build to the match, and then their actual match. Big Show and Henry won the match.

Backstage Segment

Josh with Bryan. Josh asks about him not helping Cena last week. Ryback says, I've said it before, but people don't get it. Where was Cena? I decided to let John know how it feels. How's it feel John? Feel helpless? Foley's right, I don't see shortcomings, I see WWE Champ. Foley and I should discuss this in the ring later. Ryback Rules.

In Ring Segment

Big E to the ring.


Big E vs Ryder

Ryder out to the ring. Body drop on Ryder. Blows on Ryder in a corner, then launches him Ryder flies at Big E, is caught and holds Ryder slamming him down on his leg three times before letting him go. A big shoulder block in a corner. Big E goes for another and eats knees. Ryder with a missile drop kick on Big E, but Big E comes back at Ryder. Big ending on Ryder for three.

Winner – Big E (1:45)

Video recap of the high points of the match.


WWE Slam of the Week

Taker in the ring two weeks ago dedicating his WrestleMania match to Paul Bearer. Then he was cut off by The Shield. Team Hell No rush the ring to Taker's side.

Taker & Kane & Bryan vs The Shield

GONG! Out comes Taker. Raises the lights. Into the ring he pulls his hood down a bit, then flips it back to show his eyes rolled back. The Shield through the crowd and to the ringside area. They surround the ring and taunt Taker. Slowly they climb up on the apron. They come in and attack Taker. Fire erupts and Team Hell No run to the ring. They attack. Taker clotheslines Reigns from the ring, but barely touches him, and Reigns bounces himself back and out of the ring. The faces clear The Shield from the ring, but I haven't heard a bell yet.


Ambrose steps all cockey at Bryan, but Bryan on him with kicks and blows in a corner. Ambrose runs into a knee, then takes a kick to the back. Knee to Ambrose's back, and then drags Ambrose back to tag out. Kane in with a drop kick on Ambrose. Rights and kicks on Ambrose in a corner. Short shoulders on Ambrose, then big brother tags in! Big blows on Ambrose in a corner, then hits short shoulder blocks on Ambrose, then Taker takes Ambrose down so hard he trips himself. Taker gets two. Both back up, Ambrose takes Taker into a corner. Taker comes back, grabs Ambrose, hits old school for two. Kane tags in.

"You still got it!"

Ambrose pokes Kane in the eye, then tags out. Reigns runs into a big right. Bryan tags in and Kane sends him into a big drop kick on Reigns for two. Kane tags in and Bryan holds Reigns for a big blow from Kane. "Undertaker!" chants. Slam on Reigns, then Kane runs the ropes for an elbow drop, but seems to slip and lands it a bit akimbo. Kane up and back on Reigns. Reigns whipped, but gets an elbow up. Forearm on Kane for two.

Rollins tags in and gets two. Rollins chokes Kane in the ropes. The ref pulls Rollins off Kane. Ambrose tags in and stomps Kane. A kick to Kane's head. Kane comes back with a blow on Ambrose and cheap shots on the other two. Ambrose rakes his arm across Kane's face. Reigns tags in with shoulder blocks on Kane in the corner. Kane out to a blow to the head that knocks him to a knee. An interesting facelock on a kneeling Kane. Kane muscles up and suplexes free! Both are down. Rollins tags in, climbs, but into Kane's right.

Bryan tags in with "YES!" kicks on Rollins backing him into a corner. Bryan runs up a corner, flips back over Rollins, then takes a sick clothesline from Bryan. More "YES!" kicks on Rollins, and a big one to Rollins' head for a long two. Bryan telegraphs and takes the kick, but then elevated over the top and out. Bryan with a suicide dive through the ropes onto Rollins.

"This is awesome!"

Rollins in and Bryan climbs. HUGE missile drop kick on Rollins! Bryan rushes him in a corner for another drop kick, but Rollins moves and Bryan crashes and burns!


Chinlock on Bryan from Reigns. Bryan punches free, but runs into a big hand to the chest that pushes him down. Reigns gets two for it. Rollins tags in and stomps Bryan in the heel corner. Rollins distracts the ref and Ambrose with a cheap shot on Bryan. Bryan whipped hard into a corner and hits the mat. Rollins whips Bryan to the opposite corner and falls again. Ambrose talks trash to Taker who starts pacing the apron. Ambrose says, we run the show. Shoulder blocks on Bryan in the heel corner. Ambrose tags in with a head butt. Blows on Bryan in a corner, then takes Bryan down. A couple kicks and Ambrose gets two.

More abuse on Bryan in a corner. Ambrose holds Bryan, reaches to tag out, can't reach, lets go, tags Rollins in, and surf boards Bryan. Rollins comes off the corner onto Bryan – sick! Reigns tags in and at Bryan who ducks. Bryan milks it, but makes it to Bryan.

Ambrose tags in. Taker with cheap pops on them. Ambrose whipped, clotheslined, then again. Snake eyes, then a big boot! Leg drop on Ambrose for two! Taker grabs Ambrose, then Rollins for a double chokeslam. Reigns with a spear on Taker for two. Reigns looks shocked.

Rollins tags in, on Taker, but takes a high clothesline. Taker pins for two. Kane tags in clotheslines Rollins, then big boot. Rollins whipped, then a 'vintage' sidewalk slam. Kane climbs with his flying clothesline. Set up Rollins, then takes an enziguri! Ambrose tags in. Ambrose climbs, flies, is caught. Bryan tags in, climbs, Reigns pulls his foot out – Taker outside takes Reigns down. Ambrose runs up at Bryan. Head butt from Bryan. Ambrose falls back. Bryan flies, but Ambrose moves. Ambrose rolls up Bryan for three.

Winners – The Shield (19:53)

The Shield flees the ringside area. Video of the high points of the match. Brothers of Destruction and Bryan are in the ring looking upset over the loss.


Announce Segment

The Rock's Tweets about his injury and now will require surgery.

Backstage Segment

Foley says he knows what he's doing to Cena. Cena gets huge heat. Cena say no one will question your toughness, but there's a difference between being tough and being brave. Foley says he won't back down. Cena says Foley going out alone is a huge mistake. Foley says in a career of huge mistakes, this might be his biggest, but he has to go out there. Cena hands Foley a chair and tells Foley to take it with him.

In Ring Segment

Summer Rae out, Fandango follows and they dance. They dance to the ring and pose.


Fandango vs William Regal

Fandango still dancing in the ring. Two weeks ago Fandango cost Jericho a match, then beat Jericho down. Regal out to the ring and the fans go wild for him.

Fandango dances around a bit. Regal skips around the ring and tells Fandango to come on. Clothesline, then another, then slams Fandango down. Fandango on the apron and Regal brings him flying through the air and in. Fandango on Regal in a corner. Regal reverses it and on Fandango with blows. Fandango comes back with a boot, then his finisher for three.

Winners – Fandango (1:40)

Regal lolling on the mat, Summer Rae drops to a split next to him, and holds the mic high for Fandango to tell us it's Fahn-Dahn-Goo! Video recap of the dip of doom. Fandango and Summer on the stage, Fandango poses with Summer well away from him, and Jericho attacks from behind. Fandango is sent flying off the stage. "Y2J!" chants. Jericho sees Summer, walks over, reaches out a hand. She finally takes it. Jericho pulls her in, dips her with that long leg pointing straight up in the air. Jericho taunted Fandango in that pose, then lifted Summer to her feet and spun her away. She is left with the vapors.


Divas Battle Royal for #1 Contendership

Kaitlyn is on announce. AJ skips out ahead of the rest of the Divas. The rest follow.

AJ sits in the ropes and watches it start, but is quickly attacked. Tamina takes everyone down. AJ runs up, jumps on her like she did with Kane, legs wrapped around her waist, arms around her neck. Tamina places her on the mat and hits a superkick on her. Aksana is eliminated. A rear view on Tamina. Layla and Naomi try to eliminate Tamina, but Naomi is eliminated. Layla with a few kicks on Tamina eliminates her. Layla thinks she won, but AJ is out cold on the mat. Layla tries to lift AJ, but she's like dead weight. Layla drags her by a foot and arm, then about rips AJ's boobs off lifting her, but then AJ bounces up and superkicks Layla through the ropes to win. She was playing possum and then taunts Kaitlyn from the ring.

Winner – AJ (3:20)


No One Lives is a new movie starring Brodus Clay. Video preview for his movie.

Backstage Segment

Foley and his chair are heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Car crash and Foley out to the ring, chair in hand. Video from the Hall of Fame Ceremony. "Foley!" chants. He says, I didn't come here to get in a confrontation, but here I am in London, England, about to enter one. Ryback says if I have something to say, then say it face to face. I'm right here, and I have something to say, so the only thing missing is Ryback. "Feed me more!" and out comes Ryback showing off his new 'R' hat. Ryback asks how Cena giving Foley a chair help him out?

When Cena gave me this chair, I felt offended. Doesn't Cena know who I am? I'm Foley, Hardcore Legend, HOFer! In my day I took on the biggest, the baddest that this industry had to give. I didn't always win, but no matter the pain, whether my tooth up my nose, or my own ear being ripped off the side of my skull, I found a way to get back up. But as I stand here in this ring, it's never been more obvious that my day came and went a long, long time ago. The truth is that if you decide o unleash your best on me, I'll go down, but I probably won't get back up. I can't force you to do anything, but I'm going to ask you to listen to what I have to say, and hope some of those words sink in. Look at this footage. Video of Cena telling Ryback to make a move and earn a Championship, but Ryback leaves, and watches The Shield destroy Cena.

Foley is seething.

Ryback says, I know what I did and I liked it. Hell, I loved it.

Foley says he has a simple question for Ryback, what happened? What happened to that guy who took the WWE by storm with three simple words. What happened to the guy with no fear? The man who commanded respect because he demanded respect? The man who stacked the world on his shoulders and said, "Feed me more!"

Ryback tells Foley, you better be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

Foley says I was thinking about the six times you were left with nobody to help you. I was wondering if you knew how many times I've been left laying with nobody to help me. Any idea? Foley asks the fans if they have any idea? To tell you the truth, I have no idea, because I DIDN'T COUNT THEM! I got up and did the best I could. I didn't spout statistics! I didn't chart graphs! I DID THE BEST I COULD! On three separate occasions, the best I could was good enough to make me WWE Champion. We have no idea what you're capable of. We haven't seen the best Ryback has to offer. You will, one day be the WWE Champion. It's inevitable. Look at you and look at me and the differences between us. I won the WWE Championship with heart, and guts, and pride. You've got all the physical tools to dominate here for as long as you choose, but do you really want to become the WWE Champion by walking away from a challenge by Cena? Do you want to be WWE Champion by watching Cena be destroyed by The Shield? Whether you realize it or not er is coming up soon, and you need to wake up!

Shut up Foley! God, just shut up! Year, after year, after year, you come out here, sticking your nose in other people's business.


Shut up! I said shut up! You come out here with your archaic messages from the past, like they mean something. What for? You trying to relive your damn glory days? For what? For what, Mick? For what? To sell some more DVDs? I, on the other hand, I (slams himself in the head a couple times) know exactly what I am doing! This is a results oriented business, and I get what I want. I wanted to send a message to Super Cena, so I sent it! I wanted a WWE Title match. So guess what Mick? I got it. I want to be WWE Champion. At Extreme Rules, I will be. (starts pacing) So if you, Super Cena, these (slams himself in the head a couple more times) stupid people have a problem with that, (heat) I don't care. (pacing) I do not care anymore. There you stand, there you stand trying to lecture me. You're trying to lecture me, Ryback, on how to be a man. (pacing more) The biggest, greatest thing to come into the WWE in the past year, you're trying to lecture me on how to be a man. (more pacing) Look at you, just look at you! (heat) Shut up and look at him! (heat) There you stand. There you stand. There you stand holding a weapon. I'm going to ask you one more time, you fat, pathetic lazy bastard. How does Cena giving you that steel chair help you stinging in the ring with Ryback?

Foley say, you tell me! Foley drops the mic and raises the chair.

Look into my eyes. Look (slaps Foley in the face, rather lightly) into my eyes!

Foley's arm drops the chair to his side, and he chests right up to Ryback, looking down at the younger man, showing no fear at all. Foley is right there looking Ryback in the eye. Ryback takes the chair and flings it from the ring. Foley taunts Ryback who keeps talking smack and hitting himself in the head.

Cena's music and he runs to the ring. Cena between them and tells them no, they're not doing this. Cena tells Foley to leave the ring, and he does. Off comes the shirt, and up comes the fists, even through all the heat from the fans.

The Shield's music. Cena leaves the ring for the apron with a smile. He stands there and waits. The Shield to ringside and Cena leaves the apron and backs up the ramp, leaving Ryback in the ring. Cena stands on the bottom of the ramp, where Ryback stood last week. The Shield slowly climbs up on the apron, Reigns not giving his back to Cena. The Shield into the ring and on Ryback.

Suddenly Cena's there in the ring with the chair, using it on The Shield. He takes them all out of the ring with blows, then follows to ringside and keeps swinging. Cena into the ring, chair in hand, smile on his face. Dueling chants for Cena replaces the all out heat for him. Cena looks at Ryback some more, then throws the chair aside. They stare. Ryback looks down and Cena pounces with an AA on Ryback. Cena leaves the ring, and Ryback. On the stage Cena salutes. Ryback is seething in the ring. Cena waves his hand in front of his face.

Biggest pop
Team Hell No
Triple H

Biggest heat
The Shield

Most over

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