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WWE Raw Live Coverage & Open Discussion

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Raw General Manager Kurt Angle has confirmed two enormous Triple Threat Qualifying Matches for tonight’s Raw. Roman Reigns will take on Finn Bálor and Sami Zayn for the right to enter the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, while Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Ruby Riott will collide to be the first entrant confirmed for the Women’s bout.

Kurt Angle starts out this week on RAW in New York. This past weekend was Backlash. Angle saying we are just getting started with co-branded pay-per-views. Money In The Bank is next, Kurt said these will be great matches. Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman comes out grabbing a microphone and tells Kurt a childhood story. At the end of his story, Kevin Owens comes out saying he needs a chance in the Money In The Bank ladder match. Owens saying Braun needs to sit in a giant corner for being a bad monster. Braun Strowman verses Kevin Owens first qualifying match.

Once the bell rang, the monster among men has been on top of this match. Tossing Kevin Owens around the ring and to the ringside. Kevin Owens adapted and did a tornado DDT from the barricade. Kevin in the ring, waiting to see if Braun will come in the ring. Braun makes it back in the ring twice already in this match. Kevin Owens is not liking this, probably the longest ten count in his life quoted by commentators.

Kevin Owens grounding Braun, not long though. Braun chokeslamed Owens to the mat. After some good shots to Braun, Kevin takes advantage and grounds Strowman. Super-kick to Braun, Kevin goes up to the top rope and hit Braun with a frog splash. Pinning him but that didn't put Strowman out. Angry, Owens kicks Strowman. That only making Strowman mad. Owens realizing it goes to the outside, Braun follows and doing a few tackles too Kevin. Turning Kevins Owens inside out. Braun brings Kevin in the ring, he does a running power slam. Pinning and earning himself a spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match.

Later on tonight we have Finn Balor, Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns in another Money In The Bank qualifying matches. Also a Women's Money In The Bank match with Ember Moon, Ruby Riott, and Sasha Banks.

Backstage, an interviewer talks to Roman Reigns. Reigns saying he is tired and angry for what has happened to him with Brock Lenser. He doesn't have control over what happens back there but he does in the ring. Saying he is going to in full control and taking the Universal championship. Bayley comes next, saying she is going to hug it out wrap her arms around that briefcase. Breezango saying their on another case for the tag-teams.

Back in Kurt Angles' office. Goldust and Jinder saying they want a chance in the ladder match. Jinder having a match against Chad Gable tonight. Before going back to the ring, Goldust said a movie reference, 'going to be a bumpy night' Out towards the ring, No Way Jose and Titus Worldwide in a tag-match against Baron Corbin and The Revival.

Ringing the bell, Titus and Dawson start this off. Titus tagging in Apollo. Dawson tagging in his Revival partner. Not looking Apollo takes control and dropkicks them over and over. Baron not liking it, takes Apollo outside the ring and kits him a few times, bring him back in the ring. From then on, Baron and team have been in control. Apollo earning enough energy to tag in No Way Jose. Gaining momentum, til the other members of the team come in and cause trouble. During the time the ref clears everything, Baron tags himself in doing an end of days. Pinning and winning the match.

Sasha Banks comes out first for her qualifying match. The Ruby Riott with her squad and to conclude Ember Moon comes out. Ruby Riott trying to take control. Ember and Sasha having a very short alliance to take out Ruby, after doing that they focused on each other. Making sure she isn't forgotten, Ruby comes back probably with the help of her squad. Ruby flying and tossing Sasha out, Ember takes that advantage and grinds down Ruby to the mat. Taking a turn for the worst, Ruby comes back stronger. Taking out Sasha again from the apron, going back to Ember. Now Sasha making sure she isn't forgotten like always, comes back and saves the match from the pin that Ruby was doing with Ember. Ruby kicked out Sasha to the ground again. Now going for submissions and pinfalls with Ember. Getting angry and frustrated, not seeing it. Sasha comes back. now trying to pick up the pace. All three taking high risks and flying to the ground toppling everyone in their wake. Ruby and Sasha on the apron, while Ember collects herself out in ringside. Both superstars on the top rope, Sasha doing a hurricanrana, pinning attempt Liv and Sarah coming in the ring kicking and punching Sasha. Ember coming back, Eclipse from the top rope on Ruby Riott. Winning the match, earning a spot in the female Money In The Bank ladder match.

Ember talking to Renee Young backstage, saying she is over the moon winning a spot at the briefcase. She will rise and grab that contract.

Bobby Lashley video about his journey in wrestling and to WWE. After suffering a knee injury in the military wrestling. He got a contract, winning and having titles after a decade he is back in the square circle. Bobby telling about his sisters, at the end he tells his sister that he loves them.

Backstage, Sami and Kevin in the locker room. Sami saying himself and Kevin need to be on a tour of coming back, Kevin yelling at him saying I got bulldozed and he is getting it easy. Both of them, agreeing that they should worry about hopefully not getting in a match at the Money In The Bank.

Out to the ring, Jinder comes out first for his match for his match. Chad Gable has won against Jinder before. Kurt saying that Jinder has to be impressed in this match to consider him in a Money In The Bank match. This could be also great for Chad Gable. Jinder bearhugging Chad, Jinder throwing his opponent across the ring now doing an abdominal stretch to Gable. Chad made one last attempt, almost stealing a win but that didn't happen, Jinder going for his move the Khallas. Winning the match maybe getting a chance at a Money In The Bank match. Chad not liking Samir taughting in his face, earning Jinder to make him pay again.

Alexa Bliss talking about her and Nia's feud about bullying and the Ascension talking about their Money In The Bank briefcase match that they will climb the ladder and win.

Backstage, Zack Ryder talking about since he is in his hometown and wants to have a match for the briefcase. Saying he likes Zack, he gets interrupted by Jinder Mahal and his lackey. Demanding him being added to the qualifying match tonight to make it a four-way. Saying no like Ryder does, Jinder leaves upset. Fisting pumping. The cameras go out to the ring.

Heath Slater and Rhyno go up against Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Dolph and Rhyno going up first. Going fast, Rhyno was in control till Dolph tagged in McIntrye. Takes control. Heath getting tagged in by a breathless Rhyno. Drew pinning Heath with a combo of the Zig-Zag and Claymore Kick.

Ladies and gentleman, Elias. Him complaining about last night about being interrupted by pancakes, conga lines and more. Also saying he is going to win the briefcase and become a winner. Starting the play, he gets interrupted by the Glorious Bobby Roode.

Once the bell rang, Roode has had the control. Slamming Elias in the ring.

During the commercial break, Elias taking advantage and slamming Roode to the mat. Since then Elias has been in control. Spinebuster to Roode, Elias tries for a pin, but Roode kicks out. After Elias getting done whining, Roode tries to gain momentum but Elias stops that and trying to get the roll-up pins. Roode gaining breath, he tries again to take over. He succeeds in doing a Glorious DDT and winning the match.

Charly goes into the ring, talking to Roode. Saying he is glad of the win and hoping for to be in a qualifying match to be in the Money In The Bank match.

Seth Rollins in the back, walking maybe to the ring. With his Title.

Rollins coming out, grabbing a microphone. Asking the crowd how they are doing, then saying that that Miz took him to the limit. Even though of that last night, he is still champion. One thing that he can take from the Miz is that he will be a fighting champion and be there every week. Then going on to say about Money In The Bank and how it changes him. Rollins then shouting out that he uses an open challenge.

Waiting, then the music of Mojo Rawley comes out with a microphone. Mojo saying this is what he deserves as his RAW debut. Going on to say that he will destroy Rollins and it will not be called Monday Night Rollins that it will be Monday Night Rawley. Rollins saying fine then come on in here.

Rawley dancing around the ring, he put Rollins in a headlock. trying to ground him. After unlocking, Rollins dropkicked him and then sends Rawley in the ringside area. Rollins landing on his feet, Rawley shoving his to a barricade.

After issuing a challenge. Rawley has been on top, grounding and keeping Rollins off of his feet. Rawley sending Rollins into a corner, Rawley continuing to destroy Rollins. But he missed and Rollins takes advantage, sending him to he ringside. Flying out after yelling out in cheer he brings both into the ring. Rawley slams his opponent. Trying for a pin, he doesn't get it. Rollins going for a stomp, Rawley slipping away and hoisting Rollins high above his head, going for another pin but not getting it. Rawley getting upset and throwing a fit, Rollins takes that and delivers his stomp. Winning the match and still our champion.

Finn Balor popping up and saying he likes to earn his chances and this will be sweet.

Coming out for there match, the Miztourage. Then Matt and Bray the champions. Matt and Curtis Axel starting off the match. Curtis tags in Bo, both going after Matt. That not lasting long, Matt tags in his partner after cleaning house. Bray and Matt sister Abigail and twist of fate Axel. earning a win for them.

Baron Corbin and Natayla popping up and telling their side of the story when they won their respected Money In The Bank matches.

Finn Balor coming out first in the main event match. Sami Zayn coming out next. Lastly Roman Reigns. Sami yelling at Roman that he will win tonight but that didn't fly while with Roman. He through Sami out to the ringside. Roman now focusing on Finn, him taking control and tossing Finn around the ring. Comes in Sami again but he shoves him out again.

During the break, Finn Balor takes control hitting Roman while he is on the mat. Sami then coming in rolling up Finn trying for a pin. Not getting it, Roman taking control again. Tossing people again. Not alone in the ring, Balor, and Zayn going for an alliance taking out Roman. Earning a better chance to win. Both Balor and Zayn clotheslining Roman to the ringside. Coming out of the ring bashing Roman, now going out to the WWE universe taking this anywhere. Finn slamming Roman to a barricade, Sami hitting a helluva kick. Closing the coffin on Roman, Finn coup de grace him. Coming back over the barricade. Sami kicking him and now the attention is on both of them. Going back to the ring, Sami earning some good hits and kicks. But that not stopping Finn, arm dragging and chopping Sami to a corner. Sami landing on the floor, Finn hit him again and pinned him. Kicking out, Sami sent Finn to the apron then to the ground. Finn landing and grabbing his knee. Sami noticing, going after Finn. While he is paying attention to Balor, the crowd cheered. That must only mean Roman is coming, that he is. clotheslining Sami then going to Finn. Sami interfered and both of them went into the ring. Going for a helluva kick, Roman going for a spear. But Finn came out of nowhere, attempted to coup de grace. Roman going after Finn again but then just as Roman was going to end this Jinder came out holding on to Roman's leg. Sami kicked him, Roman rolling off to the ground. Finn taking this and coup de grace Sami earning him a spot on the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

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