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RAW Results 6/2/14 – We Are Bothers! Brothers That Hit Each Other With Chairs...

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RAW Results June 2, 2014
From Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Brie slapped Steph last night, how will she respond. How will Evolution respond to their humiliating defeat?

Raw Starts


Recap of the Elimination Tag Team Match between Evolution and The Shield. Stills of Rollins flying, then Batista being eliminated. Orton eliminated. Then sledge, but Trip eliminated!

In Ring Segment

Evolution out. Orton in ring gear and his Evo shirt. Batista in a light gray suit and sage green tie. Trip in his normal power suit and dark tie. They head to the ring slowly, staring around at the fans verbally abusing them. King says the fans are mocking them. Trip has quite the black eye! Their music ends and much head from the fans. "Bluetista!" chants. Orton puts a hand on Batista's shoulder.

Trip – They says it's always darkest just before the dawn. The funny thing is that they think they won. You all think they won. You all think this is over. The Shield thinks this is over. You don't get it. None of you get it. ("What?") I don't lose. ("What?") I win. ("What?") Always! This will not be over until The Shield exists no longer. ("What?") And that happens tonight.

"CM Punk!"

Batista – I don't want another match with The Shield, been there, done that, I want what's coming to me, I want my one on one Championship Match you promised me!

Trip – Dave there's a reason I'm the leader here. There's a reason I'm the leader here! There's a reason I'm the boss! It's because I have the ability to see the bigger picture, you don't have the ability to see the bigger picture. There's a bigger picture in play here, and there's a plan.

Batista – I don't care about your plan. I don't care about your plan, I don't care about The Shield. I came back, won the Royal Rumble, I earned a one on one match with the WWE WHC. I want it, and I want it tonight!

Trip – Not sure if you're aware of this, but Bryan is injured and cannot compete, which means even if I wanted to, I couldn't give it to you tonight Dave. Even if I did, you'd probably choke in it anyway.

Off comes Batista's shades, and he's pissed.

Trip – Alright, I'm sorry. Things are a little tense tonight. In case you haven't noticed, things are a little stressful, alright? Here's the thing, there's a plan. Is this how you want to go down? Is this how you want to be remembered Dave, as the guy who couldn't beat The Shield? I've never started a fight I couldn't finish, and I'm not starting today! This ends when The Shield is no more. Not until I say, and when that happens, you get everything you promised, everything you've dreamed of, but until that time, no one is getting anything!

Batista – I understand, and I quit.

Batista gives a small royal wave to the fans who chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" as he leaves the ring.

Trip – You what? You quit? Get back here! Get back in this ring! You're going to what? Run back to Hollywood, huh? Run back to Hollywood? When your movie craps out, don't come running back to me! You're finished! You hear me? Get back here! Dave! Batis...

"Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!"

Announce Segment

Cole – Trip was going to make a rematch, then Batista blew up and quit!



Recap of Trip going off on Batista, then Batista quitting.

Backstage Segment

? - Batista, it sounds like you quit out there, care to comment?

Batista – Ever since I came back to, I was lied to. I'm done with it, I'm done. Empty promises, I'm done.

RVD & Sheamus vs Barrett & Cesaro

RVD and Sheamus in the ring. Cesaro out to the ring, then Bad News Barrett out to join him. Split screen -
Barrett – Last night I defeated RVD at Payback. I know everybody likes to see his 5 star frog splash, but I'm afraid I've got some bad news. The only one seeing stars tonight is RVD when once again he eats a bullhammer.

Heyman on announce, being very Heyman. Cesaro on Sheamus. Sheamus whipped, gets his feet up and knocks Cesaro down. Sheamus up and lands a battering ram for two. Cesaro comes back with blows, then a gut wrench slam on Sheamus. Upper cut on Sheamus. Sheamus whipped, but comes out with a big clothesline. Cesaro on the apron lands elbows, then hangs Sheamus up top. Barrett tags in and on Sheamus with an arm bar. Huge short clothesline on Barrett. RVD tags in to "RVD" chants. Back kick on Barrett for two. Kicks on Barrett, and he reverses on RVD, but then Barrett takes RVD down hard.


Arm bar on RVD. RVD with blows to get free, but then eats a big boot for two. Cesaro tags in and stomps RVD. Upper cut to RVD, then another running upper cut in a corner for two.

Facelock on RVD on the mat. RVD blocks in a corner, but then cannot reach Sheamus to tag out. Gut wrench slam on RVD. Barrett tags in and kicks RVD as Cesaro holds him. Neck breaker on RVD for two.

Barrett with an elbow off the corner for two. King talks about Batista looking like a Smurf last night. JBL tries to defend, but then says Batista was very blue. RVD knocked from the ring, then Cesaro tags in and out after RVD. RVD flipped into the barricade. RVD rolled in for two.

Kicks to RVD in a corner. RVD whipped, but gets an elbow up, then leg scissors on Cesaro for two. Cesaro comes back with two on RVD, twice.

Facelock on RVD on the mat. RVD works his way to his feet, but slammed down. A cheap shot on Sheamus who is pissed. Cesaro back on RVD and is kicked in the face for it. Both tag out. Sheamus with double armed clotheslines all over Barrett. Barrett slammed to the mat. Cesaro in and he's slammed to the mat. Sheamus sets up, but Cesaro drops out of the ring, and right into Heyman's arms. Winds of change on Sheamus for a long two.

Heyman and Cesaro head up the ramp, ditching Barrett in the match. Sheamus reverses on Barrett, and tags out. Brogue kick from Sheamus, then RVD up and hits his 5 star frog splash for three!

Winners – Sheamus & RVD (13:15)

Sheamus and RVD celebrate in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match.


In Ring Segment

"Lance Stephenson" to the ring.

Sandow – Indiana, I am Lance Stephenson! A member of your Indiana Pacers! Although I'd love to be preparing for a game right now, our season has come to an end. (heat) So, with all of my free time, I'm out here for a few reasons. I would like to publicly state that LeBron James is the greatest player in history. The Indiana Pacers are a losing team from a losing city. I'm just stating the facts. As an act of charity...

"You suck!"

Sandow – As an act of charity for you supporting the Indiana Pacers, I will now give a public display of my skills. You're welcome!

Sandow makes a hash of playing with the basketball, down to missing the small basket set up in the ring.

Big Show's music and out he comes. Big Show shakes hands on his way to the ring. Over the top and in.

Sandow – That's enough! How dare you interrupt my display of mad skills. What, you think you've got game? You think you've got game? Why don't you try to get on the board? Come on! ("What?") Get on the board. ("What?") You think you can? ("What?") There's the whole, I got the rock, trash talkin's over, start that clock.

Big Show with the ball and Sandow bouncing around all over the place in front of him, waving his arms. Big Show throws the ball into his gut, then punches Sandow out. Big Show grabs the ball and dunks the ball, breaking the whole thing in the process. Big Show leaves and refs in to check on Sandow who is selling in a huge way.


Kofi vs Bo Dallas

Kofi in the ring. Stills of Kane destroying Kofi at Payback last night. Bo out to face him, that huge smile on his face.

Bo – There is only one reason why Miami Heat defeated your beloved Pacers, and that's because every player on that team, especially LeBron James, because they all Bolieve!

They lock up. Shoulder block to Kofi, then he's out selling what he did. Back into the ring Bo extends his hand, but Kofi won't shake. Kofi behind Bo, Bo reverses, then runs the ropes over and under Kofi into a big elbow and a drop kick. Bo from the ring. Bo in and Kofi puts his hand out to shake and avoids Bo's cheap shot. Kofi taken down with a back kick, then a HUGE body drop! Bo hits his rolling knees. Front facelock on Kofi. "Bo-ring" chants. Kofi with a big missile drop kick on Bo, then double hand clotheslines. Drop kick to Bo, then Bo to the mat for two.

Kofi with a big kick to Bo, but then caught up top. Bo with his (botched) running Bodog for three.

Winner – Bo (4:04)

Bo out to celebrate his win, running around the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match. Bo to Kofi to help, but Kofi pushes him off.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the start of the show. Video recap of Trip's tirade, then Batista quitting.

Backstage Segment

Renee – I'm hoping to get a word with Triple H after what just happened with Evolution.

Steph – Hi Renee.

Renee – I was hoping to get a word with Trip about the status of Evo.

Steph – Trip is busy right now, but if you want a scoop, I'm going to the ring to make an announcement about the WWE WHC. Stay tuned.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces Steph to the ring. Steph out in a lovely sleeveless black and white dress that stops above her knees.

Steph – Last night at Payback Bryan showed his true colors, showed who he is, a selfish little man who chose himself over what's best for business, his wife, and over all of you. Because Bryan wouldn't do what's right and surrender the WWE WHC. All of you deserve a fighting Champion, and deep down Bryan should know that, but he stood impotently by while his wife Brie fell on the sword. Speaking of Bryan's lovely wife Brie, who put her hands on me a few weeks ago, she should have been fired on the spot. If any of you had put your hands on your bosses, you would have been terminated, but no I showed constraint, I showed leadership. I gave them chance after chance, and what did I get? A slap in the face!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – That's okay, I'm tough, I'm a McMahon, I'll live. I wonder if Bryan will be able to live with himself, waking up, looking into his beautiful wife's eyes and seeing her heart broken, her dreams shattered, and knowing it's all because of his selfishness. Enough about Brie and Bryan, this is about something bigger than one person. This is about the WWE WHC! Therefore, in four week's time, at MITB, if Bryan can compete, he will be defending against the Demon, Kane. In a Stretcher Match. And if Bryan can't compete, for the first time ever, the MITB will be for the vacated WWE WHC. See, I just can't even understand why people still chant and cheer "YES!" "YES!" Daniel Bryan...

Cena's music and comes out with his Never Give Up towel to show off, making sure we know to buy it. Steph doesn't look impressed, and he's getting a lot of heat.

Steph – John, I think these people like you about as much as they like me. But seriously congratulations on your match last night. I mean, that was really quite the match against Bray Wyatt. Kudos to you, I hope you're okay.

Cena – Thank you. I'm sure after the fight Bray put up last night, we haven't seen the last of him.

"Cena sucks!" chants. Cena takes of his hat and waits it out with a smirk on his face.

Cena – The sound of a WWE 'Universe'. The sound I love and get to listen to every week. Your job is tough Steph, you have to make a lot of tough choices, but by listening to the WWE 'Universe', some of them are questioning.

Dueling chants for Cena. Again he waits it out.

Cena – Don't get upset, and don't try to stop this! This is what the WWE 'Universe' deserves! To have a good time! It's what's best for business! What's not best for business is the situation with the WWE WHC getting way out of hand. I'm an employee, and like everyone here, a fan of the WWE. But seriously, tonight I speak to you as a Champion. A 14 time Champion who knows what it takes to win a Championship. Who knows what it feels like to lose a Championship. And who knows what it's like to give away a Championship. Just like Bryan, I had an injury that forced me to give away the Championship.

Steph – Well, you just said it, you knew what was right, because you're a fighting Champion.

Cena – Steph, you're right, the 'Universe' deserves to see a fighting Champion. That is correct.

Steph – Finally! It's what I've been saying.

Cena – But Steph, no one person is bigger than that Championship.

Steph – That's right. Not Bryan.

Cena – And, not a spoiled, jealous, egomaniac names Stephanie McMahon.

Steph – Oh, you cheer that! Okay. Sure, you can all agree on that one. Thank you.

Cena – No one person is bigger than that Championship, I get it. You don't like Bryan and don't think he should be Champ. Face facts Steph, Bryan is good! He's really good.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – I'm gonna tell you something you already know. The WWE 'Universe' can be as loud as they want for whoever they want, but at the end of the day it's about proving yourself in here, and every single time Bryan steps into this ring, he proves he's Championship material. Bryan beat me fair and square for the Championship at SummerSlam, and then you took it from him. And every single time he's been even close to that Championship, you took it from him. The reason I relinquished the WWE Championship, was because I knew when I came back that I'd get a chance to win it back. You have created all of this. All of this is your fault because he's not only afraid you'll never give him another chance, he's afraid you're going to eliminate him from the WWE.

Steph – You can't live in fear John. Like you said, Bryan is good. I've said it too, Bryan is good, he's a B+! He's not a Champion like you John. He can't physically compete right now, what doesn't everybody understand about that? He hasn't defended in over 30 days and as a leader, as a boss, I have to do what's best for business! Popular or not, I will do the right thing for our company.

Cena – I've had four surgeries that have taken me out of action. Your husband, the Game, the showcase of what a WWE Superstar should be, has had surgeries that have taken him out of action. You, have had surgeries.

Steph – That put me in action, but that's another story!

Cena – We'll lock that one up in a chest somewhere and don't worry about it. My point is, you know what's best for business. Business, plain old business, but you have put your personal affairs, because you just plain don't like Bryan, get in the way of what's best for business. In doing so, you've made an embarrassment of the legacy of the WWE Championship. You have wasted the WWE 'Universe's' time, more importantly, you've made an embarrassment of yourself. I'm not going to speak to you as a Champion, right now I'm speaking employee to boss. Me giving you an job evaluation, one to ten. Ten being two thumbs up, and one being get your resume ready for career building, I give you a zero. Zero means, you suck.

"You suck!"

Cena – They give you a zero too.

Steph – Quite frankly I don't care what you grade me, I don't care what they grade me, what I do care about is creating opportunity. You say I won't give Bryan opportunity, you say I'm not a good leader, but now I'm giving you an opportunity tonight. Now, I know you're kind of beat up after your little Last Man Standing Match last night, but I'm going to give you a chance to show just how tough you really are, when you go one on one against Bryan's opponent at MITB, if he's able to compete, the Demon, Kane. Your match is right now. Payback's a bitch John, but then, so am I.

Steph leaves the ring and starts heading up the ramp as Kane's fire erupts on stage.


Cena vs Kane

The match started on the App. Kane on Cena with blows. Kane takes Cena down hard for two. Kicks on Cena on the mat. Kane pulls Cena up, backs him into a corner, then takes him down hard. Kane stomps Cena in a corner. Big drop kick from Cena, but Kane stays up. Sidewalk slam on Cena for two.

They exchange blows,until Kane grabs Cena. Cena blocks the chokeslam. Shoulder blocks by Cena, then slams Kane to the man. Cena slowly lands the 5 knuckle shuffle. Kane up, but Kane free and on Cena with blows to the head and face. The ref grabs Kane who won't back off. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Cena via DQ (3:15)

Kane chases the ref away, hears the DQ, then knocks Cena to the floor. Cena into the stairs back first. Kane breaks the stairs into two pieces, then grabs Cena. Kane and Cena on the lower section and Kane sets up, but Super Cena fights back and Kane into the post. Cena lifts the top half of the stairs and throws them at Kane! Kane is left on the floor as Cena slaps hands on his way up the ramp. Kane then sits up. Kane to his feet and pissed. Kane tosses around the stairs, then pulls the shield off the announce table. Kane with a chair, slamming it into announce. Kane stomps off as all three announcers are on their feet, ready to flee.


Recap of Trip's tirade and Batista quitting.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Randy, if I could get your reaction to what we saw in the ring with Evo.

Orton – I'll tell you what happened. Things got heated, so Batista took his ball and went home. Afterward, Trip and I had a little discussion and we're 100% on the same page and I'm going to prove it, because I've been granted a match tonight, against Reigns.


WWE Rewind

Recap of Hair vs Mask Match in stills from last night. Hornswoggle lost his hair.

Los Matadores vs 3MB

Los Matadores in the ring with El Torito. 3MB out to the ring.

Slater – Wait a minute, hold your horses. You all may have thought you shaved Hornswoggle head, but uh-huh. With a little bit of patience and a lot of Miracle Grow, he's back and better than ever. So Hornswoggle, come on out!

Hornswoggle out with a bad black 'fro wig! El Torito and Los Matadores are laughing. On announce Cole says Hornswoggle looks like Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter.

Diego on McIntyre with chops and blows. Diego slammed back. Slater tags in and taken down by Diego. Chops to Slater, but Slater back with a side kick that really takes Diego down. Hornswoggle on the apron dancing. El Torito pulls Hornswoggle's wig off and Hornswoggle didn't finish shaving his head. Slater is distracted, and rolled up for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (1:36)

El Torito is wearing Hornswoggle's wig on announce as they celebrate.


Nikki vs Aksana & Fox

Nikki out in pink. On the App that she wished her sister was there. Steph heard and made this match. Aksana out in red and Fox in the same green outfit from last night.

Aksana and Nikki lock up. Aksana monkey flipped. Aksana slammed to the mat. Aksana comes back with a kick to Nikki's back, then an elbow. Fox tags in and they double team Nikki. Nikki with a sick back elbow, then rolls up Fox for two, as Aksana breaks it up.

Fox with a sick scissor kick to Nikki for three.

Winners – Aksana & Fox (1:09)

Fox lifts Nikki and sends her out through the ropes. Fox runs the ropes screaming, then into a round off. Fox poses and yells as Aksana kicks Nikki. Fox with a back breaker on Nikki, then yells more. Nikki into the barricade. The ref covers Nikki with his own body as the other two continue to celebrate.


Harper – Now we take up his cause. We plow the charred landscape like ravenous dragons with no one left to torture, except the same pair of brothers, the Usos. The Usos work so hard to smite the cause, they will pay for their atrocities. Retribution cannot be achieved until they are put down, like the craven beasts they are. We shall not spare the flock, they shall suffer for their misdeads and they will burn.

Rowan – Follow the buzzards.


Rose vs Swagger

Zeb – Let me tell you who really needs to be deported. He'll be out there in a minute. His name is Adam Rose. He needs to be out of here, and all those gluten free millennials, leftover hippies from Woodstock who follow him around, they need to be deported too, or at least put in prison. I have this on good authority, none of them have jobs. They just ride up and down on a bus all day long, having a good time, and you're paying for it. Tonight Jack Swagger is going to do something our immigration people can't do, we're going to run him out. I want ever real American... "We, the people!"

Adam Rose and his flock dance to the ring.

Rose drops his lolly on the apron, then they lock up. Rose backed into a corner, but then Rose reverses and slaps Swagger on the bum. Rose reverses on Swagger again, and another bum slap. Swagger running the ropes into an elbow. Blows and upper cuts on Swagger in a corner, but then lifted back. Swagger with a sick boot to Rose's face. Zeb is grooming ringside as Rose is slammed to the mat for two.

Double armed chicken wing on Rose on the mat, and the fans start stinging Rose's music. Rose whipped, but moves and Swagger eats corner. Swagger rushes Rose and eats feet. Blows to Swagger, then a big right. Atomic drop on Swagger. "CM Punk!" chants. Running bronco buster type move, then Rose plants Swagger face first – called the party foul – for three.

Winner – Rose (2:57)

Rose and the Exotic Express celebrate and dance up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Byron – With me now, the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos. Last night at Payback, we saw the rivalry between you and The Wyatts elevate to another level. Tonight you take them on in a non-title match.

Jimmy – Last night the Usos had a blast at Payback. We might be banged up, but we ain't down. Last night Cena handled his business, tonight, the Usos, we gonna handle our business.

Jey – Harper and Rowan think they can keep us down. How many kicks to the face will it take?

Jimmy – As many as it takes!

Jey – How many Samoan drops will it take?

Jimmy – As many as it takes!

Jey – How many Superfly splashes will it take?

Jimmy – As many as it takes!

Jey – For them to understand the Usos aren't going anywere!

Jimmy – You ever seen a pit bull cornered? (Byron shakes his head.) Poked at, driven crazy? It's like an Uso crazy! Going wild!

Jey holds the back of Jimmy's head as he snarls and snaps at Byron.

Jey – Usos!


Rowan & Harper vs Usos

Rowan and Harper are in the ring, but the rocker is empty without Bray. The Usos out to face them to serious pop.

The mask comes off and Rowan locks up with Jimmy, blows on him in the corner. Jimmy comes out with big chops, but then taken down. Jimmy into the heel corner and Harper tags in. head butt on Jimmy who comes back with a blow. Jimmy ducks Harper twice, then a cross body, then a heel kick. Harper into the Uso corner and Jey tags in with a big blow as Jimmy holds him. Jey with many blows in a corner, then one last big one. Into the center of the ring and Jey eats a big drop kick. Rowan tags in and drops a knee on Jey. Rowan tries to choke Jey on the top rope, but Jey with a big blow. Rowan with a chinlock on Jey in the center of the ring. The fans somewhat behind Jey, but not for long as the fans get quieter. A small "Let's go Usos!" chant starts. Jey free, but can't gain control and covered for two.

Harper tags in and all over Jey who won't back down, but will land down on the mat. Rowan tags in with an elbow to Jey. Rowan scoops Jey and slams him to the mat. JBL says hat he took the clothesline from smell from Harper last week. Jey starts fighting back a bit, but then slammed to the mat by Rowan. Jey lands on his feet and is able to tag out. Jimmy all over Rowan who stays standing. Jimmy avoids the leg drop, then lands a drop kick for two.

A drop kick sends Rowan through the ropes and out. Harper suffers the same fate. The Usos get the fans chanting with them from the ring.


Jimmy back first into the apron, then to the floor. Jimmy sent in and Harper drops elbows on him for two.

Jimmy whipped into the heel corner, takes a big right, then Harper gurgles and moans. Rowan tags in as the fans get the "Usos!" chant going on their own. Head butt to Jimmy, then a cheap shot on Jey. A big knee to Jimmy's taped ribs. Elbows dropped over Jimmy's shoulder. Jimmy whipped, then more blows on him in the corner. Rowan puts Jimmy across the corner and lands more blows. Jimmy hung upside-down, then stomped some more. Rowan backs up and rushes Jimmy, but Jimmy sits up and Rowan into post. Jimmy up top with a corkscrew on Rowan. Both are down, then fans behind the Usos. Both tag out. Jey flies onto Harper. Then a flying clothesline followed by more clotheslines. Big kick to Harper's face, then lands the bum slam, then again, but only for two.

Harper back with a big boot to Jey' face for a long two.

Harper rushes Jey and eats a foot. Jey with a missile drop kick, then a Samoan drop. Jey climbs, but Rowan grabs an ankle. Jey flies out onto Jey, rather than on Harper. But then Harper flies out onto Jey! Jimmy flies over the top onto Harper! Jimmy sends Harper into the ring, and Jey climbs. Harper gets his feet up, blocking Jey. Jey with a sick kick to Harper's face for a long two!

Rowan takes the tag as Harper is clotheslined out. Jimmy takes Rowan down, and Jey gets two for it. Rowan slams Jey to the mat hard for three.

Winners – Rowan & Harper (17:04)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Harper and Rowan stare off into space in the ring before heading out.


MITB Qualifying Match – ADR vs Ziggler

ADR already in the ring. Ziggler out to face him.

Side headlock on Ziggler and ADR is wild on him. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants as ADR is on him in a corner. Ziggler comes back with blows on ADR, then slams him down for one.

Ziggler with his epic elbows on ADR for one.

ADR kicks Ziggler, then an arm stabber. An enziguri in the corner on Ziggler for two.

ADR on Ziggler with rights on the mat, then starts to work on Ziggler's left arm and shoulder. Ziggler on ADR with kidney shots, but slammed back by his hair. ADR chokes Ziggler on the bottom rope. Back suplex on Ziggler for one.

ADR back on that left arm and shoulder. More kidney shots to ADR. Ziggler blocks ADR's tilt-a-whirl and lands a lovely drop kick. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler ducks ADR, crossbody on ADR and blows. ADR blocks Ziggler and lands his own kidney shots. Famouser on ADR for two.

ADR lands his tilt-a-whirl back breaker for two.

ADR kicks and stomps Ziggler on the mat. ADR climbs, but Ziggler runs up and grabs Ziggler, but ADR messes something up, so it looks like a huge botch, but Ziggler gets two for it.

Ziggler pushed off ADR, lands on his knees, back and forth until the cross arm breaker is locked on and Ziggler has to tap out.

Winner – ADR (5:34)

ADR celebrates as Ziggler is out by the barricade gathering himself.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about The Brotherhood and how they cannot seem to win. Last night they lost and Cody told Goldust that he needs a better tag team partner than him.

Backstage Segment

They are backstage talking, off mic.


RybAxel vs Goldust & Sin Cara

RybAxel in the ring. Goldust's music and he comes out to the ring alone. He waits at the bottom of the ramp, and Cody has picked Sin Cara to tag with Goldust! Cody is watching backstage.

"Goldberg!" chants and Ryback yells at them to shut up! Inverted atomic drop on Axel, then an arm drag. Axel fights back and tags out. Ryback kicked, takes the slap, then tags out. Sin Cara with a missile drop kick for two.

Goldust tags in and lands a knee on the back of Ryback's head on the mat. Ryback up, backs Goldust into a corner. "Goldberg!" and more yelling by Ryback. Ryback ducks Goldust, then blasts both hands at Goldust, sending him rolling from the ring. Axel tags in and on Goldust on the barricade. Goldust into the heel corner. Ryback tags in and they double team Goldust. Double suplex on Goldust for two.

Facelock on Goldust on the mat. Sin Cara gets the fans clapping. Goldust fights back, then eats a drop kick from Axel. Axel stomps Goldust as Ryback yells smack about Cody being nothing. Axel beats on Goldust, then off the second ropes with an elbow. Ryback tags in, comes off the corner, but Goldust gets his knees up. Both down, then both tag out. Sin Cara flies off the top onto Axel. Springboard onto Axel, then kicks Axel's legs out. Springboard elbow for two as Ryback breaks the count.

Ryback sent into the post shoulder first by Goldust, but then Goldust sent out. Big kick to Axel, and Sin Cara climbs, but Axel moves. Axel with a big finishing move for three.

Winners – RybAxel (4:49)

Cody looks upset backstage as Goldust is checking on Sin Cara on the mat. Goldust pulls Sin Cara to his feet.


In Ring Segment

Three suits standing in the ring. Justin announces Lana.

Lana – America likes to project an image that you are the heroes of the world. That you are the knight in shining armor, and always does the right thing.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Stop your USA chants! Shut up! You America deny your heroes the basic rights. True heroes, like Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden wasn't able to practice the First Amendment of freedom of speech in America, but he is in Russia. In Russia, we honor our heroes, and we cherish them. That's why Russia is the superpower of the world, and led by the greatest leader, Vladimir Putin. It is upon the approval and confirmation of Mr. Putin that we will honor a hero here tonight. The hero that will lead your impoverished nation into a state of superiority. He now resides in Moscow. He is the super athlete, Rusev!

Rusev out in a suit and a white t-shirt, abusing the flag back and forth. Rusev holds the ropes for Lana, then gets in and hands off his flag.

Lana – Rusev, please go forward and be recognizes.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Show some respect! Stop your USA chants, now!

"USA!" chants.

Lana – You're about to witness the hero federation award ceremony where we present to a man who has given his services to the Russian State for the heroic feats. Now the Ministry Official will present the Golden Star medal.

The man puts the medal around Rusev's neck through, "This is awful!" chants. Then Rusev speaks in his native language, with "What?" between each line.

Lana – Long live Mother Russia. Long live the super athlete, Rusev. Please rise and show respect to the Russian national anthem.

The anthem plays and confetti falls as Rusev doesn't crack on the podium. They play what sounds like the whole anthem, though I admit I'm not sure.



Yet another recap of Trip's tirade, and Batista quitting.

Reigns vs Orton

The Shield to the ring. Ambrose smirks to huge pop.

Ambrose – How do we look? Because we feel great? Bruised, beaten up, sure, because last night we faced our biggest challenge to date, a No Holds Barred Elimination Match against Evo. When the napalm settled, we did what we said we were going to do, a clean sweep! We eliminated Evo without suffering a single casualty. That's what I call domination!

Rollins – Adapt of perish, that was the whole deal. Last night at Payback, The Shield adapted, while Evo perished! Earlier tonight, the whole world was a witness to their implosion. The reason Evo perished, because even though they are three of the greatest Superstars in this industry, last night they were not one like The Shield. In the end, they were just three strangers who just happened to be standing on the same side of the ring.

Reigns – We're brothers. The men standing in this ring are brothers. This is Evolution, this is The Shield. So Randy Orton, bring your ass out here so I can break your jaw with symbol of excellence.

Orton to the ring to Evo music, being led by Trip, sans tie, but with his sledge. Rollins from the ring, grabs two chairs, then back into the ring.

Trip – I guess you haven't figured it out yet, the thing I do better than anybody is adapt. Last night was Plan A, tonight, Plan B. There's always a Plan B!

Rollins rears back with the chair and nails Reigns across the back with it! The arena gasps as one. Ambrose completely sells his shock. Ambrose at Rollins, but caught in the gut with the chair, then across the back. More chair shots across Ambrose's back – over and over. Rollins breaks the chair, then tosses it from the the ring toward announce.

"You sold out!" chants fill the arena.

Ambrose starts to get up, so Rollins lands his curb stomp onto the chair! Huge heat and a lot of nastiness for Rollins. Rollins leaves the ring to stand with Trip and Orton. One man behind them keeps screaming, "Why?" at Rollins.

Rollins hands the chair over to Orton who heads into the ring to beat Reigns down with the chair. First his back, then his front, then the back. Orton removes Reigns' vest, ripping off his shirt as fans are cussing and screaming. The welts on Reigns' back from last night are quite obvious. Orton pulls Reigns up and hits an RKO on the chair. Rollins back into the ring with Trip. Trip claps Reigns on the shoulder as the three of them stand over Reigns and Ambrose, both prone on the mat.

"You sold out!" chants.

Trip puts an arm around Orton, the other around Rollins.

Biggest Pop
The Shield

Biggest Heat

Most Shocking Swerve

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