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RAW Results 5/26/14 – You're The One Who Bought A Ticket, So Shut Up!

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RAW Results May 26, 2014
From Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

The Shield and Evo in the ring for contract signing. Will Bryan surrender the WWE WHC tonight?

Raw Starts


"A hero is someone who has given his life to something bigger than oneself." Joseph Campbell

Video for veterans and patriots who gave their lives for our freedoms.

In Ring Segment

Steph and Trip to the ring. Trip in his power suit, Steph in charcoal skinny pants, black blazer and black top. They hold hands to the ring.

Steph – Welcome to a historic edition of Monday night RAW. I feel great about tonight. Tonight is all about choices. Bryan has the choice as to whether he does the right thing and surrenders the WWE WHC.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – You guys got it, yes, it's the right thing to do. Bryan knows it, because he knows that he's your Champ. You all believe in him, cheer for him, and want to see the Champ compete in the ring night in and night out, and Bryan just can't physically do it. (heat) Really, we didn't want to be right on this. His heart and mind are there, Bryan wants to be your Champ, and says you're why he's Champ, but his body is, well, it's B+. So I know that despite Bryan wanting to do the right things.

"Daniel Bryan!"

Steph – Right! Chant for him! Cheer for him. You want the WWE WHC to be defended by Bryan each night, but he can't. So Bryan will do the right thing and surrender the WWE WHC.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Trip – I'm sure he doesn't want to, he just can't compete for you. He just can't do it. So hopefully he makes the right choice here. Steph said tonight's about choices, and every generation has performers that rise to the top, that become stars. Some burn out and become a flash in the pan like Bryan, and then there are those who become legends. They become legends because they stand the test of time. Month after month, year after year, generation after generation...

"CM Punk!"

Trip – That remain dominant because of their ability to adapt. The ones who don't, like a Daniel Bryan, just perish. The ones that last to become legends live in your hearts and minds forever, and that's Evolution. This Sunday at Payback, The Shield will find out in a No Holds Barred Elimination Match, they will find out that you cannot stop Evolution. But tonight, there will be a contract signing in this ring. The Shield will have a choice and could decide not to show up at Payback, and go on to hopefully go on to become legends. Or they can sign to face go at Payback, and they can perish.

Steph – And speaking of Payback, and The Shield, there is the matter of the GM Brad Maddox that needs to be addressed. Brad, please come on out, everyone wants to see you. There he is. Come on!

Maddox comes out.

Steph – Be quick about it.

Trip – Yeah.

Steph – Don't want to take all day.

Trip – TV time is money, let's go.

Trip – Brad, let me explain where the dilemma is for us now. In Rollins' match with Batista, I said that no one could be downhere who was not here in an official capacity. I banned everyone. In the guise of what's what's best for business, I was the official ring announcer, Orton with official time keeper, but then you, in your infinite wisdom made a choice, and that choice was not what was best for business. You let Ambrose and Reigns be the official guest commentators for that match. Would you like to explain why you made that choice.

Maddox – I didn't want The Shield to be guest commentators, they forced me to. I didn't have a choice.

Steph – Shhhhh! Brad look, I heard what happened. You were roughed up and you felt like you didn't have a choice, but right now we feel like we don't have a choice.

Fire erupts! Out comes Kane! Trip punches out Maddox. Then Steph and Trip back off. Kane into the ring and puts a foot on Maddox's neck and kicks him back.

Steph (with a maniacal grin) – Teach him a lesson Kane.

Kane with a hand around Maddox's neck lifts him to his feet, looks into Maddox's eyes, then chokeslams him straight to hell. Steph is all smiles. Kane lifts Maddox by his hair, set him up and lands the tombstone. Steph and Trip step over to look at Maddox. Steph is still smiling. Kane calls fire from all four.

Steph – I'm sorry, can you lower the music and bring the lights up. Lights up. Thank you, I'm sorry, Brad, we didn't get to finish our conversation, you're fired!

Steph leaves her mic on Maddox's stomach, then the three leave the ring. Video recap of the tombstone. On stage the three watch as Maddox is tended to in the ring.

Announce Segment

Tonight Bray has a message for the Cenation.




Cesaro vs RVD

Cesaro and Heyman in the ring. RVD out in a tiger singlet. Video of Bad News Barrett attacking RVD last week on RAW. Before the bell, Barrett's music hits and he comes out, mic in hand.

Barrett – Ladies and gentlemen, today is officially the first day of summer! (Actually, no, it isn't!) But, I'm afraid I've got some bad news! See, summer is the time to dig out your old swimsuits, only to discover that your stomachs have expanded and now sag over the waistband. Even better than that, at the Payback PPV, your precious RVD is going to discover that his Indian summer is well and truly over, and I will still be your IC Champion. Thank you very much!

Upper cut to RVD, then a suplex. Barrett to announce, "It's me, it's me, it's BNB!" RVD kicks Cesaro in the face, then on him with blows on the mat. Gut wrench on RVD who sells it. Cesaro with a running upper cut in a corner. Blows to RVD, then another corner upper cut. Cesaro chokes RVD in the ropes with a foot, then whips him. RVD gets a back elbow up, then a kick back at Cesaro. Cesaro from the ring, over the top. RVD with a moonsault off the apron, but Cesaro catches him and lands him on the barricade!


Cesaro pins RVD for two, three time, then for one, once. Cesaro raises RVD, then lands an AA-esque move. Facelock on RVD on the mat. RVD up with blows and free. They exchange blows, until RVD with a back kick on Cesaro. Both men are down and the ref counting, but then RVD on Cesaro for two.

Cesaro ducks a clothesline, but then eats a back kick. Rolling thunder on Cesaro, but then Cesaro fights back. RVD up and with a summer sault off the top onto Cesaro. Cesaro out, so RVD out onto him. Barrett is nervous about the fight getting too close, so he gets up and takes a huge back kick from RVD! Back in the ring with RVD landing another big kick, then split legged moonsault on Cesaro for two.

Cesaro misses and RVD takes him down. RVD over to climb, but Barrett is there and gets kicked. German suplex on RVD for three.

Winner – Cesaro (9:39)

Sheamus' music, he rushes the ring, and lands a brogue kick on Cesaro for three. Cesaro on the mat, so Sheamus takes his hand and shakes it, but Cesaro sells being out cold.


WWE Rewind

Eva Marie and Nikki faced the Dactyls on Smackdown, with Summer Rae as the Special Guest Ref who wouldn't count for Eva Marie, but then counted her out terribly fast.

Eva Marie vs Summer Rae

Nikki and Eva Marie in the ring. Out comes Summer Rae dancing in a fringed yellow outfit. Video of Summer Rae on RAW last week, kidding Fandango in front of Layla.

Eva Marie slaps Summer Rae. Eva Marie fakes an injury, then attacks her. Eva Marie blows a kiss to someone, but then Summer Rae comes back to attack Eva Marie in a corner. Eva Marie tossed by her hair across the ring for two.

Eva Marie slammed face down by her hair as Summer Rae laughs. Eva Marie slammed down again a couple times. "Daniel Bryan!" chants, but only a couple and they stop quickly. Fandango's music hits, and he comes out dancing with Layla. On stage they start making out and Summer Rae is upset by this. Summer Rae screams up at that, getting pissy. Eva Marie grabs Summer Rae and rolls her up for three.

Winner – Eva Marie (1:56)

Summer Rae pitches a fit in the ring. (If you have a chance, find a picture of Layla's dress online, it's the most interesting dancing dress I've seen on any of Fandango's partners, just wild!)

Backstage Segment

Orton – Everything is set to go smooth with this contract signing, when he comes back... (Goldust and Cody come in.) Can we help you? This is Triple H's office. In case you're not aware.

Cody – Yeah, we noticed we're not on the show, just like last week, so we're here to tell Triple H, here in his office, that we're offering an open challenge to any tag team on the roster.

Batista – I don't think he'd have time for you anyway.

Orton – And, besides, wasn't it you? I beat you a year ago and got you fired all in the same night. You're lucky to be here. (To Goldust) So are you.

Cody – I remember that, and I remember when Goldy came back and we beat The Shield and got our jobs back. The Shield! The same team that beat Evo at Extreme Rules and most likely the same team that will beat Evo at Payback.

Orton – Cody, it's nice to see that you and your brother took advantage of that momentum.

Cody – Momentum? You want to talk momentum? Ten years ago you were Triple H's glorified lap dogs, and ten years later, you're still his glorified lap dogs.

Batista – Who you calling a lap dog?

Orton – That was uncalled for.

Trip – Hey, what's going on here?

Cody – We want action! This is a problem, and if facing the skinny jeans sell out and RK-Blow is, then so be it.

Trip – You guys are looking for a match, then so be it. You guys can face Orton and Batista. Is that good?

Cody – That's perfect.

Trip – Now this won't be any ordinary match though. This will be, interesting. (To Orton and Batista) You guys up for a little work out?

Orton – I'm up for it.

Trip – Good, now get out of my office.

Goldust – Come on Cody.

Batista – Who's he calling a skinny jeans sell out?

Orton – He doesn't know what's coming.



"The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission." President John F. Kennedy

They go on to show memorials for fallen soldiers.

McIntyre vs El Torito

3MB in the ring, Hornswoggle getting McIntyre ready for his match. Los Matadores out with El Torito. Hornswoggle has been in the WWE 8 years today, and JBL was forced to retire.

El Torito drew a line on the mat with his toe, then jumped the line and twerked. El Torito bounces off the ropes, is caught by McIntyre, but then lands an arm drag. McIntyre comes back and slams El Torito to the mat. McIntyre on his hands and knees, crawling at El Torito. McIntyre gets El Torito to his feet, then slams him down by tossing him. 3MB talks smack at El Torito. McIntyre with El Torito under one arm, then gets him up for a delayed, but then across his shoulders and climbs, but Los Matadores on the apron distract. 3MB attacks them. El Torito pulls McIntyre's foot out, so he eats corner, then pins for three.

Winner – El Torito (2:25)

3MB in and surround El Torito. Hornswoggle attacks him from behind. Hornswoggle goes after his hood, but can't get it off. Hornswoggle then pulls his tail off. El Torito runs around outside the ring holding his bum. Up the ramp as he holds his bum and JBL yells about how disgusting it was that they did that to El Torito.



Recap of El Torito losing his tail.

Backstage Segment

Los Matadores are yelling at the doctor to do something, but he says he's not a veterinarian. They put an ice pack on his bum.


Bray – Tennessee, we're here!

The Wyatt Family heads to the ring. Video recap of Bray singing and Harper counting to ten over Cena last week on RAW. All three into the ring, the arena dark, but an eerie spotlight on them.

Bray – He's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole wide world, in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hand. He's got the whole world in his hands. Hahahaha! Never, ever have those words been more true that they are right now. I truly got the whole world in my hands. The world has come to lean on me, and they lean on me because they know that deep down, I only want what's best for all of you. The problem with that is that sometimes the best might not be the easiest. Sometimes in this world, we all must make sacrifices. Most of us don't even know it, but we do it every day. We go to work, we break our backs, just so we can keep our children fed. We suffer while another man points a finger in our face and tells us who to be, and how to act! When are you going to understand that all that is pointless. The poison has already set in. We all know that to only way to cure that is with the anti-venom, so what say you people of Knoxville, am I the snake? ("NO!") Or am I the cure? ("YES!") I know what role I must play in this world. I am the necessary evil that this world needs! In the end, in the end, if you are my brother or my sister, you will stand right beside me. But if you are my enemy, you will fall at my feet. I think we all understand, right here, right now, that John Cena is enemy to us all! ("YES!") Don't you worry boys and girls, because at Payback, I will be the last man standing! (pop) But why should Cena be the only man punished in all this corruption, I don't believe that's right. I'm no fool, I know that to get to the King, you must first go through the pawns. Hahaha!

"Cena!" chant by the women and children.

Bray – Cena is the King. Speaking of Kings, Mr. Jerry Lawler. May I have a word with you please? Come on Jerry, I don't bite! Hahaha!

King (from announce) – I don't think so.

Bray – So this is a no? How unfortunate. Go! Go!

Harper and Rowan leave the ring and the lights all come up as they head for King.

Bray – Now Jerry, this can be easy or it can be very difficult.

JBL – King, stay there.

Bray - I just want to have a talk. Just a simple little talk. Don't you move Michael Cole.

JBL – Come on you guys, he's had a heart attack.

Bray – Don't you go playing hero Mr. JBL, or you'll be next!

Rowan's hand is on King's shoulder, looking down at him from behind his mask.

Bray – Sit down, that's right JBL, stay in your pretty little seat. Come on JBL, don't be a coward!

JBL is up, removes his jacket and heads for the ring! Harper attacks JBL with a forearm. Rowan grabs JBL and throws him into Harper's clothesline.

Bray – Now look what you've gone and done Jerry! Just come in the ring with me. Just share a conversation, that's all I want Jerry. Come on!

King to his feet and heads to the ring.

Bray – Come on Jerry! Hahaha! Set him up right here! Come on Jerry, I ain't got all day.

Cole – King's been sick, there's no reason for this. JBL needs medical help out here.

"Jerry!" chants.

Cole – I hope this crowd doesn't encourage Jerry to do something foolish here tonight.

Rowan has a chair in his hands as King is in the ring. He sets it up for Jerry.

Bray – Come on Jerry, have a seat. There's no need to be afraid Jerry, I just want to ask you a few questions. Now, Jerry, it is safe to say that you and Cena are very good friends. Yeah, I'm sure you are. I'm sure it's safe to say that you've helped John Cena attain a lot of his goals here, become the hero he is today. How did you do that? Because you've sat in that very seat and fed them all this nonsense about how Cena is such a great man, and the wonderful things he does for the world! Never once did you question his morality. You just bought up his garbage like everyone else, and it has grown and it has grown until now it's out of control Jerry Lawler. Do you feel guilty about this Jerry? How do you feel remorse for destroying millions of his lives, all in his corrupt name? How does it feel to be a liar Jerry? And did you really think that you were just going to get away with all this? Hahaha! For what happens next Jerry, I'm very sorry that it had to be you, but this is that necessary evil that we have been talking about Jerry Lawler.

King to his feet, but Rowan with one arm, Harper with the other, and King in a headlock. Off comes Bray's hat, and he goes to the corner and gets ready, he starts to back bend, but Cena's music hits. Cena slides into the ring and starts fighting Harper and Rowan as Bray keeps King behind him, held prisoner in the corner. Clotheslines to Harper and Rowan.

Bray – John, don't do it!

Harper and Rowan get the upper hand with Cena. He's on the mat and they're beating on him. Blows and stomping. Bray holds King with a foot to the side of his neck/face.

Bray – Cena, at Payback, I'm going to hurt you. I'm going to end you at Payback John Cena, but right now, I want you to watch your friend fall, and I want you to understand that this is all your fault!

Cole – Please don't Bray! Please don't Bray! Please, don't!

Bray gets right over in front of Cena, where Harper and Rowan are holding him tightly, his held pulled up so he has to watch, and Bray smiles at Cena, and suddenly the Usos are there! The Usos and Cena take out Rowan, Harper and Bray. The fans are mixed, some screaming for Cena, others booing him in a huge way.

Cena – Enough is enough! You have just the crossed some serious lines Bray Wyatt. When you first got here you had a lot of people very excited, including me. Look at ya. You look different.

Bray (off mic) – I'm a god! Hahahaha!

Cena – You're intriguing, charismatic, and when you speak, people listen, but Bray, do you even listen to yourself? You just said you are a god! (Cena has a smile on his face, I think he broke kayfabe and was looking at Bray more in awe of his work, then disgusted by what he's been saying and doing.)

Bray – Hahahaha!

Cena – Abraham Lincoln once said, if you want to test a man's character, you give him power. You've had a taste of that power and it's made you sick Bray. It's made you sick. You look at what you just tried to do. Because an innocent man doesn't think the same way you do, you try to eliminate him.

Bray (off mic) – They're not so innocent John.

Cena – That is not a necessary evil Bray. That's just plain evil.

Bray glares at Cena, losing his smile for the first time.

"Cena!" chants and boos.

Cena – I believe in who I am, and I believe in what I do. And I believe whether the family likes it or not, you need to be stopped. Payback is not about winning. Payback is not about losing. Payback is about being the last man standing. You have accused me of living a lie, you've attacked my resolve, and now you want to punish innocent people for what they believe in? You take a look at me my man, because at Payback, I bring you to justice. Bray Wyatt, justice may be blind, but for you, Payback will be a bitch!

Bray drops to his knees, arms wide, head back, smile on his face. They go to JBL who is still out cold in front of announce, and only now being attended to and woken. JBL, the man of the clothesline from hell, is out from one clothesline?


Announce Segment

Cole says thank goodness King's okay. King says JBL's been shaken up and taken out back. No one should be in the ring with those three.

Ryder vs Rusev

Ryder out waving a huge US flag.

Ryder – Today is Memorial Day in the United States.

Rusev's music cuts him off.

Lana – Typical Americans, always dwelling on past glories. To forge and they lead society, you must have progressive vision, just like our elite fearless leader Vladimir Putin.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Pathetic Americans. Those of you who are not willing to move forward or simply are embarrassing patriots will require disciplinary action to its highest level. Compliance with Mother Russia and her super athlete is not a choice, it's your future. Behold your destiny!

Rusev out and in front of Lana. He takes the mic and speaks in his native language. They head to the ring.

Rusev behind Ryder, takes him down, but then Ryder with blows. Rusev right back on Ryder and takes him down. Blows on Ryder from behind on the mat. Lana yells to rush him. "USA!" chants. The accolade and Ryder taps out.

Winner – Rusev (0:38)

Rusev won't let go, so Big E runs to the ring. Rusev backs Big E into a corner, kicks it him. Rusev backs off, but Big E fights back and ends up clotheslining Rusev over the top to the floor. Lana is yelling, and even Rusev yells smack at Big E. Big E waves the stars and stripes in the ring, staring at Rusev and Lana.

Backstage Segment

Steph is talking to ADR off mic.



"True courage is being afraid and going ahead and doing your job anyhow." General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

Orton & Batista vs The Brotherhood

Orton and Batista to the ring. The Brotherhood out to face them.

Batista kicks at Cody, slams him face first into the corner, then shoulder blocks on Cody. Cody whipped into the corner, but gets his feet up, then comes off the bottom ropes with an elbow to the back of his head. Cody drops down and lands his big slap. Goldust tags in, but backed into the heel corner. Orton tags in and on Goldust, but Goldust pins for two, then slams Orton for another two.

Cody tags in and off the top onto Orton. Orton fights back in a corner, on Cody with blows, but Cody free and pulls Orton down for blows and stomps. Orton fights back with a head butt, but Cody with blows. Orton with a high knee, then stomps Cody in the gut. Batista tags in and keeps Cody from tagging out, then pinning for two. Cody with blows to Batista's guts, but Batista lifts o. Goldust gets the tag and takes Batista down to the mat. Goldust's upper cut, but Batista comes back with his spine buster for two.

Orton tags in and poses.


Batista pulls Goldust up and lands a blow to his back. Batista working slowly, pulls Goldust up, bounces him off the ropes and Goldust with blows on Batista and cheap blows on Orton, but is caught before getting to Cody, and slammed to the mat for two.

Goldust takes Batista down and both are on the mat. Both tag out and Cody takes Orton down, rushes Orton in a corner over the top, stays on the apron, slingshot missile drop kick on Orton for two.

Disaster kick on Batista on the apron. Cody goes for a disaster kick on the legal Orton, but eats an RKO. Orton struts around a bit, then hits another RKO on Cody for three.

Winners – Orton & Batista (10:14)

Orton and Batista start to celebrate, but then Justin on mic.

Justin – Ladies and gentlemen, I was just informed that the match we just saw, was in face, an elimination match. Therefore, Cody Rhodes must exit ringside. This next match is Orton and Batista versus Goldust in a No Holds Barred Match.

No Holds Barred Handicap Match – Goldust vs Orton & Batista

Goldust looks completely shocked by these turn of events.

Goldust from the ring, Orton and Batista coming from each side of the ring. Goldust after Orton, then Batista attacks from behind. Knees from Orton on Goldust against the barricade. Batista lands Goldust back first on the top of the barricade. Batista then sends Goldust across in front of announce and back first into the barricade. Goldust rolled in and Orton is all smiles. Orton sets up his through the ropes DDT, but Goldust reverses and sends Orton over the top. Spear from Batista, then Orton on Goldust. Batista shakes the ropes, then thumbs up, followed by thumbs down. Batista bomb on Goldust, and pins him for three

Winners – Orton & Batista (2:35)

Orton and Batista pose on the corners. Video recap of the high points of the matches. Batista and Orton look back at Goldust who has three refs around him.




Bo Dallas vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara is already in the ring. JBL is back out, he had to save the show from Cole and King. Bo to the ring completely drenched in water.

Bo – I am Bo Dallas! And Monday night RAW is the summit on the top of the mountain of my dreams! On my journey to the top I've learned that we don't conquer the mountain, we conquer ourselves! All you have to do is Bolieve!

Firemans carry takedown on Sin Cara. Bo out to slap hands, and takes Sin Cara's feet through the ropes. Sin Cara flies out onto Bo. Back in the ring with chops to Bo. Sin Cara whipped hard for two. Suplex on Sin Cara, then Bo's rolling knees, the third being a big knee to the side of the head. Back elbow to Sin Cara's head. Sin Cara kicks back, then an enziguri. Chops to Bo, then a slingshot off the second rope on Bo for two.

Springboard back elbow on Bo, then Sin Cara takes Bo down. Sin Cara climbs, but Bo moves. Sin Cara eats the corner. Bo hits the running Bo dog for three.

Winner – Bo (2:44)

Bo out to run around the ring, his arms held high. Bo back into the ring and grabs the mic.

Bo – Thank you so much. So much to all of my Bolievers, I couldn't have done it without you. The thing is, you don't get satisfaction from victories, you get satisfaction from effort. If you give it your all, and everything you've got, you're already a winner. All you've got to do it Bolieve!

Video recap of the high points of the match.



Recap of Kane's attack on Maddox to start the show.

In Ring Segment

Steph to the ring.

Steph – Earlier tonight Trip and I talked about it being a night of choices and how important it is to have an active WWE WHC. Before further ado, before we say who that Champion is, it's time for Daniel to do the right thing, so Daniel, it's time.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan out with a huge smile, both belts and a soft collar. Bryan leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with one arm to the ring and in. Steph hand him her mic, but has another.

Steph – Daniel I have to say how great it is to see you standing here and doing so well. It must be a very long, long, long road to recovery. Daniel, I could just strip you of the WWE WHC right now, but to do so would make you a martyr, and these people cheer for you enough, but that being said, all kidding aside, it's really important to hear from you, why you know this is the right decision. You know that these people deserve an active Champion, epic Championship matches and unforgettable Championship moment, and you just can't give it to them right now. You're just not physically able to do it right now. Daniel, I know that you're not a selfish man, you need to do the right thing for them. Not for me, for them, and surrender the WWE WHC.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – You know, becoming the WWE WHC at WrestleMania XXX was the payoff to years of hard work and sacrifice. But Steph has a point, that it's with a heavy heart that I announce that the injury to my neck was worse than they thought. In part because of a man, I mean a demon, who you claim you have no control over, but clearly, as we saw earlier tonight, you're a liar!

Steph – Well, no one's lying about your condition.

Bryan – I know, and with that said, I acknowledge that there's no shame in handing over the Championship, healing, and coming back to be Champion again.

Steph – You're right Daniel, there's no shame, and I can personally guarantee that you'll have that Championship opportunity as soon as you're well. You can do this all over again, I know you can.

Bryan – Oh, yeah, I'd love to do this all over again! Every bit of it, that would be fantastic. But, like I said, there's no shame in handing these over because these people deserve an awesome WWE WHC. But you tried to put this on me. It's not about me. This is about you. You have wanted to strip me of this Title ever since I beat your husband and won this Title at WrestleMania XXX. You're not doing this for them, you're doing this for you, and it would negate everything if I just handed this over to you. If I just handed this over it would negate everything I fought for, everything these people fought for, every time anyone chanted "YES!" in defiance of you, in defiance of your husband, in defiance The Authority. Every time they chanted "YES!" because I wasn't getting opportunities. Every time they chanted "YES!" because you didn't give them what they want. If I handed this back to you right now, that would be throwing that all back in their face.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Steph wipes off her face because Bryan was right up in there.

Bryan – So I'm going to tell you a word that you're not used to hearing. A word that you probably never heard, ever since you were a kid. You want me to give you back the WWE WHC? (Right up in Steph's face) "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph – Well, I was afraid that this was going to happen, that you were going to let your ego get in the way of good common sense. I mean, you're actually buying into what these people are doing, and they're messing with your brain. Maybe your injury messed with your brain, I don't know. Look I didn't bring this up before, but I wanted to be extra sensitive because of your delicate condition, but two weeks ago when you were being loaded into an ambulance on RAW, your wife Brie, she put her hands on me. I know you didn't see it, so let's take a look.

Video recap of Brie snapping and pushing Steph.

Steph – You're smiling, you approve of that, but you can't put your hands on your boss. Not only am I Brie's boss, but I'm your boss. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. Only, in this case, the equal reaction doesn't measure up, so Daniel, I'm going to give you one more chance to do the right thing. This Sunday at Payback, you decide if you surrender the WWE WHC, or if I take action against your wife, and make sure that she is fired!

Steph smiles at Bryan, then leaves the ring. Bryan glares at her the whole way.


WWE Extreme Moment

RAW last week Fox beat Paige, and then celebrated.

Fox vs Emma

Fox bounces to the ring in black and white with red trim. Emma stomps out in purple and black. Fans are dancing along with her. She badly skins the cat into the ring.

They lock up. Fox pushes Emma and tells her to get out of here. Emma comes back with a clothesline. Emma whipped but moves and Fox eats corner. DelEmma locked on, then the Emma-mite sandwich. Fox yells, "I'm out of here you rookie!" Fox on the ramp, Emma after her and is taken down hard. Emma onto the apron, her head hanging off, takes a kick from Fox. Fox gets two for it all.

Fox taunts Emma in a corner, laughs at her, slaps her a bit, but Emma fights back. Fox with a big kick, but Emma moves and Fox's leg is all the way up, she's basically in a standing split. Emma rolls Fox up for three, then quickly flees the ring.

Winner – Emma (2:10)

Fox out, grabs Emma by her hair, then slams her head first into the barricade. (unprotected head shot?) Emma rolled in and Fox lands her gut wrench back breaker (badly). Fox then lifts Emma, runs and drops her through the ropes. Fox gets some serious heat for this. Fox over to announce, slaps staff around, then grabs the bell and beats on it over. "I am not a loser!" More bell banging, and she throws it down. Another slap to another guy ringside. Fox with a finger L to her forehead calls everyone else losers. Back over to the timekeepers area, really roughly pushes a guy's headset off, then drags him over the barricade roughly. She pulls his shirt off, then gives him an uber wedgie, ripping his black skundies in the process. She yells at the camera to get out of her face, then stares into it as she fluffs her hair, then slaps her own face a couple times. She flips up the ring skirt, gabs a couple of sodas, shakes them up. She yells at a guy who is yelling at her, "You're the one who bought a ticket, so shut up!" She drinks some Sunkist, then throws it at Emma. She then shakes up too colas, drinks some, dumps the rest on herself, and goes over to kiss the guy who got the wedgie.


Davy Crockett vs Adam Rose

Sandow comes out as Davy Crockett, right down to the coon skin cap. The announcers are singing the theme song. Video of Crockett being told that he needed to be with the rest of the rosebuds. Crockett wasn't impressed. Crockett is selling his character on the apron, then the Exotic Express comes out dancing, led by Adam Rose. Down to the ring, up on the ropes, falls back to get carried around the ring.

Arm bar on Rose who flips out and continues to roll around Crockett in the ring. Forearm to Rose's back, then Rose plays in the ropes, kicking Crockett in the face for two. The Real Americans' music hits and they come out with the lemon. Crockett tries to steal the win, but then Rose with the party foul for three.

Winner – Adam Rose (1:37)

Swagger on Rose, splashing him in the corner, then knees to Rose. A big clothesline to Rose. Zeb yells at Swagger to teach Rose to be a real American, but a HUGE spinebuster on Swagger and Rose is all over Swagger who does everything he can to flee the ring. "Nobody touches my lemon!"


Sheamus vs ADR

Sheamus out to the ring. Sheamus will face Bad News Barrett on Smackdown this week. Video recap of Cesaro attacking Sheamus during his match with ADR. Neutralizer on the floor outside the ring. Cesaro shook Sheamus' hand while he was out. Earlier Sheamus took Cesaro out, then shook his hand the same way. ADR to the ring.

They lock up. Sheamus backed into a corner, then they muscle around. They're really all out on each other. Sheamus on ADR's ribs with kicks. Rolling senton on ADR for two.

Sheamus up, comes off the second ropes with a knee to ADR's face for two.

ADR on the apron and take the forearms ADR out, so Sheamus out sending him into announce. ADR rolled in, and he's on Sheamus as he comes through the ropes. Sheamus knocked to the floor.


Sheamus chokes in the ropes, then calls for more from ADR. Sheamus up with blows on ADR. Double ax handles to ADR, twice, but then Sheamus shoulder first into the post. While out there, ADR kicks Sheamus in the head from the apron, but only gets two for it.

ADR with blows on Sheamus as he's on his knees. Irish curse back breaker on ADR for two.

ADR kicks Sheamus in the head when Sheamus grabs at ADR. Sheamus comes back with white noise, but doesn't cover him. Sheamus slams ADR into the corner, then slams him hard to the mat. Sheamus is seething, calls for the brogue, but then dizzy and doesn't hit it. ADR with a big enziguri. Another sick kick to Sheamus' head for a long two that has ADR cussing.

Sheamus looks rocked, on his knees, but ADR pulls him up. Sheamus with the brogue kick and the three.

Winner – Sheamus (9:53)

Heyman – And the winner of this match is the big, stupid dummy who likes to kick people in the face, Sheamus. Was that not a big enough announcement for you? My client, Brock Lesnar conquered Underaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania! See that a big announcement. It's historic, it had meaning. This match wasn't historic, it had no meaning, it wasn't against a Paul Heyman Guy, but at Payback you get to face a Paul Heyman Guy! Why do you look at me that way. Do you have a problem with me Sheamus?

Cesaro attacks Sheamus from behind, beats on him on the mat with blows to the head. Refs into the ring pull Cesaro off Sheamus. Sheamus up with a wild swing, but Cesaro rushes him and takes Sheamus down with blows and knees to Sheamus' head in a corner. Sheamus again after Cesaro with wild blows. Finally Cesaro sets up and hits the neutralizer on Sheamus. Heyman pulls Cesaro from the ring and tells Cesaro that now he has the advantage.


Contract Signing

Cole in the ring and starts announcing the contract singing. The Shield to the ring through the crowd, the way they always do.

Ambrose – Tonight is historic. Tonight is the last time you will see The Shield and Evo in the same ring at RAW. At Payback one team is not just going to be eliminated from a match, but one team and that team, Evolution, will be eliminated from this business forever!

As Ambrose is yelling Rollins and Reigns are busy throwing chairs from the ring.

Rollins – Besides, who are we really kidding with this nonsense out here. This thing with Evo has gone way beyond the six of us sitting across a table from each other signing silly piece of paper. Let's rearrange this place! Get rid of this stuff, and let's get down to business.

Ambrose and Reigns continue to toss chairs, then Reigns tosses out the table. Rollins is getting ready to sign the contract when Evo's music hits. Trip out in jeans and an Evo shirt. Orton in ring gear and Evo shirt. Batista is still just in his ring gear.

Trip – I want everybody to be aware of what they're witnessing here. I want you aware of what you're about to sign. You sign that, and what all of you are witnessing is the last time you will see The Shield ever on Monday night RAW. It's a shame. I gotta tell you, it's a shame. You guys could have had it all. I'm a pretty fair judge of talent, and you don't have to look any further than the two guys standing next to me to know that. And I remember looking at you guys, watching the ink dry on the contract that allowed you to come here and live your dream. I remember thinking to myself that these guys are the future of the WWE and you threw it all away. Ironically, I'm going to stand here and watch the ink dry on the contract that Sunday, at Payback, sends you right back to obscurity. So, I'm going to ask you one more time, are you sure you want to sign that? You sure you want to ensure that Sunday is the last we ever see of The Shield?

"Hounds of Justice!" chants as Rollins opens the contract and signs. He hands it to Ambrose who drops the pen, but then signs. Then Reigns signs. Reigns steps up to the ropes and tosses the contract and pen to Trip's feet. Trip picks it up, hands it to Orton who signs. Batista over and signs. Trip signs last, after Batista picks up the pen he drops.

Trip – You're going to be nothing, but a statistic...

Reigns hushes Trip, or makes some sort of shhh noise into the mic, and the fans go wild!

Reigns – Get in the ring and fight.

The Shield is ready, Evo up on the apron. Evo glares at The Shield, then Trip looks at Batista, then Orton. Then they get into the ring, and they fight! Trip with Ambrose, Rollins with Orton, and Reigns with Batista outside the ring. Trip sets up for a pedigree, but takes a body drop over the top and out. Orton goes for an RKO, and he ends up outside as well. Rollins runs, flips over the top and out. Rollins basically lands on his feet between Orton and Trip who both fly back, but are barely touched. Momentum brings Rollins into the barricade.

In the ring Ambrose turns to take a huge clothesline from Batista. Reigns in with his Superman punch on Batista! Batista sells the move as Reigns reaches out through the ropes, but Trip has hi trusty sledge and lands the top in Reigns' gut. Trip in and the other two on him, beating Trip down, but then Rollins takes an RKO and Batista takes Ambrose down. Evo pacing the ring as The Shield sells it all. Trip holds his sledge as Reigns tries to get up. Trip with the sledge to the side of Reigns head/neck, knocking him from the ring. Sledge to Rollins. The the sledge to Ambrose's head as he tries to get up. Outside they clean off announce, and Batista is actually careful with the monitors, unlike some others. Trip and Orton lift Reigns, then Batista joins and they triple power bomb Reigns through the table.

Evo poses, Trip with his sledge, as a lot of fans yell a lot of nastiness, most of it at Trip! Video recap of the high points of the fight.

Biggest Pop
The Shield

Biggest Heat

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